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  1. Let me say this. I say "you can feel this way" because if I don't say it, I presume I will be questioned for not acknowledging that fact. It's kind of a catch-22. As for my statement on history, whether it's 1 year, 400 years, or 900 years, the process by which one culture assimilates, dominates, etc. is my point. Call it war, call it something else. It doesn't matter really. They are words to describe the subjugation of one culture to another. One nation over another. One governmental system, over another. Would I be emotional? Yes. As I said, though, I don't let the thoughts of the ignorant define me. I recognize the socio-economic divisions, the white privilege. I absolutely love how passionate you are in this discussion. You are 100% correct that none of us can understand what you have seen. But I would also offer that just because a story has not been shared does not mean no story exists. Not everyone wants to share their stories, but that doesn't mean they don't have them. I didn't quote your comments on the other sports franchises, but I appreciate the input. I shook my head when I read the dismissive BS from the Blackhawks organization. Now, if you tell me the people of that group support the name, then fine, so be it. But until I see that, I think they are full of crap. Dude.. I so need to aerate before I worry about lawn rolling.. and I also need to make some quality beer.. I recall you were looking for an exchange. 🙂 For what it's worth, my points about history are a commentary on humanity and nature itself. The higher level of thinking that humanity has developed doesn't keep it from adopting the natural order. IN fact, one might argue that our "intelligence" can find new and interesting way to justify the natural order... against everything that is natural. I'm not a fan of the way Native American people are/were treated. I'm not a fan of how all non-white people are treated. I don't have control over the past, I was not there. I don't have control over others, but I will speak out against them. I do have control over myself and my actions. This thread is not anywhere near the need to be locked. There are important discussions going on here that will drive awareness. The passion behind your points emphasizes the point that there is more than just the words being used to be considered and those of us who are interested should heed that when absorbing the information.
  2. Sure, but I'd have to look at the teams they were playing on to see how it related to the overall offensive output. I'm high on Dahlin. I'm just saying that goals scored, by a defenseman, on a team that hasn't scored goals for years, is probably not the best stat to look at for how good the player is.. Put a parachute on Usain Bolt and he's not going to win many races, despite still being fast.
  3. They lost a war. The government that now rules the land decides on what is "equal" in the society that it governs. This is also how it works. Those who live in the society choose to do so (unless forcefully compelled to stay in that society). The choice, assuming there is one, is to work to change that government, or leave. You don't have to like the options, but those are the options. No one on this forum makes those rules, they are made automatically by the situation that has unfolded. I am telling you that when your ancestors lost the war they did in fact lose their right to continue to exist as they had in the past without interference from another culture. No one has to like that statement, but that does not make it any less true. Wars eventually end up at someone's door step. Again, no one has to like it, but it happens. We may, at some point in the future, lose a war and our lives as Americans could be forever changed. All of us, who live in this country, could be ruled by a completely different government and that government could decide that white people are not equal. If that happens, everything I said would still apply. All of that aside, what I think you are missing the most is that no one is saying you have to like any of it. No one is saying that they like any of it. The entire reason for my post was to provide a viewpoint on the fact that these things happen. Humanity, and even nature, does not live in harmony all the time. Those that lose out on conflict are often impacted in ways far worse than subjugation. Saying that does not attempt to justify either of the outcomes but merely to speak objectively as to what those outcomes usually are. I would prefer a world that could understand and accept a natural balance. One that does not use its intelligence to destroy but to build. I like to think of that as a wonderful way to think but I also realize that how each of us defines "natural balance" is usually the instigator for conflict. I'm not sure anyone has said that the Redskins logo and name is acceptable. A wise person would say that if you wanted to operate a sports franchise that would reflect a particular section of society that you would consult the people of that society for how they would like to be depicted. As to the rest of your suggested affronts, for me, personally, I wouldn't give a damn what logo they put on the side of a helmet. If the intent of the depiction of the fat, disgusting, white guy, wearing a trucker hat was intended to provide offense to white people (of which I am) then I am not offended. I'm not defined by that. If someone is ignorant enough to assume that's who I am then I am intelligent enough to know that that person is not worth my time or energy. As I said, that's MY feeling. There may be others who would take offense to that depiction. That's their choice. For my educational benefit and understanding, where do you fall with regards to the Chicago Blackhawks, Atlanta Braves, and Cleveland Indians? The Blackhawks, as I understand it, are saying their name honors a native leader, Black Hawk, of the Illinois' Sac & Fox Nation. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/08/us/chicago-blackhawks-name-spt-trnd/index.html
  4. The entire Sabres team should have more goals. The story of a player is not told solely in the stats they provide. You do have to account for the team they are on, the style of play the team adopts, etc.
  5. There is always something filled with something, and something that is not. The Earth was a history of humanity expanding across the globe and at every point there was going to be one culture taking over another. One day humanity will spread from the Earth and it will begin taking over other worlds. The opposite could happen as well. Any society that seeks to expand its borders will engage in conflict. The Native American tribes battled for land as well. They sought to increase their own territories. They did so at the expense of their own cultures only because there were no other cultures to compete with at that time. As far as regions and hemispheres go, they are theoretical boundaries, the edges of which will be tested. At some point, the Native American people who populated these lands were not on these lands. They too traveled thousands of miles from outside their region, their hemisphere. Humanity is defined by its violence. Every civilization throughout history has engaged in some level of violence. Some level of killing those who are not us. Not every culture was as violent or as dominating, but they all did it. Those who do not win a conflict are at the whims of those who do. In some cases it is beneficial to let those who lost continue to live, but to do so in an altered state and in some cases it is the decision to end their existence. This is humanity. In a sick and twisted way it's not much different than the rest of nature. The weeds in your garden seek to expand their existence at the expense of your flowers. They may live in harmony, or the weeds may kill the flowers. The difference is that because we are "evolved" in our thinking that we somehow think we are also "evolved" in our actions. But deep down we are all still driven by the basic laws of nature. Consume. Sleep. Reproduce. Extend our DNA throughout time until the laws of nature decide that our DNA should no longer be extended. None of this is meant to justify anything that occurred, just to add context that conflict between entities results in impacts to both entities, although the one that loses usually is changed more than the one that wins. The one that loses doesn't usually like that it lost, but to a certain degree, if its around to know it lost, then that's better than the alternative.
  6. So offense is only counted in goals? Now I'm ticked off. All this time, every person who ever talks about hockey and offensive stats always tells me goals, assists, and total points and they've been feeding me garbage this whole time. All you damn analytics people who kept going on and on about assists, secondary, primary... you know what? You are full of it. The mop has spoken. It's all gimmicks. It only matters if you score goals! He has simplified your lives. Hell, simplified the lives of all the officials out there at every level of the game who struggle to remember two players who touched the puck before a goal was scored. It doesn't matter any more. Praise be! I guess I will sit back and start watching the players who only score goals. I will focus on their offensive possession skills. They should be easy to pick out. Those players taking the puck and skating end to end to score their amazing goals. You know, the only one's who drive offense.
  7. Have you stopped at Birdhouse Brewing in Honeoye? Highly recommend them. I'm also a fan of Seven STory in Bushnell's Basin. Went back to K2 last week, used to be a fan but they've devolved into alcoholic fruit juice essentially. Quite a few places going with that these days. Ugh. Love Abandon. I've known the head brewer since before he started brewing. Got laid off from his high tech job, decided to intern at CBs in HFL then went to brewing school, spent time in Germany, then some time at Ommegang (don't ask him about it.) Birdhouse also uses them to brew some larger runs. Good stuff.
  8. Moved non Trump conversations to a new thread where an appropriate and needed discussion can occur.
  9. I am starting this thread to move posts into that are straying away from the primary topic in other threads and to provide a place for beneficial conversation on the topic.
  10. As you'll see, I am reading the responses to your posts. People feel like they are being told they should support the team and its owners without criticism. That comes across as shut up and take it. The further doom is the threat of "you'll be sorry when its gone". Your original post had positive thinking and it also included messages that said we should go to 716.. which has nothing to do with the hockey team... unless they are using the 716 food to feed the opposition. (yes, I did get sick from eating there). Metro.. we can define it however you want... Quebec City is not that big. Who said you were a Russian bot? But I will reiterate, are the criticisms being made of the organization without merit? I don't think they are. How would you like to positively spin the last 10 years? "Well, at least we had a hockey team?" To a fan you might as well be saying, "Oh, you broke your arm? well, at least it wasn't both arms!" Yes, true.. but it still sucks.
  11. LTS


    Well, talking to a friend yesterday. His mother was just exposed because the hair dresser that came into the complex two weeks ago tested negative, passed the screen upon entry and then tested positive two days later. Now they've had to quarantine and test everyone. So, it's believable. This indicates the problem with this virus. You are clear one day and not the next but you can still pass it on.
  12. I can't pinpoint when I became a fan. Grew up in Buffalo, watched games when the were on the local broadcast stations but it was just sports and I would watch almost anything then. I wasn't a passionate hockey guy. We were a football household. It was mostly the Bills all the time. Every Sunday we sat down, made wings, watched football. Hockey was nice, if it was on. I slowly became a bigger hockey fan progressing towards 88-89. I had been to games, but I knew the big names around the league and most of the Sabres but I can't recall much of it today and I attribute that mostly to just not caring enough at the time. From about 88-89 I really became a fan... and then became a serious fan. If I lived in Buffalo I am sure I would have splurged for season tickets, but life wasn't going to go in that direction... I ended up in Rochester and that was that. I began playing hockey in college and it was then that hockey truly dominated my life. Too many exciting moments.. 1999 is the most frustrating.. to be that close. 2006 playoffs the next.. The team needs to return to being genuine.. it's that simple. The owners started with the whole passion for hockey but have migrated to "we know more than you, shut up" mentality. Fix it and the team... 🙂
  13. You've been corrected, but I'll say it as well. Buffalo is not smaller. And hockey is in the DNA of the people of Quebec. Elsewhere they would be what they are... Yes, and if you were a fan of the team in 1999 or 2006 you'd already understand that and not need it told to you. The fact that we are not on the same page is because of your inability to articulate anything other than "shut up and like it". This is not the fault of everyone else but a fault of your own. Accept that. I will say this. There likely isn't anyone on this forum that wants this team to be terrible next year. Think about it. This is an online forum where people can engage in a myriad of conversations regarding this hockey team. People take time out of their day, their daily conversations, social media interactions, etc. to get on here and discuss a hockey team. Those who choose to do that are some of the most passionate fans you are going to find. They are the people, who despite declaring the team dead to themselves, continue to show up like a psychologically abused codependent hoping that this year, it might be different. The one thing people don't want to hear however is "shut up and take it". It's disrespectful and insulting. Fans gave the ownership the benefit of the doubt, but over the past 12-18 months the ownership group has demonstrated new ways to insult its fan base. Naturally, the most passionate base will be the most insulted. You are in the middle of that and I'm not sure why you expected some level of different outcome. Perhaps the ownership group should engage in some customer focus groups with people from this forum. The people of this forum have a diverse array of backgrounds and experience but share the same common desire. They want this team to be the shining beacon of NHL hockey teams, top to bottom including winning on the ice. I think you misplace criticism as a lack of hope and positivity. You want them to buy the turd, despite all the flowery language and rose colored glasses, it's still a turd. We want to the turd gone.
  14. I'm not sure what response you expect with a passive aggressive threat such as the last sentence in your first paragraph. That's certainly not an open conversation. I honestly don't care one iota about "charity events". I don't idolize athletes. I've met plenty of them. I give them credit for achieving success in life. As for jobs, any business puts jobs into the community. However, when that business fails do we blame the customers or do we blame the owners? Do I look at JCPenney and think to myself, if only the morons of Buffalo knew how good they had it. They would go to JCPenney and keep it in business, despite the stores obviously having characteristics that made it completely unattractive to shop in. Businesses succeed because they attract customers. It's that simple and everything else extends from there. As for what would life be like without a professional hockey team in the city? There appear to be hundreds of other cities doing just fine without a hockey team. Quebec City sure as hell didn't fall when the Nordiques packed up their bags and split. Your tone isn't one of positivity, it's one of support this team or you might regret not supporting it. The only thing I will regret is spending my hard earned money to support an ownership group that openly gives its customers the middle finger. Tickets sold is not an indication of attendance, it's an indication of how many people are still hanging onto hope that the Sabres turn it around so they have not yet reached the point of giving up their season tickets. People will enjoy themselves at a game, I could hand pick a few instances. Hell, my son and his friends got to do bubble soccer on the ice. They enjoyed that. They did not enjoy watching Pittsburgh beat the snot out of the team however. So, was that moment enjoyable? Yep. Did I enjoy watching it? Yep. I had bought tickets to 1-2 games a year until now.. I am not the customer that the Sabres need. By and large, the Sabres are anything but successful in entertaining fans and most of that goes to the fact that people buy tickets to a hockey game to see a hockey game and the rest is gravy. You could put a circus at a morgue and some people might be mildly entertained by the clowns and jugglers but they will all still leave realizing that they just spent their time in a place that reminds of them of death.
  15. Is the question can Sam Reinhart take the 2C role or is it can he reliably drive offensive production on a line away from Jack Eichel? I honestly don't care if he can play C. These days positions are largely relative. Players are aligned to cover areas of the ice based on strategy and skill. The belief that the C has to be up and down the middle of the ice is outdated. To that end, I think Reinhart can drive his own line. The Sabres however lack the depth to make a second line meaningful and taking him off the top line will weaken it. So I think the natural inclination is to go get more talent to shore up that second line. Potentially a player that can set up Jeff Skinner. 🙂
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