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  1. Have to assume all the news surrounding the Chicago franchise right now has not made it a place one might want to play...
  2. If the Sabres keep frustrating Florida like this you just know the Radko Gudas cheap shot is coming.
  3. This team continues to prove that it deserves better goaltending than it has been given by management.
  4. He's definitely putting a lot of faith in his coaching staff to try to rehab the values on some pretty cheap guys. It's really not a bad tactic. Utilize the cap space you have, see if your coaches can get a guy or two going, maybe trade em at the deadline if they dredge up some value? Frankly, I think he should be doing more of it.
  5. Free is good. At the very least he's another body. Not gonna get any butts in the seats though.
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