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  1. Let at least two go on that shift before calling the last.
  2. Sobotka killing plays on defence like he did last year on offence.
  3. That’s what happens when you shoot the ***** puck Jack!
  4. Jack or Olofsson needs to bury one here. Both pressing big time.
  5. I’m with you on the Sabres play. Sharks scored, we didn’t. Happens. Olofsson, on the other hand, is building up a string of soft ES performances. He’s just getting beat.
  6. When did ***** Martin Jones start stopping pucks?
  7. Lucky deflections there. San Jose needs a team barber.
  8. Vesey feeling snakebit now. That line has jump again.
  9. Talking about some kid on Lethbridge?
  10. Also leads the team in turnovers, apparently, something I hadn’t really noticed.
  11. If patterns hold, tonight will be the night for the Eichel line to shine. Curious if either team makes any tactical revisions. Or if anyone can score on Starter Sutton.
  12. I’d bet a lot of Loonies that the author has watched very little of the Sabres this year.
  13. How is this even relevant? Teams with perfectly good defence corps look to add defencemen at the trade deadline to create the depth needed to make a playoff run, no matter how experienced their blueline. Miller and Scandella are already here and Montour will join them soon. Bogosian coming back in the New Year will have same effect as trading for the likes of Ron Hainsey or Ben Lovejoy at the deadline without sacrificing a pick. Shouldn’t have to be explained to anyone who lived through the Janik/Jillson/Fitzpatrick fiasco.
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