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  1. Yes, Bryson is already down and Davidson will also play games for the Amerks. Casey and Cozens might as well. Ralph made it pretty clear there will be a lot of movement between the three rosters, so they will be drawing from 15 forwards and 7 defencemen. AHL dresses 17 skaters, rather than 18 still? There will be times when injuries and travel could leave them short, or with players out of position. That said, the AHL will be a glorified practice league this year anyway.
  2. I’d probably rank Eakin at the bottom of the four new Larry’s so far. But any ES scoring issues the Sabres have are Skinner, Eichel, Hall, Olofsson, Staal, Reinhart combining for 3, not Lazar, Reider, Sheahan, Eakin and Cozens combining for 5. Also, I think you are overstating our ES scoring issues. Right now, we are 15th, dead on average.
  3. I am expecting Cozens to rotate back in, which would push Casey out, but I wonder if Casey has pushed past Tage as the next man up? Curious that it was Asplund dropped from the taxi squad rather than Tokarski if Hutton is coming back. I wonder if there is any chance that Quinn gets a game. I suspect no as long as Thompson, Mitts and Cozens are sharing one slot. (Which may be why Asplund was dropped) I think we were expecting (hoping?) Lazar, Sheahan and Rieder would be in and out. I don’t know if any of them deserve to be sat at this point, but it will be coming. (Which is, I gu
  4. Amerks continuing camp in Buffalo for the next two weeks until Amerks season starts, or have they moved to Roch? And guys currently on the Sabres roster like Casey and the taxi squad roster like Quinn are free to practice with the Amerks or the Sabres at any time, right?
  5. Montour has been better since being separated from Dahlin, which was 2 1/2 games (nearly half a season!) ago. I think Risto has been very good, but I'd pick Jake McCabe as our best. Not sure if I've seen Jake play better hockey.
  6. I liked what they did in the O-zone. It also seemed (unfortunately) that they spent more time in the D zone than any other unit. We're also conditioned to reject one when we see it.
  7. I like Risto more than most around here. I also love John Gibson and believe in having an unquestioned long-term starter as part of smart franchise management. I do the trade, so long as it's not a key prospect. I also counter with UPL instead of the first. Very interesting take on Gibson in this year's Athletic goalie poll of NHL execs and goalie coaches: 7. John Gibson, Ducks Average 2021 tier rating: 2.03 We’re going to jump to the most interesting opinion here, because most panelists really like John Gibson and think he’s an upper-echelon goalie. But on
  8. As a pure roster addition, Fleury is a clear upgrade on Hutton. If he gets hot, or blooms being reunited with Bales (50/50 at best IMO) he could be an upgrade on Linus. So on that level, I'm definitely interested. As an asset, his play/contract gives him a negative value, so any trade would have to address that issue. (Thus the "complicated" in the original Tweet)
  9. He is a multiple pro bowl player, is he not? I think something that gets overlooked with Edmunds is the degree of difficulty involved in playing his position. As one of only two linebackers he has a lot of range to cover, and if he makes a wrong read, he doesn't have much in the way of backup.
  10. I think I'm with you on this. The Bills just wrapped up their third playoff year of the past four and some people were still calling them bad heading toward the mid-point of this season. And yes, a lot of it is message board hyperbole. By the eye test, the Sabres have looked like the bubble team a lot of us thought they were, and by the fancy stats they've been better than that. By the Sabrespace gameday threads we are a bottom-feeder. I've watched pretty much every game the Sabres played in the past decade. I know what trash looks like. And so far the 20-21 Sabres aren't it.
  11. I anyone here excited? The reaction to this season so far ranges from "c'mon, it's not that bad" to "they're trash again, I give up"
  12. Leaner. Seriously. His face sitting on the bench is the thing I noticed most. He didn’t do much to affect the game positively or negatively IMO, but he did show a few bursts of energy and got an easy assist.
  13. Two points out of a playoff spot? With only 50 games left?
  14. The PK went into today at 83 per cent, having allowed just one goal all year. Had Ullmark not let a goal from behind the net tonight, they would be at 78 per cent right now, 15th overall. Right now Buffalo is 3rd best in shots for 6th best in shots against 7th in FO per centage 10th in PP 16th in GF 14th in GA Terrible. Absolutely terrible.
  15. I thought the Sabres were better Friday than today. Both games were tense nail-biters that forced both teams to fight. Neither was pretty, both were tense and entertaining and hard-fought. (I’m not sure what skill you saw from the Caps, today.)
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