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  1. So the Jost line falters and they inherit one of Mitts or VO. Where does the other sucky player go? No matter how we slice it, separating them is gonna ensure that two lines are 1/3 suck. I’d rather have one line with 2/3 suck and the other three with no suck. But watch, Mitts will have his one in ten great games and VO will pot a couple PP or empty net goals and all their defenders will come out with their “I told you so” and once again ignore their 90% body of work that sucks.
  2. Breaking up Mitts and VO sounds good, but doing that would weaken two lines that are presently playing well because whoever inherits either of them is gonna have a worse player on their line. Mitts and VO are gonna suck, regardless.
  3. Probably a direct reflection on the other three lines doing well. No need to weaken two lines by breaking up one. I feel sorry for Asplund though.
  4. You could very well be correct on him be re-designated to a four week IR, I just assumed it was season ending.
  5. Just to clarify the info on Marquez Stevenson, the Bills designated him to return from injured reserve on 11/16 and he’s been practicing since. They have a 21 day window from that date to either activate him or he will have to go back to IR for the rest of the season.
  6. Darn. Krebs’s two goal explosion against Toronto in the outdoor game just misses the cut by a couple games.
  7. I thought we were talking about Krebs, not Mittelstadt.
  8. I get the impression Levi thrives on competition; seeks it out, actually. I don’t get that feeling with Portillo at all.
  9. Well done, sir. Well done indeed. What might that brown liquid be? Any relation to our Tuch who is also from the Syracuse area?
  10. Looks like Savoie was psyched to play against Bedard tonight. A nice three point night for Bedard, but Savoie said hold my beer and doubled it. Nice.
  11. Good to hear. I look forward to the chants of “We’re sorry Donny” when we turn the corner with Granato.
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