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  1. Actually almost assuredly they will not brew on site. They would call it a Brewpub if they did. The licensing they need actually changes if they don't brew on site. It makes it a wiser choice in being able to offer a full bar as well. They can (and will) still dominate the tap handles though I am sure of that. They also have their own spirits so I would expect to see those featured as well.
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    I appreciate the response. A few more questions.. If the purpose of a vaccine is to achieve herd immunity then wouldn't it also be possible for that to happen naturally? What is the percentage of the population that needs to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity? It seems contradictory to say that herd immunity can be achieved naturally and yet also acknowledge that something that is still highly vaccinated against, such as MMR. You note the effectiveness rates, so clearly mumps has a 29% chance of being ineffective, rubella and measles less than 10%. It seems that you also point out
  3. if I had the money I would be interested, even if I weren't a Sabres fan. You have a large, geographically dispersed fan base from a city that is dying for a championship of any kind. Owning the Sabres and properly running it should be able to make you money and definitely get your ego stroked by fans who would adore you for bringing back a competitive, fun team that had a chance at winning. I wouldn't move the team from Buffalo, the market has proven how insane it is for hockey and you only need to fill the arena. Even in a city the size of Buffalo that was possible, I recall not too long
  4. If a player doesn't want to be here, then we should get rid of him. This organization has made changes to try and please him and it's not worked. Perhaps they are not the right changes, but he appeared to be on board with them. He's done and he wants out. I wouldn't want to play for a teammate like that. As a fan I root for the Sabres first and the players second. If a player doesn't want to be here then I want them gone. I've never been a huge Eichel fan anyway. Until last season he never seemed to be the guy who was going to deliver and was prone to taking shifts off and gliding ar
  5. Excuse me.. who are you? 😉 I think the Sabres, even with the current goaltending situation could compete better if they were on the same page or cared to play. it's clear something is rotten in the locker room.
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    There's hope for us yet?
  7. Mickey Mouse is offended by the Sabres and is currently investigating a lawsuit against you for suggesting he's equatable to this laughable organization. How can this organization be viewed any worse? They are a damned laughing stock. It has to be demoralizing as a professional to play for this team night in and night out and not speak out against it. I'm not sure why they aren't frankly. What could possibly go wrong? You get traded to Arizona? At least it's F'N warm there.
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    Okay, circles I don't spin in. But, does it make sense? Not even trying to be snarky. I think if you call something a vaccine it evokes images of absolute prevention and when it fails to prevent people will use that as claims of its being ineffective, useless, or worse. Not a huge deal by any means, just a curious thought on using the word.
  9. No excuses today. I have to watch this game and suffer. *****.
  10. A few seasons back, when Kane, ROR, Eichel, Reinhart were on the PP weren't the Sabres something similar? The PP was fantastic because they could load all their talent onto the ice at once but when that talent was spread out the team could not score because the drop off in talent was bad... and also the coach was brutal. I think it was Bylsma's last year. Perhaps I will go look it up.
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    But no one really calls it the flu vaccine anymore right? It's the flu shot because it hopefully prevents the strains they believe would be dominant that particular year. Unlike a vaccine that would actually prevent it right? With all the variants in COVID, will we end up in that scenario? I know we don't know yet, but I keep waiting for them to find a variant that the current vaccines don't work against. Let's be honest. If you are asymptomatic how would you ever know you had anything? I am curious, and I am asking this not to dismiss your point but for understanding it b
  12. And everyone keeps ignoring this comment... Just assuming it's some 45 minute session each time. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. All we know is there were meetings. There could meetings for power play, penalty kill, forwards, defense, goaltenders, etc.
  13. I can watch a pixelated stream of my daughter at her vball tournament, a drunken cameraman streaming my son's varsity game, or stream the Sabres, or all three at once. I feel like I'm not getting much out of the Internet today. On the bright side, Spectrum offered me up a sweet deal to add TV back so I will be dropping Fubo and going back (at least for this year).
  14. I'm sure Eichel will be a game time decision. Skinner? That's a strange one. You'd think he'd be on the ice unless there is some other stuff that's been going on that we've not been privy to. I should be back from the varsity hockey game in time to rock my reverse retro my son bought me for Xmas and watch the game with him. Just hoping his team wins tonight so he's in a good mood. 🙂
  15. You feel like there is something else going on here. By all accounts I thought the Habs were performing well. Toronto and Edmonton are clearly leading but Montreal seemed to be doing well. I'd definitely be looking as the Sabres.
  16. The era of "manliness". It wasn't just pro athletes. Admitting you had a problem was a sign of weakness. Sadly stories like this hit too close to home and I have no professional athletes in my family tree. The alcohol, the buddies egging on a known alcoholic trying to change his life, oh yeah.. plenty of that. I'll have to queue it up to be watched but not sure I will get through it without getting really really angry. Sigh.
  17. No. Other GMs and especially coach I would be. but not Babcock. Do not want.
  18. Varsity game tonight.. spared the agony. All the best kids!
  19. BOO. But that said, you want low taxes, you want low bills, you get less. We lost power here for 4 days and others longer during that insane wind storm. NY isn't run by Republicans. Sometimes Mother Nature just ups and punches you in the face for wrecking her planet.
  20. Yep. After all the comments on Babcock I'm firmly out on him.
  21. Given the commentary on how Babcock treated players perhaps he's not the best choice. The dude has tarnished himself heavily, that's why he's in Saskatoon. The point here is that Krueger ain't gettin' it done and some seasoned hockey coach would be better. This I believe. Especially after the Vogl tweet regarding off-sides in practice. It's clear the "little things" aren't being enforced. it shows on the ice.
  22. What is it about Skinner that makes you think he's a good player? Skinner WAS a good player. Right now, and for a year he has NOT been a good player. There's some concept out there that Jeff Skinner is blameless in this. He's played games with pretty much everyone on the team and continues to produce absolutely nothing. ZERO. If this were Tage Thompson you'd say sit him, he's worthless. And guess what, Jeff will be 6 feet away from Tage tonight.
  23. Yay. A game when I have no varsity hockey games to watch instead. I mean.. Yay? Not sure I'm happy about this.
  24. A female hockey announcer or analyst would be perfectly fine. Not sure why there was any need to discuss how "hot" she could be.
  25. The commissioner can't unilaterally make a season happen. The board of governors voted in favor. The NHLPA voted in favor. The fact that there is a season is on everyone who voted yes. That said, every player also had the ability to opt out of this season and carry their contract to next year. Every player, by not opting out, accepted the potential risks that came along with playing an NHL season. Certainly they made the decision based on the proposed protocols, but each player should also have taken into consideration what the protocols might not prevent and how well those protocols
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