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  1. Or just play the stick game on their top players. Marchand might want his ankles for the playoffs! 🤪
  2. I thought if he's still under contract as an assistant next year (sorry, I don't know his status), he can't walk away to become a HC unless the Sabres give permission to do so. Is that right?
  3. I just watched his goals again. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I'd say the answer is probably the most obvious answer... he just doesn't like the people posing the questions.
  4. I thought Reinhart was being a total jerk. I get that you don't like them personally, but there are a lot of fans tuning in to hear something better than that. Deal with it off camera instead.
  5. I think the general feel is that Granato is doing way better than could be expected given the team he has to work with... And the chances of finding a guy that could do even better than what we've seen so far is very low. There's still a bunch of games left to continue to evaluate.
  6. Don't you want to give Granato any credit for taking a shell of a lineup and having them compete well against some of the best teams in the league? I realistically don't think any available coach could have done better.
  7. The elephant the room is that Granato's team lost 18 in a row prior to him taking the team.
  8. He's at the age of decline, but can we sign Nick Foligno to the FA1 spot above for decent term and price? I'm thinking he could be the mentor Staal never was. Maybe his dad would talk him into taking a team friendly contract???
  9. Skinner Eichel Reinhart FA1 Cozens Olofsson Asplund Mittelstadt Thompson Ruots Girgs Bjork Scratch:Okposo, FA2 -FA1 is a defensively responsible playmaker that can PK. -FA2 is the grit guy that gets limited starts. -Ruots and Bjork fill in on lines 1-3 for injuries -Peterka starts the year in ROC and either him or Quinn replace Girgs at the trade deadline IF ready
  10. This is the best quote I've read since regularly visiting this site. Thanks for this. It really keeps things in perspective.
  11. In my opinion, Granato is as good as it gets for this team. I'm curious, who you think might be better, and why? If Trotz was available, that would probably be a good answer. Besides him, I'm not sure if I know any coaches on the market with a long track record of taking a roster, and making it better. Though I don't have all the data in front of me, I'd say all of their successes have come at times when they're working with world class rosters. Maybe not... What do you think?
  12. Do you know how many crummy Sabre teams made heroic runs in March/April only to suck again in October? I think it's different this time than all the years you're talking about. In those cases, you just saw a not too bad veteran team getting hot. In this case, you see a coach taking a long list of seemingly dead prospects, and turning them into legit NHL players in a matter of weeks... and doing so with a depleted veteran core.
  13. And the risk of Eakin and the other washed up vets going back to getting prime minutes.
  14. Spotted somewhere just outside Winnipeg...
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