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  1. Watched it all (unfortunately) but on a longer tape delay than usual. Glad you made it there this time.
  2. Would guess either in Minnesota - got to the SO. Or in Anaheim - they actually won that one. For the most part, OT has been a nightmare this year.
  3. Last season. They now can challenge as many times as they want but all failed challenges result in a bench minor.
  4. With God as my witness, thought this game was at 7PM. (Went to set up to record the pregame & saw the game is 1/2 over.) Apologies @PromoTheRobot. 🍺
  5. At this point all the remaining teams in the AFC have some reasons to be feared. But pretty sure the Bills are the only one that were top 5 on both O & D. If Allen & Daboll continue to take what they're given rather than play heroball, really like their chances vs the Chefs.
  6. Could see him bringing back a 2nd. IF Adams gets a 1st for him, he's a magician & the question becomes WTF can't he use some of that magic to land a current goalie. But yeah, a 3rd is more likely.
  7. It WAS an incredible interception. And should be on the highlight reel for a long time. But it was FAR from a perfect pass. If Jones puts that ball on his outside shoulder rather than leading him back towards the middle of the field then Hyde has no chance to intercept that & almost no chance to even break it up.
  8. One last thought about last nights game. If Allen doesn't slip on 4th down in Tennessee, last night's heroics never happen.
  9. If they fix the RD it'll be better than reasonable provided the GTing isn't hot garbage.
  10. Seems the national media have been doing quite a respectable ball washing of Mr. Allen & crew. IMHO this was his first MAJOR stride towards the HoF. That performance literally can only be topped by somebody going at least 8 TDs in 8 tries. 99%+ sure that ain't happening in this kid's lifetime.
  11. Would flip Thompson & Cozens. But overall getting close to reasonable. Replace 2 of the bottom 3 w/ Mittelstadt & Quinn (and next year Peterka too) & they shouldn't be getting smoked by Detroit.
  12. Face it. It was the 1st time in the Super Bowl era & likely ever than an offense was literally perfect. 7 drives - 7 TDs 7 Red Zone trips - 7 TDs 5 for 5 on 3rd down when not kneeling to run out the clock. 0 turnovers 0 sacks 0 plays (other than taking a knee to run out the clock) for negative yardage. 0 INTs 0 4th downs except after 3 kneel downs (follows from being perfect on 3rd down) 0 punts 0 FG attempts Only 4 balls touched the turf; at least 1 of which was intentional 0 own recovered fumbles 300 yards of offense in the 1st half There LITERALLY will never be a performance that good again.
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