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  1. Sabres had a 238 GF last season. I can see them getting that up a bit to 246-250. It's going to be all on the D/GK (I do mean the teams complete D work) to get the 290 GA number lower to improve on points for the season. So, if they can get that GA number down, 85 points is not unreasonable. Of course, as a fan, I want to see them at least in the hunt of a playoff spot in the beginning of April. You never know, maybe the Bruins and/or the Penguins "age out" this season. Hope springs eternal.
  2. I agree with others posting the same type of comments. Very few players have the chance UPL will have this year. He has a clear path to prove to everyone he can be an NHL goalie. It's all up to him to elevate his game and take advantage of a unique position that most young goalies never get.
  3. Agree. I didn't vote because I don't know if there is a choice that says that. Anything more from him will be a pleasant surprise.
  4. I really don't understand why fans of the Sabres would feel that way. Now that I'm retired, I was actually looking into the possibility of signing up for the AHLTV streaming service for the Amerks. Doesn't look too expensive and I'm sure I would watch a number of games when nothing else is going on in the winter here in Colorado.
  5. First just want to thank @GASabresIUFANfor his thread and points. I'm totally naive about how AHL teams are put together by the parent teams. As to the bolded, it would seem to me that the "sprinkling" of AHL vets you want on the team are fairly important, right? Are there guys in the league that excel at such roles and are highly sought after? Or is it a constant changeover with filler guys in these roles that don't stay on the team long? I guess the way I see it is you want to have this good core of AHL players that excel at training and playing multiple roles and the success of the team is dependent on the quality of the young guys moving through the system.
  6. It is a shame my old hometown can't seem to get some of these things done. From the time there was talks of a Bass Pro Shop maybe coming to Colorado Springs till I was shopping at it was less than 2 years.
  7. Congrats to all the young men. I'm sure that stirred a buzz at Dev Camp.
  8. I have to disagree. KO is the right man for the C this year. I will agree that Tuch will be a good C candidate for the future.
  9. For fans of the "Godfather", I recommend "The Offer" on Paramount+. It's a 10-part drama series on the making of the Godfather as told in a book by the Producer Al Ruddy. So many chances that the movie would never of been made and how the "mafia" itself was involved.
  10. Yep. Been a fan of this team since day 1 and the last 12+ years have been brutal (as we all know). I'm sipping the Kool-Aid, albeit with the help of some vodka.
  11. Lots of quotes about KA too. Sounds like the two are building a good relationship.
  12. Bold Prediction: I will enjoy watching Sabres hockey again. March will be exciting.
  13. Get off me. I'll end any future discussions between us now.
  14. Dude, I was commenting on his mom. While reading about his family I seen his sister is wanting to be a tennis pro. I can see you spout off before you know what the facts are.
  15. Looks like his sister Gabriella is an aspiring tennis pro too, and yes "oh my"!
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