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  1. Agreed, maybe my anti Euro bias but For some reason I like Bryson better than Joker... not saying he is a better player, just like hime more.
  2. Yeh was thinking that and Sabres need a few of those guys to go along with all the puck movers etc
  3. Seems a little wider but yes I can see that in style of play and skating. PS Weissbach is someting granted no longer a rookie, but he came to play in this tournament... puck seems to be finding him.
  4. Komarov is a beast on D... good passer and defender stay at home type with some skill... boys have some skill with that speed... Rousek, Lingren and Kisakov showing off Rosen and Kosak too
  5. With that O line? They may jell later in the season but right now???
  6. Still playing but hadnt in a month in a half... went for stix and pucks the other day to warm up and legs were on fire afterwards
  7. Some thoughts about game... Cederqvist (sp) is going to make a good 4th line checking center, Savoie speed obviously evident, but really liked 76's play. Kulich is something...
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