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  1. I'll be 59 this year. When I'm the only person home it means time to hang out with the dogs. And read all of the Jack Eichel trade thread.
  2. And before the Scots took it over it was Frenchy and used to be called Acadia. Some of the Frenchies who got crowded out by the Scots moved down to Louisiana and got lazy on the pronunciation of "Acadians" so eventually they just shortened it to "Cajuns." There, something else you probably didn't know.
  3. In other news, my wife is out of town so I took the opportunity to paint our bedroom this weekend.
  4. https://how-to-get-rid-of-mice.com/humane-mouse-traps/
  5. Yeah, a little miffed the Rangers traded Gallo. He even said he didn't want to be traded. Such is sports biz. Some good news out of the Texas Rangers though: Catcher Jonah Heim from Buffalo set a Rangers record by hitting walk-off home runs in consecutive games. I think this guy might be a start in the making.
  6. Trust me. I live in the Dallas market. That's not how it works. Because Buffalo of course.
  7. I have to take exception to that. The Raiders have been raided repeatedly, moved to LA and back and now to Vegas and their fan base is just as rabid.
  8. Doesn't sound like something one could do in a single off-season.
  9. I don't know... Houston, San Antonio and Dallas all have major sports teams. So far Austin has MLS but they would jump at an NFL franchise. Austin is the only city in the U.S. top ten in population that doesn't have a big three (NFL/NBA/MLB) franchise, and San Antonio is close enough that they could help support an NFL team. There's a LOT of money in Austin these days, too.
  10. That's not how the CBA works. Simple to everyone except Eichel and his agent.
  11. 1. How close to a stadium site? 2. Would the owners allow tailgating? I mean, sure it might not change that much, but why mess with it?
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