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  1. Contortion is fun! Again, I don't say we line Lazar up with Staal on paper to start, just that lines have a habit of looking quizzical at times. Rather, if we end up with 3 lines we can roll, or even 4 lines, I don't care who plays where or how many minutes they play if we win. I mean, if Eichel ends up benched and Lazar centers the top line, I'm good if we win the Cup.
  2. I'm still in agreement that Lazar pencils in as a bottom 6. For the sake of argument, let's say Lazar becomes Sobotka this year, with just a bit more offense and also health. He drives the net, he works the boards. And now instead of MoJo, it's the Skinner-and-Staal show. Skinner was on fire to start last season, until Sobotka got hurt. If Skinner-Staal-Lazar gets Skinner to his expected 30 goals and Staal to 60 points (And Eichel's line does what they do), that's the 2nd line. If we win, anybody can play with anybody. And if it allows a third line to feature some more scoring threat while on the ice in favorable scenarios, all the better.
  3. We can also claim last year's team had these first rounders skating: Eichel, Reino, Frolik, Girgs, Lazar, Okposo, Skinner, Dahlin, Joker, and Risto.
  4. When constructing the roster, yes, he's a bottom 6 forward. But once we get into the season, whatever works, works. If Lazar is that perfect complement to a Staal-Cozens combo or Staal-Skinner combo, so be it. We've seen a line fail as often as we've seen a line gel. Girgs was stapled to Eichel a couple seasons back with no real benefit to either. But in the past we've seen Crosby and Sheary be great together (particularly that one playoff run) to the extent that PIT traded back for Sheary, despite him being a 4th liner for PIT before JBot brought him here. And Bure put up 60 with Gino Odjick as his opposite winger. So while Bure might have scored more, it certainly didn't slow him down. Lines need the flexibility to find what clicks. Heck, if Eichel scores 82 points this year with Lazar on his wing AND we make the playoffs, I won't complain that Lazar's out of place. Until he misses a gaping empty-net tap-in to clinch a series we end up losing, and then I lament Reino's placement with Skinner-Cozens. 'Til then, though, gotta let things shake out.
  5. Having Perry 10 years ago and making the playoffs vs. adding Prime-Perry to our current roster as RW1 are two very different thread conversations. Adding Prime-Perry now would be awesome. Of course, we said the same at the end of last season when JBot added Simmonds. Adding 4th-line Simmonds is… meh? But we needed the Prime-Simmonds of 5 years ago. We also added Prime-EvanderKane to baby Eichel's team to little/no effect. However, to your point, if Cozens is Prime-Perry in 1-2 seasons, and these new droids do work out, then I want to transmit my application to the Academy this year… -----activate dream sequence----- But --- more fun! Is idle overnight speculation! Let’s try adding Perry 10 years ago. Do recall, 10 years ago we had The Concept of Kassian to become that Prime-Perry. Exactly 10 years ago wouldn’t work because Anaheim needed him for the playoffs, so let’s go back to when we could’ve landed Perry. It’s the summer of 2013. Pominville has been traded for Larsson. Ron Rolston has gone from interim head coach to full-time. We’re blowing up our soft core and getting grittier. We had added John Scott (UFA) and Steve Ott (for Derek Roy) the previous year, but it wasn’t enough for newly extended Cody Hodgson as our 1C and young C corp. At the same time, Anaheim is looking to lock up either Bobby Ryan or Corey Perry long-term to match with their Getzlaf extension. [[ In real life, Bobby Ryan was traded to Ottawa for Jakob Silfverberg, D Noesen (recent 1st-round D), and a 2014 1st --- so here’s our opportunity for revision! --- instead, Anaheim trades with Buffalo for a young stud forward, a recent 1st-round D, and the 2014 1st. We don’t have a young stud winger like Silfverberg to replace Perry. But! We do have a much cheaper, solid winger AND a good Anaheim-style winger who will give them sandpaper. ]] Here’s my trade: In the summer of 2013, BUF trades F Drew Stafford, F Marcus Foligno, D Nikita Zadorov (for consistency), and a 2014 1st (no Reinhart or later 1st round pick; note: I'm not making this a lottery-protected pick and risk losing Eichel; but this does give us our RW in place of Samson) to Anaheim for RW Corey Perry. Perry immediately signs the same 8-year/$8.625M contract with us that he’d signed with Anaheim in real life. Revising a touch further, I’m giving everyone back their health for the start of the season (Foligno, Armia, and Tropp were injured to start). Here’s our opening night lineup for the 2013-14 season, subbing Perry for Stafford and adding a healthy Tropp back in for Kevin Porter (back to ROC). Armia gets more time in the minors, and Foligno and Zadorov are in Anaheim. Vanek – Hodgson – Perry Ott – Ennis – Leino Girgensons – Grigorenko – Flynn Tropp – McCormick – Kaleta (Larsson, Scott) Ehrhoff – Pysyk Weber – Ristolainen Tallinder – Myers (McBain) Miller (Enroth) C- Vanek (home); C- Ott (road); A- Ehrhoff. Head coach: Ron Rolston It's better than with Stafford, but is it all that much better? We still have no center depth (particularly with Hodgson's illness). Do we still suffer on by moving Vanek and Miller this 2013-14 season? Do we still Sabrepede in early November? TL;DR Insomnia is a cruel mistress/master.
  6. Initiate scrolling text… What fictions do we have thus far? 2011 - Senators Amigula and T'Peg secretly begin construction of "The Well", a super-powerful device that's doomed to repeatedly be built, and therefore repeatedly be destroyed, by plucky rebels. 2011-13 Kheevyn serves as Assistant Coach Junior Senator. After destruction of a few iterations of The Well, Kheevyn begins gaining the trust of the Senators by embracing Clone (a.k.a. Video Scouting) and other technologies in an effort to make the franchise more Effective, Efficient, and Economical. 2020 - At the request of Amigula, accompanies the franchise on an road interplanetary trip. Requests a Vote of No Confidence for the current Supreme Chancellor General Manager. 2020 6/16 - Senators Amigula and T'Peg approve the No Confidence vote and name Kheevyn as GM as part of the EEE plan. Executes Order 1: The Great JBott Academy Purge. Video calls show him slaughtering Taylor, who coaches the Younglings. The Phantom Menace Coup is complete. 2020 7/31 – Order 2: Signs Brett Murray 2020 8/18 – Order 3: Names Sith Appert new coach of the Younglings. 2020 9/16 – Order 4: Trade Federation negotiations turn “aggressive” yielding C Eric Staal (Beware, 40 years from now we’re going to learn his future death was faked and he’s responsible for moving the franchise to Exegol.)
  7. It was a nice touch. Hit along the boards. I didn't see a replay so I don't know if it was boarding or a penalty. Bogo skated over to address the hit, but play continued. Tampa's defensive coverage went out of sorts, Stars D walks into the slot and buries it.
  8. In a few hours, we could be down to just 2. 🍺
  9. And in the same vein, Peca, Barnes, Brown, and Holzinger-to-Gratton (oh! and Hasek and the rest of the '98-'01 squads) would also like a word with you. Threepio! What kind of talk is that? It's the offseason... where's the hope and hype?
  10. I'm just going by points totals. Prime: 100, 72, 82, 75, 70, 76, 70, 53 (in 48 games lockout) Turns age 29: 61, 53, 39 (traded in-season), 65, 76, 52, 47 (in 66 games) He's going down, but still above 50 points each season that he isn't traded or ends in COVID. It's not a precipitous drop, but overall gradual and right in line with a 2C (edit: he's either 1C/2C on a defensive-minded MIN squad the last X years, but he's not been a PP specialist to stockpile points in those years). That trade season is a serious outlier in his career. (The recent 76 as well.)
  11. Hmmm. I would kind of look from a certain a different, nearly opposite, point-of-view. Gionta was small and fast, when he lost his step, he was still good but not at his peak level and it was a steeper drop. Staal is big and hasn't been considered "fast" in years. His decline has been slow and steady from his 1PPG point days. If Staal had 4 years remaining I'd worry that by the end he'd be a shell, but for this year I'm thinking he'll still do just fine.
  12. Much obliged, thank you. So over the course of the season no one truly schemed against him as MInn's 1C, just handled more-or-less as average. Which is good in my mind, because Eichel will draw the opposition's primary attention.
  13. Yeah.... I don't fault the trade from Minn's point-of-view. I just wouldn't use mixing things up as a reason to make it. Unless "mixing things up" is a shorthand code for rebuild, which is kind of where I see the Wild heading.
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