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  1. Why would the Sabres buy him out when putting him in Ra-cha-cha only counts ~$1.6MM against the cap if nobody claims him when he goes down? The Sabres COULD (if necessary) slide the bonuses Dahlin will inevitably earn into next year's budget. Saving $700k this year in cap space when it costs $900k next year doesn't make sense unless the Pegulas truly were cash strapped. (They're not that cash strapped.)
  2. Told ya, Zamboni. 😉 Knew somebody would come through. Thanks, Steve. 🍺
  3. Yeah, that's not happening. But am fairly certain somebody w/ more time on their hands WILL track that down for us. The peeps o n this site are usually helpful that way.
  4. Thus the "-ish." He WAS the GM when the bloodletting took place.
  5. And there was a graphic early in the 4th stating this was the 1st time a Bills QB ever did that with no interceptions in either game. This kid is looking good.
  6. My nose is REALLY itchy!
  7. Ab-so-friggin'-lute-ly! The Sabres would actually be able to create mismatches for the 1st time in more than a decade & they'd also be able to handle ST injuries. Make sure the GT is fixed & that team SHOULD make the playoffs. (Provided they don't gut the D/W's, but even then they'd legit be in the mix.)
  8. Some other strong ones not yet mentioned: The Postman's Ball episode where Carla convinces Cliff to sing "Misty," Cliff going on Jeopardy, Sammy's "I on Sports," & Rebecca going to the clinic to stop smoking. The Dianne episodes are the best, but the early Rebecca episodes and the final season are also really strong. There was a real lull in quality ~ season 9 but the last season was great. Woody running for office and the crew taking Cliff's mom's car to the Drive In were great. SOOOOO many great episodes.
  9. Yeah, Reinhart ends up w/ at least a 5 year deal & likely 6 or 7 (would be ecstatic shoukd they lock him up for 8 years, particularly w/ no NMC starting in year 5). If Adams has to go 2 year deal, that Ehlers for Reinhart idea gains merit. Expecting Olofsson to end up with a 4-5 year deal & Montour's deal to be at least 3 years. Fully expecting either Ristolainen or Montour out the door in a deal that further improves the F's & as Krueger never seemecto take a shine to Miller would really expect to see him swapped for a more defensive minded D-man.
  10. in fairness, if he knew the trade was coming beforehand due to his presumably being friends with Adams, the Wild would be getting some drafts picks from the Sabres as compensation for tampering.
  11. Pretty sure they'd want to move on from him because he's good but IMHO has enough flaws that he isn't a SC winner unless the rest of his team is stacked. He'd be very good in Buffalo because right now they need to make the playoffs, & he can help us get there.
  12. When you said "cut" had assumed you meant "bought out." (For some reason thought his cap hit was more than $2.75MM, so expected the $1.6MM you mentioned as the 1/3 current cap hit. Oooops.) We're on the same page about waiving him at the end of camp.
  13. Totally don't get the Rodrigues comment. The guy has career AHL raw talent but stays in the NHL playing any F slot. That screams busting his butt, IMHO. Yes, he got an opportunity because he was on Eichel's line at BU. But his friendship w/ Jack hasn't kept him in the show. That's on him. And the second he let's up, he's gone because he really is raw talent-wise barely a JAG.
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