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  1. That was another painful day of listening
  2. Prior to the trade deadline we were 400k under the cap. League minimum is $775k. They could have LTIR’d Eichel or McCabe but whatever at this point.
  3. He hits. He fights. Some teams place a premium on that.
  4. I think late blooming isn’t fair to Will. He was buried behind 9 dmen last season and wasn’t considered this season due to RK’s idiocy.
  5. Not to mention he’s the only player in the entire system that hits AND fights regularly. I know he’s not Dahlin but when a lone player has a skill set that is desperately needed by a team, he is invaluable in my eyes.
  6. There has been a poo sighting. Errrrr...Pu.
  7. Pekar just ate some fists. This org really needs to work on fighting or get some guys that can do it. I know the sport is moving away from these players but you can’t have a team 100% void of anyone that can do the deed. Getting your face caved every fight can’t feel great. At least the Amerks have Dalton Smith who I’m sure we’ll be seeking out the 32 year old man beating up a 20 year old rookie.
  8. Quinn with the sweet dish to some guy named Mersch.
  9. Well, Schopp is now deferring to the board operator, Joe Dibiasi (?), for his analysis on the Sabres as its very obvious that Mike checked out on the season long ago and was relying on Bulldog exclusively for Sabres content. I don’t hate Schopp as much as most but how can your drive time talk show host not even pay attention to anything the hockey team is doing. He’s now he’s talking about watergate...
  10. Both moves happened after the show ended
  11. I will fail every one. Last night I ingested 3 different forms of THC. Which is routine. It is. There is also no McDavid, Eichel, Dahlin or whomever at the top of this draft. They may get the player they want at 2 or 3.
  12. I can’t with this anymore. It was 15 years ago. Let. It. Go.
  13. I’m a loyal listener. I listen to the instigators, Schopp & the Bulldog, the Nightcap, Sports Talk Saturday, after Sabres wins postgame and occasionally Howard and Jeremy when I can. How on Earth can I be nearly an hour into today’s Schopp & Bulldog show and they have only discussed the NFL draft so far. I know the BIlls rate much higher than the Sabres but on a day when the face of the franchise is finally diagnosed and they actually make a good hire in the front office and I get...wait...update, 90 minutes of NFL draft talk. Please save your hate for the indi
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