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    You all know what they are, except for Shrader, who doesn't read them anyway. If you are new to the board PM me and I will fill you in on my interests.

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  1. High School = $20. Medical School = $25. Trust me on this Swampsie.
  2. Shheesh ... when does the season start ??
  3. If Samson had Tage as his centre he would score 50 for the Sabres. He is a goal scorer and has matured in Florida. He never had a proper setup man in Buffalo. So, @PerreaultForever you are right to a certain extent, but so is @dudacek.
  4. Sounds like both his wifes wrote in those reviews / comments. The only other possibility is that he has 2 kids that are still of the age where they like dad. That said, he is okay. It was inevitable that he, or whomever came after Rick, would be compared to the greatest ever.
  5. Booby is gonna get the Conn. He played so well and his guys did enough when they had their chances. I still say this series will go 6. Florida is what I want the Sabres to be. All rounnd very talented team that plays hard and knows what it takes to win in the playoff. With a stone cold goaler.
  6. Another ho-hum Champions League with Real Madrid winning yet again.
  7. For anyone interested I just started a EURO 2024 topic in the Soccer / Football Club.
  8. It starts up in about a week. I have not followed the qualifiers, but some interesting sides made it to the final championship competition. No idea of the groupings and who has the favourable path(s) through to the final match, but I expect host Germany to be in at least the last 4 along with holder Italy. Some other sides and aging stars may take their last best kick at it this time around - Croatia and Belgium come to mind.
  9. Tage would get the Sabres a 1st. Lotto protected .. pick 16 and lower, but a first. I am not saying the Sabres should trade him (to be clearer - I don't think they should trade him), but the question in the OP is what do we think they are worth. Dahlin would get the Sabres a 1st +. Trouble with trading Krebs is the return will be another prospect unless there is a bigger package and Krebs is a piece, but not the main piece. I am not sure if the Sabres got equal value in return for Mitts - time will tell, but right now I'd say no.
  10. Happy Birthday, Mr. Ray. We hardly knew ya. How's everything going?
  11. I am getting back to my front deck improvment / addition project tomorrow. I love playing with tools and stuff and this project is pretty easy and will end up looking pretty good. Functional too.
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