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  1. Quinn certainly was that player. I’m not sure if Peterka is, he may be more Tage or Dylan’s speed.
  2. He certainly wasn’t offensively gifted. It just seemed like Brian had 2-3 breakaways a game and rarely capitalized.
  3. I’m no fan of gambling of any kind, other than my $100 fantasy football leagues. I think this really isn’t true. Gamblers are going to piss away their money no matter the outlet.
  4. Jessika does a nice job. I see she is a local gal that fronts a band or two around town. Anyone have any more insight?
  5. I’ve been watching for 10 minutes waiting for something. I guess I missed it.
  6. Barely. Maybe. Girgs is essentially a younger version of goose but while he has more offensive skill, he lacks with Paul’s strengths. Faceoffs, size, etc.
  7. He’s more of a hitter than fighter but I expect his play will get everyone riled
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