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  1. Was driving during OT. What a garbage call of the OT by Dunleavy. I had almost no idea of what was going on or who had the puck. Great win. With UPL's goaltending, EJ out of the lineup, Dahlin staying healthy while he logs big minutes, and Tage Thompson getting some "swag" back (as Dahlin put it)... maybe just maybe... 🤞
  2. I see both sides of the argument. I'm also someone who despite numerous challenges worked my way out of poverty. Having gone through it, I think it's better to celebrate perseverance than apathy. Because of my numerous challenges, I think if I could have mentally pigeonholed myself into thinking I'll always be poor because it's society's fault, I might have been more content to stay there. Thankfully, we had more of a suck it up attitude back in the 90s. Still, some people need more of a leg up than others. I'll always be sympathetic to those people. Manufacturing was always the great equalizer in society. The disappearance of those jobs has been the major difference maker in the widening spread between the haves and the have-nots. Not everyone has the smarts to be a university grad or the connections to get into the trades. But if they're willing to work hard, they should still have options at earning a liveable wage such that they may one day be able to provide for a better life for their kids. Manufacturing jobs did exactly this. As the number of those jobs declined, it became that much harder to break the cycle of poverty.
  3. Nope. But I definitely don't want one of our regular 12 starting forwards to be of his ilk. We trade for a scrub and KA will make sure he's in the lineup. That's a problem. One of many. Way ahead of the beer price or arena which I don't really mind.
  4. I'm really glad Z scored last night to get us the W and that's definitely tempered my wish to send him down... At least a bit. 😉 I still have my biggest fear where we trade him for another team's cast-off that still has term. Picks- yes. Expiring contract- yes. An Anders Bjork part 2 is the last thing this team needs. KA seems to wait too long to give up on acquired veteran players, no matter how bad they are.
  5. My daughter had a game out of town, so I missed it. I notice Bryson is way up on his xGF% on the game. Did the eye test match? Small sample size, but we seem to have a pretty good record with him in the lineup. Do we keep him in once Power comes back? 😉
  6. I can, and as long as there's hope and progress, I can watch and be happy. Watching some key players taking a step back this year, and looking seemingly disinterested has brought out a lot of negativity in me I never had before this year. Also, KA's acquisitions have ticked me off. We're supposed to have a great advanced stats dept, but Clifton and EJ were both ugly advanced stats wise. They're looking every bit the part. It's like watching Moneyball, but instead of Billy Beane listening to Jonah Hill, he kicks him out of the room and listens to the old guys who like Clifton because "he plays the game the right way" and EJ because "he brings in much needed experience".
  7. This expected goals % is a ratio of expected goals for your team when you're on the ice vs expected goals against. Eye test wise, he's actually pretty good at generating chances. The numbers support that too. Conversely, the eye test shows he has a lot of brain farts that lead to a lot of high danger chances against. Him and EJ also tend to get hemmed in quite a bit which rack up the low and medium danger chances against.
  8. Clifton is 155 out of 182 in 5 on 5 expected goals % (min 500min played... EJ is 159). I find he's consis out of position on goals against and him and EJ always struggle to win pucks and clear the zone. On the plus side he leads the team in hits... So depending on how important that is to you it can improve your impressions of him. Anyhow, these two are by far our worst pairing and KA voluntarily brought them in. Given the cap room, he should have overpaid for someone or gone into the trade market with one of our all too many small F prospects.
  9. I would put Clifton and E Johnson on par with those two factors.
  10. Well if some team wants to take the plunge, let's just hope we get a pick and not a player. Any player we get back is going to be off the scrap heap. Difference between him and Z though is the player will likely have term left and KA will have him in the lineup dragging down the team down next season too.
  11. If we ever get good enough to make a cup run, I really hope whoever's GM'ing at the time does NOT bring in a Girgensons at the trade deadline.
  12. 4G and 0A is well under the hockey Mendoza line. I don't care if he can skate hard into the other team's end and tie up a guy for a while until we eventually lose the puck and the other team takes the puck down the ice for an extended zone pressure. There's a minimum offensive threshold even a checking line must put out.
  13. 0 assists in almost 40 games is not playing the right way.
  14. On this crap team, only Yost and Robinson have a worse goals for % than Girgensons. He's also 7th out of 8th in PK goals EXPECTED against per 60 (min 25min). Only Krebs is worse. Edit: missed the stat was expected GA. Moneypuck does not have actual GA per 60 4 on 5.
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