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  1. Errrr, uh, errrrm... you know, Kubalikahun. Kahun. My mistake, it was sunny and beery and I couldn't remember his name. Kahun was immediately in the top 6 and then we didn't even tender his RFA. That same 2019-2020 season, Sobotka and Vesey spent a lot of time on the 2nd line with Skinner-Johansson as well.
  2. Someday, yes. But right now Thompson and Skinner work well together. And we've seen that not every center meshes with Skinner -- though a lot of that was Krueger. Tuch (midseason) and Olofsson (end-season, once his shot returned) were quality mates for them.
  3. I would love to see Krebs become Brierish. The thing to remember though, is that Briere was 24 before he showed his Briereness consistently. And then Phoenix traded him because they wanted a big center. This season, I can see a rookie 4th line of JJP-Krebs-Quinn for advantageous matchups. I can see Krebs forcing his way onto the 2nd line wing. I can also see a rough camp with turnovers that lead to Krebs starting the season in Rochester as the top center (so as to play center exclusively and in all situations). My other thought is the "how many rookies at once?" question. I believe a lineup can only handle one F and one D rookie at a time. This is especially important this season where the primary competition (understaffed BOS via injury, lots of UFA Detroit, and trade/UFA pickup Ottawa) are all going to be in the fight with us at the beginning of the season. Defensive lapses or learning on the fly from JJP/Quinn/Power all at once is not going to make the fans happy. It's why Sheahan is a good pickup. I think either Quinn or Peterka starts the season in Buffalo (yes, and Krebs is here, too). Then the other of JJP/Quinn is the first call-up and once injuries are recovered from, then Bjork/Sheahan is the person sent down and the kids stay.
  4. Only a few years ago, Sheahan would’ve been asked to play in our top 6… like Girgensons or Carrier or Kubalik or Deslauriers.
  5. The time to lock up the core (whomever they are perceived to be) are the summers of 2023 and 2024. The cap will still be flattish. Once it explodes though, the money will get obscene. If I’m a good young player like Thompson/Cozens who could be great… I’m signing a bridge and betting on myself. I should be able to get silly money in a few years once the escrow ends.
  6. Helpful for LTIR. They’ll be able to ice their entire roster now, if all the skaters happen to be healthy. Heck, it also means they can trade for a $5M goalie. Will he be back for the playoffs?
  7. It's the Cirelli deal minus the bridge in between.
  8. Sheahan was solid (in a limited 4th line role) two seasons ago and that's what is expected. He was also fine last year for Seattle. I think he's an upgrade over Eakin. He works the boards well and is a solid veteran influence for the kids. He's a good player and probably ends up in 60 games and nets 10-15 points.
  9. Cirelli was a 3x$4.8 cap hit (base salaries from 900k to $3.3M to $7.2M... wow) ending in RFA after this upcoming season, and then the extension already signed to an 8x6.25. This will look either fantastically cheap if he continues to improve and takes over top 6 minutes and PP time from Stamkos, or utterly horrible if he can't ever get past Stamkos/Point or whomever takes over after them. Cozens is being used in a similar "mostly defensive" center approach to start his career, but with expectations to be the 2C, so I can see a similar contract path. Now, if Mitts or Krebs takes off and claims the 2C role and Cozens gets permanently relegated to a 3C -- then getting a Nick Paul/Nicholas Roy level contract could be very advantageous to the team and himself.
  10. Absolutely, but also fun. And the peers got me intrigued... so here goes. The Ranking column is the save % ranking across the NHL season. The final "Ranking >12" column is basically a "qualifies for leaderboard" where I arbitrarily selected 12 games played as the minimum to include the save % because in each season there are 5-7 guys who play 15 minutes and make 3 saves and stand atop the NHL leaderboard with 1.000% on the season (I'm looking at you Kasimir Kaskisuo!). But I didn't do that for the seasons where they were in the 50s because I'm lazy. Miller Age | Season | Sv % | Ranking | Ranking>12 25 | 05-06 | .914 | 13th | 10th 26 | 06-07 | .911 | 22nd | 17th 27 | 07-08 | .906 | 50th | lazy 28 | 08-09 | .918 | 16th | 12th Ullmark Age | Season | Sv % | Ranking | Ranking>12 25 | 18-19 | .905 | 53rd | lazy, Hutton was 45th 26 | 19-20 | .915 | 26th | 21st 27 | 20-21 | .917 | 22nd | 13th 28 | 21-22* | .917 | 21st | 12th *with BOS Is entering-his-prime Miller better than entering-his-prime Ullmark? Yes. Is he dramatically better? I'd argue no. Each had a poorer year (loss of Drury/Briere vs. a Eichel+Skinner season with Housley where the team attempted to be offensive with only 1 line). Also, neither had yet had a top-flight season either. None of these are up with the real goalie leaders (+.920) in any season. But Miller got Hart votes in 05-06 and 06-07 as the guy carrying the entire load (Lindy Ruff style) on stacked Sabres teams.
  11. Through their first 6 seasons with the Sabres (age 22-27), Miller and Ullmark compare quite closely. Miller had double the minutes played (lots of games played - 264), but their starts 132 (Miller) - 112 (Ullmark), save percentage .910 (Miller) - .912 (Ullmark), and quality starts % .568 (Miller) and .563 (Ullmark) are similar. Miller played for a much better team in his early seasons than Ullmark did and Ullmark had 2 seasons with extensive time lost to injury. By the numbers, Miller and Ullmark have both been solid, average starting goalies. (Miller didn't have his great Vezina season until age 29 and that was an outlier statistically for his career.) If Comrie is in the average .914-.917 range and stays healthy, he'll be just fine, particularly since the team's talent in front of him will continue to increase.
  12. Less powerplay time this season on account of Power, but still good minutes and a steadying game that looks better and better as the team improves. At or above career highs despite the limited PP time simply because the team is better. 4-20-24. I still look at a Joker like a Lydman. (And remember, we didn't see Lydman/Tallinder until they were both in their late 20s. Jokiharju is still only going to be 23 during this season.) His best play is still a few years away and will be on his 3rd contract by then, with us or elsewhere, as need dictates.
  13. Within the division this season: Bergeron and Krejci are being paid less combined than Thompson and Mittelstadt this season. (Bold prediction: by the end of the season, that will be proven to be correct in terms of scoring output.) None of those 4 centers are on an ELC. 1st line? Bergeron and Thompson are being paid less combined than Charlie Coyle. Top 2? Bergeron/Krejci and Thompson/Cozens combined are being paid less than any of Larkin, (and only outgain Copp by $170k), Barkov, Suzuki, Point, Stamkos, Matthews, or Tavares.
  14. Re: Petersen -- The other factor in play in addition to organizational chaos was how he was appraised by the GMTM administration. Petersen was drafted by Regier in 2013. In comes GMTM who's stated claim is "get a big Swedish guy". True to his word, GMTM drafted Jonas Johansson the next draft, had Ullmark in the system, and traded for Lehner. Petersen could easily see that his future was not here. Then, the offseason Petersen left in FA was the same of GMTM and HCDB being fired. JBott could have made efforts to retain Petersen, but probably the decision/ship had sailed in the preceding years.
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