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  1. This makes no sense. If the pretty shot isn't there, you take the rebound opportunity.
  2. And Konecny takes a cross check shot at Hall... they're so busy trying to send messages that we need to bury a few and then a few PP just to even these cheap shots out.
  3. When Skinner gets one, I have a sneaky feeling that 3rd line (Skinner/Lazar/Sheahen) is going to look really, really good for about 4-5 games in a row.
  4. Eichel, Hall, Reino, Goalofsson... 🍺 Tonight: Muenster.
  5. That pp was summed up simply as, "Hold your fire... there's no life forms. The penalty must have short-circuited."
  6. Ooof. For as lazy as that interference penalty was, our power play was... lackadaisical? Indifferent? Nonchalant? C'mon! That was a chance to mess with this team's head again immediately.
  7. Now that there is a lazy penalty. Make 'em pay. Credits... will do fine.
  8. And I'm also OK with Asplund in for Thompson. He's 6'7" and has been really quiet in these games. Plus, it'll be good to keep Asplund sharp until either the AHL or Okposo arises.
  9. And I'll form the head! Which Rasmus is the head? If Asplund is coming in for Cozens, I'm agreeable to it. Cozens is looking better, but still a step behind and moment late, particularly in clearing his own zone. He's got the instincts and when the game slows down for him, he'll be good.
  10. Check this out: Dalton Smith is still on the Sabres roster on ESPN.com (which I looked up Aube-Kubel's height/weight on). https://www.espn.com/nhl/team/roster/_/name/buf/buffalo-sabres That's who should do it, Dalton Smith! I like Staal for any direct retribution/fight tonight. He's tremendously well-respected around the league and is the vet on a new team. He knows his game isn't quite up to snuff yet, so it's another way to help the team. He's not a fighter, but he's a leader who can toss Aube-Kubel around if need be and show him how to be respectful of the game and not throw a cheap-
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