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  1. According to the NHL Stats page there are 4 Sabres who have yet to record a point this season: Cody Eakin Colin Miller Jeff Skinner Rasmus Dahlin Two of these are not like the other. Does anyone get off this list tonight? Who will be the last active skater to register a point?
  2. Flyers just introduced the anthem singer as theh #1 anthemist in the NHL, what the hell does that even mean?
  3. That guy hit staal so hard it caused that turnover 5 minutes prior
  4. This game isn't over. Let's get a quick one and then keep pushing
  5. Agree, they seem to have zero sense of urgency 5v5.
  6. This team does not look good. Hopefully they find their legs and show something, anything, please.
  7. I've been telling all my non-Buffalo friends who play fantasy hockey to drop their last draft pick for Tage. He'll rack up points simply by being on the ice and breathing.
  8. It's a great thing. In reality I'm in a "wait and see how this plays out" camp before being actually upset about it. I've never seen Eakin, Reider, Cozens, or Sheahan ever play before so I have no idea what to expect from them. With the exception of Cozens they all seem like JAGs who get signed by the Sabres and underperform. If I were the coach my 3rd line would be Skinner - Mitts - Cozens fueled by nothing but hope that they wouldn't get caved in defensively. That would at least give us the expectation of offense from the bottom six. Right now the way they're put together the message seems t
  9. I'm seeing that Quinn has already been sent to the Taxi squad: There's nothing to complain about in the top 6. Skinner on the 4th line generates all the buzz. In my mind there's very little room for improvement in the top 6, where the bottom 6 makes both my head and ass itch.
  10. The only internal justification I can come up with in my head is that Linus had a shorter camp and since its' back to back vs the same team it really doesn't matter, however, if we're considering Linus as the starter for the team then why on earth wouldn't he start the season?
  11. I feel like Connor Sheary gets at least one goal tonight.
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