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  1. I'd like to see Asplund developed into our 4C. I'd start the year with him and girgensons sharing the center/winger role (swapping positions based on matchups) with Okposo being the other winger. That could be an excellent shutdown line who can also contribute some offense.
  2. PSA you can cross the Peace Bridge for free if you walk or bike.
  3. I see Dahlin quarterbacking PP1 AND Power PP2, I can't see Pilut being inserted in any of the units, which is a good problem to have. Typing this out makes me wonder if granato would roll both Dahlin and power on the same unit. It certainly could be entertaining.
  4. Levi stop on Quinn: https://twitter.com/ByMHarrington/status/1548302548062179331?t=r3WQfvEz8XhK2mEL5zNf8g&s=19
  5. I'd rather see JJ & Quinn on the same line to ramp up the offense with Cozens acting as the responsible 2-way player. JJ & Quinn have an offensive upside that's higher than Vinny's, whose never scored more than 16 goals/39 points in a season. In the last 15 games of last season, Hinistroza had 2 points and Cozens had 5 (3 of which were on the PP). Not looking too deeply, if I assume Hinistroza's 2 points and cozens remaining 2 non PP points were generated playing together, a combined 4 points over 15 games is not going to cut it.
  6. I'm not a fan of these proposed forward lines. Putting Krebs, a set-up man, with Asplund, who hasn't shown the ability to finish, doesn't sit well with me. Instead, I'd like to see a 4th lines composed of Zemgus, Asplund and KO acting as a pure shutdown line which would play to Asplunds strengths. I hope he'll continue to develop an offensive touch but until he does, he'll remain an offensive anchor if he's on a scoring line. Here's what I'd like to see to start the season: Skinner - Thompson - Tuch Olofsson - Mitts - Krebs Peterka - Cozens - Quinn Girgensons - Asplund - KO Hinistroza as the 13th.
  7. I like this move. I'd rather make a play for a backup who hasn't had his shot yet opposed to someone whose floated around the league for the past 12 years who is hot then cold then hot then cold. Every season there's a handful of goalies who seemingly come out of nowhere and catch fire in a bottle. The Sabres are due for this.
  8. I am scratching my head with that Vegas move. They couldn't find a team to trade any kind of pick for patches who could then flip him to someone else while retaining salary? In any event, I hope Vegas misses the playoffs again.
  9. I'm not looking for the sabres to make a play for any big FAs but I would like us to do something to improve the roster. Yes our young guys will continue to develop, but getting more talent to support them will speed that along.
  10. I don't like that we're shaping up to bring back the exact same team as last year. We need to upgrade the roster.
  11. I would love a change of scenery where we bring in a player like Kane at the trade deadline instead of trying to sell off our spare parts and then being disappointed that nobody wanted our spare parts.
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