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  1. A young physical D is harder to replace than a middle level winger.
  2. I would go with 8 players and protect Risto as the 4th D, and expose Thompson, Bjork, and Olofsson. Any one of them can be replaced easier than Risto as a veteran D, who also would have greater trade value if it comes to that. Ruotsalainen can replace Olofsson as the PP sniper if needed.
  3. Looks like the B’ham Devils couldn’t meet New Jersey demands, and will be moving to Utica. Vancouver will likely relocate their affiliate out west. https://thesinbin.net/binghamton-devils-to-be-relocated/
  4. In the WGR postgame Paul did say afterwards that one of the other interviewed players “gave a coherent answer, unlike Sam who mumbled his answer”.
  5. He was just following the process of passing his post-Covid antibodies to make sure her defense was set.
  6. They might need to call up Dalton Smith just in case the Bruins keep taking cheap shots at the Sabres.
  7. Dallas claims Sami Vatanen off waivers from NJ. Ottawa claims Victor Mete off waivers.
  8. Paul’s standard is that a goalie has to make a couple of key saves every game to save his team. With a good team those key saves may never be needed.
  9. Probably a good backup on a good team.
  10. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but Hall had a no trade clause. He could have told Adams he would only accept a trade to an east coast or division team to reduce quarantine time or travel. Just a possibility.
  11. Leafs acquire F Riley Nash from Blue Jackets for conditional seventh-rounder. Avalanche acquire D Patrik Nemeth from Red Wings for fourth-round pick.
  12. It’s necessary because of salary cap issues at least until they can trade one of the bigger contracts like Hall.
  13. They didn’t blow the penalty call. It’s not a penalty if the high stick is the result of the follow through from shooting the puck, which it was.
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