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  1. Boy Band????? Boy Band 🤔🤔 When whatever you listen to can match these classics, I'll listen to you Song originally by 3 different lead singers and 3 different song writers.
  2. Recipe to join weight watchers
  3. Keyboards, Vocals - Stevie Wonder Lead Guitar, - Stevie Ray Vaughan - w/David Bowie and w/Double Trouble Rhythm Guitar, Vocals - John Lennon - Beatles Bass Guitar, Vocals - Sting - The Police Drums - Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters Producer - George Martin - Beatles This was tougher than I thought it would be. George Martin was the only unanimous choice for me. 2nd Choices Ray Manzarek, Eric Clapton, Bob Weir, John McVie, Neil Peart and Alan Parsons (who produced Abbey Road, Dark Side of the Moon and Year of the Cat among others)
  4. I think he dressed for one game then was traded again, wasn't he a part of the Miller trade?? I don't recall if it left a bad taste with him but he was probably grateful they traded him from that crap show of a team.
  5. I disagree with you I've watched more Vancouver games than I care to admit, Markstrom is the #1 reason they're still in a playoff run. Halak with Boston is an UFA after this year, sign him to a 2 year deal and dump Hutton.
  6. Actually I think their PK would be a lot better with better goaltenders
  7. And they both came up empty in the past 5 games when they were needed most. ZERO points from the both of them.
  8. ??? The guy wasn't ready for the NHL, he should get more ice time there than he will up here and hopefully he'll eventually develop.
  9. I just want to see the passion they played with last game. Disappointing result, great game though. As for Risto, for someone who isn't an analytics guy, please tell me how every head coach we've had has this guy playing the most TOI every year if he's so terrible, including this year. Oh God, I'm going to help infect this thread with this crap also. Back to the game. LETS GO BUFFALO
  10. That was a fun period to watch, keep it up boys LETS GO BUFFALO
  11. VS First game for the Sabres after the trade deadline trades and the beginning of a 4 game road trip for the team. Colorado had no mercy on the Sabres in their last meeting, winning in Buffalo 6-1 earlier this month. This hopefully will be a revenge game and the start of a continuing playoff push for the team who have won 6 of their last 8 games. Eichel has been the leader of the team and is among the league leaders with 3 OT Goals (T-2nd), 9 GW Goals (T-2nd), 35 Goals (T-5th), 24 EV Goals (T-6th), 26 PP Points (T-6th), 77 Points (T-7th), 50 EV Points (T-8th). If this play continues he should be a finalist for the Hart Trophy this year. Jimmy Vesey with 2 more games and Colin Miller with 4 more games with reach 300 games played in their NHL career and Henri Jokiharju played his 100th game against the Jets. This should also be the debut as a Sabre for Wayne Simmonds and Michael Frolik has 8 points in his last 9 games in Colorado so it'll be interesting to see if HCRK rolls the dice on him. Can the team pull out a victory tonight because the Sabre faithful "Need Somebody to Love"
  12. Closing schedule: @ Colorado, @Vegas, @Arizona, @Winnipeg, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington, @Montreal, Boston, Carolina @Carolina, @Florida, Chicago, Rangers, @Montreal, @Islanders, @Minnesota, Washington, @Joisey, Philadelphia That my friends is a very difficult 20 game close out to the season. Don't see it happening but I am looking forward to them being competitive.
  13. My opinion is the Pens are in win mode now while Sid and Malkin can still be counted on. Sheary has playoff experience, Kahun doesn't. ERod is a backup in case of injuries. Kahun is still under team control so even if he isn't much better than Sheary it's a win for the Sabres also although the opinion of others seem to be he's the best player in the trade. I also think that with both trades it tells the players in the locker room that management hasn't given up on them and to continue to play hard. Playoff team, I doubt it but thinking they are and the experience of it, is a big time plus for the players especially those that haven't played in them before and gives the vets something to shoot at also.
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