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  1. Looks like rosters for the Sabres, Amerks and Icemen all together.
  2. I was being facetious but it's only a a matter of time before someone challenges that prohibition because "someone might punch me and I'll be killed."
  3. It's the times we live in. When they inevitably strike down prohibitions on weapons bans in stadiums, watch out.
  4. A few (Tuch fer sher) were at Highmark to see the wheels come back on and run over the Raiders.
  5. All I said was I didn't realize the game started at 5, put it on at 7, saw the score, and didn't feel like watching knowing the outcome to that point. What's the issue?
  6. Because I thought the game started at 7. Otherwise yes I do that.
  7. Did anyone know how many preseason games will be watchable?
  8. Of course. But when you turn the game on and see the score and the Sabres are losing, it's like "do I want to see this?" And I'm like nah.
  9. Is it? Let's do the math. 125 slots divided by 32 teams = 3.9. So "average" would be having 4 players on the list. The Sabres have 6. Hence ABOVE average.
  10. LOL I thought it was 7pm. Game only has 11 minutes to go.
  11. If it were that easy. Do you remember what the Blue Jays had to spend on Sahlen's Field on lights?
  12. It's the lighting. You probably never watch AHL TV. It looks the same because the lighting is not NHL standard.
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