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  1. I mostly agree with pi. He's not a giant douchebag. Just a douchebag. Sheary will bounce back. But not in a big way (he didn't fall far from year prior). I expect to see him at his average of 18 goals and 25 assists (+/-). Which is just a few more points than his 34 he got last year.
  2. Who couldn't enjoy that interview? Up beat, positive, answered the questions as clearly as possible with out going into to much detail. Good interview from a well spoken individual.
  3. DirecTV is now owned by AT&T. Sprectrum=AT&T with customer service.
  4. An Analytical Teddy? A coach that is the combination of the good traits that make up an analytical coach and an inspirational coach rolled in to one. I hope that is what we are getting.
  5. I'm a Old stick, broken spatula and some stick tape kind of guy my self. Loved that spatula that McKee had. Edit, Can't believe I didn't think of it before I watch the video.....
  6. NS is a bit of a Jokester. You need to take the *who?* with a pinch of flippant and a healthy sprinkle of sarcasm.
  7. You can try and fancy stat the re-signing of Pominville as a positive, I will look at it as a step backwards if they do it. If we can't find someone much better than Pominville to sign this team will be difficult to watch.
  8. Yes, it was modified. No, you're not crazy.
  9. Where's big John? Now there's a former player to have liquid lunch with.
  10. Artificial tongue whiskey. If you do an internet search of that phrase you will find that *scientists* are willing to sell you something that may tell you that your whiskey purchase may be a scam. I didn't know the fraudulent whiskey market was so bad it needed an official taste tester.
  11. But is he trade-able then? I ask this because my believe is a fair value contract is a trade-able one.
  12. If they go through the arbitration process and the panel see's fit to give McCabe around 3 million for 2 years will the Sabres accept it and sign him? If you believe the Sabres do sign him, is McCabe trade-able with that price and term?
  13. Tim Murray is looking through his contact list right now wondering if he has that number for the Wild.....
  14. Sending him to the AHL (he must clear waivers) is the only way to shed his contract amount against the teams cap, correct?
  15. So there are no problems paying 2 million for a 3rd line center an long as he is better than E-Rod? Because that's where I'm at. Spend the money wisely, he's not Skinner.
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