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  1. This sums it up well. Plus Risto had one of his horror show games.
  2. Dahlin is struggling a bit - seems to have lost some confidence. He’ll get it back but it’s tough to watch.
  3. Dahlin didn’t deserve to be out there in OT. Easily his worst game as a pro. He was horrid.
  4. I only said that so that Eichel would score. You’re welcome.
  5. I didn’t think Vesey was awful. His play reminded me a bit of Evander Kane’s, in the sense that it stuck out as being different from the way the rest of the team was playing. I’m sure RK will work to get him in sync.
  6. Yeah - that’s the downside of RK’s approach - Eichel was out of gas and Dahlin wasn’t far behind.
  7. Seems to me they’re having trouble with the ice. Ice looks heavy/slushy and it’s affecting the passing.
  8. He looked and played stronger last night.
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