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  1. Ser Brienne of Tarth @SDS is up
  2. WHOA, this is it, Arya takes the face of Bran and kills the Night King, you've ruined the show for me, you SOB...
  3. No way Jorah dies after taking Sam's family sword, NFW
  4. I'm in also Brienne (she'll be the tear jerker) Jamie (because TB sucks at betting) Grey worm (he can't have any kids anyway)
  5. As long as we don't make another Alex Nylander mistake, we should get a good player at this spot.
  6. I wish they would have somehow mixed the first 2 episodes into 1. Some of the story line from 1 and the conversations from 2. My favorite part was the knighting of Brienne but the making Jaime and her too likeable makes me believe they're not long for that world. Daenerys is realizing that she has 3 enemies now if she survives.
  7. Reminds me of the itsy bitsy spider that went up the water spout. If one of the Centers are available, I'd predict we go for one of them above a winger especially considering that 3-10 appears to be a wash across the board.
  8. As for the bolded, it cracks me up how Texans build up the state but in reality different cities (Houston-Dallas-San Antonio-Austin-El Paso-Beaumont-Austin) all basically hate each other. They're united as Texans and divided by region. Even the colleges all hate each other. The Texas-A&M rivalry split the SEC and the Big 12 as just an example of the rivalry in the state.
  9. I could be wrong but isn't there already an ROR trade thread in the forum?? Do we really need to infect every thread with this?? As for the SC Playoffs, Tampa Bay and getting knocked out is nothing short of awesome. If the Jets and LV keep it up it's a WIN WIN WIN scenario
  10. First off the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex has 4 major pro sports teams there, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL, why would you add another?? Oklahoma City has a varied corporate market for sponsorships and there's only 1 major pro sports team there and in the state, the NBA, it's also located at the crossroads of Hwy 35 and 40, which makes it accessible for traveling. Buffalo already has 2 major league franchises, there isn't enough of corporate sponsorships to go around for a 3rd team. Although the area is making a comeback the fact is the area is still reeling from 1970's.
  11. Hope this helps but you're right 56 is a pretty awesome number
  12. If I remember right the Yankees and Blue Jays were against this happening also because they both thought we'd be infringing on their territory.
  13. Didn't they just get swept by the Astros?? So I fixed it for you.
  14. This is my top choice as well it will all depend on if the injury hurts his standing or not.
  15. Zegras?? Yes that's what we need another 160 pound forward on the team and although I don't think Dach will be there at 7, why would we want a big kid at forward?? Yikes.
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