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  1. Dno if this has been posted elsewhere,
  2. Yea but that is not really the point, it is whats going on in the world with this hysteria, its like were all getting Ebola. Between 250.000 and 650.000 people die each year in flue, 6501 people have died from covid19 for now since december 31th, ye that sucks but it is what it is, people also die in cancer and we cant do ***** about it, yet. Same with covid, since there is no vaccine. We should have focused on containing old people and people with bad immunesystem, not containing the whole fkn world cuz imo that just gonna prolong this issue. There are so many sensitive people in this world, a sneeze and they demand to see a doctor, the doctor that also has to handle all other illness and ***** that happends. I f-king hate media for what they are doing now, only talking about death and destruction, instead of trying to TEACH people and calm the ***** down. There is alot that matters with this issue and world wide spread, i get that, but how we handle this now is just wrong imo.
  3. Thank you, exactly my point.
  4. Were a bunch of sheep and one of us saw a wolf and now were on the run. Pathetic to say the least. Most of us that get infected will not even have a single notice of it, and life continues. What is your opinion @Wyldnwoody44 Ohh, was not me. I do not use Twitter, fyi.
  5. Obviously we think differently, not saying your wrong over all. I think the exact oposit for this team, the organisation it self. This organisation need some fire and dedication, this team and organisation obviously blows. Look at Finland, they won world cup without a single player from NHL, speaks for it self. Enough talant in Buffalo Sabres, we've seen it more than once during this season, but keeping it consistant is something this team lacks. You cannot know for certain and niether can i so that we can agree on 100%.
  6. We will continue to disagree to a certain level and that is fine with me. He has benched people, he has cut some mins on players, and? i mean that is not rocket sience and i believe any coach would've done that eventually. In my opinion i strongly believe Sabres need a completly different type of coach, somewhere between John T and Ralph, i dont know, more to John than Ralph. I have to belive what i believe until the day im proven wrong, i said the same thing about Phil and i will continue to believe that Ralph is way to soft for this team and this organisation. And ill never forget his respons when asked "What did you think about the hit to the head on Rasmus Dahlin" where he replied "We are to emotional to answer this question, it is better for those not to emotional to look into this". That tells me Ralph is trying to be a grownup for a group of teenagers. I've seen it to much where the team doesnt stand up for eachother, some things can be tolerated and some cannot. Obviously there are many speculations of reasons to why Sabres keep crawling in the mudd, this is mine and it is what it is.
  7. 62 players are better than this kid, when looking at points this season that is. Then again he makes 3,6 mil for now so id take him anyday for that, but not gonna happen when resigning. So ship this kid out of here, never liked him much anyway. Give us a teamplayer please.
  8. And to change that you need a real coach, that is the one and only that is close enough to the team and who can change these broken minds. That is what i have to believe.
  9. Maybe it was over for you earlier than me but this was the final straw as i can see it to even have a small shot at the playoffs. That 3 game winning streak we had raised my hopes for a possible playoff run, but then 4 losses in a row just after that told me otherwise. I think it would be safe to say this is the 9th season Buffalo Sabres miss the playoffs. What a blunder, what a big failure for this organisation. I feel so sad for Jack, you can really tell on his facial expressions how hard he been trying and still this team blows. He really tries soo freggin hard, beeing this young and a captain aswell, just hope this doesnt take to hard on him. It is now obvious that this team needs a man, a real man, as a coach. Not a ***** cupcake pzy like Ralph is, in my opinion. You may disagree and that is fine. To me Ralph does not appear as a strong coach with carisma, maybe Ralph could make it with a very strong assistant coach, strong as in precise and full on "do this or your of of this team" ish. Strongly believe that is what this team needs now, the 9 season of losing is just to strong for these young men. Maybe im wrong but that is what it looks to me and i cannot help thinking of the pzy coaches thats been hired last couple of seasons, really. It does not seam to fit for this team to have soft coaches and maybe they show otherwize in the locker room where i have no ***** clue whats going on, but this is what it looks like to me. It is sooo hard trying to appear optimistic these days, i really tried but i seam to fail way more often than not. I may appear as a c-nt sometimes, screaming and cursing, can't help it. We have a talanted team, we do. WE JUST NEED SOME ***** BEARDED MAN TO FORM IT TO A DIAMOND. GOD HELP US
  11. last game hurt their little confidence boost they had, this game definitly will. it is all over
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