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  1. He reminds me of Stamkos a few years back before injuries. made him appreciate hockey...
  2. Great thread... so if you are vindictive do you send Jack to somewhere like Arizona or Calgary?
  3. On the spine front I am aware of some new surgeries especially for scoliosis involving tethering that is highly successful. Would love to know what kind of new techniques Jack might be considering.
  4. Gonna be a long tough offseason... have some hope and despite Sabres best efforts team has been acquiring talent. Based on what I have seen and heard... though I dont like it... I could see Sabres Trading Jack for young high end players and picks and it may be for the best. As far as coaching... Coach meatballs seems to be good connecting with developing young guys... Not sure about Risto... Id keep him but as younger guys develop lessen his ice time... Man the Sabres need goaltending should be No 1 offseason priority. Ps Keep Sam
  5. Man they are going at it fun to watch!
  6. I want Jack back but rumors are there is more to his psychy and not in a good way ... Callaway hinted it at and turns out we both heard the same rumor... again its a rumor but may tie into the injury and appearance of being a spoiled brat but be something else... that is all I will say but sheesh sounds like a ***** show all the way around and at best I hope the Sabres figure it out for both the team and Jack.
  7. Uh I get it... just saying two players plus and a number 1
  8. http://www.nhl.com/stats/leaders I disagree on Huberdeau and we always forget about Marner
  9. I would switch out Panarin with Ratanen and move Matthews up though I hate the Great Satan. JE this past year certainly isn't in the top 25. I would had Pastarnak and Bergeron in top guys you left off and I would replace Hedman this year with Aho or Kaprizov. Huberdeau, Erickon EK, and Hintz also get honorable mentions. Hedman has had a down year for him.
  10. Concerns sure but not to the point of not getting vaxed. PS I had covid last spring and been vaxed. Granted I am front line employee... but you have to do a risk analysis and for most people unless you have a reaction on the first vax or are severely immune compromised gotta say it doesnt make sense to avoid getting vaxed. PS for those who think this is solely a right wing issue there are plenty on far left that are just as out there on this. Not impugning anything on you.... just saying there are folks that are just paranoid by government and the medical industry...
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