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  1. There's one major factor that could sway Pavelski, and it rhymes with "Shmenjamins." Pavelski turns 35 in a couple of weeks. How long a deal is going to get from Dallas or TB? And by how much should the Sabres beat that offer? Would Pavelski come here for $5MM x 3 years? Would that be a terrible move by the Sabres or merely a bad one?
  2. Pysyk isn't super-fast in terms of chasing guys down, but he's very quick and agile on his skates and can move fast in tight spaces in the D-zone. He just doesn't have much game beyond that quality.
  3. That was awesome. I freaking love this kid. He knows we need him desperately and is going to come down from the fortress of solitude in the far North like Superman and raise everyone up. I think the hockey gods may finally let us out of our richly deserved Black Sunday/tanking 13 years in the hole sentence. Separately: the Dom-era Sabres had a winger named Geoff Sanderson, who was from Hay River, NW Territories (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Hay+River,+NT,+Canada/@60.8479943,-124.8979038,5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x53c58eb5ea20b66d:0x496a27b76b46d0ea!8m2!3d60.816218!4d-115.7853653?hl=en). He was one of the fastest guys the Sabres have ever had -- legend has it that he developed his speed to keep safe from the polar bears. To my knowledge, Sanderson was, until Cozens, the Sabre from the most remote hometown. (BTW, I find it a bit interesting that the NW Territories are East of the Yukon.) The clouds are lifting. It's going to get better now. Carry on.
  4. Welcome @FrenchConnection44! Another Eric Staal would be freaking awesome.
  5. Yet another area in which the NBA is much smarter than the NHL.
  6. One comparable that occurs to me based on the descriptions and highlights is Ryan Smyth.
  7. C'mon homie. We need your commentary tomorrow.
  8. I assume it's like Hardhome and the Fist of the First Men.
  9. He's ranked #20 overall here: https://www.hockeyprospect.com/2019-nhl-draft-rankings/ ...although I have no idea how good/terrible that site is.
  10. Kris Baker wanted the Sabres to take Brink if available at 31.
  11. Kaliyev had 51 goals this year!
  12. Was this necessary? Can't we have a good time here tonight?
  13. That location on the map -- and his mom referring to all the fans back in "the territory" -- awesome!
  14. I am regretfully calling BS on the Aho stuff.
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