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  1. You don’t draft for need in the NHL. Unless its for overall depth.
  2. I don’t know if I heard his name once. This may have also been due to my in game habits.
  3. I’d certainly like the goalie to make that save but there was a little Tage effect with that shot. Sneaky hard and unexpected.
  4. So do you travel up the Hershey highway or down the Hershey highway? Asking for a friend.
  5. I would also like him to be an effective NHL player but at what point do the Sabres NEED someone like Trouba, Gudas, Cernak, McNabb, Borgen, etc. Having 6 puck moving D sounds great and all but I feel like a little jam on the backend is in order particularly in the post season.
  6. For some reason I had him 2” taller and 20 lbs heavier. Kinda bummed he’s smaller than Joki.
  7. I gave up this fight before my beard went gray. No one on God’s green earth could have fathomed the Eichel or Reinhart trades. I’m sure some lucky SOB dart boarded that ***** but there are so many things fans don’t know that GMs have at their fingers.
  8. The greasy kind Yeah it’s like 8 or 9 bucks. Just download the AHLTV App and go to town. Might need to download it on phone and TV.
  9. Don’t worry Seth, I’ll be at the pool in Cocoa beach drinking pina coladas until game time.
  10. Hopefully he’s more decisive moving the puck than signing this deal.
  11. I find it absolutely unreal that people drive without seatbelts is 2023. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about their lives, it’s the ***** seat belt dinging. I will drive into oncoming traffic if my passenger unbuckles their seatbelt. Make that awful sound stop.
  12. I’m an addict. It isn’t one thing. It’s everything. I love booze. I love weed. Mostly as a bi-product of availability, I was a booze hound first. It destroyed my life for over two decades. I’m not free from that grasp but it’s not as firm. Only because of weed. I smoke/eat an edible daily. After dinner to bed nightly. it’s the only thing that has kept me from losing it all. Booze has its grip on me but weed has made it a much more manageable. Lame? Probably. A survival method? Most definitely.
  13. Chocolate Hershey Kiss and the hot dog flavored ice? …and I have had an edible or three.
  14. There are lot of THC laced cobwebs in this scary looking noggin.
  15. Hmmm. This got me thinking. Poop emoji looks a little too much like a Hershey’s Kiss 💩
  16. Eh…expected. Billionaires are generally slimy, T-Pegs probably isn’t a saint either.
  17. He’s joining a team that he’s been together as currently constructed most of the season. He’ll need to get acclimated. I’m guessing the Amerks first home game is where he makes his debut. Also probably depends on what the games look like. If they need a lineup change because they are performing poorly, they have Savoie (not to mention Nadeau & Östlund) to insert into the lineup. Guys like Warren and Olischefski are ECHL graduates that don’t bring a ton of skill. They’ve also been playing 11 F and 7 D for most of the playoffs as well.
  18. What’s the eye roll for? @oglethorp
  19. Who knows what this kid wants but his easiest path to the NHL is in Buffalo.
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