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  1. Please let him be a count or some other kind of royalty with a cool title...
  2. I like mountains too, but I think Charleston is great. Of course that’s based on a handful of visits, not living there. I have friends who live there too and love it.
  3. For some reason I too am feeling perhaps irrationally confident about this game.
  4. @Taro T -- just to be clear, do you think the Sabres offered Ullmark $5MM x 3 years at the trade deadline and he turned it down, and the Sabres should've offered him $5MM x 4 years at that point?
  5. You keep making this point. Do you really not think the Sabres have a problem in net?
  6. Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards of the Bucs have been suspended for using forged vaccine cards and will miss the game vs the Bills.
  7. Who reported this? The only person I've seen say this was our own estimable @Brawndo.
  8. As I've said repeatedly, about a million goalies changed teams in the summers of 2020 and 2021, and 95% of them were better than the losers currently manning the position for the Sabres. It's KA's job to identify and bring in at least one of them. More specifically, I wouldn't have lowballed Ullmark with a 1- or 2-year offer (per Vogl's report) and then been left emptyhanded when he bailed.
  9. So he turns 28 in a few weeks, has not played a-tall this year (anyone know why?), started 14 games last year, and 19-20 games per year the 4 seasons before that. He's making $850K this year, after which he's a UFA. Looks like another member of the JAG Corps. But I'm glad KA at least took a shot at improving a dreadful goalie situation that he is 100% responsible for creating.
  10. They do that at the Barclays Center in Brookly, but it's on a seat-by-seat basis, not entire sections, and waiter service isn't included for most seats -- you just go to the concession stand and they scan your ticket to confirm that you are entitled to "free" food and drink.
  11. Florida lost in the first round last year and did not make the playoffs the prior year (or the 3 years before that one, for that matter). They have made the playoffs 3 times since 2000, and have not won a round in the playoffs since 1996 -- which was the ONE time in franchise history that they advanced. I shudder to think what attendance would look like here with results like that. Frankly it might be zero, as the team might have moved. In any case, if the Sabres have finally hired the right guys and started to build a team the right way, as the Panthers appear to have done (except of course for a coach who looked the other way at the worst possible time), we may be on our way out of the desert.
  12. Well, Mr. Grumpy, the Panthers have been mediocre-to-terrible for pretty much their entire existence, so I don't think it's unreasonable for the fans to take a bit of convincing that the team is worth coming out for. If they have a couple of seasons with good playoff results, I'd expect them to develop into a team with good attendance.
  13. Maybe Power is the Prince who was Promised. Blind squirrel, etc. I sure hope so.
  14. I'm going to throw some cold water on the expectations for Mitts. He was a major disappointment and looked well on his way to being a washout for his first 2.6 or so NHL seasons, and then showed signs of life in garbage time last year when DG took over. He has good puck skills, and I don't necessarily think he's going to be as useless as he was under Howie and RK, but I also think it's ill-advised to expect him to parachute in and play like a good #1 or #2 NHL center. YMMV, of course.
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