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  1. Interesting thread, well done @dudacek I went with Olofsson for sure, no wonder. Lets see if im right !
  2. Can we all put up a fund for @Brawndo so he can buy a longer shovel to digg deeper ? thanks
  3. That is some serious digging right there. Thank god for the swedish product Spotify!
  4. @Brawndo Come on now, what the hell is this. I demand you to bring us some good news
  5. It was for you to get some nice hairproducts so you can look nice during our dinner
  6. Tom, sorry if you mentioned this earlier. When do you need payment? Regards
  7. Ohh i see, well its fine to be fair, in the end it is us this is about, sabres is just secondary.
  8. Im down - are we looking at games in march once again? (i would love a game vs Toronto again)
  9. Risto, 1st and Nylander for M.M ? would that work? or sheet for 11 mil 3 yrs?
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