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  1. As most things in this world are.
  2. I have 3 shows coming up. Quite the eclectic blend. Feb 6. Blue Oyster Cult Mar 3. Christone Kingfish Ingram Mar 13. Wire Also looking at the Residents in April and Fu Manchu in May.
  3. Not that incriminating, imo. After the game, Vegas forward Mark Stone seemed to indict the team's preparation for the game and how the losing streak was weighing on the club. "It's tougher, especially when you're losing to teams you know that you're better than," Stone said. "And we're a better hockey team. Just have to find ways to put the puck in the net, and we've kind of gotten stale the last bunch of games."
  4. Okay then, offer Gallant an assistant's position. Get him in the building.
  5. Dump Botts, Promote RK, hire Gallant, DO IT NOW! Don't tell me it's rash. Other teams fire coaches mid stream all the time and often improve.
  6. Just pointing out I misspelled the dog's name. The rest, who knows?
  7. I think Terry and Kim, and their dog Sydney, should have their heads shaved and be forced to take the Walk of Shame through Canalside, led by @PASabreFan, wearing yellow turdburger jerseys. At the end, the current Sabres jerseys will be made royal blue and Pat LaFontaine will slip on a pair of ruby slippers, click his heels together and say "No Goal" over and over until Gary Bettman descends from the sky to award us the 2022 Winter Classic.
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