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  1. Would give him Thursday's start, but expecting Bates will stick with Hutton.
  2. Flip side of that, the 2 guys that want to be traded and the team wants to trade did nothing at all tonight to lower their trade value. Can only think of 1 player (or 2 tops) that dressed tonight that we can say that about. From that perspective, keeping those 2 away from the scouts was ####ing brilliant. 😉
  3. After tonight, Johnny Cat is looking pretty accurate, right?
  4. The Otters have exactly 1/2 as many SHGs (11) as they have PPGs (22). That stat is wild.
  5. It was more of a wrestling match. No punches were thrown. (Leo Roth's innacurate reporting not withstanding.)
  6. Well Jokiharju got an opportunity due to injury and jumped all over it. Let's hope Johansson can do likewise.
  7. So, Krueger is the Professor, Eichel the Skipper, The Pegulas have to be the Howells, Guess that makes Botterill Gilligan. So, who are Mary Ann and Ginger?
  8. Thanks for the clarification. But, while that line worked better when all 3 were healthy than after Johansson was playing hurt, that dropoff had FAR more to do with MoJo's injury than Sobotka's absence.
  9. Agree that the line should perform well with Frolik. But we already have posts here (not saying you were necessarily doing it yourself) pining for Sobotka to be back on that line. And do not catch what your getting at with the bolded.
  10. So, ol' Bats-in-his-Belfour is back to form? Cool. 🍺
  11. Except the line had already fallen off prior to Sobotka breaking. And IF he really was the straw that stirred that drink, they'd be bringing him back next year. He has as much of a chance of being brought back as an UFA as Pominville had. Though we'll likely have people around here calling for him being re-signed in the off-season; just like we did w/ Jason. (Though mercifully we'll only have a couple of posters suggesting that rather than as many as we got looking for the return of Pomms.)
  12. Shhhhh. Charlie might hear. 😉
  13. Don't have time to look up the compensation charts, but remember the Sabres don't have this years' 3rd rounder so there are a lot of offers they can't make. (And pretty sure they'll be in that same position next year.) Thoughg a $6MM-ish offer would necessitate a 3rd as part of the package. (But not positive on that.)
  14. Pretty sure that was his last jump. 😉
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