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  1. Well it's not a bad place to be an AHL coach.
  2. I struggled with that as well. But we owe DD his own thread.
  3. Both Portillo and Johnson a next to worthless as trade assets, unless Tim Murray is a GM somewhere.
  4. We have the cap room now and it's not like it rolls over like the NFL. Why wouldn't you take on the last year of a fat deal?
  5. He did let in at least two softies in the first half but it's hard to call 9 goals, including just 2 in the second half, a bad game.
  6. I wouldn't give up any legit assets for Pat Kane. We are doing Chicago enough of a favor taking that contract of their books.
  7. Did you watch the game? There was nothing inferior about Colorado. The better team won.
  8. Denver about to double dip titles.
  9. But you still should win a game when you only give up 9 goals. That's the Mammoth D closing all the shooting lanes. Masterful. I want to rave about goalie Dillon Ward but his defense made his job so much easier.
  10. A cautionary tale for the Bills.
  11. Better team won. Goaltending and shot defense won it for COL. Buffalo has 63 shots but few were high danger chances.
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