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  1. Bounceback season. 20 goals. Book it. Will win the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy.
  2. There are lots of things I've forgotten. I could never forget this song, though, because it certainly describes us as a couple. If you're a bad person for anything, it's for not picking the right song to begin with. Chalk it up to inexperience and move on. ✨
  3. I read that as the "desire not to commit long" is on Dahlin's part. But maybe that's because I've been a Sabres fan too long and used to getting kicked in the head.
  4. But what I came in here to post was this video. It came up on my Pandora mellow rock station. Most of my wedding day is a blur but this song takes me right back to my first dance with Mrs. Doohickie It brings back all the feels. And looking back on 37+ years of marriage, it's come to pass just as the song tells... almost like livin' a dream.
  5. I just learned this was a thing... this guy makes videos to go with the song every year, releases it on 9/21, and uses it to raise money for charity.
  6. Telecon fun: I was called into a meeting through my computer when I got a junk text about selling my timeshare on my phone. I don't have a timeshare. I was bored though, so I flooded the message with gif replies until he blocked me.
  7. Good. low expectations. Historically when this team has thrived it has done so from the position of an underdog.
  8. "Now turn your head and cough, John." Winning is all the resolution I need.
  9. That is information we will never know. Ever. What were the other offers in the ROR trade? If a team makes an offer and it isn't accepted, it's not like it gets documented somewhere. It is, at best, hearsay and even among people in the room I bet there would be differences in memory.
  10. Personally I wouldn't "announce" that Eichel is no longer the captain. I would simply rotate A's around during preseason and name a new captain at the start of the season. Leave the door open for Eichel if he somehow manages to get well, but not waiting around for him if he's out long term. It's not about Eichel losing the captaincy, it's about the current team on the ice and its leadership. Making a formal announcement that Eich is no longer C is just stoking the sideshow. Further thought: At this point Eichel is likely not part of the team for the long term, but if there's a chance he is maybe you avoid putting a C on another player's sweater to leave the door open for him. But you can also spin it as doing it because the coaching staff wants to see someone actually demonstrate their leadership before being given the C.
  11. I like everything about this post except for the exclamation points.
  12. He's gonna be traded. Told KA he doesn't want to be here. Just a thought, haven't seen a report anywhere.
  13. Monarch butterflies riding the end-of-summer cold front:
  14. I like Marty... Duffer not so much. But if the show is supposed to be The Instigators those two are just not the right timber for the assignment.
  15. Fall was always my favorite season (in the times before pumpkin spice came to dominate the landscape). Fall arrived in Texas this morning. It was over 100 yesterday, today it's barely 80 and breezy with on-and-off cloud cover. Very nice.
  16. I don't. It's a bunch of gossip. I haven't been. I peek in just to see if there's anything going on and it's a bunch of old biddies arguing about who likes whom.
  17. So when you said - It's not like the surgery is brand new.... has been successfully performed on Peyton, where you talking about the ADR or the ACDF? I'm confused.
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