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  1. Being totally naïve of English Football I came up with a slightly different take than what the author seems to paint. Sounds like he was in charge when a Tom Galisano type owner was trying to sell and it was purchased by a Regas's type. To me RK's biggest mistake was thinking he had what it took and accepted the job. No one survives that unscathed. It's also why I have respect for Reiger, he was not the worlds best GM of hockey but he survived a time in this franchise's history that easily would have crushed many others. The article just proves he's a human and makes mistakes in the eye's of sports fans. . I feel the same. We just don't have a second line that gets us to the play off bubble caliper team yet.
  2. It appears from reading the comments section of this article he was not loved by the fans of the team he helped restore to profitability.
  3. It appears Jeff came to Buffalo in a contract year knowing full well his downsides as a player and tried his best to correct them and play a complete game as possible. Will he continue as a player like this past season or will he revert back to his days with Carolina?
  4. Over paying with contracts that are to long has already set this team back. I believe many will hate Botterill for not signing Skinner no matter the cost. I don't believe Botterill will do it if the contract is not fair for both sides.
  5. I like Doc. Millbury makes Rob Ray look like a silver-tongued genius.
  6. And I thought the complete opposite. Good on them for doing what was right and not changing the out come by not calling penalties that should be called by swallowing the whistle because it post season.
  7. Their game reminds me of the Jersey trap. BORING! The two teams remaining to me that are fun to watch are (I really hate to say this word) Boston and Carolina. Don't care who wins, so if the game is boring I just won't watch.
  8. Now I know where all my right handed gloves go to and why all I have are lefties!
  9. I'd trade places with that dog in a heart beat.
  10. It's almost like Botterill knows what he is doing.
  11. No idea how any of it will work out given the temperament of any given coach, but my goodness would I love a fired up hockey team for 60 minutes to show up on a regular basis. Jack doesn't seem from what little I know of him to be the coach to get that out of this bunch.
  12. My hope is he has a year that shows a marked improvement like this past season has after hip surgery.
  13. No Mighty Taco for you? What next? No Sahlens? No chicken wings? No beef on weck? You'll stave to death if come down and go to a game!
  14. Good to know he held his own. His odds of making the NHL as a regular starter got slightly better, which is about the best any one of these call up players could ask for given the circumstances.
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