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  1. Against Poland, JJP with a penalty shot goal and the PP looks good running through him.
  2. This season it’s pretty simple: 1. Run a real NHL PP with multiple looks, occasionally from behind the net, with movement and versatile shooters. (And someone near the net.) 2. Replace Jost and Krebs with legitimate 3/4C level players who can manage the ice in all three zones. (And ideally two 2/3Cs, but I can’t see that happening). 3. Crash the net on occasion.
  3. Hasn’t anyone mentioned Peca multiple times yet? (It would be a title upgrade from being a bench assistant with the Rangers.)
  4. It's not necessarily hard, although with 32 teams it is now harder than ever before. But the Sabres have done everything in their power to make it difficult, including actively dissolving core(s) and outright tanking in 5 of those seasons, plus the laundry list of all the other issues along the way.
  5. He'll have that playoff shield down. We've gotta give him more time!
  6. Pysyk, Risto, Gorges, Weber, Bogo, Fedun, Borgen, Scandella, Beaulieu, Miller Probably Pysyk, maybe Scandella. The most fun part of the ERod output is that he and Sheary were traded together for Kahun. Do you want Rodrigues and Sheary together on your 3rd line? No, probably not. But losing both of them for what amounted to be nothing (6 games of Kahun) continued the ongoing cycle of poor bottom sixes. (Note: The next season, the Sabres effectively replaced Sheary with Rieder and replaced Rodrigues with Eakin...or the checked-out Staal, depending on the lineup.)
  7. He became so Powerful, the only thing he was afraid of was losing his Power.
  8. Is this like when Tyler Ennis also played in the NBA? Two Sabres Tylers, two NBA players. Always two there are.
  9. No GDT for the lottery = progress! GM Sheevyn is doing a fantastic job.
  10. Lessa open letters to fans/city, more bombad pucky blocky and wins, meesa thinks.
  11. Give him two years in Rochester and then see what he can do. In the meantime, the Amerks will have good use for him.
  12. Dahlin is willing to throw a hit. And might’ve thrown the hardest hits on the entire roster the past few seasons. As defenders, collectively they do need to run folks out against the boards, box out and fight for position and clear the view for their goalie, stick check, and clear the crease better. That’s on all 7 and the coaching. Look no further than their games against Dallas. The larger issue for hitting is they have no forwards who finish hard body checks. There is no one on this roster who makes opposing defensemen rush a pass. There are good and dogged forecheckers, yes, but no one who will wear down a defenseman through pain and attrition.
  13. But if the #7 stays healthy he’s going to play 40+ games. The Sabres d-corps was pretty darn healthy this season. 5 guys played 73 or more games (Dahlin, Clifton, Power, Joker, Byram). You can’t call for a vote of no confidence in the chancellor when he used the vote of no confidence to get into office in the first place. You’ve gotta throw him down a reactor core shaft.
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