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  1. JW is good, but a bit repetitive IMHO. I prefer the Fast and the Furious and Mission Impossible.
  2. I too will recommend the Last of Us. A bit uneven but overall very good.
  3. It’s way too early for a victory lap on this.
  4. Well, that was a strange Sabrespace interaction.
  5. Ultimately I think they shouldn't do this now, but at the same time there are legit questions about coaching, including the PK, the consistently terrible focus/intensity level at home and the utter collapse down the stretch when the playoffs were there for the taking. I can see plenty of scenarios next season in which I'd be fine letting him go.
  6. The new Chris Rock special on Netflix is excellent, IMHO.
  7. Hang in there @Wyldnwoody44. We are pulling for you.
  8. What? Here's what you said: Are you seriously claiming that you didn't say that the article supports the theory that TP ordered the trade? When you are caught slinging #hammymath, the solution is not more #hammymath.
  9. FWIW, I think Levi is going to sign after the NCAA announces the teams that made the tournament (assuming NE doesn't make it, of course).
  10. Again: what is the basis in the article -- which you said showed that it was likely that TP ordered JB to trade ROR -- for your assertion? It seems pretty clear that there was zero basis for this in the article. None of us knows for sure, and you are certainly welcome to believe that TP ordered the trade. But you cannot claim that Source X helps prove Theory Y if X doesn't say anything about Y -- and making that claim is #hammymath. This.
  11. What is the basis in the article for the bolded? The article doesn't mention TP, JB or ROR. This assertion is more #hammymath.
  12. I had high hopes for Greenway-Jost-Mitts but didn't really like what I saw last game. For that matter, I haven't liked Mitts' last few games -- he seems to have gotten too comfortable after the recent thread complimenting his improvement. Sabrespace hype will do that to ya.
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