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  1. I just picked up a Suteki Track 10 mixte, 49 cm frame size. It was sitting by the curb on big trash night. Shimano 600 derailleurs, full (perfect) fenders. Covered in dust and the tires have dry rot, but they hold air. As far as I can tell everything is complete and original. On the stand it shifts perfectly and the brakes are well adjusted. It's gorgeous but too small for me. Great bike porn though.
  2. But they didn't shoot anyone, as it turns out. From stories I'm seeing: Guy approaches the gate without a badge. He asks them to find someone for him in the plant. While they're talking to him and not letting him proceed, they notice a brief case in the back seat. Worried about possible explosives, they detain him further. He kills himself.
  3. Now they're calling it "an apparent suicide." Quite an odd place to do that though.
  4. I think many/most of the front gate guards are ex-military so they've had some level of training and perhaps some combat service.
  5. One dead but I think the shooter was one of the guards and the shootee was IDed as a threat.
  6. There was a shooting at my workplace this morning. Glad I'm working from home today.
  7. Right. It's the same name, simply the masculine and feminine versions. I found an old document in my great grandmother's name. My family name is Polish, ends in -icki (pronounce ICKEE in English, EETSKEE in Polish). The document with her name had it listed as -icka (pronounced EETSKA I'm pretty sure).
  8. Not necessarily. Would they get revenue from ads digitally projected onto the ice, boards and glass if they're not physically there? Houston. It's happening, I tell ya.
  9. Good point, they can just digitally project it onto the ice for broadcast in real time.
  10. He showed that very early in the season I think. Part of the problem is that he needs scoring line time/power play time in order to get those opportunities. The good thing is he's demonstrating to Granato he's capable of performing when he gets those opportunities.
  11. (and obviously which players to sell high before they fall off the table)
  12. Or plan so that you exchange an expensive core piece for a cost controlled core piece. Adams traded away his foundational piece, Eichel, for a non-foundational top 6er in Tuch (at half the cost), a blue chip, cost controlled prospect in Krebs, and a coupla picks. He moved the present for the future. The ROR trade (if you through out Berglund and Sabotka who were total busts) was also trading a core piece for cost-controlled futures. In the ROR trade, the futures in return have taken longer to pan out but in the Eichel trade they're already bearing fruit. Happily for the Sabres, they seem to all be hitting at the same time. The point is a savvy GM can play those games, letting very good players go when they get expensive (which a team competing for the Cup values) and replacing them with players that are cheaper and haven't achieved their upside quite yet. As long as you have the right mix coming up you can handle that outflow of talent. The key is to have the right number of proven stars on monster contracts versus young but mature or nearly mature talent on value contracts. I think this is what's killing the teams in cap hell (VGK, TO)- they have too many premium contracts and not enough value contracts with the right talent level. I also think this is where analytics comes in, in terms of knowing which players to hang onto, which new players to acquire.
  13. He's finding his touch at Worlds.
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