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  1. Bogosian still has leadership experience, regardless of it being in the playoffs, and at the end of the season his hit against the cap will be minimal and Buffalo could easily retain part of it. I'm not doing the exact math, but I would venture his hit would be about $1.1M and the Sabres could eat $550k of that at the trade deadline. That said, it doesn't even matter. He's able to return and as such the Sabres have to adjust. They're not going to buy him out.
  2. It's not the interpretation of the result that is the problem. So, yes, the math is right. You punch in variables and the output is predictable. The key point is deciding what variables and in what way they are used in any given formula. So, it's interpretation of information prior to the submission of that information to the formula. Always my biggest problem with my statistical business classes. They always focused on the output. I get the output to say a lot of different things if I don't have to explain the inputs. Fiddle around with numbers until you get something you like and then go. DISCLAIMER: I am not insinuating that analytics is that way. I understand that more work goes into verifying that the outputs of any set of statistical inputs correlates with what is happening on the ice.
  3. Remember when Budweiser was trashing the craft brands for things like this? Yeah.. good times.
  4. This is his last year here. You want him back because if he can prove he's healthy enough to play some team will take his experience and leadership as a 7-8 D for the playoffs and the Sabres will get some level of return, even if that return is a 7th rounder in 2022. If he does not return, the Sabres don't even get that. Bogosian isn't a BAD player, he's just hurt too often. I don't know if he can keep up with the Sabres game play this season, especially after all the hip problems, but he was never the worst guy on the ice. He just wasn't worth his contract.
  5. So.. Are there better players than Sobotka? - Yes. Are there better players than Sobotka for use with Skinner and Mojo? - Maybe Do you replace Sobotka on that line when the team is 7-1-1 and playing at this level? - No.
  6. Let's hope the crowd brings the energy level that the team has been bringing. No excuses for those in attendance these days. Let's Go Buffalo.
  7. Great GDT opener @jsb Not sure if I get to see this one... will try though. Certainly want to see it. Team has to be getting a little tired, even one day off after 3 in 4 days including travel to the West Coast will take its toll. Let's Go....Buffalo.
  8. Jokiharju... acquired in a trade for a guy who couldn't crack the lineup in Buffalo. Jokiharju who can be sent down without clearing waivers. Jokiharju is the logical choice and since his play is basically making it hard to send him down says that was a great trade. It's a great problem to have right now.
  9. Sorry, it was discussion on NHL Radio on Sirius. I was listening to it the other day while driving 3 hours. The players very much want this because they're looking to get into that UFA status as early as possible. The league wants it so they can be out of bad contracts quicker. I think it will happen and I think the UFA age might drop as well. There was a lot of discussion on that. I can see the arguments..
  10. I am concerned. Because at some point the penalties stop getting called and you have to find a way to put the puck in the net 5v5. Right now I am happy they are cashing in on the PP, but 5v5 will be critical.
  11. I think Okposo and a pick or a player are destined for Seattle. Not sure how receptive Okposo would be to that but I would think that it might be the hopeful target for Botterill.
  12. The general consensus is that players and the league are looking to shorten contracts overall. The target being the 5 year mark for the major contracts. It's expected that in the next CBA the current 7 year (8 year) limit is reduced to 5 year (6 year). This should change things considerably. I think a lot of what happens will depend greatly on the Sabres record on Jan 1. If the team shows signs of faltering then the veterans are likely to look to more established markets. They'll almost force their way out of town by not signing a contract and becoming parts of trades at the trade deadline. I don't think Botterill will have reservations about pulling up 2-3 bodies from Rochester this season if he needs to move people at the deadline. The depth in those roles is established.
  13. Looks like another late night... but it's okay. Go Sabres!
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