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  1. Wow, Cred to Robin Lehner's speech. "I'm not afraid to say that i am mentally ill, but that doesnt mean i'm mentally weak"
  2. Fly them to Sweden, Make them a batch of Phat pannys and tell them to shape the fk up and go win the cup.
  3. Agreed, jesus.. some ppl have absolut 0 feel for music versus gameplay.
  4. If u have a good goalie that can do the most incredible saves in a moment not many can handle stresswise your team will feed of that and eventually success is inviteable. Rask was the better goalie overall in this series i believe but Bennington really mentally changed St.Louis and i would say is one of the top 3 reasons they now are champions. The 3rd of Januari St.Louis were dead last, and not many here were calling for ROR. Now though this "ROR worst trade in Sabres history" will continue, but what this actually shows is that this sport is certainly not a one-man-show!
  5. This is a restaurant i would suggest, very good meat, their sirloin stakes is 200 gram, 300, 450 or 900 gram http://www.helenes.se/index-en.html Menu: http://www.helenes.se/pdf/Menu_Helenes_Krog_Vasastan.pdf - divide prices with 10 and u get usd Location: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Helenes+Krog+Och+Bar/@59.3409953,18.03712,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x7847838e4b99bf14!8m2!3d59.3409953!4d18.03712
  6. Boys, Let's organize tables at a sportsbar pherhaps, or any good restaurant after the game so we can enjoy eachothers company. I need to know where you guys are staying (hotel etc) so that i can center us all.
  7. They did, that tourney was a joke to all players and teams in matter of importance, it was like preseason games, only for practice. They as in the businessmen tried making something out it for years but ended beeing bankrupt more than once, even CHL that runs now these days isnt that exciting for teams or spectators, the money isnt good enough and neither are the org. I dont understand how people can be excited over this "coach", but hey he might prove me wrong. Fancy words is all he got now and nothing to back it up with, you also know this. I rather come into next season not so excited to become hopefully very much excited, were all diffrent i guess but this is like giving Johan Larsson 9 million usd contract and dismissing Jeff Skinner.
  8. Between Rickard and Ralph, yes you are correct.
  9. He isnt anywhere close to Rickard Grönborg, he doesnt even know how to win, he has won some useless mounatin league in Austria, thats it. This is a real bad coach imo and pretty much tells why Jbot went with him, they think the same, fancy cupcakes and words.
  10. Explain, since i have no clue and you do.
  11. I am litterly stunned. What in the actuall ****, Ralph Kreuger .. REALLY ?? I'm gonna say right now, what a incredible misstake by Sabres organisation, and i sure hope im wrong This is bad bad bad and utterly bad. May everyone including Freddy prove me wrong.
  12. Yea, maybe Botts have the same mindset as you, not saying its the wrong mindset and never have, all im saying is that everything envolves, so does hockey and coaching. I get it, the risk is big for a NHL organisation to hire someone that doesnt have experiance coaching within NHL, but come on.. its gonna happen eventually and when it does and it succeeds, this era of "You need NHL experiance to coach in NHL" is over. What does make Tippet better on paper than Bylsma ? ive read the stats for Tippet, they are not bad at all. Lets say Sabres hire Tippet, we end up last next season. What would your opionion be then? look for a coach with NHL experiance? honest question, not trying to be rude. Regarding Krueger i cant say other than he hasnt won anything in his whole career, he doesnt know how to win. This is a coach that doesnt know how to win on elite level, all he won was some championships in austria, a league that is twice as bad as ECHL, a real crap league. Gronborg on the other hand is a completly different story, but he is not material for Sabres any longer obviously since he has signed for lions, shame on Botts imo. So i guess i have to vote for Tippet aswell, he has made great success with less skilled players than what sabres have.
  13. No its not, it just explains how little effect it has on todays hockey that is beeing played. To me its about mindset, understanding of the game and how you use your skillset together with your weapons (players) Look at Bylsma, with such great experince speaking of wins and above all winning stanley cup. Still it went to, yea Dogsh-t. He is a perfect example of how little effect the actuall NHL experiance have if you cant get your system straight and handle your players or for that matter use your skillset as a coach.
  14. I really dont follow, i really dont. Obviously the NHL experiance means dogsh-t looking at where we are and been for years.
  15. How could they be terrible options? not like NHL experianced coaches in the past has been successful with Sabres. Gronborgs mindset is on a way higher level than these terrible coaches weve been having last years and yet you call Gronborg a terrible option, built on what?
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