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  1. Awesome to see Jack excited and hugging Jo. Winning matters
  2. Johannson comes out too far in net for my liking.
  3. He just let's guys get behind him too often. He spun around for no positive reason.
  4. Totally agree. I wish we could have been in on the Ben Bishop acquisition and I think our guys would have had a much better shot at developing/competing.
  5. Fair enough but that was the point. Anything vs keeping the team as competitive as possible the whole season. So my answer would be the picks would have to be worth doing that. I'm taking a 2nd Rd pick for Vesey yesterday but would take a 3rd, neither of which would happen. I want us to keep Sheary and Larsson beyond this year so I'm not trading them. The rest wouldn't fetch anything. I'm of the opinion the 2nd line is the problem and also wouldn't be outside of our cap capabilities to fix. Then some guys we currently have can play more line appropriate roles.
  6. I said you go off on another tangent and it was multiple times. For example, you said get whatever you can for Vesey and Sheary in response to the post "late round picks". I then responded by saying I don't think it's worth diminishing the team for that. You responded with "2nd round, 3rd round?". You change the discussion from eh whatever you can get to early round picks.
  7. I've said this multiple times but you keep coming back with another tangent reply. We disagree, it's simple. I think it would be worse to trade players for low round picks because I feel it's more important to finish the year with the best lineup possible for the players that are here beyond this year and for the coaches, etc. Diminishing the roster for the sake of whatever we can get for them, doesn't make sense to me. Furthermore if we trade off say 4 forwards, who plays? I'm no longer interested in interrupting young players in our systems development by bringing them into the NHL too early. That's clearly not working.
  8. Now you don't have an opinion - you had plenty the last couple days. Well there's going to be more not traded that aren't on the team next year. I guess he's going against your wishes and he should. I'll say it again. It's not about for nothing if you care about the remainder of this year. Yesterday you didn't today you do. I can't follow your changing philosophy.
  9. I agree that Hutton was a problem, again. McCabe not being able to handle an excellent pass for an open net shot to tie hurt too.
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