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  1. For now it’s the only time a team wearing Sabres Jerseys can destroy a team in Boston Jerseys
  2. This is not a shot against the OP. John tweeted this after a few tweets about Kim’s Health appeared.
  3. The Sabres Annual Prospect Challenge in September maybe expanding by two teams, Ottawa and Montreal. They would replace Pittsburgh who is no longer a participant.
  4. This is the only reason I’m hesitant to move 28 for Kane
  5. McGroaty at 27 is interesting
  6. Adams mentioned they have an offer to Anderson to come back, but in more of a backup role. They are in multiple conversations for possible trades for goalies and are exploring the UFA Market
  7. Adams mentioned on WGR they have had discussions with teams about moving up or down in draft order depending on how things fall
  8. Adams also said that moves involving prospects or draft picks will only happen if they make sense for the team in the long term.
  9. They were talking about His shot tipping ability being Pavelski Like, that would be a huge benefit as a PP Net Front Capability
  10. They also mentioned that Adams only has two drafts so it’s hard to pin down The Sabres Draft Strategy, but that they seem to gravitate to players with high skill sets so far. Adams is holding a pre draft press conference on Thursday, so it will be interesting to see what comes or more likely does not come from it
  11. It will be from the Draft Board that the Front Office puts together, Lysowski made it sound like positions wouldn’t matter
  12. Cap Friendly has McCabe as LD/RD I’m not sure how much He played on the Right Side in Chicago if at all. If Adams sticks with BPA, that’s a huge possibility.
  13. Lance Lysowski on the Maintenance Day Podcast this AM said that He spoke to Kevyn Adams and He mentioned they will be drafting BPA.
  14. His Wife is from and they live during offseason in Chicago, it was an easy decision for Him. If Chicago wants to move Him and Buffalo isn’t on His M NTC, I would consider it
  15. Speaking of Perfect Power Partners
  16. If it’s Firkus, Owen Beck or Del Bel Belluz, I would consider Beck for the 2 way Center Capability
  17. It happens all the time and Kane and Eichel have the same agent in Pat Brisson, so we know that Adams has Him on Speed Dial. And it can be something as innocuous as Hey Pat, We maybe looking next Summer for a RW in His 30’s with playoff experience who wants to help the Sabres get to the over the hump, if you have anyone in mind for the 2023-24 Season let us know when the time is right. Also Kane can reach out through Brisson, who can tell the Sabres, Kane would be interested in discussing something with Buffalo when the timing is right. It’s tampering without contract parameters being discussed.
  18. Already having two smallish forwards in the Prospect Pool in Rosen and Kisakov I would be hesitant about adding a third. And I’m a big fan of Rosen, Kisakov and Firkus.
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