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  1. This team will not get any better if all the young players don't move forward, and I mean Jack, Samson, Casey, Dahlin and even the newer draft picks and hopefully Tage Thompson. If they all move forward one or two steps together this team will show some real flashes I'm sure. Casey to me looks like a hockey player. I don't look at him and hope he will try and get better, I just assume he will. That he has more choices for wingers is a good thing in that hopefully they find a player who meshes really well with him. Whoever that is. I like the 20g24as prediction.
  2. If Okposo can generate some offense for that line I think they might be a pretty good fourth line. And if Grigs and Larry and put a few more in the net that would be really great
  3. Don't ever say that! You and what you do, do matter! 😎
  4. Have to think his injury history really hurt him. Had he been Risto-Strong, he'd be getting 4 mil easy
  5. The Islanders sure prove toughness helps you win, and no I don't think we will have enough muscle on the ice with Risto gone.
  6. What's your grandfathers corsi numbers look like??
  7. We can't get better unless some of the new players really take it to another level. I think most of us agree Dahlin will continue his upward trajectory. I'm hopeful Casey Middelstat will hit 20 goals next year and play a more complete game. Even Rodregez (Sic) could also contribute more, as he has shown signs of being talented. Tage Thompson, well, here's hoping he starts to contribute more, puts on some weight, shows he can bury that shot of his. What do you think?
  8. Bogo is physical but injured often. Risto is very durable, a big plus
  9. Every year we have to run some player out of town. I'm sick of it. I remember Andreychuck getting run out of here, too soft, ya know. Turgeon was a TinMan, or something, ROR for some reason, Tyler Myers, now Risto. Hes our only physical d-man, he isn't really injured much, decent salary for three years and is offensively gifted. Just admit he's a good player and it will be a loss if we lose him. I kind of doubt many professional hockey people see Risto as a total waste of a player
  10. Its basic logic that if he sucks and makes a lot of money that other teams wouldn't want him. If you are saying we can dump a bad player with a high salary and get a really good forward in return I'd have to question your logic. Something in there doesn't add up.
  11. If he sucks so bad, then we won't get anything decent in return. Plus for being so bad, he earns too much money. We are stuck with him...good!
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