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  1. Sounds like you need to need to pound a can of beer....hell....shotgun that somebitch!😁
  2. Uhmmm, @bobs0108, what gives with the glass? Doesn’t the top of the can beg you for a different approach?😁
  3. What really makes this shot awesome is the fact that I threw it in a match vs my wife. She tried to convince me that I hit the pallino and the ball rolled backwards. Nice try.
  4. Bailey, Baptiste, Grigorenko, Adam, Catennacci....which of the other Hopefuls that just needed more time/change of scenery am I forgetting? I am guilty of not wanting to give up on Grigs...but I was wrong. Something something lipsticks and pigs.
  5. If we’re taking Dark horses...Ollie has a better chance in the N....(gez sayin)
  6. Years ago a batch of our local delegates were riding in a cab back to the airport after a district council meeting. One guys was hammered going on and on about the boroughs of NY to the cab driver. He finally ensnares me...”Ogre....tell ‘im about the five boroughs..”....I was certain the driver was already familiar....
  7. Porter deserves a raise. That dude played like a badger and exposed the fluff on the team in their brief playoff appearance(which Alex was injured fo)....(gez sayin).. I committed to renewal for a trinket before playoffs started. I won’t be so easily fooled this time...A man once said “fool me once, can’t git fooled agin”.
  8. So I don’t recall posting about the game notes interview where Alex talked about the bus thing as an intent to defend his performance. I’ve been both critical and supportive. I’ve always thought Cal was an ass. Never liked his presence. I’m sure Alex isn’t an idiot and saw him for the Ahole he appears to be. Are we going to blame Cal for the seasonal injury the kid suffers? Second year in a row with all sorts of missed time. I like the kid but step back at look at it....
  9. Charlotte Checkers won the Calder Cup tonight. Amerks opening weekend was a Friday/Saturday home game series against these guys and we got whooped both games. At one point I was looking forward to an Amerk/Checker conference series, then an Amerks Calder final.....*sighs*
  10. I really love the place. It takes me 3 mins to get there... Other Half Brewing Co bought Nedloh’s brewery across the intersection from the Mafia. They don’t do food(food trucks sometimes) but they have an outdoor gaming area and they are very popular with the somewhat younger crowd. They bought the building at the base of the hill on the highway and plan on turning it into a restaurant.... I’m constantly meeting folks from Victor/Mendon that are out for the beers. We went from having one place in town for dinner to four. Two of which serve very good beers. Mugsy’s is the diner in the plaza next to the gas station. They don’t serve alcohol but they have really good food. Not the kind you’d ordinarily expect from a diner. Give me shout next time and I’d definitely meet you for a beer.
  11. I eventually realized the black bean salsa burger was a veggie burger a few weeks ago. The server got flustered when I asked if it was meat or not. He thought I was vegetarian concerned that I was eating meat. In actuality I’m a carnivore that was concerned he wasn’t getting any meat.... I still order the black bean salsa burger because it’s awesome...I make sure I wash it down with an order of wings though...and several Mighty Egos....
  12. So.. this is my fabulously plump little darling. Her name is Little Bear. She’s been through hell and back. We found her in bad shape in ‘16. Took her to a vet and found out she was chipped. Called the owner and she said I don’t want it. Euthanize it. No got dang way. Don’t know if it’s ethical or not but the vet denied the owners request(I’m guessing she got threatened with animal cruelty) and we had the surgery and adopted the little beast. She can be a love ball but she has a definite mean streak. She’s earned it....
  13. They embellish like no other. Don’t they? Puke.
  14. Absolutely. Power vs weight. Especially in those years when Harley was a less reliable ride.
  15. Stoned people that forgot how many times they’ve shifted.😉
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