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  1. He's done. He got paid and lost his motivation. Krueger is right.
  2. He really should watch Curtis Lazar play and try and be more like him. Throw a damn check for once! He plays like he wants to Taylor Hall or something. The guy probably could be a good checking center but doesn't have the mentality for it.
  3. His on ice performance explains it pretty clearly, doesn't it? Remember when he was scoring, he would pick arguments to get into with other players and then go out on the ice like he had a chip on his shoulder to prove something and go wild. Never seen anything like that now. The guy just isn't motivated to get to that crazy level of adrinaline (spelling?)
  4. No, we thought we were getting something, Carolina just got garbage back, for the most part. I think it's pretty simple. He got paid and lost the incentive to be a super star.
  5. So to review: Last team Skinner was on: They got rid of him for almost nothing This team: He hit his pay day and does not play with anywhere near the level of compete he did while pursuing that pay day. Now he is sitting Carolina made the right choice. We got stuck with their garbage
  6. Life and sports are crazy Hey, Duff has a nice suit there. Like that
  7. If we were still in the playoff race this point might have meant something, but we had to have two there
  8. Oh crap, I just remembered how bad Hutton is in OT
  9. Any sort of clarification in that job is just helpful. It’s an impossible job, but it has to be done.
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