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  1. The timing of this release is odd. If the season starts and jack is still here but on LTIR, does his salary count against the cap to reach the floor?
  2. Montreal recently uppped their offer? Did they throw in Mailloux as a sweetener?
  3. I'm hoping someone asks if he expects the team to compete for a playoff spot this season.
  4. "We want players who want to be here on league minimum deals."
  5. I've mentioned this several times over the past years but one of the greatest tragedies of this whole debacle is that the Pegulas have absolutely wasted the golden years of RJs career. Poor guy probably just wanted one more meaningful season to call before turning the mic off for good. "Hey RJ, you wanna memorize a bunch of new names who won't be here next year?"
  6. Given the current situation, this is a signing we needed. A forward with some grit.
  7. Does this thread get to 300 pages before Eichel is traded? Sources say 74.8% yes.
  8. So now that the dust has settled...what do we think our current line-up looks like? I realize this all hinges on the Eichel trade and I'm fully expecting the roster to look different as we'll be taking prospects and players who can hopefully make this years line up better. This is what I've got now. It's...not a great team. Skinner - Cozens - Bjork VO - Mitts - Thompson Ruotsalainen- Asplund - Hinostroza Caggiula - Girgensons - Okposo extra: Eakin --------------- Dahlin - Joki Pysyk - Miller Bryson - Butcher Hagg ------- Dell Anderson
  9. The morale in the youth who are still in the "oh geez, I'm actually playing in the NHL which is a dream come true".
  10. All of the teams you mentioned have made the playoffs in the last decade. The Sabres play in a league where 1/2 of the teams qualify for the post season. It takes a special kind of idiocy at the upper levels to be this bad.
  11. They can't learn how to play the game right when they get their skulls caved in every night. They are going to get murdered and that will take a toll on morale.
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