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  1. Whatever. I’m out of here. ?
  2. What? Black man perform? That’s BS and not what I said. The color of the athlete doesn’t matter. They are paid to play, not anything else.
  3. Several baseball games cancelled tonight. Players are paid to play, not make social statements. I am losing interest in all sports. ?
  4. I bet if it was Toronto, Boston, Montreal, Chicago or the Rangers the sanctions would have been less...much less.
  5. I'm really interested to see(assuming they have a season) how the Rochester roster is put together, how the new HC fares, and how players are used...AHL vets versus Sabres prospects.
  6. Enquiring minds want to know... if everyone is in the bubble, why are off ice folks who are at the arena wearing masks? ?
  7. There is NO WAY the referee behind the net saw the puck. I’m pretty sure he called a good goal based on Lindell raising his stick in the air. Nothing in the 10 different angles showed differently.
  8. LMAO. Islanders blueline pairing... Pelech and Pulock. Broadcasters nightmare. ?
  9. Maybe...but that is not what is speculated in the tweet.
  10. I’m sticking to my guns. The NHLPA agreed to the playoff bubble this summer, but I highly doubt they will agree to an entire season & playoffs in a bubble.
  11. LabattBlue

    So #8

    Me. The Sabres group of forward prospects is so lacking, that if they do keep #8, it has to be a forward. I don’t know much about the prospects, but I’d be surprised if Sanderson grades out head and shoulders above forward prospects being mentioned...Lundell, Jarvis, Rossi, Raymond, etc... to the point where Sanderson has to be the pick.
  12. I lost my love for the game, Part II? ?
  13. LabattBlue

    So #8

    I’d rather include 8OA in a package for Monahan, instead of Cozens.
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