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  1. Rob Ray if anything should be 3rd man in the group(from ice level). I've always thought it strange, not to have your primary analyst up in the press box where the view of the entire rink is so much better. That being said, Ray's butchering of the English language isn't going to be any better no matter where he is sitting. LOL
  2. As long as they aren't hurting the team defensively in a really bad way, I'd continue to leave them as is. Reevaluate after 10-15 games.
  3. Girgs & Larry are right where they belong salary wise(maybe even a bit high). They are good bottom 6 guys, but I'd continue to go at them with one or two year contracts as long as possible. I don't want Botts to start handing out 3 and 4 year deals to bottom 6 forwards who have pretty much peaked(grinders who put up 10-15 points per year).
  4. Sabres continue to roll... Sabres 3 Ducks 1 Skinner, Eichel & Dahlin for the good guys
  5. I know many did not see him play, but Craig Ramsay and his 14 year career as a Sabre is being undervalued in this poll. Great checking forward, fixture on the PK, Selke award winner, 8 straight 20 goal seasons. Maybe my allegiance to the 70's teams have clouded my judgement, but he was a really good player for a very long time...and he played his entire career with the Sabres.
  6. The little bit we saw of Montour last season, he seemed to be quite the freelancer when it came to jumping up in the play and I don’t have a good feel for his play in his own end. I’m anxious to see his play under a new HC and system.
  7. If you find you have abandoned teams in either blue or gold, and are looking for new ownership, please let me know. I'd be glad to take over a team.
  8. Blowing two goal 3rd period leads the past two games has me a little nervous about today. Over the last two games, they've also really come out of the gates slow(first 10 minutes or so). I'd like to see a more solid 60 minute game. Dallas is a really good team with above average goaltending despite what their record might indicate. Buffalo 4 Dallas 2 Skinner, Oloffson, Joker & Middelstadt
  9. Saw the opener. Missed the last two because I was in Nashville(excuse me for being distracted). 😈 Good guys in a big way tonight... Buffalo 5 Montreal 2 Eichel(2), Reinhart, Joker and Girgensons with the goals.
  10. Ralph has the boys ready to go! Sabres 4 Pens 2 Eichel, Vesey, Skinner & Miller
  11. This is the kind of banter I never realized I would miss. LOL
  12. I've lurked here from time to time, and also visited other boards over the last few years. I know this may sound corney, but the other places always seem cold. The Aud Club always had a warm friendlier feel to it...at least most of the time. :) Good to be home.
  13. Except for some SabreSpace blue and gold fantasy hockey posts, I have been on a 4 year hiatus. Unfortunately, fast forward 4 years, and nothing has changed in terms of the Sabres fortunes. Be easy on me during my return...I am a little rusty. PS Good to see my "complaint" thread is still alive and well. Go Sabres!
  14. Complain about anything you want. 1 complaint, 20 complaints, who cares? No one is really listening anyways. My complaint for this week... Fast food workers who are miserable beyond belief while on the job. If you hate your job that much, do something about it to better yourself in life. Go back to school or do whatever is needed to find a better job. In the meantime, if you continue to stay in your current position, suck it up and put on a happy face. M
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