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  1. LTS

    Canada's Watergate

    There's a line in one of the articles.. the third maybe? I'll quote it. This is a phrase that you see so often muttered in politics and, to me, is the most damning. "The messaging". I don't need messaging, I need the truth. Messaging is a function of marketing which is a function of spin. When you hear things like this it becomes abundantly clear, again, to me, that someone is shading the truth and playing the word game to avoid talking about reality. Heaven forbid something tarnish that JT polish though. He can talk about quantum computers you know. Given how many "news" items these days are nothing more than complex "messaging" campaigns, I find it hard to believe anything. Hell, I could say I find it hard to believe that his administration is guilty of it as well. I'm just waiting for some counter-message event to occur that throws the allegation into question and makes it appear as a collaborative creation to upset the current administration. In short.. who knows what to believe anymore.
  2. Politics. That's the reason. It plays well to be mad about someone else making the tougher decision to turn down what was sold as a major benefit for jobs and a community. I can applaud any politician who makes the tough decision and goes against popular opinion to do so. We're talking about a society that makes fiscal decisions with such intelligence that credit counseling is a lucrative business. We're the reason credit cards were invented. All they see is "so many jobs". What they fail to see is that the corporation still pays the same basic wage, pockets the additional revenue, and moves on. Meanwhile, you bring an extra 25k jobs into an area that is already overcrowded and what happens? Streets have to be changed. Housing costs go way up (as if they weren't already extremely high). There's a ton of other collateral damage that comes from it. If Amazon really wanted to make a difference, they could open their HQ2 in a place like Detroit or another area that could truly benefit from having a large portion of jobs created to help stimulate the economy. They could do it without all the tax incentives. As for the University of California comment, I have no knowledge of it nor can I see its application here other than to say the world is full of very stupid people and somehow they find a way to get their names into the headlines.
  3. LTS

    It's the scoring, stupid?

    I think Eichel has the right to call people out on the team. He should. if someone points out his flaws, he should own and accept them as well. That's holding each other accountable. If no one says anything, that's a much bigger problem. That's giving up.
  4. LTS

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    I could go through the video of the last game and clip quite a few instances where Jack's lack of urgency was rather apparent. When he has the puck he's very talented, perhaps also a bit arrogant (something I recall writing two years ago about him). He's not lazy with the puck. He's lazy, at times, when he does not have the puck and he's expected to play defense. His game is not at the level it was earlier in the season. Early on he was on bodies and taking pucks from people. He's back to playing a perimeter game, reaching, and not really putting forth the same effort. Is it really safe to assume there is a coach who is going to change him? If Eichel persists in this way then the right course of action is not to replace the coach. That said, I'm not at the point where I am 100% saying it is him. I think there are other issues. However, I do see instances where he's definitely not setting the example he has shown the ability to set. That's my biggest problem at this point.
  5. I think people were onboard with Amazon HQ2 until the number $1.2B was thrown out there with regards to the tax breaks they were getting. That's pretty damn significant for a company of Amazon's stature. It's not a healthy way to try and grow. But that's a different topic. I do agree with the media influence. If only media were truly unbiased. I've not found a single unbiased one yet. Even NPR, who people like to point to, has a pretty clear agenda. At least in much of their news programming.
  6. It's getting to be time... where candidates from parties rip each other apart, then only 1 wins and suddenly their former opponents are the greatest thing ever. Bernie... sigh.
  7. LTS

    It's the scoring, stupid?

    These are good points. From a scoring perspective, I think when you watch him play you can see how close he is to being even better than he is now. Whether he can get to that next level remains to be seen. Perhaps when the team has a few more players. The big knock is his play on defense and away from the puck. I think this translates into people being down on him overall. It's not necessarily wrong either.
  8. LTS

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    That only works if the new guys are the ones that are lazy. At the moment, I see Eichel as the poster boy for lazy. In reality, who else can you pin it to? Ristolainen and Bogosian? They aren't new. I'm not putting it in Dahlin (first year), Pilut (first year), Mittlestadt (1st year), Thompson (1.5 year), Sheary, SKinner? (not lazy). Sobotka just isn't good. I don't see lazy out of Reinhart, Rodrigues, Larsson, Girgensons. Pominville isn't lazy, he's just slow. Really, as I keep thinking about it. I see one player truly being lazy but it's so prominent that it casts a shadow over the whole team.
  9. It's certainly not the best there is to offer. But why do people go into politics in the first place? It's not a well paying job, in theory. Sure, it's better in salary than a lot of jobs out there, but the people who enter politics (many lawyers, etc.) are talented enough to make good money in a different profession. There aren't a lot of electricians or line workers going into politics. The real money of politics is, of course, not in the salary. It's in all the stuff that surrounds it. It's those surroundings that corrupt everything. It's just clear that while so many people, at least in my circles, seem to be aware of the issue, there are far too many who are living each day oblivious to their world or at the very least so misinformed and sold on it that they don't want to know different.
  10. Before I go onto StubHub and see what I can find I figured I would ask here. Is anyone interested in parting with 2 Sabres tickets for the game on March 4? Basically buying them as a birthday present for my son (that's his actual birthday). I'd probably be looking at 300 level from StubHub to give you an idea of where I can fit the purchase overall. I'd rather buy them from someone on here than pay fees to StubHub, etc. Let me know.. you can PM me.
  11. When you ask that question, take into account how these people get into their positions to begin with. As unpopular as an opinion as it seems to be, the American people are too easily influenced into believing misinformation. Either they are the one's who are too stupid or they are too distracted to be be informed enough. Either way, it leads to blind partisanship. This blind partisanship, combined with people's in ability to admit their own mistakes, leads to excuse making rather than owning their role in the situation.
  12. LTS

    U.S. Indo-Pacific Foreign Policy

    Truthfully I would be supremely skeptical of everything that is done with North Korea, even if it weren't with this particular leadership group in the Oval Office. I'll have to be more "wait and see" before I wade into forming opinions.
  13. LTS

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    You don't fix dumb and lazy. Players either have the capacity to learn or they do not. If they are dumb, it's implying they do not. Lazy is lazy. Perhaps Housley needs to be more of a motivator but at this point we're seeing a similar response from the same players with multiple coaches and GMs. Perhaps the finger shouldn't be pointed at the coach? Right now there are players on this team that are not interested in playing at their level. What I saw from Eichel last night was inexcusable. As a coach, I do think Housley should be reprimanded for not putting Eichel on the bench. I would. He needs a wake-up call. For what it's worth, and it's a minor point at best, this was Schneider's 2nd win in as many games. He came in relief in the Devil's game before they played the Sabres and the team came back to win thus giving him his first W.
  14. LTS

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Kopitar and Doughty for Eichel... 🙂
  15. LTS

    Mr. Eichel, is he captain material?

    Good ones? 😈