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  1. Yep the top 6 forward is the 11th guy. They may not be the 4th line this season but for this team to contend they should be. No. My guess is Lazar would be nearly as good for 700k.
  2. Skinner is a great edge guy but not a burner and Reinhart often is a passenger on Jack’s line picking up points (secondary assists) by just being there. He isn’t driving offense as we need him to. I think he rightly defers to Jack, but with Skinner he’ll have to drive offense.
  3. And less players. Jack, Skinner, Mojo and Ko are under contract. Sam, VO and Mitts are RFAs. Cozens is making the team and we need to add at least one more top 6 forward. Then you have Asplund and Thompson likely making this team for cap and youth reasons. That brings us to 11 forwards. My guess is we only sign Larsson for 2 years at 2.5 max and trade Girgensons. As much as I love what they have done as a line periodically over the last couple of years. You can’t overpay 4th line players. Larsson makes that line go and we are stuck with KO. Z is extremely replaceable for less money.
  4. But I think they wanted Jack separated from Skinner because they wanted Jack to become the sniper on the top line. He was deferring to much to Skinner when they played together. One of the reasons I want Reinhart w Skinner is for Reinhart to become Skinner’s set up guy. Reinhart has become a jag on Jack’s line as he lacks the speed to keep up w VO and Jack on the breakout.
  5. Lol, who wants a broken down D at 5.1. There wouldn’t be any offers for him any way. Waive him and send him to an AHL team in Siberia. Hey Bogo, what did David Spade say on SNL. Buh Bye.
  6. Another "respect" goal tonight. He is playing with such confidence at both ends. He even made the save of the night at the goal mouth.
  7. How about a dad/son dinner and a Sabres game? Wrap a 50th Anniversary Eichel Jersey. If it's in the budget maybe take him on a trip to a road game.
  8. I was thinking that but didn’t want to speak it aloud. That said you rarely get worse when you add better talent to your roster
  9. We have been saying for years that they need to do something major to fit everyone under the cap. Now it may finally happen with Cirelli and Sergachev to re-sign. At least one, maybe two of Palat, Kilhorn or Johnson will need to waive their NTC to give them enough cap space to re-sign the two young star and fill out the roster. That will be an interesting off-season story. The
  10. The Bat game and beating the Russians - Moscow Dynamo and Red Army.
  11. @Brawndo Are those charts telling us that Risto is improved year over year and Scandy is way improved year over year? I do love it when the eye test and the computer say the same thing. My guess is Joker’s play has really helped Scandella and RK is finally finding the proper usage for Risto. Having Montour back and healthy also helps.
  12. Since the 3 game losing streak that ended with the hard fought loss to Boston on 11/27, the Sabres are 5-2-3 and 3-1-1 in December. They’ve scored 39 and allowed 31. Hutton was in net for only 2 games (both OTL - but he was excellent against Tor in Tor). Anyone notice that Risto is now +9 for the season (and +9 in the last 5 games)
  13. Jack’s first goal last night against Stl answered the elite question for me once and for all. They had 5 guys staring at him and none were man enough to go behind the net and dig him out. It’s like they knew that one wrong move and the puck was in the back of the net. Then they failed to even try and puck ended up in the back of the net anyway. Only the elite of the elite get that kind of respect.
  14. I completely missed we had a game last night. My Hoosiers were playing UConn in MSG last night and I completely forgot about the game. Just watched the condensed game and from the highlight package the 5-2 scores belies a hard fought game in which Ullmark (and the goal posts) were the real stars. Looks like grinders Z and Larsson played good games as well. A win is a win.
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