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  1. woods-racer

    Pekar Joins the Amerks

    Especially ones that stand tall and play hard. 🙊
  2. woods-racer

    Crowd Noise @ Blues Game

    Are you sure? Did you ever him fart? Why do you think it's called Buffalo rumblings? 😀
  3. woods-racer

    OT....St. Patrick and his Day....

    The only *no go* zone for young children is a half a block in each direction of Chippewa. Haven't been up and down Chippewa in 20 years, I'm assuming there are plenty of bars on Chippewa. The police put up barricades all along that area so it's easy to spot. The rest of the route has young kids all along it. Mostly sitting in chairs out in the street just along the curb with the parents behind them.
  4. woods-racer

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    I will for ever phrase a coach as the stage coach driver. No matter how you arrange the horses, no matter how you beat them the stage will only go as fast as the slowest horse. We have a few, and only a few very slow horses. To think JBotts and Phil don't know that is insane. To beat this team and leave scares on them is the worst they could do. I will bet there is only 2-4 roster changes come October( and by *only* that is minuscule compared to the last 5 years). But this team will be much faster. The results much different.
  5. woods-racer

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    There was Irish things to do on this fine day in down town Buffalo so I was unable to par take in the on ice festivities. So glad to hear that a few, and unexpectedly so, had a good game. Makes me happy for next years middle 6. Especially this.. Please add some grit. Then a heart beat. We may have the makings of a middle 6 that gets us a first round play off win. It was sunny and full of good spirits today, so I'm happy about the win and our future. If you see other wise I wish upon you an old Irish proverb. It goes like this... Dún é!
  6. woods-racer

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    I'll be downtown today but no going to the game for me. There's this other little event going on....
  7. woods-racer

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    Hear they have a killer St. Patty's day festival.
  8. woods-racer

    E. Kane's Wife has miscarriage

    No matter your past in life two wrongs never make a right. May him and his wife get past this and have a bright and fruitful life together as they see fit to make them happy.
  9. woods-racer

    The Hockey Gods

    I just think he knows he doesn't have the horses to win consistently in this league. Why brow beat, bag skate, publicly ridicule, yell at or in any other way demean his players if he truly believes they are giving an honest effort? I also believe JBotts doesn't really want to break up the winning combinations in Rochester and that is why Nylander is here. He, from what I can tell from reading about him, is a deck chair. This season I'm sure blew up as soon as Bergland went south. Both Phil and Jason knew it was almost impossible to recover not having a 2C. I'm willing to bet Jason told Phil *I'll do what I can, but don't expect much in season*. Phil had the task of putting lip stick on this pig all season, and not go crazy in front of the cameras/microphones while doing it.
  10. We have talked many times about the identity, the winning culture, the heart of a team. You showed a team that has had all of these as part of their culture for as long as I can remember. Even Boston's not so talented teams still had resolve. Bringing in a player or two is part of the issue with Buffalo, removing the problems are just as big.
  11. For those that thing Phil was a complete ballerina. http://dropyourgloves.com/Fights/FightCard.aspx?Player=1943 When pressed he dropped them. Not often, but against some very good fighters.
  12. woods-racer

    Practice Report: 3/11/2019

    It just could be we are missing 2-3 players to make this team good. 7 of our forwards are just deck chairs.
  13. woods-racer

    Skinner Contract Watch

    He said twinkle toed. He He He he he 😀 His twinkles got more grit than the second and third lines put together.
  14. woods-racer

    Nylander called up

    For those that have watch Nylander this year. Does he have some grit in his game?
  15. Very true. I thought Skinner's response was quite admirable though. He got in a few good shots. The league knows this team is soft and that a chippy or heavy game will get them floating or off their game so much that the other team can get an easy win.