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  1. GASabresIUFAN

    It's the scoring, stupid?

    Was injured.
  2. First things first. I like and have always liked KO. When healthy he was a terrific hockey player and always seemed like a good person. I liked his signing , although I thought it would eventually become a “bad” contract. I am saddened that he has another concussion and I think he should retire. Nothing worse then a series of concussions. His health and family should come first. If he does “retire” what does this mean for the Sabres? I don’t think he can actually retire. Like Cody McCormick, I thing he has to go on LTIR so that he gets his money and the Sabres get cap relief. My understanding is that we don’t get any cap relief until we spend to the cap. Therefore KO’s injury would give us a $6 cap cushion for the next 4 years. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. So what is Jbot’s response to this latest turn of events? Does he do nothing as before or wait til the off-season to see if KO is really done? I suspect the latter.
  3. GASabresIUFAN

    Reinhart, The Force Awakens

    Both of my kids and my wife went to UGA. I've now been going to games there for nearly 30 years. Hard not to become a fan after all that time. Go Dawgs! I disagree on the Scandella trade. He was very good for us last year and like in Minn, he has just been surpassed by other players. Also Pommers has brought much needed professionalism and has contributed in spurts. All we gave up were two players who weren't part of our future in Foligno and Ennis. Ennis was bought out and Foligno is nothing but a physical overpaid 20 pt player. We don't miss either, but got good contribution from the guys we acquired.
  4. GASabresIUFAN

    Does this team miss Berglund more than we realize?

    I agree that is the assumption, but we'll never know exactly how everything went down. Was Bergie "promised" something by Jbot over the summer and then was never given that opportunity (I think this is unlikely by the way) or was he told that he had an opportunity and failed.
  5. GASabresIUFAN

    Does this team miss Berglund more than we realize?

    The only issue is that maybe Bergie's play and practice was lacking from day 1 and PH and JB didn't think he earned the bigger role.
  6. GASabresIUFAN

    Does this team miss Berglund more than we realize?

    Alas, like all plans they all look good until the first face-off is taken. I agree on the plan, and although I like Jbot, I feel he didn't react to Berglund's loss quick enough. That was the moment to step in and support the team and he didn't do it. People can argue that no replacement was available or that the price was to high, but he needed to do something and didn't. He just played Elie.
  7. GASabresIUFAN

    Reinhart, The Force Awakens

    I don't view Sam as a problem, I would just like to see a more defined role. I agree that we don't have anywhere close to enough forward talent. Mitts, Skinner, Jack and Sam are our only top 6 talent. The rest is just cannon fodder. The Defense is no different. Dahlin, Risto, Pilut and McCabe are pieces, but Scandella and Bogo ........ As to PH, until he gets something close to a full roster, I'm going to reserve judgement. Having to play with a rookie like Mitts in a 2nd line capacity was starting the year with one hand tied behind his back. I'm an IU alum so no rooting for Big Blue or that other school. I just wish IU would recruit someone who can frigin shoot.
  8. GASabresIUFAN

    Reinhart, The Force Awakens

    What is Sam’s role on this team long-term? I look at our young core and see defined roles for certain guys long-term. Jack is the 1st line center, Jeff is the 1st line sniper. Dahlin is the top puck mover and 1st PP qb. Risto is the physical presence and 2nd PP qb. Casey is the 2nd line center and playmaker. Thompson is a RW power forward who hopefully develops into a top 6 player. Erod is the Swiss Army knife. Pilut is the 2nd pairing puck mover. McCabe is the steady linemate for Dahlin. But Sam? Is he a playmaker or goal scorer? I don’t see him on the 1st line long-term because we need a more physical presence with Jack and Jeff. I also don’t really like him with Mitts as their skill set is similar. Frankly we need someone who can consistently finish with Mitts like we got with Jeff for Jack. So what is the highest and best use for Samson and is it on this team?
  9. GASabresIUFAN

    Taro Sez " Rest His Soul ... No Goal"

    The Taro signs were how I learned I needed glasses. We used to sit on the other end of Aud and I remember telling my Dad that I couldn’t read the Taro sign anymore. RIP. Mr. Hill your signs helped make the Aud unique and fun.
  10. GASabresIUFAN

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    What about RHD Martinez? or Iafallo?
  11. GASabresIUFAN

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Why do we need a 3rd line center? Don't we have enough bottom six forwards? Mitts should be the 3rd line center. We are trying to up grade the team, not add another warm body.
  12. GASabresIUFAN

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Obviously you didn't read my post. No one who wants Scandella is going to do a hockey trade with us for a piece we need. If Jbot trades Scandella he may get picks or prospects he can then utilize with other assets in another deal to get the piece he needs, but there won't be a one for one trade involving Scandella that nets us a 2nd line center or 2nd pairing RHD.
  13. GASabresIUFAN

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    I think Edmonton has used him wrong since the beginning. We need more size and JP could provide it. I think he is a better version of Thompson and with the right coaching he could develop into a really good PF. The guy is only 20 and needs a fresh start. JP has 138 NHL games w 17g and 20a. He has 53 AHL games w 15g 22a over 3 seasons Thompson has 89NHL games w 10g 10a Nylander this AHL season, his 3rd AHL campaign has 42 gp 8g 16a. Give me JP and let’s see what happens. Put him on Jack’s RW and see if he can measure up. At worst he’ll be past on the depth chart by TT and we’ll have two big capable RWs RW depth could be Reinhart Puljujarvi Thompson Okposo
  14. GASabresIUFAN

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    I’d send Nylander for him straight up. Nylander has shown me that he is at best a 3rd line play making forward. We need scorers and I think JP could do that here with the right center.