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  1. I have some family in Rochester that said the beginning where as I stated, then the back room came into play. I can in no way verify his $3,000.00 company start up first 2 years. I/they can be completely wrong. He may have been the fore front of all back room payroll and tax reporting from the very beginning.
  2. year GP G A P +/- 17-18 78 42 56 98 16 18-19 68 21 51 72 -25 19-20 55 25 49 74 7 20-21 33 8 20 28 -4 21-22 41 20 22 42 -10 His last really good year was 17-18 and previous to that he was oft injured back to 11-12 but was dominate when he played. I can't look at 20-21 and try to compare it to anything so I lined it out. Unless he really has a great summer training/rehabbing I believe his stats will continue as we have seen for the last 3 full seasons. https://www.nhl.com/player/evgeni-malkin-8471215 You can look at his full stats for his last 5 games played. Crosby got hurt and his minutes greatly increased for the next 2 games, then they dropped right back down for the last game. He is a Wiley old veteran that will give you all he has when the team needs it the most, but I'm sure his excellent days will be at best sporadic for the rest of his career.
  3. He's a shell of what he did/could do just a couple years ago. That knee(?) injury has cost him a lot.
  4. Now that makes total sense as to how you not only knew about the book but also got a copy without me worrying about your sanity.
  5. He made his money in the check cashing business. Cashed checks and made a lot of money doing it to the people that could least afford it and then got lucky when he took a chance on a hockey team. He is what he is. OSP sums him up. Thank you for sharing. I'm surprised anyone would actually read a book about him.
  6. I'll bet it's a two year two way contract. He'll bring another level of competition for the bottom pairing for the Sabres or top pairing for the Americs. I hope they sign him.
  7. I think a corner has been turned when the Brysons of the league are no longer viewed as an upgrade to previous players and are looked at as good depth signings.
  8. Right where it's always been, half way between Toronto and Vancouver and just north of some town nobody ever heard of in North Dakota. AKA, the middle of no where.
  9. They have to rebuild. The paid the price to stay competitive for so long, giving out all their draft capital. It also doesn't appear they hit well on any off their latter round picks. It's going to be a while before their prospect pool fills back up.
  10. If it's a full on tank (Kane and Toews are gone) it will mirror the Sabres. They don't have a nice stash of high end prospects already stored up. It will take years for this draft and the next draft to see the fruits of their picks. Darcy said it best. It will happen to Chicago.
  11. When they're so young and so many what ifs it seems KA gravitates to high motor, hockey smarts and team players. He certainly is not worried about height and weight.
  12. Chicago is getting ammo for a full on rebuild. Ottawa is doing something.
  13. It also screams not a 1 year tank and turn around for Chicago. They are burning it down and starting over on a multi year plan.
  14. RFA at the end of 22-23 season. Just can't see him signing anything but a short term bridge deal to get to UFA staus.
  15. It's all moot now that Ottawa traded for DeBrincat.
  16. DeBrincat won't be able to get out of there fast enough. Huge win for Chicago.
  17. What KA tried to do here is weaponize his cap space. He has it and almost landed a goalie and a draft pick. This is what I've wanted him to do. This is great news to me.
  18. If we got Murray and even their second round pick, we can send the second round pick for a trade for another goalie. Would LA take a 39th overall pick in trade for Quick?
  19. You get a draft pick and a goalie that is still serviceable (Anderson numbers) and term that fit's perfect with the rebuild. I don't care what his salary is this year or next so this was a good fit for the Sabres. It still gives us a shot at a #1 goalie.
  20. But which team? The only teams willing to take him on for the draft capital will either be young (Sabres) or in some form of tanking process.
  21. See the bold by GoBills. It's a rumor with a lot of meat on the bone.
  22. There is not one team that is good that will take him. Murray is a cap dump. Only bad teams have the extra cap space to take his contract. He's a choosy beggar.
  23. No. I think today? I really don't remember it yesterday. I also don't remember what I ate yesterday. The whole selection bar has changed. I gave you the puke mouth only because I never remembered that. Ever. Not sure if the puke mouth goes on your permanent record and you won't get in college or something. Those in the know please advise and I will remove it if it causes untold harm to the recipient.
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