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  1. Tough to jump off the screen when you're playing 1 league higher than you should and most everybody else you're on the ice with is in the same boat.
  2. No shootout tonight? Thought Ray said they'd be doing a shootout after every preseason game.
  3. Eh, guess they didn't want to give the 75% AHL roster the NHL experience.
  4. Buffalo to Columbus is 7.5 hours? Huh? It's not even 7.5 hours to Cincy. More like 4 hours to C-Bus. Not sure where the Columbus rink is relative to their airport, but it's nearly 30 minutes to the airport from the MMArena.
  5. This announcer thinks the BJs should have at least a 6 pack by now.
  6. Did you expect any other outcome with the D they dressed?
  7. But he seemed to make up for it right there on that rush. Announcer thought it was going in.
  8. When you factor in times to board & unboard it probably isn't much shorter of a trip by flying. Heck, the Steelers bus to Cleveland when playing the Browns. Would expect the trips are similar duration.
  9. Has made some nice saves. Couldn't do much on the 1st goal. The 2nd was on a PP. He had a clean look at the shot but there was a man open on back door & that likely distracted him. (Had he completely played the shot, the BJ passes it for the tap in.)
  10. Great camera work if you're looking for a screen saver. Overhead view of their goalie frozen in time. SMH.
  11. Well, they played their top 6 (if Pilut is ahead of Bryson) or 5 of the top 6 if he isn't. Not much left in reserve for tonight. Still think they wanted to see how Comrie would do agai st Tampa and the B's top line w/out actually playing against them. 😉
  12. How in the world did their in-arena team find a save by their goalie on Kyle Clague? And, hooray, the PP blackout is over. Not sure we WANT to watch it. 😉
  13. Peterka & Krebs generating some chances. The rest of the team, not surprisingly, not so much.
  14. It's a blue jacket in a blue jacket. Oh, those cool OSU marketing grads.
  15. So, will they show the BJs PP or do they cover that in stealth mode as well?
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