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  1. Our GM thinks he’s worth a little less than Bowen Byram.
  2. Our first look at what reliable 2nd-pair stay-at-home guys will get after the flat cap lifts. This is why the Samuelsson contract made sense if he can stay healthy.
  3. Good deal for the Avs. Kept the term down in order to keep the AAV down, which makes sense in the Makar/MacKinnon window. Casey probably could have got $7Mish with term, but he'll be unrestricted at 28 and can probably cash in then if he continues his good play. And yes, I think he would have taken something similar in Buffalo. He's an easygoing dude who just wants to play hockey.
  4. Lindy was fired because his best defenceman was injured most of the year, 2 more from his his top five left in free agency and got replaced with rookies, and he had some of the worst goaltending in the NHL. But you're right, Lindy is no Mike Keenan and he's a different coach from the guy who coached Jay McKee
  5. He’s definitely got a presence very few other Sabres have had. Im also probably projecting how that presence overshadowed Darcy’s but never seemed to affect the boundaries of their roles, or their relationship.
  6. Not saying this is you precisely, but I’ve seen a few posts that intimate Lindy’s goals and principles are different than those of the organization, coupled with a hope he will force the organization on to the right track. I haven’t seen any signs that Lindy and Kevyn aren’t on the same page, that Lindy got the job in spite of their differences, or that Lindy has usurped the power structure in the front office. I know people are going to read into things like a Skinner buyout as Lindy’s doing, but I’ve never seen Lindy as a Ted Nolan. He’s always been a coach who works well with his bosses and understands the coach’s role in the hierarchy. From what I’ve seen so far, he and Kevyn appear to be aligned.
  7. Lehner ended up a mistake because of his personal issues. Based strictly on talent, he was worth the pick we gave up. People remember hating the trade when it happened and how bad he was at shootouts. They forget he went .924, .920 and .908 in 3 Buffalo seasons playing behind the likes of Risto, Bogosian, Gorges and Franson and a team that couldn’t score if their lives depended on it. He’s got a career save percentage of .918. The guy Ottawa took with that pick, Colin White, is a spare part with 44 career NHL goals and has topped 23 points once in his career. The guy the Sabres were going to take, Samsonov, has played roughly half the NHL games Lehner has since the trade and has a career save percentage of .903. The trade was nowhere near as bad as people made it out to be.
  8. Bruins should get slapped by Gary. But maybe they were hoping to get the trade overshadowed? I think it’s a questionable return because they had to take Korpisalo and his contract back. The drop off from Ullmark to him is considerable IMO and that’s not a huge cap saving in return. But I guess that’s only way they were going to get a 1st? I’ll say pick 25 is about as much as legit starter ever seems to get these days though, so I guess the Bruins did alright on that level? Ive been saying for a while those who think goalies are going to get top 10 picks just don’t pay attention to the market.
  9. A longtime Boston reporter just tweeted Ullmark to Ottawa is about to go down. Nothing on the return. Two teams we will have to be better than this year. Washington and New Jersey have also made significant moves.
  10. I have absolutely no idea what kind of big picture the Sabres data crunchers have painted of Cole Eiserman. But I find him the most fascinating player likely to be available when they pick. I don’t think casual draftniks understand how prolific this kid is. And I very much want Sam Ventura to supply the proper context. Eiserman is the all-time leading goal scorer for the USNTDP. He scored 127 goals in two years in the same circumstances that saw Auston Matthews score 79 and Patrick Kane 84. I’ve seen people dismiss him as Oliver Wahlstrom. Wahlstrom had 72 goals - that’s not even 2/3rds Eiserman’s totals. It’s a different sort of ‘yeah, but’ but I see some Zach Benson parallels here despite the fact they are completely different players. With Benson, 12 teams saw the kid’s terrific all-around game and said “yeah, but” he’s small and not fast. With Eiserman, teams see his unprecedented gift for scoring goals and also say “yeah but” that’s all he cares about. Could this be another case of scouts missing the forest for the trees? I don’t have an informed opinion on how good Eiserman will be. But I remember when the Sabres made “a complete game” their priority and picked Ric Seiling right before the Islanders took Mike Bossy. I don’t want that to happen again.
  11. He’s a bit of a risk and not the best fit, but agreed. This draft is packed with guys who might drop that could be top 5 some years and he’s one of them.
  12. In a trade? Not a ton of comparables and the goalie market is generally soft, but: Husso went for a 3rd Georgiev for 2 3rds Vanecek for a 3rd and moving up 7 slots in the 2nd. Husso would probably be the best UPL comparable at the time of the trade and signed for 3x$4.75 as soon as he got to Detroit.
  13. Ullmark was an unrestricted free agent and signed that contract after a bidding war. UPL is restricted.
  14. Agreed, although term makes a difference. Also be hard-pressed to convince me UPL should get less than 4.
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