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  1. Matthews is one of the most over-rated players in hockey.
  2. If ND can beat Clemson in the ACC Championship game then they go to the CFP. However struggling with team like BC and Louisville and then beating Clemson without Lawrence, a nice win, but doesn’t make them a top tier team. Sorry.
  3. Tough loss for the NW Cats. Looks like GA found a QB, and IU keeps rolling on a personal level. However, Bama, Clemson, FL and Tex AM are the best teams with ND and OSU nearby. Is it wrong of me to hope that OSU doesn’t get to 6 Big 10 games? CFP prediction Bama, Clemson OSU and Cinn. I’m figuring Clemson destroys ND in the ACC Championship. Bama kills FL in the SEC. OSU gets their 6 games and wins the Big 10. That leaves one slot for Tex AM, ND or Cinn. Let’s give the undefeated little guy a shot.
  4. That's the real question. Ralph failed in that department last season in how he handled Skinner. Not completely his fault do to our lack of center, however Reinhart can be a driver of offense and he refused to create a Skinner Reinhart line to see if he could get Skinner going. Also an aside about Thompson vs Mitts Thompson NHL 107gms 10g 11a 21 pts = .2 pts/gp AHL 70gms 21g 20a 41 pts = .59 pts/gp Mittetstadt NHL 114 gms 17g 22a 39 pts = .34 pts/gp AHL 36 gms 9a 16a 25 pts = .69 pts/gp
  5. I’m concerned about this as well.o
  6. I tend not to write off 21 year old kids. He hasn’t underachieved. We had unrealistic expectations for a 20 year old forced into the NHL. Thompson went through a similar development curve and is now primed to have a full time NHL roster spot. Casey is also more talented then Thompson. People here seem to only think that Casey is the lost player who failed last year and that is all he’ll ever be, while ignoring all the good work he did in Rochester. Many of these same people fawned over Larsson because he finally developed into a decent NHL player at 26, yet his best offensive seas
  7. A couple of thoughts. The Euro teams have their own players and may take a couple from the NHL/AHL but they play shorter seasons and are already under way. Hard to just send Mitts to Euro. He'd have to quarantine etc... I they are going to have a taxi squad, might as well have the AHL play out of the parent club's home arena. Sell TV rights to those games as well as and play them when the home team is away since I doubt they'll be to many scheduling issues outside of NBA cities or do double headers with the AHL team being a warm up act for the NHL game. Amerks/Sabres vs Phantoms/Fly
  8. The Mittelstadt and Routsalainen threads got me to thinking about who has guaranteed a job with the Sabres in Jan and who has to fight for a roster spot. Eichel, KO, Hall, Staal, Skinner Eakin, Reinhart, VO and Girgensons all will be in the lineup opening night assuming they are healthy. That leaves 4 slots and a boat load of guys fighting for them. Guys likely to take some of the 3 of the 4 slots. 1) Lazar - 2 year 800K one way deal was earned last year and the loss of Larsson makes him the 4th line center at least in pencil. Still could lose job if others step up ther
  9. Maybe Casey wants a multi year deal like Thompson got. Maybe the Sabres want a multi year deal and Casey doesn't. Who knows. There isn't any urgency. Camp may or may not start in Jan. Once we get close to the opening, the Sabres can always say sign the QO or don't play. If Casey bolts to the KHL or SHL, the Sabres retain his rights just like Pilut, but I doubt he will bolt. Most likely is Casey wants a one way contract and the Sabres correctly don't want to give him one. Frankly Casey should just sign the QO go to camp and earn a job.
  10. Not sure why nothing is going on. However, nothing is going on anywhere. Good UFAs Haula, Hoffman, DuClair, Granland, and Vatanen all remain unsigned. TB has yet to sign Sergachev, Cernak or Cirelli or fix their cap issues. I don't think Barzal has signed either.
  11. They were favored by 20.5. Great game by the Hoosiers. They showed they were worthy of their top 10 ranking. Loved the NW D against the Badgers. So far this season, Florida and Alabama look like the two best teams followed by Clemson, OSU and Cinn. OSU defense is very suspect.
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