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  1. I guess the only thing would be is that he might of said he does not want to be here anymore. I get this from Adams saying he only wants players that want to be here. Still. I don't blame Jack for hating this losing. Seeing how the goaltending issue is not going to be fixed, we are going into another bad season. I don't hate Jack for not wanting to waste his career on a perennial loser. And KA has his hands tied with the injury situation. We all need to have patience on this one, in my opinion
  2. I never believed this. I think its crazy to expect them to be able to trade a player who may never play again. I mean this procedure sounds rather problematic. No wonder the Sabres can't find a dance partner.
  3. He's injured and would be sitting no matter what, right?
  4. Winning solves a lot of problems. But winning looks like it might not happen anytime soon, so KA is going to really look bad. He is in a tough spot. An injured super star that wants to be traded. I don't blame KA for not being able to trade a horse with a broken leg. The other teams are not stupid. I'd rather e hold onto the asset to see if the situation improves so we can get the best return. It's just the best thing to do, IMO
  5. I was just down at the dock and they are pulling boats out of the water. That’s horrible.
  6. Doug Allen and Brian Duff are the same person! Yes, it is true
  7. That was a Law and Order episode. This doctor probably has a whole bunch of children running around the world
  8. I hope KA is doing his home work on this. Nice to see some news of possible progress
  9. It would simply be amazing if he was ready to play. There would be some questions someone would have to answer
  10. I wonder how long Jack will be in Buffalo for. Will he just show up, fail a physical and go home? Maybe he passes the physical! That would be interesting. I'd love to have him ready to skate on opening night.
  11. The only way I see him breaking into line up is as a speciality player. Maybe being a force in front of net on PP. But he'd have to be really good at it to take a spot away from a faster player
  12. I think he will be the 7th dman. He will play but I think Butcher and Bryson are more they type of players Donny G. likes
  13. I voted my heart but am not sure what to expect. Last seasons n was so Dr Heckle and Mr Jive, or something. I liked him paired with Dahlin
  14. Not as far as anyone knows. Maybe a secret surgery on the sly?
  15. I thought Krueger overplayed him. I would hope Donny G just uses him as another player and rolls him out on a regular shift. Casey Middlestadt would probably benefit a lot having Jack as the top center.
  16. Well, at least he can play. He didn’t let in any softies or get run over. Just 22 shots so can’t really take too much away from last night. But it would still be funny if the guy who starts our prospect game is our starter on opening night. But if he’s the one, he’s the one.
  17. Either way, at least we will (hopefully) get SOME news on the injury
  18. If he is better than Irwin, then good.But he probably is just another version of him.
  19. This is just awful. Glad Buffalo rose to the occasion! Buffalo Strong!
  20. What other choice will there be but to put him in there to start a good portion of games? I'm just guessing he is "ok" and does not embarrass himself but doesn't steal any games for us. I see that as a positive thing if it turns out that way.
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