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  1. He might not have been coachable. A mix of stubbornness with 4 different coaches over 5 years all telling him something different. A mix of young and stupid, which is very closely related to egotistical. Then mix in the end of last season where he *just gave up* and was tired of losing. I can easily see where many will say he is un-coachable with these traits. Maybe he is. Or, maybe he's turned a corner and just wants to win and will listen now. Kids are like that. I know I sure was.
  2. I didn't get that at all. The back and forth with John was about him logging a lot of ice time. The way I took Risto's comment was... I just want to win even if it means I play less, I'm a team guy first. A *do what ever it takes to win* statement. I'm coachable.
  3. I think the getting rid of Okposo's contract is the *winning* side of that deal. Not the return.
  4. We all have such a wonderful sense of humor in the summer!
  5. What's with Yukon Cornelius on guitar? Prospecting didn't pay so a gig in a pirate band must pay the bills?
  6. He has troubling seeing out of his top two and his third eye is blind.... I'm betting it's stat data he got it from. 😁
  7. This very well may be true. I will not debate you on the origins and time line of *fire ****** ****** he sucks!* But with all do respect...... HO is the predominate force behind the FIRE JBotts ! meme since the day he was hired. I'm giving credit where credit is due! You go HO! BTW, I really like JBotts and really have no interest in seeing him fired so I find it all so amusing.
  8. Makes me laugh every time! Thanks Ho for starting the whole thing!
  9. So in a nut shell. This past year the Sabres where a mix of players ( predominately the middle six) that had the worst possible impact on each other when on the same line. Even scuffling them just mixed the bad mix for the same results. The bad mix being TT and Sobs. No matter where they where in the line up they drug down their line mates. So the hope is by adding even just 2 players with *average* possession and CF% numbers will greatly elevate the middle six exponentially? Is my simple assumption of these stats an over-simplification?
  10. As of right now... One heck of a dog fight to be on the ice for the big club for some *seasoned* veterans come mid October it appears. I'm fine with that, really fine with that.
  11. It could be as innocent as JBott was shopping Nylander and got offered this. But your assessment is not out of the realm.
  12. A really good goalie makes the team look a lot better and instantly adds confidence. But I think they are harder to find in FA than a 2C center.
  13. I only know Jokiharu shoots right, couldn't find anything on which side he plays.
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