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  1. ^ add in that pucks are cylinders instead of balls, ruts in the ice, refs who pocket their whistles in tie games once the 3rd period starts or try to even out the calls so they're not to blame, fighting is permitted but not punishable by ejection, and dashers and uprights that create caroms... its charm is that it may be the most chaotic sport in the world. Measuring it should be in how many times you're on the edge of your seat, how often you don't look at your phone, and your heart rate.
  2. We had the roster in 2000-01. Pay Peca market value and let's get going. (And... on the hate page... yes, Gilmour was a punk, but maybe we don't hate him so much if we get past Pitt. Then, Peca and Hasek lead that team onward to whatever comes next.)
  3. Agreed - we need our pick this year. But I wouldn't worry about Montour's salary escalating like that... his numbers don't bear that out. He doesn't play PP and points are what really pay. Risto is our best asset to trade. He has played point on PP, has put up 40+ points, and he's 6'4" and strong. He can't fight but he can be physical. He's played huge minutes at times, but has shown he can't handle it over a season -- put for a playoff run, possibly. Like you, I would prefer not to move him either because he balances our soft defense, but he gets the most from another team.
  4. After some research --- Torchic's really going to need put on height and weight in the offseason to be effective in the corners.
  5. But what we tell each other (and ourselves) is true... from a certain point of view. We just need to remember that our goal is the same (hopefully), namely that the Sabres win a championship, and if not (as only one team wins per season), are at least entertaining and bring joy. And we should always do so with respect for ourselves and others. ^ says the person who quotes Star Wars on a hockey message board... which doesn't even make sense.
  6. Cap-wise I don't think we can do Kane and Skinner without moving Okposo, but all other things equal, yes. (And some key "yeah, buts" of if ROR isn't played 24 minutes a game, and if Eichel/Reino continue to improve as they have, and Olofsson appears as he has, and Lehner gets pay-cut prove it and still cleans himself up off the ice, which may not have been possible in Buffalo.) But yes --- Add ROR's game to the 2nd line (Kane/Skinner-ROR-MoJo). Add Lehner's career .918 (and recent .92+ except for his one poor year with us behind a caved-in roster) to our net and make Ullmark the backup, and yes... that looks like a playoff contender in the East on paper. At least good enough to give it a go. Maybe not Tampa level, but solid.
  7. And rightfully so. After all, this is a hockey message board on a Wednesday before the trade deadline with a team that is a decade since a playoff berth... this is exactly the place for wild speculation and hearsay, random thoughts, and what-ifs. If not, well, there's not much to tell.
  8. He needs the bigger, rockier, forceful guy. The Niedermayer to the Stephens. The Lydman to the Tallinder. That's OK. He might be great with Samuelsson in a couple years.
  9. Sekera... now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. (Except earlier this year when we played against him and I remembered him.) I'm still of the Lydman/Montour mindset, that if we get the right partner (his inner Tallinder) for him, Montour becomes a truly good #2 guy. And he's a top-4 if he just plays with whomever. So general @Randall Flagg, count me in as a Team Montour.
  10. I mean... he is an astronaut, so he's smart and can withstand G forces and zero-gravity toilets. And he's part lion, part tiger, so pretty much the best of the big cats. And he has a Sabres flag. So... the other GMs would certainly listen to an offer from him. What other qualifications are required?
  11. No reason to panic, but also no reason not to pull the trigger on a trade if the 2C of the future is there. Let's say a playoff team has 1C and 2C lined up for the foreseeable future and 3C is a kid who isn't getting the full playing time because of that --- but you know he's your guy. And you know that that playoff team needs not the young future 3C, but instead a vet defensive center who can take d-zone starts against the opposition's best in the playoffs and go toe-to-toe. Then... you mix-and-match the parts. All options have to be available. That's Gratton (and stuff) for Briere (and stuff). Or this year, Larsson (and stuff) for Insert 2C (and stuff). It's a hockey trade, it's good for a win-now contender and a win-tomorrow Sabre.
  12. That would have been a good one to call up on and remind Pitt "and we took Hunwick off your books and didn't trade him". Which goes back to other GMs don't respect JBot. Which goes to JBot not being much longer for our GM.
  13. Nope, they didn't. But JBot and Rutherford want to keep their relationship going and maybe that favor returns in some future point. If JBot still has a job. It also is fine in a vacuum. But not when he's also taking back Berglund and Sobotka and as salary dumps who don't play the style game he wants his roster to play, etc. Exactly.
  14. I think the Hunwick inclusion + no trade is really just taking care of people. Pitt & JBott knew Hunwick was really badly hurt. They wanted him to get a payout for helping win a Cup, and JBott said "I'll do it." He'll be off the books this year, never play again and they wanted him to be able to put some cash aside. It was a reward for a good kid who doesn't have an on-ice future anymore. I'm OK with it.
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