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  1. Taro T

    Practice Report: Monday, 12-10-2018

    Would really like to see the Eichel line stats for the last 6 games (7 counting the Minny game that Jason was with Jack for the 3rd, and the ONLY time in those games that Pominville wasn't an anchor) that Pominville played on that line & also would like to see them dropping the Bah-stan game from that sample as well for the line w/ Sam on it. If the numbers still bear out how well that line plays w/ Pominville there, then so be it. But that Eichel line has gotten a pair just about every game (except Nashville & they got the only goal) since Reinhart rejoined it. And Skinner, just in the last couple of games has started to figure out where to be now that that are 3 useful forwards on the line rather than just 2. I fully expect if it stays together that line will be up ~2.5 gpg.
  2. Taro T


    Has tomorrow's game against the Kings already been played and I missed it somehow?
  3. Taro T


    Minor quibble, 4 more L's would put that streak at 9. And McCabe, next to the 1 game of injured Hutton, has definitely been their most significant loss. He's been playing very well in all 3 zones.
  4. Taro T

    Practice Report: Monday, 12-10-2018

    About as good a set of combinations as they're going to get with 3D out and no trades on the horizon. Hoping that if the 4th line will be a permutation of the 4 guys running there today that Rodrigues is the spare. Would prefer both PPs to run 4F-1D with Ristolainen being the odd man out. But these will be interesting and can't work any worse than what they've been running.
  5. Taro T

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Soooooo Bills-ey.
  6. Taro T

    Depth Scoring (again)

    Pominville, Sobotka, Okposo, Berglund, & ???. That is the extended version of this rosters "has beens." Can't see any of those named messing up development. Not sure who's pencilledin for that ??? role. You have a notion?
  7. Taro T

    The other sports thread

    Have there been any since Lanier?
  8. Taro T

    The even randomer thread

    You sure this is strictly because of your actions at the fundraiser?
  9. Taro T

    Why doesn't Housley call a timeout, ever?

    And I wasn't saying any more than if that 2nd guess is correct, he needs to go. (Again, I don't expect it is.) And switching around the lines IS something. Unfortunately, he couldn't swap the goalies. Expect that would've been his 1st arrow.
  10. Taro T

    Things that are AWESOME...

    Getting 4-1/2 16 oz beers out of a growler. Awesome. And my dog's favorite beer being Abita's Turbo DOG also awesome. (And, no, I don't let him actually get a reasonable amount of it.)
  11. 10 years? Huh? You adding the Sabres and Bills tenures together?
  12. Taro T

    Why doesn't Housley call a timeout, ever?

    IF B was the actual reason, he needs to be punted. (Truly doubt it was.) There were about 15 minutes left when they went down by 2. Plenty of time to keep it from becoming a "learning experience."
  13. The outburst could be entertaining; but, no, I do not look forward to your banishment from this little parcel of Nirvana. But, ya know, ya did promise ... :p
  14. Taro T

    2018 - 2019 Lineup

    Absolutely keep the checking line together. But if by having that line together, non-Eichel lines get 1.62 gpg, there's no reason to break up 53-9-23 when it's scoring almost 2 gpg.