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  1. Reinhart: Great game. VO: Ready to play with the big boys. Vesey: Solid effort; I like him better than I thought I would. Jack: Constantly driving play. Miller: Booming shot, good D. And the whole team: There were several times where they made line changes while keeping TO hemmed into their zone. How long has it been since we did that?
  2. Is this a rivalry? Cuz it feels like a rivalry.
  3. I'm pretty sure the preseason games are arranged by the teams themselves and not the league.
  4. In downtown areas, the routing of the freeways was often driven by where they could the land cheapest with the least amount of protest. Think about it.
  5. One of the things said about RFK (or maybe he said it about himself) when he was hired was that he likes to put players in a position to succeed. If this is true, RISTO WILL BE FINE. He's a strong, albeit flawed, defenseman, with the right partner, the right system and the right usage i could see him excelling.
  6. I think Risto is frustrated with being overused, frustrated with losing. I think he could still be traded but it could depend on his usage in the preseason and how he responds to RFK's system, his personality, and whether he truly puts Risto in a position to succeed. Let's say for a moment Risto is no longer frustrated and getting excited about the new coach. If we don't trade him, which RHD would be next on the trading block, and what do we get in return?
  7. It's fine in this thread. Dudacek put the post link in the opening post and provided enough information to get the discussion going.
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