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  1. My wife got me the Xbox one S bundled with Battlefield 1for an anniversary gift. I’ve played mostly just FPS forever on pc. This is my first console since an old Sega. The first two hours of play were rough. I couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a barn shovel. I literally would shoot over the head, then over each shoulder and once between the knees every time. I was laughing my ass off the whole time. My brain is rewriting the necessary code though and I’m starting to have some fun. Looking forward to the Fallen Order game coming out next month.
  2. Thanks for adding that video @inkman. I wasn’t a Dalton fan at first but that dude can fire it up
  3. If I wasn’t out on the piss I’d drop the coin for the game....but....the piss....
  4. Why is Larsson flopping around in the ice when there is a man to cover?
  5. I’m very concerned with the gutting of the NSC. I’d like to infer that this guy has no clue. He does though. He just doesn’t care. About you. Me. Anyone really. That makes me sick to my stomach.
  6. I thought it went in then Dunleavy’s response made me think that it didn’t.
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