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  1. A friend showed me that they have an app that brings their wine labels to life. It was pretty cool when they showed me.
  2. I figured that would be the case. Frankly it's why it's okay for video streaming to phones to be a lower resolution as well. The device, despite its amazing screen, still isn't suited for properly displaying the resolution. Similarly, the speakers/headphone cannot handle a full sound resolution. No need to send the frequencies in the extreme ranges if the system converting it to sound can't reproduce those frequencies.
  3. Given what most people listen to Spotify on, do you think it matters? Honestly curious.
  4. LTS


    I'm not in disagreement with you here. There are all kinds of options and at the moment so many are just options, not actions. Overall the key is to take a deep breath and then let it out slowly.
  5. LTS


    What's okay? Whose life is more important? To you, your mother-in-law, to the person whose loved one needs treatment, it's their loved one. You are both right and both wrong. There are many possible ways to deal with something like this. None of them are good. There is nothing good about this situation. It's an absolute mess. These are the types of scenarios that you don't plan for because people don't want to hear about it. They are the situations that when you do plan for them and tell people to expect the worst they dismiss it because they refuse to accept that something can have such an impact. "Your problem is not my problem, my problem is more important than yours." We largely live a life where its all about us and people we know and those we don't are irrelevant or at the very least not as important. Let's talk about moving people around so as to reduce the strain and impact on medical professionals. Let's talk about moving people around to distribute the infected cases to reduce strain on supply chain logistics and other related issues that arise when too much of one thing is in one area. Let's tell the tale of two cities here with Woody and North Buffalo who are each in different hospitals with vastly different experiences in patient composition. Does it make sense to subject Woody to patients from New Rochelle? Does it make sense to leave North Buffalo in the middle of an incredibly dense outbreak of the COVID virus and wish him luck? Hell does it make sense to make it worse? In a situation where you have patient A who might need treatment and patient B who does need treatment, who do you choose? The threat indicator would suggest that patient B is in a more pressing situation. All lives being equal, patient B gets treated first and if patient A needs treatment once patient B is consuming the systems resources, then patient A is an unfortunate consequence of circumstance. Let's complicate the discussion. Let's riff of what Woody posted above. Patient A may need treatment. Patient B needs treatment but has a terminal illness already. Do you consume resources working on Patient B at the expense of Patient A? If Patient A needs treatment after B starts do you shift resources to A? After all, Patient B is going to die from another cause even if you can get them to survive COVID. The situations are not as simple as one would like to make it. It's natural to get emotional and say, "My family member is more important." It's natural, but in the objective view of the world, it's not true. Certainly one could go down the slippery slope of comparing the value of a persons life relative to what they create in society. That's not a road I would go down.
  6. Ask him if he wants to try playing goalie... and you need to practice your shooting. 🙂
  7. LTS


    Every time these things happen, I think we need to change the Idiocracy counter. Similar to the Doomsday counter, but this one counts down towards us fully realizing Idiocracy.
  8. I can't imagine how this would work. In a system that rewards the crappiest team the best chance to win, how do you run a tournament where those teams are expected to beat the better teams for a chance at what should go to the worst team? Does the better team start with a 2 goal deficit or something? 🙂
  9. While related, let's fork the discussion of what makes the US great to another discussion and let this be for political discussions about COVID. The discussion on higher education is outstanding but will be lost and confused in here (or the COVID discussion will). What do we think? Now, the stimulus bill should be an interesting topic. Is it right? Is it wrong? Is it too quick a reaction or is the reaction right but the scope of the solution a little too much to try and pull off at once?
  10. I wonder if those who had already qualified will remain qualified and those who are up for qualification will be the only ones allowed to attempt it. Almost as if, you moved 2020 to 2021 in its entirety. No changing out any of the athletes.
  11. This change in work force distribution is expected to lead to a paradigm shift in business. My work is directly related to providing solutions that can enable remote work forces. We are expecting a massive uptick in our sales. Our residential access sales have skyrocketed the past two weeks to levels we've never seen before. We anticipate that businesses will examine the cost of office operations versus the cost of enabling remote workforce with an allowance for operating a smaller meeting/collaboration space and end up settle on the distributed work force model. This should create some serious change in the office space real estate models and subsequently impact businesses that have largely relied upon large pools of office workers keeping them in business (coffee chops, restaurants, office supply stores, etc.)
  12. Jenny McCarthy is an idiot. So I can answer that question for you with regards to me. The flu "vaccine" is not really like other vaccines. It's seasonal and it's a "best guess". Refusing to get the flu shot should not be compared with refusing to get a polio or mumps vaccine. The real question, with regards to a COVID vaccine, should one be formulated, is whether or not it will be mandated. The virus poses a serious threat to society. Anything regarding a decision would be purely speculative. That said, thinking through it logically, if it is determined that those who have had COVID-19 are no longer able to be reinfected then I would imagine it would make sense to only require vaccination in those who have never had it. Assuming it's possible to test for that situation.
  13. I'm not sure what your first point is... As to your second statement. No, the common every day worker is the one who is electing the politician who passes those laws and regulations. Imagine if the common every day worker actually demanded honesty and good representation. Imagine if the common every day worker actually got into politics. Imagine if the common every day worker actually got involved in making change instead of just complaining about what others do.
  14. After what I had last night I believe NY would look like Texas if the updated that map today. Hoooooo boy
  15. Hmmm.. I've been there before. Is this something that would be normally available or a special event?
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