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  1. It's all because they went for the idiotic gold jerseys instead of the royal blue. I blame the entire backward ass operation on that
  2. I can honestly say that there are only probably four to five teams that will finish below the Sabres in the standings in the whole NHL. Hopefully tage and cozens can be ready next year and we get lucky in the lottery.
  3. It was pretty obvious in the first that Buffalo did not care about winning this game tonight. They need to get absolutely Rock Bottom once again and try to figure out how to build a good team, not just how to scrape and Claw to get to the 8th spot
  4. They almost got a shot.... and they already used their phone a friend to New Jersey
  5. Our goaltending is totally keeping us in this game and God forbid there are any more power plays for Calgary
  6. Just saying that it looks like Calgary is out playing them and I would take a road points right now. I don't like the look of the speed from our guys
  7. I would take an overtime loss point if you give it to me right now
  8. It's a real shame that our special teams are so freaking bad
  9. They absolutely have to score here or else I see trouble with a bunch of Calgary power players coming up
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