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  1. He'd be an immediate upgrade over __________. Haha, they should claim him then healthy scratch him evry game for the rest of the season out of spite.
  2. 2 firsts? No thanks. I'd offer Mittlestadt, Ryan Johnson (rights), and a 2nd.
  3. Player development and learning how to play pro systems are not mutually exclusive. Granato just doesn't have the ability to counter what teams are doing to slow them down. It's frustrating to watch them try the same thing over and over and over without making any adjustments. It's the same response from him after every game.. "we didn't get to our game.. we have to get back to our game, etc.". The puck pressure game is nice, but good teams can take advantage of the over aggressive attack. Granato has no answer when teams trap them.
  4. Meanwhile, Marco Rossi has 0g 1a and is a -4 in 16gp. Still looking for his first NHL goal. Stick tap to the scouting staff.
  5. Depth on D is the primary weakness of this team. They've been drafting heavy on offense in early rounds to rebuild their forward pipeilne, which was desperately needed. Defense is another story, they need to hit on somebody like Novikov or Komarov. I'm not counting Ryan Johnson because he's likely gone, and he's not what the team needs. They need another Samuelsson or two and some quality depth in Roch. Could be another 2 seasons until it's fixed, really would've liked to see them take a Pickering or Rinzel in the 1st this past draft with those extra picks.
  6. Smaller players? Who are we talking about here? Quinn is 6'1.
  7. They need depth on defense. TRPM shows both Bryson and Fitzgerald are struggling We know Mittlestadt, Krebs and Olofosson are not playing well either... no surprise to see them at the bottom here. ============================================================== BUF even strength goal differential through 19 games = -2 BUF even strength minutes played through 19 games = 910.45 exp+/- is a function of %min played at ES and team ES goal diff TRpm(team relative +/-) is the diff btwn actual+/- and exp+/- %min is % of ES minutes played ============================================================== Team Player TRpm GP +/- exp+/- %min BUF Rasmus Dahlin 8.77 18 8 -0.77 38.5 BUF Mattias Samuelsson 8.20 6 8 -0.20 10.2 BUF Owen Power 3.85 19 3 -0.85 42.7 BUF Alex Tuch 3.54 19 3 -0.54 27.1 BUF Jeff Skinner 3.54 19 3 -0.54 26.8 BUF Tage Thompson 2.56 19 2 -0.56 28.0 BUF Henri Jokiharju 2.26 8 2 -0.26 13.0 BUF Rasmus Asplund 1.40 17 1 -0.40 19.9 BUF Jack Quinn 1.33 14 1 -0.33 16.4 BUF Dylan Cozens 0.52 19 0 -0.52 26.2 BUF Zemgus Girgensons 0.39 18 0 -0.39 19.6 BUF Kyle Okposo 0.35 14 0 -0.35 17.3 BUF Anders Bjork 0.02 1 0 -0.02 1.1 BUF Tyson Jost 0.02 1 0 -0.02 0.8 BUF Ilya Lyubushkin -0.61 14 -1 -0.39 19.7 BUF Vinnie Hinostroza -1.67 12 -2 -0.33 16.3 BUF Lawrence Pilut -1.70 11 -2 -0.30 15.2 BUF Kale Clague -1.76 7 -2 -0.24 12.0 BUF Riley Sheahan -1.96 2 -2 -0.04 1.8 BUF Victor Olofsson -3.49 19 -4 -0.51 25.5 BUF Peyton Krebs -3.62 16 -4 -0.38 19.1 BUF Casey Fitzgerald -3.69 12 -4 -0.31 15.5 BUF Casey Mittelstadt -6.49 19 -7 -0.51 25.7 BUF Jacob Bryson -12.34 19 -13 -0.66 33.1 ==============================================================
  8. Agreed. Reminds me a bit of the RAV line, where they generated plenty of offense at a young age... partly because they're not facing top defenders.
  9. Players like Muel simply are not available for trade, they're too valuable. What worries me is they don't have anybody else like him in the pipeline.... Komarov or Novikov maybe? Don't know those 2 well enough.
  10. The expectation this year (as per KA and DG) wasn't a Stanley Cup or even to make playoffs. The goal is to continue to allow the young players to grow and round out their games. This gives them a built in excuse to take nights off, so set your expectations accordingly.
  11. They're just not there yet, set expectations accordingly.
  12. It shows you how good Samuelsson really is. They've only won 3 of thee past 9 games since he was injureed. They miss him dearly. He's probably the most polished defensive defense prospect I've seen play for the Sabres the past 15 years. When Jokiharju went out, Samuelsson was playing 25min/gm. You can't replace those minutes with a Clague, Pilot, Bryson or a 19y/o rookie without taking a huge step backwards.
  13. Dylan Cozens has had 3 goals go in off him the past 2 games. Luckily one of them was called back due to an offside challenge. I understand he's a competitive kid who's trying to get in the way of pucks, and some of that is bad luck.... but that said, sometimes the best play (if you're too far away from the shooter) is to get out of the way so your goalie can get a clear look and you don't accidentally deflect the puck on your own net. He'll learn from it.
  14. Nah. They're not in "win now" mode just yet. Adam's plan is to build from within, draft well and develop his own prospects. He's done that, but there just isn't enough depth yet at some key positions, namely defense. We know that, they know that, the entire league knows that and the opposition takes advantage. That's pro hockey.
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