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  1. You know, if I'm Housley, I think I shuffle someone off the top line, just to shake things up. Seems like they're almost trying too hard.
  2. You really need to start a club or something. 😉
  3. A spinarama backhand off the post and in. Amazeballs.
  4. Yeah, the Sabres need to go into the break on a winning streak.
  5. That choir was stunning. They weren't perfect but sounded very nice.
  6. Same here. PA is just more in your face about it. Sometimes I am too and I catch flak for it but then I back off. He's more abrupt. More direct. More blunt.
  7. ROR was a leader on the team and a key piece. Berglund didn't say anything to anyone to drag the team down; he simply left.
  8. Trying to understand what he's going through.... I think when you grow up as a hockey player in Canada (or the US) with an eye on going professional, you understand that it's a business and that there's only so much you can control; the team has a lot of control over your life and you understand you might have to move around. You also have a feel for how big North America is geographically. I could see where someone coming from a much smaller country such as Sweden, where you don't get that same exposure to the business of North American hockey, could be overwhelmed by it all. He made the first step okay, settling into St. Louis, but that next one was just a step too far and he felt lost. I feel bad for the guy. He can try to explain it, but I'm sure that most people can't put themselves in his shoes; only a handful of guys have a life journey like his.
  9. Doohickie

    Forward Taylor Leier Traded to Sabres

    Maybe we should start a club for that.
  10. I did a spit take when I saw the name of the other wing on that line. I read it as "LEINO." 😮