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  1. And all them Mormons in Utah got kicked out of Palmyra, NY. And then some "genius" let Jim McMahon QB for their football team. Not sure how this all relates to the Great Salt Lake being at historically low water levels nor what it has to do w/ etouffee and fried gator being some seriously good Cajun eating, but there has to be something in there that at least somebody didn't know. 😉
  2. The league would love to move the Packers. They can't. They are the only community owned team & the league has since put rules in place to guarantee THAT "mistake" doesn't happen again. Those other teams are all in bigger US markets. (Not positive greater Cincy is bigger than greater Buffalo if the NP is included, but the NP is never included in those rankings.
  3. Said 2 posts ago that your post brought up interesting observations/ questions. Another question of his ability was whether he was a good evaluator of scouts themselves? If he didn't get those right, and he very likely didn't that could effect the results as well.
  4. There are a lot of things PtR & yours truly don't see eye to eye on, but this is one of the several that we do. The league isn't run by the same people that were there when Wilson made sure Sullivan didn't have to move. These new breed of owners don't care nearly as much about history as they do cash. The Bills being in Buffalo rather than TO costs them money. And they are not happy about it.
  5. To the bolded, why is that surprising? This is their initial ask and any movement in their ask will be for less. Ask for everything. When all is said & done you could find yourself ending up w/ more than you initially expected. Would be surprised if this negotiation takes less than a year & realistically could see it lasting 2 years. (The Bills have a contract through the next 3 seasons & they easily could expend it a year if that's what it takes to have a new stadium ready.) IMHO, only a few will remember the initial ask was for $1.5B of public money w/ nothing added by them.
  6. But how many of the young guys he traded for ended up flaming out as well? Those guys were in the Sabres system prior to Taylor. And IMHO those young guys should also be considered in an evaluation of Murray's talent identification.
  7. Will see if my notes are still around. There were a LOT of things the company running that earlier mentioned study was contemplating. Expect this new company that specializes in even bigger Gautier palaces have even more renovations in store. Upgrading the AC and significantly reconfiguring the seating in the bowl were just a couple of the ideas.
  8. It's not an unfair question/ observation. He definitely had a preference in style of player he liked. In fairness to him, the big power forward & bruising D-man which he seemed to obsess over usually need a lot of development to make any sort of impact in the NHL. The ones at the very top of the draft not so much, but the rest do. Expect the Sabres lousy job of development prior to Taylor taking over as Amerks HC might have something to do with his miss rate. Would be interesting to study (IMHO, YMMV 😉 ) his draft picks & other similar style players drafted in those years and see how players drafted with quality development programs fared relative to the Sabres prospects.
  9. Having OP as the site in the opening salvo is quite interesting. Knowing the Pegulas own a LOT of property downtown via 3rd party purchases, wonder if as these negotiations continue that OP remains the site or if a downtown site will become the focus when when they get to the point that real private money comes into the discussion.
  10. Went to one of their voice of the fan meetings about potential renovations to the MMArena a couple years back. They were discussing some serious revisions to how the seating is set up among other things. Pretty sure those were posted here back then, but not sure how easy it'd be to find them. Might try to track down my notes one of these days to repost.
  11. That. Plus he has 6 years left on his deal. Playing for a bad team that he can be an elder statesman on for 2 years while hopefully having it come together in the 2nd year so he gets 4 years of being on a good team (please Lord let that be at least possible) is something that he at least appears interested in being a part of. He's kind of getting a new start here as well.
  12. You'd likely have to go to individual game logs which if you have access to the microfiche of the Buffalo News are obtainable. Not sure where else you'd find them. The stats are effectively buried & as @Weave mentioned, Bowman played him up front frequently. His early "D-man" stats are definitely skewed by his actual usage.
  13. Where is he when discounting those points scored while playing center?
  14. Housley was hated because he was HORRIBLE in his own end. Stephane Richer still sends him Christmas cards every year. And the ONLY reason he's in the HoF is because he's American. Any other nationality & he doesn't sniff membership.
  15. Really do not like Jokiharju and Dahlin together. Glad to see somebody else in the club. 😉 They're very similar in where their strengths and weaknesses lie.
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