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  1. Oh I’m there too believe me. Just can’t get over how quickly it has set in already this season.
  2. Two games in and we’re already at the Lucic-Miller Angst stage of the season...
  3. Did Ray just say Ralph K was hoping not to have to do much coaching tonight? What is going on with this franchise? This is bizarro land.
  4. I have been watching the exact same game for like eight years.
  5. Maybe they're TRYING to get Skinner to waive his NMC - make him think it was HIS idea - psy-ops. I see you, RK!
  6. That’s gotta be a maximum possible amount of like 1,500 pennies, right?
  7. https://theathletic.com/2316763/2021/01/11/sharks-evander-kane-bankruptcy/?source=user_shared_article Not purely Sabres-related so feel free to move to another thread. The lifestyle stuff is interesting though. He has clearly “lived hard,” pissing away his earnings on failed investments and incredibly desperate gambles including actually gambling at casinos. Always saddened and fascinated by how quickly people can go broke. From the article: ”It’s unclear how the 29-year-old Kane, who has earned $52.9 million in team pay during his 11-year career, according to capfriendly
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