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  1. As both theCommanders and theBills play at 1, I’m not sure anyone is watching.
  2. Those are two different people. One part of the fanbase has grown to love KO, understand and appreciate the vet, the other fan thinks he’s meh, overpaid, washed up, yada yada.
  3. The worst kind. Root cause analysis schlock. 5 Why, Fishbone diagram, Ishikawa. It’s the do nothing managers dream. Here is a bunch of corporate speak. Inevitably, it almost always comes down to “do we want to spend the money to fix the issue, or are we just gonna do the dog and pony show of “retraining””. Beyond frustrating.
  4. Just sat through an entire meeting about CAPA, where I believed we were going to complete a 5 Why exercise. Instead my boss trained us all on how to do a 5 Why exercise. We had all the people in the room to complete the exercise. But we didn’t do it. Instead he asks who is going to lead the 5 why. So I volunteer and he tells me to go ahead and set it up. WTF!?!
  5. How much respect did you have for him after sending ***** pics to the FSU boob girl, Jen Sterger? 😀
  6. So I am having major issue with my coworkers. Either they are never here (particularly when I need them) or because they are never here, when they actually are here, they get swarmed with other people and I can’t ever get a word in. It seems like most people here are about 10-15 years behind as far as electronic communication (email, teams messages, even texting) so that’s not really a solution. Very frustrating. Also had to terminate an employee for being too touchy feely with employees. Turns out he’s a level 1 sex offender and the worst person I’ve ever met in real life. I was nauseous for days after I read his rap sheet. Ugh.
  7. They will be much strife over this. I like Dawson and think he’s hugely underrated. His dropsies have relinquished. Athletically, he’s the prototype TE. With the amount of weapons in the offense, I don’t see his targets dramatically improving but the Bills haven’t had someone like him since Reimersma.
  8. If they are just “ok”, Bills fans will lose their poop
  9. I’ll ask… It’s 2022-2023
  10. I’m starting to come around on the goat heads only because I read someone stating “anything that generates excitement in the team, is good”. I’m on board with that. This team needs all the good PR it can get. He might. Artie baby boo boo definitely thought it was a left face screaming satanic goat.
  11. I’ve been thinking about that and oddly enough you are the first person I’ve seen bring it up. 🤷‍♂️
  12. The only one advocating for that is Schum
  13. At least 50% of my problem is chosen. I’ll chose to binge a show or watch sports instead of sleep.
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