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  1. That’s why you use 23 and under, waiver exempt and played part of the prior season in the the AHL or other lesser leagues. That should cover most situations including outliers like Campbell, Ullmark or Thompson. Nylander also has received 3 call ups and has yet to stick.
  2. Are you sure? Campbell played in 3 AHL season with call ups all three years and didn’t full make it until year 4. Same for Ullmark. An arbitrary 82 game limit for players who develop at different rates and is never linear is a little silly when the NHL uses 160 for waivers and 260 for developmental status in the AHL.
  3. If a prospect shuttles between the NHL and AHL over three years and plays 20 NHL games year 1, 30 games year 2 and 40 games year 3, but has yet to stick in the NHL; how is that player still not a prospect? The NHL says 160 games for prospects signed from 18-20 to be waiver exempt. That seems like a good place to start.
  4. Playing and finishing an entire season in the NHL? Guys like Mitts and Raz are never going to play in the AHL. Thompson May very well start next season in Rochester. How about prospects are defined as Waiver Exempt players 23 and under who spent time in the previous season in the AHL or lower leagues? As Dahlin and Mitts played only in the NHL they are no longer “prospects,” but since Thompson is 21, waiver exempt and ended up in the AHL he is still a prospect. Next season, if he plays 60 NHL games again, he’ll lose his waiver exemption and therefore even if he returns to the AHL or starts there his “prospect” status is gone.
  5. By the way for prospects signed from 18-20 years old are waivers exempt for a minimum of 3 years or 160 games. I think if you can get sent down without going through waivers you should still be a prospect. Also the AHL generally refers to any player with under 260 pro games a developmental player.
  6. @Brawndo Finally watch his lacrosse style goal in your initial post. Sick!
  7. From ESPN https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/27016392/2019-nhl-draft-pick-pick-analysis
  8. I wrote that it was updated at season's end. Cornel hasn't aged out. He turned 23 in April. He hasn't been offered a contract however. Thompson is only 21. It stands to reason if Baker considered him a prospect on 4/28/2019 he'd still be a prospect on 6/24/2019 as he hasn't played since April.
  9. Not surprised. The 81.5 cap is going to hit some teams very hard. What should also be interesting is to see who (and how) Jbot moves out status quo players like Larsson, Hunwick, Scandella, Sobotka, Smith, Girgensons and ERod (and maybe even Sheary and McCabe or Risto) as he acquires new talent. The Sabres right now with the qualified RFAs and 2 of Thompson, Nylander and Olofsson have a complete roster.
  10. FYI: Baker had Thompson listed as a prospect on his website at season's end. http://www.sabresprospects.com/p/system-status.html
  11. Prediction: Risto, Sheary and Davidsson to Edm for RNH, Larsson & Gagner. This is a net cost to us of about 4.92, but it actually fixes potentially 3 roster holes.
  12. Here are some trade acquirable centers that could be good additions. They all have some questions marks. 1) RNH - 26 - 2 years left @ 6.0. I think he'd be a perfect fit short and long-term. Edm wants to cut the payroll and with Leon and McDavid they don't really need RNH in the middle. I'd even offer them Nylander and a lottery protected first next year. I've mentioned this before but maybe Risto and Erod plus for Larsson and RNH? 2) Galchenyuk - 25 - Has put up 40 to 50 points each of the last 5 years. Plays all three forward slots and might really benefit from a guy like HCRK. He'll also be playing for a contract. He has 1 yr left at 4.9 and AZ might not be able to afford to keep him. My guess they won't trade him until the deadline, but one never knows. Cost should also be reasonable. At his age he could become part of the core. 3) Gagner - 29 - 1 yr left at 3.15. Had a crap year last season and ended up with the Marlies. We could probably have him for nothing. Be an interesting buy low guy and at 29 probably has more hockey left. 4) Bugstad - 26 - 2 year left at 4.1. Pit needs to cut payroll and can't move Kessel or Hornqvist. I think he might flourish in Buffalo in an expanded role. I don't think the price would be very high either. 5) Ellers - 30 - 4 years left at 3.5 - Remains a 30+ pt scorer and has good playoff experience. 50% in the face-off circle and kills penalties. 6) Kyle Turris - 29 - 5 years left at 6.0. Current a bad contract for the Preds. We can probably have him for nothing if we take the full nut, but maybe they'll eat 2 mill a year to get at least a little something. Guy is good in the faceoff circle, can score and create, knows the division and we'd probably get our $ worth @ 4 mill.
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