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  1. It's not always the games... 🙂 There's actually only been two games.. Detroit SO win, Toronto OT loss... today is the third.
  2. And the boy has a varsity game at 2pm.. of course. So, we'll be missing this one. Sigh. Let's Go Buffalo!
  3. LTS

    Kim Pegula - NHL Commissioner?

    The best part about reading all of the industry information are the statements about how well respected she has become. That's huge for Buffalo just as much as it is for her.
  4. LTS

    President Bush (Sr.) Passed Away

    No worries. Thanks for clarifying. I mean, I'm not keen on the topic of dying overall and it's certainly not uplifting in the overall sense.
  5. LTS

    President Bush (Sr.) Passed Away

    Not sure why you said that... This isn't being 22 and being able to reshape your life. You've lived a long life at 92 and you've lived it a certain way. Unfortunately he had some internal issues that creeped in and he was basically "getting by" each day. He was no longer the person he had always been. So, he was miserable. No one wanted him to die, but they take solace in the fact that he's no longer waking up each day and getting mad about the fact that it happened. (This is how it was relayed to me.)
  6. Not all seats, the vast majority of seats at Key Bank Center are held by STH. Hasn't the cap been around 13,000? I would also think that many of them are in the lower bowl are. The # of tickets sold will drop. But the Toronto games will probably be the last ones they would give up selling. The game on March 20 (Wednesday night), section 117 the cheapest ticket is $175 for two. It goes up quickly to $395. Compare that to the Blues game (return of ROR) on Sun March 17 where the same section is $80-$150. If i want to get the biggest return on tickets I can sell, the Toronto games stay for sale until I need to go to every game. A bunch is okay... being near 50% or higher just sucks.
  7. LTS

    President Bush (Sr.) Passed Away

    A lot will depend on the kind of person you are as well. People who've made a lifetime of being more active usually don't adjust well to changes in lifestyle that require them to be less active. Quality of life is the key. Is the life you can still lead going to be fulfilling to you? A friend just had his uncle die at 92. The guy wanted to die basically. He was done sitting around all day long not being able to do anything. No one is really upset because everyone knew he was basically living out his last days miserable with his condition.
  8. I looked at the TV while waiting for my son after his varsity game. I saw tons of blue in the lower bowl.. the wrong color blue. Until the cost of securing a ticket in Buffalo surpasses the cost of securing a ticket in Toronto this will not change. There may be a few less fans but it won't be enough. If anything, the level of competition between the two teams will makes the games more desirable. As such, a Leafs fan will be willing to shell out a bit more for the Buffalo/Toronto game because it's likely to feature two top teams. I can't blame STH for selling those tickets. I just hate the fact that it happens because it's disgusting to hear that much support inside your home team's building.
  9. LTS

    Seattle Expansion - Early Sabres List

    We're in the 2018-19 season. 2019-2020 2020-2021 - contracts 2021-2022 Projecting three seasons out is crazy especially with the contract situation coming up. The landscape of the league most probably will change dramatically.
  10. LTS

    The Athletic Look into The Future NHL

    Good.. .and scary stuff. I weep the future when reality is augmented all the time.
  11. I just realized the game is on NBCSN... Now I am not upset in missing it. I will imagine they will never shut up about the Leafs. It will be excruciating to listen to. Even if the Sabres do something excellent it will only be because the Leafs made a mistake. Bah.
  12. LTS

    The Athletic Look into The Future NHL

    So, The Athletic publishes this. They are responsible for what goes into their production. Just saying it's a very disappointing type of reporting to come from a place that is supposedly better than others. Hopefully it doesn't become the norm.
  13. LTS

    NHL All Star Fan Balloting has begun

    The tin foil cap?
  14. LTS

    The Athletic Look into The Future NHL

    That's the real question. The Pegulas have also built Harbor Center. They have built the facility where the scouting combine happens. They've been hosting international level hockey events. But yeah... 26th.
  15. LTS

    GDT - Sabres @ Predators - December 3, 2018 - 8pm EST

    My entire reading of the game boiled down to this. It was playoff officiating and the Sabres need to learn how to play through that. The hit on Okposo though.... how that was not called. Also, it's as if the Sabres were running the Predators game plan and I would imagine the Predators know how that plan works. They knew where the Sabres were going with the puck most of the time. If the Sabres want to beat Nashville they will need to run their own version of the Predators game plan that Housley brought to Buffalo.