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  1. Have fun PA. The thread w/ the reality of what happened that day.  2nd last post on page 6 is what you want to check out.
  2. But if it remains flatter than expected, it could affect a lot of teams' cap management strategies & there might be some good deals available for a low salary team w/ a cash flush owner to capitalize on. Kind of what Golisano & Quinn expected would be the case in the summer of '06 when they didn't give out any multi-year deals in '05. Rather than the cap increase that actually occurred. Expecting the Sabres won't capitalize, but there may actually be an opportunity for a savvy GM to do so.
  3. Huh? Reinhart got a 1 year, 2nd bridge deal before last season. His 1st bridge deal had expired and he was an RFA w/ 2 years to go to UFA status. The Hall deal absolutely might have been a factor in him getting that rather than a LT deal.
  4. Yeah. Except for the AHL Playoffs, he's seen his last of the Flower City.
  5. Pretty sure he went both ways on that (though they were satanic, no emphasis on the H like we always add making them shatanic as an ode to Miro). Pretty sure still have his original articles on that, but they're buried in a closet & a quick internet search didn't turn up either version.
  6. Not if it's "vintage." If it's brought in as vintage it can be in the original color scheme.
  7. Exactly. McCourt was supposedly the prize, but he turned out to be a total dud. Peterson (and his eventually trade away) were far more impactful. Obviously Foligno was the true prize, but he wasn't worth the cost. This trade also made the team Perreault's as the Captain & former Captain both got dealt. He was a great player; he was not a great leader.
  8. Bummer. Was hoping to see Mittelstadt on one of those. Guess we see him Saturday rather than tonight. 😞
  9. Well, even keeping the increase next year to $1MM could help free up some useful parts. The team has cap space coming out the wazoo next year (just like this one); they need to utilize it wisely to upgrade what they have & have enough space 2-3 years from now to pay the guys that earn raises and are expected to be here LT.
  10. Has anybody seen anything from any of the pundits on how having a few of the Canadian teams being required by their Provincial governments to keep fans out of their buildings may end up (presumably) effecting next year's cap? If the cap stays flat again next year rather than going up slightly, that could put a LOT of teams tight against the cap. If they are, maybe the Sabres can weaponize their ridiculous cap space into some Leddy / Boychuk for a 2nd deals that allowed the Aisles to effect a major course correction before the '14-'15 season started. Haven't seen anything regarding that subject, but have been ridiculously busy lately. Any thoughts?
  11. Yeah, things looked TRULY bleak after the MMArena's opening hockey game. But things definitely picked up. 😉 (The concert a couple days earlier was great though.) And personally, would be ecstatic if they brought in a B&G version of that late '90's uni as a 3rd. When the league eventually goes to 4ths, use those sharp B&G white butter knives for the white "3rd" & the B&G Shatanic Goathead (thank you Jim Kelley for that) for the dark "3rd." Except for messing around w/ shoulder patch tweaks they'd never need to change the unis again.
  12. Getting Scandella back would be great, though doubt that's possible. We likely get very good Jokiharju back as well. And we get Dahlin back w/ Pysyk for now & hopefully someone that belongs higher up the food chain for him to pair w/ next season. Dahlin-Pysyk Scandella-Joliharju Samuelsson-Power is significantly better than what's been out there on a nightly basis. And while many here don't seem to see any way to get a goalie next year, the large amount of capspace should, & needs to, be used to upgrade the goaltending either via FA or trade - they can take on a 1-2 year albatross contract to make the price of an actual honest to God current NHL netminder doable w/out gutting the future waiting for Levi &/or Portillo &/or UPL to be ready to take the reins.
  13. Watched it all (unfortunately) but on a longer tape delay than usual. Glad you made it there this time.
  14. Would guess either in Minnesota - got to the SO. Or in Anaheim - they actually won that one. For the most part, OT has been a nightmare this year.
  15. Last season. They now can challenge as many times as they want but all failed challenges result in a bench minor.
  16. With God as my witness, thought this game was at 7PM. (Went to set up to record the pregame & saw the game is 1/2 over.) Apologies @PromoTheRobot. 🍺
  17. At this point all the remaining teams in the AFC have some reasons to be feared. But pretty sure the Bills are the only one that were top 5 on both O & D. If Allen & Daboll continue to take what they're given rather than play heroball, really like their chances vs the Chefs.
  18. Could see him bringing back a 2nd. IF Adams gets a 1st for him, he's a magician & the question becomes WTF can't he use some of that magic to land a current goalie. But yeah, a 3rd is more likely.
  19. It WAS an incredible interception. And should be on the highlight reel for a long time. But it was FAR from a perfect pass. If Jones puts that ball on his outside shoulder rather than leading him back towards the middle of the field then Hyde has no chance to intercept that & almost no chance to even break it up.
  20. One last thought about last nights game. If Allen doesn't slip on 4th down in Tennessee, last night's heroics never happen.
  21. If they fix the RD it'll be better than reasonable provided the GTing isn't hot garbage.
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