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  1. I called them after I sent my earlier post. Apparently someone cancelled my order even though it's marked as paid. They don't know why it was cancelled, but they're sending it out today. Are these state employees?
  2. Looks like the two NF area bridges are cheaper. Peace Bridge is $8US. https://www.peacebridge.com/index.php/autos-passenger-vehicles/tolls On a side note, I still haven't received anything in the mail from EZ-Pass. Am I supposed to get a sticker or something or do they just recognize my license plate?
  3. You have some young adult men carrying out sexual assaults, then the young adult men should be responsible... Not HC. Is it possible the victim(s) initially went after the alleged perps, but HC came in to protect their holier than thou young superstars? If so I'm pi$$ed given all the dues I've paid over the years! Or did the victim go after the HC cash cow? If I'm in charge at HC, I'm defending myself fully on this matter and making it clear she should be going after the players. I'm also making a clear example out of the players and wouldn't use a shred of time or money to protect their identities.
  4. I think baseball has hockey beat as far as the crapshoot factor goes.
  5. He's next on my list after Bjork.
  6. The correct answer is Bjork.
  7. Crosby for a long time was the face of the league. He's probably still the most respected player in the league given all the new blood that grew up watching him. Kane's always been a one of the best skilled wingers in the game, but had a checkered reputation and has always been a notch behind Ovi and Sid.
  8. I live in Canada. There's no need for ez Pass here other then when I'm crossing a bridge into the USA or Grand Island, or using the Thruway once or twice a year to go to the Adirondacks.
  9. Just a PSA on how much border crossings have shot up in price. Apparently it's still $4US on EZ Pass. I just ordered mine. Any word on what Rainbow or Queenston-Lewiston are going for these days? Does anyone know if there's a backstory behind the price hike?
  10. I don't think any of those big 4 were highly regarded outside of the Sabres fanbase. As someone that only saw their scoresheets, I never understood the hype. Once I actually saw Bailey and Baptiste play, you could see the tools were there... they just couldn't figure out how to use them. That's where Bjork sits today and will likely soon be out of the league.
  11. When we were high in the Tim Murray days, he foolishly traded a lot of the prospects away. Besides, I don't think we had anyway near the volume of prospects we do now. It was Eichel and Reinhart that had us so high.
  12. I don't recall ever being this optimistic though since the Eichel draft. And in that case it was all about Eichel. Never can I remember so many good prospects. We've got potential star level prospects (Power, Quinn, Levi, etc), potential NHL regular candidates (JJP, Savoie, Krebs, Samuelsson, etc), and we have a ton of wildcards... more than I can ever recall that could make the jump to NHL regular or star status. Obviously, not every prospect will stay on the path they're on (for better or worse), but our cupboard is so well stocked that statistically, the odds for a few players to break out is really in our favour.
  13. I'm 46 and think 99.9% printers are a complete waste. I'm not an eco guy either... But they're a remnant of the old world. At work, there's a generational divide, those that print and those that don't. As a 46yo, I'm happy to be on the young side.
  14. Same here. Same few people controlling the narrative of every thread. I got out and reported my experience to the board admin. Not sure if they cared or not, but since then, I see this board seems to be gaining popularity as opposed to their Sabres page shrinking.
  15. I give this guy a 0 on the credibility score for naming Portillo, UPL, and Leinenon as our top goalie prospects, but forgetting the guy who's quite possibly our top prospect right now at any position. 🙄
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