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  1. How it was presented to me, by someone who is certainly in the know, was the team offered a NHL Deal, which he turned down.
  2. They wanted him back and he said no. He turned down a one way deal with them yesterday.
  3. This is true the Sabres still hold the rights to Artyom Kryukov who was their First Round Pick in 2000 at 15th Overall. He remained in the KHL and retired after the 2015-16 Season.
  4. Nope Boeser is 23, he was in the 2015 Draft Class same as Jack.
  5. Mike Bales knew about it and the Sabres sent him to a specialist. If Botterill didn’t know, His GM Tenure was even more fouled up.
  6. The non participating teams are allowed to trade with each other now, as the rounds are completed those teams that are knocked out are allowed to make trades.
  7. Botterill is to blame for not finding a suitable replacement when Hutton was going through his vision issue and Ullmark was injured.
  8. Supposedly they are looking for a Young Cost Controlled RHD with Top Pairing Potential. Jokiharju is the only asset they have that fits the Bill.
  9. Travis Hamonic has opted out of the NHL RTP Format
  10. Plus the two remaining years. Six years of Labour (🇨🇦) Peace and NHL Participation in the 2022 and 2026 Olympics
  11. Brawndo


    As NB mentioned the cases of hospitalization are dramatically increasing and the number of Covid Patient and Texas is doubling its number of hospitalizations every two weeks since Mid June. If this pattern holds Texas will run out of beds in the next 14 Days. And Texas Seven Day Death Rate Average was 36, two weeks ago increased to An Average of 63 over next seven days and is now above 90 the past few days. And Corpus Christi, Texas and a few municipalities in Arizona are beginning to ask for refrigerated morgue trailers to handle the overflow of bodies With all due respect to Dr. Atlas he is a member of the Hoover Institute which is a conservative think tank has appeared on Fox News on a few occasions to talk about reopening the economy. Also As I would not ask in infectious disease doctor or an epidemiologist to read an MRI when I was looking for GBM, A neuro radiologist would not be my first choice when seeking information about a pandemic caused by a virus. Lung Dysfunction requiring oxygen, Embolic Strokes, Pulmonary Embolisms And DVTs have been side effects as mentioned by Weave and NB, those have not exclusively affected the elderly population.
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