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  1. It's been football season for a while now. Those playoffs and Stanley Cup may have been the least intriguing storylines in 30 years....glad it's over.
  2. Too late..... The only reason I held on to tickets was for my kids
  3. Probably the first time in 30 years I won't watch a second of the Cup Hockey has fallen off the cliff for me....
  4. They will rebuild and win the Cup again before Buffalo makes it to the playoffs
  5. More than a #2 Center, this team needs an entirely new change of culture and attitude. What is the identity of this team anyway? Are they fast? Hard to play against? Great D? Big offense? Great goaltending? Superior coaching? The answer to every single one of these is no. How can anyone in their right mind say that this team is close?
  6. I count only 5 teams in the NHL that are worse off than the Sabres. I seriously ask how this team gets out of the basement....
  7. Hardest working team in hockey that year, by a mile
  8. Wow, that was my favorite team in Buffalo sports history...i mean, wow, you actually hated them?
  9. only thing missing is shoulder patch but at least they nailed the rest
  10. Totally agree, we have the best logo in sports......or put 50th logo on shoulder, love that one
  11. That won't happen in the next 4 years so at least look good, looking like crap. I am 100% sure they will still fck the whole jersey up because that's what happens every time they try to give the fans something we want.
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