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  1. I don't know what you're talking about. We're having a lot of fun!
  2. Good post. This is definitely the logical partner to my thoughts from yesterday regarding how weird the whole situation feels. It's distinctly possible that this whole thing blows over. I'm not able to see myself agreeing with the people who think Jack is as good as gone, because I think things would make a lot more sense if that's where we are headed.
  3. I think, if Jack's goal was simply to create movement through chaos, he's going to be disappointed. This certainly doesn't help Eichel though if his goal is to be perceived as a mature adult and a piece you build a team around. You can't have a player constantly going rogue. I'm inclined to agree with you. My opinion on Jack was pretty friendly to him this season. When other people thought he was mailing it in, I felt like he was hurt, and it turned out that he was. He was kinda smiles and giggles though, wasn't he? That interview was a little weird.
  4. I know we already have multiple threads going about Jack being traded, etc, but I have a specific thought that I want to explore as it relates to strategy. The Eichel presser, followed several days later by the Adams presser, seems to paint the picture that these are two parties at odds with each other. Eichel blasts the team for not letting him pursue the treatment he wants. He says that there's a disconnect. The team, rightfully having no benefit of the doubt, is painted as inept. Not hard to do. Adams comes to the stand today and essentially quashes Eichel's line of argument.
  5. I heard what you heard as well. To me it was simply Kevyn Adams, Stanley Cup winning NHLer and grown-ass man, making it clear that Jack Eichel, 24 year old kid, may still have some growing up to do. Does anyone think Jack is a seasoned professional yet? A cagey vet? A mature, steadying hand on this team?
  6. He talked at length about the value of the team to the community, about how it's important to have players who take their roles as representatives of the city seriously. I think the implication is that hockey requires more than just hitting the weights hard.
  7. I love how Adams is getting crucified for this even though fans have been complaining about this team's lack of heart since Roy, Afinogenov and Vanek were here.
  8. I really didn't think anything Adams said was that bad. I was certainly listening for things that would make me mad 😂
  9. I will say one thing, which is that people on Twitter seem to have listened to a different press conference
  10. I like the Truman comparable. I like Harry a lot and think he's a wildly underappreciated figure in US history. Smart guy, in over his head, got the job done when people didn't think he could. Something to come back to...
  11. I still have no idea if Adams is the right guy for this job, but he's certainly got a good grasp of everything that is going on with the team. It's possible that with Karmanos at his side he can pull this off. His head is in the right place at the very least.
  12. Kevyn Adams, Stanley Cup winning hockey player, really comes through in his stated philosophy. He's drawing on his reputation there to lend weight to his decision making.
  13. It's definitely the mature approach to the situation. They don't want to end up looking like an organization that shits on its players in public.
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