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  1. Win, lose, trade, don't trade, fire, don't fire......i couldn't care less because none of it works with this loser organization. I mean seriously, the odds of being this bad for so long is nonsensical. Nobody knows the answer and it really sucks.
  2. I give up. I just hope StubHub doesn't kill me for my remaining games....absolutely not attending another 1 this season
  3. At least they won't waste picks at deadline
  4. The fun ended over 2 months ago
  5. Watching the Blues game in Bahamas and they are non stop up and down the ice vs Leafs....like, NONSTOP
  6. Florida is not a team we are competing with for a playoff spot, they are just another team that will finish ahead of us that will probably finish in the 10th spot. If we had the choice to sell the team and have them go away for a year, only to return so we could get a whole new group, I would do it without hesitation. This team is without identity, without direction, and has ZERO heart.
  7. CallawaySabres

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    I think this is a MAJOR problem moving forward which is why I think we need the right coach
  8. By next week, flyers and Rangers will be ahead of us....Penguins are the least of our concerns when we cheer for a team who is totally incapable of winning 2 in a tow. They just lost back to back to Rangers and devils for Christ sake
  9. CallawaySabres

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Well, there is a VERY good chance that Sabres will be losing 6 out of their next 7 and they should be enough to get a new Coach AND a new GM. It will also put them right around the 7th spot in the draft......good times
  10. Is this a joke? They are actually playing again tonight?! Booooo. I hope they get get destroyed and a MAJOR trade is made to shop out the neccessary losers on this team. Something is so so wrong with this crew....
  11. Having a dark and stormy in the Bahamas, sounds like it's dark and stormy on the ice?
  12. I think a bad loss tonight may get Housley fired. Atypical loss probably raises the heat a lot....
  13. CallawaySabres

    Skinner Contract Watch

    You know that's exactly why he won't sign here That would top even the dumbest move of all time which would be the Drury/Briere debacle
  14. The whole thing wrong with thinking that we are in the wild-card race is that they have not been playing good hockey in 2019. The issue I have is that the only reason they are here is a lucky 10 game win streak. This team is getting worse and that is why the line of thought of .......if you had told me before the season, they were close to 8th in Feb etc etc etc...does not fit. Carolina and Flyers fans are the ones that should he hopeful, not the fans of a team going backwards as the season goes on. I am hoping this thought changes come October...