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  1. Yeah I think this is right. Unfortunately, he may play himself out of retaining any real value. I’ve had high hopes for Casey but based on what I’ve seen in Rochester and Buffalo, I think he is what he is. A talented guy who either doesn’t have the capacity or doesn’t want to bother learning the mental aspect of the game. He makes terrible decisions continuously on the ice. Just follow him. Puts the puck in terrible places, makes passes into bad areas, skates into the teeth of the D with the puck almost as if he thinks that’s what he’s supposed to do. As my buddy Rob White used to say, you can’t fix stupid. Is this supposed to hurt my feelings? 😀 Trust me, I’ll take my brain power under the influence of THC over most people’s version of reality whilst sober.
  2. The naming of threads in demand form is off putting
  3. I can’t let these lies sit idle. Mario came to Buffalo because he saw deers with an ‘s’ (his word, not mine 😀) in Jim’s backyard.
  4. I wonder what changed. He played 6 games when they sent him down the first time.
  5. If Mitts isn’t a player, I’m not sure how to categorize Bryson, as he’s infinitely less talented than Casey. Not that I think that highly of Mittlestadt. He seems a lot like a forward version of Risto. Looks the part, plays like idiot.
  6. I’ll take “Things that’ll never happen” for $1000 Alex
  7. Apologies for not keeping up with opponent scoring. I have both games on but I’m a few beers, an edible and a few one hitters in. Typing this was a lot of work. 😊
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