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  1. Yeah, gonna be a long summer. We're still at that point & nowhere near the point of people blaming other fans for it yet. 😉 Know that many are looking forward to this summer & the uncertainty & excitement it brings. Me, not wishing time to fly by, but am looking forward to October & flat out dreading the summer. Ever since the Knoxes put Muckler on a budget & got rid of most of the expensive pieces (pretty much all of them but LaFontaine & Hasek) everytime the team the team truly seems to have turned the corner or is poised to do so, there is something remin
  2. Reinhart is definitely a candidate to sign an offer sheet. Two minor clarifications, the picks would be for the 2022 draft; and most guys coming off ELCs (like Dahlin) are exclusive rights players. Though they are unsigned & could sign with teams in other leagues, if the team tenders a QO the team is the only NHL team with the right to negotiate with the player. It's the same situation Mittelstadt was in last year & why wringing hands over whether Dahlin will get poached is unwarranted at present. (Not implying you were worried that Ras would get poached, btw.)
  3. Wonder if they considered asking Nolan or Krueger to coach this bunch. Because on paper this looks comparable to Team Latvia or the Swiss National Team.
  4. Thanks for stating something I've been speculating about in a much better way.
  5. Doesn't the "best deal" by definition end up "higher than other offers?" 😛
  6. It definitely doesn't help make him look mature, but IF it was heat of the moment, it is what it is. Speculated/asked back after the PC if the reason for the "tirade" was simply because he REALLY wants the surgery so he can actually start training again on the timetable he (& HIS trainers) believe he needs to be on to be 100% on day 1. Remember, he's been injured right before camp or right at the end of camp at least 1/3 of his NHL seasons. He really liked and respects Krueger. Fairly certain he loved the idea of playing w/ Taylor Hall & Reinhart & the 1st time we saw th
  7. While it MIGHT have been calculated, it could also be a frustrated 24 yo having to be grilled by people he doesn't respect right after a long, disappointing/frustrating meeting with his bosses. Remember, the conversation started out on a pretty even keel & then ~10 minutes in went kerboom. Anybody else here glad they didn't have to speak publicly right after not seeing eye to eye with their boss for an hour or so? Yours truly could definitely have been goaded into saying something that sounded really bad & might not even have been reflective of how things really are in such
  8. 95% sure there are no AHL playoffs this season.
  9. Roughly 1/3 full then? (Thought that ballpark holds ~19,000, right?)
  10. The missing link (if we're limiting it to just 1) has been not enough good competent guys available to keep from forcing talented kids to try to take on more responsibility than they're capable of handling at the young age. Whether it be naming Eichel captain at ~20 yo, forcing Mittelstadt into a 2C role in his 1st full season as an NHLer, making Ristolainen the minute eating beast of the D-corps by his 3rd NHL season, or other similar attempts at fitting an oval peg into a round hole; they've all contributed to the disappointment. And now, we MIGHT be on the verge of making Mitts &a
  11. For those who didn't watch the NFL draft, there were images of the Pegulas in draft room & Kim even announced 1 of the Bills selections. But nobody is complaining about that. Why? Because Beane & Co have had the most (technically, the only) success this team has had in the new century. They're good at their jobs & the Pegulas enjoying their purchase has not perceptably negatively affected the team since Beane was brought in. There really isn't any actual evidence that they meddle any more into the Sabres than they do into the Bills; they just haven't prior to Adams found
  12. The roster was made up of kids - definitely. Houser was the 2nd oldest player in at least 2 of his starts. But it wasn't 1/2 AHLers. Samuelson & possibly Bryson were AHLers. Ruotsalainen was the only F that can still arguably be considered an AHLer that was getting regular usage. Fogarty, Murray, etc were rotating through a single slot. But Mittelstadt, Thompson, Asplund, Borgen, & Cozens showed they are NHLers. They're just young NHLers. Now, to say the GTing was AHLers after Ullmark went out - 100%.
  13. Will watch today's PCs tonight. Am still hoping that Eichel's PC was more about venting & trying to get the team on board with his wish to get the surgery than actually wanting out & beginning the process of burning bridges. Emotions seem to be raw here w/ the fans & we just watch this stuff. These guys lived this debacle of a season. They have to be close to skinned alive raw for these guys.
  14. Did you really need the adjective "baseball" be placed before the word "game?" Watching baseball in 40 degree weather is slightly worse than watching football in a 35 degree rainy day. And before you come back with "people watch World Series games in cold weather," remember we're talking about playing AAA baseball in April above the Mason Dixon line. That is not pleasant.
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