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  1. Yea well, it all comes down to personal investment to you, not to me. I love seeing my countrymen fight for my country. NHL is a league, thats it. Edit: So, Jack gets declined participating in WC, crashes with his car instead and never playes hockey again, and Sabres miss another playoff. Wheres the justification in that? You do realise how stupid this sounds right ? thats how it sounds to me, the problem here is NHL and always have been, it all comes down to money, which suck ass when its actually about sports and always should be. Damn 😞 would have been awesome!
  2. I dont follow, you mean that by beeing a class act your self makes it ok to treat other like trash? Dude, i know who you are trust me, i think i made that clear last time we met and that sure suprises me when seeing you act like this towards players that brought this team to the playoffs.
  3. What do you mean? who are you to trashtalk Victor for example ? u dont know this player at all. If anyone is acting like a child its you, pathetic to say the least. U dont know Victor, i do. So what, your basing your instinct from 1 game? where were these comments from you when he earned the player of the week, player of the month etc.
  4. Anyone traveling ? https://teamusa.usahockey.com/news_article/show/1013947
  5. Cant wait til May, traveling to WC in Slovakia. Great to see some young talant visiting our town 👌
  6. Both Pilut and Olofsson are cup winners by fact, i dont know what kind of bullsh it is poring out of your mouth but i guess it have something to do with frustration? Victor has more heart for the game than you do and still ur here trashtalking him, who are you? I
  7. Yep, that is correct. Jack and Victor have a good chemistry, cant wait to see how it unfolds
  8. This season has been a roller coaster that have touched us all, dear god i had to even stop watching the games to not become to negative. I've said some real harsh words about this team and ive been puking all over Phils way of coaching, etc etc etc.. the list goes on. On the positive side though, One thing ive been waiting for a long time, is to see Victor Olofsson snipe for us, and we now have seen what he can do for Sabres. He has been named AHL player of the week and month and he for sure deserved the call up. Playing Victor with Jack was a good choice, but even a five year old kid left buttcheek could have figured that out, so i wont give Phil any cred for that. Of you guys that have been here for quite some time, you have read my earlier posts about Victor during the years that have passed. This video is old obviously and been posted serveral times in different threads by me, i strongly believe it need to be posted again to show what i strongly believe will be one of the most powerful powerplay weapons we've had for years. Sign skinner and get us Phillys Sean Couturier to center skinner and we will be fine
  9. There is no way in hell i would trade Jack and Rasmus for Mcdavid, what good would that do? just have a look at Edmonton. Trading Dahlin and Eichel for atm 14 goals and 27 assists is to me utterly insane. What we need is to build on what we got comin up that concerns our scoring. Look how good chemistry Jack and Victor Olofsson have, this is something we need to build on and then give skinner a good 2nd center, such as Sean Couturier.
  10. This is amazing !! Visit Frankie Primos for good italian food, nice deserts aswell. Also SOHO Burgers is nice, SOHO is close to Frankie 51 W Chippewa St Have you watched my video from by visit to Buffalo ?
  11. Ya, the "Inlandståget" rail, Inland train, starts middle of sweden and goes all the way up to Abisko and into Norway. Cheap. Riksgransen is know for its beutiful mountains, most pro snowboarders go there. Its like a mecka for ppl that enjoy going downhill 🙂 Abisko is awesome, Subscribe to Jonna Jinton on youtube, her videos will show you want you would like to see. She also adore the northen lights, she lives not to far away from me and the nature you see in her videos pretty much explains what you wanna see. Pretty cool how swedes used to call for their herds back in the days when there were no fences.
  12. Yea i will try to make it, Stockholm is like any other captial, it will still be alot different than what you guys are used to ofc but Stockholm is Stockholm, Washington DC is Washington DC, New York is New York, a trip north would give you much more given your maturity, no offence but you know, the older we get the more we appreciate the things that doesnt come for granted in life. Point is that i rather spend that money in Buffalo, Sweden is my home, i know all the arenas from inside and out, Ericsson globe can hold 13,7K ppl, not even close to KBC. It pisses me off to be fair that the prices are so high here in Sweden, i get it, i really do but still .. Thanks, sorry i missed you to. Maybe we get to spend some quality time, this time. Yea well hard to say, getting to old for this sh1t, if you wouldve asked the question 20 years ago i would have given you a str8 up answer. There are many respected and quality clubs in Stockholm, only issue is that to get it you need to be on guestlists otherwise you will be in line for several hours and u might not even get in, alot of dress codes also, many clubs dont let you in because of your choice of shoes or pants. Its hard, but is what it is. I suggest you use this site, https://thatsup.co/stockholm/guide/the-guide-to-the-best-nightclubs-in-stockholm/ About 30 usd.
  13. Ive tried, but this season i cannot, i just cannot stand Phil and his coaching. I strongly belive that he has failed utterly on the players, getting close to them and their familys and to turn this sh1tshow around. There is just no point, and unfortunatly this makes me way to angry, to unfocused and frustrated that my comments sometime wouldnt make much sense other than bad words piled up to a sh1tshow it self. Thats really not me so ive just taken a step back and try to stay positive for whats coming, eventhough its obviously hard. Is that thoughtful enough for you?
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