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  1. Babcock, Civil War setting And the city prolly knows what the city is getting The creme de la creme of a Hockey coach In a game with everything but Wayne Gretzky.
  2. Is this true? I’m not disputing replacing him, as I’m not an advocate of paying a guy $3M++ for a 4th line role, special teamer with *hands of stone*. The Sabres could elevate the scoring with Rousek, but not sure he can be and plug and play on the PK#1. Who areyour top two forwards?
  3. You won’t have to endure these bad calls for too much longer. Triple A is using Full ABS or ABS challenge and from the GMs I’ve heard speak on the subject most are in favor of a Ball/Strike challenge by next year, with some advocating full ABS to follow. Aaron Judge is regularly at the top of the list each year for incorrect low strike called against and yet he is still crushing the ball. Now that he has improved his chase rate, I can’t wait to see how a full ABS might enhance his OPS.
  4. 50% of Inkmans content has everything to do with Johnson’s. So there’s that.
  5. These are all financially sound reasons, and boring AF. For those of us leading a married hum drum life, why not lie to us a little? How about you need seven bedrooms b/c the swingers club in south county is exploding and the current membership cannot host parties larger than 8. Or you are leaving the field of medicine and starting your own Branch Davidian cult where you are the new prophet. Polygamy and all. Salamanca is the new Waco.
  6. ‘Air - a story of greatness’ was entertaining. Currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Matt Damon, playing Sonny Vacarro and Viola Davis, as Delores Jordan were both excellent. Classic soundtrack of the 80’s. Ben Affleck plays a caricature of Phil Knight. Interesting story about the inter workings of Nike which has been seen as just a running shoe company before signing Jordan to a sneaker deal. Air is the first project from Afflecks and Damon’s production company Artists Equity.
  7. Wasn’t that Miller flailing on the ice while the game winning goal was scored right in front of him? That’s the player I remember. Unrelated, Emily Kaplan is not good. Pretty sure Deboer thinks so too.
  8. Agree with the sentiment. Buffalo has amazing local fare, that could and should be sold in the arena. My only disagreement is that not only should ‘Mighty Taco’ not top your list, it should be removed completely. It’s disgusting. Any person who has tried a taco outside of the 716 knows this is true. ETS is better and still wouldn’t rank outside the region.
  9. Yankees. My fathers player was Mantle. My first recollection of the World Series was the ‘77 Yankees and Reggie. WPIX in NY was added to local cable in Buffalo in early 80s so we watch Winfield and Donny Baseball. After 25 years on the west coast I can say the Angels are a distant second. My boy loves Trout. Ohtani is God here. The locals will be devastated when he leaves in free agency. Anaheim is a nice place to watch a game. So much more pleasant than LA (sorry Weave).
  10. How can you acquire Hanifin and not lay him on the third line?
  11. KO ranked 314 in scoring last year. Less the included D he is top 250 amongst forwards with ice time less than many around him. That’s what -low third line numbers? Names like Van Reimsdyk, Cirelli, Fast, Eric Staal and C Dvorak all had the same point totals. If he comes in as true fourth line guy on a reasonable AAV I can live with what offers on the ice, and more importantly what he brings off.
  12. Rarely does a guy take 7 or 8 solid shots and come back and deliver a dozen of his own. Glad to see it though. What AP did was unacceptable, and a response was justified. The slash was vicious and on a star player that could easily have resulted in ending Leon’s playoffs. If he doesn’t receive a game I’d be surprised.
  13. Can we close this thread already? The people have spoken. Kane is a shell of his old self.
  14. Slightly disappointing… Levi mentioned Calgary Flames forward Milan Lucic as someone he looks forward to playing with, as he grew up watching the 34-year-old. “I’ve been watching a lot of these guys growing up for a while. Milan Lucic is my teammate and I’ve been watching him since, I don’t even know, and playing video games as him growing up. It’s so great to be his teammate and the same for a lot of these guys.” said Levi.
  15. If you are tuned in tomorrow, please share their reactions being down 3-0. We were driving back from Vegas so I missed what had to be vile abjection from Biz. I wish I recorded just to see his response.
  16. I’ve asked my doctor to change my prescription of hopium to believium.
  17. This doesn’t interest me. I’d rather have at least three years of term if we trade. Parayko term is too long. Need to find something in between. He is a hit machine, but also takes 30 + minor penalties a year. If he’s the compliment to Joki on the bottom pair, maybe. But didn’t he bad mouth Buffalo on the way out? Does that fit with Adams plan?
  18. Yep. Plus Rasmus Andersson is better, has more term and is right handed. If the Sabres are looking to extricate a defenseman from Calgary I hope it’s him. Or Weegar. But he just signed and extension. I wonder what Andersson would cost?
  19. For those not in the know, can you expand?
  20. Agreed. Marcus called for questionable penalties not once but twice?
  21. Not bad LGR! I gave you a cup for those predictions back in July. Prescient.
  22. I can’t see Krebs getting much more than 30 playing 4C. How many 4th line players getting 13.5 ATOI get over this? I see him getting the same bridge Mitts has today. I’d be fine with a $2.5M extension that carries him through the 2026 season. If he blossoms during the contract, and one of the three #1s are pushing for a rosy spot, you can trade him for other assets.
  23. I’d be worried after such a strenuous tournament his play would be flaccid.
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