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  1. For another team? 😂😂😂
  2. No offense to Theana12345, but if the Sabres hold on to 8OA, instead of trading the pick in a package for immediate help, to quote a former GM of the Sabres... ...be prepared for suffering.
  3. Well he had almost a full year to figure out how to utilize him best, and failed miserably. Not sure I have faith, next year and beyond, will be any different...while they continue to co-exist.
  4. I retired at 55, and have not a single regret. Life is good! 👍
  5. Anyone want to join my "negative perspective on the Pegula era Sabres" group, so that I can also use "we" in all my posts. 🙂 ...and in my new group, we will not keep a low profile...instead we will be loud and angry.
  6. ^^^ This. 4th line centers with good defensive skills, should be able to be found for 1/2 that price. On a team that will quickly become cash strapped with upcoming contracts to Dahlin and Reinhart, it would be crazy to spend 3 mil in cap space on Larsson.
  7. Some good suggestions, but Larsson at 2.8 mil per year for 3 years? 😱
  8. rah rah sis boom bah....GO TEAM!!
  9. This is a lot like the praise Housley was getting for his work with the Nashville blue liners. Instead, more often than not it is the players making the coach look good(or bad), not the other way around.
  10. Good for Lindy...I never thought I’d long for the Ruff/Regier years(end of their run as Sabres).
  11. I thought it was Terry, Kym and the two daughters. 😂
  12. Not surprised at all about Dudley. Just wait until the off-season. I wouldn’t at all be surprised, if Adams is swindled both in F/A and trades.
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