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  1. You know Duffer and Biron have some information people should hear. This way, no one was late to the game. (tag me next time I make a mistake you fool) 🙂 True... that said, the Sabres have won 2 games this week... I don't know who started those GDTs... but it seems to be working. 🙄 Well, at least he would have done something. That's what people want right? Do something? Anything? 🙂 Only caught periods 2 and 3.. looked like a typical Sabres game. Ullmark has to stop pulling himself out of the crease so far. It looked like he was going for some kind of ego glove save on the one he missed and ended up in his net. At least the team responded... Good stuff. Let's go to Nashville.
  2. Sabres gotta play the Sabres for that to happen.
  3. Look... if I can pull my lazy arse out of bed on a snowy Thursday morning and wander downstairs by 8:20am... I might as well get this day started right. Truth is.. I have not even had coffee yet (it's brewing). But.. the Sabres are in Dallas tonight. They're wrapping up the last few games before the All-Star break by playing the Stars themselves... the good news is that these are not the All-Stars even if they are all Stars. Commence discussion... And, yes Sabrespacers... the future is bright, even if some of you keep trying turn off the damn lights.
  4. Cool.. so he's good enough to score 50 and set up another guy to score 50... 🙂
  5. You can't judge on one season either. Vigneault's history says he's not a difference maker. Quenneville? Maybe. Keefe.. way too early to give him credit. Fair... but I think he's HC bound. Trotz is a good example, but he's just one and he had already shown how he turned around Washington. That said, I believe there was some skepticism when he was let go from Nashville. I think Trotz has made the Islanders better.. he made Washington better. Most coaches don't fit that bill though. I don't think Gallant does either... not based on what we've seen to date.
  6. Look.. it's important that you get 50 goals... that's a requirement. So much so that the only true snipers in the league since 2010 are: Ovechkin x5 Stamkos x2 Crosby - x1 Perry - x1 Malkin - x1 Draisaitl - x1 Those guys grow on trees.. you can get them anywhere. 🙂
  7. Honestly think this assessment is a bit spotty. Could be a reach.
  8. It was a slight typo. First year - cup final. That team had no worries. No expectations and they played that way. It was predicted reality would set in.. it did. Second year - circumstances.. they lost. So be it. You can't project past there, because they lost. You can try, but they lost. What else do you want? My kid comes home from his games some nights and tells me "We should have beat that team." My response? "You didn't. So apparently should doesn't give a damn about what you think." It is a result oriented game. Third year - they are not winning. My point is not that he's a bad coach. It's that a coach does not make a team great. So, don't overvalue a coaches ability to turn a team around. It takes talent and coaching, and mostly talent. This is why McLellan has not made a difference in Los Angeles This is why Babcock was not the saviour he made out to be. This is why Gallant ain't as amazing as people think. This is why Laviolette isn't going to change things. This is why _________ won't make Buffalo better than they are right now. I don't think Vegas should have fired him, but that does not mean the Sabres should hire him to replace what they have.
  9. Yeah, I remember when Babcock was our lord and saviour as well. How about McLellan? There is a truth to "just make a change, because the next coach can make Evan Rodrigues an all-star" mentality.. it doesn't work that way. Too much value in coaches... too much. I'm hardly out to lunch. I'm not saying he's terrible. I'm asking if he's really as good as people think he is... because he's not proven much to me. His history certainly doesn't dictate it.
  10. Sorry just skimmed the thread.. did I miss something? Is it that they use horses? (Yeah.. just bein' snarky) 🙂 Good game though eh? Didn't see any of it.. sigh.
  11. So he's been bounced twice, unceremoniously. The Panthers have done nothing to really improve. He went to Vegas, had a great year the first year then the team was playing with nothing to lose... and then what? First round loss and now fired. Why do people want him here? What has he proven? Nothing to me. It's just a case of "gimme anyone who can stop the losing" I think. But you bring Gallant in here and I don't think anything changes. At least not record wise... It's not the coach... coaches don't take bad teams and make them great. They take pretty good teams and make them great. They can always take a great team and make them bad.
  12. True. I get it. I agree. I think everyone agrees. The question I think that drives debate is how much of it is on the current management (other than the owner) and how much of it is purely the mistake the decisions made during the first few years of the current ownership group. I don't want to hash that out here (plenty of threads for that!)...
  13. Uhhh.. thanks? A few things here: I don't hate this. Girgensons has the speed and can dig the corners. They've been using Eichel as the high forechecker in the zone because he can close the distance quickly on the breakout pass and his longer stick improves his ability to cause a turnover. He also has the speed to skate up the ice with Eichel. Also, if he shows well up there he might have increased trade value. Also, you only have so many resources at the moment, why not try it. If you are stocked with bottom 6 players, why not get one of those bottom 6 up to the top if they have a chance to produce? I still don't like the Johansson line. I don't know about Sheary on that line. I think I'd prefer Vesey. I think Sheary Asplund Rodrigues is fine.
  14. Nothing keeps people here from freaking out. Not a single thing. I mean, I would expect the argument to be that Reinhart is not Backstrom, not even close, so he's not worth 11.3% of the salary cap upper limit. I mean right now he's the guy who should be traded (according to some). He's the only asset that get back a 65 point player in return that will fix the Sabres scoring. 😈
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