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  1. Good for Lindy. I'll be rooting for him.
  2. I suppose it's also possible that TP isn't interested in adding to payroll until we get closer to the draft, free agency, etc. If the Sabres aren't interested in Dudley, I hope that's not the reason.
  3. @john wawrow -- I'm sure everyone here would appreciate hearing anything you might know about whether the Sabres are interested in Dudley! Thanks.
  4. nfreeman


    There are a number of different death rates, but the most relevant for purposes of comparing states or countries is Covid deaths per unit of population (which I think is usually 1MM).
  5. His title in Carolina was senior VP of hockey operations. There’s no reason in the world he couldn’t take a similar role here, add a ton of value and not create any issues with reporting lines.
  6. I feel like I’m living in a George Orwell novel.
  7. nfreeman


    Did you not kick off that little exchange with your tweak about doctors over the age of 60? And then when someone snaps back at you (or as the millenials say, "claps back"), you air a grievance about board management? Board management prefers to let things settle down by themselves (or, even better, for people to act like grownups and not sling poop at each other) and not to get involved unless it's really necessary.
  8. I was at the '70s night game in HSBC last fall when they brought back all those guys. Dudley walked pretty close to me. As I've mentioned here previously, he looked like someone not to be messed with under any circumstances.
  9. I wonder whether @john wawrow was referring to player contracts or management/scouting/other employees?
  10. But Chad’s tweet included this: Doesn’t that sound like sourced info?
  11. RIP Carl Reiner. This is a great story about him that I just happened upon:
  12. I agree that getting Joker for Nylander was a good move. That doesn't mean that GMTM wasn't accountable for missing on the Nylander selection.
  13. Now this is a perspective that I disagree with. These GMs are paid millions of dollars to get these decisions right. It's appropriate and fair to hold them to a higher standard than some yob who bought the Hockey News draft preview. If Mitts washes out and a bunch of guys drafted after him turn into good players (which, it should be noted, hasn't happened yet), JB is accountable IMHO.
  14. Has anyone formulated an opinion on Chad D's sources/credibility? ...unless of course they signed him and he then resigned 30 days later due to "philosophical differences" with TP... It would be pretty hard to keep @PASabreFan at bay, among other deleterious consequences.
  15. @JohnC -- welcome, please keep posting and please ignore @Kruppstahl.
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