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  1. Even watching the stream, in the last minute of play, he is babbling on about Power using his frame(reciting his height and weight), while the puck and play moved on. Completely unnecessary, and missing part of the PbP call instead. Not sure how to describe his PbP style, other than to call it terrible.
  2. I would guess it will take 13 wins to secure the #1 seed. If they do start 3-3, that would mean a 10-1 record to end the season. Not an easy task, no matter who is on the schedule.
  3. Enquiring minds want to know… Who pays salary and travel expenses for Dunleavy & Ray? Sabres, MSG, WGR?
  4. Nothing to do with following RJ, DD is terrible, and always has been.
  5. So in addition to not having a separate radio crew for the games, we get remote broadcasting. Grade - F
  6. Amateur hour at PSE continues. The broadcast team should be at ALL games. 👎🏻
  7. Just a tough tough loss in what appeared to be a very winnable game. 😞
  8. I was hoping to make it, but doesn’t appear that will happen. 😞
  9. Still see nothing on this from the Sabres. Just curious where you heard about it?
  10. In that case, thanks for your efforts…on behalf of those on the lazier side. 😊
  11. I love info like this. Where did you find these numbers?
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