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  1. I saw this as looking uphill...those damn shadows...
  2. Not enough lutefisk on local menus?
  3. That’s one fat joint! Giddy up!
  4. It doesn’t look nearly as piss stained as the mock up. I agree that the texturing in the buffalo is sharp. Overall I like it! I’m definitely going to get one.
  5. I’m don’t watch much TV but I thoroughly enjoyed the History Channel’s “The Food that Built America”.
  6. I’ve been on the fence about whether or not I should keep my mouth shut...I’m not very good at that so.....***** it.... I worked in the gang that erected the steel at CMAC. The company that had the project is no longer in business so I’m not hurting anyone here. That was a giant butcher job from day 1. The arch trusses didn’t fit. Too short...The erection foreman unilaterally decided to cut some of the upright members so the truss would sag and stretch wider to reach the tie in points. Big no no!! They also tried to panelize the bar joist and roof decking(building large sections on the ground on a jig) but ***** it all up...again a hair brained plan was hatched to un***** things. It was a disaster that grew bigger by the day. I flat out refused to be a part of the shenanigans, called my elected representative to get me the hell out of there. I’m not sure if the inspector ever caught all the hidden butchery so I have never stepped foot under that roof.....EVER!!!! Y’all are pretty safe in there I’m sure though.. 👀
  7. Do you think I’d be able to pull off wearing one to a wedding?
  8. Truth! Also... If you’re going to rely on the givens then you’re going to be disappointed.... ...a lot.... ....life sucks for the majority of Earth’s inhabitants.... Truth!
  9. No problem. I’d also like to add that the OSHA standards are bare minimum. These standards are the no-brainer/least I should do/moron if I don’t standards. Any employer that doesn’t go far above and beyond with their own rules and regs are GD fools.
  10. I’m an OSHA Outreach trainer on the side...OSHA regulations apply to anyone working for the Sabres on any of their property. Filming, maintenance etc. The players are independent contractors and are not covered by OSHA. Coal miners(and any other miner) are also not covered by OSHA...they’ll find their regulations in the MSHA standards.
  11. Now imagine an older woman(my poor mom) who didn’t even have a high school diploma trying to decide who to listen to. She didn’t even understand the stages! I feel badly that you’re facing this man but I also feel hopeful for you. Those poor folks from little hick towns are mostly left in the dark about what’s going on but it sounds like you’re getting the best answers from the best people. Postitive attitude, dude. You know that already though.😉
  12. Last night of beach week. We check out of the beach house at 10 am tomorrow. I’m very grateful for the week we’ve had but this place is too just nice to leave.....
  13. Bright side? You’re learning to speak gif my friend....and no need to be sorry🙂
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