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  1. Have yet to see proof of the bolded from our management....
  2. We missed the playoffs by 3 points this year....PROGRESS! There's also some sort of twisted irony that fan appreciation night for the "Golden" season is now cancelled.
  3. Dang, that's some serious pettiness right there. I like it.
  4. What's the difference between watching Sabres hockey and looking at another dude's butthole?
  5. So it looks like the NHL is doing a 24 team playoff thing....and the Sabres still can't qualify...MTL edges us out for the last spot by 3 points. Whose a good scapegoat to blame for those three points? Hutton for not being able to win a game for 3 months? Skinner for not scoring goals? JBOT for building a ***** team?
  6. If you look close enough you can see the Giraffe's butthole. That's also how I feel about Tage.
  7. I can't see Johan being a Sabre next year. Not because Botts doesn't want him but because he's a free agent and has a choice now. Why would he re-sign here?
  8. If it's a possibility, I'm all for it. Would be a boost to the local economy at the very least.
  9. My dad used to take me to roller games...I think at the UB campus, I think the Buffalo team has a pterodactyl on the logo? Brings back good memories. Last summer I bought a pair of Marsblades to help me work on my ice skating....I have no idea how these guys get up to speed and then slow down. Stopping is not easy on those things.
  10. Watching the youtube stream....crazy to see how into the fans are compared to...now or the last decade.
  11. Another season for the Amerks without a playoff win...
  12. It gives the Sabres a change to make round 2? Sign me up!
  13. Man, watching those videos brings me back. This team needs to figure its ***** out ASAP.
  14. Wasn't the one game he dressed in whichever arena doesn't have room for the back-up goalie on the bench so they're forced to sit all alone in the zamboni entrace?
  15. Last year was essentially his rookie year (even though his stats show he played 20 games in the 15-16 season??? i have zero recollection of that, but, to be fair i think we've all tried to block that out) and I always thought people were being a bit hard on Linus, forgetting that he was indeed a rookie (since he's been a part of the organization for years now). Looks like in 37 games last year he had a .905% and 3.11 GAA This year, in 34 games he's posting a .911% and 2.69 GAA, so he appears to be trending upwards and the eye test tells me he's more in control and collected in the crease. I'm expecting him to continue to improve. How much? Who knows, goalies are ***** weirdos. If I'm Botts, I'm brining in a 3rd goalie to camp, someone who used to be a bona-fide starter but is not moving into a back-up role at this stage in his career (think Ryan Miller in Anaheim) to provide some competition. We then waive Hutton and send him to Rochester. Then, when an injury inevitibly strikes you can call up Hutton so you have a better option than Jonas Johannson. Not ideal to be burning that kind of money on a goalie in Rochester, but that's what happens when you sign a career back-up to a 3 year contract...another big whiff for JBOTT. In summation, to answer your question of "how good is linus ullmark?" , I'd say he hasn't reached his full potential and we'll see him get better.
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