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  1. How is Svoboda's name in anyone's memory bank? It's been damn near 30 years since he played in Buffalo. Come on RJ.
  2. There isn't enough Scotch and weed in the world to get me through this. Oh wait, yes there is.
  3. For the same reason fans think bad teams can't beat good teams, it's the NHL.
  4. inkman

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    I've cringed every time someone has spouted on about "Terry is a billionaire, he must be smart". I know plenty of people who got rich and I would consider dolts. Terry doesn't come across very cerebral. He seems like he just knows enough to be dangerous, mostly to himself. Unfortunately, the fans of his sports teams are also subject to this circumstance.
  5. inkman

    Does this team miss Berglund more than we realize?

    I think they miss the concept of Berglund which was never going to come to fruition as he quit.
  6. This team was assembled with very few traditional tough guys. I don't want Skinner, Jack or Sam dropping the gloves. Same goes for Casey and Dahlin. Risto, Bogo, Girgs and Larsson will go once in a blue moon but they just don't have an overall culture of toughness. It's unfortunate as this fan base connects with the pugilists more than any other type of player. Rayzor, Kaleta, May, Barnaby, Shoney were adored by this fan base. It's disappointing that JBot didn't at least get a couple of guys who can play and throw their weight around. This town would embrace that type of team with or without winning. Yet here we are left yearning.
  7. inkman

    It's the scoring, stupid?

    I would find it hard to believe, with the thousands of hours these guys spend on the ice per year, that somehow practicing shooting isn't in the mix. Especially the kids when they are in junior or college. Just farting around with the boys has got to involve shooting and what not.
  8. inkman

    It's the scoring, stupid?

    I only got to watch the third period last night but what stood out was the lack of confidence almost across the board. Sam and Bogo seem to be fine but the rest look like a lost toddler at the mall. Looking for mommy.
  9. inkman

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    The owners don't have any obligation to inform us of anything. We are at their mercy. Nothing they have done has led me to believe they know how to hire competency. Right now we just have to hope they get lucky because I don't see a way to success otherwise. They had the right idea bringing in someone like LaFontaine but clearly his views weren't aligned with the Pegulas nor do I think he was very good. Find a President or Czar or whatever they want to call themselves that has experience overseeing hockey operations. I don't expect any of that to happen so we are left to circumstance. It's a dark time to be a Sabres fan.
  10. inkman

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Because when you want to show gratitude you can buy them a beer?
  11. inkman

    Remi Elie on waivers

    He's got 3 goals and 5 points in 7 games with the Merks. Remi Elie = AHL scoring machine.