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    When hell freezes over, I’ll play hockey there too.

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  1. Finally can eat full meals without soreness in my throat and impending dread i might not be able to keep it down. Havent gained any weight yet, down to 162 from 197 lbs, stamina not all the way back... but it is good to be getting close to feeling normal... TG... this last bout of chemo really sucked. My son was confirmed this weekend as a catholic.. I married one... glad he has option of that community though i am skeptical of organized religion. He can now make his own decisions but a base is there.
  2. Sabres got shelled in 2nd, gap controll non existent. Looks like trip took it out of them because they reverted back on D. Lets hope the respond
  3. Go Sabres… make duck soup...!
  4. Once I get my energy back gonna go try some different pairs on and see bringing my old vapors with me for comparison.
  5. Id have to look again, not ribcor... 1 step down... blades were too flat not enough camber, had them profiled but never felt right and foot doesnt sit right in left skate... lateral mallelous rubs inside my boot despite baking them 3 times and having them adjusted... Bauers fit my narrow heals better.
  6. My cousin Chad's latest project:
  7. Tremendous article and explains why my last year purchase of pair CCMs to replace Bauer Vapor XXVs didnt work. Lot to unpack including machine profiling of blades and what that means for older guys...
  8. Sabres got the right Reinhart...
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