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  1. With due respect - we don't have anything anyone would want. That said we can only lose any attempted trade, IMO.
  2. Why in hell wouldn't Ollie shoot that puck? Good grief.
  3. Thank goodness we don't waste all our energy with morning skates.
  4. I don't know what I'll do if we don't sign Montour to a long expensive contract.
  5. Our only hope was our young players becoming good players. The drafting looks to be hideous.
  6. One excellent player, 2 good ones and one that's going to be good. The rest of the roster is replaceable below average or trash.
  7. I just don't see it that way. I like RK but this team needs more than teaching. They need their a$$ chewed out and a swift kick.
  8. Such an weak defensive effort tonight and Ullmark isn't good enough to deal with that.
  9. I'm so disappointed in this organization that it's tough to even care to comment. We don't have a player beyond Bogo and McCabe that can convincingly stand up to an opposing player. That's an issue. I know some of the other players are willing but they aren't to be taken seriously by the other team. The Pegula's don't want the yelling and screaming type of coach - they want cool, calm and calculating. That can work, so RK gets the normal amount of time to deploy his philosophy. We need approximately 5 different players on this team to make it respectable. It's an enormous task and we'll yet again have an opportunity to do that in the next off season.
  10. And then the pad and the skate and uh no goal.
  11. What a lame attempt at stopping that puck.
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