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  1. Heck, didn't even have a bracket due to sabbatical and did better than that. ;)
  2. Good thing Botterill didn't do anything to fix the 2nd line when the team was WAAAAAY overperforming backin late November / early December. 'cause clearly sneaking into the playoffs would've been a disaster. ####!!!! They sign Martin, I might not renew.
  3. No, the point here was a poster stated something that wasn't accurate. Most likely because the broadcasters made the same erroneous statement initially. My post simply clarified what actually happened for those that didn't stay up late enough to watch it themselves. There was no further opining.
  4. Also, there was no reasonable excuse for the Saints call; it was at the primary focus point of the play with no players between the official and the infraction. In last night's game, the ref *thought* he say a cross-check to the face (that's what they told Gallant). You can see in the replay that wasn't the case, but in real time that's what they thought happened. In the playoffs, in the 3rd period of game 7, that cross check is never called. Ever. Should it be? Yes, but that's a totally different discussion. The ONLY reason it was called at all was Pavelski got injured, so the officials tried to recollect in their discussion what they THOUGHT they saw, or more accurately, what they believed they should have seen. Clearly none of the 4 saw the play cleanly as there was no way the cross check was given with intent to injure. Yet, they chose to give a 5. It was absolutely a horrible call, but Gallant has to recover and steady the ship at 3-2. He didn't. And that call rivaled the one against the Saints in egregiousness. But Fleury has to make the 1st save. He can't give San Jose that extra adrenaline boost. And, as stated before, Gallant needs to be better there as well. His team needed a chance to reflect & breathe to do their jobs & he didn't give them that.
  5. He didn't take the timeout at 3-3. That delay was to clean debris from the ice. He took it around the late PP.
  6. So, because he had RS success with a Yashin led squad and Botterill knows him from Pittsburgh, he's a top candidate? Is there more reason for him to be a lead in the mix?
  7. Totally blown call. But w/ that said, Gallant has to take the timeout at 3-2 to stop the bleeding. Fans would've been building the volume, but his guys could've caught a breath and relaxed some. Even the really good ones sometimes screw up in the heat of the moment.
  8. Taro T

    2019 NHL Draft

    17's still possible for the Sabres should Columbus, Colorado, & Dallas win their series. 19 came back on the board as well when Pavelski went nighty night should the B's, Snarks, and guys from where Kennedy was shot all advance.
  9. Absolutely. And now Leblan's (sp?) merely an afterthought unless he factors into the OT goal.
  10. The portion Pavelski was conscious for definitely wasn't. The $64k Q becomes was Leblan (sp?) the hero or the goat?. 91 seconds of PK left to find out.
  11. Taro T

    2019 NHL Draft

    The same thing Darkhelmet being Lonestar's former roommate's brother's ex-girlfriend's father's manager: absolutely nothing. It would lock the Sabresinto St. Louis' pick as that'll either be 17-19 or 28-31. San Jose would be mid 20's. But the Snarks might pull this out courtesy of Pavelski's melon. In which case the Sabres could still end up w/ either team's pick.
  12. Taro T

    2019 NHL Draft

    Pretty sure to get St. Louis pick to 17 requires all 3 teams with fewer points than them to get to the Semis. So Carolina would have to win tomorrow & beat the Aisles as well as the rest to get that pick to 17. Edit: Ignore the above. St. Louis was ahead of Columbus, Colorado, Dallas, & Vegas. Should Vegas win tonight, then a St. Louis loss to Dallas would guarantee the Sabres 18 at worst and 17 should the BJ's beat Boston. (Dallas would have necessarily gone to 3rd round as would the Vegas Avs winner.)
  13. And Ted Rogers will be rolling in his grave as another playoffs have no Canadian based teams remaining by the round of 8.
  14. Bummer. Was hoping SOMEBODY would accept him as part of a deal for a 2RW. Not a chance in heck of that happening now. 1 more season & then True can clean out his bunker.
  15. Taro T

    2019 NHL Draft

    Stinks not wanting Dallas to lose, but for once when they win so do the Sabres.
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