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  1. I don’t think the comparison with the Bills doing things right is valid. The Bills aren’t as good as their record and have benefited from a schedule of bad teams. I never liked the emphasis of drafting all the high defensive picks at the expense of the offense, and passing on drafting Mahones or Watson when QB was a clear priority. And the fact football players don’t have guaranteed contracts but hockey players do makes a difference in cutting players. Having said that, the breaking point for me with Botts was when he recently said they need all those defensemen for depth. At this point depth on D does no good when the forwards can’t score.
  2. The Radio.com app that WGR switched to is terrible. I don’t blame the on-air people for a management/ owner decision. Often the app will just keep playing commercials, and I have to close and reopen it a couple of times to correct it. You can tell it’s stuck when no matter when you start it, it’s at the start of a commercial, and when you don’t hear local Buffalo commercials. Also sometimes the podcasts don’t get posted, like the full Sabres postgame. You just get a couple of player interviews.
  3. The Sabres recalled winger Tage Thompson from Rochester on Sunday morning, indicating they will likely be without Kyle Okposo against the Blackhawks.
  4. They’re affiliated with Cincinnati in the ECHL, which is where Rochester calls players up from.
  5. Eichel was shown on the bench giving him a pep talk during the game. It’s time to give him a game off and play Miller.
  6. UPL got a shutout for Cincinnati tonight, he’s now 3-1. Both Rochester and Cincy are first in their divisions.
  7. Just DVR the game and watch it when you get home. Stay off the Internet until then.
  8. UPL played in goal for Cincinnati tonight. They lost 4-1.
  9. I’ve always thought the one half is a goalie mask, not a skull.
  10. I can’t watch anymore. Without the top players it’s boring. Now I know how Pens fans felt last night.
  11. Sabres haven’t had an agitator like Pekar since Kaleta.
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