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  1. It was absolutely scheduled. Ralph said exactly that. I just don’t think they were very cerebral with the process. Probably just shoot a dart at the schedule and that’s the games dylan gets off. Had they done it after the last Philly game, the fanbase could see a method to the madness. Giving it to him in the middle of a series seems weird to me.
  2. Correct. A hobbled Edmunds and no Milano gave us that. I expect a much different game plan especially since Mahomes foot seems to be the issue KC is trying to disguise.
  3. I thought the game plan against the Chiefs was to let them run and keep the ball out of Mahomes hands?
  4. Why not sit him last game and this game? If rest is really the crux of the matter. Give him a solid week off. THAT would have made sense. This just feels like fly by night seat of my pants management. I understand easing him into the schedule and letting him get his legs under him but does this look any thing like that?
  5. I care less about the fact they did it and more about the optics. This fanbase is clinging to any bit of hope. Kid with a super bright future looks good and scores his first goal, go the press box young man. ugh.
  6. Winning would help. Competency at any level would also help. Personally, there are things about my life right now that are problematic. It’s my own doing, nonetheless, it’s made life less enjoyable.
  7. What are the point of his tweets? Apparently to get likes, follows, etc. I don’t know if it helps him financially but those tweets are just slightly more informative than Eklund at this point.
  8. Personally, I didn’t care at all. For him to put out a tweet redacting his previous tweet when he started the firestorm knowing full well (apparently he might be a little tone deaf) that it would ignite the powder keg that is the Sabres fanbase right now. Use your brain dude. First names are important. Also, I hate reading soooo....
  9. Great they can have Skinner’s contract or Okposo and Miller. He was whining about his feelings and wanting to be in LV. Send him back.
  10. Miller isn’t leaving his wife in LA.
  11. I already have a healthy dislike for them but I don’t think anything can approach my level of hate for the 90’s Cowboys. Jimmy Johnson, Jerry Jones and the legions of morons around the country that jumped on that bandwagon. The only thing that comes close is the Patriots.
  12. Maybe Chad should stop tweeting for a bit. What a circle jerk.
  13. What I saw for much of this game was a team pressing and squeezing their sticks. They need something to break the tension. This falls squarely on Ralph and Jack. I’m sure COVID isn’t helping with off ice bonding. So do something on the ice. Do something after practice to loosen these guys up. If you gave each of them a piece of coal, there would be 30 diamonds made after these guys are done with them.
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