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  1. Have to believe they are playing him to up his trade value. He had no trade value coming back from the injury. He most certainly is not helping his cause to get another contract at his current play level which in turn keeps is trade value at a near zero. The only real assets to his game at this stage in his career was his ability to be physical on the opposing forward and sound positional like one would hope from a seasoned veteran that's lost a step. He shows neither of these traits in his play. He seems to have a mentality of *just don't get hurt*.
  2. Bogo got motivated/involved/inspired when he got face planted into the boards by a good hard check. Not sure if he felt fragile after coming back from the injuries and that is what it took to get him going? He must have a fear that another injury ends his career no matter how small. No team will pick him up unless he finishes this year healthy. Just seems like the passion came back into him after that hit. I hope he finally got back on the horse.
  3. As we continue to climb in the standings that stat becomes very meaningful.
  4. Close game and a questionable penalty is called. Lazrar Larsson Frolic Girgensons The 4 forwards that turned that penalty into a win.
  5. First time ever. The first sweep since they moved to Dallas if I'm correct.
  6. That's awesome! In all seriousness, does it take much to coach an All-Star game?
  7. I must have miss represented myself. I don't want him. I don't think Gallant is anything better than what we have and would argue not even as good. But if he has been let go for all the wrong reasons and other GM's feel he is an upgrade he may be a hot item and is getting calls.
  8. As bad as the Sabres have been on the road coming away with a point is a huge win.
  9. Or you strike when the irons hot. If he's a hot commodity and he is getting phone calls he's a busy man.
  10. They where at Lockheed Martin in Texas doing a show on the Lightning when they had a 2 second flash of a guy with a Bills hard hat on the assembly floor. Slim chance but had to ask.
  11. If you wear a Bills hard hat at work you may have been on the show Extreme Engineering on the Discovery Channel.
  12. He was marginal at best and being out for a year only makes it that much tougher for him to get another chance. The NHL will move on from him.
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