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  1. I think he skates faster than Campbell, not sure about the maneuverability, but maybe.
  2. THIS. I've been trying to figure out who Bryson reminds me of. I think it's Brian Campbell. A good, physical coverage defenseman with unexpected flashes of offensive acumen.
  3. (This post is written from my projection of where we will be coming out of Training Camp)
  4. This is a team in transition from suckitude to... well hopefully not suckitude. Given that, who do you think will get the C and the As next year? I have my own arbitrary opinion that I'm sure you'll all agree with 😉 Captain: Jack Eichel. Still the best player on the team. Although tremendous growth from the young middle six lessens the load on Jack, he is still the engine that drives the Sabres. Under newly named Head Coach Don Granato, Eichel brings a newfound energy and motivation. Captain Jack will get you high again. Assistant Captain: Rasmus Ristolainen. Al
  5. No way. @PromoTheRobot assures me that Granato will be insulted by such an offer.
  6. Like it or not, Jack is the vet leader. McCabe is the vet leader. Okposo is the vet leader. It sucks that all three are hurt right now. So the mantel falls to Reino, Risto and... do we have 3rd A yet? Checking... no, not today. I think Granato will give Casey and A. My prediction for next year: Jack will continue with the C, Risto will retain the A even with McCabe back, and Casey will have an A. If you doubt Jack as Captain, let me just point out that we haven't seen Eichel play for Granato. I predict he will be rejuvenated just like the rest of the team has been and he
  7. We've never seen Jack play under a Granato-coached Sabres team. I wouldn't take it away from him until I saw that. I think with Jack it's been a case of publicly supporting management and coaching that frankly sucked. I want to see Jack captain a Sabres squad that is playing under Granato's system and tutelage before I take the C away. I kind of think Jack will appreciate Granato's system and will be a much more enthusiastic leader. And if Jack is happy and the team is playing meaningful games, SAM REINHART WILL BE FINE.
  8. Re: Bryson... is this the post you meant? And are you confusing me with PA? 😮 I thought Samuelsson looked like he was in his first NHL game. I saw nothing that would make me hesitate play him in his second NHL game. I'd call him a mature prospect; the only thing he lacks is NHL experience. Cozens-R2: No doubt about it, for as much as RFK repressed this team's talent, Granato has brought it to full blossom. I was starting to think we'd never see the Sabres play like they did 15 years ago, but suddenly, very suddenly, here we are.
  9. Honestly: I think that for Sam, it's just not as much fun without Jack there. I think they really are best buds. I also think the lost season thing could be a valid point. He's seen this before, he doesn't get too pumped up about padding stats during meaningless wins. The cure is to start winning from the start and carry it through for a whole season. If that doesn't happen next year, he will for sure want out.
  10. That would make me want outta there ASAP.
  11. I don't think the Sabres can prevent him from getting a promotion.
  12. ...and yet the post I responded to suggested leaving the Iterim tag on him into next season. Now *that* would be an insult. I think giving him a year and see how it goes would be better security than he's had this season.
  13. I think the middle six suddenly hit its stride this season. They're fine going forward. Assuming Jack comes back healed and ready in the fall, the first line will sort itself out. I'm not terribly worried about the fourth line but I think we've got enough talent there. On D, Joki/Dahlin look like a great puck moving/point scoring tandem. Risto and anyone is a good shut down pair. With McCabe back there is no doubt at all there. Then we have Bryson, Borgen and Samuelsson. When it comes to D, the future's so bright, I have to wear shades. Goaltending is a big question mark. Ull
  14. I'm genuinely hoping for Lazar's success (except of course when he plays the Sabres). He's a character guy who did everything the Sabres asked of him. If the Bruins are successful in the post season I'll be pissed off but I'll be happy for Curtis. That said, I think Bjork is not quite Lazar's equal but still hasn't maxed out.
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