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  1. Just please get us a 2nd line center and a tender....please
  2. These two teams are built completely differently and the Sabres are not built like either one of them unfortunately
  3. What a freaking joke that no goal call was in Carolina. Washington is going to smoke them in game 7
  4. The Canes crowd is going to be FIRED UP tonight...should be a good one
  5. McNabb just delivered the biggest hit of the entire playoffs, wow
  6. That's what i was told last Summer by a VP at Pegula
  7. Go Stars if it means Laviolette becomes available
  8. I still can't believe Vegas is a legitimate Cup contender again and we are stuck with....this
  9. They should really wait until 2020 because this season has suck written all over it.....
  10. So what star is Tampa trading this Summer? Time to raid!!!!
  11. My God, Buffalo is going to have to build their team compleeeeeeetelyyyy different. Loving Boston, Columbus, and Islanders
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