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  1. My wife and I just moved to North Buffalo this past month from NYC and I'm looking to get on the ice now that I've gotten settled a little bit. It seems that most of the rinks around here have suspended their open hockey / skate & shoot / league play but allow for private rentals. Anyone here have a line on private scrimmages that need an extra body? Skillwise, I'm not a good player but I don't also suck. Started playing ice hockey about 6 years ago and have been on the ice like 2x per week since then.
  2. Really? *****, if we had a mediocre penalty kill we would have made the pre-playoffs.
  3. What if mittelstadt took some steps off the ice and grew into his body? I wouldn't mind a third line of tage- mitts - cozens and a fourth of girgs- Reider - okp If Casey is ready that could be a fun line to watch since teams will have to put out their best defenses against our top two lines
  4. I'm expecting....something? We have to replace Girgensons, Larsson, Simmons, Vesey, Frolik, Sobotka and maybe Kahun? I can see Tage replacing one of those roster spots and nobody else from Rocherster filling in (unless Mitts has made strides).
  5. Came here to say this, KO plays the same role and we're paying him enough for that. Still can't believe we have 3 years left of him.
  6. What if Tage makes the O'Reilly trade worth it in the end?
  7. The Sabres will use the pick wisely.
  8. Everyone in Trump's inner circle apparently have Covid, F'n fantastic.
  9. I like it. Feeling like our 4th line will be Asplund - Lazar - KO. I can't envision a world where Zemgus or Larsson don't want to test free agency and go to a more competitive team. It also blows my mind we have 3 more years of Okposo.
  10. I know someone who used to work for PSE and one of the "perks" was free Sabres tickets, but they were never informed that when they took the ticket they had to pay taxes of the face value of the tickets. Should have just paid $5 on stubhub to watch the team lose.
  11. I wonder what this job pays? Probably not enough.
  12. The words "Ron Rolston" and the phrase "the right kind of hire" should not ever be used in adjacent sentences.
  13. Is there a sabrespace bracket challenge this year? Interested in submitting one but not interested enough to create a league.
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