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  1. Keep in mind that the Instigators was PSE sponsored radio, and Peters and Rivet were Sabres employees in that regard.
  2. ...and thank chz for pinning this thread! 👍
  3. Just did a couple rounds of a mock draft. You can pre-rank players for the draft if you can't make it to the live draft. I don't see a way an individual owner can set to auto draft, until the draft page is launched a few minutes before start time. That being said, once you "timeout" two selections in a row, it then auto picks the remainder(with no delay), unless you rejoin the draft, and turn auto draft off.
  4. I agree. There is only so much you can say about a Bills game, whether they win or lose. 13 hours or local talk M-F and only 1 hour for the Sabres?
  5. League is setup on yahoo. I would think you could set for auto pick if you can’t make draft time. I will look at it later.
  6. I’m not saying he is going to be a force in 21-22, but the comparison to Fedun is a little unfair. 😉
  7. One other note, I think Peters, and or Rivet would have been put in a better spot to succeed, if paired with a host such as Duff to begin with. Peters was always to "all over the board" to play the role of host.
  8. Maybe this was covered in the 300+ page Eichel thread, but if has surgery(or even doesn't have surgery), and ends up on LTIR for the season(s), or maybe his career, do the Sabres have insurance that covers his yearly salary, or do they still pay for it out of their pockets?
  9. I believe it will be a much smoother and professional show...and maybe even more informative.
  10. So far... @labattblue @srw1525 @northbuffalo @steveoath (depending on draft date) @andrewamerk @norcal
  11. Could the mods pin this for the next two weeks. Assuming we can get to 10 teams, the tentative draft would be sometime between 10/1 and the start of the season.
  12. He fights? This is unacceptable. The roster must be comprised of 20 skaters who don’t hit, fight or even say anything nasty to an opponent.
  13. Oh Johnny…come out come out wherever you are. It’s time to see the doctor. He won’t hurt you, and if you are a good boy, he will give you a sucker on your way out. 😂
  14. Didn’t see any of it, but glad to see a positive result. 👍
  15. There is an agreed upon prospect criteria by all the teams involved. It may change from year to year. Who knows what it is this year, but either the Sabres view him as making the team, and don't want to risk injury, or the criteria eliminated him from participating.
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