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  1. The problem with this team is that they can pay a perfect period And still come out losing after 20 minutes. In my opinion, that is a sign of a bottom dweller.
  2. 0-5 start, here we come. And we all know how well the season ends after slow starts. I just don't see how they can find a win vs Caps and Philly. This division is brutal and it's Buffalo, NJ and NY who will pay dearly.
  3. I still can't believe our coach said just go have some fun and we'll worry about coaching tomorrow. This CAN'T be true
  4. me to every NHL insider...."generational, I do not think it means...what you think it means..."
  5. THank God for the Bills. I can't believe how dislikeable this team is already. A soft NHL team in Buffalo, yeah, that's a way to wine over fans. THis team needs to be sold.....
  6. When will this team get sick of losing. They look pathetic and uninterested again. Thank God there are no fans this season because Eichel would be demanding a trade even sooner than expected. Maybe we can get a goalie, a couple first rounders and make the team take Skinner. They can build around Dahlin and Hall....
  7. A lot of powerplays and a new goalie gets this team to the playoffs
  8. As long as they are having fun, they can resume coaching tomorrow. Can we PLEASE get Tortarella in here already
  9. Please win for my kids, they have waited so long for a decent team. I will be happy just seeing the royal blue.....for tonight
  10. I think Skinner and his contract are going to absolutely crush this team. There has to be SOMEONE out there that will roll the dice on him no?
  11. I just talked to my connection in St Louis Blues and he did not have the most glowing things to say about Taylor Hall. Let's hope a change of scenery helps out a bit here in Buffalo..... Tocchet was in town w Berube a month ago and they were at my buddies bar Tocchet was going on and on about how he couldn't wait to get rid of him. Said he's a good player, but not a team guy and too high maintenance for his tastes.
  12. I never understood the ridiculous circle in the middle. It does not remind me of a puck and think it looks totally unfinished. The major mistake was not making the goathood the primary logo and putting the butterknives on the shoulder
  13. Hate to say but teams now know how to zone defend Allen. He has no idea what is going on out there when man D is not the scheme (like the 1st 4 weeks). This is a mirror image of Trent Edwards 4-0 start with all the MVP talk. Defense figured it out and the rest is history. As far as the Bills D, it was NEVER that good. Look at the scrap heap of QBs they played last year. The only good one they beat was Dak. Buffalo plays all the top QBs this year and without a pass rush, you will continue to see this every single remaining game. Patriots, Wilson, Big Ben, Murray, good luck. Until th
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