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  1. GASabresIUFAN

    I owe you all an apology.

    It's a different world today. It's so much easier to stay current with your home town teams. TV packages, Internet video packages, Twitter, forum's like this one, online access to WGR and the News, XM radio, online sports pages, even national highlight video didn't exist until the last 20 years. I left home in 1984 to go to college. Google was still 14 years from being created. AOL didn't even exist. You had to rely on box scores in USA Today to keep up with the teams. Rarely were any hockey games on national TV and usually it wasn't the Sabres. With that backdrop is it really so hard to understand someone moving to a new community and they only hockey they really have access to is the local team? I'm not surprised at all he became a Blues fan. When the Thrashers were here in the ATL, I rooted for them to succeed. Yes I wore my Sabres Jersey to Buff/ATL games, but I often went to see the Thrashers when they weren't playing Buffalo because I love hockey and I wanted them to succeed.
  2. GASabresIUFAN

    I owe you all an apology.

    We thank you for your honesty and welcome back. I think you just like teams in Blue, white and gold. PS go and have a concrete at Ted Drewes for me.
  3. While the curse could be real, I actually think it is the Toronto based hockey g-ds who are punishing us for playing well.
  4. GASabresIUFAN

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Apparently Sammy Watkins isn’t enough former Bills for them.
  5. GASabresIUFAN

    Lineup 2019-2020

    By the way. What does Pilut’s playing more minutes already then Baloo tell you about Baloo’s future with the Sabres beyond this season? It tells me that Baloo is a spare part and likely won’t be a Sabres next year.
  6. GASabresIUFAN

    Nameplate change

    Is the name plate glued on or stitched on? I had a Kennedy nameplate on my jersey that was glued on. I heated it up some and peeled it right off. That said, anywhere that does alterations on clothing should be able to remove the old one and add a new one. You can buy any nameplate you want online.
  7. We need to win the next 3. They are all winnable games against the Kings, Flyers and Yotes. It would be nice if Scandella could get back in the lineup. Wedgewood is just going to backup Ullmark However, I don’t like the Tennyson recall. He failed last year, why bring him back? How about Guhle or even Borgen or Dougherty? Dougherty has 4 pts and a +8 in only 8 games since returning from injury. Tennyson is -3 in his 8 games in Rochester ytd.
  8. GASabresIUFAN

    Injuries starting to mount

    PH said McCabe is week to week. This is a huge blow. Nelson is also week to week, which means he probably broke some ribs. Scandella and Hunwick are day to day and Wilson still out indefinitely. So the D right now is Dahlin, Risto, Bogo, Baloo, Pilut and ....? Tennyson? Guhle? Dougherty?
  9. GASabresIUFAN

    Practice Report:​​​​​​​ Today, 12-06-2018

    So IR for McCabe and Hunwick slots in.
  10. GASabresIUFAN

    Lineup 2019-2020

    You forgot Hunwick and his 2.25 and Wilson and his 1.05.
  11. GASabresIUFAN

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    Johansson is part of the plan. Jbot wanted more experience in Roch (including NHL time) to back stop the Sabres in case of injury to Hutton and Ullmark which is why he brought in Wedgewood and kept he experienced Wilcox as the backup in the AHL. However Johansson is the only legit goalie prospect in professional part of the organization. I think Jbot wants to develop him slowly and groom him to be a possible backup to Ullmark in Buffalo at some point and as a goalie to expose come expansion time. Remember there is no NHL PT requirement for the exposed goaltender. They just have to be either under contract or an RFA w a tender offer.
  12. GASabresIUFAN

    Seattle Expansion - Early Sabres List

    Even if they both signed contracts this off-season and play for Rochester next year, they would both still be exempt as they would be 2nd year pros. Pekar and UPL who are both signed, are also going to be exempt because their contracts slide as they haven’t played (and won’t) in the AHL/NHL this season. Davidsson is also exempt. I wonder if any other franchise was hurt as much by the delay as we were? Dahlin, Mitts, Asplund, Pilut, Borgen and Guhle would have all been exempt but for the delay. That’s a lot of talent to have to make a decision on. It will be interesting to follow this saga as some of these guys take off, while others don’t. I think the McCabe vs Pilut decision for Jbot could be a very difficult one. I’m also wondering if in a couple of years whether Risto could end up on the trading block for cap and PT issues as Dahlin eats into his PP time.
  13. GASabresIUFAN

    Kim Pegula - NHL Commissioner?

    Kim’s life reads like a work of fiction. Born in Korea and abandoned on the streets of Seoul at age 5. One birth parent Korean and one likely Japanese. Brought to America and adopted by a family in Fairport. Met Terry Pegula at a restaurant who then offered her a job with his company. Eventually the two married. Now she is one of the most powerful people in sports and entertainment in the country. Only in America.
  14. GASabresIUFAN

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    The motto for this entire organization for this season should be “Are you entertained?” That certainly seems to be the theme of all 3 teams. Fast skating, hard working, forechecking, active D and going to he net. It really is amazing when a plan comes together.