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  1. I had two Conformis knees installed. They call it a total knee replacement but really it's only the cartilage surfaces get ground down and covered with a 3D-printed prosthetic, plus a plastic meniscus. The rest of the knee is intact: patella, ligaments, etc. You can be walking pretty quickly but doing anything stressful might take a year for things to feel right. One knee is 15 months and the other is 9. The 9-month knee still gets twinges if I make a false move. Obviously I can't take a shot off the knee but my shin guards protect me well. Goaltending is out of the question with the up-and-down. Covid has reduced the number of leagues around here. Most are C/D level. Still too much for me to risk. I did find one novice/beginner league near Boston, about 45 minutes drive from me. Still deciding.
  2. My goalkeeping days are over now with two rebuilt knees. But I did put the skates on the other day just to test them out. Happy to report I didn't fall. Not ready to play league on them yet though, unless I can find a "remedial" learn-to-play kind of league. Someplace where the odds of getting injured are low.
  3. If you are inclined to watch, Tuesday's game will be on MLB Network, including in the Buffalo area.
  4. https://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/198959/everett-fitzhugh-named-voice-of-nhl-s-seattle-krak Seattle hires first black PBP announcer in league history.
  5. Enough fans cared to make it an issue for years. Now on to the next thing: trading Jack Eichel.
  6. Ten years of hemming and hawing over the shade of blue. You get your wish and now we don't care. I called it.
  7. That's too bad because they are a looking like a dark horse for the Super Bowl in this crazy COVID season.
  8. And that's fine. Just reminding you that the Bills are higher on the local pecking order. If you asked 100 Buffalo fans if you could have one team be great and the other total garbage, which team would you want to be great? The Bills would be selected 98 times.
  9. If I had to throw one franchise overboard it would be the Sabres. The Bills are #1 and I'm glad Pegs bought 'em.
  10. Well first off it's a big get for Sahlens hot dogs. They will be named and associated with a major league ball park for 25 dates plus playoffs, all for the price of a minor league ball park. There will be two hotels filled with players and staff. There will be restaurants catering clubhouses. The ballpark will be upgraded on the Jays dime, I'm really having trouble seeing the downside.
  11. It's actually a huge get for the city.
  12. Avalanche Lightning Wild
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