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  1. Ogre

    Complaint Thursdays

    Dude gets it.
  2. Ogre

    Complaint Thursdays

    Can’t anyone be a dude? 🤔
  3. Ogre

    Complaint Thursdays

    People without children...or pets....or day jobs. C’mon dude. Get it together. Sabres are on a frickin streak.😊
  4. Tenny you need to stop that chit.
  5. Ray is right. That was an excellent shot.
  6. If our Eichel got the better of an objective call then that’s a win for us.
  7. I thought you had to hit them in the number for boarding.... but again, I’m uneducated.
  8. Wile E got a little squirrelly for a minute.
  9. Ummmmmm. He hit him very low. Below the waist. I’m uneducated but if you’re not in the numbers it’s ok? Maybe?
  10. Everything is not as fun without beer.😕
  11. Ogre

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    Ink is right on. That’s light for a Wednesday. Is that pic when the teams were on ice? Sometimes takes a while for peeps to trickle in. The one dude in my row doesn’t get there until the 2nd or 3rd, for example. I’ve only been in WNY for 23 yrs so I can’t comment on anything older than that. Amerks win the Calder that year and the city was buzzing about hockey. Then I remember going to Friday games a few years later, like around ‘99/‘00, and attendance was horrific. Maybe 1000 ppl. The team was bad for a long time and like Ink is saying, there just became more to do. I even considered not renewing the season seats the year before they made the playoffs. I couldn’t even give tickets away. Decided to just do one seat last year(and again this year). I can always buy an extra ticket if someone wants to go. Why throw tickets away? I used my unused vouchers for the nights my wife going. They’re getting better though and it’s worth the price of two seats again, if anything, just to not have some random smelly dbag sitting knee to knee with me. Had this big troglodyte sitting there earlier this year. He knocks my friggin beer off the knee wall all over some lady standing there(which if she’d been in her seat...). She turns and looks at me like I did it. I wasn’t shy calling out the oversized uncoordinated bridge troll next to me. “That wasn’t empty?” He stammers. “No. I think that’s why she’s all wet dude.” Idiot.
  12. Ogre

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    I debated going but the 40 minute ride home afterwards convinced me not to go. Glad I didn’t. Johansson had a rough go it looks like. Yeesh!