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  1. Thompson’s brother selected Sabres winger Tage Thompson’s brother, Tyce, was drafted by the New Jersey Devils with the third pick of the fourth round. Tyce, a 19-year-old forward, scored eight goals among 25 points in 42 regular-season games as a freshman for Providence College, helping the Friars reach the NCAA Frozen Four in Buffalo.
  2. You can never have enough good defenseman in your system.
  3. Jochen Hecht is still waiting for a team to call him, maybe he can crack our bottom six!
  4. I sure hope he is working on his skills constantly this summer. Just to get 10-12 goals out of him a year would be really big
  5. No doubt, just saying contract years are contract years.
  6. Yes, but what about assists? Those players bring others things to the table that Skinner doesn't.
  7. You got to go through hell, to get to heaven Steve Miller, "Jet Airliner"
  8. Good question! But do all teams stay good after throwing big money at players? No.
  9. Am I demanding results now? Where did I ever say anything like that? I'm allowed to dislike this, right? The tough call call would have been letting him walk and signing someone else cheaper, make a trade or something. ROR about to win the cup simply must have been a factor in this. JBott even said in his Housley firing press conference that we got Skinner because of ROR trade.
  10. The point isn't about when they signed the contract, its that we had ROR under contract AND for fewer years to go. This millstone we just placed around our neck for the next decade will, I believe, damage the franchise, cost us salary flexibility and not make us much better. Again, I do hope I'm wrong
  11. Damn right I'm biased! Not at the players, but by history. We have been burned so often, this just looks like a repeat to me. Again, I hope I am wrong. But if this season goes bad, again, and Skinner scores 16 goals, JBott is gone
  12. I hope you are right, but I totally disagree. I'm expecting a big fall off in production from Skinner.
  13. Under. I'm seeing the next Drew Stafford here. He will have 16 goals next year, doesn't kill penalties, doesn't hit and is showing that having a good contract year works. I hope i am wrong, but I also hope it doesn't matter. The real solution will be finding the good young players coming into the organization. I feel JBott really felt the squeeze from the ROR unfolding disaster of a trade and couldn't let Skinner walk. Damn, ROR is cheaper by 2mill a year?!? Ouch again!
  14. How exciting it would/will be if Sabres were in this position to close out a team and win the cup! Must be some fun fun times in St Louis right now. Hope they get the job done tonight
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