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  1. It's the NHL draft. Outside of top 10 picks, almost none of the kids, in any org, will be NHLers for a minimum of 3 years.
  2. So what level is this dude's credibility?
  3. I believe you have me confused with @PASabreFan Delicious and I ain't talking about the food.
  4. Bacon hands down is the number 1 ranked meat prospect.
  5. Is he now Buffalos highest ranked prospect? Maybe UPL still is? Idk...
  6. Yeah those were swing for the fences guys. The best one is an AHL 4th liner.
  7. You don't draft for need at the end of the first. We'll be lucky to see him in Sabres gear in 4 years. Pysyk is a NHL defenseman. Not sure where he plays or how he got there matters in this discussion.
  8. This is the liger I know. Can't wait to read about this is 2027.
  9. Unfortunately, we'll have no indication until September is this is a remote possibility.
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