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  1. But she could still run the power play really well, I think we should sign her and give her Skinner type money. Go Grandma!
  2. When he and Risto were out of the line up the Sabres got seriously bounced around. Way more than usual.
  3. So the Mueller report basically said the Russians helped Trump, Trump wanted their help, sought it but nothing of value was exchanged. Trump then attempted to obstruct the investigation but the people around him wouldn't break the law for him, A sitting president can't be indicted but here is all the evidence he tried to obstruct justice, Congress, have fun... Oh and BTW, there are 12 more indictments out there that are still secret.
  4. We need Skinner at $9 just the Hurricanes needed him and the Islanders absolutely needed to keep Tavarse. No way!
  5. Tampa back from the dead. You know they are nervous in Columbus, lol
  6. It would also turn the pick into an instant cap issue as we would be bringing on salary with a trade that a pick wouldn't. Sorry if that's been mentioned, just throwing it out there
  7. That Leddy is a lot better than I thought. Really a great skater
  8. Is rain on your wedding day ironic, or just bad luck?
  9. Anyone could play goal for the Islanders and not give up a lot of goals.
  10. Johansson for Leafs and Coyle for Bruins, these teams just keep finding good players.
  11. Maybe that's what Jbott was talking about with Housley not communicating with his players last year. He mentioned that several times in his presser.
  12. Filppula with two assists. All the Islander free agents to be are contributing. That team might be gutted in off season.
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