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  1. You forgot to circle the 3 goals they scored on the PP. The goaltender needs to be your best PKer and our goalies stink.
  2. There is no one literally that can’t be traded. Even Wayne Gretzky got traded, but KA now has core group that he will invest in of Dahlin, Samuelsson, Power on defense, Skinner, Tuch, TnT, Cozens, Quinn and JJP at forward. Now he has to decide how to make the rest of the roster competitive especially in goal.
  3. Mitts and VO were very good in the second half of the season 5 on 5 and Mitts for his career has scored most of his goals and assists 5 on 5. Something is clearly wrong. Maybe part of it is bad defense and goaltending. I'm not sure the forwards could have done anything to prevent the 2 goals scored when Mitts and VO were out there. That said, they aren't creating enough in offense to offset any mistakes made on defense. One option is to try Krebs in the middle between Mitts and VO. Krebs is a playmaker. Maybe that responsibility will get all of them going? The other option is to find a physical player to create space for VO and Mitts to find opportunities. I'm not sure who that is? Girgensons maybe? It might look something like the following: Skinner TnT Tuch JJP Cozens Quinn Girgensons Mitts VO (or Mitts Girgensons VO) Asplund Jost KO If DG goes this route, send Krebs down?
  4. For me personally or for KA? Tuch is the poster child for someone who wants to be here. Robertson; Dallas isn’t trading Robertson for any price. As to JJP, I view him as a potential pt a game player once he physically matures or sooner. He’s our Point or Aho.
  5. Yes and in any deal, but obviously the better or more potential the forward the higher the price. Obviously Dahlin, Power and Samuelsson are also unavailable.
  6. Thompson, Tuch, JJP. Cozens and Quinn are completely unavailable at any price. I’m sure KA would listen to the rest of the forwards.
  7. It's not like the Sabres weren't upfront with him when they signed him. He was told that Rochester was a real possibility and that if he went there he'd was supposed to be part of the leadership group to mentor the kids. I understand he wants to play in the NHL and he thinks he has more to contribute then say Krebs. However his best seasons are behind him. He is a 20 pt guy at best. Krebs put up 22 in half a season last year. I'd play Krebs also. He's only 21 and needs experience. The Sabres need to find out what they have in Krebs. Sheahan is a known bottom 6 player with zero upside.
  8. Regardless of price what would the Sabres be getting and where would he fit in the lineup? He has size and has good offensive instincts. We certainly can use the size and the added transition. He is a L shoot D, who can play the right side as well. He has also often being injured in his career. Given the Sabres recent luck with D injuries is this a risk we even want to take? So lets assume for arguments sake that KA actually makes the deal. Where does he play? Does he replace Jokiharju as Power's linemate or does he anchor the 3rd pairing and play with Lyubushkin? If they plan is to upgrade Bryson, then the price is way to high. If the plan is to demote Joki to play with Lyubushkin, then the price is ok, but I'm not a fan of the D pairings being L/L, L/L, R/R. Back in 2011 when Burns (along with a 2nd) was traded, he had established himself as a superior offensive D with 17g 29a the year he was traded. SJ gave up Setagochi (a former 8th overall pick) with 3 decent seasons under his belt, Charlie Coyle, a top prospect and a 1st rd pick. Chychrun has had one season similar to Burns, but has mostly been a 20-25 pt player. He isn't worth 3 major pieces, but if 3 pieces are what they need, a lottery protected 1st in 2023, Krebs and Bryson. If they want more, a 2nd rd pick needs to be coming back like in the Burns deal.
  9. This whole thread is probably moot anyway. How likely is it that KA would make a bold acquisition by trading away some of his precious picks or prospects? 2%?
  10. Actually they are going to need a replacement for Chychrun in the lineup. Bryson needs to be included in the deal. A top 10 protected 1st in 2023, Östlund, Bryson, the rights to Johnson (or the second we get if he doesn’t sign) and a 2nd in 2024. If Johnson signs, that would be 3 1st rd picks for Chychrun, plus a 2nd and a depth NHL D. That 5 pieces. If he doesn’t sign, it is still 5 pieces but 2 1sts and 2nds and a depth D. That’s more then he is worth. I’d go as far as swapping Krebs for Johnson.
  11. No, no and no. I'm not moving JJP (or Quinn) under any circumstances. A top 10 protected 2023 1st, Östlund, the rights to Johnson and a 2nd in 2024 would be plenty.
  12. I've heard this argument forever and it doesn't hold water. Lyubushkin signed here. Comrie signed here. Tuch was thrilled to get traded here. Okposo wanted to be here. Vinnie wanted to stay etc.... The Sabres have three major things going for them. Money, opportunity, and proximity to Canada. They also have a coach players respect and a talented young team with guys like Power, Dahlin, Tuch, Tnt who other players want to play with. If KA had seriously wanted to find 1 or 2 more veteran D to play a depth role here he'd have found them. In addition, there has been and always will be a trade market. Sometimes you have to acquire someone outside free agency or the draft to fill roster holes. KA knew full well that Fitz and Pilut were not adequate depth.
  13. Jost? With the addition of Jost and the eventual return of Asplund, the Sabres would be at 14 forwards. Tnt's line, Cozens' kids line, VO, Mitts, Z, Jost, KO, Krebs, Vinnie and Asplund. Where does that leave Sheahan? The answer is stuck in Rochester.
  14. https://thehockeywriters.com/nhl-waiver-rules/ https://buffalonews.com/sports/sabres/sabres-move-to-terminate-riley-sheahans-contract-for-declining-to-join-amerks/article_17fb828e-6e79-11ed-b9c6-e3c98fe64f7e.html Since Sheahan refused to go back to the Amerks, like Bogo did a few years ago, the Sabres can use this process to terminate his contract and only owe up to the date he was placed on waivers. This makes Sheahan a UFA and he can re-sign elsewhere.
  15. Considering these are the only 4 teams deserving of a shot to win the thing, why exactly does college football need a 12 team playoffs besides money?
  16. GA, Michigan and TCU take care of business. USC makes a statement. Clemson, LSU, and OSU lay an egg and Oregon choked. CFP top 4 have to be GA, Michigan, TCU and USC. Is there anyone else with a claim? OSU? Alabama? I don’t think so. Tenn beat Bama, shouldn’t they be ranked ahead of them?
  17. 5-1 LV in the 3rd. LV had 35 shots in the 1st 2 periods. ROC has 9 for the game.
  18. I agree on the commercials. It’s worse when the teams score fast, like in the Michigan vs OSU game. All those fast scores lead to way to many commericals.
  19. Rivalry week is here Top games - Michigan vs OSU; ND vs USC other key games - Purude vs IU - If Purdue wins they may go to the Big 10 championship game. Ga vs Tech & TCU vs Iowa St - teams trying to stay unbeaten. Clemson vs SC - Clemson needs to win to stay in the CFP contention, but SC just beat Tenn. Oregon (9-2) vs Oregon St (8-3) - should be a fun game to watch. Kansas St vs Kansas - K St win gets K St into Big 12 championship vs TCU. Tulane vs Cinn - winner goes to a big bowl game. Lastly Bama vs Auburn in a game that once meant something.
  20. No one is asking for change. No one is asking for KA to move core players out or to toss out rebuild plan 3.0. All we are asking for is intelligent management to support the team when obvious holes in the lineup occur either through injury or poor performance. Is that really too much to ask from the fans who have suffered through terrible teams for over a decade, when the team has a playoff caliber offense, 15 plus million in cap space, but mediocre defense and goaltending?
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