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  1. And if the other teams want the Sabres to Retain, the return goes way the hell up for them to consider it
  2. Here is the segment, Eichel Stuff starts at 1:30
  3. Vegas is still unwilling to add Krebs to the return for the Sabres
  4. Friedman on HNIC Teams are asking the Sabres to retain on Eichel’s Deal and they are refusing. The Sabres are willing to take contracts back, but not retain
  5. He looks good so far and played a little RHD versus Mercyhurst
  6. In His Post Game Presser, Granato mentioned How impressive Dahlin was playing on the Right Side Today. Two of the replies to this tweet were about how well Dahlin played RHD in Frolunda. If He can play this well moving forward, that removes a lot of the pressure on the D Pipeline. A Power-Dahlin Top Pairing is intriguing.
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