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  1. Unpopular opinion.... Miller was good, had a couple excellent season, but I don't agree he was "retire his number" good.
  2. I wish Kim a speedy and full recovery. I have no inside information on her condition. As for my sources, I've stated this before... I skate with a couple guys that are in prominent positions with the Kings and Ducks along with former players, one specifically who was a popular player in Buffalo. Also talk regularly with an NHL head coach.. well, former head coach now, as he was relieved of his duties half-way through the season... but I expected him to re-join the coaching ranks in the near future.
  3. That said, this is the most confident I've felt in years that the Sabres will make the right picks.
  4. Hope they get Nazar, he's dynamic and a plus skater with plus quickness. He fits their blueprint.
  5. Normally this would be true. However, there exists a set of numbers that do not belong to any team. If those numbers are drawn, they immediately redraw. Now, consider there are infinite parallel universes (there are). In at least one of those universes, the lottery results in an unassigned number over and over and over again for infinity... in which case no team ever wins the lottery... ever. I'm just hoping we don't live in that universe.
  6. So the best of the non-playoff teams gets the first pick? That makes absolutely no sense. Not all bad teams are intentionally bad... in fact, the vast majority of bad teams are not bad on purpose.
  7. Every league does it, it not's unique to the NHL. In fact, the most successful league in the world (NFL) has no draft lottery. If a franchise is willing to risk alienating their fanbase for the right to draft #1 OA, then that's on them, and it's their right to do so.
  8. This is the only correct answer. End of discussion.
  9. I'll see Craig again next Monday, but the I last time I asked him about Ryan I did not get the sense he would be unwilling to sign with Buffalo... in fact, fwiw, he had some good things to say about the organization since KA took over. I took the opportunity to pump KA's tires a bit since I played with him back in the day.
  10. I hope you're right. There's more to being a good coach then being liked by your players. In fact, some of the best coaches in history weren't well liked by their players. I'll give him credit tho, I wanted to see them cut down on shots against over the past few months of the season, and they did... without giving up shots for. They'll need to continue that trend into the start of next season if they want to take the next step.
  11. He had his best year as a Sabre (most goals, points, etc), his effort level was off the charts and he was a difference maker. Where has this effort been the past 5 years? He was a guy they signed during his prime, was a key piece to turning the franchise around, yet he quickly became a non-factor and faded to JAG status. Sure you can point at ice time, line-mates, coaching, etc... but still he's entirely responsible for his effort level, and it just wasn't there for the previous 5 seasons.... and for that reason part of me still wishes he was gone.
  12. According to my source, you are correct.
  13. I agree he is wired differently. However, that said, I remain skeptical due to his lack of size.
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