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  1. Brandon Biro, Lukas Rousek and Jiri Kulich lead this desperate Amerks team into the BCA against their foe Cleveland tonight. We’ve seen confidence boosts from players called up in the recent past. Let’s see if Lukas can channel that same energy.
  2. I was super impressed with his persistence around the net. He took a beating there all night.
  3. I won’t question Casey’s effort but so many times I’m watching him and yelling “What the hell was that” in reference to his on ice decisions. He’s either lacking confidence (kinda obvious) or he just doesn’t know what to do situationally. I know this team has pulled off miracles unlocking Tage, Rasmus, Skinner and Tuch but there has to be a time to pull the chord.
  4. Thing I like most about Rousek is that he looks cool.
  5. There are demons I am absolutely refusing to acknowledge let alone overcome.
  6. I was hesitant to offer up much on Jiri Kulich until this post. Currently his game is much more Victor Olofsson than Jack Quinn. Granted, VO played in the AHL at 23 as opposed to Kulich at 18. So his game can and will grow. Maybe he becomes Patrick Laine or maybe he can develop into Pasternak. It’ll be fun to watch but I’m tempering my enthusiasm.
  7. Some of us desperately don’t want the thoughts and memories of all the dumb ***** we’ve done during the day or our lives. I need to drown that ***** out otherwise the stress makes me want to off myself.
  8. So you can hear your blinkers like in my grandpas car?
  9. Nonsensical ambiguous injury status…engage.
  10. I’m glad you stated this. So often you hear about teams you should and shouldn’t lose to with no context given at all.
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