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  1. I can’t decide if he is McCabe 2.0 or will develop into something more.
  2. No better way to gain experience than playing. As we have learned from DG's shift of TnT to center, he has a pretty good handle on who should be playing center and who shouldn't. I've come to trust DG's judgement in that regard. I also doubt Stastny would come here without a nearly guaranteed spot in the starting 12. KA has made it pretty clear that slow and steady wins the rebuild. He is going to give Mitts, Cozens and Krebs every chance to prove they are NHL centers before seeking outside help. Could this organization use more veteran depth at center? Certainly. Would I like to see Bjork kicked to the curb and replaced by a center willing to take on a depth role to stay in the NHL. Sure. Do I think it will happen. Doubtful. As to Rochester, I agree their isn't enough depth there, but I think the plan is to see where Rosen and Kulich are before making a move there. I believe KA wants Rosen in Rochester and will give him a shot at center. I also believe management wants to see if Kulich is Rochester ready and if he is, then they'll give him a center job as well. Ultimately your Rochester centers could be Malone, Rosen, Kulich and Pekar with Biro moved back to his natural LW slot.
  3. I'm hoping for 45 games with Ullmark level play. The other 37 will go to Anderson 25, UPL 10 and Subban 2. Sadly the goaltending in the other 37 will be sub par.
  4. Hutchinson hasn't come through in the NHL recently, but his first 3 seasons in WPG were decent to excellent and the one season Comrie and he shared the net in the AHL, Hutchinson was the much better goalie. Looking at what Hutchinson has devolved to today, isn't what the brass saw in WPG while both he, Comrie and Hellebuyck came through the system.
  5. Last I looked the current lineup has 6 players with center experience in the NHL - TnT, Mitts, Cozens, Krebs, Girgensons and Asplund. 4 of those guys will be lining up at center. Where is this unknown center playing? Where is my math wrong? Also Malone's play last year earned him the role filled by Jankowski last year.
  6. Comrie ran into the buzz saw developmentally behind two better prospects in Hellebuyck and Hutchinson. What’s UPL’s excuse.
  7. That’s fair. It’s one of the reasons I’m not 100% on the KA train. I agree with you that this team with a few adjustments could be competing for the playoffs next season. I would have dumped Girgensons for a decent proven center. I would brought in 2 good D. I also would have signed Comrie and another proven goalie instead of Anderson. Sadly that is the road KA decided to travel.
  8. Comrie has always been better. Comrie’s worst AHL season was his first with a 3.12 gaa. He has never had a save% in the A below .900. UPL has never had an AHL season below 3.15 or better than .900. I would be great if UPL could somehow turn the corner, but after hearing Biron discuss UPL’s short comings I have kind of lost faith in him ever taking that next step.
  9. Eakin has already been replaced. Girgensons or Asplund or Cozens step into that role opening up a wing slot for Quinn or JJP. Eakin played that many games because he was the 2nd best JAG on the team after Vinnie and the teams starting 4th line center. Guys like Jankowski, Hayden, Caggiula and Bjork also spent most of the season in the lineup. Now Vinnie and Bjork are at best the teams 13th and 14th forwards and the rest are gone. The top 12 forwards are TNT, Mitts, Cozens, Tuch, Skinner, KO, Krebs, Asplund, Girgensons, JJP, Quinn and VO. Again who are you sitting for the unknown C? I said in the off-season thread that I’d move on from Girgensons and replace him with a legit 3/4 center to take the pressure off Cozens and Krebs some, but that isn’t the road that KA chose this summer. Instead KA chose to stick with his kids and locker room leadership. I don’t see that changing. I also think management likes what Malone brings and envisions him as the emergency center. PS I’d be thrilled if they dumped Bjork asap That isn’t KA’s philosophy at this point. This is developmental year 2.0.
  10. What journeyman? If you are getting a new center the goal is for them to play in the top 12. That means someone like Asplund or Girgensons isn’t playing.
  11. As I’ve asked before when we discuss adding another forward, who are you sending down or out?
  12. https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/sabres/thompson-isnt-satisfied-with-good-2021-22-season-wants-more This article is about Thompson, but the early paragraphs about Granato makes it even more clear that we somehow found the right man to coach this team. Still not 100% on the KA train, but DG, I'm all in.
  13. I hear they are going to hire Ralph Krueger to fix the program and motivate the kids.
  14. We have had long discussions on Savoie and Kulich, but Östlund seems to have fallen through the cracks a little bit. He reminds me of Krebs 2.0 and that is not a bad thing. We have goal scorers, but outside of Krebs and maybe Mitts, we really don't have many pure playmakers to get our scorers like Quinn, VO and TNT the puck. Anyway, NHL.com has a nice write up on Östlund. https://www.nhl.com/news/noah-Östlund-evolving-with-buffalo-sabres-keeps-improving/c-335144848
  15. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2022/08/03/vin-scully-call-called-buffalo-bills-win-los-angeles-rams/ Scully calling a Bills OT win over the Rams.
  16. He also called golf and football. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/08/03/vin-scully-dodgers-broadcaster.html
  17. I agree. I don’t see KA rushing Kulich or Östlund. Whether he goes to the Q so that the Sabres can monitor his progress easily or he goes home for a season, one of those solutions is more likely outcome. That said it’s not impossible to believe he’ll have a great camp and force the Sabres hand. He was my favorite draft pick and I think he’s going to be an excellent pro. His international track record is excellent and he was solid in a mens league in Germany. The one guy I can see being a little rushed is Savoie. Because of his age if he doesn’t make the Sabres, he’ll have to spend the next 2 years in the WHL. I suspect he’ll dominate this next season in Winnipeg and then make the Sabres the following year.
  18. https://www.quanthockey.com/ahl/en/player-age/19-year-old-ahl-players.html
  19. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/legendary-mlb-broadcaster-vin-scully-dies-at-age-94/ I have been a Braves fan most of my life, but I think the best MLB announcer I ever heard was Vin Scully. I'm very sad to read that he has passed away.
  20. I never said Peterka was 18. Actually it was his (JJP) 19 year old season according to the AHL stats, and that season put him in the top 10 in AHL history for 19 year olds. What JJP accomplish is very rare and most 19 year olds also don't fare well in the A. History says it's even harder on 18 year olds to prosper in the A. I honestly don't think right now that the A is the best place for Kulich. Management will certainly have the opportunity in camp to make an informed evaluation on where Kulich needs to go during camp. Certainly Kulich can be sent back to Europe for another year. It worked for Peterka and that may be the best. However if they want him in NA to monitor his progress than it's between the Q and the A.
  21. Yes and no. Many of the developmental players in the A are 25+ and have over 3 years of pro experience. In addition 1/3 of the skaters in the league are in the late 20’s or 30’s. This is a mens league which is why what JJP accomplished is so rare. Historically 18 year olds don’t prosper in the AHL. The Sabres have no reason to rush this kid and it won’t hurt him to learn to play NA hockey is a league where he’d be in the middle of the leagues’ age group, be a kid that gets to play in all situations and hopefully dominate the league. They can also call him up.
  22. Until we actually have goaltending as good as Ullmark, failing to re-sign Ullmark will remain KA’s biggest error and goaltending will remain this team’s Achilles’ Heel. I have hope for Comrie, but hope and a prayer isn’t enough.
  23. Ullmark’s last year in Buffalo was a 2.63 with a .917. Anderson last season was a 3.12 with a .897. That’s making the goaltending worse, and unless Comrie comes through the goaltending is still worse. I agree with @PerreaultForever, without good goaltending, there is no way to become a contending squad and I don’t understand a rebuild philosophy that downgrades the goaltending in a vain hope that a prospect will save the day. Secure good goaltending and if the prospect wrestles away the starting job all the better.
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