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  1. If he doesn't get a shutout he's a bust.
  2. Lazar is the type of guy that excels under Kruger, he's fully bought in to the role he needs to play.... and you've seen similar results at times from Larsson, Sobotka, Okposo, etc.. the not so talented guys. That's great, but the higher end talent guys like Johansson and Skinner don't seem to do so well under him... and Reinhart... don't even get me started, the guys a train wreck!
  3. Hindsight is 20/20, but Lazar should've started the season here over Mittlestadt. The fact that Bots didn't see it that way is concerning.
  4. I dont see it that way. Eichel intercepted the pass and one timed a feed to Sam all alone in front. A true sniper would've buried right there, but nooooooo, Sam has to attempt a wacky behind the back dish to Vesey becauee he can't bury it himself... probably woulda fell down if tried to shoot.
  5. Magic? pffft, sloppy pass couldn't even get the puck to lay flat, Vesey almost launched it over a gaping net.
  6. Hyperbolize much? Look. He's a very good player who belongs on a second line wing... and that's how he should be paid. He's not the guy you pay $8m/yr to slot next to Eichel. Do better, reach higher, don't settle.
  7. all the old school hard nosed coaches are getting pushed out of the game, replaced by soft ego-stroking pacifists... which makes sense because that's where the game is heading, unfortunately
  8. Bring in Gallant and move RK to president of hockey ops.
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