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  1. Don’t worry, they’ll only be 4000 more of these unique fun experiences to enjoy.
  2. Seriously, people need lay off the goat head. Such an iconic traditional logo and everyone wants to make some 90s hip hop crap their beacon of hope.
  3. I probably wouldn’t either but dumping Risto and Okposo. Starting to sound better.
  4. Risto and Okposo would almost equal salary. Then it just depends on what Chicago would actually want. Reinhart & Mittlestat? Then fill in the bodies to make salary roster limits work.
  5. Yes!! We need more birth canal references!!
  6. Bruh I work 60 hours a week with a 6 year old. I prepare every meal for my family and have an unhealthy alcohol and drug habit. The last thing I got time for is listing every Sabre’s draft pick for the last decade and determining their fate. ill just go with your numbers...
  7. I disagree with almost every percent after Cozens. Asplund only 65%? Mittlestadt at 85%? Borgen only 10%? I’d swap Mitts and Rasmus and invert Borgen. He’s a lock for the NHL, especially in our pansy filled D corps.
  8. You must not be from Buffalo. All self respecting Buffalonians cannot say a route or highway designation without “the” preceding it.
  9. You can’t be the king until you beat the king.
  10. So by both sides you mean fans from each team? NHL trade rumors 2020.
  11. At least we can get back to Josh Allen sucks and the Bills aren’t good narrative. Don’t think this team was ready to be good or is for that matter. They will be .500 team before it’s all said and done. I might be optimistic with that record.
  12. I just don’t agree. Tremaine Edmunds = Risto Looks the part and does things that get certain fans excited but in the end I don’t think he’s very good. I always see him chasing the play and not addressing it at the point of attack. The new John Digiorgio.
  13. I guess. It’s happened twice in the last 17 years.
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