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  1. As far as home office goes, I'm pretty well set up in the family room/man cave. I have an old kitchen table with my computer (an all-in-one) on it, and when I want to work I can use that as a monitor for my work laptop, giving me two screens. I use company VPN over home wifi, seems to work fine. I have an old surround sound stereo in the room but after rigging it up quickly when I first moved in I let it be for two years. Last night I finally got the subwoofer and the speakers hooked up right. The room itself is the one room in the house that we haven't gotten on top of since we moved in. There's a lot of crap in here, the kind of stuff you'd expect to find in a basement- tools, stored stuff, junk strewn about, and bicycles hanging from the wall for storage. But my work area is adequate. I have a nice view of my backyard through the sliding glass door, and there are windows set high on the wall that faces out toward the driveway. I can see the sky, the top of my garage and some trees but nothing to draw me into staring out at random people outside. The views out the windows. The view toward the driveway: And the backyard:
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    That's not antiseptic.
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    It will take longer than that. The key is to eliminate circulation of the virus. Some countries have managed to do this, but only under pretty strict "shelter at home" conditions, and for longer than a couple weeks. Korea and the US had their first cases at the same time. Korea went to massive amounts of testing and a total shutdown. They're easing restrictions now and things are coming back. I expect there will be additional cases, but at least they know what they're dealing with because they test for it. It's gonna be about three months is my guess. July sounds about right.
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    A friend of mine who works for the transit system is experiencing symptoms and has been tested, awaiting results. Someone at my workplace (a large company with thousands of employees) tested positive. They don't work in the same area of the building as I do and I'm in my second week of telecommuting.
  5. Went for another ride Saturday- 24 miles. It was about the same temperature as the previous day (mid 50s) but sunny and less wind, so more people were out. I saw a lot of families out with their kids; they must be going stir crazy at home. This is a hill I've never been able to climb, but it's fun going down 🙂 The river's typically about half as wide as this; we've had a lot of rain lately. "You can't plant a tree in the middle of the road!" "Oh yeah? WATCH ME!" This couple passed me and I drafted them for a bit before passing them again. The trail is shaded where it cuts through Rockwood Park Coming back into downtown Sundance Square plaza downtown is usually pretty busy with nice weather, but there's not much open downtown. If you see the white SUV on the far side of the plaza, it's waiting in line at a local restaurant that has curbside pickup only. There is a lot of concern for those who are out of work due to the pandemic; they're trying curbside in an effort to keep restaurants open. I hope it doesn't result in transmission of the virus.
  6. I'm frankly shocked that Texas would lead in this regard.
  7. I'm way ahead of you. Texans drinking the most alcohol during COVID-19 outbreak, data suggests Posted: Mar 20, 2020 / 01:33 PM CDT / Updated: Mar 20, 2020 / 01:38 PM CDT
  8. I'm also working from home. I got out today and took a bicycle ride. I started out by picking up a prescription for my wife through the drive-thru Then I hit the trails. Due to recent rains, I couldn't cross here... I ended up with about 20 miles. If you didn't enjoy your afternoon as much as I did, DILL WITH IT.
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    We could have had plenty, all we had to do was accept South Korea's offer.
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    For example: The county I live in has 2 million people and 362 ICU beds. If half the people are sick simultaneously and 5% of them require ICU, that's 50,000 ICU beds needed. And that doesn't include the surrounding rural counties that don't have their own ICUs.
  11. Vocals: Mama Cass, Meat Loaf Guitar: Stevie Ray Vaughan Bass: Geddy Lee Keyboards: Billy Joel Drums: John Bonham
  12. SS is moderated. Yes, FB is moderated too, but not for the benefit of members, only for FB.
  13. That won't play well in a blue collar city.
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