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  1. Coaching. Coaching, coaching, coaching. And furthermore...coaching.
  2. It would be poetic if the Blues swept the Bruins for the cup.
  3. It just seems like fellow Athletic scribes are emulating his social media persona. I believe it's Schwanztucker.
  4. Do you consider this series a battle of Expansion 6 franchises? I do.
  5. But it's also human nature to wonder when candidates we were allegedly considering sign elsewhere. A month from now will we be hearing Botterill name Chris Taylor after an "exhaustive search?"
  6. Crackerjack coaching search, JBotts!
  7. We'll have to trade him first.
  8. Strictly non-Buffalo pro venues: Football: Falcons (Fulton County) Dolphins (whatever it's called these days) Jets (Met Life) Patriots (Sullivan and Gillette) Ravens (M&T) Baseball: Red Sox (Fenway) Orioles (Memorial Stadium) Blue Jays (Rogers Skydome) Dodgers (Dodgers Stadium) Hockey: Lightning (Amalie) Bruins (TD Garden) Hurricanes (RBC) Flyers (Spectrum) Kings (The Forum) Basketball: Celtics (TD Garden)
  9. I'm blaming the old gypsy. I only brought that up to point out that losing playoff series has been an ongoing problem. You can assign blame as you see fit.
  10. Taylor? Martin? meh. Amerks fans always blamed the Sabres for not giving the team enough talent in the playoffs. What's the excuse this year?
  11. My plan is to wind up in Wilmington NC eventually.
  12. I wonder if anyone in Raleigh stayed up to watch? Ditto for the Isles and Tavares.
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