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  1. So the Sabres are 8 points out of 8th as we near February. How in God's name are teams like Philly, Carolina, the Rangers and especially Columbus ahead of them. Columbus gets rid of their top 2 players and somehow don't miss a beat. Carolina loses Skinner, Islanders lose Tavares......and when we lose O'Reilly, it's like there is no recovery. Buffalo has pretty good players in the top 6, reinvents the bottom 6 every year, has a decent defense and ok goaltending. I hope that someone outside of this organization places a phone call someday to Terry and is like...yeah, I know how to fix this pretty quickly because obviously your organization is still lost at sea.
  2. If they can beat Nashville on the road, they have 9 out of 10 games at home. They actually might be alive and i can't believe it
  3. That was the most important game of the season 2 date when you look at 8th
  4. The 3 players on this team I would never trade. Jack Dahlin Risto
  5. Carolina and Philadelphia both lost tonight so Buffalo absolutely has to have two points tonight
  6. I am saying I would get a new GM and hope that he hires Boudreau...or the Vegas Coach
  7. 7 points out of 8th. 1 point won't cut it if they have any chance at all. By the way, if the Wild end up firing Boudreau, I would fire Botterill that very second and have a GM lined up and ready to go.
  8. So Philly just keeps on winning as they beat Boston then st louis. Any chance of catching 8th is a pipedream unfortunately
  9. That was actually a very entertaining period, , what are the chances they can keep this up?
  10. Well I was wearing the spandex Slug shorts today sooooooo.........
  11. I would trade our entire team minus Eichel and Dhalin for Kassian right now. At least give us something to be proud of when they get curb-stomped most nights.
  12. Whoa, this team was beyond awful before the injuries. They miss Victor but Skinner wasn't doing anything
  13. Anyone watching this over football, well, God bless. It feels like preseason
  14. Honestly, i couldn't care less about the draft or the team. It's over for me until they figure it out. I didn't even know they had a game today. Nobody knows what the answers are, nobody
  15. They're doing it, they're really doing it! The race to the bottom is on, bigtime! As long as Jack and Dahlin don't get traded, I could not care less. This team lost me a few weeks ago so these losses are welcome. If next year is not the year for the playoffs, at least we will have the royal blue. New Jersey and Detroit are the only team pretty much guaranteed to finish below in the Standings so lottery, please be good to us.
  16. I would much rather see kings, habs, and anaheim win. Jeff and Victor, feel free to take as much time as you want to fully heal.
  17. Season is dead , it's over. Sell at deadline and hope their top 5 pick is 1, 2 or 3 at the lotto drawing.
  18. A team this bad is way further away than just a 2 center....this team is gutless with one star and no goaltending. Add 1 more super star and they might be able to compete for 8th. Add that star AND a 2 center, you can talk about the division. Now add the right tender, you are a contender. They are years away from contender, years....
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