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  1. I would like to know what Sam thinks about Center v Winger. Then I would want to know what Jack's opinion is. As for the top 6 and who plays on what which lines I am at the point where Jack, Sam and Skinner (of course signed) need to have a BIG say. Jack knows all 3 can't be on the same line. These 3 have about 1,300 games between them and Jack and Sam know more about the other possible top 6 players on the Sabres better than HCRK (who I suspect may feel the same way and may desire them to be more involved). Entering their 5th full seasons it's time for Jack and Sam to lead to figure this out EVEN IF that means Skinner and Sam (RW/C) on the same line and Jack picking up 2 new wingers. IMO.
  2. I believe that is a good plan. He will no doubt be working with Bots giving him useful feedback, something the other HCs didn't seem to do well. He also seems to have the talent to work with players one on one about their career progression. That leaves him needing good X O guys that can work together. Hope they find them!
  3. Let's see what kind of staff he puts together. We don't know how much delegation he gives in what areas or what will he personally be using his time for.
  4. Not even close. The losing culture runs deep in the club. Before any winning can really start a cultural change has to happen. Maybe the newest HC can change it. IMO adding a UFA or two/CORSI analysis/scheme changes are not changing anything. The players have to do it, and to do it they need a strong leader.
  5. At the end of the Ruff era the team was stale. After the Ruff era it has been rotten. Call it team culture or direction or any other cliché term you want to give it, the bottom line is it has been negative. The Sabres stink of losing and a pine tree scented air freshener isn't going to fix it. Listening to this new Sabres HC he just might be the guy to scrub this thing clean.
  6. I think this could be needed.....LOL. “In a very short period of time, he was able to build a really powerful culture,” said Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice, who was an assistant under Krueger at the World Cup. “He made absolutely everybody in the room feel a part of it. The equipment guys, the medical guys, the media guys — everybody that was involved with that group had an incredible experience, and that was almost solely driven by Ralph.”
  7. I just got around to listening to PK interview on the Instigators. The 3 things I took away were: 1. NHL Head Coaching job does not sound like it will be too big for him. I got the impression he has been looking for the right place. 2. He seems confident in the steps he needs to take before the start of the season. Like he has put a lot of thought into for quite a while. 3. The type of "scheme" he will use will be dependent on his players skills/ability. Not sure if that's his thinking (I guess probably) or influenced by Botterill. I have no idea if he will excel as the Sabres HC but I came away with a pretty good first impression. His personality seems polar opposite of the last group of Sabres head coaches.
  8. .....would have probably done just as good of a job as the last 4 Sabres HCs. Hiring Lindy back (who I always liked) would of been an act of desperation in my eyes. Forward with HCPK and bring on an atmosphere of lead, follow or get out of the way.
  9. That would be a good thing. The die is cast and I hope RK can get these guys motivated to play to their potential this year and then go on from there. Good Luck Ralph.
  10. He has seen a lot of losing. I wish the next coach (if he is still here) can get him playing his best.
  11. I have no "Hollywood Story" notions for Ruff BUT if they can't find an established coach to fill the job I would take Lindy to help right this ship.
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