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  1. Yes... Great talent and speed, needs coaching and a good system. I'd give him a shot.
  2. My favorite Sabre all time has to be Cody Eakin for scoring the goal that finally brought the Stanley Cup to the Buffalo Sabres. Oh shoot.... this is still 2020? wth I'll leave this post here as proof that time travel is real. You'll see for yourselves next summer.
  3. Center Ice/NHL.tv/whatever the internet version is called. Up until we moved almost three years ago, we had Center Ice through DirecTV. It was fine I suppose. When we moved we signed on with Charter Spectrum for TV and Internet. When I did my research it looked like you could get Center Ice like DirecTV has. But when we moved we found out that wasn't the case. So I got the NHL.tv subscription and watch the games on my TV via Roku stick.
  4. Seriously, I laughed out loud. Remember when the internet was primarily silly? I miss those days.
  5. I know I was happy when I heard he was retiring....
  6. If his voice plays over in my head it's the worst kind of ear worm. His play by play is like finger nails on a chalkboard to my ears.
  7. It depends... how many goals can he bring us?
  8. I was never a fan of his style. Okay. I HATED his style.
  9. I think the difference there is they are having only isolated outbreaks in most countries, and those outbreaks are still less than American "business as usual."
  10. Europe is generally in better shape with respect to the virus.... what about moving all the teams to Europe for a year? Kind of an out-of-the-box idea, but basically set up a Euro "sister city" with each NHL team, let them use that city as their base for one season. Assuming some level of attendance is possible at the arenas, it could provide a big marketing and money making opportunity on the other side of the pond. Setting something like that up might take more than 2 or 3 months but if they could, it would give them fan revenue from Europe, TV revenue from North America, and establish fandoms in Europe which could increase revenue going forward. To keep the links in future seasons, maybe have every team do a "home and home" with another NHL team at their respective sister cities in future seasons.
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