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  1. WTF you have against rye bread?? My memories of Kaufman's Rye Bread dipped in bacon grease, my achy breaky cholesterol filled heart.
  2. Without a doubt they should be better and more entertaining than in the recent past. Having said that if what is projected to be the division they play in, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, NY Islanders, NY Rangers, Boston, Washington and NJ, dang who are they going to leapfrog. NJ is the only weak link there and they should be improved. I think it will come down to Dahlin taking the next step and the combination of Tage T and Cozens being ready to step in and contribute. What worries me the most is with that competition in the division, they will have to gel fast because with so many new players on t
  3. Maybe I was too sarcastic, I think you missed my point
  4. By that time most everyone on this site will be calling him a bust because he didn't become a star by age 20. What was Jason 24-25 before his breakout year on 06-07'??
  5. Don't do it to yourself, whether people agree with you or not, you're an awesome contributor to the site. Think positive, be strong, overcome your idiosyncrasies and continue to move forward. Don't be like some other contributors who got their peepees hurt and apparently left the site.
  6. Calling out @MODO Hockey the Swede who looks like a meatball 😀😀
  7. Until he proves it in Buffalo, the Casey Hate will be strong on this site.
  8. It was a joke guys, someone earlier said it, I just quoted it again because @MODO Hockey isn't a great fan of Sam and I was just messing with him.
  9. 40-50 points might be a bit too high but no you're not the only one who thinks he'll stick this year.
  10. Since Hall and Jack like the puck, it wouldn't surprise me if after a short trial he gets moved to line 2 to drive play. If KA is as smart as we hope, they may have signed him for 1 year to ease the expansion draft problem if they signed him to a longer term now. Hopefully that's the case, otherwise a 1 year deal doesn't make sense for a player of his ilk.
  11. Uh-oh, a whole bunch of posters are going to eat sheeeeet if this happens
  12. Fake news, Johansson played over 2 minutes more of TOI and didn't get near the PP/PK time Larsson did.
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