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  1. They're still largely a mess in their own end. If he can clean that up them I'm all for keeping him around. If not, then you need to bring in somebody who can coach both ends of the ice. Believe it or not, there are other coaches who believe in high pace, physically challenging practices who let players play to their strengths AND can coach them up in the d-zone.
  2. Sam, 2 for 8 on faceoffs, even plus/minus... (he's a minus 1 over the past 10 games). His goals were nice shots from distance, very out of character for him. He's not getting any better at faceoffs. He came off as a douche in the post game. That said I believe he's best deployed on the wing. I don't necessarily want to see him traded, but I'm.not sure he's a fit for what KA us trying to build (guys with quickness, speed and very high motors).
  3. Hall and Staal were huge drags on the team. Okposo is too, he tries hard, but he's slow and looses every race. This is probably the fastest team we've had in Buffalo in years. Best I've seen their transition game in a long time. Ullmark coming back helped and now Tokarski is playing well.
  4. At the time of the pick I wanted Zegras or Caufield. Zegras reminds me of a young Jason Spezza. Skill for days, creative, unlimited upside. Caufield not just because of his shot, but because he simply has a knack for scoring. Guys like him only come around once every 7 or 8 years and what he has can't be taught. Cozens is already a hell of a player tho and happy we have him.
  5. The young guns are being allowed to stretch their wings... that's great. They look excellent, I'm all for whatever he's doing with them, they're 1000% more fun to watch and with above average goaltending they're winning some games. That's all fantastic.... but let's not kid ourselves. They're catching teams off-guard right now, but once that wears off, and teams start actually game-planning for their attacking style, they're going to have to adjust... even focus on playing a more defensive game at times depending on the matchup. Can Donny adjust and stay ahead of the curve?
  6. Put Toronto in Holiday Twin Rinks... or Caz Park.
  7. Casey is playing for a contract. Does he go back to his tabacco fueled late night Fortnite sessions once he gets paid?
  8. He should be a head coach..... in Rochester. They're playing fast, free and loose. But in a 7 game series vs Barry Trotz they get smoked. They need a HC who can continue to generate offense, but also shore up the defensive side of the puck.... not an easy thing to do. There's an old saying in Tennessee.... Do better.
  9. 3 https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/BUF/2013_games.html
  10. I didn't say that, smh. Sure they played a great game, took advantage of a sluggish Caps squad. I loved how they played. But, lets be honest, the Caps are the cream of the crop in the Mass Mutual East Division, they simply didn't show up tonight.
  11. Nice win, they had their foot on the gas for 60min. But... IMO, and I'll prolly get crucified for this, the outcome was a product of the Caps simply not showing up to play.
  12. Hold up... if they remove the disk, don't the adjacent vertebrae eventually fuse together? That can't be good in the neck area for a hockey player.
  13. Just in time to help oversee trade deadline deals.... oh wait.
  14. posted the numbers in another thread... Even strength possession numbers (corsi), and high danger chances for/against are a bit worse under Granato. Near the bottom of the league in HDCA. Even strength shooting percentage has doubled from 6% to 12% (2nd in the league during that stretch). HDSH% is up from 12% to 19%. ES save percentage is up a few percent thanks to Ullmark. So the only way they keep staying un games is if they continue their high shooting % and get above average goaltending. Is that sustainable? In the short term yes, maybe even to the end of the sea
  15. I agree, I was expecting them to be generating more scoring chances under Granato.... which is what my eyes were telling me. RK was fired march 17th. Considering it may have taken 2 weeks for the stink of RK to wear off, we'll take a look at high danger numbers since April 1st. HDChancesFor/60: 9.99 (11th worst in the league) HDChancesAgainst/60: 12.25 (7th worst) ...those numbers are actually significantly worse than under RK. That said, even strength shooting % since April 1st is 12% (5.9% under RK)... second best in the entire league. Is that sustainable?
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