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  1. That's true. But if they insist on playing, Buffalo > Florida by a lot.
  2. Lol, the Jays are acting like the ex crawling back for another chance. The idea of playing in Buffalo was on the table for over a month but they wanted to play in Dunedin instead. What's the matter, Jays? Dunedin not work out? Too many Covid cooties? Awwww.
  3. https://theathletic.com/1919131/2020/07/09/how-the-sabres-got-creative-in-the-cost-efficient-construction-of-keybank-center/?source=dailyemail Apologies for the paywall article, but it's a fascinating read. Also an interesting point if a new football stadium is ever built nearby.
  4. I've decided to come out...as a fan of Belgian ales. They are just the the best. I try the Belgian-style ales that a lot of craft brewers make but it's not the same. Maybe it's the yeast. My current love is La Chouffe Blonde. But I also enjoy Leffe.
  5. I got hooked on hockey in '68 with the AHL Bisons. (I could never understand why WGR broadcasts started in the 2nd period?) Went to my first live game in '69. Once the Sabres replaced them I kept going.
  6. Oddly that seems to be true. Though it had to have some impact, just based on numbers. But I guess that shows what wearing masks can do to control infection.
  7. I think the booing is like WWE at this point. He plays along.
  8. Daughter went for three weeks on a program hosted by the University of the Faroe Islands a few years ago. Best experience of her life.
  9. Maybe Bettman isn't that dumb. The NHL may well wind up the only sports you can watch played in this hemisphere. Talk about a captive audience.
  10. In Canada, I think the NHL has a chance to be the only sport that plays. NBA in Orlando? Baseball wherever? Do you see the daily US numbers?
  11. Great. Another Carolina pipeline! 🙄
  12. Well those people are gone now. We freaked out over the bloodbath but we're those people doing the job? Will the Kru & Kev crew reinvent the team?
  13. I don't believe DJT would have kept the Bills in Buffalo. He would have immediately moved the team. Or he would have flipped it.
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