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  1. I voted for the 2 French-Canadians. PLF was great, and maybe it's unfair to penalize him for his injury history, but he played in 268 games for the Sabres -- so about 3.25 seasons. And he was good in the playoffs, to be sure, but he only played in 3 playoff seasons for the Sabres, in which they got bounced in the 1st round twice and in the 2nd round the 3rd time. Bert had 103 points in 90 playoff games for the Sabres, during which they won 9 rounds. So I don't agree that PLF was the better clutch player of the 2 of them. As for Briere, he was simply one of the best clutch players in NHL history.
  2. nfreeman


    God bless you guys. Thank you. Welcome EBG! I hope you keep well and keep posting.
  3. @dudacek -- I appreciate your optimism, but I saw absolutely nothing from Mitts this year to indicate that he will be capable of doing anything more at the NHL level than taking up a roster spot and turning the puck over whenever he gets it. I assume you are expecting more like an 11- to 13-minute guy who can play on the 2nd PP and accumulate, say, 12-18-30. (Admittedly I have no knowledge of Mitts' AHL games this year other than his so-so stats and the lukewarm-to-negative reviews posted by Sabrespacers who saw him play.) As I've said previously, I do not want to see him in a Sabres uniform unless and until he goes on a 30-odd game stretch in the AHL in which he is absolutely tearing it up.
  4. @GASabresIUFAN -- you are right that competent roster construction includes cheap kids playing important roles. However, I think it is pretty close to definite that Mitts will not be capable next year of filling even a marginal NHL role. And while I can see Cozens stepping up and filling the 3C role, it would be foolish to assume that he will be able to do so. It is on JB to solve that problem.
  5. I'll say it: there is NFW that Mitts will be good enough to be a decent 3C next year. That leaves Cozens, and if JB's "plan" is for a rookie to be the 3C, then IMHO that's yet another indicator of JB's incompetence.
  6. nfreeman


    I feel like there's a certain kinship among dog owners -- that little smile and "how are you?" that we give each other when the dogs stop to sniff each other is one of life's underrated little pleasures.
  7. Again -- it all depends on whether we know that we're getting someone as good as what Forsberg became. Eichel is almost certainly not going to be as good as Forsberg, so I would take the deal if a Forsberg is guaranteed.
  8. nfreeman


    If you guys have dogs, take them for walks. If you don't have a dog, just go for a walk in your neighborhood or in a nearby park if there is one. You will likely run into other people walking their dogs and can say a quick hello while maintaining a safe distance. Even that small bit of human interaction is nice.
  9. nfreeman


    @Wyldnwoody44 -- I would guess that you unfortunately find yourself interacting with people when they are not at their best -- stressed out, frightened for themselves and/or their loved ones, having to wait forever for care in overcrowded medical facilities, etc. Ideally everyone would be calm, thoughtful, considerate, kind and prudent under all circumstances, including these, but most people aren't. Still, I think the vast majority have plenty of redeeming qualities. I hope you get to experience those as well. Be well and thank you again for all you do.
  10. Lundy has had a great, likely HOF-level career. He's got star power, presence and fantastic hair. He also just turned 38, had a crappy season this year and fell out of their goalie rotation, becoming the #3 behind 2 FNGs. His GAA has gotten worse each year for the past 6 years; same with his SV% other than a 1-year blip 2 years ago -- his #s this year were 10-12-3, 3.16 GAA and .905 SV%. To be fair, this decline has coincided with an overall slide into mediocrity/bottom dweller status by the team. He has 1 year left at $8.5MM. This could be an opportunity to get a decent pick or prospect from the Rangers in exchange for eating Lundy's cap hit, and get some leadership and improved goaltending in the bargain. It's not impossible that the motivation from being dumped by the Rangers, plus a better group of defensemen in front of him could result in somewhat of a revival. I'd much rather bring in a no-BS good #1 goalie, but if that isn't available -- is anyone interested?
  11. Over the weekend I assembled a shelving unit and organized 2 large closets that were starting to look like landfills. It took a few hours but was well worth it -- the before/after contrast is really striking. One of those small things that you get a disproportionate amount of happiness from.
  12. Was this the game that Vanek won with the around-the-world move in the shootout? If so, it was a fantastic game.
  13. I am surprised at the willingness here to trade Dahlin without assurances that anyone in the package becomes what Forsberg became. In Dahlin we have the 2nd highest scoring young defenseman of all time, who achieved that distinction for a bottom-level team in his 1st 2 seasons. There is a real possibility that Dahlin develops into a multiple Norris winner and a generational offensive defenseman. I’m not giving that up for picks, prospects and an up and down goalie.
  14. This is the key question IMHO. If you know you're getting someone as good as Forsberg -- one of the 10 best players I have ever seen -- then you seriously consider it. If it's a bunch of high picks and prospects, then no thanks.
  15. Well, I think the weather is somewhat of a factor, but I think, as @Eleven points out, the biggest factor by far is the perceived quality of the organization. The Sabres have been a crappy organization for most of the era in which those polls have been taken. Once they get the right guys in to run the team, and build a consistent winner, plenty of players will want to come here. That's what's happened with the Bills, and it didn't even take that long.
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