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  1. Is that all? …and he will be 33 in May.
  2. Holy cow Craig…have you even looked at his contract status? https://www.capfriendly.com/players/erik-karlsson
  3. When you are approaching 2.5mil cap hits for players like Jost and Girgs, you are approaching dangerous territory with all the kids contracts coming up, but I guess as long as they are 1 year deals and not anything crazy like 3 for 7.5 or 4 for 10, it should not be painful at least for next year.
  4. I see Backstrom is back for the Caps. Not the same player he was 3-4 years ago, but when he is in the lineup, they are a better team.
  5. A little crazy at the end, but damn, prior to the Jets 1st goal, that was a dominating road effort against a pretty good team. The TT goal was just…WOW.
  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Sabres went forward in the 1st round(as it seems to be forward heavy), and then go back to back to back defense with the 3 2nd round picks. As noted, even if Johnson signs, the cupboard needs restocking.
  7. I like Marty a lot. Duff on the other hand, very smooth, but he gives off strange vibes. Not sure if it is smug, snarky, or something else.
  8. Was the music extremely loud in Dallas, or were the broadcast mics just picking up too much of it? It certainly seemed to be blaring through the TV.
  9. Yes. Quite the outlier, and kudos to KA and other front office staff in regards to getting him signed long term.
  10. As a 22 year old NHL rookie Hecht put up 34 points. Jost is soon to be 25, in his 6th year in the NHL, and has a whopping career high of 26 points which was 4 years ago. I would say he has reached his peak and is done “developing”. I guess he could be a late bloomer, and develop into a solid 40-45 point a year guy, but I wouldn’t bet the house on it.
  11. You are severely underestimating Jochen Hect’s career, or overestimating the career of Jost. 😉
  12. A day after I pointed out that DG is ignoring team defense, with a one goal lead, and 5 minutes to go in the game, your top pairing allows a guy to get behind them for a breakaway. There is a time for offense and a time for defense, and either the coaches don’t get it, or the players don’t get it.
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