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  1. R_Dudley

    Draft Option #7: Dylan Cozens

    Good stuff. Thank you for highlighting and providing all the snip-its for the best centers for our 7th round selection review. Solid work and community contributions. 🥇
  2. R_Dudley

    Locker Room Cleanout Day

    Well can you blame him, the three big names guys moved last year are all in playoffs and here he is once again cleaning out his locker never having been. It worked last year for Ryan O to act all depressed to get out..
  3. R_Dudley

    2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round

    Yeah I am definitely in on watching the TO @ Boston. Watching the last couple of reg season games they played this year was very entertaining and I hope they beat the crap out of each other since I want whoever wins to lose next round anyways. Other series I will watch in curiosity; Canes @ Washington; How real are both teams, The Canes really came on 2nd half under Rod whom I still loathe after that playoff loss and Wash looked beatable down the stretch, do they have another gear they were holding back. Pens @ Isles; Well since I have lived in Pgh since 92 I know the Pens team and have gotten to see them in the Playoffs for the 13th straight season, For the Isles is the Trotz factor real and can it get them through a first round series. Pens aren't as deep as they were last year so flip a coin. Jackets @ Tampa; Just don't see Columbus providing much of a challenge unless Tampa takes them lightly. Out west only really interested in 2 of the series. Blues @ Jets: Well of course with the Blues there is the was Ryan O' Really the factor in our previous losing ways but more about the way these 2 teams played each other hard during the season series. Very entertaining physical all out hockey is what I saw and of Course their is Meyers to see how he has or hasn't matured as a Playoff hockey top 4 Dman. Knights @ Sharks; Since a kid I have had a thing about knights, chivalry and King Arthur but it's really their goalie Marc Andre Fluery I have followed since Pens days. I always liked him(met him here once great person and family man) and I wanted the Sabres to get him when they needed a goalie. Against the old Sabres whipping boy, alleged Mr bad influence Kane who has since turned over new leaf married trying to become a Dad. Wow never saw that coming when he moved closer to home. Maybe there is something terribly wrong with the Or-Gan-i-zation after all ? Last I am curious to see what kind of officiating takes place in these playoffs. Are they swallowing the whistle and back to interference, mugging all over the ice or free skating high scoring action. I think that will definitely help or hurt who makes it to final four. My picks from 1st round From East; the easy maybe lazy picks, Tampa - Wash - Boston - Pens From West; Preds - Jets - Flames - Knights
  4. R_Dudley

    NEXT COACH should be? mega thread ...

    I think word I would use instead of "scared " of is "respect". The players need to respect the coach, confidence he knows what he is doing and what he is preaching and that begets listening when he tells you something you should be doing that your not.
  5. R_Dudley

    OT: Growing up in Buffalo

    Grew up on the Buffalo East side/Cheektowaga border. Then spent some time in West Seneca before moving here to PGH in 92 for work as opportunities were very limited there then. Still have a brother, sister's, Mom, In laws, nephews, cousins and friends there. You can take the boy out of Buffalo but not the Buffalo out of the boy. i would love to retire and make it my Summer home on Lake Erie or Chautauqua somewhere but not sure the wife won't want to follow our kids somewhere to be active Grandparents. Regardless it will always be home away from home for me and my wife as we both hail from there.
  6. R_Dudley

    Father Son Trips

    IMHO given his age and whats to come as you both grew older i would make it a time for starting or continuing the boy to a man discussion. A kind of right of passage vacation on his life journey. Of course this may assume you have not yet already started doing this with treating him more like a man than your boy. Let him make some decisions about what you do or where you go, talk about what goes into making decisions, talk about what he means to you and your family and what you think it means to be a man and how you did or didn't get there. Mistakes you made and learned from. No matter where you go or what you do that's what he will remember Just my .02 cents
  7. Yep, 8-2 in their last 10 games. Playing rookies, playing to win, fast and hard and having fun. I will be flipping between the games (Bflo) and here in PGH tonight as Pens need a win to clinch a playoff spot. Detroit has Dreary Dan as an assistant. Are they that much more talented than our Sabres ? Sabres last game against Nashville I was mildly surprised the Sabres actually played a very solid, looked like a real team, spirited hockey game. Just confusing to me that wasn't present more often when it still mattered in the last 20+ games that I tried to watch if only to see that kind of play. So while some are rooting for a win or a loss here already. I am rooting for good entertaining Hockey. Lets go solid, spirited, remember why you choose this profession, play like you belong and made the NHL your life goal,,, Hockey. And I hope to see it from the Sabre's that will be there next year.
  8. I've stayed away from this mess because I was disappointed awhile back about using that word trust here before. Whats trust got to do with it i was told. I know I could have said I'm skeptical Jbot is the right guy but for me that is a trust issue. I am confident PH right now is not a good coach and maybe with years of experience if ever. I don't personally want to wait to see if that pans out. I realize from years here there are a lot of fan types. The stats guys, the detailed player profile guys, the hometown first guys, etc.. i think you can break that down into 2 main categories, those fans that are more head, x & o's and those that are more heart first with all sort of combinations in between. Being one or the other and what motivates your opinion and feelings are what has made us all Sabres / hockey fans. This is a message board where peoples opinions driven by facts, feelings or combinations of both i thought were welcome but then we get these polarizing threads where one side decries, belittles or calls one person or groups loyalty or hockey smarts because new hockey beats old hockey or stats/facts should drive their posts/understanding of the game or team they follow. I guess a teams pattern of losing and not being together as team can even creep unto a fan message board. I agree with those who posit losing begets losing and creates divide. It's made me realize one thing I am hockey fan first, and Sabres are my favorite team. When they don't pass the eye test and aren't playing good hockey w/o me needing to provide a thesis based on stats or styles to choose from i know what good hockey looks like to me. While there are area's of promise with this team it does not pass the eye test. This is and has not been all that entertaining over the last several months. I have been getting that watching the playoff seeding teams jockey for a better seed in some tight races.
  9. R_Dudley

    Thompson assigned to Rochester

    Well then I would say it appears you could have also been the coach this season. 😁
  10. Wow really I'm not allowed to like good hockey or other teams. Sometimes it sounds like we are not allowed to have our own opinions w/o people trying to correct you... Yikes the Sabres play has really dragged the purpose of this place down...
  11. Yeah I see him in games enough and he is easy to goad into taking a penalty. He is a baby for such a big boy..
  12. I am shooting no one. Am i having some fun because the game for the sabres isn't yes I am. Note the Pens are my 2nd favorite team and I will be watching Playoff hockey because I like hockey and they are entertaining whether others like them or not..
  13. That's a good approach. Look for the positive.
  14. Yeah and their passing is a lot better than a lot of the others.