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  1. Could we run with Swedes as line 3 to start the season?
  2. So.... Miller, not as accurate as an Imperial Stormtrooper, but more accurate than an Imperial Zhitnik?
  3. I guess if he draws a penalty it's good. But I'm not sure he'd be classified as a fighter.
  4. Re: my comment above and the Larry and Z converrsation. I think they're both on the opening night roster. I still like Larry a bunch. Z and me... we're more complicated. But, I want to see who can hack it with them, and who can be the callup if they get hurt (or traded to a contender at the deadline if someone loses their best 4th liner to injury). Is it still Okposo (who then gets PP time), or is it Lazar (who gets to PK), or is it Ruotsalainen or Smith, or even Cozens, etc.?
  5. There's no time to take this faceoff as a committee. I am not a committee. If the lines are similar to the 2nd phase practice lines, and the 4th line is Smith-Lazar-R2... It should be good for some entertainment. Also a chance to evaluate who could kill penalties.
  6. When did he get. ....? oh. Oh I see... The entirety of page 2 of this thread. That's what I get for skipping. Dishes is going to all be right, you'll see. He'll be quite all right.
  7. gif... But, they have off-season chemistry! I still think we get to a 1-2 combo of: Skinner-Eichel-Olofsson; Johansson-Mittelstadt-Reinhart or Olofsson-Eichel-Reinhart; Skinner-Mittelstadt-Johansson. Depending on how well Reino can manage a line. Then Vesey-Asplund-Rodrigues and Girgs-Larry-Okposo (so we have PKers) on the big roster.
  8. Me too. I like Okposo. I get scared for him when he stands up for his teammates and gets clocked in the head. But darn if he isn't a passionate hockey player. Okposo had 14G last year, 7 PPG. One further year from his prime, but also one further year from his ICU medical scare. Maybe he's closer to 20 if he's not stapled to the 4th line with Girgs/Larry. Maybe a Smith/Mitts/Okposo protected-minutes 3rd line, plus 2nd PP unit gets Okposo back closer to 20? Like an 18-18-36 on the season? The major upgrades we need this year are for our middle six to each pick up 3-4 more goals on the season. In the case of Sobotka --> ???, it should be from 5G to 15G, which would be immensely important.
  9. Cut it off, and install an android hand and let's go. And --- alright Jokiharju, Borgen --- let's see what you can do to start the season with the big squad.
  10. First off, he needs to start going by James. This double names ending in y just isn't doing it for me. It's like calling James Cagney Jimmy Cagney. Or he's gotta go by "The Veese" if James isn't his real first name. Star? No. Another Sheary? No. But he has the potential to be a 2/3 winger for a few seasons in his prime where he's a 20-goal scorer with the bulk of his goals at even strength. We had that in Pominville but he couldn't keep it going for a full season any longer. But someone with Hecht or Stafford production (not necessarily Hecht's all around game) --- that's an improvement from what we've had recently. But before we worry, I'd like to see some combinations with Skinner-Eichel-RW in the preseason. Can Vesey or Olofsson make it work?
  11. I don't think JBot would consider an elite 2C. It's too much investment from our draft capital. But... an up-and-comer who's blocked, or a guy who's just starting the downward slope and has been displaced by that up-and-comer. Those are likely to be offseason/draft day trades, because every GM goes full conservative "We're in it to win" in-season until the deadline when it'd be too late to make a difference if we're scuffling all season. The desperation is important. Winnipeg has been knocking on the door for years. Now, potentially no Byfuglien? But if I'm Winniipeg who am I willing to give up and keep my main guys for now and the future? Little?
  12. At the time (early in the year), our goalies were doing well. Maybe unsustainable as well, but the wheels hadn't come off and the top line was still chugging along. I don't care for Duchene necessarily, but even early in the year Ottawa could've said "sure, we'll take a 1st and a couple prospects (Guhle?)" and we'd have had a legitimate center to play. It definitely would have given the team the confidence boost that this season we were invested. He still could've ended up a rental and we'd be right where we are now, minus Montour. But all the same, that's when it would have made sense initially. It certainly needed addressing in the offseason if Johansson isn't centering a line. (And I say all this with very high hopes for Mitts and Cozens.)
  13. Great list @Randall Flagg. Thanks for doing the legwork for us slackers. This is it. If I'm a GM, who among those players am I willing to give up for Ristolainen that would be a legit 2C for the Sabres? Now -- JBot caused the 2C mess by trading ROR. And there was a supposed stopgap, but he retired. As soon as Berglund left, that's when we needed to make the move. We got to first place in the league (unsustainable), and even then we knew Mitts was not 2C level (yet) and we were solely a one-line team. It would have meant moving a first-round pick. But hey -- maybe that's when we trade to a team that got off to horrid start and had a rental 2C for the remainder of 2018-19 season. Regardless... for the short-term, we shall see. Long-term, I still like Mitts and Cozens. I need to see more from Mitts, but I'm OK with him being a 2C when he's 23-24 years old if he builds year after year with time and coaching. But that's.... never my mind on where I am. What am I doing? It's true. All of it. We don't have an NHL-caliber 2C on our roster for this season. That's on JBot.
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