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GDT: 11/9/2019 1pm ET Buffalo Sabres at Tampa in ModoLand

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The Sabres looked awful yesterday. Will they look awful again today? Tampa is the home team so they'll have last change.

Will there be any response to the dirty hit that injured Sobotka.

Can this team score?

With Vlad out will we see shuffled lines?

I personally want to see Jack and Jeff together to spark to offense.


Answers to all these questions, and more at 1 pm edt.

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30 minutes ago, inkman said:

Just think, last year at this time, we were all wondering WTF is this baby giraffe doing on the ice. Now we're all like, bring us Tage!, He's our only hope!  

I would love to have him stay in Rochester for a good chunk of the season. He looks like he is figuring out how to use that big frame of his. I noticed last night that he was over powering the guy a lot when back checking. If he could figure out how to do that while forechecking then we would have done all the developing that we can do with him. 

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The more and more I look at the names on this team, the further and further away I think they are. I was praying the good start was somehow the coach, but really, this team still sucks talent-wise. They are still 4 good players away on offense and two of those HAVE to be on the top 2 lines (stud 1st line winger and 2nd line Center). Until that happens, the years of wasting Eichel will continue. 5-2 Lightning with 4-0 going into the 3rd.

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This collapse feels different than last year's. It's more like how people describe dying in the cold. You just lay down in the snow and slowly fall asleep. That's this year. Just a nice winter nap pulling my eye lids down and softly whispering me to unconsciousness as we give the puck up in our zone again.

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Oh ye of little faith, the difference in last year and this year is the team seemed to quit last year the further the season went along. I don't see quit in this team and I also see that none of the teams they've played lately have taken them lightly. They're all giving the Sabres their best shot. Are they going to turn it around starting today?? I hope so but even if they don't they will shortly. The only thing I didn't like about yesterday is no-one appeared to go after Kuchodirty and somebody should have stepped in for Skinner late in the game. McCabe and Risto have to be better enforcers for the team IMO. Having said that I'm wondering if they were under league orders not to engage in any fisticuffs while in Sweden because I can't believe there wasn't a brawl out there yesterday.

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