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  1. There are positives and negatives with the Cozen fight. We have a young, tough player that can handle his own in a scrap and seems determined to make a name for himself at a very early start to what should be a very long career. He embodies the tough, gritty hard to play against guy the fan base for any team loves to have. But has he put a bull's eye on his back now? Will seasoned vets feel the need to put the rooky in his place? Will he get attention now from more physical players that aren't looking for a fight but just want to *send a message*? These are my concerns
  2. Let your team play to it's strengths and I'm sure our puck luck will do a 180.
  3. He called Krueger's system one that matches The Isles and the Blues, which none of our top 6f/4d are suited to play in. We can have a debate about Sam on this, but his overall point is well taken. Filipovic was asked to rank on a scale from 1-10 how bad a match is it of system to players. He wouldn't do that but did go into a 2 minute discussion that it can't be all bad *puck luck* for some of the leagues best goal scores to be having the worst years of their careers. He specifically mentioned Jack, Jeff and Hall. He ended the discussion with a verbal illustration of a play with Mon
  4. I keep giving plasma and keep testing positive so I've been in no hurry. Not that I meet any criteria to be on a list to get it at this point, but I just didn't see a reason to.
  5. You know it's getting really bad when NS lets a naughty word slip out, but two, in the same sentence even? It's surely means the tipping point has been reached.
  6. So if you test positive for antibodies do you need to get vaccinated?
  7. I have been know to pass gas that lingers for 3 years, and my wife hates it also.
  8. The peasants have broken into the shed and have taken all the pitch forks and torchers, we're just hoping someone brought the matches.
  9. They really need to forfeit the points the Devils won, it would be nice to give them to the Sabres but I would be happy if they just took them away.
  10. There is a snowball effect for not following protocol. The Bruins and Isles should be pissed too as it has messed with an already bad schedule thanks to the Devils.
  11. I know a Zamboni driver that has some killer stats looking for a full time gig.
  12. Well thank you captain obvious. They weren't that bad, they ain't this good.
  13. RoKu is a genius. Lazar for the Hart. Hutton for the Vezina. Just love how the hockey gods pendulum swings from one night to the next.
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