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  1. Donskoi is my ideal middle six signing, but I do think he's going to cost too much given that he's more 3rd line than 2nd line in that middle six.
  2. I mean, it makes sense if they don't want to cannibalize anniversary jersey sales for the coming season. That said, if true, it's going to leak sooner rather than later and they might end up in that position anyway.
  3. I would assume Vegas is Botterill's primary trade target. There's players on that team that seem to fit Botterill.
  4. And you have to control for the whims and timelines of other GMs too. It's not like Vegas, for example, needs to be under the cap right now. They've got time to figure it out.
  5. Go outside, talk a walk. Botterill has till like...August.
  6. Cap hit And the fact that he'd already nullified his NMC. So Nashville could trade him anywhere.
  7. Their ***** ankles would collapse in those paper thin skates the moment a guy like Chara lines them up for a hit.
  8. McSorely would get caved in. There's only one guy from NHL history who I think could survive being dropped into a modern game and it's Gordie Howe because he was a freak of nature. Even then they'd have to put him on the 4th line because Johan Larsson would have a better shot.
  9. Yeah, I think you're wrong. Someone like Chara would cripple Gretzky. The modern NHL is a so much different than it was during Gretzky's era. He'd ***** a brick.
  10. I'm not over thinking it at all. You have to set rules to make these comparisons make sense. Flagg has it right. If you're taking 1987 Gretzky and putting him on the ice in his 1987 gear with his 1987 training and 1987 coaching, I bet he gets owned. But if you take Gretzky, have him born in 1985, drafted in 2003, and in the NHL that coming season, yeah he's going to be amazing. Have Gretzky born in 2000, drafted in 2018, he's going to be the best player in the world.
  11. These comparisons are useless if you don't establish some rules first. Are we taking the 1987 Oilers as they were in 1987, or are we taking them as they would be in, say, 2003? What I'm saying is, do the 1987 Oilers get to have the same equipment as the 2003 team they're playing against? Do they get to have the same training? Do they get the same development? Does Grant Fuhr play a hybrid style instead of stand up?
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