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  1. Dubois got Laine and Roslovic, do you really think Jack won't get a bunch more than that?? And everyone knew Columbus was getting rid of him also. DuBois isn't in Jack's class. Now Risto and or Reinhart to Calgary might make sense but you don't give Jack away without pulling up a U-Haul truck for the return. Best bet is to get him out of the conference so you'd only have to deal with him twice a year. First thing though is you have to make the effort to win him back and if that's an impossible task you don't move him until someone fills that U-Haul truck to your liking and if you're trading hi
  2. He was fired midway thru last year because of personal issues, he was 60-43-10 in his 1+ years there and was the one who started their turnaround a couple of years ago. He followed up Hitchcock if I'm not mistaken.
  3. I'm still a bit confused as to why Vegas dumped Gallant. So that's a flag to me. You know who might have interest and isn't spoken about on this site is Jim Montgomery, had a couple of personal issues (alcoholism) which had him fired but if he's truly turned it around and it appears so in St.Louis as an assistant, he actually did a very good job in Dallas, @Doohickie might have an opinion on him that I don't know about.
  4. Couturier will be 29 later this year. I guess what I'd like to see if you're going to trade Jack is to get younger mainly because the speed, youth experiment seemed to work at the end of the year and this is the direction we should have used 5 years ago instead of picking up pieces that didn't work. Figure out what/who your core is and build a culture off of that, quit bringing in mercenaries Hall/Stall/Eakins who have zero stake into turning this franchise around and who come primarily for the money and want to leave the first sign of adversity the team has in that given year. To me this team
  5. My main issue with that trade proposal is that Couturier will be 29 this coming season, you're going to trade Jack for a guy who's about to slide into 30?? So you don't improve next year and then you just impaired your future when you hope the younger guys come around. Myers is also a RD which of course is exactly what we need more of 🙄
  6. Oh please don't vote for me after what I said about this thread!!!
  7. Gee whiz this thread sounds like what I would imagine goes on in a gay friends with benefits meeting. I'll play though, @Doohickie gets my vote.
  8. As for Cozens, he plays a physical game and I think he's just worn down and beat up right now. Which should translate into him training extra hard in the offseason now that he knows what's needed to play in this league. All signs point to him being a worker bee so this years education should help him moving forward. I wasn't impressed with Murray, seems slow even at his size but it was only his first game so we'll see
  9. Yes and that line got crushed.
  10. If he's back it will be interesting who's on the team and what the lines might look like. Stats from March 29th on are as follows with the famous +/- ratings included: 22 games each except where noted, why 3/29 because this is when the turnaround started. Reinhart 19 points -6 Casey M. 16 points +3 Victor O. 11 points -3 Dahlin. 11 points -4 Tage T. 10 points -1 Risto. 10 points -1 Skinner. 9 points. +1 Asplund. 9 points +/- 0. 20 games Cozens. 7 points. -9 Bjork. 6 points. -
  11. If you want him with Skinner that’s where you’ll find him
  12. The old timers started off calling the games on Radio. They had to be more descriptive for you to have any idea what was going on in the game. The newer guys came in during the TV era and I don't need to listen to someone blabbering on when I can see what's happening. Hockey by the way sucks on radio. When I've tried to listen only, I usually have no idea what's going on besides what the score is. The game is too fast to describe and RJ has the advantage there not only because he grew up on radio but he has the grandpa aura that who cares if he says it right or wrong, he's f'n grandpa. Every n
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