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  1. Still would really like to see the 2 sides mend the fence, but realize that's roughly as likely as the Sabres not missing the dance for an 11th time. Darn shame Eichel didn't have Brisson as his agent all along (or at least since the contract was signed). Maybe Adams wouldn't have been so ready to walk away from him.
  2. Never knew they called you Wilbur. 😉 If your wife's name is Fern, that's just friggin' spooky.
  3. Allen had a slow start last year, too. And pretty sure the 1st couple of 2019 weren't overly pretty either. He'll figure it out. Kind of wild though. The Bills beat the blankety blank Fish 35-0 in their friggin' Fishbowl in a tropical sauna and we're complaining about their mistakes. Never thought we'd see THAT day, the one where a 35 point shellacking down there wasn't good enough.
  4. Maybe the next drill could be figure 8's around his gloves. Fairly certain he can work a lot of other Squirt (Atom) drills really well too.
  5. What do you see in Jokiharju's game that makes you believe he can fit into the Numinnen role? Teppo was VERY good in his own end and was also quite solid (actually better than solid) in transition & the offensive zone. Joker is solid in the offensive zone typically but somehow seems to hang his partner out on a fair number of odd-man rushes. He's good at offensive transition but poor at defensive transition. He was solid in his own end with Scandella but has not been anywhere close to that since Scandella became a poorly used 4th round pick. My hope is that he can become Lydman. Really don't see Teppo nor Tallinder in him.
  6. 2-1 B's after 2. Sabres scored 1st. Murray tipped in a shot from Ruotsalainen. Peterka with the other helper. No idea who got the B's goals. All 3 were on the PP.
  7. Expect him to be a 2nd pairing guy (& likely forced into top pairing usage) but not a particularly good one. His getting caught in the offensive zone creating 2 on 1's against & his subpar play in his own end are likely going to be very exposed as he plays w/ Dahlin on the top pair. Really hoping Granato breaks that pair up. Dahlin doesn't need his offensive skills to be able to do his thing & his weaknesses are similar to Ras' as well. Give each of them a defensively sound partner & they'll each look a lot better.
  8. It's true they haven't won a Stanley Cup yet. But, the team in fact has won something - the Presidents' Trophy in '07.
  9. STILL waiting for them to hold the face-off at the Sabres blue line to the left of Hasek.
  10. You're defining pinnacle as the nadir? That doesn't seem to be what you're doing. And Sabre-iest thing should absolutely not be considered the nadir. It's on a completely different axis than the pinnacle & the nadir.
  11. Thought they were further from the floor at present than they actually are. Yeah, they're only ~$3MM under the floor w/ Dahlin still to sign. Signing him & dropping the 24th salary (if necessary) to the AHL will almost definitely get them over the floor. So, guess what we see is what we get. 😞
  12. Are we defining "pinacle" as the "best" or the "Sabre-est" moment. Would have to think some more on the "best" moment. There's a few that are deserving & PA may be onto something putting it at the early-mid-'70's across the board. Sabre-est thing has to be making the theme of the 20th anniversary season "Celebrate the Tradition" during the 7th of 10 consecutive seasons of not getting past the 1st round when 80% of the division made the playoffs every year. WHAT?!? ANOTHER 1st round exit? Yup. Celebrate the tradition.
  13. June 30, 2022 (or whatever day ends up officially the last day of this league year).
  14. Didn't vote because the expectation is it's 50/50 that 3 or 4 are the correct answer IMHO. Would be mildly surprised if a team could add a $10MM cap hit this close to the RS AND that they would at this point w/ the Q's about the neck. Can't see Eichel simply trying to hold out. Which leaves the last 2 options. Regardless, Adams has some more moves left this summer. Dahlin's deal alone won't get them to the cap floor.
  15. Be thankful you weren't trying to check on a refund status w/ the IRS. Wouldn't show up on line about 3 months after filing. Gave a phone # to call. NO way to get out of the automated messages and it would eventually just hang up on you after telling you to try to schedule an interview w/ a local IRS office. Can't schedule on-line, have to call. Call that #, get message to call the main IRS # as people don't man that phone line. Call it and get told the call volume is too great, try again some other time. Finally, after about the 5th time trying (waiting a few days between each try) get through to a human who asked why the call. Explained trying to find out refund status. Told she had no idea because it was received but they were too busy to give it to an agent to process. No idea when it would be reviewed, but they did actually have it. 6 weeks later finally got the refund. Got the NYS refund in something like 3 weeks after filing.
  16. On DTv, the renewal price is only $70 this year. Usually it's more like $140.
  17. So much for the "Plan C" steal an NHLer from one of the few NHL teams that have 3 guys that all have to clear waivers.
  18. Really hope he gets the ST memory back, too. Glad the rest of his facilities seem to be intact. That's good to "hear."
  19. Royal purple & gold. Awesome sweaters in the early/mid '80's. F Bruce McNall's Raiderification of that franchise. Triple Crown Line baby!
  20. Don't recall Schoeny doing that to Schultz. But the Hammer 1 punching Van Boxmeer cold his rookie year was a big part of why he never really got a chance to break into Moe-ray-all's D and was let go for essentially nothing and led to his eventually becoming a Sabre.
  21. Nice. The B's & Pens (& Vegas too, suppose) should be the only teams with black unis & Chicago, Filly, & the Otters should be the only ones with it as a major component of their unis. Bright unis "pop" against the ice, especially in person &/or on high def. Bring back Joisey's Christmas unis, too.
  22. Expect he's a 3rd pairing guy on most teams but solidly 2nd pairing here.
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