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  1. It much more about humanity and how these super ***** interact with them. And it is foul. Filthy, violent and disgusting. I love it.
  2. Truth be told, I got the tickets as a present for my wife on mother's day. I certainly like them but they aren't my first choice.
  3. Don't do either, outside of 401k. That's not what I'm talking about. This stupid twitterverse when everyone needs to be first. None of that shiz means anything to me.
  4. The crowd around my seat sat for 90%, I was like, I can't go for that, no can do.
  5. Saw Hall & Oats last night at CMAC. Cool venue. Great musicians.
  6. Paging @darksabre your favorite beer is getting a new twist. 😯 https://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/business/bock-is-back-genesee-gives-classic-goat-beer-a-bourbon-twist/
  7. I find it odd how much as a society we care about who tells us what and when.
  8. What if he can't help us do anything good?
  9. If you're gonna live your life consumed with relying on the exceptions to the rule as a standard, you're going to be disappointed 100% of the time
  10. While I'd like more added to the roster, I think JBot might be done unless something falls into his lap. I still see a competent coach easily getting 5-10 more wins. If RKrug is that guy, time will tell.
  11. Mitts doesn't need to gain weight, he needs strength. Cut down on the donuts and Fortnight and start hitting the gym. He's a professional athlete, he could at least look like one. Not the kid handing me tacos and the TB drivethru.
  12. I refuse to click on anything Yankees related but me thinks their culture had something to do with the dozen or so HOF players they had on their roster.
  13. I'm surprised how many posters are picking Casey. I've read the posts about his metrics looking fine despite what seemed like a down season for him. Until I see something more from him on the ice, I'll remain cautiously pessimistic in regards to his future. The kid from Chicago seemed to fare quite well in his half season last year. That's why I picked him.
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