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  1. Looked offsides. Still no excuse to let them get behind the D shorthanded.
  2. Too many times they try to force one more pass through traffic instead of just shooting on net to set up a rebound attempt.
  3. They can’t win without Savoie in the lineup. I predict Bugs win 6-1.
  4. I synched the video with the WGR audio which is about 30 seconds behind.
  5. I was able to watch in Syracuse on my laptop, but I did have to refresh a couple of times. My son in Boston said the video was a bit fuzzy.
  6. They are definitely pencilled in to play in the NHL sometime this year. They’ve shown they have the skill to play the pro game. Prospects are juniors, college, or Europeans who have no NHL / AHL experience.
  7. Those guys aren’t really prospects anymore. Perhaps they want to see how the real prospects do without having those three to depend on.
  8. We consolidated our funds with Fidelity Investments. On average our investments increase 15% yearly. They take a percentage based on the value of our portfolio. You decide how aggressive you want to be with stocks, and they do the detailed buy/sells. They make more when we make more. An advisor is assigned to you. They also provide credit and debit cards, and checks, and you get cash back for using their card. I was able to retire last year at age 60.
  9. Strange that Pittsburgh is only playing one game.
  10. Imagine if she walks up to the Cinnibon with her husband and kids, not knowing he’s there. 😳
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