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  1. So 57 pts in 34 GP... if he keeps this pace up could get to 2.0 per pts game
  2. Maybe a good woman can give him a swift kick in arse...
  3. Yeldon isnt early in career and has a history of fumbling... If he can figure it out... then yes not a bad pass catcher and physical runner.
  4. NY Times article...https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/13/travel/ice-skating-Quebec.html
  5. They got stoned last nite but still managed a point.
  6. Thought the same thing, been games when they had more chances and scored more... actually thought Jack looked a little flat, could've been the way Dallas was playing him... that being said, the rest of the team played well and more than made up for him.
  7. I agree, though if you are ready to be independent, a big if, I took 2 years off to grow up and transferred to GW where I figured that part out and took advantage of the many opportunities avail at a large university. By that time I knew what I wanted. In retrospect, I was accepted at American, a smaller school, would have been better off there straight out of High School.
  8. https://www.hockeyprospect.com/hockeyprospect-com-2020-nhl-draft-rankings-top-31-january/
  9. From John Scott re Allstar game: Awesome!
  10. couple days late but yeh great article..,
  11. Didnt miss a day due to snow all off High school 😢
  12. Fancy?! There was a time didnt care which hand my beer was in, only that I could lift without doing a face plant..
  13. Even Kassian said as much... big boy hockey.
  14. Depends if it is his AC joint. Still why the hell did it take 2 months? Or Labrum where tears can be hard to spot right away.
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