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  1. C'mon man, don't be obtuse when you know the point being made. That's like me saying, why'd you leave Jack and Dahlin out of our high end talent? When i know you already count them. My personal post didn't necessarily say we're player for player with the games best teams, it's that we've acquired top talent and its so hard to get. It has to be home grown and ours are. Building the middle has been the disaster, we have to agree on that?
  2. ^ The above is why I have issues with thread starts like these. we have one of the most difficult things to get, high end talent. The last 2 GM's miserably failed to fill out the entire middle of the roster and goal tending. Adams has yet another opportunity to see if he can build the right combination of players to get into the playoffs and beyond - because of all the UFAs and RFAs, the roster can be built over again.. It shouldn't be this hard. These players are where the most movement is in the NHL and the price isn't outrageous.
  3. Weak Follow the dialogue properly or butt out. That's pretty embarrassing, IMO. You go to funerals (using your analogy and words), to make fun of and poop on the deceased?
  4. So you come here to make fun of and poop on yourself?
  5. I think it's highly unlikely that post has any real credibility. It's easily consumed because of the perceptions.
  6. You know all this, yet don't know what a 1C is or how many there are in the NHL? I guess I just don't believe, you don't think you know.
  7. Well if you don't watch the games then no one should care about your opinion, you just couldn't know enough. At that point the jokes and poop are on you.
  8. I think this is true. There wasn't enough veteran leaders to stand up to him while he was ranting and blaming team mates for goals he was letting in - then maybe his issues could have been identified instead of being scared of him.
  9. We need some men on our team so badly.
  10. 37 pages of just Reinhart would be pure torture.
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