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  1. dudacek

    So #8

    So this means that if Anaheim stays, they are picking someone a little off the beaten track, right? That's more evidence Rossi is going to fall. And if it's not him, someone else will.
  2. He has to acquire a Larsson replacement. He should acquire a LD who can kill penalties. He should acquire another top six forward He has indicated he wants to add to our ability to grind He should be at least kicking tires on a goalie He has too many RHDs and a ton of cap space He has five forwards and five defencemen under contract I think there will be a trade where we take on someone's big salary at a low asset cost, and I think a RHD will be moved out. So at least 2 deals. But with free agency maybe 4 or 5 moves.
  3. I hope we're not going to see a narrative now about the Sabres squandering Zach ***** Bogosian. He didn't play better in Tampa and he couldn't stay in the lineup in Tampa either. When he did play, he was more successful because he was surrounded by better players. Period. End of story. The guy was an NHL defenceman here too, but we couldn't rely on him to stay in the lineup. Rightfully, we went out and got other players who could. They were better. He lost his job because of it. And then, instead of trying to get it back, he quit. ***** him.
  4. dudacek

    So #8

    It's funny how people used to put way too much emphasis on points, and now they barely pay any attention to them at all. The production of Quinn, Perfetti and Rossi should not be overlooked.
  5. It's come to the point where national media and national audiences generally look past the Sabres unless they are central to the story, and when they are central to the story, negative slants/questions are generally associated with every move. When Botterill was fired, the conversation wasn't about his job performance, it was about that of ownership. When it was reported the Sabres might be among the teams with a self-imposed cap, it was easily and universally accepted as a done deal. When they made a trade for Eric Staal the first reaction for many was that Staal was going to retire. The Pegulas have slid into the category of irrelevance or assumed incompetence as the default. There is no more complimentary and there won't be until the team starts to compete again.
  6. Basically Beyond Blue and Gold 2.0? I really enjoy this stuff.
  7. It is not clear. This information could easily have come from people on the other end of these conversations.
  8. dudacek

    So #8

    I'm not sure about this Holtz needs someone to create for him narrative. If it means he'll score 40 on Jack's wing and 25 on Staal's, I agree. But he's a goal scorer. He will get himself into scoring position, and he will finish, no matter who he's playing with. It's two-way street; whoever centres him is going to get a lot more easy assists. I think my list right now is: Rossi Perfetti Raymond Drysdale Sanderson Quinn Holtz Lundell I won't be upset if they pick any, and the only way I will be disappointed is if Rossi or Perfetti is available and they take someone else.
  9. The grind has caught up to Dallas' big three on defence. Heiskanen is looking mortal and Lindell and especially Klingberg beat down.
  10. That's not the scenario at all. It's not about an Eichel trade. The scenario on the table is if the Sabres don't improve, Jack may ask for a trade. Which puts enormous pressure on Adams to make a deal in order to keep his star happy. Say the best offer Brad Treliving has on the table for Gaudreau is Montour, Mittelstadt and next year's first. He wants it upped so Cozens or this year's first is included instead. Maybe some added pressure gets Adams to cave.
  11. AN excellent point by ChadD and another reason why someone would want this out there: Chad DeDominicis @CMDeDominicis · 35m Sounds as though the Sabres are less than pleased about today’s events as we’re just about a week out from free agency opening. Feel like we’re missing the point here. A lot of things are going to be happening here with player movement. A leak of an angry star week before UFA/trades where they may want players to waive doesn’t help. That’s the issue. Real bad timing.
  12. Imagine my surprise when I started making calls today and heard Jack Eichel trade rumours, including unverified chatter he may have at some point recently requested a trade out of BUF and that NYR were amongst interested teams. This, of course, required further investigation. “I hear that (trade talk) a lot,” Eichel’s agent Peter Fish said. “Jack wants to win, he’s frustrated (not winning) but, no, he doesn’t want out. Jack is preparing to head to Buffalo at some point here and prepare for the season, whenever that may be. That’s all he controls.” The messaging out of BUF is Sabres aren’t shopping Eichel, there’s no real desire to trade him, but since Kevyn Adams became new GM several clubs have called about Eichel’s availability. NYR believed to be one of the teams that called. So calls were made; calls were taken. None of those talks with other clubs resulted in Eichel trade traction. But it’s also believed there has been dialogue between Eichel and BUF to ensure they both want the same thing (to get better obviously) and share the same timetable (sooner rather than later). So, the face-value review appears as follows: Eichel doesn’t want out of BUF; BUF doesn’t want to trade Eichel; move along, nothing to see here. Fair enough. But some rumours are worth checking out/mentioning. Which I’ve now done. Now back to draft prep. That's ^^^ Bob's complete set of Tweets. My best answer to your question is "because both the rumour and the answers to it were interesting." I think Bob has illustrated very well through that series of Tweets that there is a great deal of pressure on the Sabres to be better this year. I will definitely be waiting for Bob's next appearance to see how he expounds on it. Which, of course, is also an equally valid answer to your question.
  13. So once we are all finished crapping our pants and yelling at the rumour-mongering media. we should probably ask ourselves "why is this out there?" Bob McKenzie didn't make this up to get clicks. Doesn't need to. Somebody wanted that story out there. And wanted it out there now. Who? Why? My possible theories: 1) Least likely: someone on Botterill's team is still stinging about the purge and wanted to make things uncomfortable for the Sabres. 2) More likely: Jack Eichel is not happy with suggestions the team might be pinching pennies this summer and wanted to send a pointed reminder to the franchise that they need to be making concrete steps to improve the team, now, because their meal ticket is fed up. 3) Most likely: A rival GM(s) is in talks about a significant trade and is trying pressure Adams into upping the offer.
  14. Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie · 28m Replying to @TSNBobMcKenzie “I hear that (trade talk) a lot,” Eichel’s agent Peter Fish said. “Jack wants to win, he’s frustrated (not winning) but, no, he doesn’t want out. Jack is preparing to head to Buffalo at some point here and prepare for the season, whenever that may be. That’s all he controls.”
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