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  1. Give it a rest. It was bad enough mocking him when struggling. Now it’s just idiotic. 👎🏻
  2. As it stands today, 21, 22 & 23 drafts… 6 1st round picks and 6 2nd round picks
  3. The puck goes into the net in OT last night, and no one can figure out where the puck is. How can a net be designed where the puck can get stuck under a support bar. While I am at it, get all that huge technology crap out of the net. Once again, stop making it difficult for those in attendance and watching at home to see the puck go into the net. It is 2022. Am I supposed to believe that a camera(s) can't be placed inside the goalpost/crossbar? They find a way in the NFL to place one inside the goal line pylons. Okay...I am off my soapbox.
  4. I am sure I have complained about the moron next door to me many times over the years. The husband and wife don't keep up his property at all, and have an above ground swimming pool with the winter cover still on it. They have two boys(maybe 11 & 13) who would probably love to go swimming, but lazy daddy can't be bothered to get the pool uncovered and water swimmable. I've always wondered if you don't want to be bothered with the upkeep of a house, why didn't you just move into an apartment or some sort of rental. If there was a pic of white trash in the dictionary, his pic would be listed as an example.
  5. Okay, I have changed my viewpoint on this ever so slightly. The Blackhawks can have a 2nd round pick, and Portillo or Johnson…and this is assuming the Sabres FO knows that Kane will sign a reasonable extension after the trade. Anything more than that…tell them to go pound salt, and sign Kane as a UFA next summer
  6. I thought World Jrs was in December? What tournament is this?
  7. As a UFA next year…no problem. Giving up significant assets for a potential rental…absolutely not.
  8. Just wanted to say after all these years, I still enjoy complaining, and reading others complaints. That being said…contractors of any kind who can’t even be bothered to return your calls suck and I hope someday their businesses fail. How long does it take to say…I’m too busy but keep me in mind in the future.
  9. That is why I am hoping that Baron Von Barnekow develops, is signed, and becomes a Sabre! 😂
  10. First rate article. 👎🏻 Doesn’t even say if he will be playing over here in the fall.
  11. There was this book(which I have somewhere and not yet read)… https://a.co/d/82sW7vj
  12. Marty Biron part of Rangers post game show. Sleeping with the enemy? 😱
  13. Hey scumbag Rangers fan who sucker punched the Bolts fan, you’re team lost and hopefully you are going to jail!!!
  14. Also, does he count as one of the 50 contracts or whatever the max contract number is?
  15. I'm being lazy. So do the Sabres actually pay his salary for 22-23, or is it just a cap space transaction?
  16. The bar continues to be lowered when “very good” Sabres like Gare, Martin, Robert, etc… have their numbers retired. This leads to even more “very good” players having their numbers retired in the future. The criteria for retiring a former Sabres number really needs to be looked at. Retired numbers are meant for the GREAT. List begins and ends with Perreault and Hasek…and maybe Horton because of the circumstances, and even that is debatable.
  17. Even if words were exchanged, no excuses, that was uncalled for. It is one reason why I am always aware of the surroundings when at an away game…Bills or Sabres. You can be attacked even when on best behavior. I hope the ***** ends up with at least some jail time. 🖕🏻
  18. If we are not getting a 2023 3rd round pick back, I am personally voiding the deal, and reminding KA that this isn’t what we meant when it was said that he has made a mess of the goaltending situation for two years running.
  19. Not a fan of this move. He is not worthy of having his number retired. Not even close. Quinny still on the retired numbers committee? 😂
  20. I didn’t really care who wins the TB vs NYR series until I saw Jimmy Fallon at the game. I can’t stand him! Unfunny hack! GO LIGHTNING!!!!
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