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  1. As much as I like this concept, the Dahlin/Jokiharju pairing is really looking good. Why can't they be Keith/Hjalmarsson?
  2. I really hope that Borgen is as good as people think he is, and I hope he shows it in Buffalo. I've only seen him play a dozen or so games, but I love his style. The concept of a mature defence comprised of Joki/Dahlin/Johnson/Samuelsson/Borgen is so appealing.
  3. I've read the Islanders, then they pulled that off the table when the Devils added Zajac to their deal. And I've read that it was Vegas with the "better" offer, but I haven't heard it included a first. What have you heard and where?
  4. This is more a knock against giving NMCs themselves than the trade Adams made. Because that is why an NMC exists. Also if you want to see how allowing players to dictate trades can end up in a good place, look no further than the Tampa Bay Lightning and the cheap contracts NMCs bought them.
  5. So much this. It would be like the Sabres getting Kirby Dach and Adam Boqvist right now.
  6. Agreed. But we don't know if Seattle (or Buffalo) agrees with you that Will Borgen is a late-blooming NHL player, or just an AHL tweener. And, like I said above, Seattle can't just load up on cheap young players, they have to take on a significant number of actual NHL contracts.
  7. Exactly. Theoretically, every team is exposing their 12th-best player. Most of those players are going to be better than Borgen, or Miller, or Girgensons. The expansion draft should bring the Sabres closer to the top teams, regardless of who they lose. Really, their only tough decision should figuring out how much they buy into the concept of Borgen.
  8. And their contracts. Seattle can't just load up on prospects, they have to select ~ $60 million in contracts, so certain veterans on expiring contracts they can flip will have value to them, even if they aren't part of any long-term plans. The expansion draft is as much (probably more) about accumulating assets as it is building a team. As far as the pricing goes, Botterill give up a 6th so Vegas would pick Carrier instead of Ullmark.
  9. Like LGR said, this contradicts what I have seen, can you show where you found this?
  10. I have no idea what Seattle thinks of Borgen or Miller, but I would be surprised if it took that much. It wasn't even two years ago Miller was traded for a 2nd and a 5th. Colin Miller is a NHL hockey defenceman in his prime on an expiring middling contract. Guys like that are worth 3rd-round picks. He's not good, but he's hardly a negative value. On an expansion team he probably gets those PP minutes he never got here and pads his stats again, then gets flipped at the trade deadline for a pick as a rental. Do you honestly think you'd get a single team in the league to give up a
  11. Assuming Ullmark re-signs and no other moves are made: Protected: 7: Eichel, Reinhart Olofsson, Mitts, Tage, Asplund, Skinner (Girgensons if I can can convince Skinner to waive) 3: Dahlin Jokiharju, Ristolainen, 1: Ullmark Exposed Girgensons, Bjork, Okposo, Eakin, Borgen, Miller, Tokarski Moves: Get Ullmark to verbally agree to a deal but not sign it, leaving the goalie spot open Trade a pick for a good backup some team was going to have to expose, protect him Trade a pick for a solid forward some team is not able to protect Give Seattle a
  12. Dahlin Reinhart VO Mitts and Risto have been PP1 Tage Skinner, KO Miller Cozens PP2
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