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  1. Much better period. Everyone playing with a little more individual responsibility for the puck.
  2. Vesey wants to score a goal so bad. I appreciate the effort.
  3. Correct. And they look brutal so far. They'll have to go into the intermission and get the ol' "simplify things" speech and see if they come out ready for the second.
  4. This is a pretty typical pattern from this team. Win a few games, get confident, make things too complicated, have it blow up in their faces.
  5. San Jose really boxes out aggressively on the PK. Got to get someone in the middle of the ice.
  6. I'm expecting them to get caved in given the odds of them going 4 in a row lol
  7. It definitely was. But man, when you strike gold like that, you gotta do something with it, right?
  8. Luke's character in TLJ actually didn't bother me. I like a good heel turn. The problem is they didn't make it feel genuine enough. It was too forced. My biggest peeve with it is the disservice they did to Captain Phasma. That character had so much potential and it's like they didn't know what to do with her. They could have at least have waited until Rise of Skywalker to give her the Boba Fett treatment.
  9. Yeah, the grocery store stuff is just a ton of tomato paste.
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