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  1. I'm predicting a Sabres win. Tonight they debut their reverse retro for game time action and this team always seems to win when they do stuff like this. Sabres are due for a blow out, 8-2. Skinner nets 6.
  2. What is a reasonable return for Montour? Looks like we traded the first we got from San Jose in the Kane trade + Guhle (he played 30 games with the Ducks last year and is in the AHL this year). I can't see us getting a similar return for what we paid.
  3. The quoted tweet saying Skinner was out was dated 2-22 , I don't think we have a confirmation of tonight's line-up yet.
  4. I can't imagine a scenario right now where Adams could have a trade drawn up and Skinner would deny it. "You're saying there's a team with a coach who wants me and will use me properly, the team isn't a bottom feeder and I get paid the same? Sounds tempting but I like what's brewing here. DENIED."
  5. Skinner is at least generating chances, he's hit some posts and is getting looks and I'm shocked he hasn't gotten a fluky bounce to go in yet. If memory serves me correctly, which it usually doesn't, Leino was pure garbage and wasn't generating opportunities, and was given a chance to succeed by the coaches (?) , besides them saying, "hey, you're a winger, i bet you'd be a great fit at...center..." Skinner needs to be better but so does his usage.
  6. "From this point forward the goal of the Buffalo Sabres will be to hope to play completive hockey in March and April when the season starts in mid January".
  7. This or just hand over the reigns to a competent hockey mind and own from a distance but I think those pesky egos might come into play.
  8. I was convinced Bylsma was the problem and Housley would lead us to the promise land. It quickly became apparent that Housley was a glorified turd-polisher and needed to go. RK seemed like an amazing out of the box hire, who would surely have the team playing entertaining hockey. I'm now teetering on the "replace Ralph" ledge, but I don't think bringing in yet another coach will fix anything. I'm inclined to believe the problem comes from the top. I don't understand how someone can concurrently run an NFL & NHL franchise.
  9. At least the tank teams offered hope for the future.
  10. Here's a picture of my set up, got the nordic track skier (craigslist for $55), weight bench with 165lbs of weights (craigslist $230) and a punching bag (craigslist $20) - plus 3 packages of floor tiles from amazon $150. I'm trying to add one more piece in a rowing machine if I can find one. Measured my ceiling and the joists come in around 7", don't have an issue with being on the nordic track which is what I use for the games. During power plays and penalty kills i crank up the resistance but usually just keep it at a moderate level. The first period usually takes 45 minutes which burns
  11. This is the most underperforming team we've had since we've had a team capable of performing, so yes. We've suffered enough and at this point it's absurd how long this team has been a steaming pile of garbage. At least garbage eventually breaks down into compost and provides nourishment in the great circle of life. The Sabres just keep heaping more suck on a mile-high pile of suck and the only reason I still casually watch is it gives me an excuse to get some exercise. I've been building a home gym in my basement off of craigslist and when I don't have anything else going on I watch every firs
  12. Looks like I picked the wrong day to start sniffing glue.
  13. I've done some soul searching and I've come to the conclusion that tonight will be the start of 15 game winning streak for the Sabres.
  14. Over / under on how many minutes it takes them to register a shot?
  15. I've been holding out hope that Tage Thompson would start to show ANYTHING on the ice and that he'd be able to salvage an iota of value from the ROR trade. Maybe Ryan Johnson becomes the best defensemen ever and makes up for it? You can add "never adding a 2nd center after trading away ROR" as another blunder.
  16. Conservatively predicting middtlestad scoring 6 tonight on Jack's wing.
  17. Okposo has failed my "eye-test" with flying colors so far this year. I can't think of a single shift of his that I've been impressed with. All I've seen are weak clearing attempts on his back-hand, or skating the puck in over the line, hitting the breaks and then just dumping it in instead of making a play. He looks like he's too slow for the league. I thought it was a bad idea to give him an A when it happened and that looks like an even bigger joke now (assuming there's some stigma of sending one of your captains for a taxi-ride). A quick look at the stats sheet tells me that of all the
  18. No, if the pegulas cared about hiring someone with actual GM experience they would have done so when they hired Tim Murray, JBOT Kevyn Adams.
  19. He just needs to cut his hair and he'll find his game.
  20. I think Skinner finally scores his first two goals of the season tonight.
  21. Instead of doing math the Sabres should simply win the remaining games on their schedule. Easiest way into the post-season in my eyes.
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