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    GDT - Sabres @ Panthers - November 30, 2018 - 7:00 PM (EST)

    Agreed. All good teams have some off games. The good news is this was back-to-back road games, 2 games in 2 nights, 1st night was an emotional barn burner that felt like a playoff game against the best team in the league, multiple injuries to key players for 1st time this year - and they still walked away with a point. The biggest concern for me to this point is still secondary scoring from the forwards. Its nice to see Tage start to heat up, but right now it's still the 1st line and defense that is driving the high level of scoring we are getting to enjoy...

    Please do not bypass the language filter

    Ok. I would like to file a complaint that I'm not allowed to curse with asterisks on this message board. If these kids have actually been to, watched, or listened to hockey games, they have heard the F word multiple times a season. Sheltering children from censored curses on a sports message board in a time where the lead story on the evening news is payoffs to pornstars, or how powerful men can brag about grabbing women by the genitalia,... well it seems a bit asinine and tone deaf consider the lexicon of today. IMO

    Please do not bypass the language filter

    I believe you are incorrect. Now what?

    Please do not bypass the language filter

    I've read through this entire thread and I think this is the main issue people have. Just because someone complains, doesn't mean action should be taken. This is a very clean forum as it is, and any request to censor the censored vulgarity does seem excessive. And if a post was made to inform us of this issue, I personally take it as a warning that someones account can be suspended or deleted for a violation. Maybe some clarification here will placate the masses? **Edited to fix my terrible grammar skills. Still too much passive voice but it is the internet...

    Sobotka and his "offensive upside"

    Sobotka has looked just fine for a bottom six player joining a new team. He is quick and does all the little things you want a veteran play to do. I was worried he may be a bit discouraged at his role on this team, but it looks like he is grinding it out. Winning always helps with that too...

    What value in a contract for Skinner?

    I didn't choose 6 years/50MM because I don't think he signs a 6 year contract. 8.3MM at 7 years would get it done, but I'm not sure Jbotts offers him that contract. I also don't know if Skinner will really be adamant about testing the open market - if he gets fair value now. The big question will be how many teams are this competitive and show this much promise, while still having enough cap space to fit him...

    What value in a contract for Skinner?

    7x7 would be a good deal for both parties, but I wouldn’t blink an eye if they added an 8th year or another 500-750k a season. Skinner is a gamer and the type of player everyone wants on their team. If he signs, it gives Skinner one of the elite playmakers in the game feeding him the puck through the prime of his career, and Eichel and consistent 30-40goal winger for the next 5-8 years. Yes please.

    Tage Thompson: what's the deal?

    Along similar lines, I don't think they want to pull a guy that is playing great down in the A out of that situation so he could play 12 minutes once or twice a week with the big club. Its still very early in the season.

    Thoughts On Tage Thompson So Far?

    Does TT really have good hands? I like his shot and his skating is better than I was expecting, but his hands have not been good. Several times he's lost the puck while trying to deke and has made some bad turnovers. At this point I'm still chalking it up to nerves, but if he doesn't settle things down he might end up in Rochester before New Year's.
  10. SHAAAUGHT!!!

    Phil Housley's Future as Sabres Head Coach

    Welcome to the internet. Everyone has an opinion and 95% of them are crap. 😜
  11. SHAAAUGHT!!!

    Is Rick on notice?

    The only people on notice are those insinuating RJ should be pushed out. I don't care if he is calling games from his living room, makes up half the players names and mispronounces the other half. Hearing Rick's play-by-play was literally the best part of most Sabre's games last season.
  12. SHAAAUGHT!!!

    Training camp questions: Carter Hutton

    No options between "best goalie in the league" and "provide play that is neither great, nor terrible..."??? I'd like to think he will land somewhere in between these two.
  13. Smart guy. As someone who is fluent in trash talking, I can tell you this tactic buys you an "out" later on down the road. Let's say a quarterback blows him up during a game. Now Ramsey can say "man, I say a lot of stupid stuff. I can't even skate and I said I could play in the NHL within 6 months."
  14. SHAAAUGHT!!!

    Eichel Hammy Interview 8/22

    And this could be the year we finally see his potential. No more skating with Girgs and Pommers. He'll have his BFF on the right side, and a natural goal scorer on a contract year on his left.
  15. SHAAAUGHT!!!

    TRADE: Sabres acquire Jeff Skinner

    Depends what type of deal he's looking for. If he is ok with a front loaded 3-4 year deal, I think it happens. Botterill's moves since the trade deadline have not only made the team better on the ice, but he has given himself a lot of cap flexibility in the out years. I don't think he is looking to give up that flexibilty on a longer-term Skinner contract. It also may depend on what Sams contract is going to look like.