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  1. I also asked if he had seen them and if he liked them - yes and yes were the responses 🙂
  2. At least if the team stinks again, we can look forward to a gold and white uniform.! Sincerely, the most fan deaf organization you can imagine
  3. That is what I was told 2 Summers ago so I just hope they did not change their mind. He also showed me the Winter Classic jersey many months before the reveal so I have no reason not to believe him.
  4. It was a horrible trade He was here on a good cap number He most likely demanded a trade back in March because Buffalo had been talking to the Blues for months. It had nothing to do with O'Reilly saying he lost his passion He's gone........so go find a 2nd line center and fix your massive mistake, it's time to not SUCK anymore
  5. That was as sarcastic as i could get 🙂
  6. Let him go, I'm sure there are plenty of people in Rochester that could take his place. And in 3 years, we can add a potential 20 goal scorer when the #7 pick is ready to go!
  7. 8 years at 9 million and I put that money elsewhere...hate it
  8. I think JBot knows he is signing him no matter what...even if he has to go to Skinner's asking price. They both know he is staying but who gets/saves the extra money in the end?
  9. Just make it so this team does not suck anymore, ok?
  10. I think one of the top benefits of having him as a coach is the leadership that he will be able to pass along to Jack.
  11. That's what I thought, I read it wrong thinking he was saying the cap changes each year against
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