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  1. We stole a 2nd from the Bruins for Hall and the players are obviously not happy about it.
  2. I just hate the type of team we are. Whatever that is but it's soft and so unskilled.
  3. We lose most faceoffs. Like we're scared to get in there and win.
  4. Foligno was making 8 mil this season? Ok KA has no idea how to be a GM. Don't some of the playoff teams GM know how to? Why wouldn't they offer something better? Everyone knew he was available and you know KA made his last rounds with anyone interested. Are you telling me Toronto chose Foligno and to give up a 1st and 4th instead of Hall for a 2nd because KA is stupid? Or that Columbus fleeced Toronto? I don't get what you're saying, literally at all.
  5. Fleeced? It was a trade involving low end NHL players and one grossly overplayed player with a no trade clause who's a free agent after the season. This won't effect either team long term so it doesn't even qualify for this level of outrage.
  6. It's amazing to me that anyone actually thinks KA could have and should have gotten more. The entire league knew we were shopping Hall. As if there's other GM's are out there saying, we would have given more but that stupid Adams didn't ask us. Or that the other GM's were just saying who could screw Adams the most with the lowest offer and the Bruins won. Hall sucks and the playoff teams weren't interested beyond what we got. Get over it.
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