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  1. Shows how much we know. Pretty much everybody figured Reinhart was Eichel's best buddy. Wonder who Sam's bestest is?
  2. The piece ( pieces?) that should bring back Galchenyuk (or similar) wouldn't move the dial much on a move to fix the 2nd line or to upgrade the goaltending. IMHO, those potential trades are completely separate matters. And trading to "fix" goaltending could be tough, especially knowing that either the guy brought in via trade or Ullmark has to be exposed to Seattle. (Which might keep a D-man from being taken, so there is that.). But that makes improved goalie depth almost a 1 - 1-1/2 year fix depending on when the trade occurs. Would Luukkonnen (or other unknown fix) be ready / available in '21-'22?
  3. Reinhart has almost as many goals as he has assists on both the season (12-15) and the past few games (3-4). How is that showing he's a "passenger" or a "jag"? (Both terms you use to describe him.) This "jag" is on pace for 67 over the entire season with his cold stretch included and on a pace for ending the year with 97 should he be able to sustain what he's done the past 5. Realistically, he'll wind up in the high 70's which is top line, not a jag.
  4. Which is more valuable to a win: keeping the other team's top line off the scoresheet (which oftentimes means multiple goals NOT scored and always means at least 1 on average) or getting a goal in 3 out of 4 games (what you'd get in the unrealistic scenario all 3 members of your checking line are 20 goal scorers)?
  5. There's a greater likelihood he (or Asplund) will replace Okposo on that line when Kyle suffers what is very realistically (unfortunately) his next concussion this season or next. Kyle works great with those 2 and has accepted his role on that line. Doesn't change the fact that with his past history, he is very susceptible to another concussion, and his power forward style of play increases the odds of him ending up in those heavy collisions that can cause them. And, give Larsson and Girgensons each 2 year deals in the low $2's. They both should be back next year and have a job until somebody takes it from each.
  6. 27 points in 33 games and 7 (3-4) in the past 5 is a JAG? What does someone have to do to become "above replacement" in your eyes? Reinhart has historically always started slow and gained momentum as the season goes on. Surprisingly, he had a good October this year. He did have a spell in November where he's looked ordinary, but he's been looking like his old self for the past couple of weeks. Perhaps it's Reinhart getting back towards his higher end play that correlates to the wins? (Don't know, am legitimately asking.) And slightly different subject, if you are correct and Reinhart is too slow to set up Jack and Victor, how is he quick enough to set up Skinner? Skinner could definitely use a set up man. Earlier, that was Johansson. Expecting sometime relatively soon, he will be again.
  7. Possible. Though I'd expect not. But when Eichel plays with Skinner he tends to stay higher in the zone deferring to Jeff to go low to the net. Aside: And when Pominville was the 3rd on that line, Jack seemed to never be below the dots as he knew what Skinner was there for and what Jason's limitations were which is why I DESPISED that combo after Jason hit the proverbial wall. (When it was working, it was working, but after it stopped there was no reason to expect it could restart short of Jason sitting and getting back to game shape for a couple of weeks.) So, would Eichel even be playing this way if he still had Skinner there? Possible. But considering even when Olofsson was pulled from that line, it wasn't Skinner that was put into his place, it would seem Krueger doesn't expect it. And, yes Skinner is going through a rough patch but he's still pretty much on pace to get 30. But all goal scorers do go through dry spells and he'll get hit again. And getting Mittelstadt or Rodrigues as his centers doesn't really help with getting out of the funk. Nor did having, on pace for 3 goals this season, Sobotka on his opposing wing when he was actually paired with Johansson help either. And having Skinner on an island helps to keep the other team honest, though it reaaaalllly stinks for him.
  8. Nah, your wording was fine. Just misinterpreted it.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. My bad. 🍺
  10. Curious about whether the people that were insistent on Eichel playing with Skinner still want to see that happen or if they are OK with Krueger's decision to keep Reinhart and Olofsson his linemates? It had seemed that crew wasn't quite jelling right and Olofsson even got pulled off the line briefly, but after injuries got it reunited likely sooner than anticipated that line has been lights out. That line won't continue to have Eichel pick up points every single game all year long, but he should be able to continue to use his full skill set playing with those 2 and should he stay healthy he should end up over 100 points and quite possibly over 40 goals. Especially if Olofsson could stay on this 30+ goal 65+ point pace; do you keep the line together? (And Reinhart will likely end up 25+ and ~70 points (he always plays better as the season progresses).)
  11. No, he is only elite offensively. But, he's very good back checking through the neutral zone and when he can figured out who his responsibility is to cover, he is good in his own end. His only real weakness is when the other team is cycling hard and he has to try to cover space. But, the coaches have been going with coverages that don't leave him trying to figure out who to cover as much as in past seasons. And right now, the way he's playing in the other guy's end has him believing he'll get it right in his own end as well. Success begets success just like failure becomes contagious. He's fun to watch right now. As is Olofsson. And tonight, Reinhart seemed to have his game back too for the 1st time in a while. (Though he had point in the past few games, they seemed to be coming despite his overall game, not because of it.) And let's hope MacKinnon keeps excelling. Jack continues to echo (and slightly amplify) his game. 😉
  12. And before the season the rumors were that Ristolainen wanted to be traded, and many here agreed with the sentiment. He hasn't been traded (yet?) and seems to be happy playing here and has improved via the eye test since getting fewer minutes. Don't doubt at all that Bogosian has asked for a trade. Also don't expect 1 unless Botterill thinks he's getting fair value. We've seen this team down 2-3 D-men; it could happen again and Botts probably expects it. Botts won't trade him unless it helps the team. But that Galchenyuk for Bogo seems a lot more plausible today that it was.
  13. True. And a lesson to the kids. DON'T brace yourself for a hit by having your far arm (the one that will contact the glass or (in a fall) the ice) above your head as you'll lever open up your shoulder joint and nothing good will come of that.
  14. Dayum. Some guys on the bubble might be willing to throw their backup in and run w/AHLers intentionally (unlike the Wings that do it out if necessity 😉 ) just to get out of Wabbit Season with all their feathers intact.
  15. They have updated it. 😉 Around Thanksgiving they expected him back about now. Now they expect him back around the 1st of the year.
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