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  1. When are they just going to cancel the season? Bettman has to follow the lead of the NBA. God forbid he grow some balls and just make the decision first.
  2. LabattBlue


    Im surprised more retail stores(non food related) haven’t shutdown. With schools out and kids looking for places to go, I would think it’s only a matter a time before malls(germ breeding ground) and other retail stores close up shop.
  3. Really disappointing in that on paper the forward ranks should be better than prior to the trade deadling(Kahun & Simmonds >> Sheary & Erod), yet the Sabres come out and ***** the bed in 4 consecutive games with the new guys in the lineup.
  4. I expected more based on the hype prior to the draft. I know he is only 20(or will be next month), but he looks a long way from being an all-star, let alone Norris Trophy contender, or worthy of anything close to a "max contract".
  5. I don't want to start another thread on this, but I'd love to know the plans of members who are also STH'ers? Renew, downgrade(reduce number of seats/move to cheaper seats) or cancel? I dropped out of my group two years ago, and know the remainder of the group is dissolving...from what I hear.
  6. Hutton needs to go, Ullmark is at best a middle of the road starter/above average backup, Johansson is a career NHL/AHL tweeter and UPL is 1-2 years away from the NHL...even as a backup. So...who is brought in as a starter to upgrade the position for at least two years, and hopefully make this a playoff team?
  7. Coyotes are 8-2-3 at home since the start of the new year. I think the Sabres go to 0-3 on the current roadie.
  8. Disaster scenario for the ticket office staff...1000-2000(or more) drop in STH + ridiculously priced single game tickets = embarrassing crowds, even if the Sabres get off to a good start. In the event that they somehow become a playoff contender in 20-21, I could see them offer season tickets(at the STH price) for the second half of the season just in order to get people in the seats.
  9. I don’t see the Amerks very often(just the occasional TV game), any chance of Cornel and/or Malone making the roster as 4th liners next seasons.
  10. https://buffalonews.com/2020/02/27/buffalo-sabres-keybank-center-kevyn-adams-season-tickets-nhl-news-2020/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=puma&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1tG8PwUy4jY5bBFMQ6X4LUCnfIMtPjW8DTHkEBPpze4zfUvwe3BttZabE#Echobox=1582841722
  11. If you don't mind me asking, who is Jame and why is he locked up?
  12. If there is a compliance buyout at the start of the next CBA(the current CBA runs through the 21-22 season), Skinner is a goner. That being said, he is here for at least two more seasons, and RK has to find a way to work with Skinner, as opposed to making Botts look like an idiot by not using him correctly.
  13. There is a huge step up in play between the ECHL and the AHL. There are two takeaways from this... 1 - UPL needs at least one full year in the AHL 2 - The Sabres need a starting goalie for next season.
  14. Along with the kiddie parks in Olcott and Akron...near the falls. ...oops. I meant Indian Falls which is not far from Akron. It was right off of 77 just North of the Thruway exit.
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