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  1. Only time I watched a game from a suite/box. Best part about it was that I knew most of the people around me and am shocked there were no serious injuries after Drury tied it up
  2. Man, it seems like 100 years since a meaningful hockey game was played in Buffalo.
  3. So much better without all that crap music they play nonstop
  4. I had to reinvent my entire company over the last week and a half as all we provide is client entertaining Fortune 1000 companies. Now that all the mass Gatherings have come to a screeching halt, I had to come up with virtual ideas the offer clients and fortunately it is actually working.
  5. Miami Dolphins are going hard after Tom Brady. If they actually pull that off, they are going to be pretty damn good believe it or not
  6. https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2020/03/16/what-a-24-team-stanley-cup-playoff-might-look-like/ 24 team playoff?
  7. No shortage on wipes.....
  8. I edited to say Chinese government can rot in Hell as that was what my intention was to begin with....and i hope they really do rot in hell
  9. Chinese government can rot in Hell for all I care....fckn idiots
  10. It's hilarious how many people here are duped by a disinterested Caps team and an all out effort by the Sabres. They only know how to do this for one game and then they will suck 5 games in a row.
  11. Honest question....does anyone really care if they end up with more points than last year? It would be like getting a 59 instead of a 58 on your final exam.
  12. That is the last thing i would blame gm for. It does look pretty depressing though
  13. Jersey won....hopefully Anaheim holds on too. I honestly think Buffalo will drop to 3rd worst unless Ullmark steals the show.
  14. Oh my God, our coach has officially gone off the rails. Are you listening to this pathetic excuse of a game plan? The reporters are bringing up very good points as to why certain people than play in the third. And he is totally agreeing with them......WHAT!!!!!!!!!
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