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  1. Really? Or tongue in cheek (serious question).
  2. Yeah, I added that to the Movies/TV shows thread too.
  3. The final half-season of Bojack Horseman is supposed to be online on January 31, for anyone following that one.
  4. I'm watching this right now, about 3/4 through it. It's reminiscent of Stranger Things but definitely different. I would also recommend Dark. It's worth it to Google things as you go along because there's a lot going on, a lot of familial relationships to track. If you go to the Dark Wikipedia entry you will see a few spoilers but knowing some of the facts (who's who and who's related to whom) doesn't detract from the story. I've watched some of this but I find it easy to put down after a few episodes and pick up again weeks later.
  5. Nevermind... responded to an old post.
  6. I've been binging Dark on Netflix but I'm about 3/4 through it and it's only Tuesday.
  7. Could be seat position (up-down, fwd-back, tilt)
  8. But go back to when they got together, then it's creepy again.
  9. In order of likelihood (really, it's three pairs- Larsson only slightly more likely than Girgs, Vesey Sheary are toss-ups, Frolik Wilson are doubtful at this point, in my opinion): Larsson Girgs Vesey Sheary Frolik Wilson
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