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  1. If it’s Martin or Gronberg, they should just promote Taylor and give him veteran assistants. I do wonder if some of the names such as D.J. Smith or Sheldon Keefe have said No Thanks based on the turnover in the position? I really hope not
  2. Mimicking Eugene Melnyk’s Moves seems less than optimal
  3. John Shannon is reporting that both the Sabres and Senators have requested permission to speak with him
  4. A Top Candidate, is a different than THE Top Candidate right? Right?
  5. The rumor was Brady Tkatchuk was second on the Sabres Draft Board last year. Which would have been a great pick as well
  6. I’m in Florida and My Condo Complex is full of Toronto Fans. My Brother in Law and I are at the pool playing You Make My Dreams Come True on Repeat.
  7. Unfortunately he does not make the final cut
  8. Yes, especially if the STL/SJS is traded to Winnipeg as part of the Trouba Trade
  9. On the flip side, Taylor could have called Porter into his office and told him I’m thinking of starting UPL on Wednesday what do you think? Porter could have responded with ***** that, Wedgewood and Wilcox have been here for all 78 regular season games and UPL has been for four including the playoffs. Is it Wedgewood’s Fault that Vic has hit 75 posts and we are being out scored 7-3 in the series? It’s the other five guys on the ice not doing their ***** jobs. Wedgewood and Wilcox are the reason we are here and it’s ***** to think we want a change now. ( Yes I know the goaltending has sucked)
  10. I would rather start UPL, but the Sabres Development Staff has a better handle on what is best for him.
  11. You run the risk of decreasing Dahlin's PP Time and this has proven to be his best attribute thus far. Borgen by the middle of next season will be ready for that role. If Tampa is willing to trade JT Miller, a prospect such as Cirelli or RHD Foote and a Salary Dump in Callahan for Risto, maximizing his value while Botterill can seems more prudent.
  12. If Turcotte makes it to five, would you move up from seven to grab him? LA is interested in moving down.
  13. How fair is it to place your number one goaltender prospect, who has one professional start in the AHL, in an elimination game?
  14. I would move D.J. Smith up to the second position, but Richardson is interesting.
  15. Compare how they defense the blue line and remember that one of them played his entire rookie year at 18 compared to the other being 19. As Sabres Fans every mistake he makes we will notice, we need to remember how good he actually is.
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