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  1. Honestly if Jack wants to go and we have full control of where he goes for another year, where does he think he's going. Toronto, NY, BOS? LOL. We going to send him where we get the best return. That means someone that has young players who are former high picks. That puts of the odds of him going to another rebuilding team such as LA, or NJ or Det or Arizona. Sounds great.
  2. I agree. His play this season without Jack and for a team going nowhere was inspired. I think if you ask Mitts, Thompson, Cozens and others, Sam's attitude and play on the ice was a big aid to their development and effort. I'm not sure how this off-season is going to play out. Do both Sam and Jack return, do neither return, do we trade Sam and keep Jack or vice versa? Who knows. However a spine of Sam, Mitts and Cozens seems like a pretty good place to start.
  3. Who said it was easy. What we need is readily apparent. Whether KA and Karmanos can pull it off is another question. It can become easier with by re-signing of McCabe and Ullmark. Acquiring a backup goalie who can play 30-35 and start for a few weeks when Ullmark gets banged up could be difficult, but getting the top 6 physical wingers is going to be costly and who that is I have no idea.
  4. Actually there were 12 extensions 3 years or longer signing during this season, including Demko, Binnington, Hartman, Iafallo, and Laughton.
  5. This I can agree with the bolded with one caveat. Even if you sign him for just a year he is still tradable at the deadline and for a player of his caliber you'll get a very good price. That assumes that the team isn't good again. However if the team has turned the corner, which I believe it has, then I can see both parties working our an extension mid-season. Still your approach is the more prudent approach.
  6. I don't know who is going to be here, but I do understand contract law. Jack has a contract. Risto has a contract. Sam can't sign anywhere else unless the Sabres agree. Might it be prudent to move some of these guys before they gain free agent status or Jack NMC. Possibly, but if they comeback next season with a more stable front office and a competitive team, do you really think they are going to demand to be traded. Winning fixes most locker room problems.
  7. Or the Sabres say forget it and play out your contract.
  8. Hall was absolutely signed to appease Jack and Ralph. No question, but a competent GM would have negotiated a limited NMC especially when giving Hall max $.
  9. Jack has a contract folks. He isn't playing anywhere else unless the Sabres agree to it. It would have to be an Eric Lindros type offer. That isn't happening. Next! Sam is a RFA. His leverage is arbitration and a 1 year deal. Welcome back Sam. Hopefully someone makes an offer sheet. The depth we want is already here. Granato's young forward groups was scoring over 3 goals a game without Jack. Scoring 250 goals plus puts a team in or very near a playoff spot with even reasonable defense and goaltending. In fact with Ullmark in net they played at a 102 pt pace during his ga
  10. Then he shouldn't have signed him. He should have taken that money and found a top 6 RW and a goaltender upgrade for Hutton. If he wanted to make a deal he should have made sure that the NMC was a limited NMC with at least 5 or more options. A real GM wouldn't have boxed himself that deep into a corner.
  11. Had they drafted well (obviously a big caveat) and kept their draft assets and prospects they would have had direction and likely would have built a better team then we have now. The good news is that Jbot drafted better then his predecessor and we actually have a prospect pool and young player to build around. This would be a proper new direction. It will be better if both Jack and Sam stay, but I think the youth movement can succeed with just one of the 2 "stars." It's surprising to me how many posters he want to burn it down again.
  12. What did anyone expect from a guy who had zero qualifications for the job? Don't forget he gave Hall the NMC and $8 mill. Also don't forget that he is a TP yes man. The bad news is he isn't getting fired. The good news for the Sabres is that they have to hire a consultant or team President to educate the guy.
  13. Can you give a link. I couldn't find that part of the rule.
  14. Yep. I doubt Asplund is left unprotected in expansion now.
  15. Wait, more interesting prospects from recent drafts?
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