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  1. Can the team ask him to remove that clause in order to free up that 7th guy protection? Let's face it Kyle isn't going any where for obvious reasons.
  2. No. Dresses are meant to accentuate the positives of a female's wonderful figure. There is no article of clothing that does it better than a dress.
  3. Been to many different locations over several years. The one I thought I always wanted to return to and fell in love with was Manzanillo. Best meal on earth was at a restaurant called Le Recif. Then one day the better have came home with a sad story from one of her patients that was from a neighboring town that criminals had over taken the town and it's no longer safe.
  4. There is no wrong color when either of those dresses are worn.
  5. You mean he only texted him? I can understand how the media can preserve this as a slight and a rift! The feud is real!
  6. So, throwing darts at names in the 7th round is just as apt to get you an NHL player and a few teams have had a few luckier darts.
  7. Yes he was, but I always thought Jack has spoken positively of Ryan. Jack blamed local media for any stories of him getting ROR sent to St Louis in the interview trying to put to rest any rumors otherwise. The hosts were very positive to Jacks comments on the situation and seemed glad he said it.
  8. For those that can't listen.... He praised three people I didn't see coming. Terry Pegula. For giving him the best advice on being a captain in the NHL. Kyle Okposo. Nicknamed Yoda by him and his team mates for being the wise sage old of the team that a lot of players turn to. Carter Hutton. Crafty veteran with great locker room presence.
  9. Looks like a hydraulic line blew (the red on the ice) and then the aerosol form of the fluid caught on fire ignited by the propane burners.
  10. Let me guess, while shopping at COSCO for bottled water, toilet paper and hand sanitizer you found great deals on some fava beans and a nice Chianti? We all now your a doctor, would your last name be Lecter? ?
  11. Isn't there a union involved in this? Doesn't the union hold some responsibility to make sure it's members are taken care of by the union itself?
  12. It's pending FDA approval so...... 2-5 years.
  13. He would be our 2 C in every decade the Sabres have been in existence.
  14. I finally found out why the run on toilet paper.... because every time someone sneezes 20 people poop their pants! ? I won't be here for 2 more weeks, please don't try the veal, and remember to only tip your server through a credit card, no paper money transfers accepted.
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