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  1. I think you are being naive if you don't think Victor being on the Sabres didn't have something to do with this signing. As for Victor's contract, he doesn't have the track record Skinner did, so he has much less leverage.
  2. Mitts gets traded for a legit NHL player?
  3. Well that's despicable, and I don't offend easily (like it needed to be said)
  4. I kinda hated everything about him
  5. I can't believe the amount of hooking and interference that occurs. It is constant and over whelming.
  6. A nice Red Dog Beer ad on the boards. Back when every beer needed to have the word Red, Dog or Ice in the name.
  7. Dean Melanson blasts Richard Zednik who's down on the ice. Zednik was a rookie at the time.
  8. Torts, rookie head coach, behind the Amerks bench
  9. Anthem singer knocks it out of the park...er...stadium Holzinger-Ward-Conn to start the game.
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