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  1. It's a skating league and his skating is arguably his greatest attribute. Give him the full season in Buffalo, but bring in an established veteran 2-3C he can learn from. Eichel isn't that guy, not yet anyway, he has enough on his plate. Start him on the wing, ease him in to start the season. Give him 12-15min/gm, with a clearly defined role. It's all about putting him in the right situation where he's not relied on to produced offense, but is challenged enough to develop his game. If they don't or can't put him in that environment, then let him play out the season in the WHL.
  2. As a former teammate of his I'll say this.. he's competitive, smart, and extremely passionate about the game. He's one of those guys that truly loves the game, not the most talented, but he enjoyed working at it and that took him to the top. He was a locker room favorite among the boys, looked up to even at a young age for his leadership abilities, core values, and outstanding character. That said, it's not surprising the Pegula's have taken him under their wing. He's their type of guy. Does that translates to being a successful GM? I have concerns.... NHL GMs need to be a bit conniving and cutthroat. That's not the guy I knew. When it comes time to make tough roster decisions, eg waiving guys you've built a relationship with who have young families etc... I don't think he has that in him. That's not a bad thing, it speaks for his values as a human. Great guy, just not what I would consider NHL GM material.
  3. @john_wawrow: The Latest: NHL could reopen training facilities next week https://apnews.com/355f60488468c9122597d76c4d0e183f
  4. I'm hoping Gretzky but so far I'm seeing Lemieux.
  5. pi2000


    The important difference to note between COVID-19 and the regular flu is not the mortality rate or severity of the illness, rather it's the incubation period. The regular flu has an incubation period (you're a carrier spreading the contagion, but showing no symptoms) of 1-4 days (2 days on average). COVID-19 has an incubation period of 2-14 days (per the CDC)... some reports indicate even longer incubation periods. The numbers are changing as we learn more about the virus, but average is believed to be in the 5-6 day range. Assuming you quarantine yourself when you begin experiencing symptoms, a single individual infected with COVID-19 can spread the virus to 2 to 3 times as many people vs the standard flu.... which has a multiplicative effect. If I had to make a prediction, assuming we take appropriate preventative measures, this should settle down sometime around Memorial Day.
  6. What should they do with Hutton? He has 1 year remaining at 2.75m. I can't see how you bring him back? Maybe go the Bogo route... waive, re-assign, suspended, terminate? Or maybe St. Louis would take him back? Hutton for Jake Allen maybe? That would give St. Louis a bit of cap relief as Allen makes +4m/yr, as a backup is kinda steep, they might bite at Hutton straight up for Allen.... although is Allen even much of an upgrade over Hutton?
  7. The time to take action, for example by increasing social distances, is now. Delaying by even a single day can have catastrophic consequences. That said, I'll be shocked if the major sport leagues, including golf, tennis, etc... don't end up putting their seasons on hold for the next 4-6 weeks. People talk about the economic impact of cancelling or postponing events.... while the financial losses could be significant, it would pale in comparison to the economic impact a COVID-19 epidemic would have on this country.
  8. PIT wasn't actively looking to trade Kahun. PIT wanted Sheary. JBOT asked for Kahun in return. PIT initially balked, so JBOT included EROD, selling him as a sweetner.
  9. I've seen a few Minnesota games in person this season, and IMO Ryan Johnson is, at best, another Henri Jokiharju.
  10. If you have a problem with me stating facts, then I'm not sure what to tell you. Deal with it.
  11. He's improving, but he hasn't arrived yet. You can't assume he's the #1 guy going into next season, even if he finishes strong. It's imperative that you bring a guy to legit compete with him for the #1 job heading into next season.... and I'm not talking about guy who's been a career backup.
  12. He's also a +3 TRpm, compared to Reinhart's -13. Has 100 more hits. Also more blocked shots and fighting majors ? Those are facts, not opinions. Laser beams top shelf.
  13. Nic Deslauriearerieier with the natural hat trick in the 1st period. He has more more goals in one period than Sam Reinhart the last 45 periods.
  14. It's not a snapshot, it's his last 8 games, important games to the franchise and his financial future. He has every reason to leave it all out on the ice, but sadly, not only has he vanished from the score sheet, I'd argue he's become a liability.
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