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  1. Do you think Shannon reads Sabrespace? Or is this stuff really that universal?
  2. But was that every shootout? Or did that just cherry pick the ones where he went in that way?
  3. Who's got two thumbs and is on the NHL's front page this morning?
  4. I can see Krebs coming off the bench but I bet it will be at Hinostroza's expense, which is a mistake. Mitts should sit.
  5. So an NHL goalie can't make that save but Devon Levi can? Nice. 😎 For some reason I thought he was a center. Silly me.
  6. I sent a Facebook message to Ed to ask if he can have the Sabres on one of the TVs. I'm not sure if they have ESPN+ or not but I suspect they do.
  7. This Sabres game is one I likely won't watch live. I'll be at Buffalo Bros watching the Bills. I may keep track of the Sabres on the phone but I wouldn't count on it. If Buffalo Bros has ESPN+ maybe they can put it on one of the TVs.
  8. That's a 2-minute minor at the 5:00 minute mark of the period.
  9. I think he's been practicing that move because in the postgame interview Cozens said he knew what Quinn was going to do.
  10. Not the most talent but works hard, plays fast, plays smart, and cleans up mistakes. It almost seems like he's been playing with them for years already. They just mesh well.
  11. Yeah, Mitts is definitely losing the room, so to speak.
  12. They're all pulling on the rein. Cozens is the perfect center for them though.
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