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  1. Ideal as far as premiere QBs facing off, for sure. But the league is pretty much run by Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones, two owners that want spectacular revenue growth every year. They see Buffalo as a boat anchor to that growth. Small media market, few major corporations (although regionally we have lots of those,) and fans who are generally poorer and ticket prices reflect that.
  2. It's fair to ask how much of this is the Pegulas and how much is Jerry Jones?
  3. So a consultant isn't part of a team? Aren't we splitting hairs?
  4. They have dome just sitting there downtown. NHL maybe. But the NFL hates us. Nothing they would love more than moving the Bills.
  5. If having an NFL facility is the yardstick then St. Louis is just sitting there.
  6. It's worth noting the Pegulas retained Jerry Jones' firm to negotiate the a stadium deal. Saying Austin as a relocation option is not only ludicrous (because of UT) it's downright lazy. Toronto would be way more believable.
  7. Are you saying the Sabres should employ a spinal specialist?
  8. Dr. Cappuccino was the guy who saved Kevin Everett from being paralyzed for life. He's no Dr. Nick.
  9. Okay. Let him have his surgery. Then what? He's still not going to want to play here. Best case he recovers fully and we trade him for max value. Worst case his career is over and we end up with nothing. I believe there is a 30% chance of that. Then there's all the scenarois in between. Rehab takes until after NMC kicks in. Teams still doubt Jack is 100% even after surgery. Still make low-ball offers. Jack is even more bitter and tries to hurt the Sabres any way he can.
  10. I don't see how Adam's inexperience factors in here. So far he's playing it the right way.
  11. There is economic benefit. Just not enough to offset the investment.
  12. Did you hear the one about Buffalo propping up New York City with our taxes?
  13. This is true in New York, L.A., Dallas, Boston, etc. Not true in Buffalo. Public money is the only reason we have major league sports here. We support these teams with public money. The NHL and NFL would gladly free us of this oppressive burden. Just say the word.
  14. That's a new wrinkle. When did this tidbit come out?
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