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  1. Have to think it’s his job to lose at this point.
  2. Are you telling me there is NO defenseman in Rochester better than Irwin? Really?
  3. Something our managing partner consistently repeats: “Don’t tell me what someone can’t do. I want to know what they’re good at.” DG seems to be of this mindset. Show me what a player CAN do, what he’s good at, and I’ll put that player in a position to do it. Incredibly simple approach that seems uniquely hard for many organizations (not just sports) to implement.
  4. I have this injury and got it from a sports collision. It sucks. Severity can vary. Would definitely explain the constant grimace. More seriously it would explain why his shot seemed to have lost velocity this year - it affects everything upper-bodywise.
  5. Two things can both be true: 1) The Pegulas are addicted to rookie GMs who won't challenge their authority. 2) Taylor Hall sucks (now).
  6. Again: Hall has been a bag of garbage here. Folks line up to talk about how much they hated Staahl, but Hall chose to come here (Staahl really didn’t), took up a boatload of cap room, and contributed absolutely nothing. Never saw him get his nose dirty - not a single time.
  7. He drifts around the perimeter, not really wanting to get involved in the play and rarely crashing the net. My observation at least. Would love to see the tracking on that someday. Doesn’t have great speed or a lethal shot. Isn’t feisty like Skinner. He’s really bad, at least the 2020/21 version. If he’s great for Boston it’s because he suddenly became interested in competing - which would make me dislike his character. If he plays the same he’s played here, he’s just washed.
  8. The real problem for Kevyn Adams isn’t the return - Hall is terrible, and plays like he’s washed. The real problem for Kevyn Adams is that he signed Hall, and paid him millions of Terry’s money, and Hall is terrible and plays like he’s washed.
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