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  1. Bills and Sabres both scheduled to play next Sunday night. 🙄
  2. One of the reporters posted that UPL and Oskari Laaksonen we’re expected to report to Amerks after they pass quarantine.
  3. Paul is one of the best at providing an objective analysis of the Sabres. I welcome his insight.
  4. They’re going back to last year’s divisions next year, with Seattle replacing Arizona, who is moving to the Central. The most relevant factor is travel and time zones for tv. I would switch Columbus and Pittsburgh into our division for Tampa and Florida, but the league wants to maintain the Pitt-Philly rivalry.
  5. I’d agree if you switched the black and red to blue and gold. Otherwise I’d want a variation of the 40th anniversary with the script.
  6. I get MSG through Verizon Fios. I DVR the games and then start watching from the start after it’s close to the third period so I can fast forward during commercials, stoppages, and between periods. So I get all the gameplay in half the time.
  7. The current plan for 2021-22 is for Seattle to join the Pacific with Arizona moving to the Central.
  8. Most likely he’ll play another year in Cincinnati, and then move up to Rochester. At least two more years in the minors.
  9. Cozens is likely not beginning at center. Eakin will be 3C and Lazar 4C.
  10. So Adams is filling the Rochester roster today?
  11. Former Sabres prospect Cliff Pu was acquired by Columbus from Florida. I really thought he was going to be a significant contributor for the Sabres based on his OHL play, but after he was traded to Carolina he just faded to the point he was playing in the ECHL.
  12. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done at the same time a couple months ago, so I got it from both ends. But that was easy, the hard part was the prep the night before. Woke up this morning with a stiff back as I go to have a crown put in.
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