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  1. The Packers are the only team in the NFL that is owned by shareholders. Slightly more than 360,000 of them own the approximately 5 Million Shares of the Team. They are not going anywhere.
  2. The obligatory we aren’t planning to move however The team has made no overt threats, sources say, to leave Buffalo if it doesn’t get the full funding request, but it has made clear to government negotiators that there are other cities elsewhere that desire an NFL franchise and would pay handsomely for it.
  3. https://buffalonews.com/news/state-and-regional/buffalo-bills-want-a-new-stadium-and-for-taxpayers-to-foot-the-bill/article_dc794aea-f14a-11eb-a5ae-17fdaa70c27c.html?utm_source=The%20Buffalo%20News%20App&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=News%20Alerts The caveat is the Pegulas Initial Ask is for NYS and Erie to pay for the entire 1.5 Billion Dollar Proposal. This negotiation should be interesting.
  4. Retain 50 percent and get Kakko in return in Brooks latest proposal. Unbelievable https://nypost.com/2021/07/31/kaapo-kakko-may-be-rangers-key-to-jack-eichel-sweepstakes/
  5. If the ADR fails, the next procedure will be the fusion surgery. Let Him start with the ADR as the recovery time is quicker. Allow any interested teams to speak with Doctor Prusmack and go from there
  6. I know the Sabres Doctor very well, I used to be one of the medical consultants on His Hospitalized Patients until I joined a different group. The Sabres and Jack agreed to a three month period of conservative treatment which ended around May 31st. Today is July 31st which puts Jack at 5 months of conservative treatment and Dr Prusmack mentioned He is still having pain and numbness at times on the Podcast. Couple that with the Jack’s Agents saying in an Email to John Wawrow that the Sabres went against their own medical staff’s recommendation in determining artificial disk replacement surgery was required it sounds like the Sabres want Him traded before a decision is made on surgery. It’s obvious no team is willing to pay the Sabres asking price for Eichel, how much of that is being driven by teams concern about His Neck and now His Availability for the start of next season is coming into doubt. At some point something has to give at some point, and perhaps telling Jack to proceed is the only option, unless they want to take a lesser return in trade, which is not ideal. I’m not positive if that is the case, I know that if he waives after 7/1/22 His New Team decides whether to honor it or not. Skinner waived His NMC for the sole purpose of the expansion draft and it is in effect once again.
  7. Per Dr Prusmack Jack’s MRI’s haven’t improved and He remains symptomatic, meaning surgery is the most likely outcome. If another team isn’t willing to give up the assets the Sabres want, the teams best option might be to allow Him to undergo the ADR within next week, as the return to play time is decreased. Dr Prusmack also mentioned that if the ADR is not successful the next step would be a ACDF or Fusion which has a much longer recovery timeframe. TBH, SDS Idea of Jack going to Europe to have the surgery done would probably be the best option given they have a longer track record, the question is would the CBA allow for Him to do as Doctors approved to treat NHL Players maybe restricted to North America. Not sure if this is accurate though. In return for allowing this to happen, the Sabres should demand for Eichel to completely waive His NMC for at least one additional year in case of more surgery or an extended recovery time being necessary. If everything goes per plan, Jack would be ready to play shortly before the season started and be traded late October/Early November similar to Duchene to Ottawa.
  8. When Adams mentioned they Were in Control of the Process, He meant relative to other teams it wasn’t a shot against Eichel, stupid ***** agents
  9. Nope, Jack’s Given Name is John Robert Eichel. His Parents called Him Jack
  10. Keeping in mind, that Russo’s Sources work directly for the Wild. Could it be that the Sabres want more assets in return for salary relief. I can see Pegula not wanting to retain salary on Five Years of Eichel’s Deal. See ROR Signing Bonus I believe the CBA Mandates that any retained salary must be consistent year to year over the length of the contract, but I’ll defer to @Taro T on that. He additionally mentioned that the Sabres had not shared Eichel’s Medical Records There are reports His records have been shared to teams that are serious and willing to discuss Top Prospects in an trade. Not sure what to make of the contrast of those two statements Russo also mentioned that as of now the Wild are out, but He also said that Guerin is really interested in acquiring Eichel and could jump back into things over the next few weeks. Russo also mentioned He respects that GMKA is taking the We have Jack signed for 5 years and will not move him unless we get value back approach.
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