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  1. I got it half wrong. Money seems to having nothing to do with it, his happiness and piece of mind was the *everything* of it. Fixed my last line.
  2. I took ROR's comment as *lost the love* was because of losing and wanted to go on to a winning team. Patriks seems to have had/having true heart felt *lost the love of North American hockey* and wanted to go home. No blame on the Sabres or players. The fact he let go of 10-12 million to be happy again is admirable to most and is the biggest distinction.
  3. woods-racer

    Rayzor on Rhett Warrener's Radio Show in Calgary Today

    It was a really fun listen. Rob just seems a bit more uptight when he's on WGR or broadcasting. He touched on it when talking about his wife and the gas station owner. He is now super sensitive because his listeners are in the WNY area.
  4. woods-racer

    Beaulieu has requested a Trade

    I'm glad he has some competitive edge. Just show it on the ice and not on that twitter thing and good things will happen.
  5. This the best thread in a long time. I crunched the numbers and their stats show keep it open!
  6. Needed to throw off the number crunchers.😉
  7. Won't all of us be banned at some point? The score is even analytical in nature, so to repeat it would be a ban-able offense. Hence, over the top rhetoric or hyperbole fighting over the top rhetoric and hyperbole. It all makes sense.
  8. I'd call it over the top rhetoric or may be hyperbole, with a smidge of very tastefully trolling that sent Liger straight to where he wanted him to go. Quite fun to watch.
  9. We do have a much better defense. Light years ahead in the NHL and in Rochester. Taken with a large grain of salt is his comparison.
  10. woods-racer

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes -- Jan. 11, 2019

    As has been stated numerous times for the old, but still good looking, we need the sarcasm smiley thingy. 😎
  11. woods-racer

    Practice Report: Thursday, 1-10-2019

    We start todays practice report with a whole lotta nothin.
  12. woods-racer

    GDT - Devils @ Sabres, 7:00pm MSG, 1/8/2019

    That's bad? Who knew? 🙊
  13. woods-racer

    GDT - Devils @ Sabres, 7:00pm MSG, 1/8/2019

    He's gots good English? That's goods to know. I'm gonna post more, I think I could drive crazy without trying.🤗.
  14. I had to *Google*. Lord of the Rings character. What a let down. That I was going to learn a new *cool* word.
  15. woods-racer

    Scott Wilson on Waivers

    Are they looking for vet depth in Rochester? Do they want to send him down in hopes he burns it up and gets called up to the big club *fair-n-square* in the hopes of igniting a fire under a few others in Rochester? A little Rochester insight would help.