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  1. AC/DC with a new best selling albums out now. https://loudwire.com/acdc-power-up-eight-countries-no-1/
  2. https://buffalonews.com/sports/sabres/inside-the-nhl-are-players-cash-strapped-owners-heading-for-an-ugly-faceoff/article_054da7ba-2b83-11eb-96d5-cfbc32b4039b.html
  3. I hope not. I think it stinks that our young players are missing out on so much valuable time gaining experience and learning more about the NHL.
  4. The article is optimistic. That part about individual teams may have their own deals with their own players was interesting. I remember there was talk some teams might be in real financial trouble. That would be bad, especially if we want hockey back sooner rather than later. Seems strange they could put on, what I thought, was a great playoffs but can’t get a regular season up and running. Come on guys!
  5. Doesn’t tonight just make you feel it in your gut. It’s a perfect sit at home and watch Sabre’s hockey night. Cold dark night in November. I think the players should take the pay cut and get out there and play. The owners can’t take the whole hit themselves. (I don’t know the details, so just throwing that out there out of frustration I guess) Wouldn’t be surprised if the owners just decide to cancel season rather than pay players. Really hope they work it out.
  6. I'm just sort of upset they have said so little. Must be some serious issues that have gotten personal and people just not talking.
  7. So is camp going to open soon? Are they still on for Jan. 1st as a starting date?
  8. I sure hope Hutton has some hockey left in him. I mean if they ever play again
  9. You think anyone would trade an NHL player for a goalie who can’t see straight? Maybe it’s because they need a goalie
  10. Is there a Midnight Special train between Rochester and Buffalo?
  11. G—Gates Orlando! Lol G-Game winning goal
  12. They used Risto in front of net before and he was good!
  13. Will be interesting to see how Boston does after losing Krug, who is a really solid player. They keep getting older, but still have some serious talent I'd like to say Sabres improved the most but would like them to address the goaltending situation.
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