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  1. Can't judge much off tonight's game. Had to kill to 5 on 3s. Dominted most of play but didn't capitalize.
  2. Amerks lose in the SO. Just an ugly game. Refs sucked. Hit about 4 posts.
  3. CJ Smith ties it up on the PP. 3-3
  4. Bad bounce off the boards. Amerks down 3-2.
  5. UPL gives up a weak goal to some midget. Tied 2-2.
  6. Mitts gathers his own rebound and scores. Amerks 2-1.
  7. UPL just got schooled by a pro on the PP. He'll learn from it. Even at 1-1.
  8. Here's a UPL save and more important Casey Nelson doing something manly.
  9. Gilmore with and end to end rush, dipsy doos around the D and roofs it. Amerks 1-0.
  10. Home to watch the last half of the first
  11. The league would not want either of these matchups from a ratings perspective. Packers Chiefs? It's one tiny Alice of America that most of rest doesn't care about.
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