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  1. Have tickets for David Byrne and King Crimson, both in September in Boston.
  2. Never thought of that. Good point. Though I wonder how much market there would be for another pro team in town.
  3. Per PHam, says MDZ listed on TSN trade tracker.
  4. I don't agree. ECHL level of play is much higher than either college or juniors. It's affiliated professional hockey, for goodness sake.
  5. Very few Bills/Sabres weekends. OneBuffalo not syncing up much.
  6. So what time does the schedule get released today?
  7. So if Jamaica ever fields a national team, he could play on it. #CoolRunnings
  8. Hey, he scored a Calder Cup winnng goal.
  9. Good news for those out-of-towners attending the Bills home opener. Not so much for folks like me coming in for the Pats game.
  10. Schedule released in 10 days.
  11. What's the next thing to harp on when the Sabres finally change to royal blue and still stink?
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