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  1. Loved how Saul became the one who knocks when he showed up at Marion’s back door. The loaf of “white” bread on the counter leaving no doubt he has broken bad. Glad he stopped himself from strangling Marion with the phone cord, so maybe there’s a glimmer of hope for him. I wonder if he will take Kim’s advice and turn himself in.
  2. If he’s afraid of Levi, then he isn’t the right stuff. Good riddance if that’s the case.
  3. I wish I had any faith that UPL is the long awaited answer between the pipes but I just don’t. I think he’s a career backup AT BEST and that’s only if he’s not injured and available for backup duty. I’d love for him to make a liar out me though.
  4. RIP, Vin. I hope you’re pulling up a chair in that big ball park in the sky.
  5. Robinson practically invited Goodell to appeal and increase the suspension.
  6. Judge Robinson’s own language in her ruling defies the logic of her decision to suspend Watson for only six games. The way I read it, she gave Goodell a hammer if he chooses to use it.
  7. Well, the NFLPA certainly has a high court that couldn’t care less about collectively bargained rights, unlike previous courts, so perhaps they will challenge Goodell’s forthcoming decision to disregard the arbiter’s ruling of six games. But given the sheer public outrage at the light penalty and the arbiter’s own language in her ruling, I look for Goodell to at least double the suspension. We will know within three days.
  8. Don’t see how that’s on the NFL since they recommended a one year suspension to the arbiter. I’d be surprised if the league doesn’t appeal the ruling and besides, Goodall has final say anyway.
  9. Hard for me to predict his offensive output because he wants/demands the D assignment vs. top opposing players and Granato is more than willing to let him do that.
  10. Quinn broke both of Levi’s ankles, dislocated both of Levi’s knees, and Devon still makes the save. Shades of Hasek to be sure.
  11. I could make an argument that a 4th line player with KO’s intangibles might just serve as the best kind of example and inspiration.
  12. I don’t know. Perhaps we can ask @Buffalonill instead.😄 Lighting glove.
  13. But shouldn’t KA be tending to business instead of watching practice?
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