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  1. All the teams we are chasing in the wildcard race are playing bottom feeders. We need this win to stay afloat.
  2. This won't stop me from refreshing feeds every 30 seconds on deadline day, unfortunately. We're 5 weeks away from today....
  3. I expect another quiet deadline on JBOTs part, mostly because the people we want to see moved off this roster have no value. Wouldn't be surprised if Bogo is acquired by someone looking to shore up depth but I think we'd have to eat salary somehow and would only get picks in return.
  4. Stars have been hot lately, had a good comeback against the avalanche last game. Sabres need a win here.
  5. If the Sabres win the next two and are able to close within 3 points of a wild card spot before going into that break I'd be a happy camper.
  6. Probably better than the "BILLS PLAYOFFS - ALL THE WAY THIS TIME" hoodies I saw at the front of the store over the holidays? which are probably selling better than the "Sabres Playoffs - Dear god, just a sniff to be even close to qualifying" onesies that exist in my head.
  7. I'd put zero credence into any of these injury estimates. Thompson was originally our 5-6 weeks and is now looking like 30+ weeks
  8. I think you might be able to make an argument that the 1st round pick we sent to ANA became Mountour? But yeah, the optics for that aren't...great. Actually that was the SJS first rounder, JK.
  9. The Sabres are crippled by the cap right so it'd have to be money in money out. Bogo would make sense to me but it sounds like Pitt doesn't need defense...although it seems he would be more effective than Chad Ruhwheedle or the other schlub at the bottom of their depth chart?
  10. 7 points out of a wild card spot on January 14th. They need to consistently string together wins if they want to stay somewhat afloat and I don't see that happening.
  11. At this point Hammond couldn't be any more useless than Hutton. Would demoting Hutton to the A make him lose his love for the game?
  12. Can any stat people crunch the numbers and compare these totals to other teams? I have to imagine this is the lowest by a far margin, right?
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