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  1. Brawndo

    So #8

    I like it, but it weakens the Sabres RHD Corps a tad though.
  2. Brawndo

    So #8

    Probably not, but Kevyn should ask
  3. Brawndo

    So #8

    Per Friedman Anaheim is not opposed to moving down a few spots in the First Round. If Rossi is available at 6 what would you give up? Ryan Johnson and 8th OA?
  4. I deleted the thread and put this in here
  5. Brawndo

    So #8

    Nope that account is based in Montreal
  6. Craig Smith from Nashville is the player they should be looking at
  7. If I’m trading Reinhart to Calgary Elias Lindholm better be coming back
  8. Brawndo

    So #8

    Jake Sanderson has had two interviews with New Jersey
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