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  1. Am curious to see how they'd run a 5 team tourney. Short round robin games w/ the top 4 out of that slotted into a pair of semifinals would seem most likely IMHO.
  2. So, is this not confirmed? Please let that be the case.
  3. That did not age well. (Or maybe it does.) Condolences to the Pegula family & the entire Sabres, Bills, & Bandits families. That's a huge loss for all. Mrs. Pegula, please RIP. Hoping the struck through above was horribly premature.
  4. True. And as much as Drury's legacy as "Captain Clutch" has been immortalized, he is still the guy that missed the wide open net in the 1st period of game 7 with the game still scoreless. It was a tough angle, but Tuch buried it from a slightly tougher angle.
  5. Really wouldn't read much of anything into Mrs. Pegula's condition based upon her daughter going to work. Probably safe to assume (very thankfully) that her demise isn't immediately imminent, but not much else to be read into it.
  6. He might, & that is the hope. Stated flat out without being in the room don't know how he's different in there than in the public. But showing young kids how to be a pro & unifying a room don't necessarily translate to getting in guys faces nor telling management that Satan is a cancer and he needs to be on the next bus out of town. (And not saying necessarily he can't be that guy. Just that it hasn't been demonstrated publicly to be in his wheelhouse.)
  7. A 1st rounder? Can the Loafs afford that kind of a hit to their pipeline for that little of a haul? Surely a conditional 3rd in 2 years would be more appropriate, right? 🤪
  8. Why Zadorov? Yes, he's physical and big, but the few times saw him play this year he always seems to be good for at least 1 boneheaded cheap shot resulting in a PP for the other team. And he seems to take himself out of position too often as well. What is this guy missing that you're seeing?
  9. Couldn't recall ottomh if it was the 3rd Eichel season that he played close 80 games; was pretty sure it wasn't that year but not positive w/out looking it up so just left it at 65 points. And, yeah, it wasn't a 120 point pace, it was only a 105 point pace through 60 in '19-'20. Oops. 🍺. Still way better than anything we've seen since Briere.
  10. OK, was confused with the designation of the Semifinals games. Was believing that implied there had been quarterfinals which was incorrect. Danke. 🍺
  11. Dumb question. Any idea when the Memorial Cup expanded from just a 4 team tourney? (And, no, don't care enough to google it. Pretty sure somebody will know offhand.)
  12. Which is where having someone other than Okposo as captain sooner rather than later may be a good thing. Haven't been in the room, but Okposo seems way more Pominville than Drury. And the team really needed a Pomms rather than a Drury this last year. Drury would've made the room miserable. Hoping we're ready for them having a Drury soon. Why not now if he's here? (Not positive he's here.)
  13. Not telling you anything you didn't already know, but getting 65 points at 20 is usually viewed as having more room to grow than getting 68 at 24. Still room to grow, especially when circumstances have changed so significantly as they have for Thompson this year; but would be shocked if his ceiling is ~60 games of 120 point pace (which has been roughly Eichel's peak production to date).
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