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  1. Not really. You use the last three games to work with the starters, to get them ready. Tonight was it for the JV.
  2. It's not even that, it's the scoreboard feed at Nationwide arena with the radio call synced up.
  3. Started paying around with my VPN and Incognito setting on NHL.com. Videos played immediately, so there's something NHL.com doesn't like about my location until I mask it.
  4. Savoie is getting the 9 game Taste-of-the-NHL platter
  5. But he got the feed. I'm just north in NH and had to watch on my phone. But it was a clean feed. Thanks for playing. Enjoy your lovely parting gifts.
  6. It's impossible to know wtf is going on. The videos on NHL.com never play when I click them. Not on my phone or computer. Just the spinning wheel of death. But last night clicking the Sabres link forwarded me to the NHL app where it worked on my phone but not on my computer. And get this, when I tried to use Chromecast to put the game on my TV, it caused the feed to stop! So apparently they only allowed viewing on phones last night away from Buffalo. Again, I'm spitballing here. What VPN and set to where? I have Mozilla VPN and it made no difference.
  7. Nope. Something about NHL.com my computer doesn't like. Won't show me any videos ever. Luckily it's working on my phone.
  8. Is anyone seeing anything on the stream yet? All I'm getting with the spinning wheel of death.
  9. Looking at the ESPN+ schedule it appears the only Sabres preseason game they will have is Penguins on 10/7.
  10. I'm excited to finally watch a game. Is it really on MSG? I thought it was streaming only?
  11. I don't get NHLN on YouTubeTV. And I can't see it on demand later because, obviously, I'll be watching the Bills.
  12. Does anyone know how and if Sabres preseason games will be televised. Right now there are none scheduled on ESPN+.
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