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  1. I think this is unfortunately pretty likely.
  2. Not psyched about Martin. Not psyched about Gronborg either -- I think they need someone who is familiar with the NHL game, including the players and coaches he'll be opposing.
  3. @Hoss — could you also pls clarify the rules of the contest? I.e. is the winner the person whose 3 picks all die before anyone else’s 3 picks are all dead? Do they all have to die in the next episode? Other?
  4. Bonus prediction: Arya kills the Night King.
  5. I'm in, despite having blurted out my strategy. Although I think WC is right about Jorah and Gray Worm too.
  6. My 3 likely deaths for next episode: Brienne Theon Gendry
  7. Please do not do this. Thanks. Correct.
  8. I liked that episode much more than the season premiere. It did an excellent job IMHO setting the pre-battle dramatic tension and telling stories about how people would spend what they think are likely to be their last few hours before their likely deaths in battle. By the way, Maisie Williams is 22.
  9. Going into OT! if anyone who’s been watching the game has any observations— pls fire away.
  10. JJ -- if the thread has gone off the rails, and I don't think it has, you are one of the top 2 culprits, with at least 10 posts in the last 1.5 pages bemoaning the slights you've suffered and demanding an apology that you know isn't forthcoming. Let it go.
  11. Nothing wrong with speculation, and of course it's not impossible. My point is simply that it's way off base to refer to those bits of speculation as "general knowledge" and "facts."
  12. What? Here's what you said: Calling that "general knowledge" is nonsense. It's also nowhere near "the fact that Murray wasn't fired for another other reason," which is a major backpedal. For that matter, saying that Murray was "fired for another reason" is nowhere near "a fact." It's simply more unfounded message board speculation. To be clear, you and everyone else is free to engage in this kind of speculation. But upgrading rumors to "general knowledge" and "facts" is BS, and needs to be recognized as such.
  13. No. Not general knowledge. Not anything other than completely unsubstantiated message board rumor.
  14. I would hire Lavy in a heartbeat.
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