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  1. Watched yesterday, Best all around game in a long time. Will record and watch later tonight and hope for more of the same. Makes watching what Jbotts does or doesn't do by Trade Tuesday a potential real Ash Wednesday. Let's Go Buffalo, Entertain us.
  2. This is where I am on this as well. So necessary turnover begins again. I hope for better days when we can get off this tread mill of mediocrity.
  3. Yeah, bugs me how did one of the few remaining wealthy Buffalo family's(Jacobs) with a local headquartered national Company(Delaware North) not end up with a Buffalo team. Only other I still know of is the Rich's.
  4. I have Center ice because I am an out of town fan that I bought for Sabres games. I also get treated locally to all Pens games. The difference I see like last nights Pens vs. Flyers OT or later watching the end of the VGK vs Canes because I like hockey is like night and day, kids vs men compared to Sabres. The secrets out, the rest of the league knows we are soft and if you step up the Physical play we shy away and wilt. Even hurt ourselves when we do try and check(See Skinner injury) Crosby was out for months and Sullivan had the Pens playing like a team and even excelling while Sid was out. If the Sabres had lost Jack for 2 months November till Jan. they would be in last place. I don't ever remember a time like this when so many of us long time die hard fans felt this way for this long...It does just numb you to the whole team and has me leaning to just watching the Pens for the rest of this season because I like to watch Hockey what the Sabres provide is a cruel joke of an excuse for that.
  5. Social gathering? GM Impeachment? Roster Surgery? or GDT? Hmmm, I'll with GDT, God Dam Time hockeys back, now please Sabres entertain us... Lets Go Buffalo....show us you came ready for this...
  6. http://www.westsenecabee.com/articles/west-seneca-native-reflects-on-dual-career-in-hockey-hoaxes/?view=getnewpost. Paging PA... Story snippet; "While Wieland considers himself a Sabres fan and says that he will be for life, he is dismayed about the direction the organization has taken over the course of the past decade. The team has not made the playoffs since 2011, the longest streak in the NHL. They haven’t won a playoff series since 2007, and don’t appear likely to change that in the near future. He lays the blame squarely at the feet of Terry Pegula, who bought the team in 2011." In my company the top guy is always ultimately responsible for the performance, I wonder if that's why he shifted it to the wife..
  7. Still a fan always a fan and been watching outside the GDT. Hard enough to watch sometimes alone w/o additional negativity that just brings me down. For all the hand wringing I think Frolik and Lazar are solid contributors and playing a more defensive first game. An effective PP and PK is perfect experience for a team to make a playoff push. And one last positive for me leaving me a bit excited is to see what the line-up will look like and perform with Skinner and Olof back in. Lets Go Buffalo, make the break something that has us all looking forward when you get back to playing.
  8. Waking to the smell of bacon and coffee.
  9. NYE, turn the calendar game. Out with the old, in with the new. Whats a fan do, when old is new. Look for signs of future hope, talent and no quit. Lets go Buffalo. Ground the lightening
  10. I'm out don't want to taint the lingering after glow of a great Sunday night Bills game with this lame a$$ effort.
  11. That's because they keep fishing for the puck and not playing the body. If they played this game physically they way they played St. Louis it would be a different game.
  12. I feel bad for Ullmark, The team isn't helping him out much..
  13. So they went to Toronto yesterday, what the heck did they do there last night because they have not looked ready to play. They are backing up and TO looks to fast for our team... Just not sure why they are not ready for this matchup..
  14. Yeah at least was hustling. All the other lines look slower than the leafs, they were flying around and we were chasing. Not a good way to play
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