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  1. Well, didn't watch the game last night but read the game thread. Sounds like they took a page from the Columbus game plan against us. We started out good and then couldn't handle the push back. Wasn't their coach, Dallas Eakins somebody a few SS wanted as our PH replacement? Anyway we need to see how this team handles some adversity so here we are. Also another game I will not be staying up late to see but I'm counting on you all to keep the narrative going here so i can check it tomorrow. How about a nice low scoring road game that we win 3-2. Let's go Buffalo.
  2. Another chance to keep the home streak going. make our barn a tough place for any other team to come too. I also want to see a PP that continues to put the fear of penalties in opposing teams. Would be nice to see 4 lines working today but 3 outta 4 ain't bad either. The way the goalies have been used would tilt the nod to Hutton but I think Linus has been the better of the two. Curious to see if RK plays a hot hand or continues to split. Start the week putting some pep in our steps with a win. Lets go Buf-fa-lo!
  3. Cool, I have center ice but I don't pay extra for the post game show so good to know we are playing with some push back.
  4. Only saw the last period. Was swearing at the TV. Not finishing enough checks. Too much backing up, Out shot. But won it in the end. Wahoo, Fugly still looks good win you finish what you started.\ Thank you can i have another..
  5. Well Montreal definitely looks like they will be team to contend with in our division. Come on play smart and aggressive and get that point..
  6. Wow so far the tale of 2 periods. 1st not the same sabres I saw in first 2 games, the 2nd period, now that's the team I need to see more often. Keep it coming Buffalo
  7. Okay 4th game of the season and we already have some good in depth analysis and discussion occurring. That' something I'll consider a positive by the way because i can't recall ever having this depth of fan analysis this early in season recently. So a division 4 pt game against a an old rival for Early season Wednesday night hockey. Sabres show us what they got and how they plan to entertain the home crowd with a rousing, high energy 3-2 win in OT.. Let's Go Buffalo... Home ice advantage protect your goal, Playoffs or bust.
  8. What he said. Oh I'm all bought into watching with center ice and enjoying the ride but I will try and not get emotionally invested like trash talking the other top teams fans that have pawned us for too many years.
  9. On the road again, Just can't wait to get on the road againThe life I love is Sabres making wins with my friendsAnd I cant wait to get on the road again. Linus's time to shine and give Carter some competition for that crease. Lets Go Buffalo, 3 and 0 is the way we want to go.
  10. Yes sir. Bruins, Leafs and Canadians are real testers and FLA is no slouch either. Add the Conference teams like the Bolts, Caps and Hurricanes and that's where we will see how well our team stands up. Not going to be easy to get to Playoffs through the East but that just makes for a stronger team once you do get there.
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