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  1. he is still a useless coach, never won anyhing and does not know how to. He believes in his fancy word way, that is what he got and all he got. He is absolut sh1t.
  2. bump. pathetic effort, this ralph is such a useless coach it makes me wanna puke.
  3. yea thats it for me, i cant stand this. 1 period was enough for me, holy fk this team is soooo bad.
  4. Yea, mitts really suck and i cant imagine how ppl raise him to the sky, he is fkn useless
  5. wow, they are playing really bad once again .. this does not look good
  6. tthis team is soooooo ***** bad - this game looks exactly like the games in stockholm and this moron behind the bench takes time out and says: OK GUYS, IM LOST. GOOD LUCK
  7. getting closer and closer where we belong, in the absolut buttom. so fkn tired of staying up in the middle of night hoping to see change, and all i see is this team going down the drain. i must stop this, its not healthy Fk u ralph
  8. Like, Ok i'll admit im hard on the team more than im positve on it, guess its the way i work cause i demand more from such elite professional human beeings that does this for millions of dollars. Staying positive is really hard. Then again were listening to Ralph Kreuger after the game saying among other things: "There is alot of good things from 5 vs 5 we can bring with us from todays game" "The guys have a day off tomorrow, you know, well deserved and then we come together for gameday again" What is this *****?! I want to hear, "There is nothing good that we bring with us from this game, the guys would have had a day off tomorrow but i've now decided to bring the group together, we will meet on the ice early morning and we will go trough this game and look at this mess we created tonight, make sure we try to repair these misstakes and try harder next game" But no, these fancy cupcake words from Ralph makes me wanna puke, he starts to sound like Phil. I want it to be as real as it is for us fans watching this pile of garbage we saw last night, jesus christ. No, i do not know how the talk in the lockerroom goes, No i do not know how it is to coach a NHL team, No i do not know how the players feel about this system and the list goes on. What i do know, is that this is not fkn rocket sience when it comes to form a group of people to pull toward the same goal, no matter what, and that is Ralph's most important part with his job. And what in the actuall **** did not anyone do something when Dahlin was elbowed to his fkn head, how this team respond to this just tell me how fragile this whole group is and that there is no backbone at all, no red thread and most of all no directions from the coaching staff how you care for eachother. Im just so sad to see this happen, same with Sobotka, sure there doesnt need to be direct retaliation but i want to see the whole team stand up slamming those sticks against the rink, i want to see coach Ralph absolut furious and demanding the referee to come to the bench. Nothing, nothing. All Ralph says about this specific situation in the report is "Were emotional connected to this situation so were better off not saying anything about it, lets have those not emotional connected look at this" WHAT ? What kind of signals does this send, "Hey dont care, its fine, your just to emotional", when emotions is what this game really is about, its ok to be wrong but its not ok to not care. WTF! This is why i was so afraid when Jbot hired Ralph and not Rickard Gronborg, cause i know Rickard would be fkn furious of this situation, Richard has brought ZSC Lions to the nr1 position in that legue now, just to put some reality into it, it doesnt mean Sabres would be in the top position of NHL but it tells you something atleast. Nobody know what would have happend if Jbot would have hired Rickard instead of Ralph, but i know for a fact that he would have made this team care for eachother in a way that it really shows on and off the ice. All i want is some pure vikingness to this team, american or swedish doesnt matter, i just want a man with a beard that can put this organisation and team back together as a TEAM. The river im crying can take a whole lot of boats atm, tickets are up for sale - pm me for paypal
  9. Your not supposed to get over anything like this. But just wait for the interview with Ralph, he will calm u down with his fancy words
  10. Welcome to the board, so so sorry you ended up here with this bs, let's hope your a difference maker with some positivity because im out of it when it comes to this team unfortunatly. Not much to do this season, we ending up close to bottom again, we need to wait another season to see change, if it ever comes.
  11. This game must kill all thats left of confidence in this team of unfinised gems, they didnt learn anything out of the games in Stockholm and this noob Ralph doesnt know what to do In the interview we gonna hear Ralph say once again "its a learning curve, we still learning" bla bla bla.. ITS FKN NHL U STUPID CARROT!!!! all these players done thier life is getting ready for the best league in the world and its your job to keep it together Ralph, which u cant, not even with your fancy cupcake words. Crying my self a river, get on the boat guys were going down the fkn drain
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