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  1. When they expand the playoffs to 32 teams. But then the league will expand to Houston and Quebec and they’ll be out again.
  2. The play in their defensive zone is sometimes atrocious. They keep chasing the puck instead of playing smart and maintaining coverage in the slot and pushing them away from the crease. Way too much reaching instead of checking. Weak back door coverage. Turning over the puck near the blue line instead of dumping it out to make the opponents reset.
  3. The league decided for your mental health that only people who are drinking heavily should watch this game.
  4. I always found Rivet hard to listen to. He always had to get responses pulled out of him. Duff and Marty are more prepared.
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners told him to keep the salaries low and with short term commitments because of the recent financial losses, given they expected this to be a rebuild year anyways. That’s why they signed so many $750k one year contracts.
  6. I always wore 5 when I played, so Mike Ramsey. From the current team I’d take Sabretooth.
  7. The Sabres will recommend that he tape his stick to his glove and suck it up.
  8. Or many of the Sabres fans who have been attending may have sold their tickets and it will be a half full arena of Leafs fans.
  9. You just know they’re going to score if they pull the goalie.
  10. They were specifically talking about 1st round picks in the organization. JJ was drafted in the 2nd.
  11. Imagine if the Sabres had started Eichel vs McDavid for the opening face off in their first meeting. Eichel wins the face off, McDavid is dejected, and never recovers. 😜
  12. Probably still cheaper than going to a Toronto game.
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