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  1. FWIW it was the Ottawa 67’s Plan to move Quinn for Center last year before the OHL was shutdown.
  2. Yes the Harborcenter ones are. We will find out during Adams Presser tomorrow, I know they pushed hard to get the majority of the team vaxxed at the end of last season. Not that it makes a difference, but it can be inferred that Jack is vaccinated as He was able to go to Montreal for the Biosteel Camp
  3. Dreger mentioned that Jack saw a team of medical specialists and some agreed with having the ADR performed and that the Sabres are adamant about Eichel having the ACDF. Yes it’s Dreger, but based on His Wording is it possible or even probable that more Specialists agree with the Sabres Medical Staff about the fusion compared to those who recommend the ADR?
  4. The other defenseman deals probably contributed to this to a higher AAV
  5. From Friedman’s 32 Thoughts 7. The rumours on Dahlin have been all over the map. Several months ago, I heard things started very well. Then I heard Buffalo wanted short term not because of anything Dahlin did (or didn’t do), but because of overall frustration and desire not to commit long. Now the defence market has exploded. It’s possible Dahlin, Hughes and their representatives are watching to see who goes first.
  6. His main source of information is agents, while Friedman talks to both Front Offices and Agents. Dreger getting a phone call from the Sabres FO correcting His Report is not surprising.
  7. The Instigator Podcast , Expected Buffalo, Charging Buffalo are all weekly Sabres based Podcasts Talking Buffalo Podcast has Joe Yerdon on every Friday who talks about the Sabres as well
  8. Considering how promising Peterka looks, this would be a great outcome
  9. Speculation here is that Peters and Rivet are starting a Podcast., not confirmed though
  10. The Insiders generally take the Summer Off from Radio Hits and TV Appearances unless there is breaking news.
  11. I wonder if Friedman and Dreger’s Weekly Segments will continue?
  12. The times they are a changing https://twitter.com/isshockey/status/1440015720079896580?s=21
  13. No reasons given, but I imagine it’s easier to expand the workload of Biron and Duff to an additional five hours a week, then to pay Rivet and Peters to work a hour per day
  14. Per John Vogl. Peters and Rivet will be leaving the show
  15. The biggest take away I had from 31 Thoughts Interview with Dr Chad Prusmack was that if the ADR fails, an ACDF is the next step. The Sabres might agree with this approach if exchange for Jack waiving His NMC, if He is still Here after 7/1.
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