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  1. 5 AHL playoff games tonight, and only one home team won, Bridgeport, and that was in double OT.
  2. Belleville still fighting for playoffs. Tied with Cleveland for 4th. Both play today.
  3. League has to make sure those big city teams are in the playoffs for ratings. Botts will take either of the centers from the US development program.
  4. Teams I prefer get the 1st pick: Buffalo, LA, Florida, Arizona. Teams I can’t stand getting the 1st pick: Edmonton, Rangers, Philly, Montreal
  5. I’d say the same if the Rangers or Montreal get Hughes.
  6. Isn’t Casey Nelson eligible to go back down?
  7. Today’s presser by Botts will be in place of having one Monday.
  8. WGR live right now with Howard, Schopp, and Hammy until the press conference.
  9. They’re trying to make sure Skinner doesn’t score again to lower his contract price.
  10. That should lower the aftermarket price of the next home game down to $5.
  11. I heard Mittlestat will be playing wing on a line with Pomenville, and Larsson centering. Why not put him with Reinhart centering? At this point he’d be better off playing for the Amerks.
  12. He doesn’t have much credibility, not making one save in the shootout.
  13. Stats don’t tell the whole story. Risto is always on against the best offensive players, and there are 4 other players with him. He can’t stop them by himself. Montour is not a better defensive defenseman, his skill is offense.
  14. It’s a mistake to blame it all on Risto. There’s 5 guys out there, and the forwards often don’t get the puck out of the zone or cover players coming down the slot.
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