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  1. Suomi means "Finland" Like being named America.
  2. BREAKING NEWS!! The rest of the season will be played on EA NHL 2020.
  3. I bought a ticket for the Sabres @ Montreal March 24 on StubHub a while back. We'll see if they abide by their "If they don't play, you don't pay" promise. It's a real shame 'cause I was ready for some smoked meat on bagels.
  4. You sure? I could swear we lost to them...or maybe it just feels like it.
  5. I predict Terry & Kim will free up Jason's future.
  6. I think the road trip is finally getting to them. Three games in 4 nights.
  7. Well they are lowering prices in some sections. I may opt to move to a low-rent district.
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