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  1. This always was curious to me, why if you led a life of following the 10 commandments are any other rules of whatever religion you may follow would God send you to hell for eating meat on Fridays or having pepperoni on your pizza or eating bacon and eggs in the morning. No offense to anyone in particular but I think sometimes man puts some stupid rules on us and blames God for it. I mean this all encompassing being who loves us so much would send us to everlasting hell for a ham and cheese sandwich??? On another note and I'm truly sorry for family and friends of Kobe and other famous people but why would people openly weep who didn't know him and he didn't know you because he died in whatever manner. Just not picking on Kobe fans but John Lennon fans, Michael Jackson fans whomever. They wouldn't give a hoot if you died why would you care if they died besides the empathy factor for their friends and family?? Don't get it, don't understand it, does it have something to do with some flaw in the human condition??
  2. Just arrived back home and decided to jot down some observations on the trip. Most disappointing was missing Mr. Doohickie, really was trying to catch up with him but with the horrible driving in weather we had, having a hard time finding the hotel because of same, having to find something to eat prior to game and then Uber-ing into the arena, I just couldn't find the time to meet up with him. All my fault and was looking forward to this. First time Uber-ing and I'll do it again, nothing but good experiences with it although in Dallas the street they had as a pickup spot at the arena was changed recently to Nowitzki street and us not knowing this made it a nightmare to find. Sabres totally outplayed the Stars. All the goals were scored on our end of the arena except the Dahlin goal but we had the perfect angle on the shot. Someone mentioned in the GDT that they thought Ullmark was out of position. From my take on it was he came out of the goal to take away the angle on the shot from the point but it made the perfect bank shot off the wall unto Benn's stick and Linus had no chance on the goal. Besides that this was the best I've seen the Sabres team defense play in my trips to Dallas. First win for me there also. Turning point of the game IMO, Bogosian taking a hit behind the goal, at that point of the game Dallas was taking it to the Sabres and were really being physical with them. Historically that usually meant we were going to back down and get completely taken out of the game and the Dallas crowd was really getting into it. Bogosian then single handedly put several hits on the Stars including dominating someone into our goal and this then sparked the team and completely quieted the crowd. The Sabres shortly thereafter took over the game IMO. Getting tickets to the Stars game was easy as pie and we had great seats and the Dallas arena takes drink orders so you don't have to leave your seats to get a beverage. You also may be surprised how many Sabre fans were at both arenas. Never ceases to amaze me how many ex WNY people attend the games in their Sabre gear. Saw a ton of the new 50th anniversary jerseys being worn also. they do look sweeeeeet. Bills fans travel well in Houston also Getting tickets to the Nashville arena was a nightmare. They'll cancel your ticket order by your billing zip code on your credit card and they had this game pegged as part of a 6 game ticket package so getting around all of this although doable took hours to accomplish. Having said that about Nashville, the city is amazing, obviously a booming area, reminded me of Houston 40 years ago with a high percentage of young people in the populace and a very adult tourist business. Not much that I could find for the grandkids but the bar and music scene was 2nd to none in cities that I've visited. The Broadway area and the Gulch were awesome. I thought the Sabres played well in both games, if I was disappointed in anyone it was Pilut, plays well in space but loses every battle where he needs to get physical. Most positive impression was Jokiharju, the kid is much better than my impression of him was. Jack E was the most talented player on the ice in both games. Nothing short of wow, seeing him handle the puck in person and even the opposing crowd was impressed with this guy. A no doubt elite player. Elite speed, puck handling and skating. He was worth the price of admission. If there was one guy who lost the Nashville game for us, it wasn't Bogosian it was Pekka Rinne. I thought Ullmark played very well in both games but Rinne saved the game for the Predators. He deserved the 1st star of the game. Reading some of the posts earlier IMO the Bogosian hate is out of hand, not a great player if he ever was one but the hate for this guy is out of hand, buy yourselves another tv because the game you're watching isn't the same as the two I just saw. We gave up 3 total goals to two quality western conference teams on the road and we're blaming the defenseman, just let it go you're ruining what should be a happy life I'm not necessarily a Girgensons fan but you have to hand it to him he gives you total effort when he's on the ice. Frolik doesn't wow you but he IMO gives the Sabres a smart veteran presence on the ice, he and Johansson will pair up nicely with Skinner when he comes back. Labatts Blue in Nashville?? Just for proof...... Gotta love this place if just for that.
  3. No more than me, hopefully they'll hear us cheering them on LETS GO BUFFALO
  4. Besides the 10 hour drive from Dallas to Nashville today, Nashville is pretty sweet on a Friday nite. Live bands everywhere and good ones to. Going to be tough to go home on Monday Great to see the grandkids when they were still awake to boot
  5. I'll be there to and hoping to catch up with the ex-Chicken Head Man which may mean we're in big trouble because I don't think I've been to a game in Dallas that we've won. If not I'll be in Nashville to cheer on the boys there also. LETS GO BUFFALO Just noticed that my 5 year anniversary on the site just passed a couple of days ago, hopefully that'll get us some points on this trip. THIS DATE IN SABRES HISTORY The Sabres are 13-3-5 all-time on January 16. January 16, 1970: George “Punch” Imlach is named general manager and coach of the Sabres. January 16, 2017: Jake McCabe earns his first career game-winning goal by scoring the first power-play goal of his career in a 4-1 win at home against the Dallas Stars. THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW The Sabres are seeking their first win in Dallas since Jan. 15, 2009. With a win tonight, Buffalo would have multiple wins in a season against the Stars for the first time since they won five straight matchups to sweep the 1984-85 and 1985-86 season series. The Sabres have gone 6-for-14 (42.9%) on the power play in their last five games, converting at the third-best rate in the league during that stretch entering play Wednesday. With a point tonight, Jack Eichel would join David Pastrnak as the only other NHL player to record two separate point streaks of at least nine games this season. Sam Reinhart tied his career high with three points (1+2) in the Sabres’ last game on Tuesday vs. Vegas. The team is now 8-2-1 this season (.773) and 39-7-8 (.796) in his career when he records at least two points. Carter Hutton, who shut out the Stars in the first meeting between these teams this season, is 4-3-2 against Dallas in his career with a .923 save percentage and a 2.27 goals-against average. Linus Ullmark has yet to register a win against Dallas through three career meetings but has a .939 save percentage and a 1.72 goals-against average in those games.
  6. Yes it was all the referees fault for the loss. 🙄🙄🙄 Move up in the draft and get a starting QB is the right answer
  7. I'm kind of disappointed in the USA team, supposedly had an elite squad for the U18 tournament last year and this year they squandered it again. I'm beginning to wonder if all those hyped players aren't as good as advertised.
  8. As for the ESPN discussion, I thought it was complete and total BS. That wasn't a TD. How many times have you seen the ball be bouncing around in the end zone on a kickoff and the guy just walks off the field and they call it. The guy calls it, picks up his gear, tosses the ball to the ref, WTF did the ref think, he should be banned from further games in the playoffs, what a bozo. They lost the game because 1st half Allen didn't show up and he also was horrible in the 2nd half, his weekly fumble, what the heck was he thinking on the lateral, poor decisions, etc..... I see a lot of Texans games, they also play some stupid football but like the Bills they're a physical football team and I think that's why Singletary wasn't used a bit more, as good as I think he'll be he did have almost 20 plays called for him and that's about tops for him. They needed more from Gore also
  9. That's also points in 3 straight games. Improving???
  10. Dzisiaj w Betlejem The Polish version and there's not a close 2nd to that.
  11. The last 2-3 years I would have said Matthews, this year Jack's lightbulb just went off or he just decided he's sick of losing and he's taken this team on his back and he is playing at a different level than before. Right now his all around game and scoring acumen to boot puts Jack as the man in this poll. In fact there's most likely not many on one hand you'd give the vote to over him right now.
  12. Don't you dare lump me in with your doubting Thomases fan club. I won't have it sir.
  13. A win this afternoon also gets us to the proverbial peak performance meter better known as the delucian 500.
  14. vs Your Buffalo Sabres visit the Islanders of NY this afternoon in a matchup that should further show the development of this team. The Islanders have become a very structured and strong defensive team under Coach Trotz but the Sabres are on a bit of a roll themselves with 3 straight victories over playoff teams and at the moment they are the hottest team in their division with a 5-2-3 record in their last 10 games and presently sit in 2nd place. The Sabres have 4 players in double figure goals so far this season and with the return of Dahlin, hopefully the Power Play will improve. With the bandwagon starting to fill up again and with the possibility of a Bogosian trade, the bunker may finally also be on the extermination list. With a point this afternoon Jack Eichel will join Ric Martin and Tim Connolly for 4th on the all time Sabres consecutive game point streak at 16. With the past few games and the coach past few interviews concerning running the team the fan base seems to hot for this teacher. Courtesy of: https://sabresdigitalpressbox.com TODAY’S GAME SABRES at ISLANDERS This is the second of three meetings between the Sabres and Islanders this season. Last meeting: New York defeated Buffalo 1-0 in Buffalo on Nov. 2 Next meeting: Thursday, March 26 in New York The Sabres are 3-6-1 in their last 10 games vs. the Islanders; 4-5-1 on the road. This is the 173rd game all-time between Buffalo and New York; Buffalo has an 82-66-24 series record. The Sabres are 36-37-12 on the road against the Islanders all-time. THIS DATE IN SABRES HISTORY The Sabres are 12-7-4 all-time on December 14. December 14, 1982: Tony McKegney scores twice and adds an assist to lead the Sabres to a 5-3 win over the New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum. December 14, 2005: Martin Biron stopped 32 shots in a 4-3 win against the Dallas Stars, winning his 11th consecutive start. Biron would post wins in each of his next two starts, bringing his streak to 13 straight starts. THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW A win today would give the Sabres wins in a season-best four straight games. After scoring a pair of goals in both of Buffalo’s last two games, JackEichel entered play Friday with the second-most goals in the league this season (22). Victor Olofsson has recorded 19 points (7+12) in his last 18 games,including two-point performances in four of the team’s last six games. He has failed to record a point in just three of those 18 games and entered play Friday leading all NHL rookies in goals (13) and points (29) this season. Jimmy Vesey is currently on a three-game point streak (1+2). Buffalo’s penalty kill is 12-for-13 (92.3%) in the team’s last eight games against the Islanders. LETS GO BUFFALO
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