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  1. RK will still be employed and the Amerks coach is also already an employee. No additional money lost. Next season revenue will likely be back and they can fire him completely then.
  2. That's true, but at the same time how do you move forward with a guy who lies and can't coach?
  3. Why is RK still the coach. He's lied to the press and fans. His team can't score. His line pairings stink. Is this really about saving money? Kick him upstairs and make him the community relations speaker and promote the Amerks coach. Why is this so hard? Enough.
  4. I've been harping on this all season. The system doesn't work. If KA and TP don't see this then they no longer deserve our support.
  5. How can this coach, known for being this great inspirational guy, fail to inspire an entire team? Skinner wasn't lazy until RK got here. Montour was a success in STL and looked fine under Housley until RK destroyed him. Hall came to play for RK and with Eichel etc and looks like a shell of his former self. I'm sorry but an inspirational coach who fails to inspire is of much use is he?
  6. I guess. We have 8 guys on this team who have scored 20 or more goals in their careers, including 2 guys who have scored 30 or more and two others who have scored 40 or more. Admittedly Eakin and KO aren't those kind of players any longer, but the other 6 certainly are in Hall, Staal, Skinner, Eichel, Olofsson, and Reinhart. Of this group only Reinhart and VO have shown up this season. We also have 4 D with seasons of 35 or more points that RK has reduced to rubble. I'm sorry but there is no way an entire team forgets how to score in the NHL. Sure they bare some of the responsibili
  7. Promote the assistant or Roch coach to Interim HC who is willing to open up the offense allowing the creative players to create and who will implement a system where guys go to the net to screen, and try to bury rebounds. This way you don't pay an extra body.
  8. Yes. No choice he has lost the team. Don’t fire him outright just relieve him of his coaching duties and move him elsewhere in the organization.
  9. If dropping my grade to F if RK is still the coach tomorrow. The Habs have 23 pts in 20 games and fired Julien. How does a coach of a 6-10-3 team still have his job when the expectations were for his tea, to at least compete for a playoff spot?
  10. Losing back to back 3-0 games is disgusting. The really sad thing is giving up only 3 goals per game means that both games were winnable despite starting your backup and 3rd string goalies. What is even sadder is that we as fans knew in both games once Philly scored the 1st goal that all was lost because the offense has no clue how to score. Hard to believe these are NHL players. The Sabres actually feature 8 players who have scored 20 or more goals in a season including 2 40 goal scorers in Skinner and Staal, and 30 goal scorers Eichel and Hall. How did nearly 3 lines of 20+ sco
  11. Losing back to back games 3-0 = bad team. No analytics needed.
  12. Today was the all time low for me. There is to much talent on this team to be this bad.
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