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  1. Are you talking about the Summer of 2019? Botterill was still the GM. Adams took over as GM on June 16, 2020 the same Summer that Reinhart’s Two Year Bridge Contract expired. Jack asked for a trade and Sam didn’t want to stick around either.
  2. During the Sabres Embedded Episode, Hall’s Agent Darren Ferris asked if the Sabres were interested in a longer term deal, Adams responded that where they were as an organization and with the uncertainty of Covid they were only looking for a one year deal. The Hall and Staal moves were designed as a one year playoffs or bust with that roster that had more holes than those two could possibly fill. It was a failure for its stated goal. Now look at the acquisition cost of the two players. Marcus Johansson and 8 Million Dollars in Cap Space for one year. No draft picks or prospects were utilized. Those players were moved for Bjork and picks that turned into Kiskov, Bloom and Marijala. Adams asked for Dan Vladar per Dreger but was told no. Adams also traded Jonas Johansson for a sixth that turned into Nikita Novikov @dudacek That was an outstanding post, but I am going to disagree with you on the Reinhart Trade. Adams saw first hand what happens when a pending UFA suffers a catastrophic injury and loses the season with Jake McCabe. He would have pulled a minimum of a second at the TDL, instead McCabe was lost for nothing. Based on Devon Levi’s Performance this season, I doubt that Reinhart would get both Him and a First from Florida at the deadline. It would most likely be a second and Levi. For reference Pavel Buchnevich who had better counting stats and advanced metrics than Samson was traded for a 2nd and 3rd, I would take the Florida Return all day long. Sometimes a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush Reinhart was not going to sign a long term deal once Jack asked for a trade, despite public statements. The real mistake was Botterill not signing both Eichel and Reinhart to 8 year deals off their ELCs, Both deserved it and Samson’s AAV would have been 5.5 Million
  3. I still believe if they both figured into each other’s long term plans, the Sabres would have authorized the ADR.
  4. They revamped the Bills Training Staff, the Sabres should be next
  5. I think you have to add the bad team tax if they want to sign Rutta, He would be looking for a significant raise and term with the Sabres, probably in the neighborhood of 3-4 years with 3-4 million AAV. That being said if they are going to draft Jiricek, he would be an excellent mentor for Him and His Offensive and Defensive Metrics are pretty good this year. Another RHD I would sign to a short term deal would Troy Stecher, he has a little experience with one of the Sabres Young Defenseman
  6. Agree, I think VO is still hurt and could benefit from being shut down for a few weeks
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