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  1. Sabres 7-1. Tampa rode the euro-disco train celebrating win last night. I can visualize it and it wasn't pretty.
  2. These days I have more hate for the Sabres. Our franchise is just flat out bad.
  3. It's game day, and this thread is this short against the Leafs? That's a depressing sign of the state of this team.
  4. Thanks for sharing that RadioLabs. I don't know why, maybe because I was just an average athlete that had to work twice as hard, but I got just as teared up as when I watched it actually happen. Maybe because of his and his wife's narration. Fantastic stuff.
  5. BMWR100RT


    Great thread. I'm 57. When the Sabres were an expansion team I had a cheap radio from WT Grant (way before you kids time) that I used to listen to games on after my parents sent me to bed. There was a great game in the first couple of years against Montreal when the Sabres called for a goalie pad measurement and Montreal's goalie (Dryden?) had oversized pads. The Sabres scored on the ensuing PP and won. To me that game was like David slew Goliath. At the time Montreal was like the Patriots are now. I remember it like yesterday. I was already hooked, but that game took me over the top. My first actual game was the famous "Fog" game and I have posted pics from it and my boy crush for Schoney. Later I remember the Sabres playing the Russians (and winning) before the "Miracle on Ice" in Lake Placid. I listened to AM radio to feeds through a tuned antennae when I lived in NYC in the early 80's. "May Day" "No Goal" "Pommenville's epic goal in Ottawa. So many great moments and truthfully some pretty low ones. The loss to the Hurricanes in the ECF was crushing. But one of the most frustrating things has been that my kids are in their late teens and they have never seen good hockey from the Sabres. I've taken them to many games in the dead atmosphere of the F'N Center (It will always be that to me), but they've never seen a win. Mostly they saw bad hockey and when this streak started I think for some reason they started paying attention. There are so many other distractions for kids these days that I can't blame them for not catching the fever I caught 45 years ago. But something happened last night. When the "1,2,3,4..........." chant started, my youngest son stopped doing his homework. The Sabres were up 2-0 and I was getting ticked about the fans jinxing but you get old and you get crazy grumpy thoughts. I've had this feeling that this team is so young they remind me of the "Confidence is high" days of youth and to watch that win with my youngest son and see him have the fever.......it was the kind of joy I'm not sure I'd have again. He went straight to bed and I watched the post game and with the streak and seeing all the cancer survivors and the emotion of the broadcast......yeah.....I had tears.
  6. At a Bills game against Miami in the late Shula years when the Ralph was his and Marino's house of horrors. Beautiful day, might have been the opener, and the Bills won big and as I was walking out with my gf (now wife) and two nephews, there was some Miami fans in a little speck of a car with a mob of Bills fans holding it's front wheels off the ground by the front bumper and taunting the Miami fan occupants. They were clearly very scared, revving the engine which was running and in gear. Scary. "Nothing to see here kids" to nephews.
  7. I pay for DirectV just so I can watch the Sabres games. I watch the Bills in my shop over a an antennae and feel I pay for it in the endless erectile disfunction and beer ads I am forced to watch. When a game is on the NFL Network I head out to watch with friends. My wife watches Game of Thrones on HBO. We spend over 1300 dolars a year on this and everything else we watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime which have their own fees. With the Disney News yesterday it's clear a streaming world is the future. I want to pay to watch legally, but not 1200 dollars legally. I am sure it has been said that Center Ice blacks out local games and I am not interested in IP spoofing. I own a software company and understand rights. So does anyone know of a legal way and or have knowledge of anything coming anytime soon that would resolve this?
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