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  1. Shuffling the Titanic deck chairs.
  2. I guess the puck bunny didn’t realize what life is like as a girlfriend/wife of a professional hockey player.
  3. Power seems to be much more under control than earlier this season. Not as much freestyling in the offensive zone.
  4. DC is “marvel”-ous? C’mon Dan…stop forcing it. This is as bad or worse than the “Eichel Tower”.
  5. Maybe he just has an unorthodox style, or maybe he is not fundamentally sound, but watching UPL, something does not look right. That being said, if he can make big saves, chalk up some wins, and minimize bad goals, I guess that is all that matters for now.
  6. Wow! Who woke Quinn up the last two games? He could have legitimately scored 5 or 6 goals the last two games. Awesome game!
  7. Well tell me about their play…good, bad or indifferent?
  8. I haven’t seen Sheahan or Bjork in an Amerks jersey, but both should be very good contributers at that level. If not, send them to Cincinnati or lend them elsewhere. I want the vets in Rochester to be positive examples for the youngsters.
  9. I would love to hear Granato or whomever is in charge of the PP, explain how the drop pass is a good thing. 3 guys standing still at the opposing blue line, 4th guy gets to center, drop pass to 5th player, while 4th guy joins the other 3 statues. Just friggin’ explain why this is a good strategy for entering the offensive zone on the PP? I’ll hang up and listen….DG, Ellis, or the other clown behind the bench.
  10. After this season, which HC & GM’s are they still paying, and for how much longer?
  11. CBJ win tonight puts the Sabres 4th from the bottom of the league.
  12. Coming within a foot of an opponent is not asking a lot…even for a 19 year old.
  13. For starters a trip to the press box might help…or would the press box be whistled 2 minutes for prospect blocking?
  14. Power needs to learn how to play defense. Forgot hitting anyone, it is a rarity for him to even engage the opponent when in the Sabres end. Just goes to show you…size doesn’t matter.
  15. There is plenty of room on the train. Bring your pitch fork, tar and feathers, and hop on.
  16. There must be someone else left at the kiddie hockey academy.
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