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  1. Do you remember President Nixon? And the bills we had to pay?
  2. Which is good. Sorry for being a Debbie Downer. I liked your earlier post about the fact he probably isn't going anywhere soon. So I was actually defending you against yourself, lol
  3. Again, why would other team buy a horse with a broken leg?
  4. So did Jack want out before the injury? Or was it because of the injury and the Sabres stance on surgery? Oops. Sorry
  5. No, I'm thinking the guy is hurt, which he is, and might not play again. Can't trade him, he won't or can't play and there is a big chance (30% from what I have seen posted) his medical procedure will fail. I do hope you are right though.
  6. Is he an asset now? I'm not even sure. I'm moving him down to "potential asset"
  7. This really is messed up. Can the Sabres just allow him to make his own decision? Assume the risk himself?
  8. Oh, wow, I sort of took it at face value that they had. I mean that's pretty bad if they lied.
  9. Just trade him for a bag of pucks...and a decent goalie? Oh, I might do it!
  10. In fairness to Jack, he has to accept $10 million dollars and is forced to play hockey for a living. Oppression! So a team trading for him would have a 30% chance of Jack not being what he was. That's got to scare away a lot of GMs
  11. I will not be surprised if he sits out the season, or something like that. Wait until he is 100% healthy and then see who wants him next year. I know that's crazy but it might be best option
  12. If you were another team, would you trade for Eichel now? I think his value is pretty low now with injury and this show of impertinence just made him even less valuable to a team.
  13. KA will have to respond to this, I imagine. It's been his strongest tool, talking right to the public and answering questions. He is good at it and this calls for a statement at least
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