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  1. An amazing game.. I spent much time playing it thoroughly and the Frozen Wilds expansion as well. Looking forward to the new one. Made some ramen tonight, went birding, took some photos, bought some beer, played some NHL21.... And now it's almost time to drink that beer.
  2. I'm not going to wade into too much yet. The team clearly needs work. But, Skinner deserves to be moved up and a few more offensive players need to be added to the lineup. The whole team needs a kick in the ass and they clearly are not in game shape given how dead tired they were near the end of the 3rd last night. I don't think they are alone in being out of shape but it doesn't matter. They are certainly not fun to watch, they play with no speed or creativity. If this is indeed what Krueger wants then I'm not going to be around for long.
  3. He'd probably be the first one to label himself that mayonnaise of comedians too. I like his stuff, but the world tour thing they did on Amazon or whatever was tough to watch. Got a little bit insulting to the cultures he was standing in front of in my opinion.
  4. I mean, I will absolutely willfully choose to not watch the game so I guess it won't matter if there is hockey or not at that point. And it's 100% this. You want to put ads up, superimpose them on the blue tarps sitting in the lower 100s just like baseball teams do with the signs behind the batter. Stop shrinking the screen.. it really does bother me and not just psychologically but physically when the screen moves like that trying to watch the game.
  5. He's been slow, grabbing opponents, missing pucks, making bad passes. I don't see that being on the coaches. He simply does not look good at all and I dare say he might be the worst player on the ice at the moment.
  6. I need to say one thing.. If placing ads on the TV is going to be the norm this season (and I am sure it is).. I'm not sure how long I can continue to watch. It annoyed me to no end each time the screen would resize just so an ad could be shown along the bottom and side (when they switched the sponsor next to the score panel). Ugh...
  7. Fubo streams the game at 720p and 60fps. I thought the quality is excellent last night. That's a 720p stream being sent to a HD output and then upconverted by my 4k TV and it looked great using my Firestick 4k.
  8. Yeah, but I mean all teams. Washington didn't look good last night but a few times at least their players seemed to know where the others would be on the ice. Buffalo looked straight out lost at times and I don't think it's just a lack of talent. I haven't looked at other teams to see if its isolated to the Sabres. Just a lack of any pre-season games might play into teams that have a more cohesive returning roster getting off to a quicker start than others. If they look this bad by mid-February I'll be saving money on my Fubo subscription. I love this team, but not enough to pay that
  9. My hangover tells me that beers of sorrow is not worth it. I'm curious if the teams that have had more changes to their lineup will struggle early on as they adjust to gameplay and each other. I'm still glad we get to see hockey.
  10. At this point I see the argument about Skinner falling into two camps. Either you see what is wrong with Skinner and expect him to suck it up or You're his mother.
  11. It really boils down to this... Is my hangover tomorrow caused by: Beers of Joy Beers of Sorrow Either way, I'm ready... so ready...
  12. Stayed up last night to catch the first GDT. Went off to sign up for Fubo so I can watch this season and it was a little after midnight when I was done. Forgot to stop back here and just went to bed.... Doesn't matter.. @jsb rockin out a great start to the season with a killer GDT. I'll be parked in front of the screen with my reverse retro jersey on that my son bought me. I wish I had some idea of what to expect... but at this point I'm just happy that hockey is back!
  13. Being able to operate openly certainly allows for a certain speed to be achieved especially when the movement is young and hasn't had to hide itself. Now it does, but yes, over time I believe that the rally last Wednesday would have been just as large regardless of the platform they used to organize it. The only difference would be the difficulty intelligence agencies might have in discovering that the rally would occur and preparing for it. Not sure I am following your question. I'll take a stab. Eventually those who want to find information will. There are those whose interests
  14. Figured I should share this.. https://cardiaccane.com/2020/09/24/carolina-hurricanes-mike-maniscalco-to-officially-take-over-play-by-play-duties/ Mike is a Buffalo native. He went to Kenmore East. I knew him and his brother from attending at the same time and I met his future wife before he did when we both attended Geneseo. She's also from Buffalo. Williamsville East I believe? He beat cancer recently and took over PBP last year in the playoffs when Forslund stopped calling games. Looks like he did a bang up job and earned the job for this season. Pretty damn cool.
  15. Pretty sure it was @26CornerBlitz who had a ton of solid GDTs. There are many others who have done a bang up job as well.
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