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  1. Skinner - Larry - Sheary works for the reasons you guys mentioned above, but this is by far the fastest line we have on the team and will cause good teams fits if they stick together going forward. Larry has unfairly been the whipping boy the last few seasons as he’s worked to get back to 100%. He was a very quick skater before he broke and dislocated his arm. Last season he started to show flashes of that speed again and I think it’s been apparent this year he’s back to form.
  2. Anyone know how we lured Mike Komisarek into the organization? Interesting since he doesn't have any prior affiliation with the Sabres that I'm aware of
  3. Stop being so reasonable and rational - this is the internet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The Sabres aren't a top 10 team in the NHL, but they aren't a bottom 10 team either. Consistent efforts on a nightly basis, regular game-over-game improvement for developing players, one move mid-season and another at the deadline could get them to the second round. JBotts isn't a terrible GM, he's just green; the coach, also a bit green, is a known for being an effective motivator; and Jack Eichel is proving this season to be a leader on the ice and in the locker room. Sure it's not the best situation to be in, but it's not dire (yet). There are going to be a lot of ups and downs this season; everyone should strap in and enjoy the fact that we have a management team that doesn't ruin the development of future propects (i.e. Dylan Cozens) to superficially improve the team on paper. I hope the Sabres step on the Leafs throat tonight. 2 losses in a row against a struggling Sabres team would turn the heat up in TO and hopefully disrupt any left over momentum from the Babcock firing.
  4. I would gladly trade Reinhart if it brings equal value back and reunites Skinner and Eichel. Samson and a RHD or two should yield a top 2-3 FWD.
  5. Unfortunately I don't think the front offices, or more importantly the players, want anything close to accountability - and here's why: 1) GM's would have to deal with a new host of salary cap issues if players faced longer suspensions 2) Lost playing time (and money) for the player - the players, the teams, and the league, don't want their guys sitting very long, especially if he is a superstar (see Kucherov v. Sobokta's knee) 3) Lost revenue for the league - it's bad enough one player is out, now two are going to sit? Depending on your assumptions, it's unlikely the reduction of suspendable infractions justifies the additional player days lost from a "more appropriate" punishment (think something similar to ROI on a investment) 4) If the players really cared, the NHLPA would address this in the collective bargaining negotiations At the end of the day if comes down to money and playing time. Nobody wants to lose a significant chunk of either one...
  6. You are 100% right! I'm hoping one day I find a box of VHS recordings of Sabres games from '94-'01 at a garage sale so I can find it and share.
  7. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I still say this to people in a terrible Czech accent and they just assume I'm crazy
  8. The correct answer is the Adelphia commercial with Zhitnik and Hasek. Hasek is sitting on the couch trying to watch TV and is being screened by player standing in front him. Zhitnik comes in and DESTROYS the other player and apologizes to Hasek before offering him a shrimp off a serving platter. Pure comedy gold. I have searched for this commercial high and low over the years but haven't been able to find it...
  9. Just like Patty, Okposo has a warriors heart and I don't see him wanting to call it a career just yet. Does anyone know if the Sabres are able to put him on LTIR if they refuse to clear him due to concussion issues, but he claims feels ok to get back on the ice?
  10. Well, from what I've seen so far this season he's at his best when he's a warm body out there not making mistakes. I wouldn't call that good either...
  11. He's made some improvement this season on the defensive side of his game, but his ineffectiveness at faceoffs has me worried about him as a 2C. I think its unfair to think Cozens could step in next year as the 2C, but he could/should challenge at the 3C position. If that happens, does this push Casey out of the organization, or to a wing? I think it's much more likely that he ends up at LW in this scenario but it also may depend on how much he's looking at for his next deal. He hasn't shown as much as Samson did before his 7MM/2yr bridge contract and also burned a year off his ELC for those 6 games in '17-'18.
  12. I'm curious to see how the defense responds after getting Montour back, and having a few days off to rest and practice. They've been spending more time pinned in their defensive zone the last few games, but I've been chalking that up to fatigue. 13 games in 25 day will have that affect...
  13. JBotts has an incredible amount of flexibility next year with so much salary coming off the books. What I hadn't really considered until today was the incremental cap space he should see from Seattle. Here is a decent article from Forbes that talks about the impact Vegas had on the cap. https://www.forbes.com/sites/ryanlake/2018/12/06/nhl-expansion-to-seattle-brings-hope-of-higher-salaries-for-players/#4c6e7d332125 This could give JBotts the option of giving someone like Samson a bigger deal without stretching himself too thin in year 3-8. I see Reino getting 8 years @ 7.5-8.5M AAV,
  14. Meh. Neither player has contributed significantly. Casey is the more skilled player, but he hasn't been able to translate it into points. This could be a major reason Casey isn't translating that skill into points. eRod should've buried that feed from Casey last night. I was only able to watch a few parts of the game last night, and the highlights today. Did this line generate much last night? It looks like Vesey and Casey both had 14-15 minutes, but eRod only had 7 minutes. Did this line get broken up or was it due to PP/PK time?
  15. I'm not saying Casey is a lost cause, I'm just saying we've been waiting on the future for 6 years - it's go time. If the kid can't figure it out we have skaters that could be a better option. Right now I'd rather see eRod as that 3C. I'm curious to see if Krueger makes any changes if that line isn't able to get it going tonight.
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