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  1. No two ways about it. The feat is impressive. Love seeing things like this happen. In today's game to have a career like that just speaks volumes about his ability to remain relevant to a roster.
  2. Told you it was dark. See what you did?
  3. Those talking heads usually don't float those stories without someone feeding them the information. The Sabres have already admitted they've taken offers. Eichel might not straight away admit to it, but if his agent is out there pushing those talking heads to float the rumors then he's driving it. We don't know. My suspicion however is that Eichel's agent is doing just that.
  4. I think we should prepare ourselves that Jack Eichel will be traded. As good as he can be I don't know that I have a problem with it. If it ultimately puts the Sabres into a position to be perennial playoff participants I think I can live with it. I get the concept of not trading away that level of talent, but things appear to be heading towards a place where it has to happen.
  5. A player sure. I am speaking specifically about the decisions on Hall. Those were the mistake. There are players who have NMCs and no one mentions them because they play well enough that no one would consider moving them anyway. In this case Hall was able to get Buffalo to agree to a one year deal that very predictably had a shot at him being moved at the trade deadline. He gets the NMC and knows he can force Buffalo to send him to Boston, where he wanted to go the whole time. So he gets paid good money to tolerate Buffalo for awhile and ends up in Boston for a playoff run. Boston ma
  6. Allowing them to do it? No, not as a matter of practice. It's going to happen though and when it does you have to go with it. I still think Adams was probably forced into Hall and also forced into the deal by Krueger. Others could disagree... we'll never know. My whole point was what you have to allow for the possibilities. Which only proves that the decisions that led up to this point were not good. But who knows how it all came together... Bottom line, Hall was a mistake. Krueger was a mistake. Let's just bundle those mistakes together and shove them into the garbage
  7. I'm there. This is a team where Reinhart, Ristolainen, and Dahlin are the "stars" of the franchise. They are playing like this right now. It really just works for me. There's something to what this staff is achieving right now. What? What more?
  8. I saw this as well. There are moments in hockey that transcend my pettiness. First games, first goals, and something like this. The kid (god I am old now) has been hanging around for years in the game and tonight he finally won a game and he honors his father demonstrating how long he's carried that baggage. I can't not be happy for him. Granted it helps that he did it with the Sabres and on a night like this. I was going other things tonight and had the game streaming on the side. Here's what I know... my son came down barreling downstairs a few times and asking me "Did you see that?"
  9. Well you, as a fan, get to be emotional about it. The GM has to manage those relationships. If Adams goes around operating like the players opinions don't matter it will only make his job that much harder. It's a business without a doubt, but you treat your employees poorly and they leave and you get a reputation as a person or organization to avoid because they don't care about you. What happens to the players on the team if they don't like the GM? They stop playing. If the team doesn't care about them then why should they care about the team? Because they are getting paid? They ge
  10. I also think it's a valid point. The thing to also consider is that perhaps the team would be happier of Taylor Hall were not around. I think we've some indication that Adams was willing to move him elsewhere and that Hall was going to block anything. I am sure teammates also look at that kind of selfishness and draw conclusions. Sure, Hall has that right, and I suppose if he had made a difference to the team they might support it more but basically I look at Hall as a guy who used his relationship with a coach that is no longer here to get an $8M deal and then do nothing. He then further he
  11. Given how much people have believed that Krueger was calling the shots and he was a Pegula darling does it make sense to allow for the possibility that perhaps Adams didn't want to provide an NTC to Hall but was forced to do so?
  12. It will be interesting how the Sabres players play against Hall. If they didn't like him you can see them going out of their way to make his life miserable on the ice. Whereas, if they did, they'll just play it more normal. I would think anyway. I know I would do that. But either way.. it'll be interesting to see what happens.
  13. I see. You don't think they might retain salary on another player that might get traded today? or they might find themselves in the position to be a broker for two other teams and need that retention? What you propose is a possible outcome.... we shall see.
  14. You do need a lot of D if you are going to go deep. That's true.
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