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    When hell freezes over, I’ll play hockey there too.

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  1. 2nd day of chemo, then off for 2 weeks.. Got a buzz cut just in case...
  2. So Daryl Hall owns venue down state in Pawling https://www.darylshouseclub.com/
  3. cmac is nice my older brother has a beach house that you can literally walk to CMAC from.. Nice place
  4. Gonna try to see Room Full of Blues at Darryl Hall's place in Putnam, NY Sept 8
  5. When can I buy one of these though?
  6. what is your paypal address, trying to figure out either how to transfer funds from bank to paypal or from my bank.  Dont do it enough and forgot how...?

  7. He will as he puts on more strength and gets used to NHL type of play imo. My guess he gets better in corners and side wall scrum...an area where I believe will just happen. Kid works
  8. https://cdn.guff.com/site_1/media/22000/21791/thumbnails/fb1_1e4b4ccd9a0f6057c53a33c2.jpg
  9. any guys Sabres might be interested in next year? or to trade Risto for?
  10. PS Boyfriend is wearing a Bills jersey... not that it matters... horrible situation... crap... sounds like one of the sterno burners, but in a house?
  11. But learning to win... putting your head down even when going gets tough to quote John Belushi with Germans and Pearl Harbor... staying with it till you figure it out... what the Blues did this year... it may be something small or big that flips the switch, but you dont hang your head... you keep searching for that switch... cohesive teams do that... sulking teams dont... or they stay too long in their own frustration instead of figuring out how to support each other... we have seen too much of that with the Sabres... part of that is maturity and young leadership imo. Sabres need to find a guy with both talent and maturity to lift guys up and help them buckle down when they need too.
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