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  1. 2 goals against or less for Levi in 22 of his past 25 games. 19-5-1 over that stretch. He’s so consistent.
  2. Malcolm Subban with 15 minutes to go 8.00 GAA with a .727 SV% Devon may be the best goalie in the organization right now.
  3. So according to Marty, Dahlin is winning the Corsi shot attempt battle 17-6 after 2 periods. Sabres winning the shots battle 21-19?
  4. Everybody expected a number of players would be under- or over-drafted last July because of COVID. Van Barnekow, Nadeau, Bloom and Novikov, and even Kozak certainly seem like great value for where we got them. Marjala and Sardarian, not so much.
  5. I have an unreasonably high level of certainty about this kid. Maybe, it’s just because we are overdue when it comes to hitting a longshot out of the park. But just watch him play. He’s got that “it” factor. Everything he’s ever done suggests he will meet and beat expectations.
  6. Remember when Levi some 7th-rounder who was a throw-in to a disappointing trade? Kid couldn’t really be playing any better.
  7. He is looking to me like the most likely Sabres target.
  8. Olofsson is clearly still bothered by what ever kept him out earlier. He hasn't unleashed his one-timer at all since returning. Last night was the first time I recall him even trying. Dahlin couldn't have served it up to him for multiple chances on the PP because I read here that Dahlin sucks on the PP. I mean the guy is only 8th in the league in PP points among defencemen since he entered the league. That's not even top 7.
  9. Don’t look now, but he’s just 2 points off the team scoring lead all of a sudden.
  10. Every move they have made indicates that this year was about next year: establishing a culture in Buffalo while adding another top-10 pick, maintaining maximum cap and roster flexibility, and playing their top kids in key roles where they can have success and gain confidence. It's why Dahlin is being used as a 1D regardless of his mistakes, and Thompson and Mittelstadt were handed 1st-line roles It's why Power is in Michigan and why Peterka didn't make the team in spite of his great camp. It's why Samuelsson and Quinn haven't been called up despite clearly dominating at the lower level. It's why Krebs got sent to Rochester despite being good enough to play in Vegas It's why 4 of their defencemen are on one-year deals Its why 5 of their forwards are on one-year deals And it's why they now have 4(!) goalies on minimum wage expiring deals They believe in UPL and fully expected him to emerge as a viable NHL goalie and join the team maybe not this year, but certainly next, along with Power and the rest. Maybe one of those cheap 1-year guys emerges as his sidekick, or maybe they have to find someone else next summer. But they are not going invest assets or dollars or term in someone they are essentially hiring to keep a seat warm until they see where they are with UPL at the end of this season. Kevyn has a plan and he's sticking to it.
  11. Butcher, Jonsson-Fjallby, Wolanin, Boychuk and now Subban… New Sabres GM record for most free players acquired in one season? Or is it a new record for most useless players acquired in one season?
  12. Oh I wouldn’t be so sure. Sure he might be an expiring contract, but he makes $850,000.
  13. Adams going for that sweet spot in between Anderson and Dell to keep the season’s real aim alive.
  14. Yeah, didn’t really mean the Hobey Baker, although I guess there is certainly an overlap. What I really meant is whether or not there are other players who are as valuable to their team as Levi is. Levi appears to be playing the same role with NE as Hasek did on the ‘90s Sabres: take him out and what happens?
  15. Serious question because I don't follow the NCAA closely enough: Is Levi currently a leading candidate for MVP?
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