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  1. Seen him on the "Dead Babies" tour at the aud. Lazarus is going to raise us from the dead!
  2. Bolts up 4-1 on the Rangers. They are right on the Sabres tail.
  3. You can hear a pin drop in the rink. Everyone is holding their breath with this game.
  4. A loss tonight could drag them down into "Lottery" territory. I CAN'T GO BACK THERE!
  5. 5 days before they play Carolina at home. If the Sabres cannot win the next one I will have a hard time watching more of this.
  6. Sabres need to win this game any way they can. They could find themselves all the way down to 11th in the conference. Just WIN!
  7. Well I guess we're down to rubbing Agnetha Faltskog's butt for good luck!
  8. I thought it's against the rules to say anything negative about Sam. Is he allergic to having the puck on his stick? I don't think he needs to take a shower after this one.
  9. LOL, I want a measurement of the pipes diameter! Seriously, I want to see how they look in the 2nd. Are their heads going to be up or down?
  10. It was a horrible period but the guys are at least still pushing. This could be a 4-2 or 4-3 game if they had some shots inches different. If I got my memory right that is 6 posts in the ARZ Overtime and the 1st Period tonight. Let's get some net and not metal guys!
  11. Jack whiffing on the clear caused that goal. Luck to find it's way thru. Keep the pace up guys in the 2nd!
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