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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/the-nba-e2-80-99s-reopening-is-a-warning-sign-for-the-us-economy/ar-BB16ktX1 NBA plans to reopen has some players opting out. Can't see their families, some don't want to get infected, etc.
  2. Scott Niedermyer Duncan Keith (Future Sabre,lol) Marion Hossa Chara is an amazing player Victor Hedman
  3. Linus is a pretty good goalie he just needs someone to be ready in case he gets hurt or needs a rest.
  4. That Grigs-Okposo-Larry line was an above average line, I thought
  5. I agree with the basic premise of this thread. Carter “can’t see” Hutton was largely responsible for the disaster of last season. Sure, we need more scoring. Yes. That too.
  6. His speed is something else. He has the potential to be a real good one
  7. Letter from Linus to fans One of the most difficult parts about being injured is being away from your teammates. You miss the camaraderie when the team is on the road and you are home rehabbing, and recovery can begin to feel like a marathon at times. I fell into that slump while I rehabbed following my injury this season. The interactions I had with fans during that time made a world of difference to me. It happened everywhere. I could be at the grocery store and people would come up to me, wishing me good luck with my rehab. If felt great to receive that sort of kindness during a stressful time. It goes to show how people go above and beyond to show they care in this town. That mentality has stuck out to me and my family ever since we came to Buffalo. I have never had a negative interaction with a fan. It could be out in public or after practice, I'm always struck by how genuine people are about the Sabres. They are 100-percent bought in. Sabres fans are authentic. I might talk to an older fan, and the conversation always comes back to the fact that they have loved this team since the '80s or since the franchise started. No matter what happened in a game the night before, the conversation always ends on a positive note. At the end of every conversation, I walk away feeling like they care about Linus Ullmark the person, not the hockey player. I'm thankful for that.
  8. He can't even play in AHL but you guys think he can play in NHL? ok! Come on guys, think! Just joking
  9. Moscow does need a team, though!
  10. 8.) Buffalo Sabres – Marco Rossi, Centre/Left Wing, Ottawa 67’s, OHL Rossi scored 39 goals and 81 assists for 120 points in just 56 games this year. He was a dynamic offensive force for the Ottawa 67s, helping them to be one of the best teams in the OHL. When the OHL season was stopped due to Covid-19, he had a nine-point lead for the league scoring title. Rossi has a quick wrist shot with an excellent release. When defenders back off, he can use them as a screen and fire a shot on net. He also has an excellent one-timer. Rossi is talented as both a playmaker and a shooter. He has the passing skills to set up his linemates and make them better. His ability to extend plays through his work down low really lets him take advantage of these playmaking abilities. Despite his lack of size, he plays the game in the dirty areas of the ice. The Sabres have their franchise centre in Jack Eichel. It was hoped that Casey Mittelstadt would become the number two centre. That hasn’t happened yet, but it’s still too early to write him off. The Sabres drafted Dylan Cozens at 7th overall a year ago, and he might become that centre behind Eichel. Rossi becomes another option to fill that role. As noted earlier, a team can not have too many good centres. Rossi is the best player on the board at this point. If all three develop, they can always move one of the players to the wing or trade them for other assets. The Sabres need scoring depth and Rossi will help bring that eventually. He’s also good in his own end.
  11. Trade a high quality player that will be in the organization for a decade, probably at a decent salary cap hit, for a more expensive and shorter term player. I think any trade would have to include a salary dump on our part. Just take the pick Who traded Brandon McNab? I can’t keep track of the revolving door
  12. Trade the pick? Hmmmm.... https://buffalonews.com/opinion/sabres-gm-kevyn-adams-should-take-a-different-approach-by-trading-no-8-pick/article_157a2d1c-b800-11ea-9cf1-93ac3b10550e.html If the player is young and good and we have for a long time, yes. Has to be a near perfect deal, though.
  13. Yup! With room to grow, too!
  14. I’m not saying they are a Stanley Cup contender with only better goaltending, but it is the biggest problem on this team now if they want to be a playoff contender. Yes, more scoring up front will be required, but if you can’t stop the puck, it won’t matter if you add Leon Draiseitle to the line up, they’d still lose
  15. I sure hope Kevyn Adams doesn’t agree with you. I hope he sees that this team was basically without a goaltender for as much as 40% of its games and played real well when Linus was playing and healthy.
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