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  1. North Buffalo

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Sharks have 37 points and are starting to play better doubt they miss the playoffs this year givin how weak the west is..
  2. North Buffalo

    The PA Christmas Card thread, AKA, Dr. Mr. Pegula

    Man Im fin tired, just reread it wtf lol... I should learn never post after working a double... if you guys understood what I posted not sure what that means but Im fried tonight... lol
  3. North Buffalo

    2018 - 2019 Lineup

    Berglund was hurt and not sure he back to skating the way he was at the beginning of the season. Wouldnt mind moving him up if his bumps and bruises are better. Seems to have more ice awareness than Sobotka. Put hkm with Casey and KO and see, love his size. Sheary, Erod and a sniper Pommer may work. Give Sobotka a maintenance day. Just not sure of Gigensons health... Sobotka could be put back there and it might balance things out a bit if no Girgensons. Man would love to see a sniper alongside Jack ala a young vs of Pommer moving Sam back with Mitts just not sure because of TT being bad version recently. Agreed time to change things up right now.
  4. North Buffalo

    The PA Christmas Card thread, AKA, Dr. Mr. Pegula

    What about mine too goofy? At least I had the guys to submit it in this thread..,
  5. North Buffalo

    Sabrespace Fantasy Football League

    Ah next week wow!
  6. North Buffalo

    Sabrespace Fantasy Football League

    How many games till playoffs?
  7. North Buffalo

    Sabrespace Fantasy Football League

    consolation game at this point...
  8. North Buffalo

    Practice Report: Monday, 12-10-2018

    Mitts needs to keep growing but is not there yet and Sobtka has hands of stone and slow. He is a good penalty killer, Berglund is a big guy and Larry is back to being Larry... Girgenson at least has speed and can go into corners, but yes the Sabres need a couple more guys with skill and speed to be able to truly role 4 lines. Pommer has lost a couple of steps but still has a cannon if guys can feed him the puck. 2nd line isnt bad but Casey needs to step up.
  9. North Buffalo

    Practice Report: Monday, 12-10-2018

    Yup, poor TT... Move Larry up or put Girgenson up and Botka down.
  10. North Buffalo

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    LA is playing better... can't take them lightly.... Hope Sabres come out and play a full 60 min. As far as value... Mitts is an unknown to me at this point as well as Thompson.. but I think they both could be top 6, Risto, McCabe, Dhalin and Pilut make it, Sheary is not imo, but a good depth piece, just not long term. Bogo may surprise some folks if he can stay healthy.. Jack obviously and would rank him 1. 1. Jack 2. Dhalin 3. Ullmark probably though not yet. 4. Skinner 5. Mitts hopefully 6. Risto 7. McCabe 8. Pilut 9. Sam maybe 10. Thompson Need another center, scoring winger and big D who can skate to replace Bogo long term. Hopefully Oloffson, Nylander can make it up next year as well as maybe one other.
  11. North Buffalo

    NHL All Star Fan Balloting has begun

    Have you voted today... 10 times each day... don't make me start making robo calls. Remember, I ran a few campaigns, knocked on every door in the City of Alexandria, went to the Menominee reservation in WI for a Presidential election and was the first person to organize door knocking asking for votes on the reservation ever... make it happen Sabrespacers or I will find you... LOL
  12. North Buffalo

    NHL All Star Fan Balloting has begun

    Don't forget to keep voting even if it is for PA
  13. Hey I can run you over if you are wearing them while crossing the street 👿 Chances are you are crossing against the light not paying attention and not in the crosswalk...
  14. Alsplund is doing well maybe call him up. Cant wait till Sobotka is unecessary... He was a pylon. Yeh but its the Flyers... any other team fine but I still carry a grudge from the 70s.