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  1. Source said talks with Calgary are heating up again- not the same trade, but one that would bring in a top 6 forward, and a goalie.
  2. I would like a Risto for Copp trade now, with picks to balance it out. Hall-Eichel-Thompson Skinner-Staal-Reinhart Oloffson-Copp-Cozens Girgs-Eakin-Okposo Lazar/Rieder
  3. I don’t really like Cozens-Eakin-Thompson as a line though. 2 youth players plus a vet who had a bad year last year- not exactly a recipe for success. I wanted Olofsson to go down to line 3 to spread the talent a bit more so it doesn’t get caved in quite as much.
  4. Hall-Eichel-Cozens Skinner-Staal-Reinhart Oloffson-Eakins-Thompson Girgs-Lazar-Okposo
  5. Vancouver signed holt by, you think they’re gonna sign markstrom too?
  6. Only about 10 teams have made a signing, I’d pump those brakes a bit.
  7. Tyler Motte to canucks 2 year 1225000 aav
  8. Kubalik signing with Chicago, 2 years 3.7 mil average.
  9. I’d take Tyler Johnson after he comes off waivers.
  10. I like that because of how terrible that trade was already, and now that contract as well makes it worse. It does scare me about Reinhart’s contract though...
  11. Yeah, pretty much. The deal was before the bubble, so I don’t know how the performance affected the FO outlook on the team. It was going to be Gadreau+Monahan for Reinhart and one of Risto/Montour, as well as picks/prospects. This would be about the trade I would think would happen if it did happen. https://www.capfriendly.com/armchair-gm/team/1997903 It is a lot to give up, but with the now high quality RWs in the system to eventually fix the hole left by Reinhart. I think this would really accelerate our timeline into highly competitive, now. Fix the goaltending, and you may have a contender.
  12. Definitely not a ton of Dzone strength/PK strength, but you may still be able to make it work. I think lines would be something like: Skinner-Eichel-Thompson Gadreau-Monahan-Cozens? Ruotsalainen? - Staal - Olofsson? defensive UFA/lazar - lazar/defensive UFA- Okposo Could even be 2 defensive UFA there, and Lazar as 13th forward.
  13. With how the last couple days went, I’m really hoping there’s a greater plan behind this. I’m really hoping not qualifying Kahun was for saving money for the deal I was told about. I’m really doubting it at this point but it would be amazing if it were to happen. Maybe, just maybe they picked Quinn because they expected a crowded center room in the near future, one where Rossi wouldn’t fit well, and an empty RW room, where maybe Thompson, Quinn, and JJP can compete in the future. This is all a bizarre hope at this point, but I desperately want it to come true.
  14. I would not be opposed to signing Turris for a cheap deal to be our 4th C, or 3C in a pinch.
  15. Who’s the highest ranked player that can’t do a pull-up?
  16. Will that be true going forward with how successful the Bills are? Get ready for Rossi
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