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  1. Yes, Jack, let the hate flow through you! (but... also... you can stop and set up the PP too) You know. Let your hate give you focus.
  2. About damn time. edit: ... that some at least showed some fire about this Alderaan of a month.
  3. @Thorny was seduced by the dark side of the Moulson Well then you really are lost!
  4. I was as smug as I've been since I was able to appropriately use "Three marks at 210" and it being an accurate statement in a GDT. Sometimes I amaze even myself.
  5. The voice is in my head now. What will happen if we watch the Sabres game tonight? We don't know. Maaayybe something bad; maaaaybe something good. I guess we'll never know (until puck drop).
  6. Hehe --- Han, Han, Tomato, Tomato. What'll be sad is if the thread is 10 at the start of the game, and 12 at the conclusion.
  7. But we're gonna have a 10-page GDT before the game starts... that's nice.
  8. The Sabres went the route of Mama Compensation... said, "Oops, the wind..." and then did get the claw end of the hammer. I like it. Unless it's soccer...
  9. I'll translate: "Suffering" leads to losing. Losing leads to higher draft picks. Higher picks lead to reliance on higher picks without a full roster to support. An incomplete roster leads to… suffering. All that said, let's go win a game tonight! Let's go Buffalo!
  10. Good point. Who do we need to nullify on the Wild? I have no knowledge of them this season --- do they have a go-to line? An up-and-comer to keep watch on?
  11. I need Mitts to do something tonight on the scoresheet. His line was producing (when Sheary was in the lineup) at the start of the season, and they've disappeared all of November. Just like the power play. One thing I learned about Tanks courtesy of Quake II. They're really slow. Sure, they can hurt you if they catch in a corner or unaware. But if you plan for them... they're sooo slow. How long have we been doing this rebuild madness? We've seen Disney buy Lucasfilm, create a new trilogy, two standalones, a full animated series, another in progress, and a live show already in action. Even Ewan McGregor is getting close to original Alec Guinness age. All since we last made the playoffs.
  12. Ooof. This is rough. And CJ Smith and Wilson are already hurt for Rochester. And Elie. I’d say something about a bacta tank, but at this point we need an Olympic size bacta pool.
  13. Sometimes you send a hologram message and no one ever watches it. While it would be nice to get a top-line winger, if I'm another GM I'm starting my response asking for a #1 pick, a Joker or a Cozens, etc. At this point, our Risto train has probably passed the station (until the trade deadline... when we're getting rentals anyway). I think we've got to go Skinner-Jack and let Reino take line 2 with MoJo once he's again healthy. Bogo's tenacity is something this lineup needs, but he's been a defenseman all his life. He could be a good power forward, but I just don't see him making this switch at this age coming off an injury. He's no Dandenault as a 7th D. But yes --- it'd be fun to see Bogo go hunting on the forecheck. And having him and his reach and straight line speed... and willingness to boggle people... It would open up space for Asplund and player X. Maybe for a couple games?
  14. Alright --- time to go Skinner - Eichel - Reino for the third and make a push.
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