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  1. Whenever I next see the Devils in our building....it will probably be the only standing O I give for anyone there.
  2. This team is bottom 5 in the nhl with other teams jumping them soon...ie Ottawa. They have 5-6 good players and zero goaltending
  3. This team is three years away from making the playoffs so why bother trading the future when they are going to suck for the next couple anyway
  4. Buffalo is 3 years away from 8th spot in playoffs anyway....rebuilding may never end
  5. This team is totally lost and i am starting to think that Eichel doesn't even make it to 2021. Hey, maybe that's how they finally get the #2 center...oh well
  6. I truly believe in my gut that the Buffalo Sabres will never be good again
  7. Good riddance to the worst gm in Sabres history... WORST!!!!
  8. Honestly, it feels like the NHL doesn't even exist in Buffalo. I don't miss it all all....
  9. This organization is just so pathetic on so many levels. I don't even know where to begin, nor the energy to even want to try. I hope they lose their first 10 games in a row to show what a horrible mistake this is.....
  10. They would have been crushed anyway and I think the more time away from this team, the better. They are still 2 years out from an 8th spot. I mean really, 24 spots given out and they still don't make the cut, pathetic.
  11. It's too bad the Sabres are horrible and not just plain bad.....would have been fun to watch them in the playoffs one last time. This was their chance and they still couldn't make the cut....
  12. It had already started before the virus but now, I am starting to think this team and my likeness for it is dying a little bit more every single day. I have no interest in the hockey season coming back anytime soon
  13. Only time I watched a game from a suite/box. Best part about it was that I knew most of the people around me and am shocked there were no serious injuries after Drury tied it up
  14. Man, it seems like 100 years since a meaningful hockey game was played in Buffalo.
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