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  1. Not sure if it is still going but use to have a good pickup game around noon time during the week
  2. Hey after this over and I head out there will drop you a pm. My Dad lives up the Hill from Mission St Louis Rey off Ranch Del Oro You as well Broken... either of you guys skate out at twin rinks in Escondido?
  3. This time toward you... be safe... batten down the hatches
  4. Pissed may not be the word I'd have chosen... he expected a possible trade at deadline... I think more disappointed it happened so early... though if hockey doesnt start till January... its going to be close to trade deadline anyway... Again he is a pro and appears to be keeping an open mind... If Sabres can get 2-3 years out of him that would be great...
  5. Wish there were more bigger skilled forwards available. Sabres need to pick the guy in 8 range with most nasty in his game.
  6. Its a start long way to go... Staal is a pain to play against, big body and nasty. His attitude can only help young players including Eichel. Still team needs more talent on forward lines.
  7. Fair enough... yeh see enough of your example daily... so you are saying at least 50% of Americans have comorbidities and are at risk... sounds in the ball park from what I see.
  8. I want your travel points
  9. Big Hug... sorry you have to go thru that... be well. Eat some red meat...maybe? Took a lot of airborne, actually still do to keep up my immune system during this pandemic.
  10. Im a bit punchy having not slept in 22 hours so nite all.
  11. Only one it gave me without adding a running back... Figured It might be both different and fun. If folks end up hating it we can eliminate it next time. Not sure it works for more than 10 teams
  12. Not many auto drafters only 10 teams and a couple wrinkles... I think people were crap shooting a bit.
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