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  1. The CBA idea would be great. However at some point if his contribution to offense, defense and/or corsi doesn't improve vs. being offensive to watch then I say send him to minors ala Craig Rivet, Moulson move and bring up a prospect up that may give you about the same but has more potential to grow. I can take watching a potential to grow vs. witnessing a player in steady decline.
  2. Well there's a huge does of humble pie. That sure sucked. Especially seeing another teams goalie make the timely saves and poor it in the end. Maybe a little Hockey cosmo's balancing out the bounces and puck luck we had in the streak. Get a 2 goal lead from your captain and top scoring line and don't play with fire in your belly and lights out goal tending not surprised what you get. Tenneyson and Beaulieu absolutely horrible defensive games today. Mittelstadt was equal portions of slow and horribly bad. No secondary scoring beyond our top line and there was no urgency in their game after getting up 2. Philly was the better team , dominated face-offs, possession and probably out chanced us, I lose the post games show so I am just going on eye-sight. Last Phil's line combos beyond the top line didn't work.. Ok Phil, you got a lot to work on. We need McCabe, Hutton, Scandella, Zemgus and something else for a number 2c, Mittelstadt looks like he should watch a few games if we have something with a bit more grit same results I would be up for that. Hows' Porter or Asplund doing down on the farm. lets double down on the Swedes and give Asplund a shot... So I am curious to see if they rebound the way a good team should after a stinker like this....
  3. So watching the game on the big TV in family room so no posts during game. Yeah Philly definitely pushed back. Yeah i don't want to be that guy either but officiating against Buffalo in general for a bunch of games does appear very uneven. I think there is something with the Skinner treatment. He sure does seem to get beat a lot by other teams with no calls. All in all very entertaining. Philly does have some talent however the Officials need to call the stuff even here they(philly) are no choir boys. All right buffalo why change the 1 goal games streak. Just make sure were on the + side. Lets' finish this..... Wait we have no Finns on the team, then how about a nice How swede it is to end it...
  4. That was a fun 1st period. Not much Ullie could do on that bang bang face off goal. We definitely had the scoring chances. Like how the team came out playing. I also love how Pilut is playing. Watching him play today made me start singing that Elton John "Take me to the Pilot ...l, " . I have to say that Christmas came early for me this year, I forgot just how much I missed watching good entertaining Hockey from my favorite team. Let's take em to the Pilot for control,,
  5. Whoa another afternoon game. Please may I have another like the Ottawa game massacre. Philly has a new GM and coach on the hot seat. They still have some talent and do play with a bit of a nasty edge aka cheap stuff not as nasty except for Gudas who deserves whatever he gets... We can ground these Flyer's, come on boys time to put on a show for the home town fans. Lets go Buff-a-lo! You know what else i love about our Sabres, we are the one of the few barns in the US of A that plays both Canadian and American national anthem's. And while I hate em when we play em i respect our fellow Canadian's. People are always surprised that I know Oh Canada and do sing along when opportunities present as I will if they show the anthem's on TV. A tip of the Molson to all my Canadian Sabre brethren... Afternoon drinking another great sport tradition.
  6. R_Dudley

    I owe you all an apology.

    True Confessions Well I understand sort of. I love hockey and moved to PGH in 92 also. However I never stopped loving on the Sabres as no 1. It was hard not to with Mogilny and Lafontaine back then. I used to listen on radio on the internet in those early years. I do like the Pens as my 2nd favorite team because it its not hard when they had Bob Johnsen, Scotty Bowman and players like Paul Coffey, Mario and a good team when i got here and you still really hate on Washington, Philly, NYR, NYI because of how they played the Sabres. Yeah I know what about Darius Kasperitus, well I always hated him but he was rental for pens never really a true Penguin.... Oh and last if allowed to like a team from the west I never really did until for some reason the Vegas golden knights, so there's my dirty little secrets.... So forgive me commissioner for I may have fan sinned, how many wind sprints and ice crawls is that for absolution?
  7. Yes, yes and yes. I also agree with must wins for the next 3. I look ahead at the schedule and have been watching other teams in our conference and division on Center ice on our off nights. I have been waiting for that annual separation to occur between the pretenders and the real good solid teams. Funny thing is I do not see it quite happening yet. Sure their still are the really really good teams( TB, Nashville, maybe Washington, Col TO) but it is really looking like parity may have arrived and a lot of middling teams can win on any night. So if we really want to be a Playoff team we have to be better than all the other middle of the pack teams....Boston, FLA, Det, Montreal, Columbus, Pens, NYI, NYR....
  8. R_Dudley

    Post job interview etiquette

    Good form, one more thing, it is not considered bad to ask your main HR contact in this process for the contact email or info for individuals who did not have a business card or that maybe your talks went so well you ran out of time and missed asking before they passed you along. Last enough other's said this but the way this suddenly turned on you does smack of some last minute internal candidate politically connected that needs to be considered or is being pushed into the position. Regardless if its just a delay or someone being told who to hire its always good form to leave that lasting professional, motivated impression in case the individual really flubs it in 6-12 months and they need to do this again in the future.
  9. R_Dudley

    Post job interview etiquette

    From what you describe you have done everything correctly and well. For future reference there are some extra that you could do as you said others were involved in the interview for this job. You should ask what peoples roles are and would this position work with them. Always get every ones contact information and send them all a thank you note(email would suffice) for taking the time out of their busy days to interview you not to long after the interview. The ones you know this job would work with ( I am assuming you asked some things about the interaction and roles) you should reference in the thank you enforcing some of the points you learned in the interview process. In my experience a good candidate is interviewing the company and it's not just us interviewing them. Good luck.
  10. R_Dudley

    GDT - Maple Leaves @ Sabres - December 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM (EST)

    Ok caught up on the thread and see nfreeman has confirmed what I thought i saw yesterday. According to the rule 67.2 I found should have been a penalty and goal disallowed. Final question(s) Is the coach allowed to challenge that play ? Who is manning the video for the Sabres and why don't they know the rules? .... Come on TPegs you can afford to pay someone smart who can read and study and address this... Yeah after Dallas foot in the crease not being called I guess I don't let things like this go easy.... /rant
  11. R_Dudley

    GDT - Maple Leaves @ Sabres - December 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM (EST)

    So sorry busy work day and just got back to this thread so haven't read the thread since I dropped out last night but no one responded last night on page 14 when I asked this and this still bothered me so I just checked the rules. I apologize if already covered 67.2 Minor Penalty – Player - A player shall be permitted to catch the puck out of the air but must immediately place it or knock it down to the ice. If he catches it and skates with it, either to avoid a check or to gain a territorial advantage over his opponent, a minor penalty shall be assessed for “closing his hand on the puck”. I need to see that replay again because according to the rule and the distance traveled from one end of the net to other for the wrap around I do not see how Matthews didn't carry it and the goal was allowed. Now the NHL does have some fan boy love for Matthews for sure but not to the point of rules be damned..
  12. R_Dudley

    GDT - Maple Leaves @ Sabres - December 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM (EST)

    Yep, you are correct sir.... all while playing 3 of top 4 teams over the last 4 games played in 6 nights.. This is not your tank Sabres...
  13. R_Dudley

    GDT - Maple Leaves @ Sabres - December 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM (EST)

    That was a crazeee game. Give me Mccabe , Scandella and 2 more skilled forwards and we take this in regulation...
  14. R_Dudley

    GDT - Maple Leaves @ Sabres - December 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM (EST)

    Argghhhhh,, anyone but the desert dog....
  15. R_Dudley

    GDT - Maple Leaves @ Sabres - December 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM (EST)

    OMG, they are stressing me out......