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  1. This my story with stone fruits basically. I grew up eating plums and cherries like a maniac. Now, I can't really touch them. I can eat them cooked, but if they are fresh and I eat them I will have an allergic reaction. I don't miss the cherries, but plums... damn plums. I think it's OAS - Oral Allergy Syndrome, not so much an allergy to the food, but no amount of cleaning, etc. can save me from the reaction to the raw fruit.
  2. I'm closer to 50 than 40... I'm still waiting for the day I grow up.
  3. I totally agree. A good 2C is what, at worst the 5th best player on any given team? You figure, 1C, a top winger, a top D, and possibly a goaltender could rated higher. The suggestions that Risto, alone, brings back a good 2C are quite hopeful. It'll have to be a package deal, one that potentially moves a few players and the Sabres aren't even in a position to help a team out with a salary dump as they are over the cap as well. Settle in that any Risto trade is likely to get a serviceable player and potentially a pick that can be used to improve the lineup later. Yes, later. Much to some people's chagrin. Between the Lightning and Leafs loading up this season and the Bruins probably going all in trying to get as much in the waning years of their super stars, the Sabres, even with a 2C, are fighting a steep uphill climb into the playoffs.
  4. I was educating my family about this last night. I made a corn just off the cob/tomato salad with avocado, scallion, cilantro, lime juice. And I mentioned how much it would suck if cilantro tasted like soap to me. At first they didn't believe such a thing existed, much less that it was pretty common. That said, if it has always tasted like soap, you really aren't missing it as much as if you at one point knew how awesome it was and then had it taste like soap later. Unlikely to happen... and I am sure my commentary on the awesomeness of cilantro is not really helping you right now. 🙄
  5. I'm loving the responses... you know.. The Ducks had gold before Vegas had a shot at a hockey team. The Stars... the list goes on. This response was pretty golden:
  6. Can't each of us just like it or not like it without resorting to insulting each other over our choices? No need to perpetuate the Internet stereotype. Frankly, I think they are amazing. Great job.
  7. No, it's the strawman that people use to break everyone else's back. But, let's use a single situation, in a single year, to define decades. "It's totally irrational so it must be the right thing to do". - The 21st Century Schizoid Man.
  8. Unfiltered, orange juice looking beers.
  9. It might be frustration to a certain degree. I tend to think that he has trouble following all the moving pieces and gets fixated and pulled away from where he should be. Basically, he lacks the vision to see everything going on and he's being asked to do more than he's capable of doing. Perhaps a better role is for him to stand in front of the net and clear the crease of anything that comes near it? I'm curious, do these charts account for the lack of defense played by the forwards who are on the ice at the same time as the defense? Given that covering a zone once an opponent is established basically turns into a five man initiative, if the stats don't account for the forwards it seems like it would be missing something. I am sure there is some relativity in saying that OTHER defenders might not have had that problem? I honestly don't know. Asking for education. There's a point in a game/shift where a player may reach a certain level of physical fatigue or exhaustion that results in them either not being able to make a play, choose to make a lazy play, or due to fatigue make a poor decision. It's a reasonable question. I don't think it's the difference of playing 28 minutes to playing 8 minutes and the line may not even be there, but the concept is solid enough to be discussed I would think. I also think they just ask him to be a player he's not able to be.
  10. Trust this.. Ristolainen is out of position, a lot. Perhaps he's been told to try and be more physical just because he's the only D who can, but he shouldn't be told that. His positioning issues increased the more he went after being the "tough guy D". They need to settle him down and change him from the mindset that he needs to be something he is not, despite his size.
  11. Indeed. Luongo should have his number retired just for his Twitter prowess. 🙂
  12. Just curious, did you typo here or did JBot say he liked how good the Jokiharju was for Sweden. Just asking, because he's Finnish, not Swedish. Don't care if you had a typo, but if JBot said Sweden... hoo boy.
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