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  1. That may be, but the issues that led to this have been around for awhile. The fact that Trump was elected only meant that they had grown large enough to be relevant. We've been a society hell bent on not listening to each other since at least 2000.
  2. Fine.. fine.. if you say turkey, slaw, and swiss I think Rachel. it's the main components of the sandwich. not sure what got censored, but commonly slaw is used because people don't like sauerkraut.
  3. I don't know much about Grzelcyk, but I know that when I am watching the Bruins play a game his name is said quite often, most notably as a positive of being involved in a play that's happening. So i guess I would be in favor of getting him. But that's all i really know.
  4. really like this deal. A guy who wants to be here, has value in his FO% and his effort on the ice signed for the right amount. Let's be honest.. I'd take $800k a year to play hockey. 🙂
  5. Sigh, you damn neanderthals.. Turkey, Swiss, Slaw is a Rachel.
  6. Sure it's not TikTok? 🙂 But you know the real reason, it's because the Internet, and more directly, the advent of social media, has created the largest, most instantaneous feedback loop possible. So, no longer are we looking for validation in our co-workers/classmates eyes. No, we need validation of our existence on the world stage, at all times.
  7. Thanks, I try to ignore most everything that idiot says so I don't always see the references. I had not seen any headlines referencing it either. I simply cannot listen to him, at all. I'd rather listen to 100 hours of nails on chalkboards.
  8. Can you please reference an article or some other content when posting an item of this magnitude?
  9. This one is going to hit hard for a lot of people. You hope a 4th Republican can be found who believes no decision should be made until after the election and the United States has spoken. Naturally the push will be on to get someone slammed through. She battled the hell out of that cancer.
  10. LTS


    Is it fair to say that a person with mental health issues has control over whether they are "jerks" or not? In your statement you are implying that someone a persons attitude is somehow a separate function of the brain that would not be impacted by a disease that impacts the brain. I don't agree. It's great that the people you know aren't "jerks". I certainly have known quite a few who would balance the equation. You are right though. He's not a Sabre. He's a human.
  11. LTS


    You were getting on people who didn't have a heart for those with co-morbidities. Yet, you have no heart for a guy who has mental health issues.
  12. Staal, every day. He's proven. Also, if things don't totally pan out in Buffalo, he's worth more at the deadline than Johansson or Bjugstad. He'd net a return just for his leadership and experience. Why does Minnesota want him gone? He's not a Guerin guy and Minnesota is about to rebuild, hard. They want something younger.
  13. Consider you probably have to give up Jack Eichel, another roster player or high prospect, and a 1st or two to get him.. does that make the Sabres a playoff team? I mean, adding McDavid for nothing? sure.
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