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  1. You've heard of gambling and investing, yes?
  2. I mentioned the same thing about Risto during the season - his issue to me seemed to be overuse.
  3. So uh... any actual news or rumors?
  4. Eh, I like McCabe, but Laine did it to himself there - McCabe just stood his ground as Laine skated right into him.
  5. Player development has off-ice components, training programs, leadership aspects - it’s a lot more than simply picking good players and letting them marinate in your AHL affiliate.
  6. Maybe. But I think the folks who think we’ll be able to unload Risto and some expensive spare parts (Bogo, KO, Sabotka) and somehow get something really good in return are setting themselves up for disappointment. For a real hockey trade, we will need to throw value into the pot - like Casey or Sam.
  7. What about adding Sam as part of a package to get a real 2C? Would Botts do it?
  8. He plays like someone who can’t complete a pull-up. It’s obvious. He is weak on the puck.
  9. Seems like each player they’ve added is good at pressuring the other team’s defense and generating chances. They are not going to play passive hockey. Just my very unskilled observation.
  10. My gosh this fanbase is angry...
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