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  1. Oh no, we have to go on the PP. and things were going pretty well 😞
  2. They need to improve the interviews somehow. It’s like two strangers meeting in passing in the hallway
  3. Our special teams just suck. But at least they can be fixed, I’d think Just crazy how bad they are
  4. I just think it would improve the "broadcast" Ha! But seriously, if they hired someone who was young, attractive and very hockey knowledgeable, it would be an improvement, IMO
  5. For several reasons. I want someone really smart to do color and go over plays Girls are a hockey market now and should be represented A young person should be represented, not just old former players of the team And why do we always have the meatheads (aside from Marty) being our color guys? I just would like having a female on the broadcast.
  6. I've said it before and I'll say again, we need a young attractive--and knowledgable--hockey girl/woman on the broadcast. Most other broadcasts of all sports our going with the ladies.
  7. I remember you told me, that’s why I brought it up
  8. He use to go to the Stumble Inn! It was right down the road from their studio
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