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  1. The words "Ron Rolston" and the phrase "the right kind of hire" should not ever be used in adjacent sentences.
  2. Is there a sabrespace bracket challenge this year? Interested in submitting one but not interested enough to create a league.
  3. When the franchise was first announced someone on Reddit suggested the Rain City B*tch Pigeons and that's always been my favorite.
  4. sweetlou always has the most insane trade proposals. i find it endearing in a way.
  5. Can teams even trade right now? Or can trades only be made by eliminated teams?
  6. I hope so. I want the season to start in October....not December. Also player safety and all that.
  7. I haven't been on "normal" inline skates since I was a teenager so I no longer have an accurate frame of reference to compare the two, but the Marsblades do feel like you're on the ice (to an extent, obviously you can't stop). The rocker makes it feel like you're digging in with an edge. I've been practicing backwards cross-unders, transitions, edge work on them and I feel like I'm improving. Picked them up last summer and never used em all that much because I played ice hockey 2-3 times a week but now that there's no ice they've been a saving grace for my hockey itch.
  8. I'm in Williamsville, been going around Erie CC area and have found a few there, just getting bored of skating in the same place. Apparently there's two rinks near Houghton park in South Buffalo which I might go check out today.
  9. Maybe GMKA can look out his window and immediately sense the grit I could bring to this team and sign me as a FA. I'd be a nice addition to Jack's wing.
  10. When the pandemic hit in March my wife and I decided to temporarily leave our tiny Brooklyn apartment and come back to Buffalo where we'd have more room to work remotely and experience things outdoors (with my MIL and two cats in tow). Of the essential items I packed into our tiny hatchback were my marsblades and a few hockey sticks. I've been going out to some empty parking lots around me that have semi-decent pavement, but I'm now curious if anyone here knows of good spots to noodle around on skates with a puck? I know there's a small roller rink in Shoshone park and other in Cheektowaga on N Creek Drive, are there any others? How about tennis courts that don't have signage restricting hockey / roller-blading, or just a nice empty patch of smooth pavement?
  11. Do you play for the Blades? I've played with Jess and Britt B. before , they were on my Chelssa Challenge team with Jerome in that article I linked, such great people. My buddy Tim P just moved out there and skates with them as well. I've never been to the Madison tournament but a bunch of friends go every year.
  12. Nice! Nhl.com has done a great job highlighting LGBTQ presence in hockey this month. You can read an write-up about my friend, Jerome here! https://www.nhl.com/news/pride-day-special-for-pilot-goalie-jerome-veysset/c-317263318?tid=285562886 He's from France and is also a commercial Airline Pilot. Awesome dude and he rocks old school goalie pads. If you scroll down to the team photo in the article you can spot me with the C on my jersey (you can also see my Sabres water bottle 🙂 ) . This was from the Chelsea Challenge two years ago when we won the silver medal. Our team was SHARKNADO hence the stupid arm gesture in the photo. I'm involved in the NYC Gay Hockey association, which is an amazing organization. Currently I'm a captain of one their rec-league teams and it's far and away the best league I've ever played in.
  13. I will willing eat a sandwich if we end up moving into the top 3. Mark it.
  14. I want to be in a place where I don't give a crap about the draft lottery.
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