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  1. This kind of belongs in the roster thread, but you are forgetting that Sobotka was in last season's opener instead of Larsson and that neither he or Larsson are guaranteed to make the club. As of right now there are 6 players from last year's lineup that are are either no longer with the organization or unlikely to be starting here this fall (Thompson, Sobotka, Nelson, Baloo, Pominville and Berglund). That a 30% turnover on the 20 man starting lineup. There is also a chance that Girgensons, and Scandella won't be starting in the fall depending on Bogo, Pilut, Gilmour, Jokiharju, Wilson and Lazar. Trade Risto and you could have a 9 starters turnover. Last I looked that's about 45% of the roster. How much surgery do you want? As I've said before, the competition for roster spots this year will be intense. Of the forwards only Johansson, Reinhart, Skinner, Vesey and Jack are guaranteed starters (if healthy) and KO, because of his contract, will be on the roster. Everyone else, including Mitts, have something to prove to get a spot and 7 spots are up for grabs. On Defense that list is McCabe, Montour, Miller, Dahlin and Risto if not traded. If traded, there are 4 D spots up of grabs.
  2. Yeah new uniforms. Zzzzzzzzz! .... and now back to our story. (Sound of crickets). Until we get some movement on the RFA front, the NHL and consequently the Sabres are at a virtual stand still. Some enterprising GM could start to break up this log jam of RFAs with a offer sheet or two but that looks unlikely. These RFAs have “no” leverage but to holdout, which right now seems like the greater power because many of these guys are essential to their teams. There is no time crunch yet to get things done because camp is weeks away. Still Nylander’s season last year should be a cautionary tale for players, GMs and agents. While he got his money, both his performance and the team’s suffered from the long delay is getting a deal done. So the rest of us sit and wait while 2/3 of the league tries to figure out how to get their RFAs signed. It shouldn’t be this hard.
  3. Same risk with any player. As we saw with KO, a once excellent player who was contributing gets hurt and it never the same. I think this is our first opportunity since he's been here where he doesn't have to be the man on defense. That additions of Montour, Dahlin, and Miller give the team so much better depth that HCRK might actually be able to find the highest and best use of his considerable talents. If HCRK can find the right slot for him and PT then he should be able to help us. As to whether or not he'll want out even if we succeed is probably moot. Jbot will probably move him anyway once his trade value is maximizing because he needs the cap space and has Montour, MIller, Jokiharju and Borgen to take over.
  4. If he wants out, help turn us around and then you can go.
  5. The more I think about the Risto situation, Jbot should treat it like the NYI treated the Hamonic situation. Obviously the reason Hamonic and Risto want to be traded are different, but I don't see why we should just acquiesce simply because he made his wishes public. Jbot should tell him to go do his job and he'll try to accommodate him when the right deal comes down, however the better he plays the more likely we'll get a good deal and therefore he'll get his wish. Fail to play well and both he and the Sabres are stuck with each other. Also maybe if he plays well and he helps the Sabres play well, maybe he'll change his mind and want to stay.
  6. Last I looked VO was already 24. Hard to imagine he'll improve drastically over the next few years. I also doubt he'll be around contributing at a high level 10 years from now as opposed to 20 year old Mitts and 18 year old Cozens or 19 year old Jokiharju.
  7. But every draftee has a chance to be an NHL player, otherwise why draft them? Each year teams draft arguably draft the best 210-220 non-NA pros/juniors/amateurs in the world. These 18-20 year olds are the best of the best and all have a legit shot at the NHL. If they didn't we wouldn't have the following % appear at least once in the NHL from 2009 to 2013 drafts (I stopped here because guys from 2014 forward are still working their way up in some case) of 55.2%, 50%, 59.2%, 49.3% and 47.4%, and you wouldn't have 7th rd picks like Dzingel and Palat star in the league. Yes the odds decrease each round of a player carving out even a 2 year NHL career, but guys still do (see Dzingel and Palat), but so what. If 50% of the kids can get at least a cup of coffee in the NHL, then the other 50% are busts. It's that simple.
  8. Jbot is a former player and respects that KO wants to play and unlike Moulson he can still contribute in places. That said, he slows anymore and Jbot may just give him the go to Rochester or retire option.
  9. Because he is a competitor and wants to play and earn his $. I respect this but just don’t think it’s in his longterm interest.
  10. Disagree. Cody McCormick was out on LTIR because of future blood clots. Toronto has gamed the system for years with various injuries. A long history of concussions is much different then a healthy player going on LTIR because he fears an injury in the future. Why play? However, my understanding is that once a player has had a concussion or three the odds of getting another concussion greatly increases s does the odds of a disabling injury.
  11. Just get a second opinion saying to continue play with be detrimental to your health and go on LTIR. We saw LaFontaine do the opposite after the Sabres told him to quit. He went and got a second opinion saying he could still play and the Sabres were essentially forced to trade him.
  12. How do you having a winning culture before the winning. Jbot has done everything he can (ok except get a new 2c) he has revamped the roster, fired and replaced coaches, replaced and upgraded scouting, and turned the Amerks into winners. Now it’s up to the players to play to their potential. The phrase learning to win has been around forever. Our guys started on that road in the first half last season but couldn’t maintain it. Now they need to take the next step. HCRK and the vets need to lead the kids.
  13. Culture comes from winning and having guys in the locker room committed to winning and an organization holding players, scouts, coaches and managers accountable. Jot is doing just that, he just needs to get some wins.
  14. McKeens says he is a excellent playmaker with “great vision”. I don’t know where Pi read the opposite.
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