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  1. Tell me a comparable. An ENTIRE hemisphere untouched. Tell me again how my ancestors were so fairly treated. This is the sh!t I was talking about. White right.
  2. THAT ruined him? Luke’s biggest problem was skating. He couldn’t master his biggest problem so he never had a chance to work on all the little ones. Maybe he could have been an awesome NHLer?
  3. I watched Luke in Rochester. He was A hockey player. 😶
  4. Not really. He hit Luke Adam in the head with stick and everyone thought he’d lost his mind. Turns out that Luke Adam sucked and Lindy was trying to knock some hockey sense into him. Am I right?👀
  5. Oh. My. *****. God! Twenty ***** thousand years of peace and prosperity snuffed out! The timbers were so high that an eagle couldn’t see the Earth (that’s why he fished the seas) Waters so full of fish that you could walk acrosst it (seen what I done there?) The culture WAS snuffed out! That’s exactly why they were marched off to land that was unfamiliar to them. TO CRUSH THIER CULTURE. But yup. You read a couple books. 🤳
  6. I’m the pinnacle (that means I reign supreme) And I’m notorious (I’ll crush you like a jellybean)
  7. Don’t lose heart. There’s a lot of give and take around here. Things are not perfect here much like they are not in life. See my avatar? Old Nordiques fan here. I didn’t beat you up about the QC stuff, did I? BTW, Aubut was a good guy but a BAD owner. The entire fan base got so got dang sick of losing that they didn’t even care about losing the team. A faithful hockey town NEEDS results. There is just too much hockey to experience to spend your time watching losses.
  8. 🎶 My fandom brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like, it’s better than yours, damn right, it’s better than yours I could teach you, but I’d have to charge....🎶 Sorry. Literally could not resist.
  9. If you really are trying to be peaceful and “just have a conversation”, why would you use language like this? I’ve spent a lifetime fighting for the little guy that gets pushed around and this language awakens my inner Ogre and stimulates my desire to resist even more. It’s the attempt at subtlety that a tyrant uses on his subjects. The Pegulas ain’t no juggernaut of employment and they ain’t too big to fail. Make poor business decisions, live with the consequences, just like your subjects, Lord Pegula.
  10. A vibrant, prosperous, self-governing civilization that maintains a perfect balance to protect the resources that supports generation after generation. Is it weird that we didn’t need prisons or jails? Manifest Destiny was a manifestation of evil that was so slithering that it was lost to time and human caring. It was a genocide on an epic scale. FFW to today and most people don’t know that Andrew Jackson (as POTUS) paid for scalps. It’s portrayed that it was First Americans that were scalping whites but it was the other way around. Dolla Billz for scalps. The buffalo were slaughtered to starve the People to crush their will to fight and then, yup, march you off to the scrublands. For crying out loud, the Mohawk are the Keepers of the Eastern Door and they were relegated to the poorest of land up North (pronounced more like Noort) bordering and crossing the Canadian border. Education is a funny thing though. You can’t teach something that doesn’t want to be learned.
  11. Ogre


    There is a very simple solution. I’ve linked several times to OSHA guidelines on Covid so you can easily find it. The mask is preferred but if health issues prohibit the wearing of a mask then a face shield should be worn. You can buy them anywhere around here. Can’t wear a mask? No reason you can’t wear a face shield then. The Dandy mart in Bristol has a policy that they follow and is prominently displayed in the entrance. “No shirt, no shoes, no face covering, no business”. They are some of the cutest old ladies you’ll ever meet too. Cheap Charlie’s in Bloomfield is really going all out. I haven’t been in since reopening but he’s my FIL’s first cousin so I’ve heard all about it. They have plexiglass dividers on the booths, tables and even between the stools at the bar! He also has a strict no mask/no service policy. A few folks have threatened to not come back and he said “see ya ‘round!”. I doesn’t matter about losing a customer when the no-maskers lead us into another shutdown. Some customers are better than no customers.
  12. The raised beds hold the moisture much better and are overall waaaaaay less work.
  13. I’m hauling 300 gallons of water to the property every day. The well has struggled to supply the house so I shut off the pump and just fill my holding tank in the basement with whatever is left over from watering. If I were not off work rehabbing this shoulder then my gardens would be screwed. Hauling water is an investment in time and lots of wear and tear on equipment. My heart goes out to these folks that rely on it for income.
  14. We are having a serious rainfall deficit for it being so early in the summer. These shots tell the tale. These guys who aren’t playing like I am and are relying on results for profits are screwed. Scorched corn. Three inch tall soybeans. These guys spend $10G or more to fit a field. No rain in the forecast either.
  15. Bingo! My Mohawk heritage was acknowledged and discussed as a boy. A large part of the reason we lived how we did was because of that inherited lifestyle. I’ve always been annoyed with the Indians/Redskins name and the depictions used in advertising of Native peoples. My BIL is a Redskins’ fan and the conversation today lead me to the realization that my in-law family sees nothing wrong with marginalizing Native peoples. My BIL has several pieces of “art” displayed in their home using the customary derogatory imagery so in a discussion on BLM tonight I shared my history and how I felt. They looked at me like I had two heads. Mother. *****. Shocking.
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