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  1. jsb

    F'N...tastic Fridays....

    Bumpity Bump 40 more Friday's to go before I complete my working journey and Retire.
  2. I am probably in the minority here but I don't understand the angst with who's at the games. I don't recall anyone complaining about all the Sabre fans at Tampa Bay recently or the yearly contingent at Hurricane games. In fact the more raucous the fans at the games the better. The atmosphere in Tampa and last night I thought just added to the games, the competing lets go leafs and Lets Go Buffalo or the chants in Tampa, were nothing short of awesome. With all the Leaf fans in southern Ontario who can't go to games in Toronto, they are going to come here if they get the chance. Why begrudge them because they don't cheer for the same team we do. Their money spends the same as ours, they are after all hockey fans, embrace them for that if nothing else. The STHs didn't consult me or us when they put their money up to buy the tickets, why should they consult you when they sell it for whatever reason??
  3. jsb

    Seattle Expansion - Early Sabres List

    Normally I'd be all in on this but there's a lot of conjecture that this franchise may move to Houston. In which case I'd say we need to get this franchise back on their feet. Pump it up.
  4. Yep that'll be a new line alrighty
  5. jsb

    The even randomer thread

    Lotsa poop in your posts today Mr. NS
  6. jsb

    GDT - Sabres @ Predators - December 3, 2018 - 8pm EST

    Poop would be my guess. I think it has more to do with if you like a guy you see and remember his good plays and if you don't you see and remember his bad plays. It's probably the same with plays and posts, Nashville had 117 points last year the Sabres had 62, a difference of 55 points This year thru approximately 1/3rd of the season they have 39, close to on point from last year, we have 37. I think a lot of us are watching different Sabres games from you this year. You seem to young to not ENJOY the ride so far this year. Relax, don't do it, when you want to post it.
  7. jsb

    Tage Thompson: what's the deal?

    FIFY...... Although to be fair when those few bandwagon together it seems like many.
  8. To finish off darks poem......... Do you question the young children in the sorrow, Why their tears are falling so ? The old man NS may weep for his to-morrow Which is lost in Long Ago — The old tree in NS is leafless in the forest — The old year is ending in the frost — The old wound, if stricken, is the sorest — The old money he stole is hardest to be lost : But the young, young children, O my brothers, Do you ask them why they stand Weeping sore before the bosoms of their mothers, In our happy California ?
  9. Listening to Tampa feed, they are really very complemtary to our boys, expecting a large sabre crowd
  10. Yesterday on Around the Horn....... FW to 15:30 to hear the Sabres takes ESPN game preview: http://www.espn.com/nhl/preview/_/gameId/401044705 Sabres digital pressbox preview: https://sabresdigitalpressbox.com/category/game-preview/
  11. jsb

    Complaint Thursdays

    Five isn't big it just has straight lines, turns and curves. A bit like life.
  12. This place has always been fun, it's just more fun now!!!
  13. GDT'S need Logo's, GDT's need Rules otherwise we'll end up like the heathens in Toronto VS GDT Rules to live by: New ones added for our Newbies and as a reminder to other like creatures of sabrespace Please start a new thread if you want to cry some more about ROR trade and ruin the last GDT No telling Mr. Flagg to ST####U Logo hate was grandfathered into the rules so that's ok Please look for previous made GDT's before posting yours Must Win PA rule "There is no crying in Baseball Hockey" Please do not quote an entire obnoxiously long post No Cursing, or what looks like cursing or hash tag cursing or any type pretend cursing No acne jokes LET'S GO BUFFALO GO SABRES!
  14. jsb


    "We don't have no dog food here, you'll eat what we eat"??
  15. Do we need to put up a Liger warning also?? 😄🍻😄