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  1. Well if the NHL will allow investment groups to buy a minority stake in a franchise, what's to stop a group of, say, Sabres fans from forming such a group and selling shares?
  2. No I agree when he makes a change it's a reset. But when has he done that with a coach in year one? The way I read your post was it's his m.o. to make changes quickly.
  3. Better than that. They had a big ass snow blower they let me use. Sabres game, here I come! @1pm which I knew.
  4. Exactly. Sentimentality is not part of Wall Street. It's all about finding undervalued assets, aquiring said asset, maximize value, profit.
  5. I have no idea what you mean. When has Terry pulled the plug on any regime too soon? All I ever read here was Pegula didn't fire people fast enough!
  6. I'm at a hotel in Amherst and it's not looking like I can get to Key Bank Center.
  7. It's obvious the Sabres were distracted Saturday by the Bills playoff game and how they would do against Bill Belichick a third time. #OneBuffalo
  8. I stayed in town just to go to this game. COVID cancelled the last game I was going to. Will snow ruin my plans today?
  9. No flasks but yes, warm people. With lots of hand warmers I got through it.
  10. So I guess I didn't miss much, huh? I was at the Bills game. I have a theory there is only so much winning juju to go around the local teams and Bills used it all up last night. #PerfectGame
  11. It's a good thing we haven't put the torches and pitchforks away yet.
  12. I didn't say Dahlin was the best Sabre. I said Tuch is right now. But Dahlin has improved greatly in three last month.
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