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  1. Especially with this one. Remember his stint her a few years ago? He was something like a -16 in 13 gp. He skates like a dump truck. He always has a random strap hanging out of his sweater or pants. He looks like he crawled out of a dumpster. I am grateful he scored tonight but I’ll be even more grateful when he’s back in the bus to Cincinnati.
  2. We play the Checkers again tomorrow at home. I expect mayhem.
  3. We were being outshot 19-8 at one point in the 2nd. Halfway through the 3rd we’re outshooting them 28-20. That’s nuts.
  4. It is done.The portal is open...
  5. I never believed any of these rumors, then I zoomed in on the reflection in Kim’s glasses and, uh guys, there’s no photographers!
  6. From tonight’s game notes...Encouraging signs from some rookies.
  7. The dozens of us in attendance enjoyed it immensely. Dea was sharp. Hammond could have stopped an RTS bus tonight. Fitz was the dman forward. Best overheard fan comment of the night.... The Jumbotron shows an older white hair couple with Santa tees on. Someone behind me SCREAMS “Santa! I know him!” Thank you, kind sir. That was dope.
  8. “Looks like a bulldog eating his lunch out of a thistle...”
  9. Now I know why he has that look on his face.
  10. Well they still have the career AHLer Matt Tennyson in the line up.
  11. Geez! I should watch more. Maybe I’ll start recording the games on Amerks nights.
  12. The sweaters I’ve seen in person look at little off for whatever reason. I’d love to see the whole uni together. I hope I get a chance to see them play in it.
  13. Again I need to say it. No it isn’t. I’m not the one you should be trying to convince. @Frieda is the one you should be explaining it to.
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