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  1. Well if they keep the core together, make minor changes, and become a playoff team in 21-22, I will be first in line to be fitted for my dunce cap. 😂
  2. This team needs more than a backup goalie upgrade and bottom of the roster tweaks. The core needs to be shook up. My recommendation....Jack stays(unless he taps out), Risto and Reinhart go.
  3. .and Kane, ROR, Kulikov, Sekera, Foligno, Peterson, Compher, Zadorov, Armia. Thats all I’ve got off the top of my head. 😂
  4. Yes...and it's sad that this was the biggest need last summer, and yet NOTHING was done to address it.
  5. I'm on record, unless Jack asks out, and the core needs a shake up(which it does), I put Reinhart and Risto on the block instead of Jack.
  6. Pegula going to Rochester for a game with the GM? He really has too much free time on his hands...and gives further credence that there is some level of meddling going on.
  7. If there are comparable grades among the top 5, I'd much rather go with a center or wing.
  8. I never cared for Jeff Marek who comes across as a I'm smarter than you "hockey know it all". I wouldn't send him to hell, but I would like to see him go over Niagara Falls in a kayak.
  9. Especially the big money deals. A good GM should be able to plug some holes with low end F/A's with low cost/term committments.
  10. Then I guess he is a "bad person". Bottom line....just glad he is gone. Is definitely in the running for worst Sabres HC in their 50 year history.
  11. I have no problem with Bryson going forward...as long as the 3 offensive minded dmen(Dahlin, Bryson and Joker) are paired with 3 defensive minded dmen(Borgen, McCabe, and ???). In this scenario Risto goes bye bye, and so does Miller(unless he becomes a 7th defenseman for his last contract year). ...and hopefully they can do this, pairing a lefty and a righty so no one has to play their off side....unless the blueliner in question is very comfortable playing the off side. No more trying to fit a square peg into a round hole BS.
  12. IMO who would agree to a 1 year deal to be an NHL HC? Just my guess but it would be a 3 year commitment minimum.
  13. I am a believer that the core has to be shook up in the off-season, and assuming Jack doesn't ask to be traded, and makes a full recovery, that Risto and Reinhart are traded in separate deals in the off-season.
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