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  1. A little birdie told me there was some classic Wawrowposting going down and I can't stay away from that 😂
  2. If they win tonight they're making the playoffs. It feels like that kinda game for some reason.
  3. They're still scoring enough to be a middle of the pack team. They just need the defense/goaltending to solidify and start closing the goal differential gap. Barring the loss of someone like Thompson to injury they still have a chance to finish this season on respectable terms, which would be a pretty huge accomplishment.
  4. I'm sorry that listening to someone who can barely form a sentence is more your speed lol
  5. Minnesota broadcast quite effusive about Don Granato You will not talk about the national anthem that way
  6. Please score more goals, UPL deserves some puck support
  7. Sabres have been the better team through two. Would be really nice if they can get the W.
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