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  1. Taro T

    The even randomer thread

    Saddened at your community's loss. You & they have my prayers & condolences.
  2. Taro T

    The Music Thread

    You joined Pink Floyd? Cool.
  3. Taro T

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Well, considering his play prior to the Boston game and his play since has been noticably different, there may just be something to that thought. And though his play still isn't where it was, looks like he's been much closer to that earlier level the past 4 games than he was the prior 14.
  4. And wishing Okposo a full recovery & some long hard conversations with his doctors and family about whether to continue onin this sport. He has many years left; hope he can enjoy them. And financially, should he decide to call it a career, his best course of action is getting declared to be BF-LTIR. Retiring due to in game injury gets him his entire salary owed & gives the Sabres cap relief.
  5. Not a doctor nor a concussion expert, but per the concussion experts I've talked to hits to the jaw are a significant cause of concussions.
  6. What if the injury that sidelined Eichel was a concussion? (Seen rumors to the effect it was.) Great take.
  7. Taro T

    Does this team miss Berglund more than we realize?

    Well, considering he didn't play in games 7-10 of the win streak but did play in games 2-5 of the ensuing losing streak, the Magic 8 Ball says "not likely." ;) Actually, they do miss his play on that 4th line, but they're better off long term without his salary. IMHO, I'd say they miss pre-injury Hutton & Eichel far more than Berglund. The puck luck they were getting during the streak would be nice to have back as well.
  8. Taro T

    Does this team miss Berglund more than we realize?

    Both Berglund & Sobotka were given (brief) stints at 2C. The coaching staff preferred Mittelstadt there. Would like to have seen more of Rodrigues in that 2C slot especially when Mitts was struggling. FWIW, IMHO, the only place Berglund looked good this year was on RW w/ Larsson & Girgensons (& on PK which goes with that). But, oh how good he looked there. And, on some level, Housley seemed to know something was up as he didn't keep that line together (though from an outsider's perspective he should have) but still experimented around making sure Sobotka was pretty much never the odd man out.
  9. Taro T

    The even randomer thread

    Pretty sure Neo still posts now & then. Expect that Flagg will be back, but who knows when.
  10. Taro T

    The even randomer thread

    He left in a snit for HFBoards (IIRC) a few years back because some here had the audacity to disagree with him on occassion. He continued posting on Scott's Bills site until a month or 2 ago when he received a timeout for something. (Don't follow that board closely enough to know why he recieved the ban.) Would be surprised if he returns to here unless he gets banned at HFBoards. Would be fine with him coming back, but would prefer to see XBenedict &/or Randy Flagg back if we were to only get 1 of them.
  11. Taro T

    Skinner Contract Watch

    The regular season ends in early-April & unless they right this ship quickly, that's when they'll be packing their bags. I'd expect the deal to be signed in-season, but within 2 weeks of it being done at the latest. We're pretty much in agreement on this as there's a very real possibility they've already agreed to the framework at a minimum.
  12. Taro T

    Skinner Contract Watch

    SHOULD it come to pass they lose Skinner as he walks July 1, that would be painful & bad but it would not exceed 7/1/7 & the compounding events of the next few days. Still not convinced that they're able to sign him to an 8 year deal for another 9 days anyway. (It's always been the word of the talking heads vs the letter of the CBA & the talking heads have been quiet since before the all star break.) IF they can't, there's very little possibility he's signing this week. But there is a very real chance he'll be extended before they pack their gear for the summer.
  13. Taro T

    Nelson recalled

    Perhaps. But if he HAS been playing hurt, he should have been in the press box.
  14. Taro T

    Nelson recalled

    So can we finally please sit Scandella? Of course not. My money says either Pilut or Nelson sits.
  15. Taro T

    2018 - 2019 Lineup

    Yep. :doh: Thanks for the correction.