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  1. Thanks for posting that. Will rewatch when sober, but thought it was very self serving on a 1st take.
  2. Just please put Scandella and Jokiharju out with Eichel's line. Know it won't regularly happen, but good things occur when it does.
  3. Saban's a tool? Really? Ya don't say! (Not so ironically, my phone autocorrected Saban to Satan. 😉 ) His bailing on Michigan State, LSU, and the Fishies wasn't a clue about his character? Sheesh, there's gambling at Rick's?!? Shocked! Shocked I say. 😛
  4. There is the exact same likelihood that Pomminstein was going to be re-signed this past off-season that Sobotka will be re-signed this coming off-season.
  5. Where the fork you been, bro? You need to stop in far more often. 🍺
  6. Well heck, had Montour not broken his hand in training camp Jokiharju WOULD be in Ra-cha-cha right now. Doesn't make him an AHLer.
  7. Krueger had a brainfart (or at minimum Bales and Smith didn't pay attention who the other was placing on the ice) not only having Mittelstadt and Dahlin on the ice at the same time but having Rodrigues as the experienced player out there with them. Which led to Dahlin having an insurmountable brainfart of his own. Too bad Hutton couldn't bail him out.
  8. What player, other than Lazar who is a tweener, that dressed last night isn't an NHLer? The issue is, only 3 forwards dressed last night are true top 6 guys. (And a cynic would say that's also how many top 9 dressed as well.)
  9. Mittelstadt being with 2 top 6 guys does not a working line make. (At least not when there are only 2 other top 6 guys on the roster.). He is where he should be. (One of only 4-8 forwards that are at present.). Eichel, Larsson, and Girgensons are where they should be. Due to realities of only having 4 top 6 skaters and needing Johansson at 2C would argue that Skinner and Reinhart are at the right spots as well. (Don't expect Reinhart would click any better with Marcus and Skinner has an ability to make stuff happen on his own.). And Okposo isn't getting benched, so on a certain level he's where he should be too. But Olofsson needs to be moved to Mittelstadt's line about 2 weeks ago. And probably try Sheary with Johansson. Leave Vesey on Mitts line to have a defensively responsible guy there. No forking clue who to put with Sam & Jack. Botterill really needs to make a move. Guess that Sheary could slide up and put Rodrigues on the 2nd line. Sheary isn't ideal, (nor is E-Rod for that matter) but Conor at least can get to spots Jack & Sam can feed him. (Olofsson seems to as well but hasn't finished and had hoped he'd get rolling now that he's broken the seal @ 5v5 but it didn't happen last night. Maybe Ottawa will get him rolling.) What a mess until Johansson is back. (Not that with him it isn't a mess.).
  10. Positive I never saw it. Guess must have heard he got impaled and then assumed it was from the net coming off the spike. Either that or am confusing him with somebody else, though that's less likely. So, guess it's a good night in a way. Learned something tonight.
  11. Always thought Howe got impaled on 1 of the spikes holding the net in place and not the back of the old Art Ross net. And also thought that was an impetus to go to the magnets that barely held the net in place. They went to the new style nets to keep the puck in play as there was no longer a huge pile of netting sitting on the ice and also to keep the puck moving when behind the net rather than getting caught in the "cleavage" of the back of the net. And the Palmateer injury was Gil's 2nd net induced injury. He broke his leg back in '73-'74 crashing into the net (a big part of them missing the playoffs that year).
  12. That stinks. Hopefully Rodrigues is up to the task assigned to him by Krueger; because if he isn't this could get ugly.
  13. Still hoping for miraculous afternoon recovery for Johansson. If not, expect it's probably safer to have Mittelstadt on the ice with defensive focused guys in a limited role rather than having him out against tougher competition with nobody to bail him out should he get outmatched. (Was thinking Sabres were on the road today; but that still stands.) But if they had 1 more quality skater in the top 6 would almost be willing to try Reinhart in Mojo's role if things go sideways with Rodrigues there. (Might even be willing to try it with tonight's lineup as is.) He's been quicker and stronger than I'd expected heading into this season, which accounts for the partial about face.
  14. The trade deadline is not "soon.". And though I agree it is unlikely Scandella gets re-signed, could definitely see him on the roster through the end of the season if the team stops losing with him back in the lineup.
  15. Which is likely why he's penciled back into the lineup and Miller is penciled out.
  16. It isn't voluntary (pretty sure it was Lupol that was LTIR'd against his wishes). But the Q becomes what happens if the player and team agree the player is healthy but the team doesn't have cap room for him? I always thought the team HAD to make room to bring him back, and that is what teams typically do, but the CBA doesn't exactly state that. It says he can't get activated until there is space. So, if a GM were to not want to waive a player (Gilmour as an example) to make room for another player (Bogosian as another example) would he in fact have to waive him? It could all be moot as the team had enough cap room initially to ice a roster with 2 spares and neither Montour nor Bogosian on LTIR. But now that they need Lazar up, pretty sure they don't have cap space for everybody without somebody else going to LTIR (Sobotka?). In simplied form, yes.
  17. See my earlier edit to the post you referenced. Hopefully that helps some. (I'd started typing out an explanation but it's turning into a book and will likely end up being even more confusing so I simply deleted it. Sorry.)
  18. There would be no reason to use LTIR unless they need to exceed the cap. It garners no other benefit above regular IR. And, with Hunwick on LTIR, they are over the cap. (Though allowably so, because he's on LTIR.) (Edit: just caught the just of your question.). And should a player go on regular IR, the team could exceed the cap by up to however much they had banked. (And that bank would be withdrawn from daily until no cap room remained at which point they'd have to make a move (sending somebody down, making a trade, using LTIR, or using an emergency recall (which then must be accounted for)).
  19. Like I said, I'd always thought the way it worked was the team HAD to clear enough space (if they didn't already have it) to allow the guy to come back BUT technically the CBA is written backwards from that. (As written, a guy can't be brought back until there is room and nothing (under that rule) says they HAVE to make that room.) So, at least 1 of the following is the case: they league is ignoring its own guiding labor framework (and they ignore many others things they have written down, so it wouldn't be surprising), there is something in a totally different chapter clarifying it and am simply missing that, or we may not see Bogosian until everyone but Hunwick is healthy again so they have enough cap space to carry Sobotka's replacement, or they run with a shorter roster and only have 1 spare skater and use an emergency call up should they need 2 guys subbed in on short notice.
  20. Gilmour will be the 8th D-man. Things only get interesting if they have 9 guys healthy. (Teams like to carry 8 D presumably to make it easier to run drills (can have 2 pairs subbing in at each end of the ice and even for full ice drills there is an available pair waiting to sub in from either end).)
  21. No, not at all. Actually, while guys are on BF-LTIR any banked cap that may have accrued prior to placing somebody on IR gets burned daily by however much using the LTIR puts the team over the cap. The interesting thing (at least to me) regarding LTIR is that the way the CBA is written, the team needs to have enough cap space available to accommodate the player's remaining salary before they are able to activate him. I.e. once placed on LTIR he could be stuck there even after healthy if the team no longer has the cap room to accommodate him. I'd always thought that they had to make the room for him when he was healthy which, at least as written, isn't the case. So, I am very curious to see how they handle bringing him back to the roster.
  22. Not so sure Scandella gets traded. When he went out the PK seemed to be giving up a lot of goals. Interesting that it seems Scandella is back in with Miller the odd man out.
  23. You saw him live both games last weekend. Did you think / feel he was as bad as he'd been the 2 prior weeks? Watching on TV, thought he was playing better; but believe seeing in person you get a better feel as you get to see what the camera doesn't catch. (And, yes, saw the horrible turnover on Saturday; but, even with that still felt he was almost back to his January level of play.)
  24. For beef on weck it is. IMHO. And the wait can get crazy bad on a weekend because there's only about 14 tables total in the dining room.
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