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  1. There's something off about this whole thing. It's only showing one post for me for the entirety of 2007, which is not correct at all. It would appear my first post is lost to the crash.
  2. Ruffles or GTFO. Gotta have a strong chip to heft that Bison Dip.
  3. Onward was great, definitely recommend. It got two full belly laughs from me and was touching without being too heavy (I'm looking at you, Inside Out). Also, between this and Steven Universe I think we might have consensus that vans are cool again.
  4. Looks like everyone I know is watching it tonight. I'm gonna have to make some dinner, crack a beer and get after it.
  5. I haven't watched any of the Transformers movies since the second one, so imagine my surprise that Bumblebee is good. Travis Knight (Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings) as director with Bay only producing probably helps. Bigger credit to Hailee Steinfeld for being a great actress though, something the other movies don't have. I can't believe it's been ten years since she was little Mattie Ross in True Grit. I feel old.
  6. Trying to spec a new receiver and speakers is a PROCESS.
  7. He's got a goofy face. You can get a smile out of him but you gotta get him from the right angle.
  8. darksabre


    Take care of yourself bud.
  9. If I could get Patrice Bergeron's younger clone and some other good parts for Eichel, I'd do it.
  10. You should give Mad Men more time, trust me.
  11. A show about a bunch of people who are awful? Are Seinfeld reruns not getting it done anymore?
  12. Definitely starting to feel a little depressed as this thing goes on. The uncertainty has me putting off doing/investing in a lot of the things I was hoping to do this spring/summer. I want to buy better speakers for my stereo system, I want to get a better mouthpiece for my saxophone, I wanted to buy darkroom supplies so I could develop some of the film I've been shooting (along with shooting more film). But these are all "unnecessary" expenses that I can't bring myself to make given the situation. But I can only read so much, and watch TV so much, and workout so much. There are other things I want to be doing but I feel like I can't pursue them and it's a real kick in the head.
  13. I'm suddenly feeling old. This was one of the crowning internet things of the 05-06 Playoff Run. A Sabres meme before there were Sabres memes. https://candk.ytmnd.com/
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