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  1. From Puckpedia - 50% max, per team but also two teams can retain that contract. When teams trade a player, they can retain, or keep, some of the players' salary and cap hit. The team keeps a % of both the cap hit and salary for the remainder of the contract. Therefore, if a Player with a Salary of $2.0M and a Cap Hit/AAV of $3.0M is traded with 20% retention, the trading team would continue to pay 20% of the $2.0M Salary and would continue to have a cap hit of 20% of the $3.0M Cap Hit. The maximum retention % is 50%. Teams can only carry a maximum of 3 Retained Salaries at a time. An individual contract can only have a maximum of 2 teams retaining salary on it. The maximum amount of retained salary by a team is 15% of the Salary Cap for the current year. If a team retains salary on a traded player and that player is later sent to the minors, there is no change to the cap hit for the retaining team. If a team retains salary on a trade, they cannot reacquire that player for one year from the date of the transaction, unless the contract ends prior to one year.
  2. Sabres fans response to Player Safety on the suspension is that of Don Corleone in his meeting with Sollozzo. “Why do I deserve this… generosity?”
  3. Sam Carrick gets a nice shot on Nick. This whole thing started when Foligno intimidated or attempted to intimidate Drysdale. At the next commercial break Gibson gave Nick a waffle to the mouth followed by Getz getting engaged. Anaheim has an edge to them. I had to ask myself how did the Bruins sign Rask for $1m annually. Then I checked out his 4 starts. Not good. A sv% of .857 and GAA of 3.87. Before tonight. Both will get worse after a 5-3 loss.
  4. Question. If KO, Zemgus and VO are all on the roster next year what is Krebs path to top 9? Same with JJ? I see JJP starting in Roch until he forces himself or Z and/or KO are gone.
  5. As I try and forget what happened yesterday (edibles just didn't get it done - only helped me sleep until 3am then I woke up in a non-Covid sweat), I am appreciative for both the content and entertainment this board provides. I mean, perreault taking on Weave and lgr like Peters looking to fight any Ottawa Senator in 2007. Skinner - Tage - Tuch (proven chemistry - Skinner needs one grinder - has two) Asplund- Mitts - Quinn (some defensive responsibility w/Asplund; Quinn needs a top 6 role as that's where he will be next year) Olofsson- Cozens - Okposo (Like Cozens and Kyle as tandem; Victor for some O-fence if he can ever regain his shot) Girgenson- Krebs - Jankowski (could switch Krebs to RW but prefer to see him try out for Centre) Murray back to AHL, trade Vinnie, waive Eakin and send him to Rochester, Hayden and Bjork in the press box Dahlin - Pysyk Joki - Muel Bryson (replaced by Power ASAP) - Hagg trade Miller, attempt to trade Butcher, Anderson UPL
  6. Don’t stop there. Go Full Monty. …He starts in 7 of the Sabres last 10 games winning 6, burning his first year eligibility. His performance gives pause to Adam’s thoughts on UFA and goes a third year without acquiring a legitimate starting goaltender; however this time it pays dividends when Levi comes to the ‘22 training camp and wins the starting position over UPL in an unforeseen campaign to win the 2023 Vezina award.
  7. +1 to this take. If I was Murray's agent I would be asking him to transform or change his game. His current game offers nothing but the 4th line on a below average team. I'm not asking for full Tom Wilson, but more Tom Wilson than what he is today. That role could ensure a middle six salary for 10 years even if he is only .30 PPG player.
  8. Thanks for this - excellent summary. To the bold - I was thinking the same thing, their color guy was impeccable. Not only was he so incredibly well read in on the Sabres (quoting players of our last 4 drafts, postion of the draft they were selected and where those prospects were playing) but his contribution within play was perfect, never forced. A great compliment and what Sabres fans deserve to hear over what they have today. Not too much to expect the broadcast team spend time researching their opponents. Glad I live out of market so I can make those choices with Direct Tv. Unfortunately I also agree with his assessment of Dahlin in his own end. Earlier comments about Hagg and Pysyk's play. Dahlin was much worse defensively than Mark last night. Of course his offensive outburst and highlight reel play will dilute the overall contribution to the game. I want more of those spectacular plays without sacrificing the D. As it relates to the PK - Did it seem that they attempted to install a version of the Penguin's aggressive defense? They were outside the box a lot more frequently than usual. Maybe just a personnel issue without Kyle and Zemgus. Tage lead all forwards on the PK with 3:00 TOI. The next closest were Tuck 2:37 and Jankowski 1:19. Seems odd.
  9. Sam with 3 apples tonight. I believe he has 23 points in his last 18 games. Playing with a player like Barkov really can improve your TRpm. Barkov > John. Makes Sense.
  10. 1:02 heavyweight bout during the Ducks game tonight. #endurance https://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/n263962
  11. Great call on Brick House. Lionel Ritchie played sax on this recording. So talented. 36-24-36 what a winning ✋ Other random thoughts…. Houser was solid and stole one tonight. Money puck had the Sabres chance of winning 20%. Dahlin improving each night. His ability to get pucks through traffic / unblocked is amazing. Needs a new partner. Joki - way to much time……..and space in front. Batherson had forever to shoot. Worst on ice expected goal differential. Second worst? Rasmus Asplund. @The Ghost of Yuri ..update your meme to “Sit in Press Box” or “Sit in Press Box”. I am starting to believe the Sabres are being coached not to hit in the Offensive zone. I counted 7 take always by the Sens in the O & N zone from full body checks resulting in a clean possession change. Zero for Buffalo (in O zone). Tuchs goal the other night was based on an aggressive body check and freeing the puck. Need more from the forwards.
  12. Good paying jobs, and a feeling in the back of your head that maybe the Sabres are not a Financially sound investment?
  13. This is what I think of Portnoy……
  14. I laughed as well. 100% of all responses do not have to be serious.
  15. Agree with most of this. For Dahlin, He has recently had fewer defensive gaffes, with continued dominance in the o-zone. He had 5 registered hits and I saw two legit tonight. Plus he is playing hard minutes. Look at his defensive zone starts this year vs. 2019. But to your point that pairing is giving up a lot of opportunities. Talk about high event hockey. They were on the ice for 13 shots attempts for and 18 shot attempts against, 5 v 5. His new partner should priority 2 of the off-season. Question - why is a LR pairing so important on a PK? I would think less so, and more of a reason to split them for special teams.
  16. Why is it failing? Revenue, profitability and paid subscriptions are up YOY. Subscribers are almost 9 million vs the Athletics 1 million. Or is this statement just a political one? I hope it is part of their offering as I couldn’t see spending $60/year for the subscription to the Athletic but the times digital is only $4/month.
  17. Seeing players like Derek Roy, Cody Franson and Marc-André Gragnani having a Canadian Olympic team roster spot on their resume and NOT Marchand gives me joy.
  18. Scott Thomas (least remembered Buffalo born Sabre)
  19. How can you land here after two games? You posted this a little over one month ago.
  20. Agreed playing well and that he needs to finish. Or affect the game in another capacity. #handsofstone.
  21. The validity of this metric is questionable based on the results of the fellow in yellow. Can't wait for March.
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