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  1. I did a google search and everything about it was on twitter, but they all looked like speculative designs, nothing official.
  2. It's a station on SiriusXM consisting of ...but you forgot Christopher Cross whose "Sailing" is probably one of the inspirations for the name.
  3. "If you were to take the job, what would be the first change you'd want to see on the roster?" Stuff like that.
  4. If Tippett had said yes before Krueger was available, would Tippett be our coach right now? If that source is to be believed, the answer is yes. I'm not sure that answer is correct.
  5. Executive Goalie Coach/Associate Goalie Coach.
  6. I think he had an idea that Krueger was his #1 target.
  7. Depends on the object. Houses go up in flames, aircraft go down in flames. Not sure about Sabres.
  8. He's clearly not a core piece. But then again, he's spent the last few years being a decent ancillary piece, not good enough for a long term contract, but enough to get a contract every year, usually with enough value at the end of the year to earn a trade to a contender. I wouldn't prioritize picking him up but I don't know that I'd object too much either, depending on higher profile pickups.
  9. I think you've got it wrong. I don't see Krueger's style as anything like Housley's. From what the articles say, Krueger makes the effort to get to know and engage his players, and then puts them into positions to succeed. Housley seemed aloof, almost uninterested, and didn't use his players well at all, to be honest. It was more about his process and getting his players to bend to his will, which failed miserably. I think Krueger will have looser reins on the team and will allow the players to do what they do well.
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