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  1. Royal blue swapped with the navy parts would have been the perfect thing to do with the announcement yesterday. I would never expect them to do the right thing so pretty much par for the course.....
  2. Which is EXACTLY why they announced the Royal yesterday......
  3. Even though I knew that was the case, I am glad that they finally announced it. It's just as well that 2020 is the year because they should hopefully be a playoff team by then. In the meantime, only ONE more year of crappy hockey and piss stained jerseys - whoohoo! You may have that chance because it was supposed to be this year...but probably next that they run through all of the jerseys and wind up on the royal.
  4. My God did I love that movie. And the craziest thing is that I was there at the 1980 Olympics. Snuck into that game and got booted out with my brother...but I was actually in the building for a couple minutes 🙂
  5. I don't care if he says he hates the team and the fans.....tough luck. Unless we win the trade, he stays.
  6. so is anyone going to actually post a rumor in this thread or no?
  7. Unfortunately I have come to grips that this team will not be fighting for a playoff this year and the misery finally comes to an end in 2020. They most likely won't have a #2 Cneter this year, another top 6 winger, and who know if they even have a decent goaltender. Not exactly exuding confidence for me....
  8. Anything less than a #2 center coming back is a waste for Risto and that's not happening. I hope the market for Risto dries up and he ends up staying .
  9. They are all so terrible but I am at peace knowing what is coming in 2020.....
  10. I was just referring to all jerseys since they left the classic. As far as the NY, the Sabres did not want that on the Winter Classic, but the NHL insisted saying it would give the image of a rivalry.
  11. I mean, the whole color scheme is soooo dull. White with cat piss and dull blue. At least they could have used royal for just a little pop.
  12. The winter classic jersey is the only one i came close to liking....and that's because the NHL did it, not the idiots in the Sabres graphic dept.
  13. Yes but that is next year....not this 50th anniversary crap
  14. It looks awful and I hate it so I'm sure it's the real deal. Nice work design department, you failed again!
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