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  1. Ullmark is an upgraded Robin Lehner and he's already a "true #1" in the sense that he can probably play 60 games a year for any team in this league. I don't think he's going to be "elite", but he's good enough.
  2. That Ullmark injury was identical to what I did to myself in a game a few weeks ago. Looked like his knee just went doing a mundane push. I'd bet it's not serious and he could come back in 2-3 weeks.
  3. I'm not worried about either of those things. Getzlaf gets to play on a better team and Miller is a rental for a few months. He can go back to Cali in the off-season.
  4. I gotta be honest, Flagg, I don't see anything interesting there. N/A just won a Cup with the Blues lol
  5. Why would we want a 29 year old center with 4 years left on his deal? If we want to make the playoffs this year, we need ballsy.
  6. Twitter poll results so far are saying Anaheim wouldn't make my proposed deal, so maybe y'all don't have the stomachs lol
  7. The problem here is that I don't think Anaheim does either of these if they're rebuilding.
  8. My proposal to Anaheim, if they're looking for cap space this summer, and for Buffalo if their goal is to simply make a playoff run: Bogo, Risto, Hutton and a 1st for Getzlaf and Miller. The trade is essentially Risto and a 1st for 115+ games of Getzlaf centering Skinner and Johansson. Anaheim gets Risto who has term, and Bogo is cap space for them this summer. Miller and Hutton are UFA goalie swaps just to get us a slightly better backup.
  9. lol wild that I just posted this in the GDT
  10. I'd certainly like Kase but I think if I'm Anaheim and I'm looking at a rebuild, Kase is a contract I'd rather have than not have.
  11. I agree that I'm not sure that forward exists, but I'm looking at the standings and wondering what Anaheim would want for Getzlaf. He's got a year left on a ~$8mil or so contract, so if that team might be rebuilding he ends up being a rental next year anyway. They are well and truly out of the playoffs this year so they might be willing to take some of our pending UFA cap dumps to give them cap space this summer instead of next summer. This assumes Getzlaf would waive his NMC to come to Buffalo to play with Skinner and Johansson on his wings, but... edit: I'd probably ask them if they wanted to swap Hutton for Miller while we're at it...
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