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  1. In before the drop, likely out shortly after. Late game, work early. Like the way the team has been playing. They had 2 solid days of practice to get special teams back on track. That's a PP back to better than ugly, and penalty kill to die for. If that happens should take at least 2 out of the 3 games. I would be happy with that. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. Lets Go Buffalo, make it so.
  2. That was a fun game, no nail biter for a change. Lets see this same effort and results on the Western swing road trip.
  3. I know its NJD but I like the line combinations RK put together for tonights game.
  4. Ok practice that PP till it does that. This is the best game in awhile...
  5. Boo, Ullmarks SO is lost. He has played at solid game...
  6. Not to be a Kill joy but should they save some of these goals for that next 1-1 OT ...
  7. Wow not backing off. I like this kind of hockey...
  8. Wow this is now a rout. 1st for Asplund Now can Reinhart get one he is long overdue for a breakout .
  9. Just keep shooting good things happen. Sheary with 2
  10. OMG, just get back and see Jacki then Jeff score. Now thats some good hockey...
  11. All right another Hockey Night in Buffalo. Gangs all here, count me in before the drop. Run those Devils out of town. Lets Go Buffalo.
  12. They have actually been playing better hockey for the last 5-6 games. You could say the difference has been a matter of special teams and some puck luck. If you continue to work hard and play as 5 man unit, I do believe you make your own luck and can be in every game, giving yourself a chance to win every night. (.500 hockey) If the special teams comes around as RK has also been saying that can push that % to .600-.700 hockey. I would even consider a consistent hard working Islanders style of play night in and night out an improvement and definitely keep it interesting hockey into the new year. So after saying all that I would like at least .500 hockey to keep me involved in watching.
  13. Well earned OT. Now lets seal the deal here and get that extra point.
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