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  1. List of players that did not receive qualifying offers and will be UFAs... https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2020/caphit/all/all/ufa-no-qualifying-offer I'd look at a guy like Sven Andrighetto who had a positive TRpm on very good COL team. Joseph Morrow would also be a good depth D, and maybe Ryan Hartman... both guys wil positive TRpm's on good teams.
  2. I'm pulling for Thompson this year. Lots of folks crap on him because he was a key piece in the ROR trade, but don't forget he's still only 21 years old and has room to develop. He's shown flashes and if he can find some consistency he'll be a key piece moving forward.
  3. Donskoi would be a nice addition to the middle six. Would prefer they go after Dzingel and Zuccarello.
  4. Sure, I see Cozens as a 40-50pt guy. Depends largely if he gets time on the PP, I just don't think he has the skill level or IQ to find PP minutes for himself. 5-on-5 I see him as a responsible 3C who can contribute at both ends of the ice.... just won't put up big numbers like Zegras has the potential to.
  5. Ultimately I see him as a faster, slighty better skating Patrick Berglund. He's not a high end skill guy. His hockey IQ isn't next level. He's not going to wow you with his hands. However, he seems like he works hard, has A+ character and plays a 200ft game. TBH, I liked Zegras better as a prospect, I see lot's of Jason Spezza in him... but maybe a guy like Cozens is more of what Buffalo needs in their lineup? Just tough to pass on a higher skilled player. We'll see how they develop.
  6. Ogelvie maybe? A goalie too, iirc... Wedgewood or Wilcox? Pascal Aquin last year for sure. Brandon Hickey?
  7. THis doesn't make any sense... 50 years, with a "journery through the decades"... but there's only 4 "decades" listed? IIRC, they only wore the slug for what 4 maybe 5 seasons? Just skip it We don't want to see it thank you.
  8. Do they need to be under contract? CJ Smith is an RFA.
  9. And why is the 5 a floating point number, 5.0? It's a whole number, "5K"... that's all you need to do there.
  10. Will MIttlestadt and Dahlin be a part of dev camp? TT? Nylander? Olofsson? CJ Smith? Pilut?
  11. Agreed, would like one or both of Dzingle and Zucarello. And a depth veteran D or two to take over for Bogosian after game 20.
  12. and he's not even old enough to buy chew... so he's not only a video game and dip addict, he's also a central figure in an illegal drug trafficking ring
  13. If you look frame by frame, you can see the tin sitting next to the empty water bottle before he reaches for it. This video appears to have been shot during the season? I now have this image in my head of Casey where he just sits in his room all day ripping through tins of chewing tobacco to fuel his Fortnite addiction. Prove me wrong Casey!
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