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  1. I'm assuming the van also pulled a trailer for all their crap lol that's like giving birth to a Cub Scout Den
  2. Figure you gotta put each kid in a car seat and booster seat of some kind until they're like 6 or 7. So a minivan wont even cut it because you'd have to climb into the 3rd row constantly. He's going to have to buy a full size 12 passenger Express van or something so he can get to both rows through one sliding door.
  3. I heard that on my way in to work today. Holy smokes. No one just has quadruplets. Everyone you know also has quadruplets, because you recruit then into your family whether they like it or not lol
  4. I can see it from Risto's perspective. You've been taking a beating for years now. You've had a handful of coaches. Maybe you don't like your teammates too much. You're not excited to come back for another season of the same faces, in the same lockers and the same city. Maybe a good camp would get him back in the right head space. Or maybe camp becomes a pressure cooker and he blows up. Either is possible, and understandable.
  5. I don't think Risto has explicitly asked for a trade. I think he explicitly voiced his displeasure with being on a bad team for so many years and likely offered something along the lines of "I want to play on a better team and I don't care how that happens."
  6. Excuse me, that's the butt of a man who is modestly in shape!
  7. This is why I've said previously that I expect the Sabres would trade Risto for anyone that is an upgrade to their top 6, maybe even top 9. Pretty much any player Risto would bring back will be an upgrade given the current state of things.
  8. I always thought the red eye was added after the inaugural season but I could be wrong on that.
  9. I feel like there's no putting that embroidery back in the box now. It's too good.
  10. Wrt the poll: 1. Yes. 2. Unsure. I'm not much for buying jerseys of current players but if this team surprises us this year then I might consider it.
  11. No. Because the people who don't like it are wrong.
  12. March 21st for the Meetup game. Nice.
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