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  1. Projecting the NHL timeline for all of the Sabres’ top prospects https://theathletic.com/1042953/2019/06/24/projecting-the-nhl-timeline-for-all-of-the-sabres-top-prospects/ Pronme had an interesting way of ruling out guys like Mitts, Nylander, Pilut Oloffson and Thompson stating they are there or should be there next year and have had at "least a cup of coffee with big club..". my words... adding Borgen is on the cusp.
  2. One could hope or another Skinner/Montour type...
  3. Wasnt sure though if it was like for leafs or the nautical term. Though Leafs makes sense.
  4. Yes because he seems to be a bit of a late bloomer, still learning how to best use that gazelle of a body he has that I believe happened late. I'd give him at least one more year and I still think it's a learning thing. Saw short spurts of his efforts along the boards, but also saw him struggle under his own feet. If he can ever figure it out with that shot it'll be worth the Sabres patience with him.
  5. Grew up with that type, my Dad was an English Professor and Trombonist... you sound like a lot of his fellow professors.
  6. Because he and Dracy traded so many guys away for picks and to tank
  7. rakish sounds like a ratty haired long sideburned professor type with plastic glasses and liger a short stocky gym rat who spends too much time at Sabres bars...
  8. Yeh, but for all yee'all highbrows... Cozens throws off his yooocon leash, unhilts a gleaming seord from its scabbard, and sequentially vanquishes you of the poofy wig lot this year...
  9. Given that leadership is young, Jack and Sam with Mitts and Dhalin and Montour being added I think the time lag is a maturity issue as much as anything and remember these guys aren't college grads. Jack and Sam just coming into their own. I expect big steps forward from Casey and Dahls and am hopeful that some of the younger or newer guys a la Borgen, Oloffson and Nylander take a step forward. Next year ad in Cozens, Pekar and Asplund and could have a very good team. Gonna depend on coach and player development but I could see this as another slow year of ups and downs.
  10. will be interesting to see if this strategy works out and if any late bloomers work out
  11. I hope he finds a 2nd line center regardless and you may be right... still can dream...
  12. Maybe depends on how much weight Cozens and Mitts ad before September. We shall see but should be fun to watch.
  13. Keep Skinner and Olloffson with Jack, put Mitts, Sam and Cozens together and work on figuring out third line with ERod, Nylander and OK together as an energy line. Actually think that works. Checking line of Larrson, Girgenson and Sobotka. CJ and or Wilson as extras... who am I forgetting.
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