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  1. It could be a step in the process of freeing up a winger to be traded as part of a deal for a center.
  2. Why Hasek, not Robert for the French Connection?
  3. Finished Love, Death, and Robots on Netflix. Like an animated version of Black Mirror, futuristic and sci-fi, but more explicit. NSFW or kids. Each episode is self contained with its own animation style, and 10-15 minutes long. Most are serious but a couple are funny. My favorite was when yougurt took over the world. Like a Rick & Morty episode. If you like Black Mirror you’ll like it.
  4. Finished Black Summer on Netflix. If you like zombie genre you should watch. Fast paced and lots of action. Now catching up on the final season of Veep on HBO. Still good until the end.
  5. Of the 46 NWHL games in 2018-19, 16 drew sold-out crowds – setting a new league record. The average attendance of the 46 games was 954. 2018-19 season average attendance: Minnesota: 1,200 Buffalo: 1,101 Riveters: 721 Boston: 706 Connecticut: 423 I don’t know how they expect to get more money with those crowd sizes.
  6. NHL: Buffalo - Aud & KBC, Atlanta - Phillips, Dallas - Reunion, Tampa Bay - Fairgrounds (1st game ever) NBA: Buffalo - Aud, Dallas - Reunion, Milwaukee -MECCA Arena MLB: Montreal - Olympic, Houston - Astrodome, Philly - Veterans, Milwaukee - County Stadium NFL: Buffalo - Rich (1st game ever), Green Bay - Milwaukee County Stadium, Houston - Astrodome NCAA Basketball - Marquette - MECCA Arena College hockey - Clarkson College football - Syracuse - Carrier Dome, UB - Bailey Ave stadium
  7. And the losing has now flowed down to Cincinnati ECHL who lost game 1 of 2nd round to Toledo 3-2. Cincy tied it with 2 minutes left in 3rd, and then gave up the gamewinner in the last minute.
  8. Syracuse shut out by Cleveland 3-0. The top two teams in the division were swept.
  9. I guess we’re left with Cincinnati in the ECHL who won their 1st round series, and start the 2nd round Thursday vs Toledo.
  10. I’m guessing Arya uses the spear to kill the ice dragon.
  11. 5 AHL playoff games tonight, and only one home team won, Bridgeport, and that was in double OT.
  12. Cleveland won in Syracuse 5-3.
  13. Belleville still fighting for playoffs. Tied with Cleveland for 4th. Both play today.
  14. League has to make sure those big city teams are in the playoffs for ratings. Botts will take either of the centers from the US development program.
  15. Teams I prefer get the 1st pick: Buffalo, LA, Florida, Arizona. Teams I can’t stand getting the 1st pick: Edmonton, Rangers, Philly, Montreal
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