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  1. Yup gonna sleep early... at least beer league team won last nite 9-5.
  2. Cozens looks still hurt, Tage and Quinn Girgenson still out Okposo older... really hurts team chemistry and younger guys learning... yeh seems like groundhog day but injuries really hurting progress... disappointing sure but weathering this storm should improve long run... still its hard to watch.
  3. If a Sabre falls in the woods does its break in two from being brittle?
  4. Get him Sabres need a guy like that...
  5. Sabres are skating tonite unlike against jersey... still missing Thompson and Quinn but liking their moxie... when both get back let okie and Krebs sit, keep Rosen up...
  6. Any guys in the draft with a nasty streak... screw guys having fun,I want some bullies... guys that were abused growing up that have a need to take it out on someone else....
  7. Being out skated... and Devils crashing the net... Sabres way too passive Biro would have been a better choice imo
  8. Sabres missing Quinn and Thompson, need Biro or someone to go to the net grrr.
  9. Yeh Im on that bandwagon too... KO looks slow and tired... Girgenson is a shadow of his former self... time to bring up Kulich and Rosen for spot duty give the old guys a rest especially with Tommer and Quinn out
  10. The team imo is still developing chemistry among various players... goal is to have interchangeable parts... and retire older guys... I'd rather they play 500 hockey, no long losing streaks and take off in Feb, March early april
  11. wth happened... had a few pts.... turned back and 10 to go in 2nd down 3-1
  12. Parkside Candies... and Rockpile I remember, Ilfun to see ice cream sodas made... UB med school and Buff General Medical Center all new since I left... people mentioned above canalside... also rink in footprint of the old Aud... Downtown was a mess building subway and train system and deserted when I left in '82... nice to see it back...
  13. get er done... gotta nap til work hope i wake up on a positive.
  14. Game calling on O is horrendous... how hard is it to stick with the run til you pull Broncos out of their pass stopping D... stop having Josh throw into tight windows... ps Beane needs to find a better speed receiver... oof depressing
  15. Good game line was gassed and need a change... to bad but overall Sabres hung well with carolina
  16. Team is done... playing hard but too many injuries on D... need another speed receiver, good route runner with hands to take pressure off Diggs... but waited to late to upgrade D... as others have said need a clone of Milano... and a shut down corner... oh well
  17. So if there is a game on but no one watches or can listen to it is there actually a game?
  18. Im gonna wishy washy this one... depends on my mood, time I have to make it, bread used... what is on it... crap just just depends.
  19. Dog house is small and he is in isolation... think Shawshank
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