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  1. Who doesn't? Especially when he was in that job so long. Darcy's sin was being too familiar. Like being married to someone and you start seeing every wart and thinking you can do better.
  2. Oh, Darcy was the poster child for everything wrong with the Sabres. Couldn't wait to get rid of him. The last GM to build a cup contender in Buffalo, during bankruptcy no less. "Do better!" And on the topic of 1st round picks? Darcy got one from Nashville for... Paul Gaustad! 😂
  3. DId the Instigators not discuss it, or was it after their show?
  4. Does Jason have a magic wand? Because he'd need one to make Hall's NMC to disappear.
  5. If my brother can't go I'll have an extra ticket. But you'll need a vax card to get in.
  6. So my leap of faith buying tickets when they went on sale seems to be paying off. Anyone else getting the itch to go watch the Pens game in person Saturday?
  7. So how close are we to seeing Caggiula in the lineup? Saturday vs Pittsburgh?
  8. @SDS doesn't think there's any animosity between Hall and the Sabres but you can bet the Bruins will be playing heavy. What I want to see is the Sabres responding to the Bruins physicality and keep up with them on the scoreboard. A win would be a bonus. As a whole the Sabres are getting outplayed but they still manage to claw their way back into these games. Let's keep that up.
  9. I don't get the analogy. Maybe you clicked the wrong post. I assume you meant me being happy with the Bills thus tolerating the Pegulas over the Sabres.
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