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  1. I'm not talking hockey right now. Don't care. The end of this season was too much of a flustercuck to make any judgment as to where the team is and where it's going. I'll check in once the Sabres are back on the ice. Everything else in between is just yakking.
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    More of a Slavic snoop. I cleaned my workspace, but not the whole room. Still working on that. My back's been sore the last few days though so it slows me down.
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    Looking good, my friend.
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    No, that's just my "I do this because my smile on demand sucks" look. You can knock that reprimand down to a warning.
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    I'm just letting mine grow out. Thinking eventually a ponytail.
  6. Someone shared an article about the anticipated spike in Texas due to re-opening based on cell phone tracking. But was only a model and not an actual report of new cases. On the contrary, my county has had its best week in over a month. There is a chance that it's just data lag due to the holiday weekend, but daily number of new cases is about half what it was, even with re-opening. One theory I have come up with (consistent with my observations) is that the vocal anti-mask minority is actually motivating people to be extra-careful about mask wearing.
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    This storm system hit us about 2 am. For us it was just heavy rain and lighting. When this hail was formed it was earlier and the storm was still "fresh."
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    Everything's bigger in Texas
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    I was expecting one here in Texas after the first wave of reopening. The rate of new cases has stayed about the same. I mean, we're supposed to be starving the virus to death by staying home and stuff, but then again, people have to live, work, etc. I tend to be liberal in my politics and it pisses me off the way science has been politicized in this pandemic, but on the other hand, it's been interesting watching various communities try to balance public health against the economy. If nothing else we're gathering data about what works and what doesn't, albeit not under controlled conditions.
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    Texas is about two weeks ahead of y'all. In Texas restaurants have been open at 25% capacity the last two weeks, with a requirement of 6 feet minimum distance between groups (of maximum 6 people). Today they went up to 50% capacity and bars are allowed to open at 25%. I went by my local craft brewer today to pick up some beer and their taproom was open, so I had a brew there. When you enter they have someone that squirts hand sanitizer on your hands. The floor is marked with lines every 6 feet for the queue to order beer at the bar. They only have a few tables set up. Their patio was similarly sparse. If this keeps up for long I suspect beer prices will increase substantially because the brewery taprooms will become places to see and be seen in, assuming that the people come out.
  11. How hungry does a lion have to be to try to take one of those down???
  12. It occurs to me that the band name Led Zeppelin has nothing to do with a heavy metal and everything to do with an airship that has been guided.
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