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  1. Played my first hockey last night... skated like shiite and watched the puck a lot. We lost 3-2 got a long ways to go before my legs are back.. sigh
  2. Wow lots of coaches going down right before xmas... trendy... i know different reasons... still interesting
  3. Milk Carton coupon games in nose bleed oranges and yes I was scared... the circus... and a couple Sabres games in the blues...
  4. McClappy... just cause.... now if its the whole Bills squad backing him up... run away... run away👹
  5. Tailspin ending is result of a young team starting to grow. Still need pieces... Cozens and 1 more, but you can see the fear of losing going away.
  6. Kid let his player go on first st louis goal... playing with no energy
  7. And darn millennial lost in his phone when Larry jumped against the boards.
  8. Verizon internet may carry some of this too, cant get it where I am though
  9. Good win, gonna pay for watching it tomorrow... I can handle work tonite but tomorrow's shift is gonna suck.
  10. You can start voting: https://www.nhl.com/all-star-ballot For Sabres its Jack... anyone else need a boost?
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