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  1. I will bet against that. The glove is down. Is this a gentle mans bet or for beers for either of our next trips across the ocean? (note my oldest son wants me to do a Germany trip sometime next year that this may be able to worked into.)
  2. I hope Doohickie is as successful in GDT as PA has been of late. Not that we SS's are superstitious or anything (as I throw salt over shoulder, rubs rabbits foot, knocks on wood, crosses fingers and legs...) Another must win to keep pace or lose place.. Friday evening, no work tomorrow , game on, drinks flowing, sleep in allowed, i do work for the weekend. My Nephew NY Ranger fan is in town and going to the game with my brother, Brother-in-law, Daughter, Son in law and nephew and he never asked me if I would've come. So any single Ranger fan(he wears his NYR gear) you see with Sabre's fans named Paul please give em a rough ride... And Buffalo please do your part and beat em like dish Rag's!! Lets Go Buffalo, nothing but family bragging rights will do...
  3. R_Dudley

    Playoffs! Do you think we make it?

    My heart says yes but my head and eye test says no and that's how I voted. Now I do expect them to keep us all engaged right up to the bitter end of season when we miss out by 4-8 pts. Then the final season reflection can begin of if we only had a PP that worked, a different 2nd line center, so-so didn't get hurt.we could squeezed out another 3-5 wins during the different down stretches how everything would be different
  4. Hahaha, your rounding back into playoff form my friend, you must start the thread Friday. I can't start the thread, never fear Dudly is here I'll start the thread........ to the rescue Nice use of modern iconography and what you did their with pulling out the strawman analogy. Old is the new hip especially once they replace one....
  5. LOL, Nice work. Its your GIF so then shall you dub that the "Ullmark Shake or the "Ullmark Shimmy" ? I personally like Shimmy but that's me...
  6. Well stayed out of the GDT during but watched the game. Best complete game I have seen from this team in some time. Now that's how you play at this time of the year. There was a little running around during the 3rd that got me nervous but they didn't fall apart. And how about that Larry line. Finally looked to have some balanced line play. I also think Pilut played with more poise and looks better than Dahlin right now with the puck and his decisions on the ice (positioning and playing the puck, knowing when to step up,etc.). Very nice to beat a top team and start to build that team confidence again. Nice feeling when they play like we think they are capable of. Thank you sir may i have another....
  7. Well we got almost 2 and 3/4 periods of solid play against the 1st place Jets team and now we get to see a test of the Sabres mettle with another 1st place team tonight. We will see if this team is up for the task. Agree with all those in the thread questioning some of Phils line-up decisions and who he puts on the ice in key situations as I don't see what his rationale is with certain players and why others why who may have more upside potential are not being given a chance. Lets win one against a team higher than us in the standings for the home fans. Hedi, heidi Ho, Let's go Buffalo !
  8. R_Dudley

    "We've got to be tougher to play against." Phil Housley

    Here we are again Sabrespace team, ground hog day all over of the last how many plus years now ? Lamenting team play, coaching, skill level, player talent, GM even maybe. Is 1 or 2 or all of these things? I don't have any axe to grind on PH and he genuinely seems like a nice guy but there is saying that nice guy's finish last and typically those saying come about because they ring true in many area's. What's the one thing that can have the biggest impact on a team ? What I have seen make the most difference in short period of time through the years of watching hockey and many teams not just the Sabres it's a Domink Hasek type goalie or the the head coach that can have the biggest impact on a team. The issues he rightly recognizes as the teams problems as head coach he wholly owns. I am sorry but if he can't get his team to respect their own end then they just don't respect their head coach. It's that simple to me...
  9. R_Dudley

    Practice Report: 02-06-2019

    As someone who has questioned Phil's head coaching for several months now I hope you kept a space for me in that HHole?
  10. R_Dudley

    GDT: Sabres vs. Wild, 7PM EST, 2019-02-05

    Was on a mini guys trip last Tuesday through late Sunday, Missed the games but peeked at the scores and determined didn't miss much. Back at it at work and stopping in here but still jet lagged so I'm not sure if I'll suffer them tonight or go to sleep and try and continue recovering from all that drinking and debauchery. Regardless I hope they win for the home crowd. Let's go Buffalo
  11. R_Dudley

    The State of the Sabres' Union is _________.

    "No_confidence" Sorry that's my vote and I kinda made it one word so rules are meant to be bent...😜
  12. R_Dudley

    Practice Report 2-4-19

    This experimenting should have happened months ago when the streak ended and the wheels were not spinning instead of waiting for them to fall off and now be at this point in the season where its desperation motivated. Too many new unpracticed moving parts to expect this to magically click but hey lucky is better than good when you haven't been good.
  13. R_Dudley

    Oilers vs Sabres - who has the brighter future?

    So Oilers vs. Sabres comparison instead of Sabres vs. any other middling team because ? 1.) Nothing much else interesting to talk about 2.) We share the longest records for futility or failure to reach playoffs. 3.) We lost the no 1 for McDavid and got Jack for it. 4.) in 2007 we matched Vaneks 7 year 50 million contract offer instead of taking their next 3 years number 1's. Its all good because I would say for all of the above... Its clearly the Sabres for me because; they have almost shed all the bad contracts, they've built up the farm, they have restocked the pond, they still have lots of good draft capital, The management structure has a plan they shared and have been executing pretty well on it and our defense has lots more potential both on board and in the pipeline even w/o the draft capital to still spend. Now gimme a solid PP coach this year and this teams record would really reflect that we are better...
  14. I know this is a trade thread however we have all seen how bad our PP has been and if Jbot doesn't want to use his draft capital for more talent then dad gummit why can't he improve his coaching with something like this... https://unionandblue.com/2019/01/21/columbus-blue-jackets-hire-martin-st-louis-special-teams-consultant/
  15. While I agree those are all positions of need and add more talent where its needed that alone will not make this team a winner. If it was only talent then the top teams wouldn't need a coach. We have all seen very good coaches do more with less. At least having their teams play sound fundamental hockey. Reading through the post GDT threads its apparent many of the mistakes everyone keeps talking about the players make can be attributed to effort and execution. The great coaches in any sport have always been able to get the most out of their players. This team plays like Housley played through out his career soft, and easily disrupted. Their continues to a be a disconnect between the system they are using, the players needed to execute that system and the coaching needed to make that happen. Sounds simple right. My biggest disappoint continues to be I feel like we may have 2 out of the 3(management and talent base) but I am still not seeing the signs that's going to happen with the coaching.