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  1. GMTM's hands-off approach to running the team was a bad situation for Lehner. I have no idea if he knew about Lehner's issues, but he certainly wasn't doing anything to help the guy. It's one of the many reasons he was fired. I think if Botterill wouldn't have had to qualify him at +$4mil Lehner likely would have stayed and gotten the same help he got on the island. But the cost to undertake a reclamation project was too high. Much easier for the Islanders to roll the dice on Lehner at bargain pricing.
  2. I believe it. People here would still ***** talk Brett Hull in the airport. Botterill is safe because he hasn't slighted (real or perceived) the city of Buffalo yet.
  3. No way. This city is vindictive as hell. If anyone even goes to the Frozen Four you could bet they'd be booing his kid. People are still mad about Jimmy Vesey.
  4. Yeah, let's get a few more in here. I need more teams to beat.
  5. Very telegenic group we got here
  6. They can talk all they want about the playoffs tomorrow. Tonight is for us, the losers.
  7. Okay, but just to be clear, Karin Housley is a racist.
  8. This is dumb. They should be doing profiles of the top prospects or something.
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