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  1. Which is what I’ve been saying all season to all the accountable yahoos. Everyone was screaming from the rafters, “there is no accountability” , “Granato doesn’t hold anyone accountable”. I asked what that looked like and everyone gave a bunch of platitudes without actually addressing the issue. The players are the problem. Granato wasn’t the solution but the answers have to come from within. These guys need someone who demonstrates personal accountability. I don’t think it’s anyone currently on the roster.
  2. Zay Jones was a super productive college WR. He’s developed into a very nice WR3. 🤯
  3. I can get a compass (ouch), protractor and and abacus in mine. What about you? Like he should have never left Buffalo? Because he absolutely needed to be sent down. His stint in Buffalo went about as poorly as it could have.
  4. McConkey is exactly what they don’t need. Same skill set as Shakir and Samuels. I wouldn’t hate if they drafted him, just not in the 1st round as they already have rostered players who do the exact same thing.
  5. Prepping the fanbase for trading out of the first round. Dammit Beane, I took Friday off for this *****!
  6. And by Sabres you mean Adams because I don’t see many of the current lot laying out anyone ever. Clifton, Benson (sad), sometimes Cozens, super infrequently Samuelsson who seemingly can’t play that way without breaking himself. That’s about it. Novikov is on the way but he’s probably a season away. Adams needs to bring in 3-4 guys that’ll smack ya. I know I’m hoping for a miracle here.
  7. Sith Buffalonill dealing with absolutes. Am I right @DarthEbriate?
  8. Case in point. And no, nobody knows who is going to be a great player. You can offer an opinion but it’s sure as heck not a certainty. They built an entire industry on the discourse about things like draft picks.
  9. I really need people to stop mocking McConkey to the Bills. I can’t put my finger on it but when everyone starts telling me something, I want the opposite.
  10. Can they ban him from the facility? This team needs new blood. Adams needs to get this right.
  11. Slaggert out skating the icing call was big time. Minor league vets just do this stuff.
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