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  1. YES. That's the other one. GAWD I HATE THAT COMMERCIAL.
  2. I ran across a list by a poster (not a journalist or anything) who started a thread on another forum listing the "top young" Dmen in the league. The thread was from last year, before the trade, and most of the responders had Joker in the top 10. So along with Dahlin, we basically have two of the top 10 young Dmen in the league. I've been very happy with Joker. I just need Dahlin to settle in a bit better.
  3. No way that would work out without sweeteners added by the Sabres. If he were a decent 3C himself we wouldn't even consider moving him.
  4. wut. You say that, but I thought he did fine for the game or two he played earlier. And he played D during penalty kills last night.
  5. No excuses. Just lots of different paths to the Cup. By the way, you forgot to mention Buffalo Sabres: expansion team in 1970; Stanley Cup Finals appearance in 1975.
  6. Okay but... how does HaborCenter fit into his plan?
  7. Meh. they'll only play about 7 minutes, if that. Do you actually think they'll win three games? YOU'RE CRAZY.
  8. This is the one gift that Jack has that makes him elite. He has other talents, but his quick shot is fantastic.
  9. Subtract one of the D (but not Montour, Dahlin, Risto or McCabe) and add in Beaulieu... do you think he plays a regular shift?
  10. I said I'd like to see Bogo banging around on the forecheck when he practiced at forward, but I was disappointed when it turned out to be Gilmour playing forward. Watching him so far this season, I think the best forward in our D corps is probably Montour. His goal last night looked like a forward's goal, and when he rushes the puck he looks like a forward doing it (as opposed to Risto who can't wait to dump it into the corner as soon as he crosses the offensive blue line).
  11. That will work fine with Beaulieu, since it's a French name. For Germanic names, the secret lies in adding more consonants until it looks right (thinking of Mittelstadt here...)
  12. This is what the internet has done to sports. Thirty years ago the vast majority of fans watched games and possibly one or two locally produced shows tailored to the local teams. Now there is essentially infinite data available about all teams to all fans. While I enjoy having a greater depth of knowledge (even with my limited time spent on it), it comes with a price of having full view of your favorite team's warts.
  13. See, that's exactly what I'm talking about! Now we just need a world war and all will be fine with the Sabres.
  14. The Wings are the example I'm most familiar with, but several other "dynasty" teams went through similar really bad times before climbing to the heights.
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