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  1. Can you please add okposos face to this?
  2. Tokarski/Houser is the 1A/1B goalie tandem I've been dreaming for my entire life.
  3. Does this team have an agreement with Dahlin to never have any response a team takes liberties with him?
  4. I think they should sneak into the locker room and all poop in his jock strap.
  5. Personally, I've always like playing hockey against good friends and always try to play a bit harder on them (without crossing any beer-league lines, of course). I feel like the Sabres v Hall will feel the same way. Go out of the way to compete a bit harder against him, maybe throw the body around without the intent to head hunt. I guarantee Lazar will be throwing his weight around.
  6. Okposo has quietly been earning his contract with 13 points in his last 15 games.
  7. I know jack squat about Bjork but I'm looking forward to this line. Guessing the other "top 2" look this this? Seems like it'll at least be entertaining to watch? Skinner - Renio - VO Asplund - Mitts - Tage Bjork - Cozens - R2
  8. Lol, i'm catching up on the Instigators rewind and this is at the 10:55 mark Craig Rivet says, "Who the heck in the organization thought that was a good idea to have UPL up?" and then the stream cuts out for 10 seconds and then restarts, cutting out Hamilton confirming it was Pegula. Nice cover-up WGR.
  9. What's been going on with Okposo? He has 9 points in his last 9 and 11 points in his last 13 games. Hope he can keep this pace up next year. Prior to that he had 1 point in 18 games. Was he another victim of Ralph's "system"?
  10. Ovie can slide into a tie for 5th all-time scorer with...5 goals tonight.
  11. I would have never guessed at the start of the season we'd have Hall on the trading block while Jeff Skinner has the same amount of goals as Eichel + Hall combined, with 4. What a season.
  12. I'm guessing we'll see him in soon after we unload during the trade deadline.
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