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Houser in Covid Protocol


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Mat Robson, come on down (the 90).

You're the next contestant on "The Goalie is Right?"

19 minutes ago, Brawndo said:



1 minute ago, Marvin, Sabres Fan said:

Buffalo Sabres #7 goalie, come on down!  You're the next contestant on "Spinal Tap Drummer!"

Dog it!

6 friggin' seconds!

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He has to be bummed out. He was about to get his prove it or lose it shot at an NHL contract. The Sabres where going to rely heavily on him and if his short sample time line stats held he would be looking at some offers.

By the time he gets off the protocol UPL and Anderson will be back. All around bad timing that he had no control over.

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6 minutes ago, Carmel Corn said:

GMKA:  "Hello Devon, this is Kevin Adams, sorry but we need to amend your travel itinerary to China.  How does a quick trip to Phoenix, Denver and VEGAS sound to you?

An absolute "NO!" in response.  The odds of him missing the Olympics due to injury are 100% as a Sabres goalie.

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10 minutes ago, steveoath said:

Can they even call up an ncaa player?

Also,  what happened to the michigan guy before portillo? Strauss Mann?

If they sign an NCAA player he is done with college hockey and can't play Olympic hockey 

"Ryan Vinz, please pick up the white courtesy phone. Ryan Vinz, white courtesy phone."

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