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  1. I’ve wondered about that, too. But in talking to a couple orthopedic friends (both of them knee, not spine specialists), they are pretty convinced that Dr. Cappuccino would never have given his OK even if the Pegulas did and they cited favoring more stability vs. more flexibility as the reason because of the violent nature of collisions in hockey and the unprecedented nature of the ADR procedure in hockey players. Let’s hope Eichel comes back to being the elite player he was and makes future decisions easier for everyone involved should another hockey player face the same injury and treatment options.
  2. Hope he gets them early because his Amerks game went into OT last night and I worry he may not have any legs left when the 3rd period rolls around tonight.
  3. I see Raddysh showing that dirty play that the parent club requires.
  4. Yep. Slim pickins for sure. I don’t understand how we can slam everything that’s wrong with the organization to explain why free agents won’t want to come here and in the next breath expect that a good free agent goalie automatically would. Makes no sense to me.
  5. Amusing, but not original in the least. A blatant rip-off off the Captain Andrew Luck tweets from a few years ago.
  6. All I can do is laugh. Which is not a good thing because the Sabres have driven us to apathy. Fans won’t be back any time soon.
  7. The hope is that between the two of them, they can approach Eichel's offensive output because it’s impossible that either can be the best player in that trade.
  8. Saw this on the Stadium Wall over at TBD. Too good and had to post it here as well. Credit to Dablitzkrieg for posting it on that forum.
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