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  1. Wow.. this coach is ***** clueless.
  2. Im so tired of this team already.. ***** sake, i do not feel any positivity around it either. I hope that changes, if they dont turn this arouns next 10 games im out.
  3. Imagine if the clueless Jbot and TPG would have hired Rikard instead of this ***** clueless cupcake of a coach
  4. God.. this is just bad. Were overskating caps, 4 straight poweplays and the mess just continues from last decade. The curse of Buffalo trashers His name is Cupcake Kreuger
  5. You are correct sir. I for some reason thought we were playing in Washington. Edited topic 🙂
  6. Imagine if Ralp Kreuger wasnt in charge of who plays where. It's 8:30 in the morning, coffee coup nr 3 and gravel in my eyes, but it was worth beeing up all night to watch a team that have not reached playoffs in a decade. It was worth it, cause it's been to long without any hockey at all. Hope, is the last thing that leave our souls. Anyway, The lines need to change. Rapidly. Hall - Eichel - Olofsson Skinner - Staal - Reinhart Reider - Eakin - Cozens Asplund - Lazar - Sheahan Dahlin - Jokiharju Miller - Montour Mccabe - Ristolainen Some may agree to the
  7. It is true. Ralph Kreuger is a trash coach, but fk Jbot for picking this cupcake of a coach.
  8. Well than. Off to a bad start indeed Take thompsson of that line like NOW. They better come back tomorrow. Gnite
  9. I really wonder why Kreuger put Thompsson with Jack and Taylor, what in the actuall ...?!?!?
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