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  1. You should find yourself bored more often. That was joyful silliness: my favorite kind.
  2. This is where it would have been nice to keep our 3rd round pick. Having the option to offer sheet an RFA C anywhere from 4.2M-8.4M could have given us more flexibility.
  3. If into the @Randall Flagg recordings you go, only pain will you find. And we'd still have Berglund for ... two more seasons?... this deal is getting worse all the time. Until now, as all the big salaries are off the cap and we have our draft pick out of it. The other sad part is to look at the UFA centers this offseason. Having money to throw around on them isn't exactly the most interesting idea. It almost certainly requires a trade to land a 2C. And I like Mitts, but until he plays a full 200-foot game in Rochester he doesn't deserve to get back to Buffalo.
  4. It's pretty obvious that Uncle Jason Lars and Aunt RaKru are going to have to be fired in order to get ***** the farm and exploring the Stanley Cup Alliance... I like the rosy view better. The ... nightmare... feels a little to close to home.
  5. I think this new defenseman is going to work out fine. In face, I was also thinking about our agreement. About me staying on another season. And if this defenseman does work out I want to transfer a D to another team this year. You mean this summer before the harvest? Sure, there's more than enough D-men.
  6. Glad her health has returned! Mmmm... scalloped potatoes and Malilbu. Also good with pineapple and Malibu are slices of jalapeno as garnish. If you go for a little spice now and again. This week was birthday week aboard the Ebriate starcruiser. So we did 1st-date-anniversary homemade Chinese dumplings (shrimp/celery, red bean dessert), then ice cream cake and Chicago-style deep dish for hers, then stroganoff and banana cream pie for mine. All very tasty and all homemade because our restaurants are closed and even delivery/takeout is now pretty reduced. She doesn't like banana cream pie, so I'm pretty much just eating banana cream pie at this point.
  7. No player (even Gordie Howe) wins against Time. I really like Simmonds' game overall and I thought he looked fine for us to close the season. He threw some checks and the ice opened up for his linemates here and there. But what I expect of the current Wayne Simmonds is a 4RW who can go up to 3RW for part of the season with injuries. This team needs the next Wayne Simmonds, a power forward coming into his prime. Of course, the caveat would be cost. If JBot can move Okposo's contract and only retain a portion of it for one year and we need a veteran 3/4RW, then sure, swap KO at 6M for Simmonds hopefully for 2M or less.
  8. This Sabres-Sens series is gorgeous. The Senators are really good, and I'm OK with not having to play Hasek in this series (even old Hasek). Connolly and Kalinin are now out of the lineup, but the team is chugging right along.
  9. One of those is not like the others. Schoenfeld has that gaudy career +/-. Sure, it's a meaningless stat on the game-to-game. But +230 in 13 seasons? (And minus only when he was sophomore and an '80s Red Wing.) That's impressive. Sadly, he was before my watching time, so I am uninformed. But he looks steady, steady, steady. Satan was a slick perimeter sniper, but all of his highlight goals that I can remember are in close to the net. And he was also super consistent through the dead puck era. Satan has the better name by far...
  10. They've got a 2:08 Hannan spot and a 2:42 Hasek 70 saves spot. So... just think of the extra time you'll have available. Myself, I might watch the 7-6 Ottawa game tonight. Or... try to sync-watch The Big Lebowski with my Dad tonight. He's starting to get a little stir-crazy.
  11. Perrault, yes. Alas, I can't take Sabres-era-Pominville over Sabres-era Peca. I get the love for Pominville. "Scary good!" A solid ironman streak. Scored a lot in a high-scoring coming out of the lockout. He's a really good player. Peca was eliminating the other team's top line night in and night out. Year after year of 20 minutes/night, all the D-zone starts (45% O-zone for his career vs. 56% O-zone for Pominville), netting 20 G/season in the deadest of the dead puck era, finished with a positive +/- consistently, and add to it the Captain Crunch highlights. Swap them I don't believe it's a contest. Prime Pominville on Hasek's Sabres is a very solid winger. Prime Peca on Miller's Sabres is Drury + the Selkes + the hits. I look at it as I'm picking a one game playoff or a single playoff series. Who do I take? Pominville? Peca. (And again for closure it's all moot because Perrault wins.) Teppo!
  12. I seem to recall getting through security in DTW on my way back home from a work week. By the time I got to the gate the Sabres were winning, and then it was tied as I boarded... and I arrived home hours later to a victory. Can't wait to get to this one, but I'm still beating busy Philly soundly.
  13. I'm not so worried about the every indication statement because we all speak in generalizations from time to time. More focused on the the statistical side. It depends on what you're pulling your data from and what you're pulling your data for. For example, I woke up warm (maybe a light fever) with a sore throat. The throat has lingered for an entire week and I still don't feel 100%. But nothing else. I know a whole bunch of people here in Seattle who have felt crummy in some capacity for at least a day or two since Jan 1st. Were any of them COVID? Maybe. Was anyone I know directly tested? Not to my knowledge. We all just hope we don't spread it to someone compromised and if we get it or got it, that we get by without much fuss. The statistics have to account for all of that. To compare (and my apologies Grandma, for being glib. RIP, Grandma!), my grandmother passed in January. Now, did she die from leukemia with which she was diagnosed in Q3 2019? Or did she die from the cold/flu that became pneumonia in 2020? Or... did she die because she said she never wanted to get to 100, and 2020 rolled around she said "the hell with this" to it all and stopped eating and got sick, which led to being moved to hospice where she died within a week? She made it to a sassy 99 and 10 months, and she'd very likely want us all to think she died of old age. So which statistical category does she get? Everything can vary depending on a certain point of view.
  14. One of the best player names: Michael Funk
  15. This is where I'm at as well. NHL 12 went into the 360 some time ago and started up a campaign to replace all the NHL teams with European teams. Then, the Hamburg Freezers began their affiliation with Rochester. Good times. I was tracking to see what sort of progress was made by the players and picks. Did they become as good as the NHL players once were? Did their salaries work? Did certain draft picks become stars? One fun thing is that the system kept some of those young players and allowed them to be drafted without their likeness and with different stats. For example, I drafted a Nathan MacKinnon that's like 6'5" or something with the final pick of the 2013 entry draft instead of 1st overall. But he's got good stats. I assume he'd have been a top 5 in 2014.
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