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  1. Is anyone else a little suspicious of Tokarski's lengthy return from COVID? Could they be dragging this out for any other reasons? As of Dec 28 he said he was working through a few things with the symptoms... But there hasn't been much since. Was he caught with phoney vax papers? Another nagging injury they're hiding? Anything else? I'm not saying it's not legit, but I'm not putting anything past these guys running the team. You think we'd at least get some kind of update since December. http://www.buffalohockeybeat.com/sabres-dustin-tokarski-has-lingering-issues-coming-off-covid-19/
  2. Part of me wants to see them let him continue on that trajectory until the end of the season, only to drive the value of his pending RFA contract down. He's got all summer to rest.
  3. Not to mention competent goaltending. Hopefully UPL and/or Levi come through for us sooner than later.
  4. Ice fishing is fun. You're in a warm cabin (like t-shirt warm) drinking (lots of drinking), fishing, music (no Nickelback), and great food, including fresh fish. A good cabin has beds, cooking facilities, BBQs, sinks, outhouses, etc. I know a guy who bases his whole winter around it.
  5. With it looking more and more likely that UPL has a roster spot next year, where does this leave Levi? Does he split time in the NHL with UPL after a good camp? Does he start in Rochester as the #1? Does he go back to school? Any thoughts?
  6. He won't beat you with speed, but he'll twist you into a pretzel with his edges. No one on the team, F or D can do what he can do.
  7. Honestly, on the offensive side of the puck he's the most entertaining Sabre by far. I still wish he was moved to F... He would be a regular on the highlight reels. On D one mistake can lead to a GA, so he's limited on using his crazy edges and shiftiness. Put him on the wing, and it would be non-stop deking teams out of their jock straps.
  8. Dunleavy has a good voice, and I know I'm in the minority but I actually like his silly banter with Ray as well. As I've said many times before, he's just not good technically. I listen to a lot of games from the car and it's nearly impossible to know what's going on. Also, as a local broadcaster it'd be nice if he had a little more old school passion for the team. I know he cut his teeth doing national broadcasts where you have to be neutral. But, a local announcer should be the number one guy rallying the fans... Just like RJ! 😢
  9. I was supposed to be there but the stupid border. My tickets went to waste as no one picked them up. Shoulda just gave them away to someone here.
  10. I could be wrong because I've never eaten there, but I think some for restaurants the kitsch factor is part of the experience. The message is that they serve for good old timey food. I think there's quite a few steakhouses that adhere to this principle.
  11. Perhaps my attempt at humour failed... I meant that the name was unbelievable, because it was in fact made up.
  12. Lots of good ones but the one that almost seems unbelievable to me is Taro Tsujimoto.
  13. There are no ads worse than Canadian Tim Hortons commercials. Every single one of them is puke worthy. Trust me... Your US commercials you think you hate are very good in comparison.
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