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  1. What I find the most interesting in this pick is both he and Samuelsson last year (both 2nd pick of draft for Sabres) fathers played in the NHL. I guess GMJB is hoping there's good genes in those boys.
  2. I guess he stole the idea from me, huh.
  3. What do you guys think of adding Connolly and/or Dzingel, neither should break the bank but would be upgrades. Wouldn't cost anything but money as opposed to giving up something for Zucker. Dzingel could play Center also if only for 1 year until Casey is more ready to take over and Cozens is ready for a 3C role.
  4. https://theathletic.com/1024809/2019/06/22/grading-the-buffalo-sabres-2019-draft-class/ Pronman's Draft grades in the Athletic He has a pick by pick analysis on every team's picks also. Whether you agree with him or not, he does give an informative job on his reviews.
  5. Ryan Johnson https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/290138/ryan-johnson Very skilled skater with good hockey sense and compete-level. Not a physical player, Johnson relies on his way of reading the game. Not too flashy either, when he is not skating with the puck, but a solid defender and a good team player Johnson is a great skater, who can generate speed with ease and is nimble on his edges. He’s an elusive puck-carrier, EPrinkside.com 2019 He plays with an active stick in the defensive zone and defends the blue line well by standing up opponents, Future Considerations 2019 His mobility also extended to lateral and backwards motion, as he is very hard to beat with pure speed, McKeen's Hockey2019 He holds the offensive blueline nicely and has a knack for preventing chip outs and getting the puck back in deep, McKeen's Hockey2019
  6. KABOOM, somebody may have gotten something right
  7. Not that I wouldn't like Ferland but his best season he scored 5 more points than Jimmy V did last year.
  8. Not that I disagree with you but it wasn't GA's idea
  9. You're better than this plus the Rangers are still trying to upgrade their blue line and have enough up and coming wingers to trade for our extra https://bluelinestation.com/2019/06/16/new-york-rangers-blueshirts-return-jimmy-vesey/
  10. I'm not a Vesey fan by any means but he would have been our #4 best scoring winger last year. My guess is it's him for Scandella and hopefully not McCabe but if it is, with his injury history of late that may end up being a fair deal also.
  11. Can we please stay on topic, it's like an ADHD epidemic in here. TRADE RUMORS AND SPECULATION. Not a JBGM thread. Open a new one and debate his competency there.
  12. You're not fooling anyone OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Years worth of neglect has left a quiet west Omaha neighborhood filled with disgusting smells. The conditions of the bunker were so bad that the city has threatened to demolish it this week. "I guess the maggots were coming out of the freezers and stuff. I mean who lives like that?” asked neighbor Amy Bonney. Neighbors say anti-Bogosians lived in the bunker for seven years. WOWT 6 News has learned its owner used the bunker as storage for a catering business. "I guess there was blood coming out of the freezers,” said Bonney. The owner had freezers and fridges full of meats and other foods but no electricity. Bonney: "We can smell it clear up at our house.” Reporter: "What is the smell? Describe it. It's around us right now." Bonney: "Like dead body. I mean it's horrible." It was actually a jogger who could smell the odors from the street who called in a report to the city of a possible dead body. "If you looked in the windows all there was flies on the windows,” she said. The city found no body, just revolting smells. Last Friday the city posted a “No Trespassing” sign on the now condemned bunker. Tuesday afternoon, a team of about 10 people worked to empty the foul contents of the garage onto the driveway. The owner of the home was nowhere to be seen.
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