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  1. He’s the perfect stop gap 2C. Two years and his contract is up. The question is does he waive his M-NTC to come here?
  2. Signing Myers to that deal and trading a 1st for JT Miller makes me think that Benning is under a make the playoffs or else directive from ownership.
  3. It was for Turcotte. LA Was rumored to want to trade down, but he was too good for them to pass up on. During his Physical he mentioned multiple times The Sabres Affection for him.
  4. Nobody involved would comment on which teams have shown the most interest in Pavelski but other leagues sources suggest he may visit Dallas and Tampa this week.
  5. Particularly with Dallas and Tampa calling
  6. The Sabres have reached out to Pavelski however they do not have a visit scheduled per LeBrun
  7. Pilut’s biggest hinderance this next season will be his shoulder surgery will delay his offseason training program and impair his ability to add upper body strength.
  8. Karlsson’s New Deal is 8 years 6 Million AAV
  9. @Randall Flagg What are your thoughts on Evolving Wild’s RAPM Charts?
  10. There is a difference between the quality of the picks that were traded when comparing GMTM and Botterill. GMTM traded 2 Firsts and 3 Seconds, compared to a Second, 3 Thirds(One which was swapped for a Fourth), a Fourth and a Fifth under Botterill. Granted with the exception of Skinner, the quality of players that came back in GMTMs Trades was much higher. The questions remains were those moves made by GMTM the appropriate ones, given the lack of depth in the prospect pool. Would the better course have been to make the ROR Deal and keep the other two picks in the Top 31 in 2015? Or the trading of two seconds and McNabb for Fasching and DLo? Botterill’s Trading of Late Round Picks to move up for targeted players is a risky proposition. Based on Sean Tierney’s Expected Value, it’s better to use all the picks and have more chances to hit on a player. I guess this is where The Scouting Staff earns its money and more importantly it’s reputation.
  11. Vancouver expected to meet with Tyler Myers tomorrow per SN
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