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  1. One other thing about FB. I was never shy about checking out someones FB activity prior to responding to them.
  2. I used FB Marketplace several times last summer. - Anything I sold was moved to the garage before seller arrived. - If any communication with potential seller seems odd, don’t bother even responding. - No different than a garage sale. I was selling a dining room set last summer, and when counting out the money he says “I’m $10 short” as he checks his pockets and wallet. I wanted to tell him go to the ATM, and come back. I wanted more to be rid of a dining room set. - This applies to anyone but more specifically for women selling something with no one else around. Ask to meet seller for transaction in local police dept parking lot. - No transactions conducted after dark.
  3. Quinn…One of the best young players in the AHL during the regular season. The one playoff game I attended he was a complete non-factor. What happened to him in the playoffs? Injury? Brick Wall? Something else?
  4. …and as it stands today, the Sabres have their 1st and 3 2nd’s in the 2023 draft. 👍🏻
  5. First thing that crossed my mind. 😂
  6. Thanks. I can never remember the details in terms of how long a team retains the rights of their draft picks.
  7. What happened to Matej Pekar? For a 4th round pick who had a decent season during his last year of juniors, he has done nothing at the AHL level. Any thoughts from those who see the Amerks a lot?
  8. What is the reason behind signing a guy a year before he can actually turn pro(unless a miracle occurs and he makes the big team)?
  9. You can make a case for Reinhart and Mr I Lost My Love For The Game. The rest of your list…good riddance.
  10. I know somewhere upthread Enroth’s name was mentioned. Is there a goalie overseas who could be signed as a UFA and could fit in a 1A/1B scenario for 2-3 years?
  11. Tampa has really raised their game this series. No Brayden Point, and still up 3-0. Time to bring out the brooms. I’m shocked. I thought this would be a 7 game war.
  12. Ticketmaster presale code needed. When do tixs go on sale to the general public?
  13. The announcers were beating up Weegar on the GWG, but where was the forward help? Closest guy was 10-15 feet away in the slot doing nothing but watching a great view of the goal.
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