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  1. How many f*cks does Krueger give? Asking for Tim Murray.
  2. Took me all day to get caught up with this thread and from what I can infer is that Ralph Kruger is the German Tim Nolan. More efficient, higher-performing, and always adapting to crush the opposition. If that's what were getting then I'm fully on-board. Ever since Phil took over, my biggest issue with his was that he always came off as being something of a mushy turd. He had the personality of a door knob and inspired nothing but apathy. Kruger seems like a natural leader and that's what this team has been lacking. HCPH and HCDDB were both great hockey minds but were not great head coaches. I'm curious to see the coaching staff he puts together and am optimisic of what he can bring. Go Sabres!
  3. Good. Johan was born into the tank and the tank was all he ever knew. The Sabres weren't ever going to be good with him on the roster. I'm happy with this and look forward to more fat being trimmed (Girgensons, Bogo, Sobotka)
  4. Congrats @GASabresIUFAN on winning. May you rule the seven realms of Sabrespace justly: Runner up is still up for grabs.
  5. Yeah, this season has been awful from a story-telling perspective. I"m real glad I didn't have to wait 2 years for this let-down.
  6. GA in the lead and is one dead Varys from winning. Characters in green it seems like we said good-bye to yesterday so looks like me and TrueBlue are out.
  7. Overall I enjoyed the episode but it felt like there should have been "more" to it, story-wise. The series literally opens up with the White Walkers taking down some Night's Watch and then they spend 6 1/2 seasons building up the army of the dead. Was hoping to see some melee with the White Walker "generals". I was expecting those guys to kill a Brienne or Tormund or Greyworm or anyone really...instead they opted for the "slow-mo walk looking all fancy with our sexy ice-flow". The Ice Generals deserved to go down easy for never getting their hands dirty. Really hoping for an Arya / Hound good-cop bad-cop spin-off series after this is all over. Speaking of the Hound, when is he going to get over his fear of fire? Probably when he squares off with the Mountain. The blizzard that the ice king summoned took out the dragons from play because they were completely blinded.
  8. Slim pickin's at the end here... I choose the cleverest mind in all of Westeros, Tyrion Lannister. Final Counts are in...might want to double-check my math on who you picked:
  9. It's 5pm which means I'm getting the hell out of this office. Here's a list of the remaining undrafted characters to choose from. I'll update the list tomorrow morning: Character Jon Snow Night King Sansa Start Arya Start Bran Stark Tyrion Lannister Jamie Lannister Yara Grejoy Missandei Lyanna Mormont Yohn Royce Robin Arryn Ellaria Sand Gilly Little Sam Tarly Maester Wolkan (Stark) Hound Bronn Qyburn Mountain Drogon (big dragon) Rhaegel (other dragon) Ghost (Jon's Wolf) Nymeria (Arya's Wolf) Meera Reed Hot Pie
  10. Will Hoss be able to pull off the Greyjoy Trifecta?
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