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  1. Couldn't get us over the top, though. Gare's best years were behind him. Foligno was a great pick up.
  2. He will be a big help with the PP when he gets back. He seemed to make it work better the short time he was in there. As I remember, anyway
  3. I wish the Sabres had raised hell at the time. Seems like that were just exhausted and skated off. I was up and out of my chair the second it went in yelling at the tv in an empty bar on Hertel Avenue, lol
  4. So I’m not the only one who doesn’t want our top goal scorer on the PP?
  5. Krebs seems like an obvious choice to run that. He passes very well. But, maybe too soon for him to do that?
  6. It's been terrible lately. Gave up the shorty to Detroit that led to collapse and now it's falling down the rankings out of the teens into the twenties. What is to be done Sabre Space?
  7. 15 times we have gone into third with the lead. We have lost 7 of those games
  8. Alright, we won the first, the crowd has been totally taken out of the game, now on to the second
  9. Interesting take. With all the problems this season, the new players and goaltending issues, it’s probably been a strain to build chemistry. Will take time
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