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    You all know what they are, except for Shrader, who doesn't read them anyway. If you are new to the board PM me and I will fill you in on my interests.

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  1. Game 1 gitters got the best of the Panthers in the 3rd. Vegas will discount them at their peril. I strongly feel that whichever team wins game 2 will win the series. I am inclined to think it will be the Panthers.
  2. Don Cherry always said that he felt game 2 of any series was the pivotal game. I don't think he is wrong.
  3. Correct. 5 to 10 years ago I would have wanted to tell you all about it. It was pretty brutal. Accident scene brutal.
  4. No sign of our mocker or his tantrum laced threads from last night. I don't think that's a bad thing atoll.
  5. Welcome, Skip. I like your gumption, Skipsie. Can I call you Skipsie in the time honoured Sabre tradition? In a deep draft I think I would keep #13. The other picks I would listen to offers. I think it's more likely that a short-term partner for Power will be signed. He would not have to be RHD, but it would be nice to drop Joker down to #5 for now. Drafting D is always smart, especially RHD, but I agree with Inky .. best player available regardless of position is the way to go.
  6. Thanks for the real good poop on the situation. Probably his lap dog Spezza, eh?
  7. Winterpeg is a fine town. Just ask @Thorny and @Ducky. They will tell you. It gets a bad rap from many. Myself included, but it's all in jest, at least form me. That said, don't get me started on The Great Satan.
  8. MLS is very popular in The Great Satan and Montreal. Vancouver too. Three major cities with half the population from other parts of the world where football is the most popular sport. The biggest 'star' footballer form Canada is playing on the top side in Germany. And doing very well. If he were in The Great Satan he would be a rock star. It's easy to fill a 30,000 BMO Field in a city of 7+ million.
  9. If he hires a good GM that knows a thing or two about signing / drafting good D men then I think you may be right.
  10. All good here. Others not so fortunate. Friends evacuated and homes are okay. Other friends lost their homes. Often right beside each other. Very strange. The smoke was very bad. Bryan was right .. We are about 20KMs away from the Tantallon fire, with nothing but a 4 lane highway and the Peggys Cove lighthouse and tinder dry woods separating us and that fire. Today's rain and more in the forcast helped a lot. Thanks for reaching out. Sent you a reply just now. NS reporting for duty .. what I miss ??
  11. In other news .. the Mooseheads lost a very hard faught final to QC. In other other news .. Patrick Roy is still insufferable.
  12. His is the best story in sport in a long time. He is living a dream. He is no duffer though. A club pro is not nothing. He has played in the PGA Championship 5 times I think and never did very well, but everything lined up perfectly for him this time around. A fantastic story and that shot on 15 yesterday was fabulous.
  13. I would have suspected that this thread was started by @inkman.
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