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  1. Ogre


    It’s infuriating. Neither my wife or I have been in a car to go anywhere in 19 days and I now somehow have a bad cold/fever...My wife’s Aunt goes all over shopping at friggin bakeries and bringing stuff over. FIL insisting on being the chevalier fellow running all over town like the hero saving the economy. Chill the hell out man. I used to really respect him and looked up to the guy but he’s certainly let me down. Hopefully the knowledge that I’m disappointed in his selfish antics will change his tune and guilt him into doing the right thing. Until he can show me that he gets it, he’s on permaban.
  2. Ogre


    The ***** is hitting the fan at my house. I just banned my FIL from my house. That jackass has found someplace to go everyday this week. His wife just had cancer treatment months ago and I have 30 years of silicosis and compromised lungs. He thinks he's being cute with his ridiculous stories of how "my mother would have us all sit in the same room together so we all got it". Great. Sounds like she was a terrible mother. Let's get everyone in the family sick with it so we can see how many of them we can kill. Mother ***** jackass!! I pray he comes over here and opens his stupid mouth so I can send his pathetic attitude back to 1950. I swear to God if he gets my MIL sick I am going to kick his ass like he's never had it kicked. Stupid ass.
  3. As I kill the lights in reverence for Earth Hour....
  4. The Irish Mafia's take out special last night was two GIANT fish fries and a growler (Mighty Ego) for $35. That's like getting a growler of craft beer for $5! For lunch I chopped up some of the fish and popped it in the toaster oven with some fries and tater tots until it was crispy hot and tossed it all in a warm tortilla with tarter and coleslaw...a glass of Mighty Ego! Friggin YUM!
  5. I had only been in the area less than a year. I was vaguely aware that there was team but that made me sit up and take notice. Once I decided to stay in wny, it wasn't long until Amerks games started out my Friday night. Probably no chance finding any of these games anywhere?
  6. I didn’t really build the angled bookshelf. Someday when I have a proper shop. To properly dovetail a funny angle like that is beyond what I can do with the tools I have.
  7. You didn’t know I had super powers? It’s always easier to let them make the decision, innit? This was my first try.
  8. Kubota. We needed a new mower and I really wanted a bucket but the wife thought it was frivolous so when I built the 10’x20’ raised bed, fenced in garden a few years ago I had her help me haul the 5 yards of topsoil with a wheelbarrow. When we were all done she said “I think we need a tractor with a bucket!”😉
  9. My social distancing submission:
  10. Before I agree to digging any holes let me ask, how are you and the wife getting along lately?
  11. I’ve also been pecking away at this trench. I’m going to heap up some of my magic compost and make a hedge of blueberries along the two sides of my deck. Really sucks digging with one arm but it sucks to dig anyways. The end product will be worth it and I like challenges.
  12. Mrs. iT asked if I could build her a shelf about this big by this big....I assumed she meant when I was out of the sling and my shoulder was better but I was looking through some wood drops and found some crown molding. I was inspired so I built a jig to make up for the loss of the arm and made her this.
  13. Mrs. iT and I decided we wanted to rewatch the entire LOTR trilogy. We had never seen the extended edition so last night was TFOTR. All three hours and forty six minutes of it....I’ll be better prepared for the three hour and fifty eight minute TTT tomorrow night with more beers in the upstairs fridge.
  14. The other thing that puts them in a really good position is not having a guaranteed job after this and having to re-apply. I was hoping to hear that I was dead wrong and that there was a benefit to the workers in being terminated instead of just being put in a position of begging for a job.....I’m going to continue assuming what I had already suspected(not good things, Terry). I’m still hoping to be proven wrong.
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