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  1. Not according to this in Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jenniferwang/2020/04/16/the-chinese-billionaire-whose-company-owns-troubled-pork-processor-smithfield-foods/#5948d5032c55
  2. Doesn't take much to get drunk up here if you ain't use to it! LOL
  3. It's not like he bought a new SUV, it's more like he took the old sedan out for an oil change and a wash. I wouldn't worry about it. Let's see how the guy plays the remaining 20 games.
  4. Wonder if Jbot is taking a page out of Beane/McDermott playbook? Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award Winners 2019: Wayne Simmonds , Nashville Predators 2018: Deryk Engelland , Vegas Golden Knights 2017: Nick Foligno , Columbus Blue Jackets 2016: Shea Weber , Nashville Predators
  5. ..........we shall fight on the blue line and in the crease, will shall fight on the half-boards; we shall never surrender.
  6. It does but it could happen with the huge disparity between the Divisions. There easily could be multiple (3 to 4 teams outside of the top 3 Met Division seeds) in the Met with a better record than the 3rd place Atlantic seed.
  7. A math class will teach him about probabilities. Your not for selling off assets to pick up short term help to make the playoffs, are you?
  8. If JBot still is thinking playoffs he needs to take a math class. I mean he can't, he just can't. He better not be thinking of short term trades.
  9. It will most likely be so. These are the times that tries men's souls.
  10. Well that's that, see you guys next season!
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