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  1. I expect Hutton to start tonight since they had a 3 day break before last nights game, and another 3 day break after tonight. I also expect Hutton to have a big game to prove he is 100% back to form. It's a bit silly that people are still giving him a hard time about a undiagnosed medical issue that severely impacted his play last year. It's a new season and he looked ok in Game 1 ,and solid in Game 3. Hopefully he keeps building on that.
  2. It blows my mind that a cancer research organization has to rely on advertising to ensure continued funding, instead of using those advertising dollars to do more research or treating patients. And now I have to join the masses and ignore this truth to fully enjoy the 2021 version of the Sabres. Well played economic overlords. Well played...
  3. These are fair criticisms on RK. The strategy is apparent (maybe*), but the effectiveness is still TBD. My concerns lie within RKs perceived "stubbornness." His unwillingness to bend, or make changes to his strategy, especially in a shortened season, could handcuff progress and productivity of players (like Skinner). I think most fans believe he should have put Skinner back on the 1st line early last season. *The end game for management with Skinner this season might be to make him unhappy enough with his role to to agree to go to Seattle. This way they can get away from that c
  4. Chemistry, usage, and performance over the first 3-4 games should give us a good indication if he will be playing on the 2nd line with Stall and Skinner, sheltered minutes on a 3rd line, or back to juniors. I'm not sure with a 56 game season if the coaches leash will be long enough to warrant a 9 game look if he doesn't show promise right off the jump...
  5. Canada's passing was atrocious for a championship game. The guys definitely looked fatigued in the 3rd period and the US team's defensive game plan was executed well. Cozen's game wasn't great but he still had an excellent U20 tournament. I'm excited to see what he looks like with NHL linemates.
  6. I launched a podcast last week with a couple buddies about what it's like behind the scenes in playing in local bands and working as a cook. So far it's mostly been music-based stories. Besides the intro I'm just working behind the scenes, which is awesome because my son is doing all the video editing. It's still pretty raw since we've never done this before but you should get a couple laughs out of it. I didn't realize how crazy we actually were until we started doing this... New episodes every Wednesday. Once the season starts up there will be definitely be some hockey stories
  7. Lots of talk about inappropriate cultural appropriation this offseason. on a hockey bulletin board... for a US team... playing a Canadian sport... You can't make this ***** up
  8. Unfortunately I agree the temperament has been bred out of the game. That doesn't mean it is ineffective though, and if lower skilled teams start having success against higher skilled ones by having someone who's not afraid of missing a group text start hitting people with ill intent then we may see it bred back in. I'm pretty sure this is what Dalton Smith wishes before blowing out his candles every year...
  9. Short-term loses will not impacted the expected value of the franchise unless you are looking to sell one in the next year or 2. The NHL is the least developed out of the 4 major sports so the expected value 5+ years out will more than cover any short-term loses. The expected ROR (rate-of-return) is the only thing at risk here for 80%+ of the owners and the only organizations at risk of insolvency are poorly run ones that are already over-extended on their books through their own mis-management. No one should feel bad for the stakeholders in these organizations, or expect the players to bai
  10. Anyone else playing Chel on xbox1? I just picked up NHL21 on Black Friday. My normal league (239hockey.net) already started their season and the new one doesn't start until January. Going to start grinding games out to level up at night. Let me know if there's any interest and I'll make a sabrespace club.
  11. And this is exactly why the "money problems" the owners are talking about is a farce propagated for negotiation purposes. These owners can easily procure investments or obtain a line of credit based on the expected value of the franchise when the loan term is over. Having to tap into one of these cash inflow options potentially reduces their ROI, even if only temporarily. But that could be the difference between getting that second super-yacht or building that 6th home so I totally understand their concerns...
  12. Kinda glad I only popped in once before today on this post. Maybe everyone is catching a bit of the cabin fever. A couple points I've picked up along the way from reading fortune cookies: 1) it's ok if people don't agree with you; opinions are subjective by definition 2) not everyone is always going to agree with you, and that's ok, because see #1 3) people approach situations from different perspectives, which is typically the source of #2 4) you may disagree with the assessment and value others assign to the beliefs used develop their opinion, but we already knew
  13. Jumping in late on this convo, but I don't see anyone considering the impact an increase in player escrow contributions and/or a flat cap for 3+ years will do to contracts. We shouldn't expect the same year-over-year increases that we've seen over the last 4-5 years and that could have multiple impacts: 1) players may be more inclined to sign 1-2 year contracts than long-term deals, especially younger players. High potential and/or impact players will still command a decent salary, but everyone else will see salaries go down 2) older players looking for longer term contracts may ha
  14. He almost broke Sly's shoulder and he put three stunt guys in the hospital while filming his scenes for Rocky3
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