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  1. Just finished the Athletic article on Gronberg. Why not try him. He cut his teeth coaching here first and played at St Cloud St. Seems to have a fresh perspective.
  2. Good thing for them he traded them away.
  3. Here is a list of characters GOT List.pdf
  4. Can we draft dragons or dire wolves?
  5. R we drafting one character at a time or 3 at once?
  6. I was thinking Pod falls a little because of this U18 disappearing act. I think it’s his team more then him, but he just hasn’t stood out. I think you have Caufield to low, but those look like the top 15 players and I can see how hard it is to move Caufield up given the guys slotted in front of him. I want Boldy. To me he looks like exactly the type of player we need.
  7. It’s hard to believe that Beecher is the US team’s 7th option.
  8. Boldy made a sick pass to set up Brink for the 7th goal. Also Beecher showed really good wheels on an end to end rush on his second goal of the night. I'd be really happy with both of these guys in the 1st.
  9. Arya can’t die. She is meant to kill Cersei. She is also possibly carrying the last Baratheon heir if Gendry dies. Remember these books are about the Starks and to a lesser extent the Targaryens. So who goes. We have to many advisors. Tyrion, Sam, Davos, Varys , Missandei. Missandei plus at least 2 more bite the dust. Davos and Varys. Sam might also because Gilly is pregnant and Sam told Jon his real identity. What’s left of his sorry? We have to much Muscle. Brienne, the Hound, Turmond, Grey Worm, Jaime, Jorah, Podrick, Gendry. Imho only The Hound survives. Jaime’s work is done. He gave Cersei one more baby, made Brienne a Knight and made peace with Bran. Gendry made Arya’s weapon and gave her love. He’s doomed. Others: Theon. He is a survivor. Can he save Sansa again and what will it cost him? Bran: some Stark needs to “die”. What about the artist formerly known as Bran? He is the bait after all and is no longer Bran anyway. Arya? She has one name left on her list now that she has made peace with the Hound. She kills Cersei. Lives. Sansa: the leadership of the North is not resolved. Sansa lives. Jon and Dany. Their romance is un resolved. They live. Cersei lives for now.
  10. I will never understand what anyone sees in this player. He is often injured He is mediocre defensively He is less then mediocre offensively He is often out of position He may have once had good top end speed, but that isn’t the case anymore. The only thing people tell me is that he is physical. Yeah! A $5 mill physical statue. Yeah! Just what we need. Another oft injured overpaid and underproductive player.
  11. We should actually do a who lives pool.
  12. Team juggernaut continues. 7-1 over Latvia Brink 1g 1a Boldy 1g 1a Beecher and Caufield 2 goals each Hughes and Zegras 2 assists each York also w a goal. Brink maybe a great option late in the first if he slips somehow.
  13. Why not play UPL. He can’t do worse then Wedgewood at this point.
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