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  1. Mike is not a good person. I don't like Mike. Him and the Great Satan where deserving of each other. I'm sorry to see his time there come to an end.
  2. I bet Larrson has more than that flipping it out of the zone on a penalty kill.
  3. That's why you love us, we already knew you where crazy and still let you come over for beers.
  4. As a fan of the Sabres I would like another *LaFontaine situation* for Kyle. Put 100% of the responsibility of the players health on the player and his doctor.
  5. I think it would be fun to see Bogo play forward!
  6. I heard one of the announcers last night say something to the effect * Bogo and Dalin had a really good stretch together last year, lets hope when he gets back it's a boost for Dahlin* It's all about chemistry with pairings.
  7. I would hope if Jason was/is a religious man he would be praying for the health and well being of Kyle without any reflection upon his status as a player. As a GM, I would hope Jason makes sure that Kyle is given every opportunity to get to a doctor in order to get well and to make sure the communication lines are always open as to his future.
  8. If that's all it takes for Kyle to be out for a game it's time for his family to rally and get him into another profession.
  9. Listen to a GR interview of him post game. They asked him *when was the last time you scored four goals?* He couldn't remember when, but he was a kid.
  10. This would have been so much more fun if I was trolling you 😁 But alas, the seriousness of it all makes it a rather disappointing topic.
  11. The stars have converged and Liger and PA both agree, it must be the truth. This would also mean that VS and @ have the same meaning.
  12. Pi, you need to sum that up in a nice short one sentence summation or else it just looks like a daily temperature chart for Celsius people.
  13. I always thought it was HOME VS. AWAY. I can be wrong.
  14. I thought it was... Buffalo VS Carolina. Buffalo is at home playing Carolina. Carolina VS. Buffalo. Carolina at home. It's not he VS., it is as how the teams are arranged around it that always mattered.
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