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  1. Jack with a little love
  2. Well Victor made the All Rookie Team which shouldn't be a surprise. I didn't see it posted anywhere else. @Brawndo may be sleeping in late today.
  3. My only issue with Haula is he reminds me of why we disliked Bogosian, he's hurt a lot the past 2 years. Otherwise I like the pickup. If I'm not mistaken he keeps hurting his knee and is out a significant amount of time each time.
  4. What do you think of the Russian kid in the 2nd round.... Marat Khusnutdinov, he's been shooting up the ranks lately. I'm also curious why Holtz gets disrespected from you guys, all the draft gurus love this kid and have him ranked higher than Jarvis, Lundell and some other highly regarded guys here.
  5. It's time you start giving some love to Tage, IMO he's going to arrive this year.
  6. I'm going to fix this for you..... Skinner-Jack-Sam Saad-Staal-Tage Olofsson-Kahun-Cozens If they pick up Saad's contract, they're going to play Tage and Cozens to balance salary, they ease Cozens in at 3C with Kahun as temporary cover. Tage is ready for the NHL IMO and playing with 2 vets gives him some cover. That's still a major upgrade in our top 9 over last year. I don't think if they can get Saad they'll be able to afford a UFA at RW and you'll have speed to spare on that 3rd line. Filling that 4th line will be interesting with KO and whomever. And I agree with the GAS man, if they can sign Vesey cheap, he's the new LW on that 4th line with Girgs as the 4C if they lose Larsson.
  7. Did you decide to let Montour walk for nothing in return??
  8. Same here, and I thought we were good at halftime. Out the first week, I don't think I've ever done that before
  9. I agree with you, I think the top end guys are going to get their money but the middle and bottom tier guys are going to go thru a new paradigm with very stingy money until the fans are fully let back in the arenas. That's why I think guys like Larsson are going to be shocked at what they're offered. Also why I think Pilut went back home because he could get paid more there.
  10. We're going to take approximately 13 million in salary from them and give them draft choices??? 🤢🤮
  11. ^^^^ I'm not nearly as down on Mitts as you and some others are. I think his biggest issue isn't skill or talent but immaturity. Playing with his high school team instead of staying with his development program is a flag for me. I don't think he took his livelihood/career seriously enough and I'm still hopeful that him getting placed in AHL was the beginning of him wakening up. Some kids are ready for the world early and others need to become more of an adult down the road. He reminds me of a kid that hadn't faced adversity yet and found some last year. To me his hands are elite and that skill will serve him well down the road, hopefully here and sooner than later.
  12. I think you've been infected by the Sabrespacersa virus. Everything Sabre doesn't suck and will eventually fall flat on its face. 😀😀 Maybe it should be mandatory we wear a mask on this site. Geez. We're not as far away as some people think and if we could get some direction in the front office and coaching staff, I really think we'll be ok. There is talent on this team and our throw aways seem to find redemption when they play for some one else. Bogo-Lehner-Scandella-Fedun-ROR. 1 or 2 smart additions and we'll be on our way.
  13. I'm going to take a slightly different take and say we just need a temp 2C to get by and to be patient. Yes I know patience isn't a good word around here anymore but in 2 years I believe we're going to have a 4 lines of..... Skinner-Jack-Sam. A formidable 1st line Casey-Cozens-Tage. Size-Skill-Youth Olofsson-8OA-Kahun. Another relative young line with skill and speed ??-Temp 2C-Okposo Dahlin-Joki-Risto/Montour on the backend. Patience Grasshoppers Patience
  14. Krug has already said he's not taking a discount this contract year. I believe he said he's going for the money this time around, no way he's coming here. If Tampa keeps winning and possibly takes the cup does their salary cap situation get even worse?? They've escaped by the skin of their teeth before, I think they're the team to go after this coming offseason. J.T. Miller looked awfully good in the playoffs for the Canucks do you think that they're questioning that 1st they gave up for him??
  15. The 2nd coming?? St. Louis starts last season terrible, gets the ship turned around and takes the SC. This year Dallas starts off terrible, gets its ship turned around and is presently in the WC Finals. Are they now the favorites??
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