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  1. BTW, if the Sabres are able to get, say, a 2nd-rounder for Scandy at the deadline, that will be a nice restoration of value by RK.
  2. On the first bolded -- not sure what this means -- Pommer wasn't re-signed and isn't going to be. I don't think any of the other bolded guys will be re-signed, with the possible exception of another cheapo one-year deal for one of Larsson and Zemgus. As to the broader question of JB's cap management performance, while I agree that it's still too early to tell, I think there has been a consistent series of competent, logical moves, plus a few excellent moves like the MoJo contract and the Reino bridge deal (understanding that YMMV on that one), and an absence of GMTM-like blunders. So the early returns, while incomplete, are still good IMHO.
  3. Well, it all depends on the trade that's available, innit?
  4. I plead guilty! Seriously, if they can win a game like they did last night, where they legit earned it for 60 min on the road against a good team, and kept it coming in the 3rd period in the face of fatigue and adversity -- it could be a great season.
  5. Couple other game notes: - Evander looked like a highly motivated monster last night. I'd still rather have Skinner, but I'd really rather have both. - Just to stir the pot, I'll note that Evander was much more effective than Reino last night, and if the Sabres have to give Reino a huge contract this summer, it'll be questionable as to whether that $$ might've been better spent on Evander (although we of course don't know whether that option was available to JB). - Guess who the only team in the EC with 7 wins is? - Another encouraging showing from Mitts' line. I thought all 3 of them played pretty well last night and that line has been pulling its weight and contributing offense for the last few games now. - So was the whole D pairing shakeup just a misimpression that one of the Sabres beat guys reported and then a bunch of people repeated? - Overall, a good, balanced game throughout the lineup. - That Sharks goal that Sorensen banked in off of his skate was pretty close to a kick, although it was an unusual backward kick. Still probably the right call though, and the Sabres certainly got the benefit of the doubt on Mitts' goal.
  6. I dunno -- it still seems like it's missing something...
  7. I've been thinking about this over the last couple of days. I like Ehlers, and would've said yes immediately over before the season started, but they are 7 and freaking 2, with a number of quality wins, and they look great, and Risto is a huge part of all that. RK is leaning on him quite a bit. I think I'm at the point where it needs to be more than Ehlers and maybe needs to be such a good offer that no one would make the offer. And I'm definitely not trading Risto just to avoid healthy-scratching Scandy or sending down Joker, either of which would be only until someone else gets hurt.
  8. This is either going to be a very ugly win or an awful loss.
  9. Sweet victory for @PASabreFan here.
  10. Best win of the year IMHO. Worth the brutal late bedtime.
  11. I agree with all of this although I would probably say Eichel has been their best forward. It’s close though, which is a good thing.
  12. I’ll be interested to see which of the 2 new D pairs gets more ice time.
  13. I don’t hold this opinion, but he has been an important contributor overall and especially on the PP, which has been a huge difference-maker for the team’s getting wins.
  14. outstanding. There is NFW that Casey Nelson should ever get called up before Borgen again.
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