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  1. Cascade Youth

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    I would kill to be able to listen to RJ pronounce Huberdeu on a nightly basis.
  2. Cascade Youth

    Sheary - Why are so many eager to trade him?

    He can’t finish.
  3. Eichel has been terrible today. Just awful.
  4. Cascade Youth

    The Leafs

    To be clear, I'm not claiming that the Leafs rebuilt quickly - although they rebuilt more effectively than the Sabres have IMO, and did so during the time that the Pegulas' teams have tanked/bottomed out TWICE. There are many other teams however, in both sports, that have rebuilt quickly during the Pegulas' tenure. I could start listing them but I have to go back to work - will try to come back to this later.
  5. Cascade Youth

    The Leafs

    I don’t really see how that question goes to the point I’m making. The Leafs almost surely will push into the playoffs this season. There have been multiple teams in both sports that have quickly rebuilt themselves during and much faster than the Bills and Sabres, respectively.
  6. Cascade Youth

    The Leafs

    BOTH of the Pegulas' franchises are kind of a mess right now, and for similar reasons: namely, they continue to entrust his scouting and managing operations to new GMs and coaches, without bringing in outside help. Not that a "Czar" is guaranteed to fix the problem, but you'd think that new owners with zero experience in professional sports might want to pay experienced advisors to help reduce the steep learning curve. But no, they continue to believe they can do it alone, and continue to entrust green general managers to carry out full rebuilds down to the studs. Both the Bills and Sabres seem headed toward 3-10 year "rebuilds" ("We're finally doing things the right way, for the long term!") while other franchises completely flame out and rebuild themselves over and over again in the interim, i.e. the Leafs. It's just not nearly as hard to succeed in either sport as the Pegulas are making it look.
  7. Cascade Youth

    Practice Report 2-4-19

    Maybe showcasing Okposo - hoping to get him a few rebound goals off of Eichel's offense. Would still need to retain some salary if he gets dealt.
  8. Cascade Youth

    Trigger Alert - data

    Raw data
  9. Cascade Youth

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    It's a combination of system and talent. They lack the talent to run Phil's system - they simply cannot abandon their defensive zone responsibilities like they've been doing. They're also mentally and physically SOFT.
  10. Cascade Youth

    GDT: Blackhawks @ Sabres 2/1/2019, 7PM EST

    Great so by this time next year we’ll be reading about how much happier Hutton is since quitting bath salts and changing uniforms...
  11. Cascade Youth

    GDT: Blackhawks @ Sabres 2/1/2019, 7PM EST

    They just don’t hate losing.
  12. Cascade Youth

    GDT: Blackhawks @ Sabres 2/1/2019, 7PM EST

    Terry should fire himself - he’s the problem. His teams are a disgrace.
  13. Cascade Youth

    GDT: Blackhawks @ Sabres 2/1/2019, 7PM EST

    There is something seriously wrong with this team.
  14. Cascade Youth

    Jason Botterill: Is he a good or bad GM?

    I don't see how you can argue that Botterill was lucky/"fortunate" re: Skinner but deserves full blame for things like ROR/Berglund losing their love for the sport. Maybe Botterill was just "unfortunate" that those events occurred? Just seems disingenuous to me to take a move that worked out well for Botts and call it "luck" - it exposes your entire position to a claim of bias.