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  1. For what it’s worth I voted this time around for Miller, Luce, Schoenfeld and Foligno The first three were obvious to me. Miller our best goalie not named Hasek. Luce our best two way center. Schoenfeld the D who did everything. Great defensively, added O, was a warrior enforcer and leader. The fourth was much harder. To me Vanek, Pommers, Briere, Eichel, Satan, Hawrchuk, Turgeon Drury and Foligno kind of all fall together in some order depending on what stats someone focuses on plus leadership. To me Foligno as has the raw stats the longevity and leadership that put him just above the rest. He also had a grit and physicality to his game that none of the other forwards in that group possess.
  2. I’ll probably keep this poll open until Friday morning. We have had 8 voters so far and Luce and Miller lead. Schoenfeld in 3rd
  3. This is turning into a real hockey trade Nylander 5gm 2g 2a 4pts +1 He is skating 11 minutes a game. Jokiharju 9gm 0g 3a +4 skating 16:30 per night.
  4. From the Athletic - LeBrun on possible trade deadline trade candidates https://theathletic.com/1301341/2019/10/17/lebrun-a-look-ahead-to-the-trade-deadline-to-see-who-may-be-in-play-and-which-teams-may-be-interested/
  5. Speaking of Weissbach. He is playing on Wisconsin's top line with Alex Turcotte and Cole Caufield. That line has 10 goals and 13 assists in 4 games. Turcotte (3+5), Weissbach (1+7) and Caufield (6+1).
  6. I still don't Bogo to suit up this year.
  7. I wonder why they think the usage is puzzling. RK is trying to find the best places for these guys to succeed. So far so good. Like any coach he adjusts when he needs to. So far no need to adjust other then Mitts' line showing some life. The one thing to anyone who watched the Sabres is Mitts playing bottom 6 minutes. It's where he needs to be and to gives him better matchups. As we saw in SJ and LA, when we play teams that lack our depth, it gives us a real match up advantage having skill guys like Sheary, Vesey, KO and Mitts so far down the lineup. This structure is not unlike having Vanek and Max on the 3rd line in 2005-6. It created huge matchup problems for our opponents. If these guys can build on their successful road trip, it's going to give opposing coaches nightmares. That 2005-6 team had 6 guys chip in 20+ goals and another 4 players with 16 to 18 goals. This team could be similar.
  8. Actually, they don't. The show may give them 4 ingredients they have to include, but they have a full pantry to draw from to supplement the dish.
  9. I agree that Housley wasn't a good coach, but the ROR issue was more bad goaltending and a bad defense. In PH's first year his D was primarily Scandella, Risto, Baloo, McCabe, Antipin and Falk, with Gorges, Guhle and Bogo playing when healthy or needed. Again PH wasn't ready for a HC job. He will be eventually, but the roster Jbot gave him were just awful.
  10. Your analogy proves my point. If you order a meal kit and it comes with only 4 of the necessary ten ingredients, no chef, no matter how talented could make a decent meal. Now add that all 3 of 4 the ingredients were of mediocre quality including one which was already rotten and the only decent ingredient wasn't yet ripe and you have a recipe for disaster.
  11. Here is the problem. Jbot knew what was going on and didn't find away to get his coach and this team better options. That's on Jbot. I wrote that then when I blistered Jbot for not getting reinforcements when Berglund went AWOL. The team was playing good hockey and Jbot failed to support it which is his job. He allowed the team to fail. I am very happy with his moves this off-season to get us the help we needed and it is showing on the ice. However MoJo was available last year as well as other options. We can blame Housley all we want for bad usage or not using Erod earlier etc... but if ERod is your best option you don't have much of a hand. PH's player usage likely help get him fired. I'd almost argue that Jbot set him up to fail, but I don't think Jbot is that cold blooded.
  12. I agree Housley player usage wasn't very good, but he literally had almost nothing to work with. His choices for 2nd line center were Erod, Sobotka, a rookie in Mitts, Larsson and Girgensons. Larsson and Z are 4th line players, Erod can't crack the current lineup and Sobotka stunk. Please tell me what choice he had?
  13. I agree, that's why Scandella sits and not Miller
  14. I practically grew up at Chef's. My mom used to work with Lou Billittier on the board of ECC. We went there for family gatherings, for dinner before Sabres games or whenever we were downtown. I always loved Spaghetti Parm. Their sauce is great if you like a meat flavored but sweet sauce. If that isn't your thing, I can see why someone wouldn't enjoy it. I've been away from Buffalo for 30 years and while I knew it was a sweet sauce, my taste buds had forgotten how sweet when I went back a few years ago. It took a few minutes to get acquainted with it again. So many great memories there. I miss it. As for tonight's game; this should be a real test of their character. SJ wants revenge for losing to us in their building and wants to get their East Coast roadie off on the right foot. Sabres pull it out in OT. 4-3.
  15. No, it’s on Jbot, because Jbot didn’t give him any alternative.
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