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  1. Either the classic: The Kings - This Beat Goes On Or less well known: The Men - The Church of Logic, Sin, & Love
  2. And why, w/ the extra 1st round pick would like to have seen them draft 1 of the 2 expected studs. So they'd actually have 3 legit prospects and 1 longshot.
  3. It would definitely rival the '05-'06 season. Not sure if that was the most enjoyable, but it was the most improbable. (And that's even w/ an expectation they'd get in the playoffs when the season began.)
  4. They make the playoffs, beware. Pretty sure that a team this green w/ no established non-middle aged goaltending making the playoffs is the 4th sign of the apocalypse.
  5. The Bolts coach is doing a pretty good job of helping the Crows as well.
  6. Agree. But IF they somehow pull that off, Granato wins the Jack Adams hands down.
  7. He's looking OK. Hard to say just how good because they've played 2 bad teams. Vancouver is better than either and the Bruins are still the Bruins, so we'll know better soon. He has definitely looked better than at wing, though in a very small sample size.
  8. They did. And those wins were almost (not entirely, but almost) entirely in game 2's facing backup goalies after being handily beat in game 1 of the 2 game set. Yes, Granato gets credit for that, but the opponent not being able to bring their A game against statistically the league's worst team right after winning in a relatively easy game also factors in. It's hard to always be on, especially if you don't respect your opponent. It'll be really sweet if your expectation bears out. But until they show they can beat Vancouver (and they have a legit chance) won't expect to see a win on Friday. Even if they win on Tuesday, won't EXPECT a win Friday, but will be more hopeful.
  9. It's awesome that you're optimistic, but let's see them go 0.500 vs the 'Nucks, Wild, & BJ's of the league before we expect (hope?) they pull that off against the near elite squads. Baby steps.
  10. Instead of BBFS (Battered Bills Fan Syndrome), BSFS (Battered Sabres Fan Syndrome) which seems more insidious because unlike the Bills that always seemed to "win the offseason" (well minus finding a QB, details) but show their true selves by week 3 at the latest, the Sabres typically hold a very frustrating off-season under the current owners and then start the year very well. (1st in the league ~Thansgiving 3 years ago, 1st in the league through October 2 years ago) Which builds false hope and then absolutely crash to the Earth HARD after temporarily climbing that peak. Close - BATTERED Sabres Fan Syndrome.
  11. Would love to see them have their typical October, will give the kids a boost & significantly boost ticket sales, but November will tell us what they are.
  12. You realize that Moe-ray-all squad snuck into the playoffs (which worked in their favor because they caught the playoff choking Loafs in the 1st round) & they were led by Price in net (out on personal leave), Weber (on BF-LTIR), Danault (playing in California now), & IIRC 1 other really good player that isn't available at present but dogged if his name comes to mind). They didn't even have Allen between the pipes and played the night before. Honestly, beating the 'Nucks on Tuesday will be more of an accomplishment and winning Friday would be light years removed from Thursday's accomplishment. But a win is a win. Here's to 96 more. 😉
  13. Yeah, the only reason to buy him out at present is if he's one of the guys that "doesn't want to be here." There is no tangible benefit as they aren't anywhere close to the cap but dropping him could result in them going below the floor causing them to need to bring in another overpaid guy. About 3 years from now there's a decision to be made, but not now.
  14. Am really coming around to Granato. But these next 2 games will be very telling. Vancouver is better than either team they've faced yet and the Bruins are used to coming into town and blowing stuff up.Really looking forward to seeing how they do against both a team that on paper should beat them and 1 that should on paper destroy them. Don't see this team getting blown out but really don't have a good read about how either game will go. The encouraging thing is the players really seem to like what Granato is asking them to do and he seems to be both a teacher & a motivator. The scary thing is the Sabres looked like world beaters 2 seasons ago in beating Pittsburgh & then destroying Joisey. They went 9-2-2 in October but then when the calendar flipped so did their results with no more than a 2 or 3 game win streak surrounded by lots of L's except for a 7-3-1 run at the start of February which did not fully offset downturns of 1-7-1 & 0-6-0, the latter which kept them out of the expanded playoffs. Hoping this play is sustainable. The fear is getting kids playing at a playoff pace of game in October isn't sustainable as other teams get out of their "it's only October" mindset. (Too early for BSFS to kick in?) At some point things have to get better. Hoping we're at that point.
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