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  1. They offered Carrier so Vegas wouldn’t take Ullmark. The only one of those I wanted to keep was DLo. But their issue isn’t forechecking, it’s playing soft in the D zone, especially in front of the net, and that’s on the D men.
  2. If Housley sits McCabe but plays Scandella, he should be fired before Doug Allen points to the veteran.
  3. pastajoe

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    He’s seen that Housley likes how Scandella plays, so Nelson figures it will get him called up.
  4. pastajoe

    The State of the Sabres' Union is _________.

  5. pastajoe

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    On the plus side, ECHL Cincinnati won a SO tonight and has the most points in the Western Conference, one off the league lead. They also have the least goals against in the league with Johansson and Houser in goal. I would expect one of them to be in Rochester next season.
  6. pastajoe

    Beaulieu has requested a Trade

    If when I finally got a chance to play I had to partner with Scandella, I’d request a trade too.
  7. Like the colors, hate the design. Just go back to the early 80s version.
  8. pastajoe

    World Juniors

    Finns scored with 1:26 left to win 3-2. Ukko wins gold.
  9. The ROR trade was more about moving salary and a defeatist attitude, and to allow Eichel to take the lead of the team. The Blues has less wins and goals than the Sabres, so it hasn’t worked out for them. Tage will get better, and remember the 1st round pick we got which could be moved for an immediate asset by next year. Who knew Bergland would bail.
  10. The Sabres have a 1st line and 3 4th lines.
  11. It would be poetic justice if Lehner plays and the game goes to a shootout.
  12. pastajoe

    CJ Smith recalled from Rochester

    Housley will sit him unless someone gets injured in warmup.
  13. pastajoe

    GDT - Sabres at Blues - December 27, 2018 - 8:00 PM

    When the season started most of us would have been happy with an average team that was in the playoff hunt. We got a bit spoiled by the streak. Clearly Botts still has work to do through trades or call ups to get some scoring depth.
  14. Was in town to visit family, so my son and I went to the game for the first time in a few years. Sat in the very last row at the top. The sight lines were fine, but at 6’3” the legroom is terrible. Fortunately being in the last row I could stand for times during play. I don’t know how, but they need to address it with the next renovation. I couldn’t justify paying $8 for a slice of pizza. And the tv timeouts every 5 minutes of game time really kills the momentum, even in this game that didn't have alot of flow. But seeing a win was fun.
  15. pastajoe

    Berglund suspended, failure to report

    Offer St Louis Bergland, Nylander, and their own 1st back for Tarasenko, who’s reportedly available.