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  1. He'd make the Sabres one. Just once I'd like to hear a player say he wants to go to a team that's tanking.
  2. Is he parking an RV? Normal car parking is $60-80. But there is Lot 55 where you can park for free. The catch is you can't leave that lot for 75 minutes after the end of the game. That's where I'll be tonight. The 75 minute delay is no big deal because you aren't going anywhere for at least 90 minutes due to traffic of Route 1. Don't know if your son would want to check out Lot 55 but here's the link. Parking has to be reserved though this link before the game. https://www.gillettestadium.com/freeparking/ They sold at least 11K. But will everyone show up? I know if I bought tickets I'd go and watch the Bills later.
  3. I'm going to Foxborough for the Bills game. I'll watch period one on my ESPN phone app before I go in. Then I'll catch the rest in the car while I'm waiting for the traffic to clear.
  4. I like how he just skated back to the bench like it's no big deal. Act like you've been there. I see a Head and Shoulders ad campaign in his future.
  5. Some people take this way to seriously. Enjoy it for what this is: development. At least they are scoring a lot.
  6. Low but not impossible. Chychrun checks a lot of boxes. But Adams won't overpay. He won't be rushed.
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