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  1. Assuming you mean the "why do the Sabres always end up with the wrong brother?" (or something to that effect) thread? No clue, the search function here is beyond broken.
  2. Hall out? That seems dubious. Also, weren't McCabe & Montour both expected to be back tonight? That ESPN report seems to have dated info.
  3. To say they were "clearly not in the game at all" seems almost as silly as Thompson using standard player speak of 'we just have to stick with what we're doing, it'll all work.' If Olofsson buries his chance on the rush, the Sabres are up 1-0 late in the 1st w/ a very good chance of coming out of that period w/ the lead. That isn't 'not in the game at all territory' but they needed to get the equalizer in the 2nd rather than have Davidson take a bad penalty puttingbthe game essentially out of reach just after that. The 3rd period was embarrassing, but until Reinhart got knocked on h
  4. That non-goal by Olofsson with ~4 left in the 1st ended up being the turning point.
  5. Scandella was the guy that had people thinking Jokiharju would be a top pairing D-man.
  6. Provided Scandella would've been open to an extension, and personally belueve he was, had no issue with him getting one and actually wanted him extended. If you have a pairing that works well together keep BOTH players, because if you lose one you might actually effectively lose them both.
  7. Is the answer because if Montour & McCabe play (& they skated this morning) it is they're only 4 skaters and 1 of those (Mittelstadt) is on the taxi squad typically?
  8. At least the fans will be behind them. Whoops, that's next week. They'll be fresh & they know reinforcements are on the way in the coming days. This one should be a win on emotion. The next couple could be dicey though until the reinforcements do arrive.
  9. She beat some pretty big names getting to this point including former champion Azarenka in the 1st round. Caught some of the 3rd set this last round. She's playing very well. Hopefully she can keep it up.
  10. Not quite everyone, but yes, that is a distinct possibility. Hopefully it happens. If the Sabres get the Eichel that could be on a 100+ point pace with the right linemates back; it won't take long to get him back with the right linemates. And it might get Skinner a shot on the Staal line where he belongs IMHO.
  11. Yep. Signed to a 1 year NHL minimum 2 way deal this offseason. Wouldn't be sniffing an NHL role minus the COVID infirmary ward the Sabrss are currently.
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