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  1. He's mean during live play. Why fight when the whistle blows?
  2. Mean and fight are two different things. John Scott wasn't mean and fought all the time. Risto doesn't fight but is definitely meaner than John Scott.
  3. That one was pretty terrible, but it's hard to blame Pommer. It was a bang-bang play and his stick slipped over the puck. The one play that stands out to me was a play where Scandella went back for an icing but was too casual about it, got beat to the puck and the other team ended up scoring. I'm sure someone out there can remember the details.
  4. No, I'm talking about the metal probe thing that closes the door.
  5. Knowing how robotics work, that is so obviously a stage hand moving that "probe" with his hand. Such a quaint special effect nowadays.
  6. Good to know all those Peyton Manning Big Forehead jokes won't go to waste.
  7. Yeah, at this point when I click into SS, I'm hoping to see a trade for a 2C or something.
  8. Remember that time there was a whole thread to talk about this?
  9. We should do John Scott Night and have him "fight" Gritty at center ice. There is some good fight choreography here for ideas.
  10. Now you know how I feel when people post stats without context. (There is no context that can link this gif to my comment. It just made me laugh. I'm sorry.)
  11. ...and you stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  12. Yeah but at some point he's gotta lose some roster players. He's got more players than roster spots.
  13. It's late night posting. You never know where the thread will wander. After a certain point everyone has Night Fever.
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