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  1. I didn't want to be the one to carry this torch as I think it's a little ridiculous. Unfortunately, what I kept running into were analytics fanbois who acted as if he is a God. I didn't predict his play would continue to suffer and legions of Sabrespacers would jump on the bandwagon. The kid is special. I think Ralph is doing him right with his usage even though the stat geeks ride the coach pretty hard for limiting Dahlin's ice time. He's got a lot to learn. Ralph is allowing him to do so whilst maximizing his effectiveness, I think...
  2. No. What's in vogue is everyone lining up to get on their knees to "praise" the kid. The coach seems to get his limitations, maybe the fanbase will catch on.
  3. The puck wouldn't have been in the zone if Dahlin acted as if he cared what to do with that puck.
  4. Should I mention who's extraordinarily weak play on the puck led to that goal?
  5. Which is interesting since some posters like to harp on Dahlin for this very issue 🙄
  6. I'm never quite sure what I'm talking about
  7. Kinda hard to get excited about a prospect playing with arguably two of the best players in the world outside of the NHL.
  8. Brah. Read. The. Amerks. Thread. I've discussed this ad nauseum.
  9. I feel this is a bit hyperbolic. I mean how can you hate something that's only brought you good memories if any at all.
  10. You gotta admit he's had a hand in things, or was it someone had a hand in his thing. Yeah, one of those.
  11. Ralph, to this point in the season, seems like quite the revelation. Being cerebral but not over thinking it. That was Housley's downfall, too much thinking. Just let these guys get after it. Refreshing, isn't it?
  12. I've never been to Chef's but I know where their sauce is bottled. If the in restaurant experience is anything like the jar stuff, yikes.
  13. You've officially made my hyperbolic chiding worthwhile. I'll let you figure out how I really feel about the kid but I feel like someone needs to balance the ledger here. He's amazing until he isn't then he's not very good. I think HCRK usage has been adequate.
  14. If only someone had mentioned this when it happened 😎
  15. I am immediately holding you responsible when any or all of these players start sucking. So I'm already mad about Dahlin.
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