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  1. Ottawa was my top hated team when they had Neil and that damn penalty music they would play (doo doo doo doo). That Pommenville OT goal will always be top 3 in my book.
  2. It all depends on if they trade Jack and if they do, I'll take this guy.....no flash and all compete is exactly what this team needs on the ice. Matthew Beniers's Player Profile Cam Robinson - Dobber Prospects - : "The gaudy point totals won’t likely follow, but he has a ton of translatable skills. Speed and transitional effectiveness to burn." Dylan Griffing Dobber Prospects - Feb. 3rd: "His creativity, elusiveness, and all-around smarts make him a dangerous player every time he steps in the offensive zone, with or without the puck. The one aspect that Beniers gets critiqued fo
  3. Bring in a vet coach with proven track record who has similar offensive philosophy to what we are seeing now.
  4. I never thought I would live to see Another day where the sabres played a full 60 minutes against a good team and actually won again.
  5. I am actually on the way to the airport my kid for vacation and tried to pull the old Flight cancelled for vacation. I then look at this and fell for it 5 minutes after doing it myself.
  6. The Cozens injury wasn't adding insult to injury Marty, it was adding injury to insult...
  7. I can't believe I actually started feeling bad for the players after 3 nothing and i really wanted the nightmare end for them. I have no sympathy for these people anymore
  8. I should have never told my kids to turn on the TV, I am such an idiot.
  9. I forgot how fun this can be. All I wish for now is for Eichel to hold on for 1 more year. Just give it 1 more Jack
  10. My family is an original season ticket holder from day 1 with the Bills I have had season tickets to the Sabres half my life 2-14 seasons with the Bills and attending Sabres games during the tank years dis collective piece of crap dat shows up on the ice each night is the ONLY team I have ever been embarrassed of my entire life. dis team makes me dislike watching hockey and I was one of the biggest fans there was. What can the average fan be thinking? How dis organization can even advertise having fans in the building makes me sick to my stomach. Go fck yourselves to anyone
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