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  1. I am farting around my wife and kids while announcing health check :). Woody I feel you more than most and a lot of people around me in the healthcare field feel done. As you said finding your balance, pacing yourself, checking in with close friends who know you and can set you straight not just blow smoke up your ass so that you can go back out there and be of service again is what important. All my best... NB
  2. You guys celebrate, betting most health care workers will just want a vacation and too sleep like rip van winkle... actually most want to do that now.
  3. Was just out at my car and saw my hockey bag in the back... always thought itd help keep my immunity up... either way i felt a wanton nostalgia pang as I walked away... hockey... how quaint..
  4. PS I have more energy, still occasional abdominal cramping and Im not a lady so its weird, like when I ran xcross country. But otherwise my wife is freaked.
  5. Yeh I was reading that too... most sites say if youve been tested assume you have or had it. Monitoring everything anyway.
  6. Good and bad news... test was negative! Boss just called told me said see you Monday 😞. They must be desperate... I am not that good ha. So whatever I had/have it aint Corona...
  7. My wife said an automotive group build a plastic box for them with holes for drs to insert hands to do this, assume plexi-glass BTW, found this hysterical:
  8. So checking temp this am its normal but still have a cough sinusy and lrq abdominal discomfort who knows till test comes back but Im not dead
  9. Thank you right now ok have friend delivering stuff at a safe distance to my son outside our apt. TY
  10. got tested now quarantine pending results in 2-5 days... 2 swaps wtf up each nostril... yuck gonna get some sleep after I decontaminate.
  11. I can only hope but our my two hospitals are inundated with corona so unlikely and had my flu shot.
  12. Crap just checked my temp after my night shift it was 100.4 going to get tested at my other hosp 10am est and be quarantined with my wife who also spiked a fever this am. She works at anothrr hospital... Neither of us have been touching each other for last two weeks. Can feel my lymph nodes in my neck they are swollen a little. Have a headache little soreness in my throat... oh well expected it to happen sooner or later 😞
  13. Good news today, our lead CT tech tested negative... he is the one with the grandson on the way with his daughter at home. He is still gonna live in the basement til this is over. I am beat and still have 2.5 shifts to work thru saturday morning. Can't wait to get some sleep. Today was another shitte show in the ER though not because of pts but because of one ICU doc wanting to do a chest tube on an ER patient. He asked the Radiologist to help him... the Radiologist said it couldn't be justified, only a little pneumo thorax and pt was covid positive. The ER doc just said flat out no. Both of them questioned why said ICU doc didn't do it beside... turns out he was scared and wanted help. As I left he stormed down asking why it wasn't done or set up, not sure... he hadn't put in an order. So he then was going over to talk to the ER doc.... no idea what happened, above my pay grade.... but the pt was on a vent and respiratory was short on vent.....and said doc wanted to do it in CT... whatever... he just put off a lung biopsy unnecessarily and sent respiratory all over the place til I called him off till said doc communicated with the other docs.
  14. We are being told to wear masks at all times... PS our ultra sound lead tech is down with it and struggling, our rad nurse is positiveand now lead CT tech tested yesterday but only mildly had a cough for 2.5 months but he has his daughter and newborne grandson at home. He is sequestered in the basement till results come back. Please say your prayers for all of them.
  15. Interesting implications of the disease spread from Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/04/coronavirus-unique-threat-south-young-people/609241/
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