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  1. Samuelsson stayed paired with Ristolainen until the very end. Nice.
  2. Regulation, but yes. It's still a joke what we've been since Ruff.
  3. Fiddlesticks. Though if there's any Pens player that has impressed me this weekend it's been one Theodore Blueger.
  4. Skinner with the somewhat-easier-than-normal-given-his-skating-prowess fall draws a penalty. Now let's bury this thing and go home.
  5. Now, how do we respond to a little adversity? I like this... we need this challenge.
  6. Oh. Messy decision there, Bjork. Use your speed and go up ice. Then worry about the pass.
  7. Risto, you are clear to buzz the tower of Crosby. Fire at will.
  8. If we had scored there... I think Thompson might've been offsides. But a penalty because we're all over them. Nice.
  9. Krueger. Eakin can sometimes kill penalties. You just don't want the puck on his stick. Edit: Also, Krueger was ruining our entire youth movement and blue line. Eakin is strong but not that strong.
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