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  1. VS. The Sabres play the Flyers in the 1st game of an afternoon weekend bonanza. Questions abound for this team even more than usual. Will Jack E. play, will Hutton make a save, when will Risto return, will HCRK last the year, will the injury bug continue to infect this team?? Who'll sit if Rieder and Skinner return to the lineup and after their recent play does Casey and Asplund deserve to sit?? Then there is the bigger question, will the modern version of the Hatfield and McCoy feud continue or will Jeff Skinner play today?? Which Skinner will show up if he does play and who will he
  2. To the bolded, as for the rest, I'm not the analytics guy that you are but I see things thru the production and eye test. The guy who's replaced him the past 3 games has 3 times the points in 1/3 the games played and he's not playing with Jack either. Also if I offended you, it was unintentional besides how it may have sounded/read. Maybe you could expound on why you thought he was missed even with the recent absences of key personnel and they still came out with 3 points in 3 games.
  3. Tage played the right side........... SKINNER PLAYS THE LEFT, you didn't notice that and how many goals has Skinner scored this year??
  4. I gave him a B, can't blame him for the NJ Covid situation and with the PK additions a positive and the injuries on the backend, I can't blame him for any of that. Hutton in goal, that may be a different story but he's covered most other bases.
  5. And that probably blows up when Jack comes back which is hopefully sooner than later and Lazar goes back to 4C Side note, I don't listen or watch much Buffalo sports guys but is Brian Koziol the biggest dumb@ss in the market and I realize PHam is not the most popular guy in here??
  6. I don't like HCRK, I think he's the worst situational game coach in the game right now Jeff Skinner has had issues with his coaches since his Carolina days, nothing really new here Has anyone really missed or noticed Skinner was missing the past 3 games?? I think no. Guys who people wanted in Rochester have performed better than he has. As for Okposo, I don't necessarily disagree that he's been better but he does play the right side as opposed to the left side where there are options besides Skinner. As for the PK it is much better with Eakins, Rieder, Sheehan and Lazar than
  7. VS. Yes that is not a misprint we are playing the NJ Devils again tonight as the Sabres return home after a 4 game road trip and it's also the 3rd game in a 5 in 7 day bonanza. Have we been regulated by our recent play by having to play these guys over and over?? Is the league making sure the Devils don't infect the rest of the division and have them continuing to play us over and over?? Are we in a Ground Hog Day Loop?? Questions still abound around this Sabres team, will Terry P. fire HCRK before the season ends ala the Habs and Julien, what would Brandon Montour return
  8. Did we really miss Jeff?? Taxi squaders littered the lineup the past 2 games and they deserved better against the Islanders and beat the Devils pretty convincingly. I'd sit him again and see if the younger guys can continue their good play. Asplund even without the goal I thought played his best game, Borgen and Bryson both played well, Mitts is coming around and is there any question at all concerning Cozens?? Unless Jeff can switch to the right side, I'd say sit him again.
  9. jsb

    Hockey Gods

    I'm guessing that we have about 30 years to go, the last time they were this mad they made Moses wander in a desert for a long time.
  10. You gotta be fast to out duel Quick Draw Brawndo
  11. . VS Well game #2 in a back to back, this time against the appropriately named Devils, who have been nothing short of catastrophic for the Sabres. Bright spots in last night's game were the play of Dahlin, Casey M. played like a legitimate NHL player, Reinhart continued his goal scoring streak, Hall looked like the guy we wanted and Cozens looks we finally hit on a draft pick. Besides that the team is on the fast track of here l go again Things You Should Know This is the fourth of eight meetings between the Sabres and Devils this season. Last meeting: Buffalo
  12. I'm going to put HCRK with some blame for this loss, your in a 2-2 game less than a minute left in PK and you have Davidson and Jokiharju as your Dmen to kill the penalty?? Really, and AHL guy and possibly the worst D-man defensively on the team on your PK?? W-T-Heck was that all about. What was he thinking, the worst situational coach in the league IMO.
  13. VS. The Buffalo Sabres shorthanded on defensive men will take on the NY Islanders in what will be the 1st of 5 games in 7 days for the team. To say that these games and especially this one is important to the standings would be an understatement. Can they light a fire under these circumstances and show some heart, we'll see Sabres fans. With Risto and McCabe both out for the foreseeable future, can Dahlin be ready to shoulder the responsibility of keeping the D corps respectable?? Will HCRK just let him play and gain some confidence or are his detractors correct in saying he's just anot
  14. Sounds like I didn't miss much yesterday by being in winter hellterland. Thank you Nfreeman for the GDT and I guess to the HaterofRisto man for yesterdays. Looking on the bright side, hopefully we can turn things around with a win after a loss as opposed to the past loss after a win scenario. LETS GO BUFFALO
  15. jsb


    WooooooooooHooooooooo power just came back on, the heater is back on, I have water again and the internet. I don't want to say it was cold in the house but this is what I woke up to this morning. I haven't been this cold since January 1977. You can keep that freezing weather boys
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