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  1. It’s not funny in any universe. In my world wife jokes are way over the line and get you a fat lip.
  2. This is ***** obnoxious. Who the ***** are you? Maybe some of those good posters would come back and we could have those good discussions again if you weren’t allowed to delete/move/ban others and then post trash like this. Self moderate mother *****.
  3. And then the Easter Bunny marries Santa....
  4. I would have preferred ‘gored by Frank Gore’ but as my moniker indicates, I’m an admitted Ahole. Carry on.
  5. Tyler “I can’t hit a bull in the ass with a barn shovel” Bass.
  6. My season seats have become a cash account that carries over to next season. It seems reasonable to me. There was no mention in the email about the early renewal gift/trinket they promise. This year it was a jacket which would have been pretty cool. Hopefully they come through eventually. Hopefully we get back to live hockey. It’s been a big part of my happiness.
  7. And the entire collection minus this years.
  8. Mrs. iT and I have a tradition of carving a Funkin craft pumpkin every year. This is my work from this year. I love these Funkin things. Here are my previous efforts.
  9. I prefer “quantum spookiness”.
  10. 24/33 for 315 yds 73%comp; 4 Td by arm,1 with the legs. The best part he is still growing. Without that obvious mistake by the officials he would be 25/33 for 315+(whatever those yards were) 76%comp. We most certainly have a QB.
  11. Kroft>Knox. The Rams are a very good team and the Bills beat them. I was certain the game was over at 4th and 9 but I communed with the Force and saw the future. Or my renewed belief in them altered dark matter itself and combined with the vibrations from countless in the Bills Mafia to amplify their grit? Or these guys don’t know how to quit? 3-0. Winning makes me feel like a winner. Keep this sh!t up please.
  12. Ogre


    She’s a good dog. She’d wear anything that made people pay attention to her.
  13. Ogre


    Very true. My brother’s little dog can’t wait for tricks n treats.
  14. I had a ton of habanero last year that I sliced and dehydrated. Made some crushed pepper for everyone and they are great to toss into a sauce, stew or soup. They reconstitute well. Today was the day to clear the gardens of squash and watermelon. I gave that big honker from up thread away to a family with a lot of kids. These are more my size. Those weird striped hybrids I showed you guys have mostly ripened. We have eaten a few, they’re delicious. We’re using them as festive displays now but will eventually store them with the rest. Have one in the oven now for a pie. I’m s
  15. The full reserve of Fitzmagic was spent on their loss today. I predict 4 interceptions vs the Jags. Allen looked like a stud. Digg’s hands are silky smooth. Give the offense a decent TE that can make a catch and hoooo boy!
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