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  1. Ogre

    Draft lottery day thread 8PM NBCSN

    I like it. Fashion is for the weak minded...
  2. Ogre

    Draft lottery day thread 8PM NBCSN

    Well I’m afraid you’re going to lose that battle buddy...
  3. Ogre

    The even randomer thread

    This is awesome. I may rent out the lawn roller for more info on this.👊 Even trade...
  4. Ogre

    The even randomer thread

    I’m in between Canandaigua and Honeoye lakes and had one cruising right over my house last summer. He was followed closely by a dozen or so crows... I’ve spent a ton of time in/at/on Hemlock and see them all the time there. I think they’ve come to like the smaller less populated lakes.
  5. Ogre

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    Winner winner...garbage plate dinner. Back to one point behind the Crunch(even games played) with three more games, one against those bastards... and as @inkman pointed out hours ago...we are getting some good players back... I’m looking forward to Friday’s home finale.
  6. Ogre

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    This one on the PP. I hope he gets an empty netter.
  7. Ogre

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    Tage with another goal.
  8. Ogre

    The Will Borgen Thread, Now with Video

    Syracuse is playing Belleville right now. 0-0 end of 1...Out of the last six games Amerks play them three times. Cuse in first by one point currently with even games played.
  9. Ogre

    Buffalo Bills 2019-2020

    He’s like Unicorn chit...amazing and rare...but still a turd...
  10. Ogre

    The even randomer thread

    I absolutely love to garden. I’m pumped for another growing season! This stuff is just messing around for fun but I have some big plans. I’ve already added to the orchard I started last fall. It’s a huge addiction for me. Check out that root ball on that celery plant!
  11. Ogre

    Casey Fitzgerald signed to ELC

    I though he missed the first part of this season rehabbing from what ended his last season but its quite possible that I’m wrong...
  12. Ogre

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    We’re in!!!! Amerks win 6-4 and out shoot Bing 47-20 to clinch a playoff spot. It’s unfortunate that Wedgewood only saved 16 shots but Taylor stuck with him and they won. Tage with another goal and our old pal Nathan Paetsch got the empty netter. There is still a very good chance at reclaiming first place before the season ends.
  13. Ogre

    GDT Sabres at The Islanders 7pm MSG

    This is like having to pull down your own pants to get a bare assed whippin’.....
  14. Ogre

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    Nope. He’s only faced 13 shots so far and the Amerks has 32 sog at the end of 2. The D is sheltering him just fine. He let in 2 unassisted the other night. He’s been replaced in net the prior 2 starts. If he lets in any more I have no doubt that Taylor will pull him again. I’m surprised he wasn’t replaced at the first intermission. Amerks can clinch tonight.
  15. Ogre

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    Amerks in Binghamton tonight. Devils up 3-1 at the end of the first. Amerks 21 sog Bing 9 sog Wedgewood let in 3 on 9 shots. It’s like he suddenly got the yips. I’m very worried about this guy in the playoffs.