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  1. It's the NHL, nothing they do is smart or makes any sense.
  2. He hasn't said anything to me Kurtfoolery?
  3. My bosses boss can't pronounce my boss's name correctly. Well I'm not sure if it's can't, won't or what his deal is. My boss's name is Kirk. The pronouncer in question calls him Kurt. I'm at a loss. I'm unsure if he cares so little about other people that he never bothered to learn his name (BTW, he has to see his name in print a dozen times a day) or he actually thinks his name is Kurt even though there is no valid reason for him to think that. We did have a Kurt that was hired at a similar time as Kirk but he's moved on. There is just no reason for this buffoonery.
  4. Every team has treated the Sabres like a toilet for the better part of a decade now. The Bruins, Flyers and Leafs should be extra. Dirty teams we play all the time.
  5. I couldn't get past Katt using the N word 3 times in every sentence. Made me wholly uncomfortable. Chapelle's take on Gallagher
  6. My top 5: Doug Stanhope Anthony Jeselnik Dave Chapelle Lavel Crawford Jokoy Those are my current. All time: Richard Pryor Eddie Murphy George Carlin Chris Rock Any of the Original King's of Comedy (can't really pick one)
  7. On the soccer mom message board
  8. Dude's got a rent free apartment right above your shoulders. 😀
  9. How dare thee vanquish the name of thou holiness Brock Boeser? Did he date your sister or something?
  10. I'm guessing Reinhart plus any combination of Larsson, Montour, Girgs and whatever other RFA they might want to keep will eat up 12-15 mill of that space. Add on a second line center at $8 mill, that $20 mill gonzo.
  11. I thought the whole "the Sabres have cap room" talking point was rebuked.
  12. I couldn't believe Vaginersians reaction to Judges home runs vs Bogaerts. He creamed in his pants for Judge and barely made note of Xander. Act like a pro dude.
  13. I can't put my finger on it but this whole rhetoric rubs me the wrong way.
  14. If you are looking for a team of 5'8" waifs, you'd have something.
  15. This obsession with getting the biggest wings needs to stop. I have no desire for anything that I can't chomp in a couple of bites. The exterior of the wing is what makes a wing.
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