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  1. If the Big 3 are split up; I'd expect almost no possibility that Okposo is anywhere other than 4th line. The 4th line with Rodrigues on it wasn't as effective at either end of the rink as it was with Kyle as the RW. I'd expect in a "4 lines that can (kind of, almost) score (with no other outsiders help brought in); we'd see Olofsson - Eichel - Vesey Skinner - Johansson - Rodrigues Sheary - Mittelstadt - Reinhart Girgensons - Larsson - Okposo And I still would expect that, in that scenario that there are no other top 6 forwards brought in, they'd be better off in trying to balance the scoring by giving the 2 C (either E-Rod or MaJo) both Skinner and Reinhart with Mitts getting Sheary or MaJo and either Thompson or E-Rod. REALLY expect Mitts' effectiveness will be more of a function of opponents than line mates. (Though obviously would like him to have the best he could get after lines 1,2, & 4 are assembled.)
  2. Probably homage to the Slug. 😛
  3. This post made me realize that the new 50th alternate sweater will be the 1st sweater the Sabres have worn that includes a Buffalo that doesn't have a red eye. How the #### can they not have a buffalo that was out drinking until the bars closed at 4AM and is now dealing with a bloodshot eyes hangover. The designers simply don't understand this city nor its fanbase.
  4. Yep. And their 4th QB is better than either team's 3rd QB.
  5. Would agree that Connor's deal will get done 1st. Laine is a REALLY interesting case. Because his top skill is his shot and goal scoring gets rewarded, but that seems to be the only NHL quality skill he brings. Can't see him getting the sort of deal his goals would typically bring; but don't have a good feel for how much of a discount Cheveldayoff can get him to take.
  6. Paging Mr. Inkman. Inky to the white courtesy phone.
  7. So, how much cheaper would Johansson have signed for if not for O'Reilly winning the Stanley Cup? Which FA's that signed elsewhere avoided the Sabres because of ROR's journey or other vets nixed trades to Buffalo? Trouba? He had a single year left on his deal and told the world he'd only sign an extension with the Rags due to his wife's residency. So, not him. Maybe somebody else? Kessel? Nope. He nixed a trade to Minnesota. What team did Skinner escape to so as to avoid Buffalo at all costs? Totally understand that the O'Reilly situation is frustrating and embarrassing. But really don't see that as the straw that broke the camel's back. YMMV.
  8. I shied away from Ristolainen for 3 reasons: 1. not convinced he'll still be here come October 3; 2. want to reduce his overall TOI, and with Dahlin, Montour, Pilut (when healthy), and even Miller available, see dropping him from the PP an easy way to move toward that goal; and 3. his decision making is slower than I'd like if he's feeding guys for 1 timers; his telegraphing that pass takes away several of those chances. Very intriguing, the idea of moving Okposo to the high slot. Wondering why you'd go that way. I want with him near the boards so he could win lose puck battles after errant shots and also because of the hardness of his shot. He can zip them past a goalie from that distance. Pilut at the top of the umbrella could be better than Montour. Not convinced he'll be ready to go at season's open. But will likely include him in a future iteration. If things aren't working with Reinhart low, he definitely should be able to play off the 1/2 wall. But I'd probably rather try him at high slot before moving him off to the side. And part of my logic of having both Vesey & Skinner together is both can do a solid job crashing the net and the structure/feel/strategy of that 2nd unit would be different from the top unit forcing teams to be prepared to play both a loose box/diamond against the 1st unit & a tight box against the 2nd one. Maybe the 2nd unit can get some mismatches going as the other team has to defend differently. (Likewise on the 1st unit; if guys that can move the puck well like Reinhart and Mittelstadt are there inside the box, do the defenders have to back off Eichel opening up a give & go 1 timer w/ the pointman?)
  9. Caught that (see edit at bottom of OP). Agree that Johansson would be better in that role, but had forgot about him when putting the post together and figured it was better to just put the disclaimer rather than try to replace all the mentions of E-Rod and inevitably missing 1 or 2 and then making the post confusing (more confusing?)).
  10. Shocking that a team sort of run by Don Waddell might be a mess.
  11. Seems 1 draft pick too much for Tkachuk and an Olofsson and a pick too much for Domi.
  12. Until we see the final roster, and whether Ristolainen is still giving up the blue line too easily or his doppelganger is lining up between Olofsson and Reinhart, this is a bit premature. But I believe they have the talent to ice 2 effective units with just a bit of mixing and matching. I'd like to see at least 1 finisher on each unit and also have a player to funnel the play through. Keeping that in mind, I don't necessarily put the 5 best players out with the next 5 cleaning up the final 40 seconds. 1st unit would funnel through Eichel at the 1/2 wall. I'd keep Reinhart as the low man and would use Olofsson rather than Skinner on the other 1/2 wall as he seems to be better at scoring further from the net than Jeff is & Jeff seems to be better in the "dirty areas.". Would have Mittelstadt in the high slot as he seems to want to be in the phone booth and has the hands to either get the shot or dish should the D cheat to cover Jack, and would use right handed Montour at the top of the umbrella. Montour would be the 1st to get replaced and obviously by Dahlin who will QB the 2nd unit. Would have more of a jumble in front with Skinner and Vesey cycling from the low to high slot and swarming around the net. Okposo would work the right 1/2 wall and when Jack finally leaves the ice would have Rodrigues work the left 1/2 wall. That 1st unit would move the puck very well with the threat of the 1 timer coming from either side. That tic-tac-toe that worked well in October from Jack to Sam to Sheary could work as well or better with Mitts taking Sheary 's role but having the additional option of slipping it to Victor to finish. And Eichel would have 4 threats (well 3-1/2 but where Casey lines up, he'd also be a threat) for 1 timers or give & go's from all but Victor. The 2nd unit would flow through Dahlin with 2 options for tips, rebounds, or 1 timers in front and the still powerful shot of Okposo off the 1/2 wall. E-Rod would basically be a utility knife on the other 1/2 wall regaining loose picks and reloading Dahlin. Last year the 2nd unit was extremely ineffective. This unit should be able to take advantage of mismatches by either facing exhausted 1PKs or less talented 2PK's. And, totally understand the thought of having Dahlin & Montour flip, but there's only 1 puck and 2 guys that should have it on their stick setting stuff up. (Actually expect Dahlin & Montour to flip; likely Jeff & Victor as well; but IMHO that top unit wouldn't be as cohesive, and the 2nd unit would be significantly weaker.) [Edit: completely forgot about Johansson. Plug him into E-Rod's role.]
  13. Wouldn't be at all surprising. The Slugs were revealed at a much hyped training camp session way back when.
  14. How is that? Other than dropping from ~ 17-19 to 31, how did O'Reilly winning the SC screw the Sabres? Yes, that was arguably the most embarrassing thing that could happen to them (in general & to Botterill/Pegula specifically); but it really didn't materially effect them unless Johnson ends up a bum and somebody that the Sabres were actually targeting in the dozen prior picks ends up a stud. And there are several much worse things that could happen to the Sabres which will go unmentioned.
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