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  1. pi2000

    Canceled Practice

    Guaranteed win next game.
  2. For the Kings they switch home and away every game, so Alec (the tendy) would be home one game and away the next. That said I've also played with one of the Duck's emergency goalies. They only have 2 and he's always the away goalie... So he goes to every home game. They even gave him pads and a mask...so each team handles it differently. Alcohol is off limits for Alec before and during games. The food he gets is down in the players/coaches lounge area so it's generally healthy choices.
  3. The emergency goalie needs to be in shape and playing regularly in local elite level league.... source: my adult league goalie is one of the emergency's for the Kings. The Kings check up on him on a regular basis to make sure he's still in game shape and injury free. They actually have 4 emergency goalies. Each game there's 1 for the Kings and 1 for the away team, and they split the games in half throughout the season so he gets to go to half the home games. He parks under the Staples Center and keeps his gear in his car during the games. He's only been called on once and didn't even need to dress, just be on standby with his gear bag in a changing room. He doesn't get any gear from the Kings, nor does he get to dress in the locker room. He gets 2 tickets in the lower bowl with all-access arena pass, free food, etc.
  4. pi2000

    The Salary Cap

    The escrow/cap escalator is a divisive issue for the NHLPA. At the end of the season hockey revenue is to be split 50/50 between players (via contracts) and owners. If owners or players initiate the 5% cap escalator, then that allows teams to spend more money on FA's and so forth... which you would think would be good for the players.... however that causes an imbalance in the agreed upon 50/50 revenue split. So to the keep the balance, players pay some % of their paycheck into escrow, of which most goes to the owners at the end of the season after hockey related revenue is totaled. So the issue is that with the max 5% cap escalator FA's benefit with larger contracts, but at the expense of higher escrow payments from ALL players (incl those on continuing contracts).... in other words, the average continuing contract player loses money so that FA's can make more. The NHLPA is largely split on this issue, which makes sense.... and there's significant talk of removing the cap escalator entirely in the next CBA as it artificially increases the cap without requiring any related increase in hockey related revenue, benefiting only those players signing new deals while effectively reducing the salaries (via increased escrow payments) for the rest of the players.
  5. pi2000

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    There should be, that hit was late and blindside.
  6. I love the fact there are a bunch of Leafs fans in the audience. It adds to the excitement IMO and hope it continues. Like soccer kinda.
  7. This is the best version of AM we'll ever see.
  8. pi2000


    52 and raining here in Laguna Hills... heading to Vegas this weekend where it's currently 46 with rain in the forecast.
  9. pi2000

    GDT - Sabres @ Predators - December 3, 2018 - 8pm EST

    Seems Phil has finally come to his senses.
  10. pi2000

    GDT - Sabres @ Predators - December 3, 2018 - 8pm EST

    True. I'm just happy to see Dahlin back with Bogo where he belongs.
  11. pi2000

    The Athletic Look into The Future NHL

    I don't get the low ranking for ownership? They state the criteria is having owners that are willing to spend... "....franchise that has the freedom to spend tends to do better than those with cheap ownership or a questionable market." Are they saying Pegula is not willing to spend?
  12. pi2000

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Allen showed a high compete level, his desire to win is obvious. Haven't seen that from a Bill's QB since Kelly. He almost singlehandedly willed his team to a win, that's a great sign, and gives me faith that he'll improve his weaknesses as he develops. All he talked about in the post-game presser was about the plays he wanted back, he took ownership, and he looked really upset about the loss... he's a gamer. I'd be concerned if he blew it off and gave canned boilerplate answers, but he didn't.