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  1. What happened to Mr. Underhill’s American Express card?
  2. I wouldn’t read anything into first day pairings or lines. This is a lineup about getting to see how the top prospects look with established players not about who will be playing with whom when the season begins. We will get a better feel for the end product once some of the kids start getting sent down or returned to their junior teams. I do agree that the D pairings were a little surprising and I do see the basis for these pairings, but I worry Clifton isn’t ready for 24 minutes a game.
  3. Zegras is 22 with back to back 20g 60p+ seasons with a terrible Ana team. He is an RFA. Mitts is 24 and coming off his first 55p+ season and has one season left at 2.5. Both are similar size and play C and Wing. Lets say Mitts has great year and scores 65 pts or better this season, how much will it cost to retain him? 7 mill? More? Long-term, if the Sabres could have Zegras locked up for this coming season at 7 for 7, would they be better off getting him than keeping the older and somewhat less productive Mitts at a similar cost after this season? Who has more upside going forward, Mitts or Zegras? Given that backdrop, I can understand if KA asked about Ana about Zegras during his Bush trade discussions.
  4. Why would a team with a top flight offense, that was the youngest in the NHL, and has the deepest forward pipeline in the NHL have any interest in going after an expensive young veteran forward that is duplicative of what‘s already here? The two moves that may need to be done still are finding a partner for Power if Clifton struggles in that role and finding a veteran backup for Levi if (when?) UPL/Comrie underperform again.
  5. Thanks I’ll try that. I have an app, but it’s hard to use
  6. Other than "the Beast" this team needs much better nicknames.
  7. I think he was going for Mel Tucker, in order to get “cat” photos. Serious question. What is the easiest way to get a hi res photo down to posting size?
  8. Giroux, Cecconi, Fortunato, Fiddler-Schultz, Dom Mersch, Panocha, Nick Savoie, Slaggert, Warren, Cooley and Jandric.
  9. Between @dudacek and @Brawndo how can people get a thread in edge wise?
  10. Not really. If we trade away UPL or Comrie without getting a goalie in return, the organization would be down to 5 goalies. That doesn’t work.
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