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  1. I like Reino a bunch. He's steady overall from year-to-year -- a half-seasony-streaky perhaps, but overall we can count on him for 20/30/50+ each season, and to score via deflection and make nifty seeing-eye passes to spring Eichel, and to be the only player on the ice to jump into the fray when Jack gets clobbered. He's a really solid sidekick and every movie team needs one of them in the lineup. However, we're several seasons in and he's looking for an extension and he's never been a C with any success here in the NHL. Basically, if another team offers him a qualifying offer or trades for him and pays him 1/2C-level money, our initial reaction will be nervous laughter because that's what we did with Leino (although of course, Reino is better than Leino across the board, even at center).
  2. Cozens, 1. And no one else. That's disappointing as we've been at the top of the 1st and 2nd round for a decade. Now, our top picks don't qualify as they've already made it to the NHL, but no one else is even on the radar. In today's article UPL is ranked #8 of 10, and would be higher if not for the unimpressive midseason call-up to Rochester. I still want to post many a Petula Clark Downtown (Auf Deutsch) video links in our Game Day Threads! He did score 12 in rookie year... so... that was sorta good. I liked his speed for us and thought he might do solidly in Nashville as a bottom 6. He hasn't gotten back to the NHL since. To this day he remains my #3 scoring Sabre All-Time when he retired in 2037 (in NHL2014). Yes, Baptiste outscored Perrault on a line with Eichel and an ever-rotating list of LWs because of the cap. I liked Dougherty coming back and... yeah... AHL trade.
  3. This is the thread. I got rid of the top picks, as well as Drysdale and Raymond, because --- really... those are not the best Star Warsy names. Last year, I said Cozens "sounds like an Imperial officer". So @LGR4GM is going to like this outcome. Rossi - sounds like a member of the Galactic Senate Holtz - sounds like a pod racer Quinn - sounds like a smuggler Sanderson - nope! Not Star Warsy. Askarov - sounds like a planet in the Outer Rim Lundell - sounds like a Rebel pilot who is shot down by turbolasers Holloway - sounds like a Rebel officer Jarvis - sounds like an Imperial officer Hendrix Lapierre - sounds like a bounty hunter Zary - sounds like a helpful pilot you meet in a cantina and go on a side-adventure with
  4. Dahlin is going to continue to generate more and more chances. And recall, his rookie year he'd try random stuff...cough up the puck, and then routinely break up the threat. His ability to recover, along with increased defensive awareness, increased bulk/size and ability to physically impose some will... those are all the exciting things. And another Jarvis note --- if he's an Agent of Chaos, and manages to go through a variety of doors --- I'm more and more intrigued. But this is not the thread. I need to find that thread.
  5. His speed serves him well. Bury your goals deep down, Cozens. They do you credit, and they could be made to serve the Kheevyn. (Edit, too busy quoting: While winging it for this year might be good, I want Cozens to be that C depth.)
  6. Too many things to count in a single lifetime. 🍺
  7. Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances. Absolutely true. The core's growth (Eichel, Dahlin, Reino, Golofsson, Ullmark) has brought the roster from the dregs to competing most nights. Continued growth from them is assumed - particularly in Dahlin taking the next step. Average goaltending (whether a repaired Hutton or a Talbot-type) and that all-important 2C are just two moves that need to happen. Giving us a complete top-six and the ability to keep teams from just grinding Eichel only when they're able to get matchups is critical. For example, add a real 2C (or ROR) to last year's roster (Skinner-ROR-Johansson as line 2), and give Hutton a .912 save % and we're on the cusp. The PK and low scoring would still be there, but not nearly as grotesque as they were. In the playoffs? Maybe not in the division we're in, but contending for 6 months instead of 3, absolutely.
  8. I do like the word greasy to describe a player. Particularly since the current roster and pipeline have very few firestarters at forward.
  9. Not so new... the behind the net was a key point of his Tape to Space book a few years back, along with 4F 1D.
  10. Two ways this can go: 1) Carolina? Lots of Sabres fans yell "Pilllllage!" or 2) The owners pass on him because he's a "hockey" guy.
  11. Right, right, right --- because Rodrigues was 22 on his ELC... yup. I knew something didn't add up. Thanks!
  12. Question for the contract-savvy: If Reinhart goes to arbitration this ...offseason, whenever it is... does he get a 1-yr with UFA status ala Rodriques? If yes -- why wouldn't he do that for maximum leverage going into the expansion draft? As opposed to getting a NMC slapped on him and getting stuck here in Hockey Purgeatory (he's had 3 GMs and 4 coaches). Even though Jack is fun to be a linemate with, hockey can also be fun on teams set up to win.... Also if yes as a follow-up, then what do you -- let him walk to Seattle - but allowing you to protect everyone else? Trade him elsewhere to avoid losing him? Fight like heck to sign him to a long-term extension and protect him from the expansion?
  13. But Pops and Vander got to fly Y-wings. So it's all good. Perhaps Holtz will have that pace/aggression and presence in him as he ages and grows. But if the inclination isn't there now (whether successful or not), I'm not sure he'll ever have that gumption to get into the traffic. Of course, it could just be stern coaching of --- not yet, don't push it this year, you're still learning. Now... if he has the hockey IQ to just always happens to magically be in the right spot for a rebound (like all those annoying players who score against us, or a... Drury comes to mind, for us) or pass reception for his lethal shot....
  14. ^ This. And I still want every last one of his puck-moving, long-term development/project, European defensemen picks to grow into incredible players who either crush it for the Sabres or provide immense trade value.
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