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  1. I'm going to call Poltapov a late 1st pick (32nd player taken in a 32 team league) and the Sabres have been pretty good in the 1st round of drafts but until they can prove to me they're actually better with picks in the 2nd and later rounds, no way am I going to drink that much kool-aid and put Kisakov on that list just yet. Hopefully he'll get there, not betting my house on it though. Too many Davidssons, Guhle's, Bailey's, Pu's and Baptistes in that mix to get excited about.
  2. You're most likely correct but I was throwing out my best case scenario. I think I'm just in a PTTSD (Pre Trade Traumatic Stress Disorder) and I'm ready for this to be over already so I can resume a normal life again 😀
  3. I don't think we're going to like the return no matter who we trade with. As for Wookie's latest trade with the Ducks, there's no way we're going to get that return. We'd be lucky to get McTavish, Jones and Perreault in a deal.
  4. Besides the Eichel and GK fiasco's going on, I was trying to figure what the team is trying to transition to with this free agent class so far and the latest draft. The one thing that appears to be a common denominator is the preference for speed. Hinostroza, Caggiula and Bjork for that matter may not be your top end forwards but what they do add is speed. For that matter Rosen and Poltapov are both seen as speedsters also. As for the defensive side of the coin, Butcher is a lefty, I think they want to slot him after Dahlin and ahead of Hagg on the left side and let him compete possibly with Miller for PP2 duties. Hagg role will be as a 6th defender and PK guy. Jokiharju, Miller and Pysyk will man the right side. With both Butcher and Pysyk they hope to bring in transition capabilities of the team to attack with speed. These guys may or may not play out as hoped but that's what the Sabres management team is trying to promote here IMO. I think their preference is unless Bryson and/or Samuelsson have a breakout season to send both those guys for some more seasoning in Rochester. With Quinn, JJP, Rosen, Poltapov, Power, Johnson, Samuelsson, Bryson, UPL, Portillo and Levi, the prospect pool appears to be on the right track moving forward. The hopefully sooner than later Eichel trade will add to this list plus give us a player who can add to the Center position as well. I don't think there is any chance that Hinostroza plays C this year.
  5. Well if they received the Linus who looked good for us, it's a big loss, if they received the Linus who couldn't stay healthy for any long stretch of time, well 5M of 4 years is a giant overpayment. We'll see who gets the last laugh.
  6. Am I mis-remembering again, I thought he played LW for us??
  7. Krebs, Tuch, Morozov, Patrick & 2022 1st. Tuck and a flyer on Patrick gives them cap space, Krebs and an under rated Morozov for your prospects and a pick gives you 4+ assets in return. If Patrick comes around this would be a decent haul.
  8. Curt is correct and with the ability to only jump 10 spots, they'd have to be in the bottom 12 to be included and win the lottery even if they don't make the playoffs next year (highly doubtful) but they most likely will be one of the highest total point producing teams not to make it, so chances are nearly nil and none we don't get that pick next year.
  9. Surely you'd think if we were doing well all but Stall would be probably coming back. Team was lost, trades were made with futures in mind. If it looks like a tank and smells like a tank It's a tank
  10. If you check the totality of the Risto-Reinhart trades you received 2 1sts, a 2nd, a GK prospect and Hagg. Not great but not nearly as terrible a haul as some would think. All but Hagg are futures and I don't think he'll be here long.
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