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  1. It's that he's not what his numbers have said about him. We've had massive issues on defense and after the first handful of reasons - then you can look at Risto. Is he perfect? No, but he's a good player. He's tied for the 41st highest paid defenseman and at this point - is tremendous value. Defense, IMO, is the hardest position after goaltender to hide not having a good game. His issues get way over blown, IMO.
  2. Shootouts are nerve wracking. If I were to pick a player I'd want to score the game winner, it would be Mitts.
  3. When you have opportunities to close out a good team - it's critical that you do it. It's something we have to not just learn but expect if we want to be the good team you try to close out.
  4. Florida is an excellent offensive passing team. Very nifty puck movement that creates dangerous opportunities.
  5. Overall I think we're playing a solid game. I really like our style of play and I think tonight - for me - for some reason is clearer to see.
  6. Vlad showing some amazing hands and decision making tonight.
  7. .... being able to FF time and be 22 years old when he'll be the best defenseman in the NHL.
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