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  1. Enjoy them when ever they are with you, watch em grow, young, adolescent, teenager, doesn't matter. Teach em to ride a bike, to fish, to drive, to live life while we're making our plans. Hug em, hold em, love em. Best thing that ever happened to me even though it's a shaught ton of work. Breakfast at our local dinner courtesy of my youngest high school'er and an afternoon movie John Wick 3 with my wife and youngest. Happy indeed. Best wishes to all on SS for your Dads that were, for those that are, and those that wanna be.
  2. Ah so you'd rather Row away than Wade in I get it..
  3. Nope. I never quite bought into the idea that no big name free agents want to sign here however things like this and what ROR said do make me think twice about it.
  4. If schedule and travel work out I would be interested and would see some family while I am at it.
  5. Yeah and I am not sure how I feel about. Yes I hate Boston and I am rooting for the Blues to win. What I have been disappointed with is what has happened to the Hockey. Its gone back to interference, pick play, clutch and grab muggings all over the ice and that is just that, a war of attrition with occasional great hockey played. It almost becomes more of a puck luck great goal tending exhibition vs a skilled hockey display. /rant
  6. That is an interesting take and reasonable point. +1
  7. Ahh just what this thread needed a little bit of salt for that wound, now we just need to rub some dirt on it and we are all good... 😉
  8. I sure would like to know understand what really motivated the trade. Was it that season ending interview I lost my love for hockey, did he really think he was done and that bad or did some one of the owners help make that decision ? I guess we will never know but boy it sure looks like we got hornswoggled.
  9. This is quote below from an Edmonton paper gives me hope. I am going to posit that maybe this is just 1st step in a larger plan as a few here have also said. 2-3 year contract as coach to help set the culture and team in right direction and then a move up to president of Hockey. “What I see as the ideal model now, is a really strong triangle, for me the triangle of the head coach, the general manager and the president in a professional sports organization. If you get three people that have different strengths to fill each other’s weaknesses, which we all have, and they work in unison toward a goal on a regular basis, that for me is the basis.”
  10. R, a, l, p, H ! That does sound like what some people here want to do. I'm in the wait and see crowd since that's really all we can do now !
  11. I have been watching for a couple reasons. 1.) I like hockey especially playoffs 2.) To see how far my favorite team, Sabres are from being here. I can confidently say we got a ways to go to display the all out efforts, coordinated and quality play I am seeing. Last I am rooting for the avalanche to get another WC team to finals and ultimately to win it all...
  12. Yes it was once about the love of the sport and the ultimate team challenge. Sad that ethos in american professional sports is almost non existent anymore.
  13. Good stuff. Thank you for highlighting and providing all the snip-its for the best centers for our 7th round selection review. Solid work and community contributions. 🥇
  14. Well can you blame him, the three big names guys moved last year are all in playoffs and here he is once again cleaning out his locker never having been. It worked last year for Ryan O to act all depressed to get out..
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