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  1. Thank God I'm not watching this one. If they lose this one, i would say this team's talent is closer to the last 4 games. I just wish Eichel was more than what he is.....a very good player but a guy who disappears for games at a time. I just didn't think that would ever be him when drafted.
  2. I am very worried that this who our team really is. It's exactly like last night except our goalie stood on his head.
  3. That's it for me. I better not wake up in the morning to see that we lost this game in overtime 4-3
  4. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, kings dominated that period!
  5. I think you must be watching last year's game between Buffalo and Los Angeles, honestly
  6. I would say overall that the Kings have outplayed them, even if slightly.
  7. I am really glad that we have a three-goal lead but it certainly doesn't seem like the play on the ice reflects that at all.
  8. I think it's tough for me to like Vesey...in every way
  9. I'm not going to bed until we have a three-goal lead
  10. I saw that too but he knew he was tired and if he had taken it in, he was probably afraid something bad would have happened and the caught deep in there and, tired to skate back
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