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  1. Depends on how many whiteboards there are
  2. Maybe not. But the point remains that Krueger either doesn't think his job is at risk, or he doesn't care.
  3. I also think it's worth noting that whatever this "thing" is between Krueger and Skinner, Krueger is very clearly willing to lose his job over it. Coaches don't just bench players like Skinner for multiple games, while their team is losing, if they're worried about job security. So either Krueger has KA's approval for this stuff, or Krueger is very confident that he's doing the right thing, job security be damned.
  4. It's wild that, even with THAT roster tonight, Hutton still found a way to be the biggest loser. That's just impressive.
  5. Just hilarious levels of chaos against this very bad Devils team. I love it.
  6. The Twitter people are just as big of doofuses as we are. I think we should be able to come up with much more intriguing theories than them though.
  7. 1. Don't know, don't care. 2. Don't know, don't care. 3. Don't know, don't care.
  8. Why. He's just another talking head who hasn't been relevant since the last time Buffalo was in the playoffs.
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