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  1. My 1st 2 months of posts don't seem to show up. Joined in August '05 shortly after the lockout ended. But my oldest archived post seems to be from late October '05.
  2. Actually, WE all thought the 2nd best C heading into '18-'19 was Berglund, and it's possible that Botterill expected Mittelstadt to take that role by late in the season. But it turns out, the best 2C they put out there was Rodrigues. (Larsson was firmly entrenched as the 4C, so whether he was better than E-Rod or not, it's moot. He never was the 2C (for more than a game of 2 at any rate).) Before he walked away, Berglund had been firmly buried into the rotating 4th line winger merry go round. He wasn't the 2C long at all.
  3. If he does go that direction, he'll have moved one more person off the fence and into the 'can his arse right now` camp.
  4. Yeah, Hamilton isn't particularly good / insightful, but sad to see him lose his job. Scary time to be out of work.
  5. Good catch. Was going off Arizona historically being at the extreme low end of the salary cap. Wouldn't be surprised if Florida w/ $10MM tied up in their starter aren't at the bottom anymore either. No idea who, other than the Otters, are likely serious low budget teams.
  6. When they have a strong suspicion league revenues won't be similar from 1 season to the next, they can and do use a different growth factor than the process you describe. Typically that comes into play with a new TV contract. But pretty sure a 1 time wiping out of ~17% of a season and the entirety of the playoffs would fit that bill. They aren't going to adjust the cap downward 20%+ UNLESS they anticipate NEXT Seasons revenues will be down ~20%+ from this season's most recent pre-shutdown projections. If they somehow miraculously got almost all of this years games in (they won't, but for sake of argument, if they were to) then next years cap would likely actually go up ~5% over this 1 like it typically does. My guess is, they lower the cap about 1/4 of what they expect 50% of true HRR to be when all is finally said and done in '20-'21 & warn the players that escrow will be larger than usual & not to anticipate getting any of it at the end of the season. But that things will be back to normal in '21-'22. This will minimize disruption to rosters due to team payrolls being too high. And will trace back to history in that when coming out of lockouts, revenues have never been as low as teams / players feared; they might be able to make a legit case that revenues won't drop as much as initially expected / feared once again. And not sure what you mean by the players get a sliding scale of revenue. That was how the '05 CBA worked (players got 55-57% of revenue depending upon how big the pie was). Since the new CBA went into effect, players get exactly 50% of defined HRR regardless of how big that pie is.
  7. Remember, a revenue shortage this season due to the virus will effect what players finally take home this season, not next. Unless the owners find themselves uncharacteristically magnanimous, the players will be writing checks to cover what they didn't earn beyond escrow withholdings. (Aside: wonder if the league, teams, &/or players are insured for catastrophic losses. If they are, maybe everybody isn't taking as much of a haircut as originally expected. Also wonder if they qualify for CARES Act funding. Collectively bargained salaries up to $3MM were specifically excluded from the $450k caps on salaries for employees of companies receiving funds,) Now, it is possible that because of this season's virus losses, that the league expects revenues next year to dip (especially if there are no playoffs this year and the networks expect a discount on next year's contract to cover money they've already spent and also as STH payments for this season get applied to next year) but it isn't a given YET. Though it looks more likely each day that there will be a revenue effect next year as well. So, that cap reduction could very realistically happen. The question about the compliance buyout is an interesting one. Fehr has always been a hardliner, but he allowed the current CBA to last it's full duration. Would be awesome if he and Daly are secretly in Zoom / WebX meetings working out an early extension of the CBA that runs through 2030, but that is the pipedream. Because they are so close to the CBA expiring, would expect them to both default into distrust mode, but maybe this crisis has them seeing they're actually in this together. Could see the players going for it if the compliance bought out players get their full salary and they don't count against the players' share of HRR. The other wildcard in all this is that small revenue teams like Arizona and Florida would likely oppose it. Arizona could be in great shape if the cap goes down; they'd have no incentive to help big payroll teams out of a jam. If there aren't compliance buyouts AND the cap goes down, hoping Botterill is 1st in line at the Tampa discount store's opening and close to the front of the line for the Loaf firesale as well. 😉
  8. Back in the day got as much info about the Sabres as was out there. This wasn't absolutely Sabres related directly, but considering the criminals owned the Sabres, followed the travails of John, & Timmy, and the other Rigases, and Adelphia, and the Sabres receivership quite in depth. Didn't follow Enron nor WorldCom (even though that had huge WNY ties as well with them owning Frontier Communications (or whatever iteration Rochester Telephone was in at the time)) closely, but got every tidbit on Adelphia and their cable box accounting shenanigans that was publicly available and on potential Sabres ownership groups, too.
  9. Knew somebody would ask that. 😉 Want to say it was Kailbourne, but it's been a while. Will try to dig past my son's apartment contents and get to the file cabinet that info is in this weekend to verify that.
  10. And, btw, the reason my posts say that Adelphia killed Empire is because it literally did. Adelphia got legitimate, fair offers to buy Empire, but the bankruptcy trustee turned them all down choosing to liquidate the assets instead (for a fraction of what the purchase offers were) because in the LT he believed that Adelphia would end up paying more in rights fees to show Empire on Alelphia's restructured platform that it would receive at the time to sell it. Which was not proper on several levels. 2 of which were: he was supposed to make the creditors and equity holders as complete as possible and he didn't do that; also, Adelphia ended up getting rid of its WNY cable business so there were no LT Empire rights fees to worry about after all. There was ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR EMPIRE TO FOLD!
  11. You know that to be unquestionably false. But, well played.
  12. Taro T


    Brawndo or Woody would know what the local hospital policies are, though don't believe either works at Children's. (Not positive that neither is affiliated there, but that was my impression.) Glad that they seem to be doing well for now. Being young and healthy, the odds are definitely in their favor.
  13. The SABRES own their local broadcast rights. The Sabres gave serious consideration to terminating their agreement with Empire prior to the '04-'05 season due to obvious uncertainty as to what would happen to Empire's parent Adelphia. They didn't get enough interest from other broadcasters, so stayed with Empire for '04-'05. But, as that season was cancelled, no games were actually broadcast. 😉 Adelphia killed Empire in March 2005 (1 year after they sold WNSA effectively killing Buffalo's only FM sports format radio.) The Sabres scrambled after the lockout to find a broadcast partner and landed a 1 year deal with MSG. Quinn got that deal extended starting w/ '06-'07. It should be easy enough to find links to this. I followed the Adelphia bankruptcy very closely when it was ongoing. (And courtesy of one of our old timers that hardly ever posts here anymore, even got a copy of the bankruptcy filing / paperwork. Thanks again to Sabresince70 . That was extremely kind to pass info on to me.)
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