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  1. Maybe not as a player eventhough he would be a great mentor as a backup, i would go for him if he decides to put his career to an end as a goalie. I think Henrik would be a great addition as a assistant goalie coach or something like that. I would also sigh him if cheap as a backup. Send hutton to whatever.
  2. Patrik Laine on the move according to NHL Network (maybe this is old news)
  3. Well he was open for comming to Buffalo before last season and he was indeed involved in the discussions but Jbot went with Ralph instead. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nhl/news/devils-reportedly-contacted-swedish-coach-rikard-gronborg-head-coaching-position/u2pvouel2c0w1q1rl7prhupkp Interview,
  4. Ralph and his mindset would most likely be very legit for a GM post - have him hire Rikard Gronborg and were off to a good start. Get some fire and balls behind the bench. Unfortunatly it looks like NJD is closing in to make a deal with Rikard. Bye bye Jason, aint missing you a bit.
  5. We're all different and this time truly shows it, it's insane that were even having these conversations in the way we are. " The death toll isn't just about COVID, it's about the entire system. COVID had the power to kill people who never had it. Consider that, please. " I guess we will find out in a decade maybe when we got all facts, it sure had and still has power to kill people who never have had it indeed, just look at what this did to the world. I'm speaking of all people that lost their jobs and what that can do to a family, our whole hamsterwheel is broken. About 50 000 people kill them selfs by suicide each year, in a few years i think we gonna see this number been trippled or more (hope im wrong). There are tons of week people in our world and that is just how it is, these people wont "work" as a human unless given a chance because they cant create their own - if covid-19 takes that away from them they will most likely take their life or become insane. Now having some facts about covid-19 and statistics, we can see that so far about 280 000 people have died world wide and that most people that have got the virus have not been ill at all, just like a flue and that's it. More, or less. I am not saying that covid-19 is like a normal flue, i'm litterly saying its not ebola I have my beliefs, others have theirs, in the end we cant do ***** about it unless were forced to. One thing that is so important, that is so easy to forget about which i do often, is that conversations trough text form is really fragile. When i write something, most people might understand what im saying the way i mean it trough text, but there will always be people that do not understand and might just believe the oposit of what i mean and that really sucks. There still people that doesnt even know what a emoji is. With that said, After this is over i cannot even imagine i even want to come to another meet up after reading through this forum and see people jumping on eachother, i'm 100% sure there are people that never want to see me again either after some things i've said and that is fine, could not care less to be honest. There are mort important things in life than us here. My point is that its litterly so obvious what happends when a group of people lose their one thing they have in common. It hurts. So i'm with woody on this one, im taking a break from this Hope you all get to stay safe, in time we will probably look back at this situation and learn from it.
  6. To be honest you've always been annoying to me and will continue to be so, i dont care about your opinions or questions anymore so theres that. No need to take it further than that, so let's carry on. ?
  7. You are most welcome my friend. ?
  8. Who would you rate as a Lindros-like haul at this moment compared to Jack ? and even if, would you do it ?
  9. Well to be fair i could't care less about your opinions either.
  10. Well my point was not to mock in anyway, all im saying is these are times for serious overreactions, no matter if it would be true or not.
  11. You gonna be fine sir, dont worry to much. Gotta stay strong !
  12. That you would get a flue? most of us do, each year. Just saying.
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