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  1. She seems like she's.... well, not over the hump yet, but progressing. I noticed she actually rolled over in her sleep last night. She's been sleeping flat on her back since the surgery. I take it as a good sign that she feels well enough to roll over. I will admit to this forum (but not to her) that I'm a little slow in responding and a little lax in helping her move. I want her to do it herself. She can be impatient and stubborn; I try to use those characteristics of per personality to motivate her.
  2. Really, the biggest complaint I have is that it's out-patient surgery. My wife likes that; she'd rather be home. But I'm not a nurse and don't really do medical care well, and especially for the first day or two after the surgery I felt fully unqualified to determine if her pain was just the expected boo-boo or if it meant her leg was going to fall off.
  3. That's okay, I had a whole argument with @SwampD only to get down to the point where he realized that Kane will be a free agent in July 2023 regardless of whether the Hawks trade him (unless he signs before then). My gut feel is that there will be some talks between the teams, but that Adams won't pull the trigger unless it's a sweet deal for the Sabres. He will, however, use the trade negotiations to determine the parameters for a Kane contract for next summer. I don't know how Kevyn views Kane. I know that he stresses character and Kane has some antics on his permanent record. So maybe he's not really at all interested in Kane. Even if he *is* interested in acquiring him, I don't think he will be looking to Kane to be a major part of the team's future, just a complementary piece. As such I don't expect him to spend a crap-ton of assets to acquire him.
  4. With her first knee replacement, we were really in that territory. It was weird AF. The second time around, the pain is the same, but there is a better familiarity with the process which seems to make it easier to get through it (definitely for me, seems that way for her). For instance, she ran a low fever the first time around and we were pretty freaked out. This time she ran a low fever most of yesterday and we just monitored it and today it's come down. We have a better sense of the thresholds to watch out for. Another indication that the second time is easier to deal with: the first time she was taking the maximum pain killers as soon as she could. This time she's taking fewer pain pills and at greater intervals.
  5. Or, they trade him this off-season and he decides to re-up with the team he gets traded to. A lot of people seem to be assuming it’s now or next off-season but there’s no guarantee he’s free next year. Yep. Covered that in the bolded part.
  6. He will be moved by then but will still be a free agent next July. If you can't be financially secure at $6 million x 6 year contract, you need help.
  7. In July of 2023 Kane will be available as a FA unless he re-signs with Chicago or is traded by Chicago and signs with his new club. But... if his goal is to finish his career in his hometown the Sabres could sign him next summer without giving up any assets. Sure, maybe Chicago trades him at the deadline but the Sabres could still sign him during free agency the following summer.
  8. Really? Were you privy to the negotiations?
  9. I view the Red Wings as a "comparable" team to the Sabres. Both with a young core, both with a patient rebuild. I noticed this article speculating on Wings FA targets. What I take away from it is that, if these signings are accurate, Yzerman is following the same strategy as Adams in terms of bringing in supplemental players that won't block the new young core. https://www.wingingitinmotown.com/2022/6/24/23180001/steve-yzerman-red-wings-nhl-free-agency-candidates But seriously... Will Butcher???
  10. So... the Kevyn Adams path to the GMship.
  11. Tell me you're old without telling me you're old.
  12. And the end of the first day. She really is doing much better and much faster than with the first knee replacement. The first time she was barely making it from one dose of pain medication to the next. Now.... she's definitely sore but not in the wracking pain that she had the first time. She's also moving around much better than she was on the first day. A humorous aside: earlier, her water glass was out of her reach so she picked up an emery board and pointed it at the glass and said, "LEVIOSA!!!" like a Harry Potter wizard trying to conjur a spell to bring her the water. She was really pissed off that it wasn't working and asked me to do the spell and I told her it wouldn't work. She harrumphed and said, "You didn't tell me you were a stupid muggle when I married you!" Then she wanted my son to come in and do it but it didn't work and she said, "We can practice tomorrow." On the heals of that she called her mom and her sister and niece were at her mom's house. She told her niece (who has a son), "Make sure when Linc gets his letter from Hogwarts, that you let him go." Ah, the effects of anesthesia 😄 At this point she's much more lucid and like I said, much more mobile than she was at the end of Day 1 with the new knee in her other leg that she got a year and a half ago.
  13. I saw something on Twitter that said she was improving, citing a family member... let me see if I can find it. Actually it's from the time when the announcement came out so isn't necessarily progress since then. I thought I saw something else but this might have been it.
  14. She's out of surgery and in recovery. In Waiting Room news, Kelly And Ryan is insidiously awful television.
  15. Some kind thoughts/prayers for my wife would be welcome; she's getting her knee replaced today.
  16. I was trying to decide if this should be posted in the NHL thread or should get its own thread. Having seen the thread title you came up with.... definitely threadworthy.
  17. And I have to say: I trust Kevyn to do this more so than any other GM of the Pegula era.
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