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  1. If we want to be harder to play against, physically tougher and with guys that give effort every shift, then Murray and Samuelsson need to be Sabres sooner then later,
  2. TM didn’t follow the plan. He had followed the plan he would have drafted players with the draft picks on that sheet instead of trading them for injured players and malcontents. I supported Jbot as well because I thought he had a plan and I agree that execution was lacking. KA has no plan that I can discern other then to save Terry’s money and pray the kids Jbot acquired become good players. The failure to replace Ullmark with an adequate replacement was the last straw for me. I have zero faith that KA can build a good hockey team. Wormtongue is a perfect name for him
  3. I have a copy of this plan on my computer. Can you imagine if they actually followed the plan?
  4. Well at least I get to watch 10 games this season. I’m not paying to watch.
  5. Hagg is the one guy I expect to surprise. He was asked to do to much in Phily. Here I hope he'll only be asked to play physical and help clear the zone. Basically play a simple game. If he does that, we might get from him what we got from McCabe.
  6. Thank you. I feel like Pacino in Scent of a Women. There is a right path and a wrong path and for the last decade we inevitably take the wrong path. I’m arguing the Tank 2.0 is the wrong path to support the youth movement. Why is this the wrong path? Simple. We need to give our youth movement the best chance to succeed and Butcher doesn’t help that cause. He doesn’t bring anything we don’t already have on the roster in Miller, Dahlin and Bryson. We also have a budget this year of 60 mil. Butcher is now taking 5% of that budget money that should have been allocated to goaltending instead of a redundant player. Hagg and Pysyk make some sense because they are more in zone oriented players and Pysyk is a RHD which we needed. They are also cheap. The argument that we got a 5th rd pick to take him and hope to get another pick at the deadline for a skill set we didn’t need doesn’t move the needle for me, especially when I don’t think we have the personnel to bring out his best play. To me Butcher is just a symptom of the bigger problem with this organization. We have no idea how to build a roster and place our core players in a position to succeed.
  7. You should care if you think they’ll bring back assets at the deadline. The better they play the better the return. Also Pysyk if he plays well could easily return given out lack of RHD
  8. Lol, I never thought this team would be good this year without upgrades in goal, without upgrades for defensive D and a first line center. Absent these improvements we had no chance. KA did none of the above and we are worse for it. I was just pointing how we are spending money in the wrong places. I do think Miller and Butcher could be useful with the right partners. Sadly those partners aren’t on our roster unless Pysyk can play 20 minutes a night of solid in zone defense.
  9. Colin Miller 2.0. Paying 6.7 mill for Butcher and Miller. No wonder the team stinks. Top paid D right now - Miller and Butcher Top paid Forwards right now (w Eichel on IR) - Skinner and Okposo (15 mill). That's nearly 22 mill (38% of our cap) for 4 players no one in the league wants out of our 58 mill in cap spent so far. No wonder this team stinks.
  10. Where is Bobby Boucher when you need him.
  11. Not a Mitts situation. Mitts problems stem in large part from immaturity and from the inability of the Great Communicator to coach. UPL has Bales who is a solid coach. I expect a 3.00 gaa in the A with a 905 save %
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