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  1. Other than ensure both major franchises remain in Buffalo and fueled a renaissance at the foot of Main St, and keeps trying to succeed, not withholding resources like OSP did, I guess the Pegulas have done absolutely nothing.
  2. You are basing that on the end result (turnovers) and not the plays in between. We were moving the ball all over the Jets in the first half.
  3. There is this lazy narrative circulating that Allen was bad for most of this game. The numbers prove he was very effective, even in the first half. Look at those first half numbers: 15 of 23 passing. 65.2% completion. 141 yards. 10 first downs. Unfortunately those turnovers erased that performance. IMO he was responsible for 1 turnover, the fumble on the sack. The other three were on Morse, Beasley and a blocked pass. Of course it's easier to just say Allen sucks.
  4. Your computer is compromised by hackers in Slovakia.
  5. I meant that teams who might trade with the Sabres will lowball us because they think we are in a bind.
  6. I can't help but feel Botts had panted himself into a corner.
  7. Have tickets for David Byrne and King Crimson, both in September in Boston.
  8. Never thought of that. Good point. Though I wonder how much market there would be for another pro team in town.
  9. Per PHam, says MDZ listed on TSN trade tracker.
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