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  1. I'm endangering the message board. I shouldn't have come.
  2. This GM is my kind of scum. Fearless and inventive. We'll never suspect the true coach until it's too late.
  3. I would grow my playoff beard until victory is decided. But I'd shave before hoisting the Cup. Gotta look good in the pics.
  4. I'm on it. A new Finn... naked, leaking, bag? What, did you fry a chip?
  5. Just get into the playoffs and let the chips fall where they may.
  6. That's the ticket. We just need to get the rumor mill going. Cozens only did one pull up! And I read that Turcotte couldn't do a single one. (And neither could Kakko.)
  7. Hughes --- the last name of my top line center in NHL98. If he's that good, we'll be very happy Kakko -- the K-Gun. More Ks to join UPL K^6. Turcotte -- sounds like a guy who would drive an AT-AT Byram -- sounds like a Rebel pilot Cozens -- sounds like an Imperial officer Zegras -- sounds like a bounty hunter Dach -- the excited young snowspeeder gunner! Pod -- "Now, this is Podkolzin!" Boldy -- "To boldy go where no one has... " wrong franchise. Krebs -- sounds like an Ewok Right there with you. I've been wearing the same suit for about 50 years.
  8. I like him. I think he could take on the whole NHL himself.
  9. I like this guy. It sound like my hiring practice. I'd take the candidate out for some podracing. See if he or she could handle spinning. Then, we'd drink and discuss tendencies and aspirations like becoming Admiral vs. a Moff. Finally, I'd give them a little Moulson Choke, just to test their mettle. I don't care how many midichlorians they've got, I want to know whether they'll crack under the pressure of a large scale assault and if they're overconfident against a bunch of small one-man fighters. What kind of Imperial Officer are you, Mr. McLellan?
  10. Apology accepted, headcoach Housley. And, like everyone else... I agree we need an established coach. No first timer Youngling-helpers who are baffling in their decisions (Qui-Gon-Rolston), or "I inherited a great roster and won a battle but then completely lost the team the next season" (Bylsma-Tyrannus), or "I rode the coattails of a great coach and people liked me but I never proved anything except that I had 4 great defensemen and am still a first timer coach when it comes to padawans" (prequel Obi-Wan).
  11. Well... that was a fun end to a disappointing season. The odds of successfully winning the lottery are 11.77 to 1.
  12. Larry getting fancy, too... but he hustled back on the backcheck as well.
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