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  1. I guess I just need to stop reading this forum. Bye.
  2. Mildly surprised by Fitzgerald. He’s hasn’t shown much to date other than a willingness to play forward and defense.
  3. As he’s told us 100 times. About every player they have drafted outside of the top 2 for the last decade. Sounds kinda fruitless to me. Whew. I thought you weren’t going to pat yourself on the back for a second.
  4. At what point does it end. You have your rankings. The Sabres have theirs. The Sabres draft guys accordingly to their list, which doesn’t match yours. Then you get mad and repeatedly tell us how dumb the Sabres are. It must be exhausting.
  5. You disliked Ryan Johnson quite significantly when he was drafted, correct?
  6. They need someone to put on the ice that isn’t 15 years old old or the worst player at their position in North American sports.
  7. I love the reactions in this thread. People take sports too seriously.
  8. Can we delete or at least close this thread?
  9. This will change once Power is in the NHL
  10. About as credible as 99% of the stuff posted here
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