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  1. You can, but you have to go to the SabreSpace home page. It would be nice if it could be restored to the Aud Club page.
  2. Whoa. If he can do that, @LGR4GM may need to start formulating his retraction.
  3. I too would like to see this top 6, but I think Hall will be stapled to Jack unless they really struggle. I think they want it to work and for Hall to be happy and sign an extension. I agree with all of this, but I think both of these 2 are really fast, not just one of them.
  4. Well, @PASabreFan can be awfully persuasive when he’s got you tied up in the basement in the gimp costume.
  5. Holy narrative buster batman! I thought it was "proven" by "evidence" that he was a "meddler!"
  6. My guess is that something is going on -- i.e. it's not just that everyone is on vacation. It could be as simple as KA trying to send Mitts a message.
  7. Of course, it should be noted that no one really has any idea what percentage of the US population has had the virus already.
  8. I don't love multigrain, but I don't mind it, and I prefer it to white bread.
  9. My wife and I went on vacation in Mexico some years ago and traveled around to a number of places, most of which were great. Some of our travel was by bus, and at one point we had to change buses with a bit of a layover in a nondescript town called Iguala. In 2014 there was a major drug cartel massacre there. Yeeeesssh.
  10. I think a specific discussion of the flaws/benefits of the distribution plan is fine, but not, e.g., "the president/governor/prime minister is distributing the vaccine this way because he's an idiot/corrupt/in the pocket of the pharma companies."
  11. I think discussion of methods is fine, unless it's used as a vehicle to make political jabs. E.g. "full lockdowns work -- here's data from country X supporting that approach" is fine, but "the president/governor/prime minister is an idiot for not supporting lockdowns" is not OK.
  12. Well, Sweden has a much lower per capita Covid death rate than Belgium, Spain, France, Italy and the UK, both cumulatively and in the last 14 days. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1111779/coronavirus-death-rate-europe-by-country/ https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/cases-2019-ncov-eueea So, regardless of how sure one is in one's position, there is plenty of data to support a different view. I'll also note that I wasn't even advocating for the Swedish approach vs the UK approach -- just pointing out that "the science" isn't "settled."
  13. It would be pretty cool if he just seized a spot in camp and was clearly too good to be sent down, innit?
  14. Please remove panties from wringer. I didn't mention those items, and I'm not referring to "political influences". I'm referring to lockdowns, school closures, how to weigh consequences, including health consequences, like depression, substance abuse, alcoholism, delay or loss of other needed health care, economic loss, job loss, family breakups, etc, against the virus' immediate health consequences, whether approaches like Sweden's are better than approaches like the UK's, and other important issues relating to handling the virus. None of these has been settled by anything rem
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