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  1. His TRpm has improved dramatically.
  2. Montour will improve because he plays like he cares, with heart. Can't say the same for Reinhart. Let me guess... you were one of those who bashed the Josh Allen pick? Do you agree or disagree that heart and passion for the game play a significant role in a player reaching his potential? How do you measure heart and what role does it play when you rank prospects?
  3. He's still young and will get better. Hope they keep him.
  4. I thought you officially abandon this team a couple years ago?
  5. Leino, Burridge, Holzinger, Smehlik, Reinhart, Hodgson, Gorges, Larsson, Mezaros, Ruuttu, Creighton
  6. Seriously, what is there to elaborate? He can't skate well, he's slow, he's undersized, his shot is terrible, he's not a setup guy, he's not physical, his awareness is below average... he tries hard tho which is nice. He's not an NHL talent IMO, never was.
  7. i could, but I don't feel like it
  8. Larsson is part of the problem, not the solution.
  9. My source says the name most commonly mentioned alongside Buffalo in trade circles is Jake McCabe.
  10. Bogo most definitely feels like he can still play. They tried like heck to trade him. His agent requested they go the waive/non-report/suspend/contract-termination route so he could seek employment from another club this season and be eligible for the playoffs. Will be interesting to see if anybody picks him up, maybe on a playoff team as depth insurance, but I doubt he sees significant playing time unless there are injuries. He wants the chance to show he can still play... which he feels he didn't get a fair shot in Buffalo.
  11. You are partially correct. Right, there we're others engaged in the battle, however Sam was on the wrong side of the puck and made no attempt to put himself on the right side of the puck... in this case the D side.
  12. My prediction is he semi-retires for now... re-evaluates his career (he has a young daughter) over the next few months, then decides to give it one more shot and puts the time and effort into getting his body into peak condition... latches on with some random team willing to give him a PTO during pre-season and lands a one year deal, plays another 2-3 seasons then calls it a career moving into the TV booth as a color commentator for a western Canadian team and making guest appearances on HNIC and whatnot similar trajectory to Kevin BIeksa.
  13. agreed. he's a pending UFA, better late than never? or maybe the expectation is he clears, which saves them $1mil of cap for other moves at the deadline
  14. How about a 3C then? Or a 4C who ranks top 50 in FOW%?
  15. That's an automatic match penalty and 30 day suspension by USA Hockey rules (for amateur hockey). 30 day suspension from ALL team activities including practices and off ice activity. Can't even go in the locker room.
  16. Their culture is one where something doesn't go their way and the hang their heads with a "here we go again" attitude. As a result they give up goals in bunches. This is the left over stink from the tank. With a winning culture that doesn't happen, or happens very rarely. They're trying to break out of it, just not quite there yet.
  17. Wrong. His work ethic has been a question mark for years. The lazy play on the Larkin goal came one game after he called out his teammates to "step the hell up", so it was magnified as it should have been. His effort against the Rangers was the exception, not the rule. It was an outlier, NOT the Detroit game. If he needs a reporter to light a fire under him, then we have bigger problems.
  18. Recency bias. Nothing he did against the Rangers changes the fact that he flat out quit on the Larkin goal.
  19. Point production is similar, but there's more to hockey than just putting up points. Points being equal, I'll take Marchand everyday of the week. Most folks here have blinders on when it comes to evaluating players... focusing solely on points, or shot generation, XGF%, etc. They discredit all the other ingredients that go into making a good hockey player... courage, will to win, toughness, determination, etc. Unmeasurable characteristics that good teams posses and poor teams lack.
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