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  1. This doesn't kick in until he plays 9 games, right?
  2. Sabres: 1. Hasek 2. Ray 3. Eichel Honorable mention to RJ. He brought so much life to those broadcasts. Non-Sabres: 1. Mario Lemiuex 2. Jaromir Jagr 3. Peter Forsbreg Hated Players: 1. Lucic 2. That flyers goalie who wore oversized shoulder pads? I don't remember his name but I hate his face 3. Ville Leino
  3. Yes, but I'm not convinced it's been discussed enough elsewhere :)
  4. Terry Pegula and his new tactic of guerilla-meddling.
  5. It never seemed likely he had a shot, however, I think we'll see him get some call-ups this year. With Nylander out the consensus that Olofsson is ready for the show I'd imagine it's him and CJ Smith at the top of the call-up list. Remember that time we traded ROR and Sobotka and Berglund were supposed to add actual depth to team? It'll be great if those pieces both quit on the team a year out.
  6. The Sabres can sign all their RFAs and be above the cap during the summer, correct? How much cap relief do you get if Sobtoka doesn't impress in training camp, gets waived, clears, and plays in Rochester?
  7. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/video/henri-jokiharju-making-impact-his-first-games-season 2nd link is blackhawk player/coach interviews about him at the beginning of the season with some NHL footage.
  8. I think it's a wee bit premature to declare a winner on this trade. Disappointed that Nylander never worked out but, whatever. This trade just screams more moves are coming since we have too many bodies on D. Keep it going J-Bot.
  9. Wouldn't mind Boyle but we can't keep bringing in players without moving bodies out... interested to see what other moves bots has in the pipeline.
  10. If you offer sheet WPG they're not going to match and then make a trade with you.
  11. Wasn't that hit like a second after the whistle too?
  12. Sounds like WPG should sign Laine before things get out of hand. Are they cap crunched?
  13. I'd say there's like 2% chance any of these make it to arbitration. Interested to see what kind of term they're willing to give McCabe/what he wants. Zads only signed for 1 year so any term for Jake will command more than that. Still wonder if he's a piece of trade bait as well. Here's to the waiting game.
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