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  1. North Buffalo

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    Murray is an Alchy, he would have to do something about himself... just saying JBOTs seems like his much more level headed... good enough remains to be seen but better than Murray.
  2. 1st goal in the third was his responsibility... PS Don't post during the game.
  3. Man Eichel sucks defensively, 1st goal on him not covering his man.
  4. Ah serious flashbacks occurring, watched with my brothers everyday after school omg... may need a padded wall wooah... the coloooors
  5. Agree Jack should have put on his big boy pants and stepped in, hard though Kyle is a vet and gotta give him his props
  6. North Buffalo

    Does this team miss Berglund more than we realize?

    Also Phil wanted/s a speed game, not exactly Berglund strength. Wish coaches could work with what they have.... sigh
  7. My son just wants me to go to a game where the Sabres win before I die... literally said that to me... told him I had... when Drury and Briere were on the team against Boston.
  8. North Buffalo

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Sad but true...
  9. North Buffalo

    Mr. Eichel, is he captain material?

    What's disappointing is that from the folks I have talked to up in Massachusetts who saw him play, played against him or knew him say that he had a real nasty streak including the kid I bought my last pair of skates from who told me Jack broke said kid's jaw in a fight. Jack fought?? He threw punches? Where is this Jack? I haven't seen this Jack?
  10. Do the Sabres break 80 points this season... not that I care... they apparently don't either, or at least their Captain doesn't.
  11. Ah heck... sell, sell... selll. Hears voice from the bedroom from child... "Mom... Dad is at it again..."
  12. Counted a least 5 for all purposes rookies playing tonight... Casey, Rasmus, CJ, Lawrence and Tage. As much as I was excited with the start they had to the beginning of the season, their inexperience is showing... Jack, Sam and Erod are still very young and the D is not used to winning. Team still needs some pieces and to gain some maturity. Add in a couple young guns next year and they still will be very young... Top 10 at this rate draft pick, probably Borgen comes up, who knows with Ghule and Oloffson... that is ath least three more young guys. As frustrating as this is and yes they are probably toast this year, once they start to gel it will be fun... til then oof...
  13. Are Sabres Toast? Milky Toast... imo Gotta play with more toughness from the leaders on offense... thought the Mitts line was the best line tonight. Showed the most hustle. Let's hope they can do better against the Panthers... not holding my breath.
  14. Sabres only 14 points out of dead last... are they tanking again... Lose for Hughes?