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  1. Actually I agree with a lot of this. Some gentle changes but VO--Jack--Reino Skinner--Granlund--Kahun MoJo--Larsson--Vesey TT--Cozens--Okposo Reasons, Vesey started to really come around on the defensive side so that gives the 3rd line some punch with MoJo and Larsson deserves a chance. It also allows TT and Cozens to play a role but depending on how they're holding up you can add or subtract minutes from that 4th line. Mitts gets some more time in AHL and Lazar is your 13th forward. Okposo should also be the vet that guides the 2 young guys. Keep the 8th pick and in my estimation Raymond or Holtz should be available at that pick. I'll be shocked if both of them are gone at 8. A big improvement from Dahlin taking a step up, Jokiharju taking a step up again and Jack truly becoming a MVP candidate and with any GK improvement, we should be tough to deal with. Getting Granlund to buy in or be bought in would be the key
  2. I'm surprised they didn't decide to have it in Nova Scotia. From what I hear Covid-19 is really low there because almost everyone moved away because some scallywag kept playing Queen's greatest hits and the Clash's Sandinista album over and over with the volume at an unrelenting level. 😷😘😷
  3. It should be Happy Dad's Day Anybody can be a father but it takes a real man to be a DAD, you have to be one to understand
  4. I don't know if I should be flattered or to sue you for copyright infringement
  5. The Finks The Flash Queens Badsinger Hearth Suntana Marvin Gays North Jones Side 2 of those are for NS
  6. Not only doomed a franchise but from my sources it's descendant caused the Corona Virus for revenge
  7. 2 Old-timers doing a classic song
  8. An American legend
  9. OMGoodness, is it still Friday?? Retirement plus this quarantine, I have no idea anymore.....
  10. Best shows I binge watched this month Better Call Saul..... Ozark Season 3 and The Boys on Prime............ All 3 were very good. B+ or higher rating on all 3. All 3 had GREAT finales. Killing Eve is pretty dang good also. Jodie Comer is awesome in this series.
  11. I believe there is a God, I pray to him although not as often as I should. I don't believe in any religion. To me it's all man made BS. I don't think that Being gives a flying manure if we eat meat on Fridays, fast during some time frame or obey any other man made BS rule. We are either believers, good people and love our fellow man or we don't. I don't think he's for any side during a war and is saddened by poverty, hunger and racism in a world of plenty. He'll judge over that not because we ate a hamburger during Lent or didn't eat chocolate during this time. Unfortunately I've become very jaded over religions aristocracy. That in a nutshell is where I stand on things.
  12. Boy Band????? Boy Band πŸ€”πŸ€” When whatever you listen to can match these classics, I'll listen to you Song originally by 3 different lead singers and 3 different song writers.
  13. Recipe to join weight watchers
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