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  1. Thank you. My boy Hobie Holbester was also an abused animal. He’s a little older and has some PTSD issues as well. The Prozac has helped him be at ease....so many forgotten animals out there.
  2. Poor Little Bear went in for her annual checkup today. Getting her into the carrier is awful. The yowling ride to the office is heart wrenching. Then to see that she’s both soiled herself and vomited all over and is foaming at the mouth breaks your heart completely. I love the little beast. She’s had a terrible start to her life and I’m sure there’s all sorts of PTSD going on. She was abandoned yet chipped when we found her. She had a very large growth on her tongue and needed surgery but the registered owner didn’t want to deal with her and wanted her euthanized. We pleaded with the vet to let us pay for the surgery and keep her. Four years ago no one expected her to live long but other than a paralyzing fear of the vet, she is pretty good.....and pretty fat....and just pretty. She’s going on Prozac to deal with some anxiety issues. The vet also prescribed some sedation for her next visit....She’s like our little B.A.Baracus..Thank God we don’t have to torture her to get her the help she needs.
  3. Collins will be handed his sentence tomorrow. His crime was selfish and self serving yet he ran for re-election to “serve” his constituents. ***** that guy. I hope the judge delivers his sentence with a heavy hand. Set a standard for future representatives.
  4. When my very loving and aging cat Hobie Holbester pulls my hand in close and tight to cuddle...
  5. I believe Linda Belcher hit it right on the nose when she exclaimed “Boobidy boobidy boob!”
  6. When I had the right shoulder done 10 years ago or so I had to do everything left handed. Eeeeeeeverything....
  7. I struggle to put a shirt on right now but on the job I’m expected to perform feats of heroism. I don’t have a choice...
  8. I fell on the ice shoveling my steps last Thursday and ***** up my left shoulder. I gave it a few days to just to see how it felt(like *****)....Called the orthopedic and got in for a visit on Monday. Scheduled for MRI tomorrow....I’m guessing if it took this long for surgery for Tage then he must have been reluctant to have it done. I’m on old dude that has had this happen to the other shoulder so I know the score and am pressuring all the pros to get me in and done ASAP. There are a lot of emotions involved in a decision like this so I can’t blame the kid for being reluctant... As for the notion that this will ruin his career....hogwash....I’ll have had both shoulders done before long but I’ll bounce back and still be able to kick anybody’s ass...and I’m an old dude that doesn’t have a pro sports team’s resources behind me...Tage will be fine.
  9. I was referencing this very type of play in an earlier post. The way they’ve played all year involved a team effort entering the zone. If one player got in trouble there was help close by. Lots of puck possession that way. Driving off by yourself with no real plan for possession is foolish and something the kid still thinks he can get away with. Hopefully that’s the message they’re trying to get in his head.
  10. He was still rehabbing when the season started. Didn’t join the club until the season was well underway. They were winning just fine with the likes of Vail and a line with two dmen playing forward. I’ve been wondering. The Amerks are puck movers. No one was trying to dangle their way into the zone until Mitts arrived. Goals are one thing but so isn’t possession. The opponent can’t score if you have the puck all the time.
  11. If I didn’t know the end results like I didn’t last time, I would. Who the hell wouldn’t?
  12. I partied waaaaaay to hard when I was young. My neighbor’s sister worked at Foxie’s. Another girl there thought I was the bomb, everyone is doing drugs, we go here, we go there....Eventually you don’t know where the ***** you are so you just live by native rules...then you sober up enough to realize that you aren’t tied to these damn fools!....then you just ***** leave and go home.....Fantastic? Innit? Nope? Yup!
  13. I wasn’t always an Ogre. I also wasn’t wise enough to stay away from blow and strippers....and it ended up being a very ***** up experience...two of them were sisters. I ended up coming down to the point where everyone disgusted me(including myself!)so I left and drive home at 7 am..... Holy *****...maybe I’ve been an Ogre all this time.😔
  14. 1999. Three beautiful women. Copious amounts of lsd.
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