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  1. This is also highly unlikely IMHO. I think one of KA's priorities here is to let whoever acquires Eichel take the risk on the surgery.
  2. Dude. You keep saying this like it's a simple solution. It's not going to happen. Eichel has zero interest in risking $50MM on the surgery. He wants the Sabres (or whoever they trade him to) to take the risk.
  3. Was he accused of betting against SJ in those games?
  4. My 2 cents: - The Agents' statement was pretty carefully worded. It didn't say that the Sabres' docs had recommended the surgery that Jack wants -- only that they had determined that "a surgical procedure was required." So I don't think the Sabres were ever on board with the disk replacement that Jack wants. - It now seems pretty clear that Jack hasn't responded to rest/rehab and that some kind of surgery will be needed. That means the risk has increased that he doesn't regain his previous form, and it makes other GMs less willing to spend big to acquire Jack. This in turn means that if KA sticks to his guns a trade before the season starts is less likely. - It does not sound like Jack has initiated the appeal procedure provided in the CBA. I would guess that is because his agents think he would likely lose the appeal -- and once that happens, they will have zero rights to influence the medical process. It would also hurt their ability to pressure the Sabres or any other team to let him have the surgery, because another adjudicator will have ruled against it. - Jack still has no interest in taking the $50MM risk that the surgery fails. This is all about him pushing the Sabres to take that risk. - Bottom line is that Jack has zero real rights here and the agents are trying to use the media to pressure the Sabres into doing something that is against their interests. This is what his agents should do, but there is no need for KA to give in.
  5. I would be very surprised if a $2MM salary chunk were all that stands between KA and an Eichel deal.
  6. I think the bolded is likely correct and I think it's a terrible plan. But maybe UPL will prove me wrong. That would be nice. Well, there were posters here saying that the Sabres and Linus were very close to a deal, but I didn't interpret KA's words on Linus this way. I interpreted his statements as "we want Linus, and we hope we can reach a deal with him, but it needs to be on a deal that makes sense for us." Based on Vogl's tweets, which were probably sourced from Linus' agent, and based on KA's repeated statements about prioritizing flexibility and not boxing out younger players, I don't think the Sabres were willing to go longer than 2 years -- which made Linus' decision on the Bruins' offer a no-brainer. I think there is a very good likelihood that KA's decision on how much term to offer Linus turns out to be catastrophic. We'll see.
  7. In theory yes. Not sure how likely it is. KA also said he wanted to sign Dahlin to a long-term deal, which could still be a prep-for-sale move but probably not consistent with an expected sale in the next year. I guess we’ll see. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right.
  8. Well, Vogl tweeted earlier today something to the effect that the Sabres only wanted another 1-year (or perhaps 2-year) deal -- so if that's true, KA wasn't willing to go to 4 years, which would be consistent with not wanting to "box out" UPL.
  9. I think you're off target here. You made this point early and often in the Risto context -- and Risto was traded for a handsome return, followed quickly by Reinhart, who also wanted out. Holding onto Eichel for a few months longer than would be ideal in order to maximize the return doesn't belie KA's assertion that he only wants guys who want to be here. It just doesn't. Do you not think he'll be traded?
  10. Dammit. I can't help it. I like KA. Either he's lying through his teeth and slashing costs at TP's directive in anticipation of a sale of the team, which means I'm getting played, or he really believes in his plan, including believing that a 4-year deal for Ullmark would've interfered with the plan, and he's determined to see it through. I still need to see a real goalie brought in.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/BuffaloSabres/videos/312179293927016
  12. Thanks PTR. Sorry for looking a gift link in the mouth, but I was hoping for a video link -- anyone got one of those?
  13. The most precious thing of all -- an NHL team that could one day reward us for all of this anguish.
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