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  1. Girgs doesn't produce but he plays like a man. The bottom of our lineup can't be all young players. If we can just put together enough skill around him - his line can take advantage of his willingness to work in the corners.
  2. Our #1 center is better than theirs. At least we have that going for us.
  3. I couldn't be happier he found his love for the game again.
  4. My interpretation of mid-project is during his contract. There's was something off about this guy and I think he had to go. Even watching him playing so well with the Blues - I'm still glad he's gone. Paul Hamilton said they were trying to trade him before the trade deadline. IMO, he makes stuff up all the time but if he's right - he was clearly not doing the right things. PH also speculated that he desperately wanted to be the man and that he couldn't come to terms with not being the man. If that's accurate - I can't stand him even more. This will be my last response on this and it's been a good debate.
  5. First, thank you for your service. Much respect! As a leader and at the top of the pay scale - no I wouldn't tell everyone under me and above me, I've lost my love for doing this. I've felt like it, but I wouldn't say it. I'd be the one that rallied everyone and encouraged them that things will get better. I'd tell them they can lean on me and I'll be strong when things aren't going well. So to answer your question - no - I've never told my team mid project that I'm questioning my decision to be involved.
  6. Let's use your analogy then. Let's say that said significant other is paying you 7.5 million a year to love them. You've misinterpreted the relationship entirely.
  7. Thank you for the suggestions. FYI, a question is contributing. I get it, you think the Pegula's told JBot that all candidates he interviews, they'll also interview with the thought in mind they want someone to have say in the personnel. That falls in line with the Bills structure, so it would make sense.
  8. I don't get any of what you're suggesting? Because JBot is in a weak position he allowed RK to negotiate a large role in what players come here?
  9. McCabe IMO, is the exact type of player we need to move away from. He's not a top 4.
  10. Absolutely, that's what this forum is for, to have discussion about the team we love. IMO, this may be the most important off season in a decade. I don't just mean what we do in free agency but it's critical some young player(s) fill holes.
  11. I get it, but Skinner is so much more important for this team than O'Reilly was and would be. So if it's an either or, it's an easy choice. Of course we need a 2C and desperately. O'Reilly would be the perfect player for the job in theory but hey JBot and/or the owners didn't want him on the team anymore. We probably have 12-14 million to address 2C, top 6 winger and a top 4 defenseman. Bit of a tall task but let's see what they do.
  12. O'Reilly is no where near skilled enough to play wing for Eichel. You proposed an either or situation and I responded - it's literally what you posted. I'm taking a legit NHL proven line mate for Eichel over O'Reilly every single time - in the choices you provided. If you want to change the discussion to Skinner and O'Reilly then do so.
  13. The zero trade protections is the reason you're wrong about JBot. Absolutely not. Giving Eichel a legit line-mate was the most important thing this team needed to do. It's for that reason Skinner has infinite more value than O'Reilly at 2C.
  14. You think JBot is a fancy worder? Man, he's no wordsmith in my book. He says "it's a situation where" 20 times an interview. I'm banking on him being better behind the scenes - I've never once felt he was using word trickery.
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