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  1. Who is streaming the game tonight??
  2. To be alive. Nearly died twice while traveling overseas recently. What was scary was not dying but knowing if I did go that I wouldn't have a chance to say goodbyes to family and friends. If I learned anything and have made it mission is to tell loved ones what they mean to you and those who've made an imprint on your life exactly that. Don't assume they know, make sure they know by telling them. The worst regret you'll have is not passing that on for yourself and others, you never know when your time will end and your loved ones need to hear it even more than you do.
  3. Calbasa l lived a NFT Fillmore bus from the Broadway Market back in the day
  4. First thing I thought of was Redlinkski's sausage and balogna in Broadway Market
  5. Now I'm twice your age so forgive my incredulity, but aren't you old enough to be able to ask her nicely "WTF" and if you don't get a decent answer in response, to know exactly what you need to do next?? You appear to be a smart fellow, to be a handsome enough fellow to not put up with crazy, at this point of your life??
  7. Although I don't think Ullmark was worth the money or term, IMO the #1 thing that kept KA from matching that contract was the NMC. Your posts on this reminds me of an old song: In the year 2525 If KA is still alive If GASabres can survive he may find Ullmark's reign is thru But thru eternal light the sprinkling of starlight We can move on to something else to biotch about
  8. Power will overpower the opposition and win the Calder Trophy Anderson's old creaky body won't hold up and he won't play 20 games this year I'll have more than 2 guys on my ignore list by mid January because we'll have too many rookies in the lineup and we'll be out of a playoff spot again for a new record of a dozen years. My hopium bottle is almost empty so so I'm going to tell GMKA to HurryTFU with this rebuild @nfreeman will break his personal record of "This post is Obnoxious" if #3 comes true. Olofsson won't earn his $5M+ contract and hopefully Mitts finally breaks out because he's on the last year of our patience with him.
  9. Top 10 list in the bracket challenge competition. 🏆 To me but here's to all that participated 🥂🍻🥃
  10. This from the Hockey News, as stated by our insider @tom webster the price of obtaining Kane wouldn't be significant so I have no idea why someone would say it would take significant assets to get him, he would be owed 6.9M for next year but has a 4M bonus coming on July 1st so the cap hit is 10M but the actual salary would be 2.9M. So in reality Chicago wouldn't have to keep salary in trade. As for the significant assets, I don't think anyone has advocated for that. He would have to waive his NMC to come here which means to me if he came here, he wanted to be here. The PR of obtaining the greatest American born player who happens to be from WNY would outweigh just about anything else. If the Sabres would make this move it's already been established that Granato and Adams know him so their opinion of him is already set IMO. If we can get him for cheap, I don't see the downside. If he doesn't want to leave Chicago for whatever reason, good for him and God bless.
  11. Just in case you missed the previous posts
  12. I feel like you're arguing semantics, I'm having a hard time not believing having Tuch, Kane, Thompson, Dahlin and Power as the faces of the franchise to start the year doesn't put way more fannies in the stands this coming year than last year.
  13. I agree it doesn't get us a GK but it will stir up fan enthusiasm again, which leads to ticket sales, which hopefully leads to a better record than we've had in a long time, which also hopefully leads to us getting a better GK than what appears possible at the moment. If Thomas is correct and the cost to get him isn't really high, I don't see the downside to this. Plus having Tuch and Kane as endorses of the product can't hurt either.
  14. As long as the cost isn't prohibitive, the reasons the Sabres make this deal: Kane is still productive and would immediately become our best RW if not best winger period If he agreed to come here it's because he WANTS to be here, a KA prerogative Not only does Granato know him but Adams if I'm not mistaken played with him for a year also He's only owed 6.9M this year plus the added bonus of fan enthusiasm and season ticket sales would skyrocket compared to last year, don't discount this because it would probably be the #1 reason we make this deal If things don't work out they could probably recoup whatever it is they give up at the trade deadline. If this is true, you make the deal. 16, Portillo and Johnson (who probably won't sign here anyway) you make this work.
  15. To all you Father's, Grandfather's and especially to the good one's, you're a blessing!!!!
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