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  1. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/06/21/880832213/yes-wearing-masks-helps-heres-why Interesting article
  2. Fla announced 56 of it hospitals have all icu beds full... but hey dont wear a mask... young people dont die.
  3. No luck... did see 4 sturgeon, a big carp... Bald Eagle catching a fish, a beaver, about 8 Merganzer ducks nervously packed up as another Eagle probably its mate eyeing them.. but no luck 😞
  4. Got serenaded by my son canoeing on the CT River in Massachusetts:
  5. No never been, we have Cooks Farm in Hadley that makes ice cream straight out of the cow... place is called Flavvors
  6. We are up on ridge of the 7 sisters
  7. Here is looking at you from Pelham MA
  8. I want one that says Wear a Damn Mask... Save A Life...
  9. BTW way... in Radiology we call this TDS... "time distance and shielding..." reduces your exposure... same applies here.
  10. Because you are implying that these things dont work by stating the science hasnt gotten there yet. When actually much of it has. The full mechanism and how virulent and all the mutations and who gets affected and infected and why isnt fully understood sure. But mask wearing has been tested and does reduce the viral load, close proximity to an infected increases exposure, touching contaminated surfaces and not washing hands reduces risk, viral load due too poor indoor ventilation are all known exposure risks for this or any other virus. You should be discussing more the scientific issues with coming up with a vaccine and why some besides age are more at risk than others... That is not yet figured out fully. And you have discussed some of that but you still imply doing all the above is not full proof. Actually it is, just we as humans dont do it perfectly and make mistakes or simply ignore the above. Cook your meat as well kills viruses and bacteria. Bleach wipes works. I was in a high viral area made some little mistakes and caught it. Luckily I survived. Still I didnt spread it to my family because I quarantined early, wore a mask at home even before symptoms and I still wipe everything down when I come in. It is tough to change behavior, I get it. But much of this could be ameliorated if folks would just do these basic things.
  11. Chappaqua would beg to differ...https://www.theexaminernews.com/covid-19-cluster-from-greeley-graduation-rises-to-19-positive-cases/ Soley yeh it can spread on surfaces that is why we wipe everything down coming into house as well.
  12. Cant or wont... guessing you meant wont
  13. Not following guidelines including quarantining if coming from or living in a hotspot... not just mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing. Yeh it doesnt preclude other reasons for the spread but it has shown stats wise if not purely scientifically to reduce the spread. Problem is scientist dont know who is carrying it so controlled studies are still being evaluated. Though the reduction in cases in NY and Westchester all suggest if not prove the point of wearing a damn mask... socially distancing reduces your potential exposure or transmitting. All I need to know is my wife and kids didnt get it because I went to a hotel room at first sign of a fever. We wore masks inside around kids when virus first hit. And my wife and I work different shifts. Washed hands cleaned surfaces, bagged scrubs as soon as we came inside. Wiped down inside of cars. We both were in the middle of it in hospitals. Me more than her. So go ahead and ignore protocols at your own risk. This debate is inane and frankly pisses me off after seeing so many deaths. Scientifically proven debate at this point is a waste of time when stats show mask wearing and social distancing works even if not perfectly.
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