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  1. Don't believe Skinner has ever played the right side, but expect he could as he often sets up to the goalie's left looking for that rebound. Plus with his figure/power skating background, he can definitely open up his stance & still be effective. Playing his off-wing shouldn't negatively affect him but no need to swap him to the off-side when he should fit in well w/ Staal & Reinhart. Looking forward to that Snake Line. Sss.
  2. Happy belated B-day. 🍺 PS - w/ friends like that, who needs enemas? 😉
  3. Mine is fine. Battery life is suspect, but bought a new battery a couple months ago. Just have to get around to performing the "surgery" and should be good to go. Can't believe you of all people moved to the darkside.
  4. It's absolutely possible that Eichel & Hall won't gel, but they get at least 10 games to find chemistry because any chemistry at all makes that line deadly regardless of the 3rd piece. Have said this multiple times, but the keys to this are optimizing the overall points from the forwards & maximizing your best player goes a long way towards that. Giving Eichel Hall should optimize him as he's sound in his own end and excellent in transition & offensively. Teams can't cheat towards Jack nor Tyler because the other can kill them on his own. While both Eichel & Hall can fin
  5. That's friggin awesome in SUCH a warped way. By any chance, did you have an Uncle Ralphie that used to give you hand-me-downs? 😉 🍺
  6. That's basically what I've been expecting since they picked up Hall.
  7. Funny. Pretty sure we could count his starts at wing on a single hand. Except for that short callup at the end of his draft year he was rarely at wing. Definitely that next year he was almost always a C. Might try to go back & relook at where he played last year; thought he was almost always a C then again.
  8. Whether there are expanded rosters or not will likely depend on whether the AHL opens for business or not. It'll be real interesting to see how they handle the contracts of those players 24-26? 30? other? as the owners will want them earning their AHL salaries & the NHLPA won't want them counting towards the players' share of revenues. My guess is those players would get their AHL salaries & expect they would be considered outside the "actual" rostered players for inclusion in total nominal player contracts leaguewide but not positive about the latter & also not sure whether
  9. Mittelstadt can't negotiate with anyone but the Sabres. So, it could actually be as simple as the Sabres expect him to be an Amerk out of the gate, but they don't know if the AHL will play nor what the economics of the AHL will look like, so since there is no urgency on signing him (it's August right now 😉 ) he hasn't been signed & won't be signed until whatever is happening there is figured out. If he were going to Europe, would've happened by now as teams seem to be playing over there. He's pretty much done whatever they've asked of him until now. Don't see him bucking for a
  10. Hard to say. It's essentially late August & will remain that until start dates for camps & the regular season are announced. Still expect to see 1-2 NHL moves by Adams & possibly some more moves to help the Amerks IF there is to be an AHL season of some sort. (If the NHL goes to 4 bubble cities, would expect the AHL to do something likewise. If the NHL allows fans at the discretion of their municipality like the NFL is doing, expect the AHL would follow suit with MLB type 3-4 game series between particular teams to minimize travel but possibly allowing teams that can't host
  11. IF they'd need him to (not positive that is the case) he would be able to voluntarily release the Sabres from protecting him.
  12. As long as 3 of the 4 Ws are home games, there is no mathematical way for Miami to win the division.
  13. Good to "hear." Hopefully it keeps up for you in '21 as the rest of us get back to "normal."
  14. C'mon Charlie. There's no way you weren't winning it this year. 😉
  15. Don't forget that the Jest now can't even have some extremely bizarre tiebreaker get them past the Bills should they can Gase this week & shockingly rejoin the NFL.
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