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  1. Let me guess, while shopping at COSCO for bottled water, toilet paper and hand sanitizer you found great deals on some fava beans and a nice Chianti? We all now your a doctor, would your last name be Lecter? 😃
  2. Isn't there a union involved in this? Doesn't the union hold some responsibility to make sure it's members are taken care of by the union itself?
  3. It's pending FDA approval so...... 2-5 years.
  4. He would be our 2 C in every decade the Sabres have been in existence.
  5. I finally found out why the run on toilet paper.... because every time someone sneezes 20 people poop their pants! 😀 I won't be here for 2 more weeks, please don't try the veal, and remember to only tip your server through a credit card, no paper money transfers accepted.
  6. We have a lot of information from a lot of *experts* that come to us daily with advice and knowledge ( stats) and more often than not their opinions vary greatly. A person processes it and deals with it, depending on which expert you think is right that person is either an idiot or a genius.
  7. I've said this before and I'll say it again... Your dislike of elderberry pie is not fathomable. Heck, you probably don't like strawberry rhubarb either. And you call yourself an Ogre.... 😀
  8. Wife and myself do volunteer work, 1 of the programs has cancelled and 1 has not. The only conundrum that would have us both in a very similar routine as you.
  9. For how long and when will you know it's ok to resume normal* life? The end result I took from the article is it has to be an all or nothing response. Everyone stays in for 2 weeks or else we might as well all continue our lives as normal. I do grabble with the same question as you. Do I limit activities outside my home to those only necessary for survival (work/food/medications)? No social functions, eating or drinking out. But for how long and would it made a difference if I start today and some portion of people around me didn't? Would my chances of being affected get reduced?
  10. Been a Tim Connolley fan since the time he played with the Otters. Never personally understood the disfavor that fans came to because of his very well documented head injuries. Was glad to see him for the reunion for the 2000's night and how well he looked and acted. This article is even better news.
  11. Really need to win this one in regulation so we don't go another season without a regulation win in March, and with the very real threat of the season getting canned this might be the last chance. So this really is a ... MUST WIN!
  12. The analytics of it all so far tend to agree with you.
  13. Faith. Every player that suits up must have faith that their goalie can give them a good game and give them a chance. First time in a month that has happened. They played with faith.
  14. Sabre Space and all other forms of social media do have the ability to share information. Trying to maintain truth and civility while doing makes it a little more special. We like to think we're special ðŸĪŠ
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