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  1. His switching to tinted visor is concerning
  2. Ullmark in net Hunwick out for precautionary reasons Rest of D Corps Lineup is a game time decision
  3. Yes. One of the positives about the rise in awareness about sports related CTE and concussions is that there is millions of dollars being spent on research.
  4. The player can file a grievance with the NHLPA if he feels he is being kept out unfairly. He flew with the team, which is not an increased risk, and he and the Athletic Trainer decided the symptoms warranted more investigation and it would be best for him not to play. Now he is officially out.
  5. It’s a subjective test, so it’s easier for players to downplay or outright lie about their symptoms. A player with concussion history would also know to answer questions to pass the test. Okposo could have realized after flying to NJ that the symptoms were not improving and realized it is not worth having a repeat of the process of two years ago.