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  1. League filled up. If anyone changes their mind, or doesn’t accept the invite, I may come looking for last minute owners.
  2. I don’t think the Sabres announce anything until a few nights before the opener, when Granato reveals no one will wear the “C” this season.
  3. Wow! Wawrow really going out on a limb here. Here I thought Jack would show up for camp 100%.
  4. I don’t remember anyone say they wanted Kane to become a Sabre again…but maybe I missed it.
  5. I’m fine with this deal. I still believe he has a ton to prove about his defensive zone play and his skating.
  6. You’re in. Will send invite via DM.
  7. Easy for me to say, but why not stay on and either hope to grow the program, or at the very least, stay on until you have a better option…other than a podcast from your basement which brings in little money, and has 50 listeners.
  8. It will go something like this “Jack has failed his physical and we are in discussions with Jack, his agent, and our doctors to determine the next step”. In other words, same old same old.
  9. You're in. DM with invite coming your way.
  10. I can't say you are wrong. I'll say the same thing I've been saying for weeks...what a mess.
  11. F Johnny and his desire to play in the Olympics. His first allegiance is to the team that is paying him. If the Olympics meant so much to him, then he should have had the ADR surgery months ago, and risked the Sabres voiding his contract.
  12. Up to 10. Room for two more. Owners listed in 1st post.
  13. I will send out league invite link via dm now…even though we haven’t hit 10 teams yet.
  14. If you can’t see settings, it is head to head total points. Tentative draft date 10/6
  15. https://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/hockey/28610/1
  16. Keep in mind it’s just a blog, and also the article is from July.
  17. Yeah…just want to get up to at least 10 teams, and then I will send out the invite via DM
  18. Adam Benigni on WGRZ just said there there will no media access to vet players tomorrow…and said this is the 1st time he can ever remember them not having access on this day.
  19. I'm guessing either a center prospect comes back in a John trade, or the 1st round pick next season is used on one....not to mention one or two more later in the draft. Unless they flame out, Mitts, Cozens, R2 & Girgs will probably be the center spine for the next two seasons.
  20. 830AM this Thursday will be must see/listen! Thursday, Sept. 23 Kevyn Adams media availability: 8:30 a.m. Don Granato media availability: 9:15 a.m. Gold Group: 10 to 11:30 a.m. Blue Group: 1 to 2:30 p.m.
  21. Yes. That is exactly what I was talking about.
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