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  1. I always knew it was an animal, but I thought it was a Wolverine
  2. +1 for Dublin Corners. That's a little hidden gem near the Genesee Greenway Trails. Edit: in fact, let me know if you and the wife are going to stop by there on Sunday. I might go walk the stretch from Cuylerville to Mt Morris, so Dublin Corners would be on my way back up to rt 20 from Cuylerville.
  3. All Eichel trade speculation is fake news
  4. oh my god stop with this dreck
  5. That's all well and good, but it doesn't mean anything All Wawrow reported was that, essentially, Dudley wouldn't have been opposed to the idea. We have no idea if he ever reached out to the Sabres, or if they ever reached out to him. You can't nix something that never existed.
  6. Who says the idea was even around to be nixed? The fans are the only ones linking Dudley to the Sabres in any way.
  7. 1. I actually have no idea how I became a Sabres fan. My parents weren't big sports fans or anything. We didn't have cable. But it had to be the mid 90s. I already liked the team when they were playing Ottawa in the playoffs '97. That was also the season I went to my first game. I feel like I was aware of the team prior to that though... 2. Favorite player? Gosh, I dunno. I guess Hasek would be the one player who would still leave me awestruck if I were to meet him in person. I like RJ more than any of the players though 😅 3. Most exciting moment is still being at the party in the plaza for the Drury buzzer-beater. Most frustrating? Losing to Carolina in '06. I'm still mad. That was our Cup. 4. Improve the current team? I would simply sign actual hockey players.
  8. You have to turn Safe Search off to get results for anything Niagara Falls related 😉
  9. IAG is Niagara Falls Airport Jet A is fuel. XSR960 is the callsign for the charter jet the Pegulas supposedly use.
  10. I'm sure another reporter on Twitter will be along shortly to say the exact opposite of whatever it is Wawrow is trying to say.
  11. If the Sabres were able to lure Dudley out of Carolina that would be a not insignificant vote of confidence in Adams from a well respected front office guy.
  12. Thank you so much for doing this 🍻
  13. I think it's probably a reach to even try to compare what video scouting means now to what the Sabres might have been doing back then. Even if they were trying to accomplish the same goals, the difference in available technology and theory now makes it a whole different animal.
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