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    You all know what they are, except for Shrader, who doesn't read them anyway. If you are new to the board PM me and I will fill you in on my interests.

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  1. I am going outside soon to get me some rays ... It is May Day after all ... Even though that goal was scored in April (24th, IIRC) it will always remind me of May !!
  2. The whole world has gone mad. Thoughts and prayers.
  3. This tune inspired my *grammar police* post ...
  4. My wife always says that it is impossible to follow along with anything that I say. My putting periods at odd places in the middle of sentences and the fact that I have marbles in my mouth does not help. I am cursed by the habit of starting to talk before I have the thought completed in my head. Cursed, I say.
  5. Good points. That said, I don't think any sentence, especially a very short one, should ever have three (3) commas. πŸ˜‰ 😘 *The grammar police* *They live inside my head*
  6. To quote Mr. Burns ... Excellent !! Every now and then you come up with some real gems (winkie - winkie) ... first Freddie in the awesome thread and now this.
  7. I believe that John is *bad medicine* and a terrible team guy. He may get coaches fired and I agree with @Eleven that all this talk and internet fun stuff is funny. But at the end of the day I have to come back to ... who cares? Really, who cares? Oh, Marvin !! My Marvin !! Beat you to it ... πŸ˜‰ 😘
  8. Woof ... !! I expect when the dust settles we will end up with a 1996 rematch.
  9. Welcome!! Sent you a Club Soda that looks like a beer. Please call me NS. My friends all do. Enemies too. Thanks.
  10. Damn clouds and fog here on the Atlantic Coast of Canada, eh !!
  11. Who cares? I mean, really ... who cares? This should not turn into a pissing match concerning John Friggin' Eichel. The John is gone!! Long live the John!! But not here.
  12. Hey CSB, How you doing? Don't be stranger. I think what you are describing above is a bad idea. In most of Europe one can find good and cheap accomodations by heading into the centre of town and talking with locals with apartments for rent. Often one night at a time, but if you plan on going longer you can negotiate a good deal. We found the apartments we had in Sarajevo this way, but we would go for 2 months at a time. Same on the Adriatic Coast in Croatia. Maybe things have changed in the 10 or so years since we have been over there.
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