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  1. I haven’t bothered reading the majority of this thread because why would anyone subject themselves to that, has there been any discussion about contingent trades. Like if Eichel plays in 2022, the Sabres get a 1st. If he plays in the postseason, it’s another draft pick, and so on?
  2. If only the Sabres had a talented RHD they spent years developing who plays a physical game that would pair perfectly with Dahlin. Losing Borgen will never not be a problem for me.
  3. Enjoy. Not sure if I’ll make any games anytime soon or ever for that matter.
  4. Hard to tell where that stops and the Eichel stuff starts
  5. Can the mods try to keep the endless Eichel droning to just Eichel threads? This discussion is absolutely killing any good vibes I wanted to have about this game.
  6. Didn’t get a chance to watch. Was looking forward to reading this thread after that kind of game and it’s turned into another Eichel thread. This place is almost unreadable.
  7. What’s most frustrating is that when the Amerks did enjoy mild success the last decade or so, there was a loaded team waiting in the wings to blast them in the first round of the playoffs. Everyone wanted to flame Chris Taylor for his lack of playoff success but he ran into loaded teams in the postseason.
  8. I honestly have no idea how anyone musters any excitement for any games this season. I just want the season to be over already.
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