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  1. I haven’t been using ride sharing much since COVID. My last two rides have been unbearable. The drivers absolutely cranking the ***** out of whatever garbage they are listening to and the temperature has been about 10 degrees in the wrong direction. I don’t recall it being this bad pre-pandemic. Has anyone else had experiences like this?
  2. Ok. Maybe someone is concerned about this coming season.
  3. I wasn’t expecting 2Live Crew on the Star Wars score but here we are
  4. Well there was an article written about it in the middle of June, so I suppose there is a reason for the discussion. As far as who gets the C. Let the players name their guy, we know it’ll be Kyle. Great. Let’s move on.
  5. As I mentioned, along with at least one other poster, (apologies for not remembering who) make Chicago an offer that looks attractive on paper but in reality, is not too asset heavy. Portillo (who knows what he’s gonna do after his collegiate season, Olofsson (Kane immediately slots into his role and improved upon it significantly), and some non first round picks. It gives Chicago something to hang their hats on. It makes a lot of sense for both teams.
  6. Has a prospective buyer message me a couple hours ago. Sold the rims for $900 cash. Hell yeah!! Pretty mush covers the cost of my new tires and rims.
  7. I listed my truck rims on FB Marketplace. I received a response within 15 minutes of posting them. Dude has a weird name, isn’t local, seems to be living in the DMV (is that the acronym for around DC), says he’s currently in Brooklyn and is going to have his wife pick them up. Says he’ll pay me right now. His FB profile is kinda weird. Like I can’t tell if it’s a dude or woman because their profile pics is all over the place. They have 365 FB friends and has posts going back to 2014. Still seems fishy to me.
  8. I can’t tell you how delighted this old curmudgeon was to see you use “washed up” instead of the current preferred method of jerkholes everywhere of using “washed”
  9. Would it bother you if they didn’t play it?
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