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  1. Exactly right and it's also why there's no clock working against KA.
  2. KA forced him to change agents because he isn't budging. Possibly?
  3. Yeah man, I never said you did. It's just a consistent nauseating sentiment on SS and I started responding to a specific poster
  4. I think you're missing my main point with what amounts to nothing but hypothetical scenarios. I can just as easily make up scenarios where KA isn't an idiot.
  5. No, I think the need for Jack to play for us is less necessary because we weren't active in free agency. If we had been, the situation would be worse IMO because he'd be depended on for us to be competitive. We all already know we're likely not to be, so the blow of him not playing is easier to take. Hence I said 'perfect situation". Of course he's our most valuable piece, cmon. I just totally disagree that we're in peril right now. I see two outcomes that are good for the Sabres. One is, we wait until he can demonstrate to potential trade partners that he's healthy and his value rises. The other is trading him for less because he's actually damaged or at significant risk of not being the same player and we unloaded the huge contract. IMO, there's only one scenario that we lose. That's if we trade Jack for nothing of serious value and he heals (surgery or not) and is the same great player for the other team. My point is, we're in the drivers seat to have every opportunity to not make that happen to us.
  6. I get that and I'd counter that making the team intentionally less competitive is the correct move. So having this Jack situation happen now, means little. We're not going anywhere. IMO, spending in free agency, signing Ullmark and Sam and then not having Jack - would be a much much worse situation.
  7. Many keep saying Jack is damaged so we're not going to get much in return. If that becomes a reality then KA could potentially fleece a team to take on that risk and contract, even with a small return. My only point for my recent posts is, can we at least understand there's several possibilities that KA could actually do something that has good results?
  8. I don't mean this argumentatively but we also don't know if there's been offers and all of us would be like - dang I would have taken that. We just automatically dump on our GM and owners. The owners of course have earned the criticism but KA hasn't... yet. There's absolutely nothing wrong with thinking we can come out on the good side of the Eichel situation.
  9. I just can't find any reason why he would do that. We're in perfect position with where the team is, to be in absolutely no hurry.
  10. He's not waiting out KA. He just hasn't offered enough for the Sabres to pull the trigger. If he does he'll get Jack and if he wants healthy Jack, he'll pay more than today's price. Personally I think KA is trying to punk him.
  11. Only because some think that has to happen before this years trade deadline. It doesn't. I know everyone wants to bag on KA because of all the stupid things previous GM's have done, but that doesn't make it true. We don't know he's going to handle this badly and he doesn't have to. We're in total control and we'll trade him when the offer is good for the Sabres. He's not going anywhere on a terrible trade, IMO.
  12. That's fine but Jack playing healthy NHL games makes the price go up. Not what said team is uncomfortable with now, then you get him for that.
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