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  1. Not to take away from a great win, but the Bruins didn't like look like the Bruins. Not feisty, no edge to their game, weak forecheck etc. I hope this is a long term trend with them. They reminded me of this years Penguins team, which is fine with me. Maybe that Lucic incident in some way hurt the team.
  2. The better defensive play in from of him and the others will hopefully continue. The "making it harder to play against us" theme needs to continue.
  3. Talk about a quick turnaround. Back from Rochester to the starters role again. Will Quinn play? Or is he just rotating in to get reps?
  4. That wouldn't surprise me at all. Benson is a surprisingly good forechecker. Don't know if the line survives together when the injured players return, but all three of those guys are good
  5. Who sits when Girgs, Greenway, Tuch and Quinn all come back? I don't know the time line for most, so just thinking out loud here: Jost, Rosen, Robinson and...
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