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  1. I wouldn’t break the bank for him, but Markstrom would be the UFA signing with the largest potential impact on the ice for the Sabres next year.
  2. Cap space isn’t automatically going to be weaponized in UFA signings. Most observers and Botterill’s own statements indicate it will be far more likely utilized in a trade with us taking on salary from a team seeking to create space for themselves. Your list just reinforces that, so I’m with Taro: why limit discussion? Of course this being Sabrespace, people aren’t going to stay on a rigid path anyway, so good luck with that. Id say the most reasonable thing the Sabres should do is target a real 2C in a trade using their cap flexibility to sweeten the pot. Ryan Johansen (even though I’m not personally a fan) perhaps? UFA will likely be used to re-sign Larry and Girgs or target their replacements.
  3. I remember a team that made "small" moves that improved the team: Grier, Numminen, Lydman... It's crazy to me that people might think Sheary, Vesey, Frolik, Sobotka etc. are irrelevant in the big picture. Critical mass creates depth and gets players slotted into roles where they can succeed. These are roster-building truisms that haven't hasn't changed since 2005.
  4. Beautiful early spring day here. Just got back from a 90 minute hike with the family unit out on some old logging roads. Crossed paths (at social distance) with two singles, one couple, and a young family of four.
  5. And you present the bolded like it’s a good thing. Three years later! Instead of going “after the cream” he used: $4 million on Michael Frolik $5 million on Matt Hunwick and Conor Sheary $7 million on Patrick Berglund and Vlad Sobotka
  6. I think I’ve exhausted my ability to present the evidence. But thank you. If Jason stays, our best hope is the slight hope that several of Thompson, Casey, Cozens, Asplund, Kahun, Joki, Ras and Linus take big leaps. Because Jason has done little to show us he can bring in good forwards and I’m pretty sure two of our three useful foot soldiers are walking this summer and will need to be replaced as well.
  7. dudacek


    Here’s an interesting example of how dangerous it is to compare numbers for jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Nearly half of the positive cases in my province, British Columbia, are now deemed “recovered” while barely anyone else in Canada has met that standard. This article explains why. https://www.vancouverislandfreedaily.com/news/b-c-is-seeing-the-highest-rate-of-covid-19-recovery-in-canada-and-theres-a-few-reasons-why/ Who you are testing, how many, and how put a lot of variables in the soup.
  8. in my defence, I am normally left handed shot. Pretty cocky of me to go in wronghanded, I know. Eleven with a sick move, though. I’m thinking there should be a spot for him in the next development camp.
  9. I'm all over the Sabres playing any game that has actual meaning.
  10. Finally got around to listening to the WGR interview with his college coach, former NHL coach Andy MUrray. For what it’s worth, Murray says Matthias was ready to play pro last summer, and will compete for a NHL job this fall. Played him in all situations, up to 27 minutes a night and said you are happy when he has the puck on his stick because you know he will make the right decision. Western Michigan was a pretty good team this year, ranking in the lower reaches of the top 20. https://wgr550.radio.com/media/audio-channel/03-27-western-michigan-hockey-head-coach-andy-murray-on-mattias-samuelsson
  11. I think he’s got poise to his game that Jake doesn’t as well. The question (again) is will that carry over at the faster pace of the NHL?
  12. Yesterday we passed a car with a for sale sign in the window on our walk. I said to my wife nobody is going to be buying a car right now. Today my dad - who I have been trying to encourage to stay isolated and I thought was taking this situation seriously - just showed up at my door with a new car. I don’t know what to say.
  13. And this peak will be the peak of the first wave.
  14. Only if he’s really cheap, we don’t re-sign Larry and Girgs and we can’t find someone better than Simmonds to replace them. Even then...😬
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