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  1. We just don't have enough good offensive players. Why we blame the only good ones we have is beyond me.
  2. Problem is they haven't found the knowledgeable hockey people and seasons have strung along since Eichel. They've had to snoop around because it wasn't working. They've fired those said people several times and they won't stop until it's right. They pay people not to work for them because of their commitment to winning. They are to blame for not finding those people and I suspect they will stay out of the way once the right people perform, I.e the Bills.
  3. Happy Independence Day to all.
  4. You're choosing to ignore the point and that I've said that.
  5. Bottom 6 line? I said they were good defensively and the effort was commendable. But when the 4th line isn't out scoring - the 2nd and 3rd have to and we didn't. Back to the point, with that line and Cozens as the 2C, we're not only screwed but doing a disservice to him.
  6. I thought it was too from a compete stand point but they just did not score. 19,19 and 18 points respectively isn't helping enough offensively. They do a nice job defensively but because it's not a scoring line - it puts that much more pressure on lines 2 and 3. Therefore I really think my statement holds true. JMO
  7. If we're bringing him up to be, tryout for or considered starting out in the top 6 - then we're worse off than I imagined. The 2C hole we have is massive. Meaning it has attached to it too much responsibility and pressure. Our 3rd and 4th lines are so bad that the second must be not only productive but hugely productive. You just don't do that to a 19/20 year old. IMO, he does seem ready for the NHL and he should compete for the 3C spot or the 3rd line winger.
  8. There's no empirical evidence that it would have been a shady deal that could have backfired. We agree that the best scenario happened.
  9. Of course it is but it's pure speculation to believe he would have applied for relocation.
  10. There's no reason to believe he wouldn't have. The Bills weren't sold at a discounted price to flip. Would never be worth the up front capital.
  11. There's just something so non transparent about this process that just feels fixed. Very strange process and then an even more weird presentation.
  12. Unless you're joking - to think the Pegula's leadership traits good or bad had anything to do with this is pretty obnoxious.
  13. I guess my posts would suggest I should be on the PR team.
  14. Count me in the optimist category. We've lost most trades, most moves and signings did not work, goalie situation is below average and no answer unless the young kid develops in a couple years. Nearly every hockey related move has not been a good one. Developing players to come up and contribute is almost non existent. Moral of the team is horrible except they seem to really like the coach, but the reason it's so bad is the team as it's filled out sucks. If I'm the Pegula's I gut the whole thing too. I'd be asking myself why I'm paying all these people for such terrible performance too. It's broken and gutting it is the first step. How they rebuild it is something we don't have answers to but I'm sure glad it's happening. Everyone talks about cost savings - I'm sure all those salaries combined won't equal paying JBot to not work for us. So they've proven once again they aren't afraid to absorb contracts to make the team better. I respect them for doing that with both organizations. Some changes they've made obviously haven't been good - but they've proven that they'll not allow a GM or Coach to stay that extra year when it's not working.
  15. The thing I respect about the Pegula's is they don't let a coach or GM stay that extra year when it's not working. They've eaten millions of dollars to pay people not to work for them. I appreciate their commitment to get the organizations right. Of course bad hires have been made but let's at least recognize there hasn't been a single incorrect firing yet either.
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