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  1. That's a suspiciously cropped photo. Reveal the robot hand!
  2. @SABRES 0311-inspired. (and it's probably been done in this thread already, but... it's summer of 2019 now). Best road-trip music? Obviously, I'd say Star Wars sound tracks back-to-back-to-back. And yes, I have done this once many years ago. It wasn't as much music at the time and the scenery slid right on by. A personal favorite... my car's aux jack died so no iPod for a cross-country adventure. So I stopped in at used CD stores along the way, plus one album I found online for much cheaper than it should have been: 87' Laments -- a live Prince album from the Sign o the Times tour. Delicious while driving. Edit: After my lengthy entry. What's everyone's best road trip album/track?
  3. Out of camp, yes. But Rasmus-3 will get his callup this season. I want to give him half a season in Rochester to ensure he's putting it all together. Make it impossible to keep him down. Two thoughts on it: Larsson and Girgs are now easy, cheap grinders to move at the deadline for picks (if they're having healthy seasons and we're out of the playoffs) -- and that'll get Asplund up. If some hybrid 2nd line of Mitts/Reino/Johansson is effective at center (or we still acquire that magic 2C) then there's no need to rush Asplund, even if he's ready. Detroit Red Wing style... he'll appear and the team will get even better at the midway point.
  4. It's one magical city to drive in. And even better for parking. And you listened to CCR the entire way? But roadtrip music... I guess that would be a post in a different thread.
  5. Hopefully, the vehicle is black, well-polished, and ... with some blinking lights.
  6. Memories make us rich. Grigs once broke Gretzky's points record in an EA NHL campaign season is all I'm saying. It's true. He shouldn't be on the third pair. But with Bogo and Pilut out, this could take longer to come to fruition than we hope (although I think the move happens before August 10th). We simply cannot carry this many D-men into the season, and it makes no sense to have someone on the 50-man limit being stashed in ROC and stunting the prospects' development. JBot, you may fire when ready.
  7. Roster surgery... JBott's gone and gotten us a brand new set of android limbs. (For the ones we've lost in various combats.)
  8. It's just a matter of if they figure their defense needs size and snarl. Because none of those guys plays a rough game. True. Thus adding Reinhart and + extra stuff. But they're also not sold on Tanev. They had the chance to lock him up, but didn't. He's a bridge and not elite. Like Myers and like Ristolainen. But you have all three of them and they've got what we've got --- three 2nd pairing guys to play the entire game. I build around them, too. That's why I can give them a bunch to get them. All this is just to look for a flawed team and do a massive swap. But it's all true... Vancouver doesn't look like the team this time around. But which franchise.... (I just wanted to avoid the obvious of Winnipeg, Anaheim, and Vegas, but rather look for a player I would want on a top line.)
  9. All these defensemen... even with Bogo and Pilut hurt to start the season, we've got to move somebody. And you don't want to have to protect all of your D in 2 years. Idle thoughts beyond Winnipeg and Vegas. We like to trade with Vancouver. Would you consider: Risto + Reino + a D prospect + balancing picks for RFA Boeser (sign-and-trade) and C Horvat (5.5M) + balancing picks? (Vancouver just got JT Miller and has Petterson for center... Horvat is an excellent 3C. For the record: I don't move Reino, but I adore Boeser.
  10. So.... 17 goals, 56 points, and a really good playoff run. Sure, he hit's FA faster. But this is preposterous.
  11. I just went by faceoff numbers. His first couple seasons he took about 600-700, then down a bunch, and in 2015-16 he took about 300. Since then, though, he's under 100 face-offs per season. That's not really a center. Note: He's also been pretty weak at face offs at around 42% wins for his career. Now! We could have him with another player who's good at face offs. Didn't we do that with Ott? He was good in the dot, so he took the draw, but played the wing? Though, I think that's just messy.
  12. I think we're discussing different style ships. But yes -- if aquatic or Earthly, red is not ideal. I'm more about the color of the turbolasers, though... as is my idiom.
  13. Red is evil. Blue and green are good, and purple is Princely. Unless you're in a ship... then green is bad and red is good. Unless you're in GI Joe, then blue is bad and red is good.
  14. I've seen a lot of strange stuff, but I've never seen any chart to make me believe there's one all-powerful Fancy stat controlling everything. There's mystical plus/minus controls my destiny. It's all a lot compete level and puck luck.
  15. But who will take... left-handed?... faceoffs? 🍺 Edit: Just mocking up lines... all those St. Louis Blues we acquired are outside of the top 12. It's all clouds under the planetary shield at this point, but darn it this latest roster would look good with a ROR-type on line 2.
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