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  1. How does every other team in the league manage to draft players who develop and contribute?
  2. *****. Too damn young.
  3. This is exactly it. The bubble is not going to be something all players can cope with mentally and emotionally. He gave it a shot but ultimately decided it wasn't going to work for him.
  4. The Bruins have a game at noon and Tuukka Rask just opted out ? Obviously good for him on making the tough call since he has a new baby at home. But man...
  5. I picked Van in this series on the assumption that the Blues were going to get sub-par goaltending and so far it's looking to be the correct assessment.
  6. The Blues won a Cup and then turned back into a pumpkin
  7. FWIW I expect Montour to be traded before the qualifying offer even becomes an issue.
  8. I think a lot about what might have been if the Sabres had picked Bergeron in the same draft as Vanek. So many bad players picked before Bergeron.
  9. MFT Bruins just got a real weird one in their favor. Mrazek had the puck covered on the ice with his glove and then has it hacked out from under his glove right to a Bruins player who puts it in for the goal. Guess it's open season on goalies in 2020. Carolina comes back with a shortie breakaway goal for vengeance
  10. Just absolutely terrible hockey towards the end of that one. Fun stuff!
  11. Just calling a lot of penalties
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