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  1. I would say that over an 82 game schedule, his ability of winning that face off in OT might be worth as much as 8 points in a season, maybe more, maybe less. That in and of itself is worth a lot. Like i said, he’s tough, plays hard and sets a good example. The upside I see is that he might start finishing more. He seems like an intelligent hard working guy and if he is trying to improve that part of his game, he just might.
  2. He’s totally solid. Great on face offs, a great character to have on the team, tough and works hard. 2 million is not a lot. I’m also assuming he has more upside.
  3. I’ll take two years. But would rather have him for longer at a cheat price
  4. Lazar should get locked up for awhile, if possible. 2 million a year for five years.
  5. What talent? What are his skills? I don't see one thing he does really well. Not fast, not a hitter, not a great shot. Passing is decent.
  6. Tage, IMO. I just dont see what Casey brings. What is he good at? Passing? Well, maybe he can be made a PP specialist
  7. Not sure if it would have in a full season, but no doubt, we would have been in this years playoffs if Carter Hutton’s eyes didn’t go to the bad. We lost a lot of points because of that. And yes, the ROR trade was still a disaster
  8. He has to sign a goalie that can play if Hutton can’t, period. Aside from that I don’t know what to do, spend a lot and have three goalies? That doesn’t sound good. Waive Hutton?
  9. A goaltender. I don’t trust Carter Hutton’s eyes. Getting Joki was a good move
  10. They are the only team left that doesn’t have a very good defense. They lay great team defense, but their defense isn’t a great unit.
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