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  1. I could see Minnesota firing BB and hiring MB in a heartbeat if he agreed to it beforehand.
  2. The hands work naturally when you're comfortable and confident in your position. He was probably thinking too much about where he needed to be.
  3. Maybe, just maybe Terry Pegula actually HATES Buffalo, maybe he was slighted back in the day by someone or something in Buffalo. Did someone serve him over-cooked wings? Perhaps this is all an elaborate revenge scheme that only a billionaire could carry out. Buy the teams, the heart and soul of the city, and just run them into the ***** ground. Grind down the spirit of all who cheer, all because he was offended decades ago.
  4. It's imperative I do nothing so this team keeps plummeting.
  5. I think they need to outscore the Wild to win this game, but since the re-build was done incorrectly we have no talent to score outside of the player we tanked to get.
  6. I'd trade Mittelstadt in a heartbeat if the right off came along.
  7. How on Earth is that not interference? Contact to the head and it happened literally in front of the ref. Hope Kyle is okay.
  8. Oh gawd. Sabres better win this game for that little kid.
  9. Correct. Been waiting so many years to finally see this trade pay off. This harkens back to bygone days when I still had faith in Murray.
  10. There is zero chance any of those players will be re-signed. I'd bet a sandwich on that.
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