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  1. The plan was if Comrie went down or Anderson went down, UPL would split the time to see if he is NHL ready. He isn't and the plan has stunk for 2 years. Ka is to "patient" (read stubborn) to fix the problem. It's abundantly clear that changes on defense and goaltending are necessary but they won't be made.
  2. I received Tage 2 years ago and Asplund last year. As I said, still waiting on this years. Tage has worked out so far. Honestly, I'm hoping for one of the 3 rookies.
  3. I’m pretty sure it’s Asplund. It looks like just like the autograph I received last year. I also donated this year but haven’t received anything yet.
  4. The 4th line was also lousy last night. I’d like to see DG shuffle the guys in 3rd and 4th lines to try to reset the chemistry.
  5. The lack of goaltending and the lack of proper D depth goes back to the GM’s lack of commitment to winning. These needs have existed for the last two off-seasons and have yet to be properly filled. The D & G depth acquired by KA over these 2 off-seasons are Pysyk, Hagg, Butcher, Lyubushkin, Anderson, Dell, Comrie, and Subban. Not exactly a roll call of championship quality players. Maybe KA will eventually be committed to winning, but he isn’t right now.
  6. Losing may not be acceptable to the players or even the coaches, but so far KA hasn’t shown yet that losing isn’t acceptable. Until management is committed fo winning the team won’t win.
  7. Is Skinner giving figure skating lessons to his teammates. Even Fitz is spinning.
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