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  1. I get a very Ted Nolanish vibe from Ralph Krueger. Really nice guy, good team guy, positive, gets everybody pulling in the same direction... but will be consistently out coached, poor at in game adjustments, etc..
  2. My source says he wants to stay now after seeing those new sweaters.
  3. That doesn't speak well for the competition does it?
  4. My younger boy is also 13 and 90th percentile for height. Just got him new gloves, 13's. 14's are just to big for him, he's very long and narrow build, which presents some sizing challenges. Anyway, I got him last years' Bauer model at a discount from Hockey Monkey. My price point for gloves is $99 or less, no need to spend more becaue they'll grow out of them in a year or two before the palms wear out.
  5. I raced competitively in my age group for a few years after moving to California. Did many sprints and halfs, only 1 full IM. Anybody can do it. You'd be surprised how long you can go with proper nutrition and hydration. The hardest part isn't the race itself.. it's the discipline to get your workout in every single day while training. It needs to be the highest priority thing in your life for the better part of a full year. I'd recommend doing at least one full marathon and a tough century in the months leading up to the race. And an open water swim of race dist (2.4mi) if you can find one. For swim training I joined up with a Masters group at a local pool. 90min workouts, in the water at 6am... did wonders for my swimming, still sucked at it tho. For running, its absolutely imperative that you get properly fitted for running shoes or you will be miserable. For me, I quit triathlon after the IM. I was starting a family and it just seemed like a really really selfish endeavour at that time... and it is, your whole day is planned around your training, eating, sleeping, etc. I started playing hockey again after that because I missed the locker room atmosphere you only get from a team sport.
  6. Yahoo has a new type of fantasy football league called Best Ball. It's the same as a normal fantasy draft but after the draft is over, gou are done. No adding or dropping players and no need to set "starters". They just count your beat scoring players on your roster for your weekly score. Might be a good option for those who don't have time to manage a roster throughout the season, like myself!
  7. Just make sure they have padding on the outside of the pinky finger.
  8. I don't know enough about Dach to comment. I'm OK with the Cozens pick, but was hoping for Caufield at that spot. He's special, has unique talents. I've watched a lot of video on him and he's a bullish power forward with great skating ability, but he needs to work on utilizing his teammates more, specifically in the neutral zone and zone entries, where he seems to skate right into guys at times with the puck on his stick. He plays with blinders on, he'll need to fix that to be effective against bigger stronger more physical opponents in the national league. I give him two years of junior before giving him an extended look in the Queen City. Love his attitude and drive, could blossom into a terrific top 6 presence if they're patient with his development.
  9. I second the motion to use Yahoo this season.
  10. Can someone explain to me why he'll make better decisions if he gets fewer minutes? I've played my entire life and never once have I seen a player get better by playing less.
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