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  1. Welcome to my bandwagon. Plenty of room for others.
  2. Rochester is an hour away and at home tonight. No excuse for going 11-7. If you need a forward, make the call.
  3. If DG goes with 11 & 7 again on Friday, win or lose, I am packing it in until he gets fired.
  4. Repeatedly dressing 7 dman when you have 12 healthy forwards is idiotic. DG is in over his head at the NHL level, and needs to be dismissed….the sooner the better.
  5. My first two picks of Barkley & Pollard and ending up with Lawrence as my starting QB sunk my team. 😞
  6. How can you “imagine” that when 2/3 of the line you are proposing has not played a single second of an NHL game?
  7. It is actually in Clarence on Main between Transit & Harris Hill.
  8. Because I have no interest in them, therefore, they hold no meaning for me. 😂
  9. Have I said how much I hate Botts for not offering Hagel a contract? 😡
  10. Too bad there is a great MNF matchup tonight. 3 interesting early games… BOS @ TB EDM @ FL NYR @ DAL
  11. That is really really really bad. If Appert is ignoring the organization’s request for better team D, than he should be fired. If KA and DG aren’t delivering and reaffirming the message, then it is just another nail in both of their coffins.
  12. If the Bills can find a 1st round starter at WR, and add him to Diggs, Kincaid, Shakir & Knox, Josh should be a better QB because of it.
  13. An estimated $10 mil for a remembrance memorial for Tops shooting victims? What? Wouldn’t that $10 mil be better spent on improving the neighborhood or anywhere in the East side of Buffalo?
  14. No GPS, and no warning. Maybe something is not working. I will have to ask next time I am at the dealer for warranty service.
  15. I have had my projected range down to 25 and nothing. 😂
  16. Since it would be inappropriate to open this thread on Thanksgiving, this week we will have Complaint Monday. My Hyundai beeps at me for swerving out of my lane, car in front of me is moving, I am getting to close to the car in front of me, it might be icy, etc…. but my gas gauge can be close to “E”, and nothing.
  17. From a life long WNYer… Sponge Candy, Weber’s Mustard, Darwin Martin House, AKG Art Gallery, Anchor Bar & Chef’s can all disappear from the face of the earth and I wouldn’t shed a tear.
  18. Didn’t watch any of it. A win is a win…even if Chicago is terrible.
  19. Trevor Bauer & DeShaun Watson say hello.
  20. I despise the moniker, and likewise, will never wear anything with that on it.
  21. Why does it have to be American Idol at KBC? Find a great singer and hire them to sing the anthem at all home games.
  22. Been here in WNY my entire life. Have loved the Sabres and Bills for over 50 years. Always have, always will. Just once. 😞 [edited]Liked the baseball Cardinals growing up, but now kind of cheer for the underdog in MLB. Basketball…first lost interest in the NBA 10-15 years ago, then the same with NCAA BB…I grew tired of the one and done crap with these guys who have no interest in school, but can’t go right from HS to the NBA.
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