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  1. darksabre

    Practice Report: Monday, 12-10-2018

    I think that's the right move. Let us see what Ullmark looks like with some regular work.
  2. darksabre

    Practice Report: Monday, 12-10-2018

    Sure. I think Sam is playing good hockey. And I'm advocating that he's more useful elsewhere in the lineup because of it. We have evidence that shows that Sam elevates his linemates. We need to do something with that.
  3. darksabre

    Practice Report: Monday, 12-10-2018

    That basically nails it. I just don't think Reinhart is being used effectively on Jack's line. They might produce, but I don't think it's the most useful production. I also felt like the team was playing a more complete game before Reinhart went to Jack's wing. They might have had a nice win streak with Reinhart there, but they don't look particularly good. Frankly, I think moving Sam to Jack's line hurt the team in the long run. It worked for that streak, but I think they're worse for it now.
  4. darksabre

    Practice Report: Monday, 12-10-2018

    I really think Pommers needs to go back to the first line.
  5. Getting tired of all this winning.
  6. darksabre

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Who throws their injured kicker out to try a 54 yarder in a meaningless game in a losing season? Why not just, I don't know, try something interesting? I still think they need to fire coach Clappy.
  7. darksabre

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Brothers Karamazov. Quite the tome. But I like Russian literature in winter for some reason.
  8. darksabre

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Zero percent chance I'm turning this on. Coffee and 19th century Russian literature by the Christmas tree is the order of the day.
  9. Do officials not like Jeff Skinner? Like, is it a conspiracy? Because he suffers more no-calls than any player I've ever watched. He's playing against two opponents every night.