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  1. You can start by finding a way to get Sobotka and okposo off the roster. Problem would be next year when you have to re-up Reinhart and dahlin
  2. Woof. Feels like Sabres hockey. 1 goal in two games. I know it's preseason but this is not inspiring. Cozens looked good out there, Tage had a strong first period but tailed off, Casey looked lost, Sobotka was pure fire on the right faceoff dot.
  3. To me, this sounds like the coach is coaching his player? It'd be alarming if he wasn't doing this.
  4. Alternate headline: Sabres stick Pekar in Barrie.
  5. If this happens someone can finally start the "RaKru should be fired" thread.
  6. Oooo, if it's on center ice that means i can watch without issue because i'm pretty sure that just auto-renewed. If not, the Opera browser had a built in VPN function that allowed me to watch some of the prospect challenge without issue.
  7. I hope tavares marner and Matthews are all healthy for the next 5 years. If one of them goes down for any time that team is fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked
  8. Jimmy Vesey bangs home an unremarkable garbage goal in the paint at the mid-way point of the first period.
  9. There is no chance that Krueger gets canned this season, unless it's a complete dumpster explosion but I don't even want to imagine another season like all of the other seasons. Honestly, sometimes I don't know why any of us are still here, must be that ever present sliver of hope.
  10. I've been waiting for Sobotka's expose about his lost season.
  11. Thought this started at 3pm for some reason, is there a radio stream? Sounds like I'm not missing much anyways.
  12. They should shelf oloffsson, I don't see the point of him risking injury in a prospects tournament when we need him on our top 6. Yesterday he proved he could dominate at this level.
  13. Solid period. Finally got a the Sabres stream to work living in NYC by the Opera browser VPN route....for some reason the Devils stream wouldn't load...I tried to do it legally, oh well.
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