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  1. This collapse feels different than last year's. It's more like how people describe dying in the cold. You just lay down in the snow and slowly fall asleep. That's this year. Just a nice winter nap pulling my eye lids down and softly whispering me to unconsciousness as we give the puck up in our zone again.
  2. Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum beep beep beep beep beep beep beep do da beep beep do da beep beep do da beep do da beep beep bee dee do dee do dee do dee do doooooo DEE DO DEE DO DEE DO DEE DO
  3. aging players can get things done. would you rather have three pominvilles or three tages?
  4. That’s vague but I’m assuming we’re taking shots.
  5. I can’t watch this game on the west coast. Please destroy them. You owe us. We’ve been patient. Show up in back to back games.
  6. Does lehner win the vezina with us this year? While we give turnover after turnover in our own zone? Hell no. Does Kane make us a cup contender? No. Does ROR win the Byng? Who knows. Maybe.
  7. He's a teenager and holding his own. What more could you ask from an 18 year old Dman? 32 points, 20 minutes a game, +1, and a new partner every other week. Let's look at Risto (who's averaging 40ish points for the last four seasons) at age 19: 34 games; 4 points; -15; 19:07. We're spoiled.
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