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  1. Question which is a better game to watch? Car v Nash, Winn v Van, Dal v Tampa.
  2. Not sure if this belongs in gametime or awesome thread but because of crap MSG blackout cant watch Sabres mess up tonight against Strangers
  3. Jack needs to be put in his place... too much of a prima dona.
  4. Fair enough but some are too arrogant to know better and won't become one til they are humbled. Jack is in the process of being humbled.
  5. Probably not his call initially... Pegulas are going to have make decision... changes their plans... KA will have a say and I will evaluate who he brings in for the new coach, but til then I vote incomplete. If no changes by the end of the year then he gets an F.
  6. Goaltending with Hutton is an issue... but young guys are developing... Issue I have is heart and coaching...
  7. Rob Ray "overall good period for Buffalo". compared to yesterday sure... as for hockey meh no goals for... sigh
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