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  1. It will most likely be so. These are the times that tries men's souls.
  2. Well that's that, see you guys next season!
  3. Just about all the reasons the NHL and NFL caps are different to understand is a result of NHL contracts being 100% guaranteed and the NFL contracts are not. The 2nd biggest difference is the rollover of previous seasons unused cap money in the NFL. The 3rd difference is that in the NFL a GM can waive a player and eat all the cap hit for that player in 1 to 2 years. All these differences creates a situation where NFL contracts are written to be generally much shorter in duration and uneven in both yearly cap hits and in guaranteed money (Dead Money) left on the contract. What I believe is bad about the NHL is the inability of an NHL GM to get out of a bad contract. It's mind boggling for me to see that the Sabres still have Cody Hodgson on the books and are tied to a Kyle Okposo contract.
  4. The majority of the team played hard for the majority of the game. It was a pleasant change. The Sam stuff on this board is getting crazy. Samson played much better than his typical game (which is wonderful) and I commented on it. Why people want to snipe on a post like that is nuts. Every player on this team can play better than their typical effort has shown this year. I enjoyed the win. Cheers to you too!
  5. Sam played the best all around game I've seen him play in a very long time. He needs to do that more often.
  6. That goal was all due to hustle. The boys had some bad moments that period but actually played hard and fast. I wonder how long they can keep it up. It was an entertaining showing. Well done.
  7. I don't think many fans can disagree with the fact that this off season is a major crossroad for the team. The question is can JBot be the GM to handle what is coming OR because it's at that crossroad should it be handed off to someone else. I can make an argument both ways about that. What is getting to me is if the wrong moves are made us fans are looking at another 3 years or so to get back to this spot. They got to get it right this time. The mulligans are over.
  8. I remember a time when you "hit up Chippewa" because you didn't have a girlfriend.
  9. Like I said, in hindsight I was too critical of ROR. It now seems the team and organization let him down more than vice versa. As to Reinhart, I said my piece. He is a talented hockey player who I believe "coasts" too much. I have been hoping he would become a better leader and a player more in line with his draft ranking. I'm neutral as to what they do with him. In a perfect world, for me it would be another short term contract but that is unlikely to happen. I would not like a big dollar long term deal at this point BUT I will say again, I don't even think he wants to stay in Buffalo for the majority of his career. My real hope is he will be truly honest with the team as to what he wants for his future and the team decides from there.
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