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  1. I see the Pegulas have commissioned themselves some Russian bots... cheaper than paying a PR team. These are lean times.
  2. My buddy and I have a running text chain going back over a year where we make up names of guys who probably worked on building the Erie Canal. Jeremiah Crowe will be this week’s entry for me!
  3. Year after year the NHL Draft Lottery amazes me in its awkwardness - a bunch of old white men in suits sitting on stools pinning their hopes to numbered lottery balls. I can't believe they haven't updated the format, especially this year, with everything going on in the world. It's such an incongruent display of nonsense. What's the plan for Friday night, a Zoom gallery view format?
  4. Excuse me, maybe you weren't paying attention when they explained it? They see things that we, as fans, do not. Ok? Now shut up and open your wallet.
  5. Accountability is much easier in a small organization - there is nobody to shift the blame to. Misspelled jerseys on alumni night? Now you’ll know exactly whose fault it is. Same thing applies to the personnel side. Funny enough, many of us were saying “burn the whole thing down” during the last two years and now we got our wish and folks are still upset. PSE was a bloated, directionless gravy train filled with cush jobs, legacy hires, and seemingly unfireable lifers. Now, at the very least, everyone knows there are actual consequences to not doing your job well. Like any other well-run business, in theory. I’m not optimistic or pessimistic but I prefer this approach to the status quo.
  6. A prospect who can't even do a pull-up! <Ducks>
  7. “I can’t understand what’s happening, so I’ll just blame the constant.”
  8. Ironically, in the movie about the team you’re describing, the goalie would probably be blind. Or maybe a golden retriever. Or both!!
  9. I don’t think “fire all the scouts” fits the internally-sourced, communicator, cost-efficient approach this hire indicates.
  10. That got me thinking - perhaps Botterill never stopped working for Pittsburgh 🤔.... would explain a LOT.
  11. Love how the official Sabres release looks like a Weight Watchers “before and after” video - not so much the difference in pounds but how they chose a photo of Adams smiling against a bright background, contrasted with the dark, brooding photo of Jason. Good stuff.
  12. That they've been grooming him for this for a decade, he's a tireless worker, he worked his way up from nothing, he's a "people person" who brings people together, he understands all aspects of running the team because he's worked in all corners of it, he's a Local Boy, etc...
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