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  1. It's just not an organization that demands or expects excellence. The Pegulas seem content enough to own a sleepy backwater franchise. Their approach to the Bills seems different - maybe they're wary of being embarrassed among the NFL billionaires club.
  2. Eichel and Dahlin are two of the best passers in the NHL. Prove me wrong.
  3. I would do it if only to add pressure to Botterill - sharing an office with your potential replacement tends to increase performance.
  4. But it doesn't even matter if it was good or bad. Answering that question doesn't help us a lick today. It's like the internet was created for the purpose of endlessly debating unprovable, esoteric issues.
  5. Agree that lights-out goaltending would've helped mask much of the stink.
  6. Cat was a last-minute throw-in in the O’Reilly trade. Man we got fleeced!
  7. They just don’t have enough good scorers and their goaltending is average. It’s really that simple. Constructing a roster heavy on puck-moving defensemen is a questionable strategy - those defensemen have no scorers to bring the puck to, and the style makes them susceptible to the stretch passes where they lack an elite goalie to bail them out. Dahlin once again looks like an elite player. Reino is battling, I think, he’s just having a tough time fitting his game into the offense. Skinner is being asked to create offense all by himself which has never been his game. E-Rod, Mojo and Sheary are playing like they belong in Rochester with the Mythlestadt. Multiple coaches have now been unable to succeed with these core players. Botterill has failed at his job. Time to move on. It happens.
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